Jorge Nava STUNS 90 Day Fiance Fans With Drastic Body Transformation!

This summer, we reported about 90 Day Fiance alum Jorge Nava’s life behind bars.

Now, the world has gotten a new, visual glimpse at Jorge’s astounding body transformation in just a little over a year.

Brace yourselves and take a look at why longtime fans are freaking out at the “new” Jorge.

This right here? This is a photo of Jorge from when he reported to prison in September of 2018.

This was only 14 months ago, when he began his two-and-a-half-year sentence in Arizona.

Jorge was not an especially small person — which was never a bad thing, of course, since all bodies are different.

But 90 Day Fiance fans are absolutely beside themselves at his new look:

We knew that Jorge had put in some hours as a garbage collector before becoming a kitchen cook.

Clearly, he has been working on his fitness, as well.

In addition to becoming more tan, which often has a slimming effect when it comes to being photographed, he has lost weight.

We can’t really hazard a guess as to how much weight he has shed, but 90 Day Fiance fans are freaking out at the new Hot Jorge.

Jorge was arrested in February of 2018, just two days before Valentine’s Day.

A police officer in Arizona pulled him over and discovered that he was transporting 293 pounds of marijuana.

Arizona being one of the states that still outlaws that particular medicinal plant, Jorge would later report to prison on September 7 of that year.

His sentence is for two-and-a-half years, but he and Anfisa explained to fans that he is expected to be released in late 2020 for good behavior.

Anfisa and Jorge are no longer 90 Day Fiance stars, though TLC was reportedly eager to follow their story even as Jorge went to prison.

The pair, having declined to sign on again because TLC would not meet their demands for payment, updated fans on YouTube and Instagram.

Step-by-step, they explained how Jorge was arrested, and that they would remain married despite his incarceration.

Many never expected this particular couple to make it, and find themselves feeling saddened to see them fall apart despite fixing their marriage.

Jorge is not the only one who looks recognizable yet radically different.

While he’s been whipping up meals in the kitchen for his fellow inmates, Anfisa has been keeping busy.

On top of being a full time student at her community college with plans to transfer to a 4-year university, she has a new pet project.

Anfisa has gotten into bodybuilding, modifying her diet and exercise in order to build up some impressive muscle.

Anfisa didn’t just do this for her own amusement.

She has already won for the bikini portion of a major bodybuilding competition.

When Jorge is released from prison, presumably in about a year, he and Anfisa will look like a brand new couple as they embrace.

More power to both of them for looking exactly how they want to look.

But careful, Anfisa. Jorge may find a lot of surprises in his DMs when he goes free.

Shannon Beador: I’ve Lost 40 Pounds and Gained a Lot of Fun!

It’s safe to say that Shannon Beador’s bitter divorce was a miserable time for her — just as the preceeding years were their own kind of hell.

These days, she’s been focusing on herself — and the astounding results speak for themselves.

In this new The Real Housewives of Orange County clip, Shannon talks about life after losing a whopping 40 pounds.

Shannon beador 40 pounds sneak peek 07

In this new clip, Shannon Beador shows up to work out with her 17-year-old daughter, Sophie, and 14-year-old twins Adeline and Stella.

“I’m honestly really nervous,” Sophie confesses to her mother. “Because I haven’t worked out in so long.”

Working out on camera is never an ideal situation, but it must be especially nervewracking if you’re out of practice.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Shannon tells the confessional camera. “Introducing the new Shannon Storms Beador!”

“I’ve lost 40 pounds,” she announces. “And I’ve gained a lot of fun!”

Shannon beador 40 pounds sneak peek 06

“Fun Shannon, BAM, is back,” Shannon proclaims with glee.

She has lost a significant amount of weight through a lot of hard work.

(The secret to her weight loss is, as it always is, being rich enough to hire a personal trainer and to have the time to work out)

“I’m proud of myself, darn it!” Shannon says. “It was two years of hell.”

We’re proud of her, too!

Shannon beador 40 pounds sneak peek 02

When Shannon says that it was two years of hell, she wasn’t kidding.

The weight gain was just a symptom. The “disease” in this case was misery — misery at the hands of her ex, David Beador.

We see multiple sad flashbacks of Shannon’s body before she lost the weight.

In another clip, we see her tearfully confess to Vicky how miserable she feels that David was able to move on like he did.

“I shared 20 years with a man and the fact that he has found someone within months of leaving me is devastating,” Shannon sobbed.

Shannon beador 40 pounds sneak peek 04

“The hardest work was changing the insides,” Shannon explains of her dramatic body transformation.

She describes “getting to the mental place where I know I’m gonna be OK.”

“And then the weight was just, kinda, a lot easier,” Shannon admits.

“At a certain point,” she expresses. “it just started coming off.”

As we said — her weight gain (though not really that big of a deal) was a symptom of her abject misery.

Shannon beador 40 pounds sneak peek 05

Shannon is reaping the benefits of all of her hard work.

We don’t just mean the social privilege that comes with being thin.

Regular exercise — at almost any body type — has a number of benefits.

One of them is a major boost to your libido and sex drive.

We have to wonder — is that why Shannon has reportedly been kissing dudes left and right?

Good for her.

Shannon beador 40 pounds sneak peek 01

Another charming part of this clip, of course, is the presence of Shannon’s daughters.

For example, Stella shows off her rock-hard arm muscles, to Shannon’s astonishment.

Stella is happy to credit her teenage metabolism for her impressive figure.

Sophie explains that she wants to start working out with one of her friends.

Adeline, in the meantime, has zero interest in working out. She likes her slender figure and does not want to build muscle mass.


Shannon beador ive lost 40 pounds and gained a lot of fun

Anna Duggar: Weight Loss Transformation Stuns Fans!

Generally, when fans get worked up about a social media post from Anna Duggar, the uproar has something to do with her widely-hated husband, Josh Duggar.

Fans think Anna should divorce Josh, but she seems to have no interest in doing so.

And thus, the comments section on her Instagram page frequently devolves into a war zone.

Recently, however, something astonishing happened.

In her latest pics, it looks as though Anna has lost a ton of weight.

Fans have been singing her praises — but they’ve also been reading way too much into what this body transformation might mean.

Take a look:

1. Slimmed Down

Anna duggar weight loss photo
Here’s a photo that recently appeared on Anna’s Instagram page. As you can see, she’s looking very trim these days.

2. Unrecognizable!

Anna duggar weight loss pic
This pic was posted on Jana Duggar’s page earlier this week. Fans declared that Anna was downright unrecognizable.

3. A Gradual Process

Anna duggar ultrasound photos
Anna appears to have lost a fair bit of weight, obviously. But it seems that she did so naturally, and in a gradual, healthy way.

4. Widespread Shock

Josh and anna duggar image
Regardless, some fans were flat-out stunned by how quickly Anna shed the pounds.

5. Motivated Mom

Anna duggar in 2015
“Anna, you’re looking gorgeous! I can’t believe she has five kids,� commented one fan.

6. Doppelganger Anna?

Josh and anna duggar with family
“I thought that was a relative of Anna’s. Looks like her but also doesn’t,” commented another.

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