Josh & Anna Duggar Offer Last Look Inside Before Selling Their Arkansas Home!

It’s the end of an era in Razorback country!

We learned this week that Josh and Anna Duggar are selling their Arkansas home.

This is the house that their five children have called home for most of their lives, so it’s kind of a big deal.

Are Josh and Anna getting divorced? Are they preparing to welcome a sixth child?

Join us as we explore these questions and take a nosy glimpse inside the home of the Duggar family’s most scandalous couple:

1. The Happy Family

Josh and anna duggar with family
Despite some major ups and downs in recent years, sources say Josh and Anna have reached a good place in their marriage.

2. Tough Times

Josh duggar on election day
The couple’s marriage was threatened, of course, not only by the child molestation allegations against Josh, but also by the revelation that he used a dating website to try and cheat on Anna.

3. The Rebuilding Process

Josh and anna image
Josh went away to a faith-based rehab center for sex addicts. Shortly after his return, Anna became pregnant with the couple’s fifth child.

4. Moving On

Josh and anna duggar anniversary photo
Now, Josh and Anna are selling the 2-acres in Siloam Springs, Arkansas that they’ve called home for the past four years. And fans can’t help but wonder why …

5. Holding Out Hope

Josh and anna duggar photo
The number one theory is that Josh and Anna are getting divorced.

6. Wishful Thinking

Josh and anna duggar and kids
This seems unlikely, as divorce is strictly forbidden in the Duggars’ world — and Anna has already stuck by Josh’s side through so much.

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Josh & Anna Duggar Sell Their Home: Are They FINALLY Breaking Up?

For years now, fans of the Duggar family have been speculating about the possibility of Josh and Anna Duggar getting divorced.

Though ending a marriage is severely looked down upon in the Duggars’ world, many have encouraged the couple to go their separate ways.

The reason, of course, is that Josh has been far from the ideal husband.

His most egregious offense is the Josh Duggar sex scandals of 2015, during which it was revealed that Josh molested five young girls.

While that may have been Anna’s biggest indication that it’s time to cut and run, there have been many more in the years since.

Josh was caught trying to cheat on Anna using the affair-facilitating website Ashley Madison, and those closest to the couple say Anna was in agony throughout his stint in sex addiction rehab.

But shortly after Josh returned home, Anna became pregnant with the couple’s fifth child.

It’s not easy to find a home that can accommodate such a large clan, which is why so many were shocked when Josh and Anna put their Arkansas home up for sale.

Obviously, the decision to sell their sizable house could mean many things.

But fans are focused on two main theories:

Most seem to believe that Josh and Anna are experiencing some sort of marital difficulty.

While that might explain a lot, it doesn’t entirely make sense here.

Is Anna moving to Florida to be near parents?

If not, why would she sell the house that’s served as a home to her five children for much of their lives?

Josh might be petty, but we doubt he would force her to do that.

The other theory is that Josh has been welcomed back into the fold.

After the sex scandals, he moved several miles away from Tontitown and Springdale, the towns that serve as home to his parents and many siblings.

Now, many fans believe, Josh’s parents have given him permission to come home.

As evidence, they point not only to the real estate deal, but also to Josh and Anna’s comeback tour.

For a while there, it certainly looked as though these two wanted back on TV and moving closer to the Duggar compound would be a big step toward achieving that goal.

Josh and Anna are desperate to win back fans, that much is sure.

Of course, the best way for them to do that would be to break up.

Josh Duggar: Have His Sisters Forgiven Him For His Sex Crimes?

We’re approaching the four-year anniversary of the day on which the world learned that Josh Duggar had molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters.

At the time, it looked as though the Duggar media empire had come to close.

It was impossible to imagine that such an ostensibly wholesome family could come back from something like that, particularly following revelations that Josh’s parents had helped him avoid prosecution.

But the Duggars went into damage control mode with an all-hands-on deck approach.

Several members of the family sat for in-depth interviews with Megyn Kelly, who was then a correspondent at Fox News.

Among them were two of Josh’s victims, Jill and Jessa Duggar.

To the surprise of many, the sisters not only defended their brother, they even laughed off his actions, jokingly describing him as a “very sneaky” molester and claiming they did not know they were being victimized.

At the time, it was widely assumed that the sisters had been brainwashed or strongarmed into giving such a response,

All these years later, however, and the official Duggar stance remains that Josh was forgiven long before news of the scandal went public.

