Chelsea Houska Displays Baby Bump as Shirtless Cole DeBoer Bestows a Christmas Kiss

Just because Chelsea Houska quit Teen Mom doesn’t mean that fans have quit following her.

In her new Christmas photo with Cole, the couple are dazzling — and maybe thirst trapping — fans in the sweetest way.

“Merry Christmas from the DeBoers!” Cole captioned this festive photo.

He is shown cradling Chelsea’s baby bump as the family wears more-or-less matching pajamas.

“Love this family full of chaos more than anything in the world,” Cole gushed.

“Can’t wait for our new addition to join the madness,” Cole raved.

He then tagged Chelsea, alongside a string of festive emojis.

“Hope you all have a healthy and happy holiday,” Cole expressed to his followers.

“By the way,” Cole wrote in conclusion, as if it were just an afterthought, “my pajama set didn’t come with a shirt.”

That is why Cole appears shirtless in the photo … but we have a sneaking suspicion that fans don’t mind.

A lot of Chelsea’s fans don’t have to guess what she sees in Cole, and they do not mind seeing his “qualities” advertised to them on social media.

In August, Chelsea revealed that she and Cole are expecting her fourth child.

Chelsea shares her 10-year-old daughter, Aubree, with her ex, the infamous Adam Lind.

With Cole, she shares son Watson, who is three years old, and daughter Layne, who is one year old.

Now, they are expecting a new daughter.

Baby #4 is due some time in early 2021.

Let us hope that this child is born into a year a million times better than the one in which she was conceived.

In early December, Chelsea shared an update with fans.

She admitted that this is one of her most “emotional” pregnancies.

Part of that stems from the realization that this may be the last time that she experiences pregnancy — something that shocks her anew with every preparatory purchase.

“Everything I buy I’m like ‘Oh my gosh what if this really IS the last time buying tiny little newborn items,” Chelsea wrote in reflection.

With that in mind, she shared, she is trying to saturate herself in her pregnancy experiences and commit it all to memory.

Chelsea has also been keeping fans updated on her journey as she prepares to bring a new DeBoer into the world.

It’s no surprise that Chelsea is continuing to showcase her pregnancy journey.

Yes, she announced in November that she is quitting Teen Mom — after 11 years and 10 seasons.

The show was a huge chunk of her life, but she knows that the way forward will also include sharing aspects of herself with fans and followers.

Chelsea and Cole intend to work upon growing their brand and keeping fans up to speed on their lives together and of course their family.

Quitting a successful run on reality television can be difficult, even if Chelsea’s life was relatively “boring” compared to some of her castmates.

If making good life choices and having a stable and loving environment for your children isn’t as juicy as the trainwrecks that many of her castmates are living through … well, that’s no great loss.

Chelsea Houska Gender Reveal: Caught on Tape!

You aren’t gonna believe this, folks.

But Chelsea Houska is pregnant with a baby girl!!!!!

Wait, what? You do believe that?

Because Houska has already made the announcement and because there are only two possibilities for which gender a child can be at birth? 

Both are fair points.

Still, though, this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 featured Chelsea and husband Cole driving out to their soon-to-be-new house — with their three existing children — in order to learn whether baby number-four will be a boy or a girl.

On the way there, each family member took a guess.

And once they arrived, a photographer got into place in order to capture the moment for all of eternity.

“We had the doctor write the sex in an envelope and gave it to a photographer, so we can take some pictures as we all find out,” the expecting reality star explained in a confessional ahead of the reveal.

Cut to the Sioux Falls property.

Cut to the use of a confettii popper.

And cut to the answer: Chelsea is having a daughter!

“We’re going to have three girls! I was convinced it was a boy,” Chelsea says in a follow-up confessional, which is also captured in the video on this page.

“I feel like Aubree is excited that it’s a girl. Cole, I think he’s happy either way. I think it’s so sweet that Watson is going to be the only boy probably,” she adds.

By now, of course, Houska has talked plenty about the child to come.

She recently said she was due in very early February and also told followers she would not confirm the girl’s name until she arrives.

She previously stunned followers by confirming her impending depature from Teen Mom 2, effective at the end of this current season.

WHOA, right?!?

“MTV’s Teen Mom 2 has been a big part of my life for almost 11 years,” wrote Chelsea last month on Instagram, adding:

“After much thought and discussion with my family and friends, Cole and I have decided that this season will be our last.”

Concluded Houska at the time:

We are forever thankful to MTV and our crew, who are like family to us. We’re parting on the best of terms and will stay in touch long after this.

We’re proud to have been able to share our story and are so grateful to the fans who have followed our journey from the beginning. 

Our next chapter in life will focus on developing our brand and taking things to the next level with new endeavors and expanding family businesses.

Please tune into our last moments on the show and continue to follow along our journey on social media. We are so excited for this next phase of our lives and hope you all will be a part of it in some way.

