Jenelle Evans to Kailyn Lowry: The Feud is Back ON, You Fat Ho!

Do you remember when Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans used to be friends?

At this point, it seems like it’s been a lifetime ago, right?

And that’s because those girls have been just so darn nasty to each other, it’s hard to believe all that cattiness has been able to fit just in the past few years.

But if you thought that their feud was bad before, then you really need to check out what’s happening between them now.

Because man, are things getting terrible …

1. Ah, Memories

Jenelle eason is happy
When Teen Mom 2 began, Jenelle and Kailyn got along pretty well. Hard to believe now, right?

2. Real Friendship

Kailyn lowry a picture
They were so tight that once Kailyn drove to New Jersey and bailed Jenelle out of jail there, then drove her to the airport and sent her home because “she was strung out on heroin or who the f-ck knows” and she needed help.

3. So Much for That

Jenelle evans for mtv
Jenelle never paid her back, and shortly after that, she started talking to one of Kail’s exes — and the ex actually sent Kail screenshots of Jenelle talking trash about her.

4. Hmm

Jenelle and kailyn
They did manage to repair their friendship after that, but it was never the same. They exchanged insults here and there while still managing to do the Teen Mom 2 reunions together, that kind of thing.

5. Rude

Jenelle evans takes a lot of drugs
But in 2017, Jenelle leaked the news that Kailyn was pregnant with Lux, and their friendship never managed to come back from that.

6. Naturally

David eason on his gram
In fact, their feud became a whole, whole lot worse when David Eason decided to get involved.

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Jenelle Evans: It’s Been a Year and I Still Don’t Care That David Killed My Dog!

This time last year, life was coming at Jenelle Evans pretty darn fast.

It was right around this time that David killed Nugget, her little French bulldog, and all hell broke loose.

Lots of things happened, you remember — and through it all, Jenelle stood by his side.

And now, one whole year after everything went down, she’s speaking out about Nugget’s horrific death.

But you’re probably not going to like what she has to say …

1. The Incident

Jenelle evans and nugget
Sometime towards the end of April last year, something awful happened down on the swamp.

2. Reprehensible

David with nugget
David killed Nugget, this poor tiny little French bulldog that Jenelle had just recently gotten.

3. The Details

Jenelle and david on a date
It’s hard to say what actually happened — all we know for certain is that David shot the dog.

4. Just Awful

David eason on the land
Some sources claimed that he beat the dog before he shot it, and others said that when he came back inside afterwards, he was covered in blood.

5. Hmmm

Jenelle eason is happy
Jenelle herself said at one point that he grabbed the dog and a shotgun from his truck and went out to the woods — she heard a gunshot, but she didn’t actually see anything.

6. Classic

Jenelle and david top of the mountain
Of course, that was just the first version of her story. It’s changed a time or two, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

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Jenelle Evans: Screw This Pandemic! I Gone Got My Hair Did, Dudes!

Jenelle Evans may or may not have been caught stealing money from charity this month.

But the former Teen Mom star was definitely caught at a hair salon over the weekend …

… despite a clear shelter-at-home order remaining in place for all North Carolina residents.

A significant majority of Americans are being forced to stay almost entirely in their houses these days.

You likely know this if you reside in this country.

The novel coronavirus has killed over 52,000 citizens at last check and the only effective way to slow down its fatal progress is to simply stay far away from other human beings.

Not necessarily because you may get the virus – although, you may; and, to be frank, it may kill or incapacitate you.

But also because you may pass it along to anyone with whom you come in contact… and that person may then pass it along… and the outbreak will only continue at that sort of rate, endlessly killing.

Jenelle is either unaware of this fact, or simply doesn’t care.

We feel comfortable making that statement because Evans shared a picture of herself getting a makeover this weekend.

She apparently realized she was both violating North Carolina’s shelter-at-home order and endangering everyone around her because she did quickly delete the snapshot.

Her dangerous and bigoted husband, however, went ahead and posted one of his own.

“My love in her element,” Eason wrote as a caption to a photo of Evans getting all dolled up, the hands of a stranger very evident in the image.

Could this hair dresser have come into the couple’s home? Yes. We don’t know every detail for certain here.

