Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey: Expecting First Child Already?

Just recently, Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey moved to a new home.

They’re living across state lines from Jim Bob Duggar, but they’re still Duggars.

That means that despite their extremely young ages, they could embark on their parenthood journeys at any time.

Some fans fear that an announcement like that could come this week.

Justin and Claire had only been (officially) courting for five months when they married in February.

Eight months later, the 18-year-old Duggar and his 20-year-old bride are still making their way through their first year of marriage.

Purchasing a new home was a big deal, but it’s not the only milestone ahead of them.

Early this week, Justin told viewers to “stay tuned.”

He promised some sort of announcement from himself and from his wife, Claire Spivey.

Justin did not go into detail, but there’s only one announcement that fans expect from married Duggars.

“Wedding video with ‘surprise’ pregnancy announcement at the end?” one redditor speculated after the tease.

Another declared: “Oh guaranteed she is pregnant.”

Meanwhile, another Reddit user similarly felt that it was obvious: “Pregnant!! What else?”

If we were talking about normal newlyweds, we’d be like whoa, don’t rush them.

Eight months of marriage is no time to try to start vocally expecting every announcement to be about pregnancy.

Their ages also make that not just unusual but downright inappropriate.

But if we were talking about normal newlyweds, everything would be different.

They wouldn’t have been teens at their wedding in 2021.

Justin and Claire would have dated like real people do instead of a brief “courtship.”

Because of the extreme fundamentalist lifestyle and fringe ideology of their families, Justin and Claire had few choices.

Now, they are married and can have some independence that way.

But their lives were largely planned out for them from birth, including an extremely early marriage … and early parenthood.

These same ideological pressures encourage Justin and Claire to have children soon.

That could mean now, conceiving before Justin is even 19, or it could mean within the next few years.

Either way, fans expect that Justin and Claire will be very young parents compared to others in their generation.

Part of that is to meet the goals of these fundamentalists.

It is very difficult to convince many people to surrender their freedoms and personhood to join an oppressive cult.

If you raise someone isolated from the rest of society and tell them that all of the freedoms and opportunities beyond this little world are evil, they seldom leave.

For that reason, it’s prudent for extreme communities existing on the fringes of society to deliberately push to have many children.

Jim Bob Duggar has claimed to not be affiliated with the Quiverfull movement, but it’s … adjacent.

The other motive behind pushing their kids to become parents before they’re old enough is, well, to trap them.

A lot of ex-fundamentalists who escaped their communities and made new lives for themselves almost didn’t leave.

Factors that kept them afraid were a lack of prospects, fear of being cut off from loved ones, and often very real threats of violence.

But a common factor, especially for women hoping to escape, is children — who tie them to their husbands and to their cult forever.

That is not to say that Justin is scheming to trap Claire in their lifestyle or that she is pining to escape.

Right now, they are both victims, not perpetrators, of the cult and likely would be repulsed at the idea of experiencing freedom and making normal choices.

But when they do announce a pregnancy, it will cement their bonds to each other … making it that much harder for either of them to ever leave the life.

Justin Duggar: Breaking Away from Jim Bob With Independent Home Purchase? Where’d He Get the Money?

There’s a difference between moving out and moving away.

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey bought a home in a whole other state. They moved away.

But unlike so many homes in the Duggar family, their modest Texas abode wasn’t sold to them with a wink and a nudge by Jim Bob.

If Justin really bought his house on his own, where did the money come from? And does this mean he’s totally independent?

Even by Duggar standards, Justin Duggar is pretty young to be married.

He and Claire married on February 26 of this year, when he was 18 and she was 19.

It seemed that their parents, and the couple themselves, were counting down the days until he was a legal adult so that they could make this happen.

That’s … well, creepy.

And while there’s very little overall agreement on marriage age beyond “no children,” waiting until right after an 18th birthday is just as weird.

It’s not that Claire is too old for him, it’s that they both just seem too young for this.

Not according to Justin’s life milestones.

