Wendy Williams Shames William H. Macy: How DARE You Show Your Face!

Earlier this month, Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty for her involvement in the college bribery scandal that shocked the nation.

Her husband, William H. Macy, was recently spotted carrying two extremely sad graduation balloons.

Wendy WIlliams is weighing in, shaming “crook” William for showing his face and “pushing this celebration in our face.”

Wendy williams shames william h macy balloons 01

“So Felicity Huffman and her husband, WIlliam H Macy, are celebrating their daughter’s high school graduation,” Wendy scoffed on Thursday.

After cackling, she notes that William was “spotted at the local grocery store … getting balloons.”

“It was said in our morning meeting: ‘Why only two balloons?'” Wendy recalls. “What difference does it make? Why is he out of the house?

“Why,” she asks William. “Are you pushing this celebration in our face, you alleged crook?!”

“And then he goes and he picks up the cake,” Wendy notes. “Why didn’t you have an assistant do this?”

Wendy williams shames william h macy balloons 02

“Everybody in the Hot Topics morning meeting aside from me and one other person said: ‘You shouldn’t even be celebrating this,'” Wendy reveals.

“You changed your girl’s SAT scores,” she accuses. “It went up 400 points because of your cheatation.”

“And now,” Wendy notes. “You’re facing time in jail. And even though it’s not as much as Lori Loughlin, what you did was just as bad.”

She points out: “You cheated all of our kids out of getting into school because your kid is taking up the room.”

“Our kids,” Wendy points out. “Are busy studying and doing the right thing. And you’re over there using your Hollywood money.”

Wendy williams shames william h macy balloons 03

“Sophia graduates in a few weeks,” Wendy tells her audience. “Should she be celebrating this? I say yes.”

We agree. SAT scores have nothing to do with graduation, and there is also no evidence that she knew about a fraudulent SAT score in her name.

“Here’s how you celebrate,” Wendy instructs. “You celebrate in your house with the blinds closed.”

“You invite family members who are actually gonna come over,” she says, and advises against guests who might share details with gossip sites.

“And you don’t do it outside,” Wendy demands. “Where the helicopters are just looking.”

“If I were the girl, I wouldn’t even show up to graduation,” she states. “And mom and dad, you better not show.”

Wendy williams shames william h macy balloons 04

“It’s clear to me that Lori Loughlin’s daughter knew about the cheatation,” Wendy accuses.

She suggests that part of the scheme may have even been Olivia Jade’s, who was a minor at the time.

Then she returns to discussing the Huffman-Macy family.

“I would think it would even be awkward when they call Sophia Macy,” Wendy suggests. “Boo!”

Wendy then ponders whether Sophia will take a gap year, since her family is rich and the scandal could die down.

Wendy williams shames william h macy balloons 05

It is Wendy’s advice that Sophia concern herself with optics and take measures to make sure that she is seen “eating humble pie.”

“I think that she should not be denied going to college, though,” Wendy emphasizes.

After suggesting that Sophia is probably “Hollywood fragile,” Wendy then gets into why William has not been charged.

She notes having heard his voice on the recording, and even suggests that sexism may have played a role in him not being charged.

Our guess? Maybe prosecutors had a better case against Felicity. Maybe him not being charged was part of her plea.

Wendy williams shames william h macy balloons 06

The issue with this scandal is, first and foremost, that many of the children who benefitted from it probably had no idea.

Do you know how easy it would be for someone to have an SAT score that they never knew about? Incredibly easy.

Even the kids who knew what was going on (as Olivia Jade may have) were, you know, minors at the time playing along with their parents.

The suggestion that they be punished for their parents’ crimes doesn’t sound especially just.

For what it works, it’s reported that Sophia is putting her college plans on hold for the time being. So Wendy got her wish.

Wendy williams shames william h macy how dare you show your face

Jenelle Evans: Bad Mom or Just Another Victim of David Eason?

