Joy-Anna Duggar Shares Ultrasound Pic: My Baby Girl is Healthy!

So far, so good.

As excitedly announced in mid-March, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are expecting their second child.

We know the 22-year old will be giving birth to a little girl, but we don’t know for certain just how the mother-to-be is doing and/or how her unborn child is doing.

Fans are especially curious because, tragically, Duggar suffered a miscarriage not too long ago.

What is the state of her pregnancy at the moment? Are things going smoothly?

Scroll down for the answer — and for an actual photo of Joy-Anna’s impending daughter. We can’t wait to meet her!

1. A History of Happiness… and Heartbreak

Joy anna duggar is pregnant
Joy-Anna welcomed her first child, a son named Gideon Martyn Forsyth, on February 23, 2018. “Joy and Gideon are doing very well and we are just in love with this new little addition!!” the couple wrote on the family’s website to confirm the news.

2. So Very Blessed!

Joy with austin
The 20-year-old first-time mom announced the news she was expecting through a video shared online in August of 2017, saying back then: “Austin and I are SO thankful to announce that we are parents!! Even before we were married we prayed that God would give us children and we are so blessed that he has given us this baby!”

3. It Wasn’t an Easy Birth, Though

Joy anna with baby gideon
Duggar labored for over 20 hours and eventually gave birth via C-section. Thankfully, everything turned out to be okay with mommy and son.

4. Expecting Again!

Joy forsyth austin forsyth
Just a few months later, Joy-Anna and Austin stunned fans by relaying the amazing news that Duggar was expecting her second child!

5. Said the Wife and Husband at the Time:

Joy anna is pregnant folks
“Our favorite math is addition and we are very excited to share that the Forsyth family is adding a member! Marriage and being a mom and dad to Gideon has already far exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to loving another little one and seeing what special dynamic he or she brings to our family. Table for 4 sounds perfect!”

6. And Then… Tragedy Struck

Joy anna and her bump
In July 2019, the couple sadly told followers that Joy-Anna had lost the baby. She suffered a miscarriage.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: Caught Breaking HUGE Jim Bob Social Media Rule!

If you’ve been following Joy-Anna Duggar’s Instagram for updates on her baby bump, you may have noticed a subtle shift recently.

Jim Bob has a huge rule for his family … and it’s a rule that Joy has quietly begun to break.

Joy-Anna is a grown woman. She’s a mom.

In fact, she is pregnant with her second child — after suffering a tragic miscarriage last year.

But in the eyes of Jim Bob and the fringe cult to which Joy’s entire family belongs, there is one thing that she cannot be trusted to do.

That is: have her very own Instagram account.

WIth rare, special exceptions, the Duggars are not allowed to have social media until they get married.

Even when they are married, they are expected to have creepy, joint accounts with their spouses — though not all of them do.

For years, Joy and Austin have shared an Instagram account, speaking with one voice on social media.

Now, that is in the process of changing.

Joy-Anna Duggar IG profile 30 March 2020

As you can see, their Instagram handle remains the same, reflecting both of their names.

But as Joy mentions in her bio, Austin has his own Instagram these days.

Joy even refers to being “married to” him — indicating that this Instagram account is solely hers.

Short of scrubbing Austin’s name from their Instagram handle, this is about as clear as they can make it that this is Joy’s IG.

To be fair, it has been apparent for a while that it was Joy who was making these posts.

But most of us had suspected that Joy and Austin were going to continue sharing the account for the foreseeable future.

There are benefits to living your life in a way that Jim Bob approves.

It has long been suspected that the controlling family patriarch uses his wealth to keep a tight leash on his adult children — even the married ones.

This break doesn’t necessarily signal that Joy-Anna is distancing herself from her family.

It may be the result of Jim Bob appearing to soften on some previously rigid rules.

For example, Jana — the still unmarried eldest — has her own Instagram.

And when Jedidiah Duggar announced that he was running for office, he suddenly had a new home address and his own Instagram account.

