Chris Harrison: The End of Peter’s Season Will Crush Your Heart

We saw some feuding explode on this week’s episode, and if you follow The Bachelor spoilers, you know that’s not the end of it.

Now, Chris Harrison is teasing that Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor ends in an unprecedented and “gut-wrenching” way.

Just days ago, Harrison told celebrity gossip site Us Weekly what viewers can expect in Peter’s doozy of a season.

“It’s a very dramatic start, as they say, but it always is!” he acknowledged of Season 24 (and literally every season).

“You look at Colton Underwood‘s season and that was crazy for how it went down,” Chris pointed out.

He added: “Hannah Brown‘s season was crazy, in a totally different way.”

“Now Peter Weber‘s season is unpredictable and riveting in another way,” Chris teased. “And we don’t see it coming.”

“It’s something that the producers didn’t know about,” Chris admitted, referring to this season’s big, unknown twist.

“It’s something Peter and I didn’t know about.”

“Inevitably, something happens we’ve never dealt with before,” Chris shared about late in Peter’s season.

He shared how painful and emotionally jarring the twist will be, describing it: “It’s gut-wrenching.”

Some fans have guessed that it has to do with what we know about Victoria Fuller and her controversial past.

However, what we’ve seen on the big teaser for this season suggests that it may be something very different.

In more visual teasers, we’ve seen Chris approach Peter just as he is about, it seems, to hand out his final rose.

It looks like he’s about to propose, but …

“There’s something I just found out,” Chris is seen telling him, though we of course do not hear his next words.

Whatever those words might reveal, we then see the handsome pilot laying down while surrounded by the crew.

We know the producers can edit a promo like it’s their jobs. But man, that just looks dramatic and excruciating.

“It’s just like the last thing I needed to hear,” Peter confesses in the teaser, and then it gets even more painful.

In the meantime, we also see Weber’s mom crying.

She begs, “Don’t let her go. Bring her home to us.”

We don’t know which woman she’s referring to here, but it’s clear that she has strong feelings on the subject.

One of the things that makes Season 24 so distinct from other recent seasons is that not even Reality Steve, Bachelor spoiler god that he is, knows the whole of how it ends. At least not yet.

Oh, there have been “false positives” before, quickly corrected.

Many suspect that ABC has arranged for misinformation to be “leaked” to discredit leakers. Diabolical.

But in this case, despite all that we know (or think we know) about the end, we don’t know the answer to the ultimate question:

Is Peter engaged right now?

But even Harrison himself acknowledges that the truth could leak sooner or later.

“I don’t know if anybody can say that [it won’t be spoiled],” he admitted. “I don’t know how you say that.”

“In this day and age, stuff gets out,” he noted.

“Who knows what will happen.”

The one thing that we can say with a reasonable degree of certainty is that Peter and Hannah Brown do not appear to be endgame.

Hannah is getting an extraordinary amount of hate, mostly from people who dislike her because she (gasp) had sex with her boyfriend.

We know, right? So crazy.

Of course, the real reason that she’s back is because ABC and producers wanted her back. She makes good TV. Hands down.

She and Peter have to put themselves through some very uncomfortable emotions on screen, because it’s good TV. The end.

Who do you think is endgame? Check out the full roster of available, aspiring Mrs. Webers below and make your selection.

Hannah Brown Claps Back Over Shady Jake Owen Song

Some very vocal The Bachelor viewers have been slamming Hannah Brown’s return on Peter Weber’s season, calling it unfair … and worse.

A Country singer even penned a song about Hannah. Chris Harrison liked it, and Hannah is clapping back.

Jake owen alabama hannah song still

Jake Owen is a Country singer. On Thursday, January 9, he shared a short video of himself singing about Hannah Brown.

It seems that he (playfully) has an issue with Hannah’s guest spot on Peter’s season.

“Monday night, my girlfriend had the damn TV on and all you heard about on the new Bachelor was Alabama Hannah,” Jake complains.

“It was just Alabama Hannah everywhere,” he characterizes. “She won’t go away.”

Hannah brown and peter weber backstage

“Believe it or not, I met her on the last season of The Bachelorette,” Jake says. 

He details: “I played ‘Made For You’ for them in I think it was like Rhode Island or something.”

“She’s a cool girl,” Jake acknowledges.

He emphasizes that his video and his song is “not even a dig at the actual Alabama Hannah.”

Jake owen tweet 9 january 2020

“Alabama Hannah, what do you want? / If it’s love that you need, well then honey, it’s gone,” Jake sings. 