Now that Teen Mom 2 fans have seen David Eason’s verbal abuse at Jenelle Evans, it’s even harder to understand why they’re together.

He cost her her job. He brutally murdered her dog.

She’s separated from her kids because the court (very correctly) feels that a house occupied by a violent maniac isn’t a healthy environment for children.

Why in the world is Jenelle choosing a hateful oaf over her own children? What kind of mother would do that?

But some feel that Jenelle may be just another of David’s victims — and doesn’t feel free to “choose” anything.

Has he really brainwashed her to the point where she can’t even protect her own kids?

The arguments are, we have to say, pretty compelling.

1. How should we feel about Jenelle Evans?

Jenelle and her hair
Right now, she appears to be choosing a violent maniac over her own children. Friends and fans alike are horrified by her unthinkable, misplaced loyalty.

2. David Eason is bad news

Jenelle and david hiking
Like so many of the men from Jenelle’s past, David has a criminal history — in fact, he spent time behind bars for allegedly violating a protective order against a woman who accused him of abuse.

3. A few weeks ago, things got worse

David with nugget
David Eason accused Jenelle’s small dog, Nugget, of being a “danger” to his daughter after Nugget nipped at her. He took Nugget outside, brutally attacked, and then shot the poor dog. The horror of that has kept some of us awake at night.

4. At first, Jenelle’s response was appropriate

David kissing nugget
She kept him at a distance, she is reportedly the one who dialed 911 to report what he had done.

5. She even wrote a mournful post

Jenelle evans and nugget
Jenelle was heartbroken, as anyone who isn’t a complete monster like David would be, by the abrupt and grisly murder of her dog. Fans hoped that the one silver lining of this nightmare would be that Jenelle would leave David and keep her children, her remaining animals, and herself safe from him.

6. But then, she changed her tune

David eason and jenelle evans in love
Suddenly, Jenelle was back with David. Columbus County’s sheriff was upfront about identifying David as being “the most dangerous man in three counties,” but admitted that his hands were tied unless Jenelle would cooperate.

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Olivia Jade Giannulli: Actually, I DO Want to Go to College!

When last we’d checked, Olivia Jade Giannulli was ghosting her parents and had more or less dropped off the grid.

Her parents are probably going to prison for the college bribery scandal, and she didn’t want to face any more backlash than she already was.

Now, however, Olivia has changed her tune — going from grudgingly attending to college to begging USC to take her back. WTF?

According to Us Weekly, Lori Loughlin’s younger daughter is just now expressing an interest in getting a college education.

“Olivia Jade wants to go back to USC,” an insider reveals.

She had never really seemed invested in getting a college degree — that was something that her parents wanted for her.

“She didn’t get officially kicked out,” the source points out.

“And,” the insider reports. “She is begging the school to let her back in.”

Is this a case of Olivia realizing that her parents are going to prison and deciding that she wants to live their dreams for her?

Apparently, no — it’s something different, and something much smarter.

“She knows they won’t let her in,” the source dishes.

“So,” the insider explains. “She’s hoping this info gets out.”

“She wants to come out looking like she’s changed,” the source details.

We all know how overbearing parents — especially rich ones — can be.

A lot of people assumed that Olivia was just a pretty face getting shuffled around by her folks.

Now, it seems like she might be more than just a teenage influencer. She’s a secret genius.

Olivia wants tog ive the world the impression that she has “learned life lessons and is growing as a person,” the source reports.

“So,” the insider concludes. “She for sure wants people to think she is interested in her education.”

Olivia and her sister, Bella, stepped away from school after the college bribery scandal broke earlier this year.

“USC has placed holds on the accounts of students who may be associated with the alleged admissions scheme,” the school announced.

“This prevents the students from registering for classes,” the statement explained.

The registration ban remains in effect “until they have agreed to participate in the review of their case.”

The school says that students are prevented from “withdrawing from the university, or acquiring transcripts while their cases are under review.”