“I have forgiven him and I feel that, but the trust is not there,� Joy said in an interview.

“I definitely have forgiven Josh. It is a process, though, that you have to work through in your heart,� Jessa echoed when speaking with People magazine.

“And trust is not quickly rebuilt. It is something that takes a while,” she added.

“We love him very much, though, and we are very hopeful for the future.â€�

So as far as we can tell, the sisters forgive Josh, but they wisely do not trust him yet.

It’s good that they’ve remained wary, as many of them now have children of their own — but does Josh deserve forgiveness?

His parents went to great lengths to keep him from facing any legal repercussions, and he’s seldom shown any remorse for his actions.

When word got out that Josh had used the website Ashley Madison to try and cheat on his long-suffering wife, the back-to-back scandals led the family to ship the former lobbyist off to a faith-based rebab center to be treated for sex addiction.

There, Josh endured long days of physical labor.

He was punished, to be sure — but had he been rehabilitated?

These days, Josh lives his life in a state of semi-exile.

He’s in a different town than his parents, and he’s banned from appearing on the family reality show.

There’s been talk of Josh making a comeback, beginning with a cameo on Counting On — but something tells us the Duggars are savvy enough to avoid that sort of controversy.

Michelle Duggar: Does She Even Know How to Cook?

For years, fans of the Duggar family have wondered just how much parenting Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar do in a given day.

We know that’s an odd question to ask of a couple who’s raised 19 children, and the obvious answer would seem to be “a lot.”

But over the years, Jim Bob and Michelle have spent a lot of time traveling and tending to their many business ventures while their household seemingly ran itself.

But it didn’t run itself, of course.

A tremendous amount of work went into clothing and feeding so many children — but much of it was done by the Duggar children themselves.

Much has been made of how many chores Jana Duggar seems to do around the home, but she’s certainly not alone.

All of the older Duggars help out around the house, especially in the kitchen.

In fact, some fans claim there’s evidence that Michelle hasn’t done any cooking of her own in years.

Indeed, it’s difficult to find any indication that Michelle spends much time in the kitchen these days.

Though to be fair, she’s admitted in the past that it wouldn’t be possible to feed such a large brood if everyone didn’t pitch in.

“Some of the boys are really good cooks. They have lots of fun getting in there and being creative,� Michelle once wrote in a blog post.

“We usually have teams of three or four kids that’ll work together on the cooking. … There’s a leader and then the rest of them follow the instructions of the leader.�

In the same post, Michelle went into detail regarding the challenges of grocery shopping for such a sizable family.

“Our goal for our monthly food budget is $3,000. It used to be more like $2,000, but we’ve noticed the costs of groceries have gone up,� she wrote. 

“For groceries, we mainly shop at discount grocery stores, warehouse clubs and co-ops. You can save thousands of dollars by doing just that,” she added.

“We buy mostly in bulk and stock up once a month on staples like butter, cereal and oats–it’s just cheaper.”

Michelle says that out of necessity, she does all of the grocery shopping, as budgeting remains a challenge, even as the older kids leave the house and start families of their own.

As for the actual cooking, Michelle admits to receiving a considerable amount of help from her offspring.

And tellingly, she’s dodged questions about whether she knows how to cook at all.

Fans have made much of the Duggars’ bizarre dinner concoctions over the years, with descriptors such as “prison food” being thrown about frequently.

So is it possible that such odd combinations as barbecue sauce and canned tuna are a result of the fact that no one in the house really knows their way around a kitchen?

We may never kniow for sure, but it would certainly explain a lot.

Derick Dillard: Is He STILL Unemployed?!

It’s been over a year since Derick Dillard was fired from Counting On after launching a bigoted social media tirade against fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings.

Shortly after Derick was let go, his wife, Jill Duggar, quit the show as a gesture of solidarity.

Many applauded Jill’s loyalty to her husband — but even more questioned the wisdom of her decision.

After all, Jill and Derick have two young children at home and no visible means of support.

Last year, Derick enrolled in law school, and while a J.D. will certainly increase his earning potential in the future, those earnings are still several years away.

Jill has earned money as a midwife in the past, but Duggar women are discouraged from working outside the home.

So how is Derick supporting his family as he completes his education?

