Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell Reveals Tyler Baltierra Got A Vasectomy — And He’s Got An Important Message For Other Men!

This is one way to celebrate Mother’s Day! Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell shared a hilarious video to TikTok just two days before the holiday revealing that her husband Tyler Baltierra had undergone a vasectomy. In the video, the 30-year-old sits on the couch recovering with an ice pack after the procedure. Jon Brett‘s 2020 […]

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Catelynn Lowell Launches New Personal Site: Cate Magazine!

Not every aspect of Catelynn Lowell’s life is able to be shown on Teen Mom OG.

The show features an ensemble cast, and time is a precious commodity.

Still, with Catelynn and Tyler’s social media antics and their real lives, of course they have more of themselves to share.

That is why Catelynn is launching her very own magazine to keep fans up to date … and maybe make her social media presence a little better.

Catelynn Lowell has announced Cate Magazine.

This online-only project is in conjunction wtih Richie Media Corp.

The plan is to share news about her life, family, and Teen Mom with “more than 7 million engaged followers.”

Catelynn Lowell Cate site - banner

“Our family is extremely excited for this new business adventure,” the blurb on the Cate Magazine site reads.

“We love our fans and feel honored by their support,” the statement affirms.

“With the new CATE brand, our hope is to give more love to those who have been with us over the past decade,” the site explains.

Catelynn Lowell Cate site - blurb

“So be ready because this baby is ready to rock!” the Cate Magazine site teases.

The site is already off the ground.

Even shiny and new, it already includes links to various articles, some “exclusive” while others are arranged by topics, like “reality.”

We can already see Catelynn offering parenting advice, being a mother herself.

Additionally, she and Tyler have detailed their renovations.

And there are entire sections of Teen Mom related content, with more to come in the future.

The idea is that this is a site where Catelynn can share what she wants and reach fans directly. 

Enjoying the sales pitch? Great! You can go check out Catelynn’s online venture.

But some of us want to take a close look at what exactly this is.

See, for years, Catelynn — alongside numerous other reality stars, including some fellow Teen Mom cast members — has been big into clickbait.

We don’t mean that she reads it or writes it or even publishes it herself.

Instead, we mean that she allows her management to post clickbait to her Instagram Stories.

Some people misuse the term clickbait, referring to any article (especially if the entire article isn’t somehow contained in the headline) as such.

In reality, clickbait is more like “oh no, it’s time to say goodbye …” over a picture of a reality star in a hospital bed, but the pic is from when they got their tonsils out and the story is about buying a new car.

When people of low-to-middling fame share these, it’s a way to monetize their social media following. They get a little money, but fans get furious.

In theory, this site could be a solution to that.

Catelynn does have millions of followers. Some of them might want a no-nonsense look at what she really wants to share.

But is that what they’re getting?

Some of these articles already have some goofy vibes.

We’re not saying “clickbait” exactly, but vague “so sweet!” headlines and others debunking “divorce rumors” aren’t exactly giving people the inside scoop.

A personal website often implies behind-the-scenes looks and exclusives, not aggregating existing stories about one person so long as those stories are flattering.

Still, it’s a new site and maybe it will grow with time.

We could also see it really change if Catelynn and Tyler say goodbye to MTV forever … which is always possible, in the long run.

At the very least, we’d love to see Catelynn’s Instagram Story become less of a “swipe up” minefield.

TikTok Cringes At Catelynn Lowell For ‘Accidentally’ Showing Off Tyler Baltierra’s Junk!

TikTok has some notes on Catelynn Lowell’s latest video! This week, the mother-of-four took to the social platform to share a video of her hubby, Tyler Baltierra, holding their youngest daughter, Rya, whom they welcomed in August. It was an undoubtedly cute vid. However, some felt the opening of the clip was “unnecessary,” as it […]

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Catelynn Lowell: I Wanted to Be Part of Teen Mom Family Reunion! My Baby Comes First!

The stars of Teen Mom: Family Reunion have shared laughs, bitter fights, and in some cases shown unexpected personal growth.

Not everyone was invited to the party. And not everyone who was invited could make it.

Catelynn was only able to make it out at the end.

But in a never-before-seen moment from the premiere, she explained to her friends why she couldn’t be part of the whole show.

