Kim Zolciak ‘Very Stressed’ After Daughter Brielle Reveals COVID Diagnosis

Brielle Biermann has had COVID for the last two weeks — and mom Kim Zolciak-Biermann is INCREDIBLY worried. On Wednesday, both mother and daughter took to their respective Instagram Story to discuss the news. In one of the videos, the 42-year-old recorded herself walking over a COVD testing kit to the in-home salon. This section […]

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Kim Zolciak: The Entire NFL Wants to Run a Train on Brielle!

Don’t Be Tardy star and all-around hottie Brielle Biermann has a lot of prospective suitors.

Her mom says that Brielle seems to be an absolute magnet for major athletes, in particular. Honestly, who could blame them?

Kim Zolciak spoke on the HollywoodLife Podast about her eldest daughter, 23-year-old Brielle Biermann, and her array of dating options.

“A lot of athletes DM Brielle,” Kim reveals, to absolutely no one’s surprise.

Kim cannot help but point out that as a professional athlete himself, her husband Kroy can offer insight into these prospective dates.

“Kroy’s a rare athlete,” Kim says.

Explaining what she means by that, she continues: “you know, he definitely verbalizes what men want.”

Kim … that is not a secret. Generally, it’s also what women and non-binary people want, too. It’s a huge part of why people date.

Kim does acknowledge that Kroy’s “inside scoop” into the top-secret information that men be horny is not, you know, news.

“We all know, obviously, kind of what they want,” Kim admits.

“But,” she adds, “there’s those few far in-between guys that definitely want a relationship and a connection.”

Kim added that line in to make it clear that she’s not condemning the entire athletic world to the label of horndogs.

She knows that there are men, even those who slide into Brielle’s DMs, who are interested in more than just blowing her back out.

The trick, of course, is to differentiate the horny from the relationship-seeking (but still horny) suitors.

Brielle is no stranger to romancing an athlete, of course.

Before he was married to (or divorced from) Vanessa Morgan, baseball pitcher Michael Kopech and Brielle were a hot item.

Like, a seriously hot item. If these two were driving a truck and it hit, you, you’d crawl to the curb and say “thank you.”

Kim does explain how having Kroy as her husband — for nine years, now — does give her a useful advantage when advising Brielle on her prospects.

“Kroy’s worked with them,” she says of some of these world-class athletes.

“And he has a lot of great friends that are athletes as well,” Kim adds. 

In other words, he can give her and Brielle a heads up on who wants to hit and quit it.

“I mean, I think everybody’s different,” Kim acknowledges, again making it clear that she’s not painting all athletes with the same brush.

“We find it funny,” she admits, “like, oh, this NFL player is DM-ing Brielle, and Kroy’s like, ‘Oh, God.’” 

Every mother has opinions, solicited or otherwise, on what sorts of relationships her children should be in.

Given the choice, Kim says, she wants Brielle to find herself a partner who will make her as happy as Kim herself currently is.

“I mean I would like a Kroy,” Kim expresses.

“I think somebody that’s dedicated and committed…” she describes, as if placing an order at a Build-A-Boy Workshop.

“I want somebody that is her partner,” Kim concludes.

That does sound like a pretty ideal relationship situation. Best of luck to Brielle on her “manhunt.”

Brielle Biermann: Marvel at Her Hottest Bikini Snaps, EVER

Brielle Biermann is a reality star, a model, and a social media influencer with 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

1.3 million adoring, thirsty followers.

Why? Because as social media would have you believe, she practically lives at the beach.

And when she’s not frolicking in the ocean, she’s so often by the poolside.

Being the eldest daughter in a large family isn’t the easiest thing in the world, so it’s good that she has a way to unwind.

And for her followers, it’s always a treat to see the stylish, colorful, and tantalizing bikinis that she wears.

Take a look at Brielle’s most thirst-inducing bikini photos as she flaunts her incredible body for the camera.

Appreciate the pics and thank Brielle for sharing her glorious hourglass figure with the world.