Well, law school is generally regarded as a full-time job, so like most students, it seems that Derick is not working at the moment.

(Of course, we think it’s safe to say most of Derick’s fellow students aren’t supporting two kids and a wife who’s not allowed to work.)

So how are the Dillards getting by these days?

Jim Bob claims he doesn’t support any of his children once they’re grown, but it seems hard to believe Jill and Derick are living entirely off his student loans.

In all likelihood, it’s a combination of dwindling reality TV royalties and Jim Bob’d generosity that are keeping the Dillards afloat these days.

Derick has worked a couple “real” jobs in the years since he graduated from Oklahoma State University back in 2011.

Even so, he and Jill likely don’t have much in the way of savings.

Derick’s longest tenure was as an accountant at Wal-Mart, but he quit that gig after less than a year to go on a missionary trip with Jill.

These days, Derick is a licensed minister, but it seems no one is willing to pay him to spread the good word.

While it was Derick’s backward political beliefs that cost him his cushy reality TV gig, the father of two has shown no interest in backing off on expressing his views.

“Interesting Constitutional Law class today on Roe v. Wade,” he tweeted recently.

“Grateful for the evolution of science over the past 46 yrs, to better determine and communicate when life begins, so that we can be sure everyone’s rights are protected.�

Specifics on Jill and Derick’s life have been hard to come by since the couple was booted off TV, but according to their family blog, the Dillards are “look[ing] forward to seeing how God will continue to direct our family in this new chapter of life!â€�

As for how they’ll put food on the table in that new chapter — that’s anybody’s guess!

Jason Duggar: Courting Kendra Caldwell’s Sister?!

Well, folks, it looks like it’s mating season on the Duggar compound.

Just weeks after news that Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her third child, we’re now receiving word of yet another Duggar courtship.

This time, it’s 18-year-old Jason Duggar who’s rumored to be hand-holding and side-hugging as he begins a closely chaperoned journey to the altar.

And it seems Jason may not have had to travel very far to find his future wife.

Duggar-watchers believe Jason is courting Lauren Caldwell.

Lauren is the younger sister of Joseph Duggar’s wife, Kendra Caldwell.

Several members of the extended Duggar clan traveled to Greece recently, and insiders say Jason and Lauren were inseparable throughout the trip.

And apparently, it’s not the first time these rumored lovebirds have had occasion to spend time together.

Jason Duggar 1

According to OK! magazine, Jason and Lauren spent time at an airport while waiting for the arrival of a mutual friend last year.

The pair reportedly hit it off, and their connection became even stronger in Greece.

Jason is young to be entering a courtship, but in most cases, it’s only a matter of time once a Duggar hits the age of legal majority.

(Cases such as Jana’s or John David’s in which Duggars marry in their late twenties — or not at all — are exceedingly rare.)

And while Duggar men usually wait a little longer than Jason, their main reason for doing so is that they can build a solid financial foundation.

That’s not an issue in Jason’s case.

Jason D 1

Insiders say Jason is already excelling in the family business of flipping houses.

In fact, he reportedly pulled in over $130,000 in just one deal last summer.

Add that to his earnings from appearing on the family’s reality show, and we think it’s safe to say that Jason is doing considerably better than most 18-year-olds.

Jason and Josiah

Unfortunately, at this point, the courtship remains the stuff of rumors.

Neither Jason nor Lauren has commented on the situation, and since neither of them is on social media, it can be tough to look for clues.

But don’t worry — the situation likely will not remain mysterious for long.

Romances move quickly in the Duggars’ world, and the young courtship partners are usually eager to share their news with the world.

Anna Duggar Begins Workout Regimen: Is She Getting In Shape to Leave Josh?!

As you probably know, life in the Duggar clan can be especially hard on women.

And perhaps no female member of reality TV’s largest family has suffered as much as Anna Duggar.

Anna, of course, is the beleaguered wife of Josh Duggar … at least for now.

Yes, rumors of Josh and Anna getting divorced have been circulating for years, and it seems they’ve really gained steam in the past few months.

The reasons for this are unclear, as divorce is strictly forbidden under the Duggars’ belief system, and it’s extremely unlikely that Anna would ever exile herself from her community by leaving Josh.

Nevertheless, fans are taking everything Anna does these days as a sign that she’s getting ready to hit the road.

