Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: We’re Getting Married (Again) On…

Let’s get this out of the way up front:

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are husband and wife.

We’re sorry to break it to you, teenage women around the globe, but it’s true.

The superstars shocked their fans this past summer when first they got engaged and then, just several weeks later, they stopped by a courthouse in New York City and exchanged vows.

It was casual. It was informal. It was confusing, at first at least.

Did the couple actually get hitched? Or merely get their wedding license?

In October, however, Baldwin confiirmed that she was, indeed, Mrs. Justin Bieber.

Again: we’re very sorry, basically every woman on the planet under the age of 25.

It’s long been rumored, however, that Bieber and Baldwin were going to hold an actual wedding ceremony, including a giant celebration with family members, friends and loved ones.

According to TMZ, this ceremony and reception is now planned.

Insiders close to the famous couple say that the big day will take place on the weekend of March 1.

As loyal Beliebers know, of course, this is the date on which Bieber turns 25.

Moreover, these second round of nuptials will reportedly take place in Los Angeles; or at least the Los Angeles area.

Why would Hailey and Justin make this decision, considering most of Bieber’s family resides on the East Coast or in Canada?

It’s simple, TMZ writes: the weather sucks on those regions in late winter! We’re not being harsh here, we’re just stating a meterological fact.

Lastly, this report emphasizes that the ceremony will be heavily in religious in nature, which does make a lot of sense:

The courthouse wedding was quick and strictly legal, while Justin and Hailey have embraced God and faith more than ever these days. 

As for who will be invited?

This may be the most sought-after wedding invitation since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot.

But all we know for now is that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are invited. Which is just, like, okay, sure, whatever.

Once the stars go public as husband and wife, the question will then turn to when Bieber and Baldwin will have children.

They’re young, but it sounds as if this may happen in the very near future.

“I love kids,” Baldwin told Vogue in November. “I can’t wait to have my own.”

She didn’t elaborate on when this might happen, on when Bieber’s sperm will fertilize her egg, but Hailey did say that being a mother is “closer [to] reality” now than ever before.

John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett: Wedding Date & Invitations Revealed!

Well, another Duggar wedding is almost upon us.

We know, we know — it feels like these things happen so often it should be news when there are no Duggars planning to get hitched. 

But this time, there’s a pleasant change of pace, as it’ll be two full-blown grownups tying the knot.

John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett got engaged back in July, and though they proceeded through all of the usual steps of the courtship process, these two are not your typical Duggar couple.

For one, when John and Abbie say “I do,” they’ll be about a decade older than the typical Duggar couple.

On top of that, John David and Abbie seem much less concerned with tradition than his siblings.

Will this result in a wedding that looks and feels radically different from the usual Duggar ceremony we all know so well?

Jump into the gallery below for all the available intel on John David and Abbie’s big day …

1. The Happy Couple

Abbie burnett with josiah
In some ways, John David and Abbie are the typical Duggar couple. But in other respects, they’re blazing their own trail.

2. Taking Their Time

John david duggar and abbie burnett engagement pic
At 28 and 26, respectively, John David and Abbie are the oldest Duggar couple to tie the knot in recent years. Typically, Jim Bob and Michelle’s offspring are encouraged to get hitched while still in their teens.

3. Rule-Breakers

Josiah duggar sits with abbie burnett
Perhaps it’s for that reason that the couple hasn’t been as strictly bound by the infamous Duggar “courtship rules” as previous couples.

4. Rebels (By Duggar Standards)

John david duggar flies with abbie burnett
Sources say John David and Abbie have been going on unchaperoned dates and — gasp! — even skipping church together!

5. Going Their Own Way

Abbie burnett picture
Okay, so it’s not like they’re engaging in premarital sex, but these two are clearly not your typical Duggar couple

6. The Invitation

John david duggar wedding invite
Even John David and Abbie’s newly-released wedding invitation demonstrates the ways in which the couple has decided to break with tradition. It seems they’ve even decided to be less secretive about the date than JD’s siblings …

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