Jinger Duggar Dazzles Fans With Pic of Jeremy Vuolo and Baby Felicity

Counting On fans love when Jinger Duggar shares photos of baby Felicity and her dazzling blue eyes.

Jinger and Jeremy know that followers can’t get enough of their cute little 7-month-old.

Her newest baby pic is a daddy-daughter photo that will absolutely melt your heart.

Jinger Duggar shared the photo that you’re about to see.

In the captions on Instagram, she gushed about what her small family means to her.

“Seeing Felicity in her daddy’s strong arms makes my heart skip a beat,” Jinger wrote.

That is so sweet.

Fans adored the father-daughter photo, too, and you can see why:

Jinger’s followers couldn’t help but mirror her enthusiasm for the precious pic.

“She’s absolutely beautiful!” exclaimed one fan.

“This is the first photo I have seen of her where she looks big… like growing up,” observes another. “Not a tiny infant anymore.”

“She looks so much like her daddy,” comments another. “Such a sweet picture!”

Another raves: “She is the prettiest Duggar baby!!”

Cuteness is of course not a competition … but if it were, Felicity would be winning.

Recently, Jinger had to break the hearts of some very excited fans.

See, followers had noticed that she was drinking decaf, and had to wonder if she was avoiding caffeine due to a new pregnancy.

“I stopped drinking coffee not for breastfeeding or being pregnant,” Jinger explained.

She said: “but because it was affecting my health.”

Generally speaking, caffeine is usually good for people, and coffee is believed to have life-extending properties.

However, caffeine can cause issues such as trouble sleeping, an elevated heartrate, and can exacerbate anxiety.

“So,” Jinger explained. “I have cut back on coffee.”

However, in the same breath, she expressed that she is totally open to drinking coffee again if she needs to.

Jinger joked: “But who knows what mom life will end up doing to me.”

“I think I might end up slipping some in here and there,” she concluded.

One of the reasons that people are hesitant to immediately believe studies about caffeine, good or bad, is simple.

Those with the most caffeine intake are likely the ones who stay the busiest — whether it’s as employees, parents, or both.

In recent months, Jinger has been treating her followers to so many precious photos.

Jeremy is often front-and-center, holding his baby girl with love and pride.

“Jeremy is such an amazing father,â€� Jinger gushed back in late January.

She elaborated, noting that Felicity is very familiar with her parents and already loves them.

Jinger expressed: “I love how Felicity lights up when she sees her daddy or hears his voice.”

“It is the sweetest thing,” she concluded. “They share such a special bond.”

At seven months old, Felicity is old enough to recognize and love her parents and even display elements of her own personality.

Between six months and a year of age is when many (not all!) children first begin to speak and walk.

Childhood development milestones happen at different points for everyone, but it is always exciting.

As one of the Jinger’s followers exclaimed, Felicity is growing up right before our eyes.

Fans cannot wait to see her grow into her own person.

Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha Welcome Baby Boy!!!

Back in November, Alaskan Bush People stars Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha announced their pregnancy.

This week, Noah and Rhain welcomed their baby boy — and have revealed his name.

You can see an amazing photo of this Alaskan Bush Grandbaby, below.

In a statement to People, the family shared the wonderful news.

“Rhain and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our son Elijah Connor Brown,” Noah proudly announces in a statement.

Little baby Elijah was born on February 26.

The wee one weighs in at 7 pounds 5 ounces and, at birth, measured 20 inches in length.

“Mom and son are healthy and happy,” Noah adds.

Speaking of his son, Noah says “he’s already working on his howl!”

“Rhain is a wonderful mother already,” Noah praises.

He continues: “I am truly in awe of her.”

“And,” Noah affirms. “We are both very grateful and excited to welcome him to our family.”

“He’s happy, healthy, and just perfect,” Rhain gushes with glee.

That is so sweet!!

And, thanks to Noah’s teenage sister Rain, we have a picture of the precious child.