MTV shared a deleted scene from the very first episode of Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

In the scene, Maci Bookout and Cheyenne Floyd reached out via video chat to see how Catelynn Lowell was doing.

Catelynn had been invited, but they sort of figured that she wasn’t coming.

This was the first revelation that Catelynn and her husband, Tyler Baltierra, had fully intended to be part of the show.

In fact, they had been excited to participate and rub elbows with so many other cast members.

The reason that they had to back out, however, was a very good one.

Catelynn spoke to HollywoodLife to explain the couple’s sound reasoning.

“Tyler and I really wanted to be a part of the show from the start,” she confirmed.

Catelynn shared that this was “so we could grow closer with some of the girls that we don’t really know that well.”

Catelynn wanted to hang out “and just learn about them and their stories more.”

The original plan would have meant that she and Tyler would have brought their newborn, Rya, along.

She aws only seven days old when filming on the season began. Wow.

Wisely, Catelynn and Tyler backed out of that, as she explained.

“Because of COVID and just wanting to be safe,” she noted.

Catelynn added: “Especially with a baby who can’t even get [any of] her vaccinations yet or anything like that.”

“[We realized we] needed to just focus on her,” Catelynn reasoned.

“The first month or few months with a newborn is crazy,” she acknowledged.

“You’re sleep-deprived, and your life is just wild,” Catelynn accurately characterized.

“You’re trying to get on a routine,” Catelynn noted about the realities of caring for a newborn.

“And yeah, so we were really bummed that we couldn’t be there,” she admitted.

“But,” Catelynn emphasized, “we wanted to be so badly.”

Catelynn was able to make it out for the finale.

It was a surprise for her castmates and for viewers.

While she didn’t manage to get the organic “reunion” feel of being there the whole time, she made an impression.

the cast screams on Teen Mom Family Reunion

Catelynn was all but smuggled onto the set during lunch on the last day of filming.

The reactions were candid — and extremely sweet.

Catelynn also got caught up on all of the ups and downs that she had missed while caring for her newborn.

Farrah Abraham was basically a guest star, taking on the same villain role that she so regularly plays in real life.

Catelynn confirmed that she was “definitely not” sorry to have missed that.

She did get a chance to share with her castmates that she wants to let go of her “mom anxiety,” where she spirals while imagining all that could go wrong. That’s so sweet!

Catelynn Lowell Roasted for SUPER Horny Birthday Tribute to Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have a newborn at home, and couldn’t participate in the latest Teen Mom screaming match.

But Catelynn still has social media to reach fans.

This week, she gave Tyler a shoutout as he crossed a major milestone — turning 30 years old.

That didn’t stop followers from roasting her, accusing her of being overly horny. It’s not the first time.

“Screaming HAPPY DIRTY 30 to my lover and best friend @tylerbaltierramtv,” Catelynn began on Instagram.

“We are so blessed to have you in our lives,” she gushed, speaking on behalf of herself and of their children.

Catelynn then praised: “30 looks DAMN good on you.”

Catelynn Lowell IG happy 30th birthday "lover" Tyler Baltierra

Tyler’s birthday was on Wednesday, January 12.

Catelynn shared a series of photos, most of which were throwbacks.

The first few flashed back to their teens, while the rest showed off the couple’s children, highlighting Tyler’s role as a loving father of Novalee, Vaeda, and Rya.

While some commenters echoed Catelynn’s birthday wishes and adored the kids (including 4-month-old Rya), others weren’t too pleased.

“She always finds a way to point out that they have sex,” scoffed one critic. “’Lover.’ It’s so weird.”

Another commenter simply opined: “So much cringe.”

“I haaaaaate hate the word lover,” announced another detractor.

(We’re reminded of the 30 Rock joke, hating the word “lover” unless it’s between the words “meat” and “pizza”)

That same commenter continued: “But I actually think this is less awful than her usual captions about him overall?”

“I wish she’d stop referring to him as her lover in posts,” yet another social media user griped.

Another critic demanded: “Never say lover again, cate.”

A different commenter suggested that Catelynn’s post was just plain “uncomfortable,”

“I f–king hate how they talk about each other,” expressed one outraged critic who was clearly on their last nerve.

