Debra Danielsen Slams Farrah Abraham: My Depraved Daughter is Selling Her Own Fecal Waste and Ruining People’s Lives!

A few months ago, Farrah Abraham began offering jars of her own excrement to paying customers.

Farrah has many disgusting qualities and behaviors, but few are more horrified by who she has chosen to be than her own mother.

Debra Danielsen is currently on the outs with Farrah, but is calling out her daughter’s “depravity.”

She also claims that Farrah’s horrendous reputation has cost her multiple jobs by association.

We wish that Farrah’s declaration to her OnlyFans followers that she would sell them jars of her feces were just a rumor, as she later claimed.

Maybe Farrah was just vying for attention and never planned to follow through on filming herself “fulfilling” any such orders.

But we all have to live with the thought that someone, somewhere may really want this.

Farrah's poop jar

Debra Danielsen spoke to The Ashley about Farrah’s unorthodox way of diversifying her revenue streams.

“I worked with some of the most prominent people on the planet when I was an executive,” she said.

Debra added: “I advocated higher education to my daughters.”

“Do you think there was any time I would ever suggest she get to that level of human depravity?” Debra asked rhetorically.

“Why would you sell your soul?” she demanded.

Debra continued: “Why would you be so depraved that you would do that?”

She detailed that it was Dr. David Merz, her husband, who told her about Farrah’s dirty business.

“David told me about it. I had no idea,” she admitted.

Debra recalled: “I’m sitting there and he’s telling me this and I’m like, ‘What?!’”

“He came to me and told me about it, trying to protect me,” Debra commented.

She explained: “So that when I go into a room and someone throws this [topic] at me, I’m not blown out of the water.”

“It hurts me deeply because I know my daughter deep down inside is better than that,” Debra expressed.

“I have no idea how to pull her back,” Debra lamented.

“Somebody who is [her] enemy got on OnlyFans and said ‘I’ll give you 1000 bucks if you s–t in a vial,” she theorized.

“She thinks it’s a great idea and a great way to earn money,” Debra speculated, “not realizing she was set up.”

“All I know is that I’m really sad and disappointed that I heard about all of this and these movies,” Debra expressed.

“And it affects me and [Farrah’s daughter] Sophia negatively,” she added.

Debra claimed: “People come after us and say horrible things.”

Farrah Abraham arrest video still

She also touched upon Farrah’s belligerence during her arrest video and the alleged assault from that night.

“Here she is lying out on the sidewalk drunk and slurring her words and acting so depraved,” Debra described.

“She’s a victim? No,” she declared. “Grow up, say ‘I have a problem and I need to fix myself.’”

“People came to me and said ‘you need to make it clear that you don’t support this kind of behavior,’” Debra alleged.

“I don’t want to speak against my own family,” she said, despite the entire contents of this interview.

“But if somebody is not talking to somebody and you can’t get through to somebody, you have to say something publicly,” Debra claimed.

“This behavior is not anything I ever taught my child,” Debra insisted.

She added: “God is sitting up there going, ‘Oh this isn’t good.'”

“Mental health and wellbeing are really important to protect yourself from all of these evil things that come across your path,” Debra opined.

“Obviously, I don’t think she understands what people are trying to hurt her,” Debra speculated.

“And,” she suggested, “she doesn’t believe in herself.”

Though she has not had contact with Farrah since May of 2021, she claims that these antics still impact her life in a very real way.

“People think I’m like Farrah,” Debra lamented. “No, I’m not anything like that.”

“I’ve gone to school and achieved so many things, made history,” she described.

“And,” Debra added, “it’s all destroyed when you have one person running around doing weird s–t.”

“Farrah’s gets in an altercation on Celebrity Big Brother and now it’s like, ‘We don’t want to bring Farrah’s mom in here because she would be like that, too,'” Debra claimed.

“People look at the world as the way MTV framed it up [on ‘Teen Mom’] and take it as the truth,” she complained, “and it really isn’t.”

While Farrah is undoubtedly her own person in the worst of ways, not everyone agrees that it’s not Debra’s fault.

Debra Danielsen Horrified by Farrah Abraham: It’s Not My Fault She’s Like This!

Right now, Farrah Abraham is in rehab, claiming that she checked in due to the “trauma” of her most recent arrest.

Aside from the videos of Farrah humiliating herself outside of a nightclub, viewers have also recently seen her on MTV.

Though Farrah has blasted Teen Mom: Family Reunion, the show didn’t make her say racist things or clash with everyone she meets.

Farrah’s estranged mother, Debra Danielsen, says that she was horrified by her daughter’s antics … but that they’re not her fault.

Months before the crossover special aired, we all know how the rest of the cast had reacted to Farrah’s arrival.

Poorly. Understandably poorly.

Farrah got called out, called Cory Wharton “ghetto,” and reacted to Amber and Maci’s kindness by lashing out.

Debra spoke to The Ashley about how she felt seeing her widely reviled daughter’s bad behavior on screen.

“When I watched the commercial [for the ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ episode with Farrah in it]I was horrified,” she shared.