It’s literally reached the point where the simple act of walking is being interpreted as an indication that Anna is preparing to ditch her philandering husband.

Anna recently revealed that she accepted a challenge to walk 50 miles in the month of February.

Anna Duggar Exercise

Not only did she meet her goal, she exceeded it — and as you can see, she’s ready to get her march on in March.

“#February50 ended up being February55! Now on to March – hoping to go another 50 miles!” Anna captioned the above screenshot.

Like we said, a handful of fans took a sudden interest in fitness as a sign that Anna is preparing to re-enter the singles scene.

And while we can relate to that wishful thinking, it’s almost certainly not happening.

Fortunately, most followers were content to simply congratulate Anna on her progress.

“Good for you Anna! Be healthy for you and your family! Blessings!� one fan wrote. 

“Fabulous determination. You are a strong woman. You are setting a great example for your children,� remarked another commenter.

As for Anna’s inspiration to shed some pounds, it apparently had nothing to do with Josh Duggar’s sex scandals.

But it was nonetheless the result of a pretty ugly incident.

Late last year, fans speculated that Anna was pregnant, and the reality star sheepishly replied that she’s simply “overdue for a diet.”

The exchange reportedly prompted her to get active and start paying more attention to what she eats.

C’mon, people.

Anna is already married to a Duggar! Let’s not make her life even more difficult, mmm-kay?

Let’s just applaud her for her renewed commitment to fitness and allow her to make her own decisions — regrettable as they may be.

Jinger Duggar Dazzles Fans With Pic of Jeremy Vuolo and Baby Felicity

Counting On fans love when Jinger Duggar shares photos of baby Felicity and her dazzling blue eyes.

Jinger and Jeremy know that followers can’t get enough of their cute little 7-month-old.

Her newest baby pic is a daddy-daughter photo that will absolutely melt your heart.

Jinger Duggar shared the photo that you’re about to see.

In the captions on Instagram, she gushed about what her small family means to her.

“Seeing Felicity in her daddy’s strong arms makes my heart skip a beat,” Jinger wrote.

That is so sweet.

Fans adored the father-daughter photo, too, and you can see why:

Jinger’s followers couldn’t help but mirror her enthusiasm for the precious pic.

“She’s absolutely beautiful!” exclaimed one fan.

“This is the first photo I have seen of her where she looks big… like growing up,” observes another. “Not a tiny infant anymore.”

“She looks so much like her daddy,” comments another. “Such a sweet picture!”

Another raves: “She is the prettiest Duggar baby!!”

Cuteness is of course not a competition … but if it were, Felicity would be winning.

Recently, Jinger had to break the hearts of some very excited fans.

See, followers had noticed that she was drinking decaf, and had to wonder if she was avoiding caffeine due to a new pregnancy.

“I stopped drinking coffee not for breastfeeding or being pregnant,” Jinger explained.

She said: “but because it was affecting my health.”

Generally speaking, caffeine is usually good for people, and coffee is believed to have life-extending properties.

However, caffeine can cause issues such as trouble sleeping, an elevated heartrate, and can exacerbate anxiety.

“So,” Jinger explained. “I have cut back on coffee.”

However, in the same breath, she expressed that she is totally open to drinking coffee again if she needs to.

Jinger joked: “But who knows what mom life will end up doing to me.”

“I think I might end up slipping some in here and there,” she concluded.

One of the reasons that people are hesitant to immediately believe studies about caffeine, good or bad, is simple.

Those with the most caffeine intake are likely the ones who stay the busiest — whether it’s as employees, parents, or both.

In recent months, Jinger has been treating her followers to so many precious photos.

Jeremy is often front-and-center, holding his baby girl with love and pride.

“Jeremy is such an amazing father,â€� Jinger gushed back in late January.

She elaborated, noting that Felicity is very familiar with her parents and already loves them.

Jinger expressed: “I love how Felicity lights up when she sees her daddy or hears his voice.”

“It is the sweetest thing,” she concluded. “They share such a special bond.”

At seven months old, Felicity is old enough to recognize and love her parents and even display elements of her own personality.

Between six months and a year of age is when many (not all!) children first begin to speak and walk.

Childhood development milestones happen at different points for everyone, but it is always exciting.

As one of the Jinger’s followers exclaimed, Felicity is growing up right before our eyes.

Fans cannot wait to see her grow into her own person.