Teen Mom’s Briana DeJesus Breaks Off Engagement To Javi Gonzalez!

It looks like Briana DeJesus isn’t walking down the aisle anytime soon. On Thursday, the 27-year-old reality star broke the news of her breakup with fiancé Javi Gonzalez when she hopped on Instagram to answer some fan questions. Several social media users grilled DeJesus about her engagement and upcoming wedding details at the time, to […]

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Teen Mom: The Tragically Trashy Tattoo Guide!

If you’re a fan of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, then you know that many of the people on the MTV reality shows have tattoos.

You also know that a lot of the tattoos …

… well, they aren’t that great.

Some are poorly done, some are  kind of strange, and some are nightmarish and horrifying and just so completely, unbelievably bad.

So steady yourself, perhaps grab some smelling salts and some pearls to clutch, and let’s rank all the Teen Mom ink we can get our eyes on!

1. Amber’s Tattoo of Leah

Ambers tattoo of leah
Here, let’s just start with the worst of the worst, all right? This is Amber Portwood’s portrait of her daughter, Leah. It’s right on her stomach, it also features a gigantic rose, and it’s not finished. Will she ever get it finished? It’s hard to say. We will ever be able to get this haunting image out of our heads? Unlikely.

2. Choices

Since we’re already talking about Amber’s tattoos, she also got this matching tattoo with Matt Baier, back when they first started dating. It reads “vero amore,” which is supposed to be Italian for “true love.” So that’s embarrassing.

3. Speaking of Embarrassing …

Speaking of embarrassing
Matt also has this huge tattoo of Amber’s name right on his forearm. Just right there on his arm where he has to look at it all day, every day.

4. Ugh

Matt baier book cover
Matt actually has several tattoos, many of which you can see on his nude book cover. We won’t waste more time on him here, so if you feel the need to look more closely at his naked greasy bod here, then you have our blessing. However, we will say that on his other arm, he has a couple of Chinese characters that he says mean “clean and sober,” but that Teen Mom detectives have actually determined mean “Lisa.”

5. Why Though?

Why though
As hard as it may be to believe, Matt isn’t the only guy to get Amber Portwood’s name tattooed on his body — Gary Shirley made the exact same mistake. Thankfully he was smart enough (???) to get the tattoo on his shoulder instead of on his forearm though, and he’s since covered up.

6. It’s Gary Time

Its gary time
Gary also has a … what is that, a sun? A blob with tentacles? Whatever it is, he’s also got some tattoo right in the middle of his chest, peeking out through all his body hair.

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Briana DeJesus: Teaming Up With Kailyn Lowry’s Ex-Friend to Take Her Down?

It’s no surprise to Teen Mom 2 viewers to see Kailyn Lowry clashing with Briana DeJesus.

When you’re in a feud, you want ammunition … and Briana has found hers.

Recently, Kailyn Lowry totally threw one of her friends under the bus on her podcast.

It looks like Briana is trying to team up with him to take down Kail.

A few weeks ago, Kailyn spoke on her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast about her friend, Mark.

She blasted him for being “so mad” at her for going on a day trip for his 30th birthday.

His original plans had been for a week, she said, and she hadn’t agreed to that.

But Mark has his own version of why the two of them have been butting heads.

In fact, he claims that Kail “lied” while griping about him on her podcast.

To that end, Mark has spoken to The Sun about his version of his feud with his friend of 15 years.

“I have been through the good and the bad times and experienced those times with her,” Mark recalled.

“I have seen so many people come in and out of her life,” he noted.

Mark added: “I accepted and dealt with a lot.”

“In this situation here, it became to a point where she began to disrespect me,” Mark lamented.

“Once you disrespect me,” he declared.

Mark added: “I’m not going to tolerate it or deal with that.”

“Now I am experiencing things where she’s lying about certain things that happened,” Mark expressed.

“And,” he shared, “that’s one of my pet peeves.”

Mark emphasized: “I am not going to deal with that.”

According to Mark, he planned a week-long birthday trip in May.

The plan was to visit Ocean City, Maryland with his friends, all staying in a house together.

“My friend was like, I live so close to Ocean City, I’ve been there so many times,” Mark explained.

“She’s like I can come one day,” Mark said of Kailyn. “I said, ‘Okay, just come Saturday.’”

“We’re going to grill, have games, it’ll be fun. That was my response,” he said.

But that is not how Kail presented things at all.

“She stated that when she told me that, I got so upset and so mad,” Mark described.

“That’s a lie!” he affirmed.

Mark emphasized: “When she told me that, I was like okay that’s fine just come that Saturday.”

“I was not upset, I was not mad,” Mark reiterated.

Meanwhile, Kailyn said that this would have cost her $3,000 to $4,000.

A week with four children can be expensive, after all.

But Mark says that Kailyn’s price estimate is just “another lie.”

“First of all, for the house we had, only you had to pay,” he explained.

“I am not going to make you pay for your kids,” Mark added.