At a time when people close to twice his age are wondering if a house could be in their future through any means but inheritance, he’s a homeowner.

Scratch that — he just purchased his second house.

The first hosue that Justin “bought” was, at least on paper, purchased for $1.

Now, maybe there was more to it, maybe there wasn’t. The Duggar’s do not willingly share their secrets.

But what we do know is that the property was purchased from Jim Bob, as was the case with many of Justin’s siblings.

Whatever Justin may have bought the property for, whether it was truly $1 or not, he collected a tidy sum for its sale.

According to In Touch Weekly, he reportedly then sold that house for $195,000. 

One assumes that this was at a considerable profit for Justin … and helped make him and Claire ready for the next step.

That next step was purchasing their new home in Texas, hours away from the sprawling Duggar clan’s holdings in Arkansas.

Their new residence is not exactly spacious, clocking in at 737 square feet.

The home, purchased just over a month ago, has an estimated worth of about $134,700.

There are no indications that it was Jim Bob who made the purchase of this new home.

In fact, the house has apparently never been in Duggar family possession until Justin and Claire made it theirs.

So there are really two options for how Justin made the purchase.

The first is that the first house was every bit the sweetheart deal that it appeared on paper.

If so, Justin would have sold the house for a pure profit and then used those funds to buy their new house, close to Claire’s family.

That sounds like quite the boon to him and Claire. Not just teen homeowners, but teens buying their second home.

The most likely alternative would be that there was some form of help, from the Duggars or from the Spiveys.

(After all, they moved very close to the Spiveys … some families will offer a financial incentive to newlyweds)

But that’s not exactly the image that Justin and Claire are trying to project.

Claire has previously asserted on social media that Justin is very financially independent.

“Justin paid for the ring!” she insisted. “Not a dime of it was someone else’s money.”

“He is super motivated and does well at his job,” Claire praised.

“He’s been graduated for quite a while and has a full-time job,” she wrote.

(When you and your siblings are all poorly homeschooled, graduation can happen at almost any time)

“He also worked part-time while in school,” Claire added, “so he’d be prepared to be on his own.”

There are basically only two ways that a teenager who does not win the lottery can come up with that kind of money, and neither of them involve part-time jobs during high school.

The first is that they have rich family members who either hand them money or high-paying jobs, basically.

The second is that they apply for an OnlyFans the second that they turn 18 and do extremely, frankly alarmingly well.

Well, Justin Duggar is no Danielle Bregoli, for better or for worse.

Sex work doesn’t really work well within the Duggar family, church, or cult.

Justin does have rich family … so a gift like the house, or working jobs (especially for Duggar friends who are fellow cult members) while having no real expenses, could help.

We have to remember that part of how closed communities like this work is by employing each other, buying from each other.

That’s how so many Duggar children with no actual qualifications or education get jobs and startup capital — the cult looks after its own. If you’re a man in good standing.

It’s possible that this home purchase is a step for independence for Justin and Claire … but only time will tell.

Claire Spivey: Becoming a Duggar Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me!

It’s been almost a month since Justin Duggar married Claire Spivey, but it seems that the blushing bride is just as giddy today as she was when she said “I do.”

Claire and Justin’s wedding was a memorable occasion for the couple’s Instagram followers, if only because there were so many tacos and so few masks.

(As if we needed another reminder that the Duggars think the Covid-19 pandemic is a hoax.)

But now, the newest member of the Duggar family wants the world to know that the day deserves to be remembered for more than just handheld Mexican food and a callous disregard for public health.

As you might expect of someone who married a teenager shortly after she herself turned 20, Claire was really, really eager to get hitched.

And not surprisingly, she’s already reflecting on the day she became a Duggar as the most joyous and important day of her life.

It’s natural to have fond memories of one’s wedding day, of course, especially just a few weeks after it all went down.

(We suppose divorced couples probably feel differently, but Claire and Justin needn’t worry about that. Divorce is forbidden in the Duggars’ world!)

But it’s a little weird to post yet another barrage of pics just a few weeks after the first photo-dump.