USC did mention that one of the factors that they would exame would be “plea deals by parents.”

It is possible that showing remorse might prompt USC and other schools to show mercy to the students.

This could be especially true for students who were unaware of what their parents did to get them into school.

“Following these case-by-case reviews,” the statement promised. “We will take the proper action related to each student’s status.”

USC noted that said action mgiht be “up to revoking admission or expulsion.”

Like most people, our first impression of Olivia Jade during this scandal is that she’s just … insanely spoiled.

We weren’t mad at her — maybe a little envious, to tell the truth.

Even if she knew everything about what went down, she would have been a minor when her parents hatched this scheme.

Then we felt a little sorry for her after this tanked her brand.

No, she won’t starve or anything, because her family is still mega rich.

But it sucks to see her career as an influencer derailed by her parents’ actions.

Now, though? If she’s really pushing to return to school all in an effort to repair her public image and her brand … that’s smart.

We can respect the hell out of that.

Tati Westbrook Cries, Begs Fans to Stop Bullying James Charles

One week after she canceled James Charles, YouTube star Tati Westbrook has a new heartfelt message for fans.

She is explaining her hiatus from beauty vlogging and admitting that she has some regrets about her callout video.

With tears in her eyes, Tati says that she doesn’t hate James. She wants the cruel memes to stop.

Tati westbrook destroyer of worlds

“I do want the hate to stop,” Tati says during her new, 18-minute video.

“I want the picking sides and the abusive memes and the language,” she continues. “And all of that.”

“I really hope on both sides it can stop,” she expresses.

Tati insists: “That’s not why I made the video.”

Tati explains the true goal that she had in mind.

The 40-minute callout post that upended James Charles’ whole career was actually “last ditch effort to be really loud and vocal.”

“It was me trying to reach someone that was completely unreachable,” Tati continues.

“It’s about someone who reaches, across all platforms, 30 million people,” she notes. “That are predominantly children.”

She wanted his bad behavior to stop because his audience was so impressionable and might think that his actions were okay.

“He is losing the ability to get honest more and more each day,” Tati observed of James.

He went from a relatively unknown beauty vlogger to a celebrity worth $12 million — all while he was a teenager.

Tati feared “I’m losing the ability to reach [out to him].”

She now explains that James had displayed “zero respect” for their friendship.

Tati wants people to know that this is no longer about how he betrayed her by endorsing another brand of beauty vitamins.

“I don’t hate James Charles,” she emphasizes. “I don’t want you guys hating on him.”

“It’s painful to watch someone that you have cared for be dragged,” she expresses.

Tati adds: “and to know that this started because of me.”

“I don’t think anyone deserves that,” she says.

If she doesn’t want him raked across the coals like this, why even do the callout?

“I think people deserve a wake-up call,” Tati shares. “And people deserve to be called out for actions.”

“I think someone’s got to do it,” she admits.

Tati hopes that her carefully laid out video will inspire parents. Does … does she see herself as James’ mom?

“I hope that this inspires parents to have more conversations with their kids,” Tati says. “Because we are losing that.”

James is almost 20. Tati is 37. We can see how she’d feel a sense of responsibility.

“I can’t say this enough,” Tati again emphasizes, “I love James Charles. I loved him from the moment I met him.”

“He was like this underdog kid that everyone took a s–t on,” she characterizes.


“That’s how I felt for a long time,” she adds.

“So I felt like I needed to help him somehow,” Tati explains. “Like I needed to help him because it was helping me.”

“I know a lot of people aren’t going to understand,” Tati says. “Or they think this is fake.”

Some have suggested that this wasn’t a revenge scheme, but a publicity stunt.

“Or that they think that there was this big agenda or anything,” she continues. “There’s not.”

“If I could give all of the new success back, and the new subscribers back,” Tati vows. “I would.”

“I am taking a time-out,” Tati explains. “And just needing to not be on social media.”

Earlier this week, she warned her fans that she was on a hiatus from making videos.

