Joy-Anna Duggar Apologizes For Encouraging Anorexic Fan to Lose Weight

Last week, Joy-Anna vaguely discussed her weight loss methods in a cryptic video that appeared on her Instagram page,

In a video that was clearly intended to pique curiosity in the Optavia weight loss system, the mother of one revealed that she had shed all of her post-baby weight — but initially, she didn’t say how.

As intended, the post quickly caught the attention of Duggar fans who are looking to lose a few pounds.

“Excited to share about this! It’s been SOOO helpful for me,” Joy captioned the above video.

“My health coach has lost 47lbs in 15 weeks and her husband has lost 40lbs in just 9 weeks!! If you’re ready to start or just have questions please email me your phone number and we’d love to talk with you!â€�

One fan commented that she would love to lose weight, but must be “careful” in doing so due to past issues with anorexia.

“Awesome! This is all clean and has probiotics built in!�

Shortly thereafter, a third Instagram user posted a screenshot of what she claimed was a DM conversation with Joy,

“Your comments responding to ladies with eating disorders on your Optavia video are very dangerous,� the person allegedly messaged Joy.

The person added that Joy should be “aware that those of us with eating disorders SHOULD NOT be encouraged to lose weight by anybody but our own doctors.�

To her credit, Joy promptly responded in apologetic fashion.

“Thank you for your concern,” Joy wrote.

“I did not mean at all to text the girl that has anorexia and I feel so bad, I tried to find the account so I could fix what I said.”

From there, Joy explained that she had only the best intentions in encouraging fans to use the Optavia program.

“As far as my health coach, once she gets on a call she tells each person to check with their GP before doing it,” she wrote.

“Optavia is a great program and is recommended by lots of doctors. But I understand it is not good for all.â€�

The Duggars are generally very careful when it comes to the products they choose to endorse on social media.

In fact, they’re careful in social media in general, with Jim Bob and Michelle usually forbidding their children to start accounts until they’re grown and married.

This incident is likely serving as a reminder of why they take such extreme precautions.

Lawson Bates: Did He Just Reveal He’s Courting Jana Duggar?!

For years now, fans of her family have been obsessing over Jana Duggar’s love life — or lack thereof.

Jana is 28 and single, which is unheard of in her family.

Some fans have given up on the idea of Jana entering a courtship, getting married, and starting a family of her own.

But others have noted that Jana seems to be inching closer to joining the dating world.

For starters, Jana joined Instagram last week.

That may not sound like such a tremendous leap in progress, but Jana’s siblings who were already on the service opened their accounts only after they announced that they were courting.

This led many to the assumption that Duggar kids aren’t allowed to join social media until they’ve entered a relationship with the intention of getting married.

However, Jessa Duggar was quick to shoot that theory down, noting that while it’s been the custom up to this point, there is no hard and fast rule preventing single Duggars from getting online.

But, of course, her comments haven’t prevented Jana fans from giving up hope.

In fact, recent Instagram happenings have led many to the conclusion that she’s secretly dating a well-known family friend.

Rumors that Lawson Bates is courting Jana have been circulating for several years.

Lawson is one of the many stars of Bringing Up Bates, a Counting On knockoff reality show that also centers around a clan of fertile fundamentalists.

Lawson posted the above photo on Instagram this week.

“Please tell me that rose is for Jana,” one fan commented.

Such comments are expected on Lawson’s page, but this one stood out due to the fact that it was “liked” by none other than Lawson’s mom.

Fans went wild and assumed that this was Mrs. Bates’ way of confirming that Jana and Lawson are in a relationship.

But to the great disappointment of many, Lawson was quick to set the record straight.

“My mom was scrolling through late last night and didn’t realize what she was liking,� the 26-year-old told In Touch.

“Meanwhile, Instagram 101 for my mom is now in session.�

So for now, at least. Jana is still on the market.

And you can bet a new rumor about a new courtship will pop up sometime this afternoon, only to be promptly shot down by someone in the Duggar family.