“Most breathtaking day ever!” Spivey captioned the newest montage, which appeared on her Instagram page on Thursday afternoon.

“Over and over have we said how much it felt as if we were living out a fairytale on our wedding day!” 

Well, the characters who get married in fairy tales are probably creepily young by today’s standards, so we guess that analogy works!

Anyway, Justin and Claire’s courtship was shorter than most, and because Jim Bob wanted to keep it a secret when it first began, the couple didn’t get to share their joy with fans as much as their predecessors did.

So it makes sense that the newlyweds would be eager to share their wedded bliss with their adoring public.

“Today we have started a journey together that God crafted long before we ever knew it was meant to be. We are so thankful for the love of Christ that has brought our lives together and teaches us what real love looks like,” Justin and Claire said in a statement issued on March 2.

“There is no greater joy than marrying your best friend,” the happy couple continued.

“We are thankful for the prayers and support so many have shown us through our engagement and look forward to this new chapter of our lives together as husband and wife.”

Well, it’s good that they’re enjoying their time in the spotlight.

And it sounds like they may want to take advantage of it while it lasts.

If there’s any truth to the rumors about Jed Duggar and Katey Nakatsu, Claire won’t be the newest Duggar for very long!

Hey, life moves mighty fast when you’re a member of the world’s most famous fertility cult!

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey: ALREADY Accused of Defrauding Fans!

Just a few months after turning 18, Justin Duggar married Claire Spivey.

The teens were already controversial, for their fundamental beliefs and for their barely legal status.

Now, however, fans are condemning them for seeming to follow in some of Justin’s siblings’ footsteps.

Are Justin and Claire trying to squeeze money and gifts out of followers?

Justin and Claire are not the only members of the extended Duggar clan to be accused of being grifters.

But they just might be the youngest.

The teens are both on Instagram, where followers were disturbed to see that they seem to be asking for gifts from fans.

Justin Duggar IG bio featuring gift registry

“Link in bio” is an almost infamous phrase among reality stars and other influencers these days.

In this case, Justin and Claire share the same link.

Their bio directs anyone who clicks on it to their wedding gift registry.

Claire Spivey IG bio featuring gift registry

The funny thing about this is that the two of them are already married.

And it’s not like they haven’t updated their bios since the wedding — which would normally explain things.

They now list each other as husband and wife. And yet … the registry link remains.

It certainly appears that Justin and Claire are asking for gifts, if not in so many words.

When you post a link, even if you don’t say anything, there’s at least the idea that someone might send you something.

And remember, these two are (technically) famous. 

Some fans like to send famous people gifts.

However, other fans are incensed to see two financially secure young people with what amounts to a donation link.

There are people without their basic needs … people whose father’s aren’t millionaires who just handed them a home.

Of course, asking for something that you don’t need isn’t grift or fraud if you don’t claim to need it.

However, fans did notice one piece of apparent dishonesty in all of this.

It’s the claim that the two made when their registry link was first shared.

Initially, the couple claimed that their registry was shared for one reason: to prevent fraud.

There was another registry floating around, made by someone else hoping to get free stuff from fans.

They wanted to clarify what was false by posting their REAL registry.

On its face, that sounds fairly believable.

After all, fake registries happen all of the time, and of course they’d want to stop that.

But if you actually think about it … it doesn’t make much sense at all.

Any place where they put a link to their registry, they could have written “we do not have a public wedding registry.”

That way, anyone checking would find it.

There is nothing about having and publicly sharing a real registry that couldn’t be solved by a simple disclaimer.

So at the end of the day, fans can only reach one conclusion.

They didn’t keep it up by accident. They didn’t keep it up to deter fake registries.

Instead, Justin and Claire must want gifts from fans.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting gifts! I want presents every day of my life.

But their dishonest approach — using the existence of a fake list as an excuse to post the real deal — is rubbing people the wrong way.

To be fair, they don’t know any better. In their world, they’ve never had a decent role model in their lives. They were essentially raised to be grifters.