Tati is doing this “because it’s a really dark place for me right now.”

“And I need to figure out what my next move is spiritually for me,” she adds.

Tati continues: “and what this means to me, because if it’s all about money I don’t want to do it.”

“So, yes, I am hurting,” Tati admits. “But so is James.”

“And so is our community and a huge audience,” she notes. “And I guess I just pray that we can all just be kind with each other through this.”

“I’m going to take a time-out,” she reiterates. “And I’m going to come back and I’m going to continue to play with make-u.”

Tati will do so “because it makes me the happiest.”

She promises that she won’t prove herself to be a hypocrite after calling out James Charles.

“And I promise you,” Tati vows. “I am going to hold myself to an even higher standard.”

She adds: “because this is forcing me to really look at what really matters, and is working so much really worth it?”

“And is doing all of this at such a speed really worth it?” Tati asks.

Yes, her bank account answers.

“And so,” Tati says. “There’s just a lot changing and I am so grateful for this whole journey because it’s made me a better person.”

Hopefully, it’s doing favors for James Charles’ character, as well.

“And,” Tati expresses to her fans and follows. “I owe that to YouTube and I owe that to you guys.”

Wow, YouTube made someone a better person?

That may be a first.

Tati westbrook cries begs fans to stop bullying james charles

Tati Westbrook Announces YouTube Hiatus After Canceling James Charles

Last week, beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook savagely canceled controversial YouTube star James Charles.

Now, she has announced that she is taking a short hiatus from making new videos.

After all of the drama, she just needs a break.

Tati Westbrook on YT

“There won’t be a video tomorrow,” Tati Westbrook announced on Twitter.

(Side note, wouldn’t she make the most amazing Michelle Bachmann impersonator? Not that Bachmann is culturally relevant anymore, but still)

“My heart is still too heavy,” she explained.

Tati added: “I feel like I need to remind you that we can hold truth & inspire change without grabbing onto hate.”

It sounds like she’s suggesting that she didn’t cancel James out of spite.

Tati Westbrook tweets about taking a break

“Honor your blessings,” Tati advised her fans and followers on Twitter. “Don’t abuse them.”

“Celebrating pain will only bring it to your door,” she suggested.

In other words, maybe those delighting in watching James Charles lose millions of followers should dial down the schadenfreude.

“Love you guys,” Tati concluded. “See you soon.”

So we shouldn’t expect it to be a lengthy hiatus, at least.

“That’s a grown woman and professional response right there. Lots of respect” Marlena Stell

“take all the time you need, you deserve to be fully healed and feel all the happiness you deserve. i cant express how much you mean to me & the impact you’ve had on my life. thank you for being you”

In March of 2018, Tati launched her own supplement company, Halo Beauty.

One of her products is hair gummies, which are intended to contain nutrients that boost your hair health.

However, her alleged friend James Charles, who just one week ago was the most followed beauty vlogger on YouTube, endorsed another gummy brand.

Now, he did explain that he did so because that brand’s security personnel helped him out of a tight spot at Coachella this year.

But Tati felt more than slighted — she felt betrayed.

James Charles with Tati Westbrook on YT

So, last Friday, she uploaded a 40-minute callout video to YouTube.

In the video, she dragged James Charles’ name through the mud.

She spoke about what she described as a pattern of alarming behavior from James.

Tati expressed that she believed that James’ fame and fortune had corrupted him.

At just 19, she said that he appeared to be a different person than the one whom she had befriended and supported years earlier.

Most alarming of all, Tati said that James had used his fame and influence to try to strongarm straight men into sleeping with him.

This has spawned a lot of debate, as a couple of the men to whom she referred have come forward.

Based upon their statements, it sounds like James was pushy and, in DMs, seemed unwilling to accept “no” for an answer.

He flirted with and made out with a waiter named Sam who ultimately told him that he wasn’t interested, but James allegedly insisted that the guy was bi.

