Ivanka VS Donald! Trump Family Reportedly Have YUGE Fight Over Joe Biden!

We all know the story. Donald Trump hires someone unqualified for their position in return for their unflinching support no matter how distasteful or dictator-like his statements. Eventually it gets so bad they quit — then totally burn that Trump bridge the second they get out, spilling about how truly nuts it is behind the scenes […]

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Donald Trump Jr.: I’m Acting Crazy Because of Covid, Not Cocaine!

There’s a menacing, potentially deadly force making its way across the country, and even if it doesn’t make you physically ill, there’s a good chance it’ll tear your family apart.

But enough about Donald Trump’s efforts to steal the election!

On top of that, we’re still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic!

And in some segments of our population, the numbers are more devastating than ever before.

Take the Trump family, for example, which is getting dangerously close to a 100 percent infection rate.

These people are passing around the ‘rona so much it’s like they’re practicing for pointing the finger at one another once the post-presidency indictments start rolling in.

The latest victim of this viral sensation is Donald Trump Jr. who revealed over the weekend that he’s tested positive for Covid-19.

Of course, testing is made possible by science, and the results were probably delivered by a doctor, so it’s not hard to see why Don Jr. has his doubts about them.

“Apparently I got the ‘rona,” he told his followers in an Instagram video posted on Friday night.

“Maybe it’s a false positive, maybe not.”

Yeah, we guess you could say that about any medical test that’s ever been administered, but the Trumps get the best medical care available to anyone, anywhere in the world, so the docs probably didn’t eff up Junior’s test.

Anyway, DJTJ is quarantining in his cabin in Upstate New York, and he says he’s on the hunt for good Netflix and ebook recommendations.

After all, oiling up your rifle gets tiresome after a while.

“There are only so many guns I can clean before I get bored,” Don Jr. continued.

Lil Donnie says he’s “totally asymptomatic,” but is still planning on following the self-isolation guidelines recommended by his doctor.

He went on to assure fans that — despite frequent reports to the contrary — he’s not coked out of his mind all the time.

Apparently, this is just how he acts.

“I don’t have the red eyes like they claimed I had for apparently using cocaine prior to my RNC speech,” he said.

“That is the world of the Internet. God knows I troll, and do my fair share of it, so I guess it comes back to me, in time, as well. That’s the game.”

Yeah, that’s kind of a weird tangent for a video about Covid-19.

But hey, maybe Don Jr. is just introducing a new excuse for cokeheads the world over.

This way, when Hunter Biden shows up to Thanksgiving dinner with eyes redder than the cranberry sauce, he can just blame it on the ‘rona.

See, folks? We give it to both sides!

Donald trump jr im acting crazy because of covid not cocaine

Eric Trump’s Wife Says Trump Supporters ‘Do Not Feel’ Like Joe Biden Won Election — Well Too Damn Bad!

Eric Trump‘s wife has some thoughts, er, feelings about how this past presidential election went down! But it doesn’t really matter, because facts don’t care about her feelings! Lara Trump, who in addition to being married to Eric was a senior 2020 campaign adviser for Donald Trump, went on Fox News Sunday on Sunday morning to discuss Joe […]

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Donald Trump Jr Has COVID!

At this point, it would probably be easier to count the members of the Trump crew that HASN’T gotten coronavirus. The latest victim of the White House’s (multiple) superspreader event(s) is Donald Trump Jr. On Friday, a spokesperson for the… adviser? s**t-stirrer? …confirmed that he had tested positive for the disease. Related: Ivanka Drops The […]

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Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle: Let’s Lead the RNC Forever!!

Early this month, the American people voted for Joe Biden to be the 46th President.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that the Trump crime family is going anywhere.

Donald Trump continues his unprecedented hissy fit about the election results, boosting absurd claims and getting trounced in court.

Americans are looking forward to an end to his unchecked nepotism, noting that President Elect Biden does not have any of his family members in his proposed cabinet or transition team.

Unfortunately, while the end of the Trump occupation of the White House will soon be over, reports say that the family may be embedded in politics for years to come.

See, CNN reports that Don Jr. and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, are pushing for more influence over the Republican National Committee.

They are aiming for leadership positions within the Republican Party.

While part of this sounds like the usual Trump grift — just mouth nonsense to cameras and get paid — they are apparently unhappy with current GOP leadership.

Obviously, a lot of Republicans in office and within the party power structure find this as chilling as the rest of us do.

However, some GOP thinkers view continuing to embrace the Trumps as a necessary evil.

Why? Because Trump’s rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth base loves them, and will view ousting them as a betrayal.

Because of that, letting Don Jr. work within the party and giving his girlfriend a salary — like the one that she has enjoyed from the Trump campaign since they began dating — may be what they need.

The rest of us may practically salivate at the thought of how good for America it would be if the Republican base loses enthusiasm and gives in to despair.

But even the part of the party that loathes Trump, however quietly, thinks that he may be the key to all of the harm that they want to continue to do to our great nation.

Even for those of us who don’t want to hear from the Trump’s again until they are sentenced to prison (fingers crossed) can see good news here.

First of all, infighting within the Republican Party is a likely outcome of this, and a weakened and divided GOP can only mean good things for America.

Second of all, well, having Kimberly waste time and resources for the RNC doesn’t sound too bad.

Kimberly’s position in the Trump campaign was basically just Trump using other people’s money to pay his son’s girlfriend.

She and the entire team that she led underperformed at fundraising and scandalized multiple GOP donors with her inappropriate jokes.

Remember, she was ousted from Fox News after being accused of sexual harassment. Fox News was built to be what it is today by multiple sexual predators, so .. geez, how bad was it?

Don Jr. is known for his tastelessness, for only looking smart when he’s compared to his brother, and for emulating his father’s chinless corruption.

He’s not exactly competent, which could mean that his role at the RNC would mean nothing but leeching Republican dollars for the family criminal organization instead of helping to win races.

That said … the GOP base, at its heart, seems to be built on white nationalism and spite. We cannot guarantee that seeing the Trump name won’t lead to some alarming Republican victories in the future.

Donald Trump In Position To Make Millions Of Dollars Doing WHAT After His Presidency?!

Looks like Donald Trump may have a way to pay off all that debt after all! The one-term President, who lost re-election earlier this month in a resounding defeat to Democrat Joe Biden, now must find something else to do with his time after his term ends in January. And according to insiders in one very lucrative […]

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Aubrey O’Day Just Spilled MASSIVE Trump Family Tea!

2020 has been consistently baffling from top to bottom, but if you told us even a year ago that this election cycle’s October surprise would come from a former member of Danity Kane… well… our brains probably would have melted on the spot! If you’re well versed in Trump family scandals (a difficult feat considering […]

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‘Stand By’ Indeed! Trump’s Connections To The Leader Of White Supremacist Group Proud Boys!

The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden may have been an incoherent mess, but one message came across loud and clear: the President of the United States just could not bring himself to explicitly condemn white supremacy — which is as good as endorsing it, if you ask us. Instead, Trump told […]

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Joe Exotic Says He Was ‘Sexually Assaulted’ By Prison Staff — And Wants Donald Trump To Pardon Him!

Joe Exotic is ready to plead his case to Donald Trump! The Tiger King star has reportedly submitted a 257-page case to the President, detailing the various reasons why he should be pardoned from the 22-year sentence he is currently serving after being convicted in a murder-for-hire plot. Most shockingly, per TMZ reports, the letter […]

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