Is Evans wearing a mask? Is there any mention at all about the Covid-19 outbreak and how folks out there should stay safe and how it’s a horrible idea to get this close to any non-family member?


Eason and Evans, of course, are back together.

Jenelle alleged she was leaving her dog-murdering husband several months ago and even moved with her kids to Nashville for a brief period of time.

But she then announced a return to her former residence in North Carolina, even confessing that she was the one who apologized to Eason prior to the pair reconciling.

Which is just… wow.

The ex-reality stars also hinted last week that they’re putting together some sort of project centered around parenting and, presumably, how do it well.

(The first step, evidently? Don’t try to keep your kids coronavirus-free.)

“Traveling with kidsadvice with @j_evans1219 @easondavid88,” read the caption of a video from a few days ago, which was shared on an Instagram Story reposted by a Teen Mom fan account.

The video footage captured David and Jenelle mid-conversation.

“Y’all [gotta] have the iPads charged,” Evans says in the clip, to which David interjects: “We’re not there yet!”

Jenelle then continues:

“You gotta make sure you have games downloaded onto the iPad because you have no internet.”

And David jumps in again as follows:

“You know when you watch those movies or like The Simpsons from back in the day and Bart [Simpson]’s like, ‘Are we there yet?’”

Tweeted Evans in February, along with a studio microphone, party popper and movie camera emojis:

“Cannot waaaaait [sic] to share the project I’m involved with!”

She is now free to venture off on her own, too, based on her contract with MTV finally expiring.

Explained the polarizing personality to Pop Culture earlier this year:

“I’ve kind of been in limbo for a year since last April, and I’ve been wanting to venture out and do my own things, and people are like, ‘Why aren’t you?’

‘I’m stuck to this contract, and once I’m out of it, I can go and talk to other companies and stuff.

“It’s not just other companies. I’m not gonna lie, MTV, they’re iffy about if they really wanna let me go or not.

“So I’m just sitting here, doing my own thing trying to keep YouTube updated, because my fans, they want to know — they’re digging into my life, and they want to know what’s up!”

So there you have it, we guess.

The only thing crazier than getting one’s hair done during a pandemic?

That would be the notion that Jenelle Evans has a single fan.

Remember When Jenelle Evans Was Petrified of David Like 2 Weeks Ago?

All is supposedly right with Jenelle Evans’ world these days.

Well, at least for the next five hours. Maybe 2-3 days.

It’s sad yet predictable that no sooner does David Eason declared Jenelle the love of his life or some s–t, than the Teen Mom 2 twosome breaks up in dramatic fashion.

Just as reliably and hastily, she comes back to this obviously unstable, allegedly abusive madman, acting like this circus never happened and is all entirely normal, dude. 

As many have noted, you can never really trust anything that the Easons post, from professions of love to epic fights that could be confused for a pro wrestling match.

Again, all is well on The Land as of April 20, but just a few weeks ago, she was clearly giving David a second chance – and making some frankly alarming claims.

Take a look back on what she wants you to forget.

1. Duelin’ With David

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
They’re always at it. Just weeks after Jenelle Evans moved back to North Carolina with the goal of salvaging her marriage, she and David Eason were at war with one another once more.

2. A Messy Split

Jenelle and david on a date
As you probably recall, Jenelle and David went their separate ways back in October of 2019. And it was decidedly NOT an amicable separation … or so they would have us believe.

3. What a Guy

David easons new shirt
In the months leading up to the separation, David shot Jenelle’s dog, got her fired from MTV, and caused her to temporarily lose custody of her kids.

4. Finally!

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
Jenelle leaving David seemed like a no-brainer, and few were surprised when she announced that she had separated from her abusive husband.

5. An Oscar-Worthy Performance

Jenelle evans is sad
“Nobody gets into a marriage expecting it to end but I know that’s what is best for me, and for my kids. Today I’ve filed papers to start that process,” an allegedly-heartbroken Jenelle wrote on Instagram.

6. Cause For Concern

David eason and jenelle evans not touching her baby bump
Fans feared for Jenelle as she hinted that she had reason to believe that David would do her bodily harm if he were able to track her down.

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