Bethenny Frankel & Jill Zarin Just Reunited On An Airplane — 12 YEARS After Massive RHONY Fight!

Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin just got back together in one of the most unexpected reunions of the year! A decade after having an explosive fallout during season 3 of The Real Housewives of New York, the reality stars were seated right next to each other on a flight! Talk about awkward! Thankfully, things seemed […]

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Bethenny Frankel Responds To Erika Jayne’s Shocking Comments About Her Late BF Dennis Shields!

Bethenny Frankel is addressing THAT controversy! The former Real Housewives of New York star spoke out on TikTok on Friday afternoon in response to fellow Bravo personality Erika Jayne‘s recent jaw-dropping comments on Watch What Happens Live. Related: Bethenny Delivers A HEATED Rant About Amber Heard And Johnny Depp! Of course, as we’ve been reporting, Erika took a LOT of very-much […]

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‘Her Guy’s Dead’:​​ Erika Jayne BLASTS Bethenny Frankel’s Claims About Tom Girardi’s Fraud By DISSING Her Late BF! WTF?!

The feud between Erika Jayne and Bethenny Frankel is getting REALLY intense! On Wednesday night, Erika joined Andy Cohen on his show Watch What Happens Live. Of course, she was asked to speak a bit on her estranged husband Tom Girardi‘s ongoing embezzlement scandal, which she claims she was unaware of until a lawsuit was […]

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Bethenny Frankel Calls Amber Heard ‘Craziest Woman That’s Walked This Planet’ In Heated Rant!

Bethenny Frankel is ruffling some feathers with her take on the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp defamation case! The Real Housewives of New York City alum has clearly been paying attention to the legal drama since she took to her podcast Just B with a harsh reaction about both parties in the truly mind-boggling case. […]

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Bethenny Frankel BLASTS Kim Kardashian For Publicizing Met Gala Weight Loss!

Like so many people, Bethenny Frankel has some strong opinions about Kim Kardashian openly sharing that she lost a ton of weight just to fit into a gown for the Met Gala. As you most likely know by now, the 41-year-old reality star sported an infamous dress worn by Marilyn Monroe for John F. Kennedy’s […]

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy Has Already Returned To Poland To Help Ukrainian Refugees!

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is back in Europe. Maks drew a lot of attention after spending a few traumatic days stuck in his native Ukraine at the beginning of the Russian invasion. He was thankfully able to escape and return to the US to reunite with his family, but admitted he felt “survivor’s guilt” and wanted to […]

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Bethenny Frankel Details Near-Fatal Allergic Reaction After Accidentally Being Served Fish During Trip With Daughter!

Oh, no! Bethenny Frankel and her daughter’s fun family getaway turned into a traumatic ordeal on Saturday when she was accidentally served fish. The Real Housewives of New York City star revealed on Sunday that she suffered an allergic reaction while out to dinner with her 11-year-old daughter, Bryn (lower inset), during an international trip. […]

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Bethenny Frankel BEGS Teresa Giudice To Sign A Prenup After Going Through Messy Divorce With Ex Jason Hoppy

Bethenny Frankel is looking out for Teresa Giudice! ICYMI, while appearing as a guest on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week, the 49-year-old Real Housewives of New Jersey star shockingly revealed that she and her fiancé Luis Ruelas were not planning on signing a prenup before their wedding. The confession immediately had host Andy […]

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Bethenny Frankel BLASTS Breakup Rumors: My Engagement is NOT Your Business!

Bethenny Frankel has had a lot of ups and downs in recent months.

Not even winning custody of Bryn could make former fans forget Bethenny’s weird bigoted rant on her podcast.

But a recent photo left followers stunned … and wondering if Bethenny’s engagement is over.

She is taking to social media and, in true Bethenny fashion, scolding the world for daring to speculate about her life.

Former Real Housewife of New York City and well-known public figure Bethenny Frankel is furious to be a topic of discussion.

On Tuesday, Bethenny posted a photo to Instagram.

She posed beside a gorgeous scarlet artificial tree, showing off her festive spirit in an “All My Jingle Ladies” sweatshirt.

Bethenny showed off more than that, however.

The RHONY alum was shown without wearing her engagement ring.