“Dear Elijah Conner, I first met you at 3:30am Tuesday February 26th,” Rain writes on Instagram.

“And I will never be the same,” she says.

“You have forever changed my heart,” Rain shares. “And I will spend the rest of my life protecting loving and teaching you all I know.”

“May the road rise to meet you, and the wind always be at your back, and the rains fall softly on your fields,” Rain quotes.

“May God hold you gently in the palm of his hand,” the quote concludes.

“Love you Eli,” Rain gushes. “And I love you Noah and Rhain, you are amazing parents and you will only get better with time.”

Speaking to People, Billy Brown celebrated becoming a grandfather.

“The day is finally here,” he says excitedly. “We’re grandparents!”

“Ami is over the moon and we all feel so blessed,” Billy says.

There was a time when no one in the family believed that Ami would be alive today to expereince being a grandmother.

“We can’t wait to meet the handsome young man,” Billy announces. “And have them all back on the mountain soon.”

Noah has at times seemed to have a strained relationship with his family.

Though happily engaged to Rhain, he already had a life in mind for himself and his fiancee.

He has appeared as more of a guest star on recent seasons of Alaskan Bush People.

It is perfeclty normal and healthy for an adult man to have his own life — and we somehow suspect that Billy and Ami aren’t complaining.

Sure, they’re not seeing their son as much as they might like.

But on the plus side, they got a grandbaby out of the deal!

Sounds like a fair trade to us, you know?

Congratulations are in order for the entire family, but especially for Noah and Rhain.

We hope to see plenty more photos in the near future!

Bekah Martinez Welcomes Baby Girl!!!

Late last summer, The Bachelor alum and fan-favorite Bekah Martinez revealed that she was pregnant.

About a week ago, Bekah’s due date came … and went.

Then, on Saturday, Bekah gave birth to her first child! See the pics:

Though we have photos of Bekah’s baby to show you, the best photos of mother and daughter are a little NSFW.

Bekah gave birth in a water birth, which is … the most Bekah Martinez thing we’ve ever heard.

And though she endeavored to apply a dollop of censorship over her forbidden nips, the photo is still a lot. You’ve been warned.

In the pair of black-and-white photos, Bekah is still in the tub of water, and she is cradling her newborn on her chest.

Notably, her daughter appears to be very camera-shy. In every single photo.

Bekah gave birth over the weekend, and we’ll let her caption tell the rest.

Bekah’s boyfriend and baby-daddy, Grayston Leonard, attempted to take a few color photos of their daughter.

The black and white pics, snapped by photographer Lauren Guilford, were a bit more successful.

“On the morning of February 2nd, our little girl joined us earth-side,” Bekah writes in the caption.

“And,” she continues. “We will never be the same.”

“We are all as healthy and happy as can be,” Bekah assures her fans and followers.

She and her baby girl really do appear to be so peaceful despite the mutual trauma of childbirth.

Maybe there’s something to this water birth thing (but I’d still prefer an epidural, wouldn’t you?).

Notably, Bekah and Grayston continue to refer to their daughter without a name.

Why are they being mum about their baby’s name?

Because they have yet to decide upon a name for their sweet little girl.

It’s easy to make fun of parents for being indecisive about this, but nine months isn’t always enough time.

This is the name by which people will know them. It’s part of the first impression they’ll give.

Whatever Bekah decides will be on her daughter’s job applications. It’ll be the name that her classmates turn against her to tease her.

That’s a lot of responsibility. You want to make the right choice.

Bekah Martinez firstborn baby photo blurry mittens

Last week, in late January, Bekah shared a photo of her whale of a baby bump.

“Today is my official due date,” Bekah wrote.

“My, what a journey it has been,” she reflected.

“Thank you all for the love you’ve showered upon me,” she gushed.

Bekah was a fan favorite among the Bachelor Nation because she’s an absolute delight.