“All of these things that calculated to this big number she thought she was going to pay were for things she wanted to do!” Mark added.

“We have a friend that helps her with her kids,” he added.

“She was planning to come just to help her with her kids,” Mark said. “So that’s another lie.”

“Everything that I do is based around her and her children,” Mark characterized.

“For her to sit on this podcast and say I don’t understand because I don’t have kids,” he complained.

Mark expressed that “that’s very hurtful and disrespectful.”

Apparently, a change in weather saw plans switch from the beach to a fishing trip and then back to the beach.

“I talked to everyone and said, do you want to go to the beach? And they said yes.” Mark shared.

He recalled: “She texted me back, she says, ‘No we’re going fishing because that’s what I told my kids and that’s what we’re going to do.’”

“She got very disrespectful with me,” Mark lamented.

“She said, ‘F you. We’re going fishing. That’s what you told me and that’s what I told my kids,'” he described.

“My thing is, you took it this far to disrespect me,” Mark shared.

Mark was shocked that Kail opted “to call me out of my name just because I changed from fishing to the beach?”

He added: “Which is a kid-friendly event!”

“For this to blow up this way and she disrespect me in this manner because I changed plans is out of bounds,” Mark noted.

“I will not put up with people who disrespect me,” Mark insisted.

“You guys have watched me through the years on the show, following me on social media,” he pointed out.

Mark expressed: “You guys know my heart, I have a very pure heart, I am very loving.”

Mark expressed that he still loves Kailyn despite her claims about him on her podcast.

However, she allegedly did not respond when he reached out to her, and she ended up blocking him.

Mark added that he is “very hurt” because he has also been close to her children.

Briana DeJesus comments on Mark's Instagram Live

On Mark’s Instagram live, Briana DeJesus showed up and had some advice for Mark.

“I’m tryna do the same Mark, but these people are coming for me. Any advice?” Briana asked.

“Give it one more chance, I’m sure she’ll be down to sit and talk,” she advised. “Wish you nothing but the [best].”

Teen Mom & Teen Mom 2: The Complete Guide to All Those Kids!

The girls from Teen Mom are good at many things.

They’re good at creating reality show magic, whether it’s through their family or romantic trials and tribulations. 

Some of them have written books, or even tried to start music careers, or Cam Girl careers, and while none of those were actually good … well, it was nice that Farrah tried.

But we can probably all agree that the area where the Teen Moms really, truly excel is the baby-making area.

Because they have so. Many. Babies.

So many you may have forgotten about some of them, impossible as that seems. Can you name them all?

Here’s the full rundown! Find out!

1. Sophia (Farrah Abraham and Derek Underwood)

Farrah and sophia at the mtv movie awards
Oh, Soph. Unlike many of her Teen Mom tot counterparts, Sophia lives the life of luxury, thanks to her mother, non-porn star Farrah Abraham. Seriously, the younger Abraham has had her own clothing line, dabbles in child modeling, receives $900 when the tooth fairy pays a visit, and is even beginning her own music career. (Sophia’s father, Derek, died in a car accident while Farrah was still pregnant; Derek’s grave is the site of many memorable TM scenes, which some believe to be shamelessly orchestrated by Farrah). Sophia is going to be a handful when she grows up at this rate … the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as they say.

2. Leah (Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley)

Amber portwood with leah shirley
Amber Portwood shares darling little Leah Shirley with her ex, Gary. Gary has custody, and he’s had it since Amber went to prison a few years back for all that domestic violence and drug stuff. Leah seems like a really smart, sweet girl, which is all thanks to Gary and his wife, Kristina — from what we’ve seen, Amber doesn’t spend a whole lot of time with her.

3. James (Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon)

James glennon
Amber welcomed her second child, James, with Andrew Glennon in the spring of 2018. Their relationship survived about a year after that, because as it turned out, Amber still had a violent streak. She was convicted of assaulting Andrew in 2019, and after that, Andrew was given primary physical custody of James. Since then, he’s claimed that she’s been pretty flaky about the visits, but we don’t know too much more about it, since they’ve agreed not to put little James on the show.

4. Emilee (Gary and Kristina Shirley)

Gary shirley and family
Gary went on to have one child after leaving his disastrous relationship with Amber — he and his wife, Kristina, have a daughter named Emilee.

5. Carly (Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra)

Catelynn and tyler teen mom
When middle school sweethearts (and briefly step-siblings) Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra made the decision to give their baby Carly up for adoption, it marked one of the most touching, bittersweet moments in reality TV history. What made it all the more incredible was that they stayed involved in her life – albeit with some bumps in the road – ever since.

6. Nova (Catelynn and Tyler)

Cute nova gets to visit sister carly
Tyler and Catelynn kept and are raising Novalee Reign Baltierra together, not that it’s been easy. Catelynn has struggled greatly with postpartum depression, leading to multiple inpatient stays at a psychiatric facility in Arizona.

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