Naturally, there was speculation that perhaps she is no longer engaged to Paul Bernon, her fiance.

It was mere hours after sharing the photo before Bethenny took to her Instagram Stories to lash out at the speculation.

“I didn’t have to address rumors,” she acknowledged.

“But,” she continued, “rumors hurt and affect other people.”

Bethenny added: “as does irresponsible press.”

She then confirmed: “I’m engaged to a wonderful man named Paul.”

So no, there was no breakup or ending of the engagement.

“We got engaged in February,” Bethenny reminded her fans and followers.

“And months later, I was swimming and had my ring on,” she recalled.

“And then,” Bethenny described, “it came out that we were engaged.”

Bethenny explained that the news came out this way “because we didn’t make an announcement.”

She added: “We didn’t feel that we wanted to announce being engaged.”

Public figure or not, she is perfectly entitled to keep that kind of relationship milestone to herself.

“We are engaged,” Bethenny again confirmed.

She acknowledged: “I don’t always wear my ring.”

Bethenny affirmed: “I don’t have to always wear my ring.”

“Sometimes I don’t feel that it’s safe,” Bethenny explained.

“Sometimes my fingers swell or contract,” she noted.

“But,” Bethenny emphasized, “I’m doing me.”

“It’s my opinion that a relationship is about the two people in the relationship,” Bethenny expressed.

She added: “the commitment and the feelings.”

Bethenny added in contrast: “Not about announcements, not about pomp and circumstance, not about jewelry.”

“It’s symbolism,” Bethenny described engagement rings and similar jewelry.

“And if I decide to wear an engagement toe ring,” she concluded, “then so be it.”

She is certainly not wrong about that.

Bethenny’s long time struggles with her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, are infamous.

Their divorce lasted several times longer than their marriage. Their custody dispute lasted even longer.

However, just a few months ago, Bethenny would have elicited more sympathy and less criticism than she does now.

Bethenny has been promoting her podcast rigorously, often using it to speak about hot topics like Erika Jayne’s scandal.

One touchy subject on which Bethenny touched was gender.

Though she praised her daughter’s understanding of gender and of transgender students, Bethenny’s words quickly took listeners to a dark and bigoted place.

Using her platform and podcast, Bethenny suggested that having a transgender child at a camp with mostly cisgender campers was somehow unsafe for the cis kids.

She advocated for the alternative of separate camps for trans children.

It’s not just that this is wholly unnecessary and disturbingly othering, it’s that “separate but equal” is one of the most infamous forms of discrimination in history.

Bethenny frankel blasts breakup rumors my engagement is not your

Bethenny Frankel Hints She Ended Latest Engagement After Opening Up About ‘Nightmare Divorce’

What’s the deal with Bethenny Frankel‘s love life?! The former Real Housewives of New York City star appears to have split from fiancé Paul Bernon — and she’s making the potential breakup known with a very eye-popping Christmas sweater! Related: Anna Marie Tendler SHADES Ex John Mulaney Following Birth Of His Child! On Tuesday, the Skinnygirl founder posted […]

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Bethenny Frankel’s Shocking Allegations Against Ex-Husband! Abuse, Stalking, & MORE! Details Here!

Stalking. Fraud. Forgery. Hacked emails. Being followed. Being illegally recorded. It’s all part of the “hell” that was Bethenny Frankel‘s divorce. The Real Housewives of New York star’s divorce from ex-husband Jason Hoppy and subsequent custody battle have lasted over nine and a half years, and for the first time ever — now that it’s pretty much […]

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Bethenny Frankel Wins Custody of Bryn, Ending Court War with Jason Hoppy

When the world recoils at Bethenny Frankel’s worst behavior, it can be easy to forget what she’s been through.

A two-year marriage led to a decade of being at war with her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy.

Their bitter courtroom struggle amounted to “torture” at times, and has now come to an anticlimactic end.

This week, Jason ceded primary custody to Bethenny of his own volition in an effort to do the best thing for Bryn.

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy’s divorce battle spanned nine bitter years.

Married in 2012, their divorce was only finalized in January.

On Wednesday, December 8, Bethenny attended a virtual hearing that had a surprising result.