She continued: “There is so much from these past 9 months to be grateful for.”

Just days earlier, Bekah had shared another pic, this time featuring her very bare baby bump.

Honestly, that pregnant belly looks huge on a woman so small.

“39 weeks + 5 days,” she wrote of her pregnancy.I actually have super-human patience right now.”

“I know my due date is Tuesday,” she shared. “But I am perfectly at peace with going a couple weeks more.”

Fortunately, her child was born about a week after she wrote this.

“I trust my baby and I trust my body,” Bekah affirmed. “He or she will come when they’re fully ready for the journey earth-side.”

The join me earth-side thing is … well, we of course do not want to make fun of anyone’s spiritual beliefs.

But it is an unusual phrase. 

Bekah will no doubt prove to be a fun and open-minded mother because that’s the sort of person she is.

These days, she must be thanking her lucky stars that she jodged a bullet with Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Actually, she’s been happy about that for a long time, now.

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield Welcome First Child!

In July, 90 Day Fiance stars Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield shared that they were expecting their first child.

This was a big deal for the couple, in part because Pao had already suffered a miscarriage.

They’re sharing their rainbow baby’s name, very special time of birth, and even a photo.

The baby is here!

“What an amazing way to start the new year,” Paola Mayfield announced in the caption beside this photo.

“While I was hearing the fireworks and people telling me ‘happy new year,'” Pao writes. “I was just focused on meeting my baby boy.”

“Our little miracle is so beautiful and calm,” she gushes.

“I feel so blessed,” Paola raves. “And I can’t believe I am a mom now!”

“I’m ready to start this new adventure,” Paola’s post continues. “And to be the best mom for baby Axel.”

What a fun name for this precious baby!

“I’m so proud of my husband,” she continues. “He was there for me the entire time.”

“I couldn’t have done it without you @russ_mayfield,” Pao says sweetly.

This couple has had their ups and downs, but they are solidly together and supportive of each other these days.

“The joy I feel is indescribable,” Paola raves.

That is no surprise, and we’re not just talking about the oxytocin and endorphins.

She’s delighted to be a mom.

“I’ve never felt so happy in my life,” she announces.

“Axel has become my whole world,” she shares. “And I’m so in love with him.”

That is so sweet!

“Thank you all for supporting us,” Paola writes to fans and followers.

She continues: “and ‘patiently’ waiting to finally meet him!”

Some fans were patient — some were not. That’s just how things are.

“We are so blessed!” she concludes.

She then reveals his time of birth: “Baby Axel was born January 1, 2019 at 12:22 AM.”

He really is a New Year’s baby!

Paola was not the only one who took to Instagram on Thursday to gush about Axel.

“What an amazing feeling to be overwhelmed with joy,” Russ writes.

“We would like to introduce you to Axel Mayfield,” he says.

“He is already taking after his father and is such a cute, sweet, and calm little boy,” Russ announces.

Russ then drops some stats, sharing that Axel was born “measuring 22 inches in length, and weighing in at 7 lbs and 5 oz.”

“This has been the HAPPIEST NEW YEAR we have ever experienced,” Russ proclaims.

“Momma and baby are doing so well!” Russ shares. “I cannot express enough how proud I am of Pao,”

“She was such trooper bringing him into the world,” he gushes.

“Pao’s bouncing back stronger than ever,” he reveals. “And Axel is rocking his eat, sleep, poop, repeat like a champ.”

That’s what babies do.

“Thank you everyone for all your love, support, prayers, good vibes, and all the encouraging messages,” Russ tells his fans and followers.

“It brings us so much joy,” Russ concludes. “Knowing how much our baby boy is already adored.”

Congratulations to Paola and Russ!

Axel is a great name (yes, it’s unusual, but it’s easy and intuitive to spell and that matters a lot more than popularity).

We are so glad to hear that both mother and baby are recovering so well.

May we all have a 2019 as blessed as theirs!