Our guess is that Jed was allowed these adulthood staples to make him look like less of a child and like less of a cult member.

Jana may have earned a special degree of trust from her parents, but we cannot say for sure that she has sole access to her account.

In any case, the reason for these social media restrictions has always been the result of two things.

Jim Bob does not believe in privacy, and he believes that temptations can only be avoided by averting one’s gaze.

Plenty of us thirst-follow a bunch of people on Instagram and it’s not a problem at all.

But in a family where the girls are expected to say “Nike” if a human woman walks by so tha their brothers can look at their shoes, that’s different.

Jim Bob and Michelle believe all sorts of toxic things when it comes to sexual atraction.

As you can imagine, the people who think that wearing normal pants shows off too much of a woman’s curves are opposed to Instagram thirst traps.

Contrary to Jim Bob’s beliefs and those of the controversial cult to which he belongs, Joy and Austin getting seperate Instagrams isn’t a prelude to cheating.

Instead, it just means that they can post to social media with their own voices and interact with fans accordingly.

The Duggars aren’t the only ones who do those joint husband-wife accounts, and they’re just plain creepy.

Congratulations to Joy and Austin on taking one tiny step closer to normal, non-fringe society.

Joy-Anna Duggar Shows Fans 19-Week Baby Bump!

After weeks of insightful speculation and hype, Joy-Anna Duggar announced that she is pregnant with baby #2.

Now, at 19 weeks, she is showing off her baby bump.

“Nineteen weeks!” Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth captions the photo that you are about to see.

“#babygirl #19weekspregnant #somuchlove,” she tags her captions.

In the pic, she is standing in profile with her baby bump silhouette on display.

Joy-Anna opted for a mirror selfie in a standing mirror that could, honestly, do with a good wipe-down.

That is NOT a subtle bump!

Joy-Anna famously suffered a tragic miscarriage back in July of 2019.

It must feel surreal and complicated for her to once again be building a tiny human body inside of her own.

She is nearly halfway through this pregnancy. Joy-Anna’s expected due date is in August.

Seeing the photo, Joy-Anna’s adoring followers were eager to pile on the praise.

“19 weeks and beyond beautiful!!!” one fan gushed in the replies.

Another follower praised: “You look great, Joy!”

“So happy for your little family,” raved another comment.

“You will soon be holding that beautiful rainbow baby in your arms,” wrote another fan.

The comment continued, pointing out that “August is just around the corner.”

“Stay home, stay well,” the follower wisely advised her.

The coronavirus epidemic is a terrible time to be pregnant, as many hospitals are already overwhelmed — and this is just the beginning.

A “rainbow baby” is an increasingly popular term for the first child born after a miscarriage.

Parents, grieving the child that might have been, see these new babies as symbols of hope for the future.

Not all parents who have experienced miscarriages embrace the term.

But the term is very commonly used among Duggar fans as they, like Joy-Anna, hope that having this child will have a healing effect upon the family.

Austin and Joy-Anna already have a child — two-year-old Gideon.

According to their beliefs, shared by the wider Duggar family, they really already have two children.

They named their miscarried child Annabell and mourn her as any parent would mourn a lost child, though they never got to meet her.

Now, they’re remaining hopeful and excited about this pregnancy.

Most miscarriages happen so early in pregnancies that the parents may not have even realized that there was a pregnancy at all.

But Joy-Anna’s miscarriage in the summer of 2019 happened at 20 weeks.

Nonetheless, Joy says that she is excited about this pregnancy, even after the trauma of last year.

Passing the 20 week milestone will be a huge deal for them. Fingers crossed!

We are sure that Joy-Anna will keep fans updated on her pregnancy and continue showing off her belly bump as this goes on.

As we mentioned, this is not a good time to be pregnant, as pandemics put a strain on all healthcare resources.

Home births are not always safe or viable options, no matter how much the parents may wish otherwise.

It is our sincere hope that Joy is able to remain safe and healthy throughout this turbulent time.