Derick Dillard: PROOF That He’s Telling the Truth About Jim Bob Duggar Revealed?

If you’re a Duggar fan, then by now, you’ve probably caught wind of the feud between Derick Dillard and Jim Bob.

Going against the patriarch is typically a death sentence in the Duggars’ world, but that doesn’t seem to bother Derick, possibly because he hasn’t appeared on an episode of Counting On in over two years.

Whatever the case, Derick has been leveling some shocking allegations against Jim Bob, the most egregious of which have to do with the reality star’s handling of the Josh Duggar sex scandal.

And a new piece of evidence from 13 years ago might serve as proof that Derick is telling the truth.

Take a look:

1. Going Nuclear

The dillards vs the duggars
Derick Dillard hasn’t been holding back in his comments about Derick Dillard. And he recently broke the Duggar code of silence when he openly discussed the Josh Duggar sex scandals.

2. The Scorched Earth Approach

Jill duggar and derick dillard honeymoon photo
It might seem like Derick was stating the obvious when he referred to his wife, Jill Duggar, as an abuse victim — but no one close to the family has ever spoken of the Duggar women in such terms.

3. Putting It Out There

Derick comment
“It’s not going to look good for TLC when it’s exposed that they pressured an abuse victim to continue filming when we tried to quit, just so they could continue with Jill & Jessa: Counting On after 19K&C,” Derick wrote in an Instagram comment late last year.

4. Two Birds With One Stone

Jill duggar and derick dillard out and about
Obviously, TLC was the primary target of Derick’s remark, but the former reality star was also putting his famous father-in-law on blast in a big way.

5. Changing the Narrative

Jim bob duggar eye roll
Not only has Jim Bob never referred to any of his daughters as abuse victims, he has repeatedly attempted to sell the idea that they don’t think of themselves in such terms.

6. Coerced Comments?

Jill and jessa duggar megyn kelly interview photo
When Jill and Jessa were interviewed by Megyn Kelly in 2015, they stated that Josh was so “sneaky” in his abuse that they were often unaware they had been molested.

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Derick Dillard: TLC Tried to Ruin My Life!

Folks, it’s a new year, and Derick Dillard is not holding back.

Actually, his scandalous trash-talking campaign began in 2019, but it seems that Jill Duggar’s husband has every intention of keeping the truth train rolling in the ’20s.

In case you’ve fallen behind on the latest Duggar scandal — the one that seems to have a pretty good chance of finally bringing down the family media empire — Derick Dillard has been feuding with Jim Bob like never before.

Currently, Derick is threatening to write a tell-all, but in the meantime, he’s exposing his father-in-law through social media tirades that have portrayed the Duggars in an entirely new light.

Take a look:


1. Derick on the War Path

Derick dillard on insta
Derick Dillard is no great fan of Jim Bob Duggar or TLC. And now, he’s unloading on his father-in-law and his former employer like never before.

2. Venting His Frustrations

Jill duggar and derick dillard honeymoon photo
Derick was fired from Counting On way back in December of 2017. And it seems he still has an axe to grind all these years later.

3. Clearing the Air

Jill duggar and derick dillard out and about
At first, he kept his anger to himself. But in recent weeks, Dillard has been putting it all out there, and it appears he doesn’t care who’s offended by his comments.

4. A Shocking Accusation

Dillard went ahead and took the bait
It all started with allegations that Jim Bob negotiated his children’s contracts and pilfered their earnings.

5. Upping the Ante

Dillard then threatened a lawsuit in response
From there, Derick threatened a lawsuit against TLC, accusing the network of withheld earnings and wrongful termination.

6. Messing With the Money

Jim bob duggar eye roll
That may have angered Jim Bob even more than the initial accusation, as it represented a threat to his family’s earning potential.

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Derick Dillard: TLC FORCES Josh Duggar’s Victims to Appear on Counting On!

Last week, Derick Dillard revealed that divisions within the Duggar clan are deeper than fans had previously thought.

Over the weekend, he went nuclear in his ongoing war against the network that made his in-laws famous.

It remains unclear how Jim Bob Duggar and TLC will respond to this assault from Jill’s husband.

But no matter what happens, you can rest assured that things will never be the same from this point forward.

And based on his latest remarks, it seems Derick is perfectly okay with that fact.

Take a look at the latest development in this increasingly bizarre feud:

1. Derick on the Warpath

Derick dillard with jill duggar pic
Derick Dillard is at war with Jim Bob Duggar and TLC. And now, he’s leveling accusations that are likely to leave both of his opponents very upset.

