Christine Brown Trounces Troll Who Told Her to Get Botox

Since leaving Kody and beginning her next adventure, Christine Brown has delighted most fans.

But not everyone is happy with what she’s doing … or, apparently, what she looks like.

A cruel comment recently told Christine to get botox.

Christine shut down the face-shaming troll.

Like so many reality stars and other public figures before her, Christine Brown is advertising nutritional supplements on Instagram.

Unlike a lot of these ads, Christine is using a soft sell technique — no trying to push followers into anything.

“If its not for you, that’s okay. If it is, great!” her caption began.

Christine Brown IG caption on supplements

“I was in search for something to help with MY digestion, energy, & weight,” Christine explained.

As a testimonial, she wrote: “I found this and it works extremely well for ME.”

“I share it just like a friend would with another friend,” Christine explained.

“If you’re interested in learning more, let’s chat,” Christine suggested to her followers.

She concluded: “If your not, that’s totally okay too!”

You would think that such a nice message would not receive any hate on her own page … unfortunately, this was not the case.

“Couple shots of Botox would help a little,” a troll jabbed in the comments.

Christine replied: “Thank you so much, Karen.”

While that’s not necessarily keeping to the strictest definition of Karen, everyone got the message.

“What a gross, unnecessary comment,” one commenter accurately scolded.

Another assured Christine: “You are aging beautifully, just as you should!”

Another follower affirmed: “You are only getting more and more beautiful with age! You look phenomenal!”

“I’m so sorry that you got an unsolicited rude reply about your appearance,” an additional commenter wrote.

That same comment continued.”Some people have to knock someone down in order to feel better about themselves.”

The comment concluded: “Good for you for making a light reply and basically letting them know their attempt to drag you down isn’t gonna work!”

Christine had other critics, however.

These detractors were not as concerned about her looks (Christine is, after all, a beautiful woman).

Instead, they were hung up upon what she was selling, however gently, to her fanbase.

“The Botox comment certainly is rude and unnecessary but I also think it’s rude AF that Christine is peddling scams to her large and impressionable following,” wrote one.

Another accused: “Plenty of people will buy it just because they like her and it’s just complete garbage.”

A separate follower wrote: “Christine is scamming people with an expensive, potentially dangerous, ‘health drink.'”

“Christine is selling garbage to people,” another scathing comment reads. “Glad she left Kody but, like, get a real job.”

For the record, Christine has a very well-received cooking show.

But even the most successful reality stars in the world do Instagram ads sometimes.

There are many legitimate criticisms for certain social media ads, including dietary supplements.

But what Christine is discussing is something to aid her digestion, so it’s hard to see this as any different from a scaled-down Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt commercial.

When young influencers market weight loss tea to teens, yes, that’s bad. This? Maybe it really is a “scam,” but it sure seems harmless.

Meri Brown Shades Christine Over "Mediocre" Cooking Show

For the most part, people have had nothing but praise for Christine Brown’s new cooking show.

Christine’s recipes are delicious, and mostly, people are just rooting for her to live her best life.

One person seems less thrilled, and maybe even downright bitter, about Cooking With Just Christine.

Did Meri just call Christine a mediocre copycat? Because it sure looks like it.

Meri Brown seems to be in a deeply shady mood.

Her recent Instagram Story post includes a quote from one of the shadiest people in history — Oscar Wilde himself.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness,” the quote reads. 

Meri Brown IG imitation is the sincerest form of flattery quote

In another post, Meri made another allusion to the idea of someone trying to “imitate” her “greatness.”

“I don’t worry about people ‘copying’ me,” she quipped.

“Your next move can’t happen till I make mine,” Meri wrote. “You’ll be behind.”

Meri also drew a winking face, referred to herself as an “OG,” and tagged her friend Jen.

Why Jen? Because Meri does her own cooking videos with Jen as her co-star.

That, fans think, is why Meri appears to be trying to bitterly gatekeep the concept of a cooking show from Christine.

Christine Brown cooks with Mykelti 01 (white lasagna)

Christine’s new spinoff isn’t exactly taking up the Sister Wives timeslot — or anyone else’s.

It is a TLC web series, helping viewers to keep up with Christine.

Instead of having drama with Kody or grappling with the logistics of plural marriage, viewers get to watch her cook with a guest.

Christine Brown cooks with Mykelti 04 (white lasagna)

Obviously, this does mean that Christine gets a smaller viewership than the main show.

We’re talking about a short-but-sweet cooking segment.

It’s not messy drama with emotional stakes. But there are upsides to that.

Christine Brown cooks with Mykelti 07 (white lasagna)

There are no villains on cooking shows (well … not this one, anyway), no shady editing.

This means that people can enjoy Christine just doing normal things — because she has a lot of devoted fans who are happy for her.

At the same time, they can learn some delicious recipes that they can try for themselves.

Christine Brown cooks with Mykelti 08 (white lasagna)

For example, Christine’s white lasagna had viewers head over heels.

While some of us would have to tinker with the recipe (that’s a “no” on mushrooms for me, for example), that in and of itself is easy to do.