Page Six reports that the judge relieved Bethenny of her child support obligations.

Previously, Bethenny had been making child support payments to Jason for the care of their 11-year-old daughter.

The two shared a 50/50 split of custody over Bryn.

Bethenny’s attorney, Allan Mayefsky, had asked the judge to cancel Bethenny’s child support payments.

Now an 11-year-old tween, Bryn has made it known that she wishes to live primarily with her mother.

Mayefsky also asked the court to modify their custody schedule, so that Bryn spends less time with Jason in accordance with her wishes.

“We have to put in a schedule that Bryn can be comfortable with that the court can order,” Mayefsky suggested.

The attorney continued that this would be ideal “so we don’t have these constant fights going on.”

“We need to recognize that Ms. Frankel is the primary parent,” Mayefsky expressed. “She should not be paying child support at this point.”

Bethenny herself spoke to the court, explaining that Bryn is clearly old enough to have opinions about her own life and family.

She told the judge that “whatever you put on paper, that’s great for structure, but she is a living breathing thing and she won’t always go.”

Bethenny shared that the longtime struggle between Bryn’s parents had left their daughter with anxiety and hyperventilation so bad that she has broken out into hives.

Sometimes, Bryn has declined to see Jason — to her mother’s chagrin.

“I want her to see her father,” Bethenny affirmed in court.

She emphasized: “I know how important it is for a child to have a good relationship with both parents.”

Jason also took part in the hearing, opting to do so without the representation of an attorney.

He did not need his lawyer with him because he had no intention of fighting Bethenny’s requests to the court.

“This is not a Bryn issue or an issue that Bryn has with me,” Jason told the judge.

“Therefore I’m removing myself of this fight for Bryn and my physical, emotional, and mental health,” Jason expressed.

“I will not spend the remainder of Bryn’s childhood fighting as we share joint physical custody,” he reasoned.

“Bryn knows I love her, I want her,” Jason added, “and I will always be available for our time together.”

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz ruled that “the relief that is sought will be granted.”

Jason characterized this change: “I’m removing myself from his toxic environment.”

He added, not incorrectly, that “It’s not good for myself or Bryn.”

Bethenny Frankel’s Latest Win In Her Long Custody Battle With Jason Hoppy Is HUGE!

Could the long legal battle between Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy finally come to a close soon? It sounds like it. For the last nine years (!!!) since calling it quits, The Real Housewives of New York City and her ex-husband have been battling it out in court, specifically over custody of their 11-year-old daughter, […]

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Bethenny Frankel: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Are the FAKEST Bishes!

Attention is a finite resource and Bethenny Frankel is clearly desperate for it.

The former Real Housewife of New York City is once again taking shots at Erika Jayne.

This time, she is calling out the entire Beverly Hills cast.

Why? Because she says that they’re fake, calculated, and terrified to speak their minds.

Bethenny Frankel isn’t just a (former) fellow Real Housewife.

She was also on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, years ago, during a cameo in Season 6.

At that time, she got to know some of the stars up close, both on and off camera, seeing how they operate.

That experience was clearly on her mind on a recent episode of her Just B With Bethenny Frankel podcast.

Erika Jayne was, at that time, a total newcomer.

And Bethenny observed her more seasoned castmates attempt to maneuver her into sticky situations so that they could keep their hands clean.

“They tiptoe the most,” Bethenny accused.

“The Beverly Hills Housewives are terrified to say what they really feel,” she characterized.

“They have to say what is politically correct,” Bethenny oddly claimed, “and what will not be taken wrong.”

“They are the most calculated in that regard,” Bethenny assessed.

“I was in that episode when Erika came over to my house,” she recalled.

Bethenny claimed that “they were all sending me things ahead of time that she was in.”

Bethenny alleged that the cast were “sending me sexy videos that she was in.”

“They were telling me about her,” Bethenny described, “rolling their eyes.”

“That wasn’t the caliber of person they wanted for Beverly Hills,” she explained.

“They also thought she was boring,” Bethenny revealed.

“They brought her over to my house,” she described.

“And,” Bethenny noted, “they hadn’t said a single thing to her face.”

