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Selling Sunset Star Chrishell Stause Opens Up About Her Relationship & Plan To Adopt!

Chrishell Stause is opening up about building a family. Over the past year a lot has changed for the 41-year-old — we reported last December how she and Selling Sunset co-star Jason Oppenheim parted ways just five months after they went public with their relationship, writing on her Instagram at the time: “Jason was and […]

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Chrishell Stause Goes Off About ‘Fake’ Selling Sunset Cast Member Causing Drama For ‘Attention’!

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Selling Sunset Star Jason Oppenheim Has Moved On From Chrishell Stause!

Jason Oppenheim has moved on following his unsuccessful relationship with Selling Sunset co-star Chrishell Stause! The real estate broker must have a thing for beautiful blondes and European vacations, because that’s where the woman — reportedly a model named Marie-Lou — and the 45-year-old hunk were spotted together! Related: Chrishell Is Still Dealing With The SAME Relationship […]

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Chrishell Stause Has The EXACT SAME Relationship Problem With G Flip As She Did With Ex Jason Oppenheim!

Oh no! Chrishell Stause and G Flip may not be on the same page about their future as we previously thought! It’s no secret the Selling Sunset star wants to have children soon. She even called it quits with her former boyfriend Jason Oppenheim last year when he ultimately decided against having kids despite saying […]

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Chrishell Stause Smooches G-Flip at MTV Awards

Since revealing her new romance on the Selling Sunset Reunion, Chrishell Stause thanked her supportive fans.

It’s not easy to come out. It’s not easy to come out while famous. You face an added layer of bigotry when your new partner is nonbinary.

But while some folks were as confused as Maya Vander, Chrishell has been celebrating her first Pride.

Chrishell had a busy weekend, taking home an MTV award, having PDA with G Flip, and sharing a group hug with them and with her ex, Jason Oppenheim.

The MTV Movie & TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED aired on Sunday night.

There, Chrishell Stause took home the award for best reality star — an award selected for her by fans.

This meant a lot to her, both because she was nominated and received the award, but also because it is so incredibly affirming to her at this time.

“Just really quick,” Chrishell said while on stage and wearing a can’t-miss outfit, “I knew about this nomination before I said anything about my sexuality.”

She admitted: “I’m not trying to get really deep with you guys.”

“But,” Chrishell continued, “the fact that this was voted on after means so much to me, because I wasn’t sure how that was gonna go.”

“Thank you so much, guys,” Chrishell announced. “I appreciate it.”

Like we mentioned, coming out can be an extremely intimidating prospect, particularly with details like Chrishell’s public platform.

While there has certainly been bigotry aimed at her and at G Flip over the past love, the outpouring of love and support has been encouraging.

Chrishell came forward about her relationship with the Australian rapper in early May.

It was not long before the music video on which they met, in which Chrishell had acted as a model, was released.

Their on-screen chemistry was not just acting. Very real sparks were flying, and it led to a relationship between the two of them.

G Flip is nonbinary.

As members of the community sometimes joke, existing outside of the gender binary simply means that everyone who finds them hot is part of the LGBTQ+ community.

As daunting as coming out was, especially in this time where anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry and legislative pushes are the strongest that they have been in over a decade, Chrishell and G Flip are doing alright.

In fact, the two were clearly content enough to lock lips while at the MTV Awards.

They were not there alone, as the cast of Selling Sunset (but not Christine Quinn, who was not invited) were there.

Those present included Jason Oppenheim, who was dating Chrishell as recently as late last year.

Jason has been very vocally supportive of Chrishell despite their breakup, both in affirming social media comments and at the event.

The three — Chrishell, her partner G Flip, and her ex Jason Oppenheim, shared a group hug.

Honestly, it’s kind of endearing. We all know that some people are weird about exes and even weirder when their ex dates another gender. Good for Jason.

Like we said, this is a dangerous time to be publicly visible as part of the LGBTQ+ community, with bigots whipping up armed followers into a frenzy.

It’s wonderful that Chrishell and G Flip can not only enjoy their Pride together, but also be out as a couple in such a public way.

We hope that Chrishell continues to enjoy her very first (out) Pride month!

Chrishell stause smooches g flip at mtv awards

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G Flip Reveals Whether They Want Kids With Chrishell Stause In The Future!

Whoa! It looks like Chrishell Stause and G Flip might be ready to take the next steps in their relationship! During an appearance on the People Every Day podcast on Friday, the 27-year-old singer opened up about the possibility of starting a family with Chrishell someday. And let’s just say, it sounds like the couple […]

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Chrishell Stause and G Flip Make Out in Steamy Music Video that Sparked Romance

On the Selling Sunset Season 5 Reunion, Chrishell Stause revealed that she is dating G Flip.

The Australian musician is not a castmate or a fellow realtor.

As it turns out, the two met when Chrishell took a modeling gig, appearing in one of their music videos.