1. Let’s start with a Classic Brielle

Brielle biermanns butt in a bikini
Way back in the spring of 2016, Brielle was already dazzling her fans and followers in bikinis. “If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” are words by which to live, and Brielle clearly knows that, flashing her peach to the camera while enjoying the gorgeous water.

2. And she just doesn’t quit

Brielle biermann mirror selfie in a teeny black bikini
Much more recently, Brielle shared this tantalizing mirror selfie as she wears a barely there black string bikini. Anyone else humming the tune of Gunther and the Sunshine Girls’ “Teeny Weeny String Bikini?” Because it really sets the mood for appreciating this pic.

3. She covers all of her angles

Brielle biermann bikini belfie
Mirror selfies are a delight, but they have their limitations. Brielle can’t really show her caboose in the same way in the mirror as she can in this breathtaking beach pic.

4. Sometimes, she flaunts both sides at once

Brielle biermann poses in a pink bikini
Brielle twists here in a pose mostly seen in comic books, wearing this bubblegum pink bikini while showing off the top and bottom of her … outfit.

5. The birthday bikini

Brielle biermann in a magenta bikini
Just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic hit home in 2020, Brielle turned 23. She celebrated in the Bahamas with friends, including ottery thirst trap Ty French. Here she is, flaunting her incredible hourglass figure in a magenta bikini. Notice how tan she is? That’s part of a pattern.

6. The contrast!!

Brielle biermann color contrast in a white bikini
Once Brielle got a taste of tanning, she couldn’t stop, it seems. Here she is, sun-darkened, wearing a gleaming white bikini for maximum color contrast. Is this her most revealing bikini? No. But it’s quite the work of art.

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Brielle Biermann Claps Back At Fans Who Grilled Her For Posing On Stepdad Kroy’s Lap!

Brielle Biermann wants y’all to get your minds out of the gutter! The daughter of Kim Zolciak issued multiple clap backs this week after Instagram trolls roasted her for posting a photo of herself sitting on her stepdad Kroy Biermann’s lap at his birthday party. Related: Brielle Hopes Kim Would Never Return To ‘Negativity’ On […]

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Brielle Biermann DESTROYS Critics: Yes, I Am Naturally This Hot!

Brielle Biermann is many things.

She’s a reality star. She’s an entrepreneur. She’s a walking, talking thirst trap.

She is also the last person about whom you want to make claims that you can’t back up.

After the Don’t Be Tardy star and Real Housewives of Atlanta progeny shared some gorgeous, natural selfies, she was accused of faking them.

Her skin couldn’t look so smooth and glowy naturally, right?

Wrong – as Brielle explained when she clapped back hard at the accusations that were fired her way.

Take a look below and see her words, and the tantalizing photos in question, for yourself.

1. Here is how it started

Brielle biermann flaunts natural look
Brielle Biermann is 23 and outrageously hot. She redid her look for 2020 and it is WORKING for her. But the Don’t Be Tardy star’s general, unquestionable hotness is not the source of contention.

2. What got people talking was her caption

Brielle biermann fresh out of the pool
When Brielle posted this pair of photos on Tuesday, May 26, she included a caption: “No hair extensions, no makeup, just chillin.'”

3. What was the issue?

Brielle biermann is cozy at home
People — including infamous media outlets like The Daily Mail — questioned her “claim” to be going makeup free. How could selfies that hot be barefaced?

4. They declared that she was lying

Brielle biermann chills by the poolside
Without even trying to guess at what alleged motive Brielle might have for such a fib, she was accused of making a pointless lie.

5. It was weird

Brielle biermann shares hot tan car selfie
Keep in mind that we’re talking about Brielle, here. She’s been open about her lip fillers, both getting and then, more recently, removing them. When she wears makeup, it’s crystal clear.

6. Now, she is clapping back

Brielle biermann ig defends makeup free look
“Hahahha what the f–k. Why would I lie about not having makeup on..?” Brielle remarks.

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