“They wanted me to be the person that said what they were thinking,” Bethenny suspected.

“I got it,” she admitted.

“And,” Bethenny added, “I understand why the producers wanted that as well.”

It makes sense that any cast in this franchise might feel like a den of vipers, especially to a newcomer or an outsider.

To the ladies of Beverly Hills, Bethenny was an outsider.

And Erika was very much a newcomer at the time, but they knew that they might end up working with her for a long time.

Bethenny’s insight is fairly believable … for the most part.

Her explanation of how the group dynamics operate with newcomers and guests sounds spot on.

And, in general, Bethenny sounds like she is spot on.

We do have to ask what Bethenny means by “PC” here.

The concept of politically correct is, at best, meaningless.

At worst, it is a dog whistle from someone who wants to say cruel and bigoted things without reproach.

Bethenny has already dipped her toes into that pond of bigotry.

In September, Bethenny went on an unhinged rant about trans children, discussing a young girl’s genitals.

She called for separate summer camps for cis children and trans children … all wholly unacceptable.

Bethenny was likely just running her mouth because she knew that she would receive attention.

Good, decent people would be angry. Vicious transphobes would flock to her. Either way, free headlines.

That’s the same reason that Bethenny is speaking about Erika and other Housewives. She just wants listeners.

Bethenny Frankel Goes on Weird Transphobic Rant, Refuses to Apologize or Learn

Bethenny Frankel’s refusal to back down made her a fiery contender during her time as a Real Housewife.

The former Bravolebrity has been desperately drawing attention to her podcast this month with hot takes about a current star.

Her latest promotional bid took a disappointingly and disturbingly transphobic turn.

We don’t know why Bethenny thought that it was okay to discuss a young girl’s genitals on her podcast, but she’s apparently not backing down.

Bethenny Frankel’s 11-year-old daughter, Bryn, recently started another year of school.

At the beginning of the year, it’s normal for students to share basic information with teachers and classmates.

Names, nicknames, pronouns, sometimes an anecdote about what they did that summer to introduce themselves.

“We have to go into the fact that I did a Zoom for my daughter’s school and [had] the pronouns conversation with each teacher, each parent, each child,” Bethenny noted on her podcast.

“And my daughter says in school, too, that everybody has to say their pronouns,” she continued.

“And,” Bethenny said of Bryn, “my daughter didn’t even know what hers were.”

Parts of speech sometimes takes a wayside to other aspects of the curriculum, for better or for worse.

(The other day, an adult professional friend admitted to me that they don’t really know what adverbs are — I jokingly answered that they add to verbs, which is true)

I, you, he, she, they, him, her, who, each other, me … these are all pronouns, but they are not all interchangeable and some vary according to factors like gender.

There is a select group of transphobic reactionaries who react negatively to the mere mention of pronouns.

To her credit, Bethenny is not one of them (though we don’t really give out points for the minimum of human decency).

Unfortunately, her next anecdote is what has earned her tremendous and well-deserved backlash.

Bethenny began to poorly describe a story about summer camp — one that Bryn didn’t even attend.

She said that she heard about a “person with a penis, who identifies as being a girl.”

So, a trans girl. You can just say that without making it weird.

We’re not sure why Bethenny felt the need to bring up this child’s genitals or describe her so weirdly.

We could just as accurately describe Bethenny as a “person with a vagina, who identifies as being a woman.” But why would we want to?

If you think that her awkward, tone deaf description — bad but forgivable — is the worst of it, though … brace yourselves.

The trans girl in question bunked with other girls, because that’s how summer camp cabins work.

“So,” Bethenny gossiped, “the other girls saw a penis.”

“They’re 9, 10 years old, so the parents obviously weren’t that happy. …” she complained.

Bethenny then said: “A penis often goes into a vagina often so they might not want that visual so soon.”

At the risk of stooping to Bethenny’s level, does she know a lot of 9-year-olds who are boning each other?

All of her choices here are so weird, both at face value and in terms of what she is choosing to insinuate.

Bethenny then announced how she would do things differently if raising a trans child.

She said that she would “want my child to go to another camp where there were kids in the same situation.”

Ah, yes, seperate but equal summer camps sounds like a brilliant solution.