“And I can’t even watch the full episode,” Debra confessed.

“I saw Amber Portwood trying to calm Farrah down,” Debra detailed.

“I was proud of Amber,” she expressed.

Debra added: “I wanted to reach out and hug Amber and tell her thank you.”

According to Debra, Farrah behaves likes she does because she lacks self-love.

“If people can’t love themselves, it’s very scary,” she speculated.

Debra added: “On the inside, that’s causing so much uncertainty. She doesn’t have peace.”

Unlike many viewers, Debra says that she was not surprised to see Amber extend that olive branch to Farrah.

“Amber understands that it’s pure hell on the inside when you feel like you don’t have any love or support,” Debra stated.

“And there’s no peace in there,” she added. “Amber gets it.”

Farrah Abraham and Debra Danielsen on Face The Truth

“And Maci, who I respect so much,” Debra continued.

“I sent her some text messages and apologized,” she revealed.

“And,” Debra revealed, she “said Farrah is not herself right now.”

Like the rest of us, Debra watched as the dynamic on screen changed when Farrah arrived.

“I was really proud of the girls [on ‘Family Reunion’] for getting this therapist and making progress,” she expressed.

“I’m proud of those women for working on making themselves better,” Deb added.

“But then here comes Farrah into the room,” Debra described.

“And,” she characterized, “the whole thing changes.”

Farrah has a number of what we will generously call personality quirks that can disrupt any social environment, and not in a good way.

Debra acknowledged that she is often accused of “causing” Farrah to be the unhinged nightmare that she is now.

As usual, she is not taking responsibility for her role in raising Farrah into this.

“What happened on [‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’] is a good example of this,” Debra claimed.

“The people who think I’m crazy and I caused all of this, well, I wasn’t there [on ‘Family Reunion] I wasn’t in the room,” Debra argued.

“Otherwise,” she claimed, “it would have been a whole different outcome.”

Debra continued: “Just as she disrupted the whole episode, you can have a family member who walks in and disrupts the whole family. It’s the same thing.”

Debra Danielsen BLASTS Farrah Abraham: My Awful Daughter is Out of Control!

Just days after a belligerant Farrah Abraham was arrested for assault, her mom is weighing in.

Debra Danielsen isn’t going to win Mother of The Year any time soon, but she actually makes some points.

She is condemning Farrah’s outrageous antics, calling her daughter “just mean.”

Debra also has choice words for MTV, saying that casting Farrah on Teen Mom: Family Reunion rewards her for bad behavior.

Debra spoke to good folks at The Ashley about her estranged daughter.

“Shame on MTV for promoting her on the ‘Family Reunion,’” she expressed.

“I believe MTV rewarded [Farrah’s bad] behavior,” Debra complained.

“Now it appears she wants to make a living off of bad behavior and ruining others,” Debra observed.

“Sad,” she commented.

“Maci’s right,” Debra then stated, referring to observations made by Maci Bookout. “[Farrah’s] just mean.”

Though at least partially (and perhaps largely) responsible for who Farrah is and turned out to be, Debra was once a supporter of her daughter.

In May of last year, however, she and Farrah had a huge fight.

Since then, they have not spoken, and Debra has also not had contact with Sophia, who is just weeks away from turning 13.

Farrah Abraham and Debra Danielsen on Face The Truth

Debra’s latest commentary comes on the heels of Farrah’s latest arrest.

It is a familiar story, with Farrah accused of slapping a security guard while out clubbing in Hollywood.

There were multiple videos of the incident, where the guard restraining her could be heard calmly telling her that she’d tried to hit, kick, and bite him and others.

Farrah Abraham arrest video still

Farrah of course accused people of “battering” her and targeting her for being a woman.

In contrast, reports say that she was asked to leave by security and acted out, striking a guard and struggling.

While paramedics were called out of concern for her, she was so out of control that the incident ended in an arrest. Allegedly.

Debra’s biggest concern, she says, is her granddaughter.

“[I have] no idea [where Sophia was during this],” Deb admitted.

“Farrah doesn’t let us talk,” she noted. “I am afraid for Sophia.”

“She and I have to always pay the price for [Farrah’s] bad behavior,” Debra lamented.

Like the rest of us, Debra did see her terrible daughter’s unhinged rant that followed the arrest.

She, too, sees Farrah’s lashing out as part of a toxic and dangerous pattern.

“Farrah’s always the ‘victim,’” Debra characterized, “always threatening violence and it isn’t safe.”

“Never is [her fault] actually,” she said in reflection of her daughter’s perpetual denials.

“And,” Debra lamented, “it happens over and over and over again.”

Farrah has recently begun to offer her bodily waste to paying customers.

Her mother is, as you can imagine, pretty grossed out.

“It sets women’s rights back 200 years,” Debra declared.

Farrah's poop jar

While Farrah’s sex work is between her and her paying customers (and their kinks), her arrests and the violence behind them is alarming.

Debra is not wrong when she points out Farrah’s alarming inability to take responsibility for her behavior.

As long as Farrah is screaming that every criticism is a “hate crime” against her, she will never change or improve as a person.