2. A Very Dillard Christmas

Jill duggar and derick dillard honeymoon photo
It all started just after Christmas, when Derick candidly answered some fan questions about how he and Jill had spent their holidays.

3. Opting Out

Derick and jill on christmas
To the surprise of many, Jill and Derick did not participate in the annual holiday festivities at the Duggar compound in Tontitown.

4. International Man of Christmassy

What did they do
Derick confirmed their absence by revealing on Instagram that he, Jill, and the kids stayed home and broke bread with some “international friends,” whatever that means.

5. Playing Coy

Derick tried to play it cool at first
Asked if Jill ever stops by her parents’ crib, Derick vaguely responded that he and his wife are “not on 19 Kids and Counting anymore.”

6. Nice Try

Jill duggar and derick dillard out and about
This, of course, is a total non-answer, as 19 Kids and Counting isn’t even a show anymore. The Duggars currently star on a spinoff entitled Counting On.

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Derick Dillard: I’m Not Allowed in Jim Bob Duggar’s House!

Derick Dillard may have just taken his feud with his in-laws to a brand new level.

And he just made Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar look pretty awful in the process.

Derick and Jill have not appeared on TLC since 19 Kids and Counting got canceled — and, in a new Instagram exchange, the former reality star sort of explains why.

He goes into detail about some of the rules in place at his father-in-law’s home, and how it has affected his relationship with the famous family’s polarizing patriarch.

Meaning what, exactly? Scroll downto find out.

1. Let’s Start with This:

Derick and jill on christmas
Derick, Jill and their kids did NOT spend Christmas with the latter’s parents. They did their ownm separate thing instead.

2. What Did They Do?

What did they do
Just their own thing, like we said and like Derick said here when asked by a follower. Sounds like they were joined by some friends from abroad.

3. No Huge Shock Here

The dillards vs the duggars
As fans of this family must knoow by now, Derick and Jill really don’t get along with Jim Bob and Michelle. It’s scarcely even a secret at this point.

4. But This IS a Shock!

Jill duggar and derick dillard halloween 2019
In an extension of his Instagram comments, Derick delved into some troubling details. He actually said he and Jill aren’t permitted inside of Jim Bob’s house without explicit permission.

5. Derick Tried to Play It Cool at First

Derick tried to play it cool at first
Why didn’t he and Jill attend the big Duggar holiday gathering? Simple, Dillard claims to a supporter, they aren’t on 19 Kids and Counting any longer.

6. That Wasn’t Really an Answer, Of Course

That wasnt really an answer of course
When more than one fan pointed out that 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled years ago, so what the heck is Derick talking about… he countered that it was “just renamed,” seemingly suggesting that Counting On is no different. “I guess if you want to get technical, it does have a different name now,” he then admitted.

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Derick Dillard: I’m Coming Back to Counting On, Y’all!

Way back in December of 2017, Derick Dillard was fired from Counting On after directing a transphobic Twitter rant at fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings.

In a surprise move, Derick’s wife, Jill Duggar, decided to quit the show in a gesture of solidarity.

On this week’s episode, however, fans were surprised to find that Jill made a cameo on the series — albeit a rather brief one.

This development was especially surprising in the wake of Derick’s recent comments about the network that made his in-laws famous.

So did all that trash talk pay off? Will Dillard be the next to return to television?

Here’s what we know about the situation thus far:

1. The Comeback Kid?

Jill duggar and derick dillard out and about
It’s been almost two years since Derick Dillard was fired from Counting On. And by most indications, viewers haven’t missed him much.

2. A Quiet Exit

Derick dillard samuel and isaiah on halloween 2019
Viewership numbers have held steady in the weeks years since Derick’s dismissal, and there was no major outcry on social media.

3. The Real Victim

Derick dillard for grubhub
In fact, it seems like the only person who was negatively affected by Derick’s exit from the show was Derick himself. These days, he’s paying the bills as a Grubhub delivery driver.

4. Trimming the Fat

Derick and jill dillard pic
Actually, we suppose the entire Dillard clan was affected by TLC’s personnel decision.

5. Belt-Tightening Time

Derick and jill m dillard
After all, Jill made the short-sighted decision to quit the show in a misguided gesture of loyalty. As a result, her household quickly went from two incomes to zero.

6. Little Income Coming In

Derick dillard with jill duggar pic
These days, Derick is attending law school between his Grubhub shifts, so while their might be a nice salary in his future, it’ll be several years before he gets a hold of that particular carrot.