And a model named Gage Gomez says that James invited and disinvited him from Coachella, an event that could really help his career.

James has also been accused of racist and transphobic statements for years, so many considered his cancelation long, long overdue.

Lori Loughlin: Do I REALLY Have to Go to Jail for a Little Bribery??

Now that Felicity Huffman has pleaded guilty for her role in the college bribery scandal, all eyes are on Lori Loughlin.

Except for Olivia Jade’s, of course, since she’s royally pissed that her mom’s fixation on sending her to college has all but ruined her life.

Lori finally understands that she may go to jail, a new report says. But apparently she doesn’t think she deserves to.

An inside source tells Entertainment Tonight that Lori Loughlin is finally feeling the full weight of her college bribery scandal.

“Lori’s situation has gone from bad to worse,” the insider expresses, detailing her feelings at the moment.

The source explains that Lori knows that “Jail time has always been a possibility.”

“But since more charges were filed,” the insider continues. “Her reality [of not serving time] seems grim.”

“While the fact she could serve time never leaves her mind,” the source shares.

The insider continues: “she strongly believes she doesn’t deserve to.”

We can understand why it would linger in her thoughts that way, even if many already want to see her behind bars.

“She truly feels it was all a misunderstanding,” the source explains.

From her perspective, she probably imagined that it was a violation of school rules, and expected a scandalous expulsion at worst.

Another factor that weighs heavily on Lori’s soul is the fallout with her daughter, whose name and brand have been front-and-center.

“Olivia Jade is totally over it,” the insider expresses.

“And,” the source reveals. “Won’t listen to anything her parents say now.â€�

Well, she’s an adult and is understandably humiliated after being placed at the center of someone else’s scandal.

According to the insider, “She is in no way ready to forgive anything her parents have done.”

“Lori doesn’t understand Olivia’s reaction,” the source says.

The insider explains that “she seems to feel her act was selfless and misunderstood.”

It’s only selfless if you’re helping someone else. Olivia didn’t want to go to college, so she’s not the person who was helped.

The source notes that Lori is upset “and she wants to prove she had all the best intentions.”

“And even that she was, in some way, duped into breaking the law,” the insider adds.

Compounded by the fear that she’ll soon be going to prison, Lori is hurt by Olivia’s emotional distance from her.

“Lori felt at this point her daughter would come around and forgive her,â€� the source shares.

“They have gone to therapy,” the insider reveals. “In hopes things would improve.”

“But,” the source laments. “It doesn’t seem that that’s happened.”

Remember, Olivia wasn’t just humiliated — her whole life was turned upside down and her brand as an influencer was tanked.

“Olivia is still not talking to her mother,” the insider announces. “Because she’s hurt and feels betrayed.”

“She feels this could have all been avoided,” the source says.

The insider continues: “had her mother listened to her when she expressed she wasn’t interested in going to college.â€�

Not everyone has to go to college.

Lori and her husband could have just given their daughters the half-a-million dollars that they spent on bribes.

Olivia resents “the fact she has lost her business deals and can’t go out in public without being photographed and scrutinized,” the source says.

The insider explains that it “is a constant reminder of what her mother has done.”

Olivia is young, beautiful, famous, and rich, and should be living her best life at the moment.

Instead, she feels like a pariah because of the alleged criminal actions of her overbearing parents.

She’s mad.

“[Lori’s] children and most of her friends aren’t entirely convinced this was some kind of a mistake,â€� the source reveals.

“They know she is a loving mother,” the insider affirms. “Who only wants the best for her kids.”

“But,” the source notes. “They also know she needs to face that what she did was unlawful.”

Denial will not get you the result that you want in court.

Humility — even public groveling for the sake of optics and expressing regret might help, though.

“And,” the insider says, Lori will need to recognize “[how it ]has affected not only her children, but also many others.”

Lori’s loved ones reportedly have real concerns about her legal strategy.

“Her friends want her to rethink her plan for the case,” the source reveals. “And admit some sort of guilt.”