“Not every situation is set up to make someone thrive,” Bethenny said.

“I know parents who won’t send their children to very athletic school because they’re … not jocks,” she added.

“So they’re gonna set them up for not feeling successful,” Bethenny continued. (Does being cis help at summer camp?)

“You can’t make every situation fit,” Bethenny accused. “The camp didn’t think it through.”

Apparently, Bethenny thinks that next summer, they girls cabin should have a “CIS ONLY” sign slapped onto it.

Assuming that whatever the hell Bethenny is talking about happened at all, of course.

Don’t worry — Bethenny wasn’t done digging that hole, as she next offered her opinion on trans kids using the bathroom.

“What happens if a child isn’t ready to make a decision?” she asked oddly.

It doesn’t sound like she’s asking about the decision to come out — a delicate prospect. It sounds like she is fundamentally misunderstnading gender.

Bethenny also decided to sprinkle in some homophobia and biphobia, which always pair nicely with transphobia.

“Don’t a lot of girls in college have a lesbian phase and then they realize that they’re not?” she theorized.

It is 2021 and we don’t have time to unpack that … but we’ll do it anyway.

In a homophobic society, sometimes people will explore their sexuality but ultimately decide to identify as straight.

It’s easier, especially if they don’t want to face the marginalization that comes with identifying as bisexual.

No matter what that person chooses to call their personal history, there’s no such thing as a “lesbian phase.”

Bethenny said a lot about “hearing” things where trans people decided to “unmake that decision,” whatever that means.

“What does that mean for that camp? What does that mean for that bunk?” she asked.

Bethenny continued: “Maybe a mother isn’t ready for her child to see a penis in a bunk and understand that child identifies as a girl.”

Surely a child who identifies as a girl — like, one assumes, Bryn does — would have an easy time understanding that other girls exist.

In fact, to hear Bethenny tell it, Bryn has a solid understanding of pronouns, gender identity, and more.

Bethenny called it “amazing,” but said that she’s not sure that she’d want Bryn housed with a trans girl.

Bethenny’s deeply weird rambling about children’s genitals and things that she claims to have heard are disappointing.

But let’s be clear — there’s no shame in not understanding a topic, especially if you were brought up in a time with discussions about gender were deliberately suppressed.

All that Bethenny had to do was ask. She could have just, say, spoken to a trans person, or to someone who knows trans people.

Bethenny Frankel tweet - nominate me for cancelation

In fact, Bethenny could have invited trans folks who specialize in explaining basic concepts to old people onto her podcast.

(Please, don’t walk up to a random trans person to ask — use online resources or someone who wants to explain their existence)

Instead of that, Bethenny made a total ass of herself with explicitly transphobic comments.

Bethenny Frankel tweet - I was absolutely not wrong

Worse, as you can see in these tweets, Bethenny has not only ignored but mocked the people calling her out on it.

Loudly insisting that nothng that she said was transphobic, she is drawing in numerous supportive comments from full-time transphobic troll accounts.

Part of being a mature adult means acknowledging that you can make mistakes but also learn and grow, not just apologizing when someone makes you.

Bethenny Frankel tweet - "zero point zero" transphobic statement

It’s never too late to shut the f–k up (it’s free!).

But whether it’s stubbornness, a desire to promote her podcast through controversy, or deliberate malice, Bethenny is keeping at it.

Bethenny won’t read this, but in case anyone reading is wondering about any of what Bethenny said, let’s break it down as quickly as possible.

Gender is not genitals. Gender is not chromosomes. For that matter, it’s not pronouns.

It’s an elaborate social construct that varies across time and cultures, and numerous genders outside of our specific gender binary — from Two Spirit to sekhet to kothi — have existed for millennia.

It’s not uncommong for children to have a solid grasp of their gender, whether or not it matches what was assigned to them at birth based upon a glance at their genitals.

There is nothing inherently sexual about a trans person, and that is especially true when we’re talking about young children.

We are again baffled by Bethenny’s bringing up this girl’s genitals. Sometimes bunkmates see each other changing. That’s life.

There are so many resources to patiently explain what it means to be trans that we have to assume that Bethenny isn’t interested in knowing or understanding anything.