Christine even highlighted the ease of substitutions, noting how she used poultry seasoning on beef because she does not eat pork and thus did not include sausage.

Christine Brown cooks with Mykelti 09 (white lasagna)

But speaking of beef … why is Meri apparently feeling this much contempt?

Fans are already dragging her for this apparent bitter resentment over a cooking show.

After all … cooking is a super normal activity. Nobody “owns” cooking or the idea of a cooking show.

We’re not going to sit here and psychanalyze Meri and her underlying motivations, but plenty of fans have already been taking a shot at it.

Some think that she is in some ways jealous of Christine for having the courage to just ditch Kody.

Others think that it’s less complicated than that … and Meri just doesn’t like hearing Christine praised when she has her own gig.

Janelle and Christine Brown Meet Up with 90 Day Fiance Star Molly Hopkins

Sister Wives fans have been inspired by the solidarity between Janelle and Christine Brown.

Things could easily have been super weird. Instead, they’ve been spending time together.

Reality TV worlds collided over the weekend.

Christine and Janelle ran into Molly Hopkins, a longtime 90 Day Fiance franchise star.

Molly Hopkins promo shot The Single Life

Molly Hopkins took to her Instagram Story on Saturday, March12.

There, she shared a group photo featuring her, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle’s daughter Maddie Brush.

“So great meeting [Janelle],” she wrote across the photo, tagging Janelle’s Instagram handle.

Molly Hopkins IG feat Christine Brown, Janelle Brown

In turn, Janelle reposted the photo and its caption, adding some commentary of her own.

“Great to meet you, too!” Janelle gushed.

Though the posts were on their Stories and thus temporary, screenshots quickly circulated across social media fan groups.

Janelle detailed to fans that she and Christine were in Orlando, Florida for a specific purpose.

They were there, she explained, “for a Plexus Leadership Retreat.”

Janelle added: “Best part ? Maddie and Christine and several of the kids joining me.”

Plexus is a supplement company.

Janelle and Christine are both attached to the brand, and so is Molly.

Reality stars and other social media influencers are often ideal spokespeople for lifestyle products.

It is only natural for reality stars to rub elbows at this kind of event, especially if they appear on the same network.

It would have been an odd coincidence if Molly had been there from Georgia while Janelle was there from Arizona and Christine was there from Utah.

Instead, well, they were women with a lot in common who were in town for the same reason.

Janelle and Christine have been reality stars for over a decade.

Sister Wives premiered in 2010, following the plural marriage of Kody and his wives — including them, Meri, and eventually, Robyn.

Famously, things shifted dramatically and very recently, with Christine leaving Kody (to thunderous applause from fans) after 27 years of marriage.

Molly is admittedly a smaller name, though not for lack of reality TV visibility.

The 90 Day Fiance is massive, and she appeared on the flagship series before appearing on spinoffs Pillow Talk and The Single Life.

But because she was only one cast member among many, she might have a little less recognition than any of the titular sister wives.

Molly is a businesswoman and has used her reality TV fame to promote her plus size lingerie to viewers.

On the show, she was engaged and even married to Luis … but things did not work out.

And then Luis ended up marrying another woman just months after his split from Molly. That was, to say the least, suspicious.

Things falling apart with Luis (seen here kissing his next bride) did not mean that Molly lived Unhappily Ever After.

When she was ready, she began dating again.

All evidence suggests that she and Kelly are still very much together, even if he doesn’t appear to have been with her in Orlando.

90 Day The Single Life Molly Hopkins gets a kiss

At the risk of sounding like we’re trying to read too much into a simple TLC star photo op, Molly is a walking, talking reminder that new beginnings can work out.

Sometimes, that can be difficult to believe — especially after a marriage that has spanned for nearly three decades.

It’s up to Christine to choose where she goes next in life and what she does, so we wish her the very best with whatever path she chooses.

Christine Brown White Lasagna Recipe Taste Traps Sister Wives Fans

TLC knew all along that a huge portion of Sister Wives viewers had clear favorites among the titular stars.

That is why, when Christine Brown left Kody behind, fans were thrilled that she scored her very own spinoff.

Cooking With Just Christine is almost exactly how it sounds — it’s a cooking show, but she sometimes has guests.

Her white lasagna recipe is turning heads, and you can see why.

Christine Brown’s new show debuted on February 27.

The TLC digital series is a modest spinoff but has immediately amassed a vocal following.

The very first episode offered a delicious carrot cake recipe.

What viewers have observed is that Christine is actually an amazing fit for this role.

She explains it all, step-by-step, lays out her ingredients clearly, and feels like a friend or relative while she talks you through the recipe.

A lot of people tried new things in terms of food preparation over the past couple of years, so there’s a larger market for exactly this kind of content.

As we noted, the “just Christine” part of the title doesn’t mean that she’s always alone.

It is, instead, a nod to her very famous departure from her marriage to Kody.

In the latest episode, Christine was joined by her daughter, Mykelti, who is there to help as she prepares her lasagna.

Apparently, Mykelti’s husband, Tony, isn’t always the biggest fan of her cooking.