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Jill Duggar Encourages U.S. Wives to Rail Their Husbands Many, Many Times Per Week [UPDATED]

Jill Duggar is apparently full of surprises.

The 28-year old is part of what many consider to be the most famously conservative family around…

… and yet she has taken to her blog in order to offer a number of tips for women on how to maintain a healthy and happy marriage.

The piece of advice garnering the most attention right now? For a very understandable reason?

Duggar encouraging women to sleep with their husband often. Like, very often. Like, a majority of nights in a seven-day week.

Is she saying this because she has a strong sex drive? Or because she thinks this is what men want and it’s the role of women to be subservient at all times?

Scroll down to read a lot from Jill and then arrive at a decision on your own…

1. More Than Sex: How To Love Your Husband

More than sex how to love your husband
This is the title of the blog entry penned by Jill that has taken the Internet by surprising storm.

2. So in Love!

Derick dillard wife jill duggar
“Five years ago this month, I married the man of my dreams, Derick Michael Dillard,” explained Jill early in this entry. “Some of you may have watched our love story unfold on TV…if you want to read our love story you can click here. Anyways, like most couples when they get married, we were head over heels for each other…and now, nearly five years later, I can happily say that we are still very much in love. ”

3. Newlywed Phase, Schmewlywed Phase

Jill dillard husband
Jill bristles at the notion that couples should ever be in a “newlywed phase.” She thinks there are ways to ensure husbands and wives are ALWAYS happy and content in their marriage, which is why she has written this piece.

4. Words of Warning

A kiss for derick dillard
“I don’t claim to know everything about marriage, or to be presenting some solve-all advice, and I’m only really speaking to wives here, but I hope you find some of these tips to be encouraging!” Jill wrote before delving into all her tips. Are you ready? Let’s go!

5. Have Sex Often!

Jill duggar poses with derick
“You both need this time together regularly (3-4 times a week is a good start. lol). And when you may not be able to actually have intercourse for a period of time or for health issues, find other ways to have fun and be intimate. Let your spouse know that you’re aways available. Guard against fulfilling sexual desires alone. Be open with your spouse about your desires and change things up to keep it exciting! (Philippians 2:3-4; 1 Corinthians 7:5) If you’re struggling with sex with your spouse, GET HELP! See a doctor and/or licensed counselor and don’t be afraid to get second opinions!”

6. Be Open About Everything

Jill and der date night
“Past, present and future! You need to be able to trust each other with the easy and the hard! Secrets are seeds for destruction! (1 Corinthians 10:13) Sometimes there may be seasons of difficulty or you may have to rebuild broken trust. Ask God to help you and get outside help if needed. We aren’t meant to live life in isolation! We need support and community! (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12; Galatians 6:2)”

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Derick Dillard Announces Tell-All Memoir About Life With the Duggars!

We always knew this day would come.

Yes, folks, it looks as though a disgruntled member of the extended Duggar clan is finally ready to spill the tea on life with the most famous fundies on reality television!

And the timing couldn’t be better.

As you may already know, Derick Dillard has been feuding with Jim Bob Duggar for at least the past few months, and now it looks as though D-Dill is planning to unleash his rage on the page with a tell-all memoir.

According to Derick, the book is already in the works — but sadly, it won’t be available in time to help you infuriate your evangelical, Duggar-worshipping relatives by leaving a few copies under the tree on Christmas Eve.

Here’s what we know about the project so far:

1. Speaking Out

Derick dillard on social media
Derick Dillard says he’s working on a book about life in the Duggar clan. And since the former Counting On star is currently locked in a bitter feud with his in-laws, you can bet it won’t be filled with the fawning praise for Jim Bob that usually characterizes Duggar communications with the outside world.

2. The Announcement

Dd tweet 1
Derick went public with news of the book in a tweet posted early this morning.

3. A Sound Idea

Jill duggar and derick dillard out and about
“Dude you could make some serious bank by writing a book,” a fan tweeted to Derick way back on November 13. “I know a ton of people that would buy that book pre-release! I mean, come on, you know that there is some crazy in that family!”

4. Taking His Time

Derick dillard solo selfie
For some reason, it took Derick three weeks to respond, but hey — better late than never, right?

5. Delayed Response

Jill duggar and derick dillard back in arkansas
“That’s the plan, but it will take longer to write because I do most of the outlining/writing on breaks from school,” Dillard tweeted on December 4.

6. A Strange Pattern

Jill and derick dillard
Waiting several weeks and then replying with inflammatory comments about his family has been Derick’s M.O. in recent weeks.

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