Check out this new clip now.

And see for yourself just how Houska reacted when she learned she was having another girl.

Chelsea houska gender reveal caught on tape

Chelsea Houska Flaunts Bare Baby Bump In Surprising Instagram Post

When fans first learned that Chelsea Houska would be leaving Teen Mom 2, they were understandably distraught.

After all, there are many good reasons that Chelsea is the most popular of all the Teen Moms.

Whereas other stars of the franchise might serve as walking cautionary tales, Chelsea is living proof that happy endings are possible, even in the most dire of circumstances.

When her story began, Chelsea’s future seemed very dark indeed, particularly as the father of his first child was the nefarious Adam Lind, one of the worst baby daddies in the history of the Teen Mom franchise.

(And that’s really saying something.)

But with the help of a supportive family and limitless faith in her own abilities, Chelsea was able to overcome her situation and find her “happily ever after” with husband Cole DeBoer.

It’s no surprise that TM2 fans are upset at the prospect of no longer being able to follow along with Chelsea’s story.

But they should take heart in the fact that Chelsea seems to have every intention of continuing her saga on Instagram.

In fact, Chelsea has been posting more than ever in the weeks since she made her announcement.

As her fans would no doubt hope and expect, most of Chelsea’s posts have had to do with her quiet home life and her forthcoming bundle of joy.

Yes, Chelsea is pregnant with her fourth child these days, and she’s been keeping her followers updated on the status of her growing baby bump.

Many fans have expressed appreciation for the updates, and a few have even expressed their surprise.

After all, Chelsea documented her previous pregnancies on social media but never with such frequency and in such great detail.

Her latest offering is a short video clip in which she lifts her shirt to share her bare bump with the world.

Chelsea — her elation at the thought of welcoming another daughter apparent in her facial expression — captioned the clip with the words “baby girl.”

It’s a tender moment between mother and unborn daughter that Houska clearly enjoyed sharing with fans.

Would she post something so intimate if she were still being encouraged by producers to save her most private moments for the show?

We may never know for sure, but it seems clear that Chelsea is sending a message to her fans that her connection to them will remain strong even after her final episode airs.

It remains unclear if Chelsea will star in a Teen Mom spinoff, as has been rumored on social media.

But whatever the case, it seems her adoring public will not be banished from the Houska-DeBoer household.

Chelsea houska flaunts bare baby bump in surprising instagram po

Teen Mom: How Do They Make SO MUCH MONEY?!

One of the coolest things about being on Teen Mom is that you can totally make a lot of money for you and your family.

Like, a lot.

The moms and original dads of the MTV franchise make hundreds of thousands per season, if you can even believe it.

They also get to travel for free when filming, which is pretty neat since we’ve been seeing more vacations on the show.

At least in pre-Covid times. Anyway …

But besides the show itself, cast members are pulling in crazy amounts of cash from all kinds of wild and crazy places these days.

“Like where?” you may be wondering.

Well, wonder no further …

Not only do we have the freshest intel on how the Moms make their loot, we finally know exactly who’s the wealthiest.

So scroll on for the latest, and as a bonus you can enjoy the slow financial declines of Jenelle Evans. You know you’ve been waiting for this!

1. Dang

Teen mom threesome
As we’ve said, the original cast members — the moms and the dads of their first children — all make the same amount, which is somewhere in the neighborhood of $350,000 to $400,000 a season. But what else does everyone do?

2. Jumping Right In

Teen mom 2 cast members photo
Before we get to HOW they make their money, let’s give you what you came here for: the info on how much the cast members are reportedly worth. Keep in mind that it’s difficult to know exactly what a celebrity’s net worth is, especially when you consider how much some of the Teen Mom crew spends in lawyer fees, but we’ll do our best, OK?

3. Jade Cline – $250,000

Jade cline sells supplements
Jade is a newcomer, which means her salary isn’t as high as the other girls’. But she’s got some side hustles (like selling diet gummies), and she’s already attained a net worth of around $250,000.

4. Cheyenne Floyd – $450,000

Cheyenne floyd with cute daughter
Cheyenne is also one of the newer cast members, but at the time she joined the cast, she was already known to some fans from her appearances on Are You The One. Ms. Floyd is worth $450,000.

5. Jenelle Evans – $30,000

Jenelle evans modeling
There was a time that Jenelle’s net worth was much, much higher — just a few years ago, it was reported to be around $2 million. However, more recent reports claim that she’s now worth about $30,000. This makes sense, considering she doesn’t appear on the show anymore and she and David Eason have burned through so much of her reality show fortune paying for lawyers and court fees.

6. Briana DeJesus – $750,000

Briana dejesus as a teen mom 2
Briana’s a born hustler. The combination of Teen Mom 2 stardom and multiple business ventures has brought her to a net worth of $750,000.

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