(Look, different people have different tastes, so someone can be an excellent cook without appealing to everyone)

However, he loves her white lasagna recipe, which is one that she’s sure to make when he visits.

As for the dish itself, there are many options when it comes to preparing lasagna.

However, Christine does not eat pork.

Instead of merely substituting ground beef, she adds poultry seasoning to the meet — giving it a savory flavor closer to pork.

A key ingredient, of course, is a cheesy mixture that gives the dish its creamy texture.

That means grates Asiago and Parmesan cheeses mixed with unsalted butter, cream cheese, garlic salt, and milk.

Given that this isn’t her first time in the kitchen and she’s running a cooking show, she already has bowls out with fresh spinach leaves and sliced mushrooms.

Once the ground beef is cooked, the layering begins, starting with the first layer of white sauce.

Then comes the actual pasta, and Christine is using some no-boil lasagna noodles for convenience.

Then comes meat, then the sliced mushrooms, then the fresh leaves of spinach.

Christine sprinkles in a handful of sliced mozzarella.

Then we get some of that delightful creamy cheese mixture.

The process is repeated as necessary until you have a full stack of lasagna, topped with lasagna noodles, then white sauce, and the last of the mozzarella.

Christine baked her lasagna uncovered in the onion in a casserole dish.

She knew that it was ready when the cheese on top was bubbling and browing at the edges.

As with a few of these ingredients, this is to taste — some people like their lasagna to be straight-up burnt, others do not.

We’re sure that Christine wouldn’t object to anyone doing simple substitutions.

If you eat pork, you could use sausage instead of beef, or a mixture of both. If you don’t eat mushrooms, don’t include them.

TLC posted the recipe themselves, in case you’d prefer the written directions over the video or our description of this mouth-watering dish.

That this show exists at all is a testament to Christine’s enduring popularity.

Not all reality stars can enjoy any kind of fame after they leave the show, while others are liked enough that people keep watching.

We’re not going to get the kind of drama from Cooking With Just Christine that we’ve seen on Sister Wives, but we’re certainly going to get hungry.

Christine brown white lasagna recipe taste traps sister wives fa

Paedon Brown Explains Trolling Robyn: She’s Never Liked Me, But It’s All My Dad’s Fault!

What exactly does the nanny do?

This cutting question from Christine Brown was the fuel that Paedon used to troll Robyn recently.

Was this the opening salvo in an escalating war between Team Christine and Robyn?

It turns out that Paedon has a more personal and complicated history with Kody’s favorite wife.

Paedon Brown opened up to The Sun about where things stand, not only with Robyn Brown but also with her children.

“My relationship with Robyn has always been strange and weird,” he admitted.

Paedon added: “There are honestly so many reasons for that.”

Just as a reminder, “What. Does. The Nanny. Do?” is what 23-year-old Paedon Brown’s shirt read.

Paedon has been deservedly controversial in the past, but this move was widely lauded by Sister Wives fans.

Naturally, people wanted an explanation, and frankly, we’re getting more inside information than anyone expected.

“I was rude to her kids,” Paedon admitted.

It turned out that he had an unfair, but not unreasonable, reason for acting that way.

“I saw my dad doing things with them that he didn’t do with me,” he explained.

“And so, I ended up being rude to them,” Paedon confessed.

“So,” he reasoned, “she didn’t like me being rude to her kids.”

What mother would? Being in a plural marriage doesn’t change that.

However, it sounds like some parts of that dynamic have drastically improved.

“My relationships with Dayton and Aurora are now great,” Paedon shared of the 22-year-old and 19-year-old.

“My relationship with Breanna is not good at all,” he admitted, “but that’s because she is several years younger than me.”

Breanna is 16.

The three children of Robyn whom he named are her eldest children from her previous marriage.

All three were of course adopted by Kody in 2015, which was why he had to (legally, not spiritually) divorce Meri.

Paedon also commented on his bond, or lack thereof, with Janelle’s 17-year-old, who is her youngest.

 “My relationship with Savannah isn’t anything to talk about,” he characterized.

“I do love Savannah, we talk when we are in the same room,” Paedon described, “but we never had a great relationship.”

So … what was Paedon’s goal when he threw that shade at Robyn by wearing the shirt?

He says that it was simply a joke, not a salvo in a war with his dad’s wife.

“The crew loves the quote, and then my mom said it, and I knew it aired on the show,” Paedon explained.

The public backlash against Robyn has been “so huge,” Paedon acknowledged.

As a result, he thought that it would be “really funny” to buy one of those shirts and wear it.

Honestly? We don’t tend to agree with Paedon on much, but he’s not wrong. It was funny.

“I’ve only worn it once, and that was simply to post a video on it,” Paedon said.

“It was just funny. I’m not trying to dig anyone,” he clarified.

Paedon added: “It’s not me trying to say like, ‘Oh, this is a really funny shirt because mom blew up.'”

“I will always support my mom,” Paedon affirmed.

He added cryptically: “But me wearing this tee-shirt wasn’t me saying I’m totally for her.”

In other words, we guess that he’s not wading into the conflict, he’s just having a laugh.