“Even Farrah’s bathroom activity doesn’t make me squirm as much as the lovers and the basting,” the commenter declared.

The angry comment concluded: “Yuck.”

We can all be grownups enough to acknowledge that Tyler Baltierra is hot.

One might almost say that Catelynn “got lucky” in the baby daddy department, because many of her castmates were with less compatible, less hot partners.

But let’s not call anyone who rose to fame by giving birth in high school “lucky.” If Catelynn were “lucky,” we would not know her name.

With those caveats out of the way, yes, Tyler is definitely on the “hot” spectrum of Teen Mom dads.

And since he’s not an unhinged monster, Catelynn definitely hit the jackpot.

It makes perfect sense that she would be happy to gush about the man she loves, especially on his birthday.

Some of this “discomfort” that commenters and critics were expressing is clearly rooted in diction.

A lot of people do not like the word “lover” unless it’s a lyric in a Spice Girls song.

Just as many people dislike the word “moist” to the point that their skin crawls, the word “lover” can be a turn off … to some people.

Beyond that, there are people who just don’t like Catelynn and felt like she was bragging.

Some of them might be bitter that she’s happy and they’re not. Others just, well, dislike her.

You can’t please everyone. Complimenting your spouse isn’t a bad way to tick people off.

Farrah Abraham Claims MTV’s Teen Mom Reunion Show Turned Physically Violent! WHUT?!

Farrah Abraham is opening up about what apparently went down on Teen Mom: Family Reunion — and we’re definitely surprised to hear that things allegedly went THIS far! The 30-year-old reality TV star spoke with TMZ over the weekend, chatting with the paparazzi and revealing some key alleged details about MTV‘s nostalgic new show. According to the […]

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Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra: We Need a Vacation But No One Will Watch Our Kids!

Back in September, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra welcomed their fourth child, a baby girl named Rya.

But at the time that Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom OG was filmed, Catelynn was still pregnant with her rainbow baby, and Tyler had every intention of making the occasion a memorable one.

So he planned a “babymoon” getaway … or attempted to, anyway.

Now, most young couples with three kids and a fourth on the way are probably too worried about making ends meet to think about vacation.

But as we’re reminded every time we see their palatial house, Tyler and Catelynn are well past the point of needing to worry about money.

So the Baltierras’ can jet off to Paris for a few days anytime they want to … or at least they could if they were able to find someone to watch the kids.

Yes, as any parent of multiples can tell you, with the arrival of each new kid, sitters get a little bit harder to come by.

And it seems that’s a lesson that Tyler and Catelynn recently learned the hard way.

“I’m really hoping Tyler and I get away for a few days but I just found out my mom can’t watch the kids, so I’m hoping Tyler’s mom can,” Catelynn said in a voice-over during this week’s episode.

Unfortunately, that hope was swiftly shot down.

“So, yeah, that ain’t happening,” Tyler told his wife.  “Ma can’t watch the kids, she’s got work.” 

“I know, my mom was saying too, she’s like, ‘I can’t this time,’” Catelynn replied, taking the disappointment in stride.

“‘Cause that’s the whole thing, I was like, if your mom could take Nova — cause I know Nova’s good there when she’s working — and my mom take Vaeda.”

“This is what happens. Listen, I don’t think a lot of people get to go on babymoons anyway,” Tyler observed.

They don’t call them babymoons, like people will go away with their significant others,” said Catelynn.

“I know. I would like to know how much that actually occurs,” Tyler replied, noting that it’s not the name of the phenomenon that he’s contesting.

“It’s easy to get a babysitter for one kid, hard to get a babysitter for two and it’s gonna be nearly impossible to get a babysitter for three. We’re not going on vacation. We’re not having no babymoon.”

Fortunately, Tyler was ready to go with a rock-solid Plan B.

Slipping out to the backyard he called his mother and informed her that he planed to surprise Catelynn with a backyard staycation.

Though his mom had doubts about his ability to keep the arrangements a surprise, in the end, Tyler pulled it off.

A backyard dinner — complete with Mason jar lights and other touches right out of a rom-com — and a gushy card about how appreciated she is all had Catelynn teary-eyed with emotion.

It was a special night, to be sure.

And the great thing about a well-executed babymoon is that the best is yet to come! 

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra we need a vacation but no on