Now, that music video has been released, and watching their steamy makeout session makes it very clear how their relationship took off.

This is one wild meet cute.

G Flip released their music video for “GET ME OUTTA HERE” on Thursday, May 12.

Chrishell isn’t just a backup dancer. She plays G Flip’s love interest, and spents a sizable portion of the video locking lips with G Flip.

Chrishell Stause, G Flip in red and black (Get Me Outta Here)

This music video was released just one week after Chrishell went public with the relationship.

While the video itself would have made an eye-opening debut, it was, after all, just a job — when it was filmed, the two were simply acting.

Clearly, making out for a role in the aisles of a tiny convenience store made it clear to both of them that they’d like to bring their work home with them, so to speak.

Chrishell is super hot in this video, by the way. 

She is wearing a strapless black leather dress, which is already a lot, and at times seems seconds away from a wardrobe malfunction of the best kind.

Chrishell previously described the video as being about a “chaotic love story,” and that’s absolutely the energy that comes across as the music plays.

Earlier this week, just days after the Reunion aired, Chrishell addressed her fans and followers on social media.

She knows that some people are just a little confused about topics like gender and sexuality, and had questions about her dating G Flip.

Some of us have so many nonbinary friends and acquaintances that a reality star dating a nonbinary musician is just a relationship update. For others, it felt like a mystery.

Chrishell opened up in a very gentle manner on Instagram, admitting that she is not the best person to talk about this.

She didn’t delve into the core concepts of gender, except to acknowledge that gender is not the same thing as biology.

The idea of the gender binary is not universal — countless cultures through history, from various Native American nations to Ancient Egypt, listed more than two genders.

So someone who is nonbinary simply does not fit into a particular cultural construct — the gender binary.

Again, Chrishell didn’t delve that deeply into the topic, but offered a simple and abbreviated explanation to people for whom this is new territory.

While there are other famous people in the entertainment industry who are nonbinary, often people learn best from having people in their own lives who aren’t men or women.

One especially encouraging and supportive voice following Chrishell’s explanation was that of her ex-boyfriend, Jason Oppenheim.

“Such a beautiful video,” Jason wrote under her post, offering affirming emojis.

Honestly, most exes aren’t even that supportive when their ex-girlfriend moves on with a cisgender partner, so seeing it in this case is heartwarming.

Chrishell Stause & G Flip Hardcore Make Out In Music Video Where They Met — WATCH!

So, it seems the chemistry really was off the charts from the moment they met! Fans can finally see how Chrishell Stause and her new partner G Flip first hit it off because the non-binary Australian musician, who uses they/them pronouns, just released their brand new music video for the song, Get Me Outta Here. […]

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Chrishell Stause Opens Up About G Flip Romance, Thanks Open-Minded Fans for Listening

Chrishell Stause is more aware than anyone that she has received a range of reactions to her relationship with G-Flip.

Some have been as perplexed as Maya Vander. Others wonderfully supportive. There has also been some appalling bigotry.

For those wondering about the Selling Sunset star and the musician, Chrishell has a very gentle, earnest explanation.

She also wants to thank her fans for having the curious minds and open hearts to be willing to learn.

Chrishell knows that the range of fan responses to her romance with G Flip starts at “what does nonbinary mean” and ends at “the fan themself is nonbinary.”

And, of course, a lot of places in between.

In the wake of the Selling Sunset Reunion special (the first of its kind), which Chrishell reminds everyone was edited for time, she shared an Instagram video.

“For those that are open to learning (you’re awesome) sex is anatomical and gender is how someone identifies,” Chrishell captioned.

“These two things are often confused,” she wrote.

“There are many more qualified people to speak on this,” Chrishell acknowledged, “but maybe I can be the bridge to those of you open to understanding.”

“There was some context that was missing,” Chrishell shared within the video itself, referring to the Reunion.

“At this point, I think some of you are confused or worried,” she noted, having seen people’s comments.

Some wonder why, if she broken up with Jason Oppenheim because he doesn’t want kids, she’d move on with someone with whom she cannot conceive.

“Like I said on the show, you don’t get to choose when you come into someone’s life,” Chrishell reasoned.

“As much as I wish what I wanted in my last relationship aligned [with Jason over the] same things, it didn’t,” she said. “And that’s OK.”

Jason, however, has been very supportive of her moving on, even replying with encouragement under this very Instagram post.

“In this current situation with G … yes, I wish we were in the same stage in our life and wanted the same things,” Chrishell admitted.

“But,” she emphasized, “that doesn’t diminish the deep connection that we have made.”

Conscious of widespread anti-trans bigotry, Chrishell acknowledged that some of her followers “won’t understand or agree” with her romance with G Flip.

Even so, Chrishell shared, she is confident in the relationship — and isn’t too fixated on anatomy to fall in love.

“For me, it is about the person. It is about their heart,” she noted.

“I am attracted to masculine energy,” Chrishell continued, “and I don’t really care about what the physical form is.”