“You had your chances, so won’t you leave me alone,” he croons. “Alabama Hannah, won’t you go on back home.”

“I been out here in California, I’ve been soaking up the sun,” Jake goes on, singing from Peter’s perspective.

He continues: “There’s lots of pretty ladies, and I can’t pick just one.”

Peter weber and his ladies

“I’m flying high, I got peace of mind,” Jake’s lyrics continue. “I already raised the bar.”

His song complains: “Now you’re showing up here tonight, who do you think you are?.”

“Alabama Hannah won’t you roll on with the tide. … Alabama Hannah, honey, get out of my life,” Jake sings.

In additional lyrics, he refers to her as both a “beauty queen” and “dancing star,” referring to her pageant past and her Dancing With The Stars win.

Peter weber the bachelor promo gif 02 of 04

“Well I guess you think you messed up since you seen me moving on,” Jake sings.

He accuses her of “Thinking we could pick up, right where we left off.”

“But you got to lay in the bed you made, and I hate to let you down,” Jake sings, again from Peter’s perspective.

“Girl this ain’t no windmill,” he jokes. “We can’t go round and round.”

Hannah brown i f ked in a windmill

Chris Harrison clearly appreciated the song (and the free hype for the show), and tweeted to that effect.

“My man @jakeowen speaking his truth to Hannah B on behalf of Peter #TheBachelor,” he acknowledged on Twitter.

Real talk, it is an absolute dream for any show to have people writing songsa bout it for free.

The whole reason that producers wanted Hannah on Season 24 was because she is polarizing.

Hannah brown and chris harrison

Hannah saw Chris’ tweet and clapped back.

“Better just be his truth Christopher,” she cautioned.

“I’m not just chop liver now,” she rminded him. 

Hannah joked: “You still have to love me and try to understand my mess. @chrisbharrison.”

Talk with chris

Chris offered a good-natured reply.

“Haha you know I’ll always love you girl,” he wrote to Hannah.

He affirmed “You’re family and family sticks together through the good the bad and the mascara…” 

“Now that’s a country song,” Chris ended his tweet.

Hannah brown claps back over shady jake owen song

Chris Harrison: Colton Underwood is Gonna Cry a LOT on The Bachelor

If you follow The Bachelor Spoilers, you already know how this season ends.

But Colton Underwood’s choice is only part of the picture. We’re eager to see how all of this plays out.

According to Chris Harrison, there are going to be a lot of tears. Colton’s tears.

Chris harrison speaks to nina parker

Chris Harrison spoke to E! News correspondent Nina Parker, who is frankly my new favorite person at E!

As you can see in the video that we’ve included, Chris doesn’t hold back too much when it comes to discussing Colton.

After Parker calls him out on hyping up every season the same way, she then demands that he tell her “the real tea.”

After reminding viewers that the premiere is January 7, Chris then shares what has him pumped for this season.

“Colton … I’m excited for everyone to see who he really is,” Chris says.

That sentence could have an ominous meaning, but Chris then provides further details on what the Bachelor Nation can expect.

Colton underwood with a pen

“I feel like I really did get to know the man this season,” Chris admits.

“Once you get to see him and know him,” Chris says. “I think everyone’s gonna A, fall in love with him.”

“And B,” Chris continues. “Really respect the fact that he is so open, so vulnerable, so emotional.”

Fans have already seen Colton’s tears on Bachelor in Paradise and in teaser trailers for The Bachelor.

It looks like there’s a lot more to come.

Colton underwood cries in paradise

It doesn’t sound like sadness will be the only emotion that Colton evokes, however.

“It’s a pretty gut-wrenching, wild ride with him,” Chris characterizes.

We have to wonder if one of those “gut-wrenching” moments is the incident in which Colton jumps over a fance and apparently wanders off.

He shares that, unlike on The Bachelorette and in Paradise, Chris got to spend enough one-on-one time to get to know the star.

“I like him,” Chris says. “I respect him. He’s a good man.”

“And,” Chris continues. “I’m really eager for everybody to get to see what I saw.”

Colton underwood on kimmel

Naturally, there is also talk about Fantasy Suites.

Colton is famously a virgin, which really changes the dynamic in a number of ways.

Now, Colton has said that he’s not dead-set on waiting until marriage, but simply until he’s with the right person.

But the privacy of the Fantasy Suite means that a couple can seize the opportunity to talk without cameras … or to get down to business.

Chris is super vague and even evasive about it, saying that it’s all up to Colton.