With Felicity Huffman pleading guilty, Lori could end up being the “example” that the court makes in this case.

On a positive note, the insider affirms that “her closest friends have stuck by her despite her huge mistake.”

Some bad things are unforgivable. But Lori can find redemption for this — but it will take time and the right attitude.

In the mean time, some startup or new brand could get major name recognition if they hire Olivia to do an ad on the day that her mom goes to prison.

James Charles Loses 2 MILLION Subscribers After Tati Callout

Last week, controversial beauty vlogger James Charles was canceled by Tati Westbrook.

Though he has apologized, his brand has taken a nosedive.

His follower count continues to fall — and you can livestream the collapse of his business in real time.

James charles

James Charles built his brand as a beauty vlogger and accumulated a YouTube following of 16.6 million.

His current follower count is 13.8 million … and plummeting.

Now, 13 million is still a lot of subscribers, but that signifies a major loss in revenue for him.

If schadenfreude is your thing, there’s a livestream of his subscriber count that you can enjoy.

We have included the video in this post, and the video will remain embedded as long as the livestream endures.

Tati westbrook and james charles

All of this started with a massive callout from Tati Westbrook.

She was a friend of his and a fellow beauty vlogger.

In a 40-minute video, most of which I spent thinking of what an amazing Michelle Bachmann impersonator she would make, she blasted James.

Why? Because of a history of his behavior, but it was all set into motion by something that he did in April.

Namely, James endorsed a brand of hair vitamins that were not Tati’s own brand, and she was mad.

James charles with tati westbrook on yt

During her video, she accused James of manipulating and exploiting men who might be straight.

She accused him of predatory behavior, directed at two unnamed young men.

One of them is a young, hot model named Gage Gomez. 

As we explained last week, it appears that James invited and disinvited him from Coachella in order to pressure him to spend time with him.

The other was a waiter from Tati’s birthday party, which was held at a restaurant.

Now, that waiter has come forward to explain exactly what James did and where he crossed the line.

James charles at coachella

Like James and like Gage, Sam the waiter is also 19. Nice to cover a story with zero creepy age gaps, at least.

Sam says that he was unsure of his sexuality and, after being blatantly hit on by James while at work, slid into James’ DMs.

This led to James inviting him to his hotel room, and offer which he accepted. The two of them watched a movie.

“And after that movie,” Sam reveals. “He asked to kiss me.”

“I said yes,” he shares. “And we ended up making out for about an hour.”

“And, if I’m being honest, he is the worst kisser I have ever kissed,” Sam admits. “Way too much tongue.”

James charles at coachella

Sam later declined James’ subsequent invitations to be flown down to L.A.

He very gently broke it to James that he didn’t want to lead him on or take advantage of his fame.

When Sam told James that he feels confident that he is straight, James apparently outright told him that he was wrong. About himself.

Folks, even if you’re 100% convinced of someone else’s sexual orientation, don’t try to tell someone who they are.

This obviously applies even more strongly when it’s clear that you, in this case James Charles, would benefit from them believing you.

James charles selfie

On the one hand, we totally understand that James Charles is a teenager.

Of course he has said dumb things in DMs, especially when he’s horny.

Some even feel sorry for him, because Tati compiled that thorough takedown of him for, let’s face it, personal pettiness rather than moral indignation.

And yes, some of the backlash against him has stemmed from homophobia, which is never fun to see.

But it’s hard to look at James as the good guy in this, or any scenario.

James charles on instagram

Over the last few years, James Charles has been accused of making racist and transphobic statements.

We’re not dredging up his past — just earlier this year, he got called out for saying something transphobic and, frankly, a little biphobic.

No one should be pressured into having sex, particularly by a celebrity who may be applying additional pressure through their fame.

Frankly, many feel that James should have been canceled a long time ago.

These days, all that we can do is watch his follower count continue to get lower and lower.

James charles loses 2 million subscribers after tati callout