Farrah Abraham Exacts Revenge on Sophia: I’m the Famous One In THIS Family!

When you hear the term “narcissistic sociopath,” the first people that spring to mind are probably villains along the lines of Hannibal Lecter or Heath Ledger’s Joker.

But in many ways, the more subtle psychos are just as dangerous.

We’re not saying that’s necessarily the case with Farrah Abraham — but we’re not not saying that, either.

If you follow her on social media, you’re probably aware that Farrah has been on quite an evil streak lately.

First, she encouraged her daughter to body shame Amber Portwood.

Amber’s no saint, but encouraging you kid to bully anyone is not exactly Mom of the Year stuff.

Shortly thereafter, Farrah went ultimate Karen and behaved so rudely toward a fast food worker that her own daughter called her out.

From there Farrah thought it would be a good idea to praise herself on a website that was designed to promote Sophia’s accomplishments.

Seriously, if you go to Sophia’s site you’ll find text praising Farrah as “a highly regarded celebrity icon and business woman.”

Farrah took a lot of flak for that one, but it seems she didn’t learn her lesson about not stealing her daughter’s spotlight.

As you may recall, Farrah and Sophia were recently accused of ripping off a song by Mahogany Lox and repurposing it as a new kid-friendly “hit single” for the 11-year-old.

Now, not only has Farrah put her daughter in very murky ethical territory, she’s continued to steal the poor girl’s spotlight throughout her online promotional tour.

“#takeyobestie winners! Keep creating & having fun this summer! @sophialabraham #regram,” she captioned the latest video of the two of them.

Throughout the painfully awkward clip, Sophia keeps trying to say someting, only to have Farrah talk right over her.

“The little girl looked like she really wanted to say something but the mom in the back kept talking without giving her a chance,” one follower commented.

“Prayer circle that when Sophia grows up she sees who her mother really is leaves the house to get to know Derick’s family and writes a tell all,” another wrote, referencing Sophia’s father, Derick Underwood.

It was a sad display that led many to the conclusion that Farrah is exacting passive-aggressive revenge on Sophia fopr branding her as a Karen.

It’s times like this when low-key psychos shine — they can do something craxz and cruel while maintaining plausible deniability.

Real diabolical sh-t, Farrah!

Farrah abraham exacts revenge on sophia im the famous one in the

Ronnie Magro: I FINALLY Get to Spend Time With My Daughter!

Over the years, we’ve become well-acquainted with the behavior of Single Ronnie.

And we’ve witnessed more terrifying Ron-pages than we care to remember.

But this week, we were treated to a sight we hope to see much more of in the years to come — Ronnie in dad mode.

As you’re probably aware, Ronnie was arrested last year following a domestic altercation with his baby mama, Jen Harley.

Jen got a restraining order against Ronnie, and the situation threatened the Jersey Shore star’s custody arrangement in such a way that there were doubts as to whether he’d be able to see his daughter at all.

Once a mother can convince a judge that the father is presents a credible and immediate threat, it’s easy for her to deny the dad custody and visitation rights of any kind.

Fortunately, Jen recognized the importance of 2-year-old Ariana having a relationship with her father.

And so, Ronnie has been permitted to spend time with his daughter quite frequently in recent weeks.

And he seems to delight in sharing highlights of their time together on social media.

Ronnie and Ari spent Memorial Day weekend together, and judging from his latest video post, they enjoyed a swimming lesson or two.

“Nothing feels better than making memories with you @ariana_sky_magro,” Ronnie captioned the clip.

He added the hashtags, “#MDW2020 #WorldIsComplete #SameFace #SameLaugh”

Ronnie later added a photo in which he and his offspring are seen sporting their pandemic masks.

“Ohhh how I love you more and more every second of everyday!” Magro captioned the pic.

“#Twinning #25lbsOfHam #WhereYouGetAllThatPersonalityFrom,” the hashtag-happy dad concluded.

For the most part, fans simply joined Ronnie in gushing about how cute his kid is.

However, one follower offered a valuable safety warning:

“Babies shouldn’t wear masks due to suffocation purposes. Just an fyi,” she wrote.

It’s a valid point, and it’s certainly important to get that message out there.

But thankfully, most folks decided to just offer some non-judgmental congrats to the troubled reality star and first-time dad.

That’s definitely a good thing — after all, the last thing we need is another Ron-page.

Ronnie magro i finally get to spend time with my daughter