Cameras may not be allowed into the suites, but thirsty members of the Bachelor Nation can rest assured in one piece of knowledge:

It’s reported that Colton’s going to spend plenty of time with his shirt off this season.

Colton underwood works out shirtless

So, you know, enjoy that.

Chris Harrison, after pivoting to Colton’s virginity, ends up talking about double standards.

Under pernicious patriarchal cultural values, women are praised for remaining chaste and especially for remaining virgins.

In the mean time, men — especially celebrity athletes like Colton — are disparaged or viewed as strange or ridiculous for doing the same.

Speaking of systemic inequality, E! also asked Chris about when viewers will see the show’s first-ever black Bachelor.

The Bachelor has been airing since 2002. The lack of a black leading man is conspicuous and frankly appalling.

Chris says that his focus is to find the right “person.”

We know that he means well, if in an “I don’t see color” way, but his words imply that zero black men are “right” for the role. It’s absurd.

Colton underwood picture

Anyway, if you are excited to see drama, it sounds like this season is going to give it to you.

If you wanna see a hot, shirtless virgin athlete flirt with a lot of women and also cry a lot, this season was made with you in mind.

Chris Harrison always hypes up every season, but he really does sound particularly enthusiastic — or at least sympathetic — when it comes to Colton.

We’re excited to see how it all plays out.

Chris harrison colton underwood is gonna cry a lot on the bachel

Chris Harrison on Colton Underwood: The V-Card is Still Intact!

Chris Harrison has spoken in the past about how Colton Underwood’s virginity changes the whole narrative of The Bachelor.

Here, he may have a lot of opportunity and temptation to hook up for the very first time, especially when it’s time for the Fantasy Suites.

But Chris says that, so far, Colton sitll has his V-card.

Colton 26

“He’s doing good,” Chris reveals to Mario Lopez on Extra.

That’s pretty vague, but at least means that Colton hasn’t snapped under the strain of making all of these difficult choices.

“I mean, we’re in the middle of shooting right now,” Chris points out.

Meaning that there is still time for things to change for Colton. No one knows whether his ending will be happy or sad.

“So,” Chris reasons. “I can honestly say I don’t know how it ends.”

Colton underwood first bachelor promo

Mario of course asks if Colton has banged one of his lovely contestants.

“Not yet,” Chris replies.

(You might expect a “watch and see” instead of a direct denial for that)

“I can still tell you that the V-card is still intact,” Chris confirms.

“Will it be in the next couple weeks?” Chris asks, answering himself with: “I don’t know.”

When it comes to fantasy suites and overnight dates, Chris thinks that things may change.

“I think it will be put to the test,” he admits.

Colton underwood with a pen

Chris then addresses Colton’s bang-free life on a more serious note.

“One thing I will also say about his virginity,” Chris says.

Chris admits that “it kind of became a cocktail joke and we are going to deal with that on the show.”

Someone else’s personal sexual choices should never make them a target of ridicule. Unless it involves a fursuit.

“And,” Chris says, the show will “deal with why he is the way he is and why he’s chosen to be who he is.”

“And I think that will be compelling too,” Chris explains.

Colton underwood is the bachelor in new promo

Mario asks if it’s just a spiritual thing.

Some religions (and religious denominations) may ask people adherents to abstain from sex before marriage.

“It goes deeper than that,” Chris explains. “And I thought it was just religion too.”

Sex can be a really big deal to some people, and more can go into a choice like Colton’s than religious convictions.

“And there was a part of that,” Chris says. “He grew up very religious, and I think that was the beginning of it.”

“It also had to do with prior relationships and situations,” Chris reveals.

Colton underwood and his dog

That is all very vague. As it should be, because Chris Harrison wouldn’t be in a job for long if he spoiled the whole season.

We know that Colton famously dated Olympic gold metalist Aly Raisman for a couple of years.

Of course, in her book, Aly Raisman warned that Colton is a selfish jerk — though she never actually named him.

In general, people who enter adulthood without having had sex either never had the opportunity, never had the desire, or had the desire but chose to avoid it.

It sounds like he has plenty of desire, and one only has to look at him to know that he’s had opportunities to go to pound town.

Viewers will be interested to hear Colton elaborate on why he has abstained.

Colton underwood on gma

Of course, not everyone believes that Colton is a virgin.

Some believe that it’s simply a fabrication intended to make him stand out among other The Bachelorette suitors.

If so … it worked. He went on to Bachelor in Paradise and now he is the leading man on The Bachelor.

Colton has always seemed to be drawn to women who are already in the spotlight.



Chris harrison on colton underwood the v card is still intact