Cheyenne Floyd: Ryder Was Hospitalized on Valentine’s Day, But She’s Okay!

Teen Mom fans already know that last month wasn’t the easiest for Cheyenne Floyd.

Neither was Valentine’s Day — not for her, and especially not for 4-year-old Ryder.

Cheyenne had to take her daughter to the hospital.

Now, Ryder is home and resting.

On Monday, February 14, Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton took their 4-year-old daughter to the hospital.

Ryder had fallen sick.

Neither parent chose to specify as to what ails her, though fans are already aware that she has a chronic illness.

Cheyenne Floyd IG about Ryder V-Day hospitalization

Cheyenne later updated her Instagram Story in order to keep fans up to speed.

“She is home from the hospital now and resting.” Cheyenne assured her followers.

“This isn’t how I thought my day would end up,” she admitted.

“After flying to Miami and getting that call that she wasn’t well and coming right back home,” Cheyenne described.

She continued by acknowledging that “It’s been a long emotional day.”

We can certainly imagine so.

Cheyenne Floyd IG about Ryder V-Day cupcakes from class

Cheyenne shared a photo of herself in bed with her sweet 4-year-old daughter.

Her fiance, Zach Davis, was also with them.

So was Ryder’s baby brother, 8-month-old Ace Davis.

“Although we had other plans,” Cheyenne admitted, “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.”

She affirmed: “I am blessed to be in the bed snugging with my babies.”

After all, it could be much worse.

“Ryder has been great today and getting better,” Cheyenne shared, following up with concerned fans.

“All she’s worried about is that she missed the Valentine’s Day party at school,” she admitted.

Those are memorable milestones … sometimes, even for preschoolers.

Adorably, Ryder’s class actually sent her an array of Valentine’s Day cupcakes.

While it can’t make up for the missed party, it shows how much they care.

Plus, Ryder won’t mind eating some delicious and festive treats.

Cheyenne gushed that it was “seriously the sweetest” for her daughter’s class to do this.

In response to the heartwarming gesture, she wrote: “Thank you guys so much for making my baby feel special.”

Honestly, cupcakes can make anyone feel special, but that is especially true for a 4-year-old. Treats are just neater when you’re a kid.

Cory shared the news of Ryder’s hospitalization on Monday, referring to his precious daughter as a “warrior.”

He shared at the time a video of Ryder saying: “Hey guys, my Valentine’s Day is doing some sickness in the hospital.”

Ryder explained: “And I got this in my arm, so brave.”

Despite that nightmare, Ryder shared that her Valentine’s Day was “great and good.”

“I’m really proud of you,” Cory praised her.

He told his precious daughter: “I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

It was not shared exactly why Ryder was hospitalized, but fans are aware that she has VLCAD.

She was born with this condition, which prevents her body from converting fats into energy. Though hers is a “mild” case, it can be devastating and dangerous.

Whatever kept precious Ryder from attending her Valentine’s Day party at school, we are relieved that she is now feeling much better.

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Teen Mom OG Season 9 Trailer: "Why Do We Have Kids?!?"

Those who are old are about to be new again.

MTV has unveiled the first official trailer for Teen Mom OG Season 9, which the network says will air in a new year — with new hopes and new goals for all the main women involved.

“When you’re a mom, there’s never a moment to slow down – even if a global pandemic throws the world into chaos,” reads the MTV press release in promotion of Season 9.

Indeed, these upcoming episodes were filmed months ago.

But COVID-19 has been raging throughout 2020, meaning Amber, Catelynn, Cheyenne, Maci and Mackenzie will be dealing not just with the craziness of their personal lives…

… but with the outbreak of a deadly virus as well.

Continues the same press release:

So, the moms of “Teen Mom OG” are barreling forward and making major moves faster than ever.

Amber, Catelynn, Cheyenne, Maci and Mackenzie continue to share their most personal struggles and achievements leaning into the turmoil of today’s “new normal” with resilience and grit.

Through good and bad times, these women can always find the bright side for themselves and their kids.

The trailer says the long-time stars will “rise up” against the adversity, despite one young lady wondering — mostly in jest, we think — why the heck she had kids.

As for what Teen Mom OG fans can expect from each cast member?

Amber Portwood will contemplate moving onto Gary’s property after her relationship with her daughter Leah grows strained.

Catelynn Lowell will suffer a miscarriage and bravely shares her story to help others.

Cheyenne Floyd will rekindlee a romance with her ex-boyfriend Zach — and their relationship will escalate quickly.

It becomes even more real, the network teases, when they find out they’re expecting! EEEEK!

Maci will put her personal feelings aside to support Bentley when he takes the steps necessary to repair his relationship with his dad, Ryan.

And, finally, Mackenzie’s marriage to Josh will be crumbling… so she will make a drastic change and move her family to Florida for a business opportunity.

As we know, of course, this doesn’t exactly mean she’s done with her cheating husband.

Not by a long shot.

Teen Mom OG Season 9 premiere on January 26, 2021.

Check out the preview featured here to see what’s on tap.

And, specifically, to find out which star is convinced by her child that french fries dipped in milk might actually taste great.

Teen mom og season 9 trailer why do we have kids

Teen Mom: How Do They Make SO MUCH MONEY?!

One of the coolest things about being on Teen Mom is that you can totally make a lot of money for you and your family.

Like, a lot.

The moms and original dads of the MTV franchise make hundreds of thousands per season, if you can even believe it.

They also get to travel for free when filming, which is pretty neat since we’ve been seeing more vacations on the show.

At least in pre-Covid times. Anyway …

But besides the show itself, cast members are pulling in crazy amounts of cash from all kinds of wild and crazy places these days.

“Like where?” you may be wondering.

Well, wonder no further …

Not only do we have the freshest intel on how the Moms make their loot, we finally know exactly who’s the wealthiest.

So scroll on for the latest, and as a bonus you can enjoy the slow financial declines of Jenelle Evans. You know you’ve been waiting for this!

1. Dang

Teen mom threesome
As we’ve said, the original cast members — the moms and the dads of their first children — all make the same amount, which is somewhere in the neighborhood of $350,000 to $400,000 a season. But what else does everyone do?

2. Jumping Right In

Teen mom 2 cast members photo
Before we get to HOW they make their money, let’s give you what you came here for: the info on how much the cast members are reportedly worth. Keep in mind that it’s difficult to know exactly what a celebrity’s net worth is, especially when you consider how much some of the Teen Mom crew spends in lawyer fees, but we’ll do our best, OK?

3. Jade Cline – $250,000

Jade cline sells supplements
Jade is a newcomer, which means her salary isn’t as high as the other girls’. But she’s got some side hustles (like selling diet gummies), and she’s already attained a net worth of around $250,000.

4. Cheyenne Floyd – $450,000

Cheyenne floyd with cute daughter
Cheyenne is also one of the newer cast members, but at the time she joined the cast, she was already known to some fans from her appearances on Are You The One. Ms. Floyd is worth $450,000.

5. Jenelle Evans – $30,000

Jenelle evans modeling
There was a time that Jenelle’s net worth was much, much higher — just a few years ago, it was reported to be around $2 million. However, more recent reports claim that she’s now worth about $30,000. This makes sense, considering she doesn’t appear on the show anymore and she and David Eason have burned through so much of her reality show fortune paying for lawyers and court fees.

6. Briana DeJesus – $750,000

Briana dejesus as a teen mom 2
Briana’s a born hustler. The combination of Teen Mom 2 stardom and multiple business ventures has brought her to a net worth of $750,000.

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