“With G, they identify as nonbinary,” Chrishell explained, offering a very hand-holdey rundown of what it means to be nonbinary for G Flip.

“They really feel like they are a mix,” she continued. “They identify on both sides of male and female.”

Chrishell expressed: “I personally find [it] such a beautiful mix and it’s probably why we did connect on such a deep level so quick.”

Chrishell also affirmed that she and Jason are in a good place as exes.

“[My new relationship] doesn’t diminish how much love we have for each other, Jason and I, and how much we want each other to genuinely be happy,” she announced.

Chrishell continued: “I feel, like, Jason and I, we genuinely want what’s best for each other.”

“We know the behind-the-scenes stuff,” Chrishell said of Jason’s personal life. “I know he’s living his best life and I want that for him.”

As far as the discussion of gender, attraction, and sexuality, she admitted that it might be “confusing” for some.

Chrishell reminded her fans: “I’m the same person that you’ve been following this whole time.”

“I hope if this is all confusing to you, stick around and keep an open mind,” Chrishell encouraged.

“If you don’t, I understand that too,” she generously added. “But I’m happy and I hope that you all are as well. Sending lots of love.”

Chrishell concluded: “Right now, I’m enjoying life. I’m really happy. You don’t have to be worried about me guys.”

Chrishell stause opens up about g flip romance thanks open minde

Chrishell Stause Opens Up About Dating Someone Who Is Non-Binary — And Jason Oppenheim Reacts!

Chrishell Stause is sharing some words of wisdom with her followers as she opens up about what it’s been like falling in love with someone who is non-binary. The Selling Sunset star first confirmed her relationship with G Flip, who uses they/them pronouns, on the reality show’s fifth season reunion last week, but she feels […]

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Maya Vander Cracks Up Fans with Reaction to Chrishell Stause, G Flip Relationship

At Selling Sunset‘s first ever post-season Reunion special, Chrishell Stause unveiled her new relationship.

Just months after things ended with Jason Oppenheim, Chrishell is dating G Flip.

While Chrishell’s coming out was celebrated, it was also a surprise — to no one more than to castmate Maya Vander.

Her astonished look in response made the rounds on social media, took on meme status, and even Chrishell has weighed in.

To start from the beginning, Chrishell is of course the ex of Justin Hartley.

Very famously, he broke up with her — allegedly via text message — in a shocking moment that Chrishell recounted on Selling Sunset.

More recently, however, she has been in a relationship with Jason Oppenheim, but the two broke up last year.

One of the key issues to their breakup, Chrishell explained, was that Jason did not want kids — and Chrishell does.

That is understandable, and breaking up is always a better choice than hoping that your partner will one day cave (or be pressured) into seeing things your way.

But some were puzzled that her new partner, G Flip, is unlikely to help Chrishell conceive if kids are what she wants.

G Flip is nonbinary, and Chrishell introduced them as such at the Reunion.

This was an exciting move, both for fans of Chrishell’s pursuit of happiness and for those happy to see more everyday appearances by nonbinary folks.

But, as we said, Chrishell’s reasons for splitting with Jason seemed at odds with her choice in a new partner.

None were more visibly confused than Maya Vander.

Her look of puzzlement, apparently brought on by the apparent contradiction in Chrishell’s dating habits, took off.

Quickly attaining meme status on social media, and particularly on Gay Twitter, people could not get over Maya’s reaction.

Maya Vander twitter response

This was not the only takeaway — speaking of Gay Twitter, Sam Greisman confessed to accidentally saying “G Flop” and joked about plans to use that as an insult this summer.

What really makes this moment cute, however, is Chrishell’s response.

She used the meme itself to explain why dating G Flip, or anyone else unlikely to impregnate her, is not a contradiction in the slightest.

Chrishell Stause IG featuring Maya Vander meme, Mother's Day

“Me realizing how many people didn’t know you could adopt children on your own,” the Maya meme reads.

“Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of the mothers that are with us,” Chrishell captioned the pic earlier this week.

“And,” she continued, “to those that no longer are.”

“Absolutely no matter how you got there,” Chrishell wrote, a reference to how there are many paths to motherhood.

“@themayavander is a supportive beautiful mom,” she praised, “and we laughed about this before posting.”

Chrishell then acknowledged: “I know a lot of you are confused. But what is important is that I am not.”

“Thank you to the beautiful open minds that have shown support,” Chrishell expressed.

She concluded by writing: “I want to hug you.”

Awwww! So sweet.

g flip insta

People dating a nonbinary partner (or any trans partner) know that they and their relationship will be placed under intense scrutiny.

It’s no secret that there is a lot of transphobia festering in the world, and nonbinary people are not exempt just because they are so often left out of the conversation.

Fortunately, Chrishell has a lot of supportive friends and fans who are happy for her and G Flip. It sounds like, despite some initial questions, Maya is one of them.