The Duggars: Who’s Courting? Pregnant? Next In Line? [UPDATED WITH EVEN MORE BLESSINGS!]

Counting On is basically the reality TV equivalent of Game of Thrones:

On each show, there are roughly four million characters, and it’s often difficult to keep track of who’s doing what … or whom.

The Duggars take a slightly more conservative view on coupling than the residents of Westeros, but all the same, courtships, weddings, pregnancies, and births are a big part of what keeps their core audience tuning in.

So here’s a rundown of what some of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are up to these days.

Don’t worry – unlike Thrones, the Duggars won’t be leaving your TV screen anytime soon. Not as long as they continue to make sure Earth’s population growth continues unabated.

UPDATE: The Duggar drama never ends! We’ll continue adding the latest developments to the end of this gallery!

1. The Gang’s All Here

A duggar family pic
The Duggars are an almost impossibly large family. With the adoption of Tyler Duggar last year, Jim Bob and Michelle’s brood swelled to 20.

2. The Next Generation

Duggar girls photo
And then there are the grandkids. That number currently sits at 12 for Jim Bob and Michelle.

3. More on the Way!

Jessa duggar at 31 weeks
Of course, as is usually the case with the Duggars, there are more babies on the way. Jessa Duggar is roughly 31 weeks pregnant at the moment.

4. She’s Not Alone!

Joseph duggar kendra caldwell image
Joseph Duggar’s wife Kendra is also expecting a child. The couple just welcomed their first child in June of 2018.

5. The Race Is On!

Josh and anna duggar photo
Of course, Josh and Anna Duggar still hold the record for providing Jim Bob and Michelle with the most grand-Duggars.

6. Aggressive Expansion

Josh and anna duggar with family
The couple welcomed their fifth child in 2018, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be letting up anytime soon.

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The Definitive Duggar Family Tree: A Complete, Updated Guide to Courtships and Babies!

Large sections of the Old Testament are devoted to genealogies – lengthy lists of couplings and the biblically-significant offspring that they begat.

Given the Duggars’ love for the Good Book, we’re sure someone in the family has compiled a similar compendium of the courtships and marriages that led to the creation of Jim Bob and Michelle’s many granchildren.

It might seem like it would take a monastic scholar to keep track of the rapid expansion of the Counting On clan, but we tried. We tried.

THG has managed to create a complete list of the #LittleDuggars without locking ourselves in an abbey with a quill and parchment.

But that’s not to say it was a simple task.

After all, Jim Bob and Michelle have a lot of kids, and those kids are very dedicated to the task of populating Northwest Arkansas with Duggars.

So sit back, grab a Duggar-friendly snack (might we suggest a jar of pickles?) and explore the family tree of TV’s most beloved Baptist brood.

1. Meet the Duggars

Duggar family photo a classic
The Duggar family seems to get bigger by the day. In fact, the Counting On clan has welcomed so bundles of joy in the past decade that some fans might find it difficult to keep up.

2. Humble Beginnings

Michelle and jim bob 1984
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had their first child, Josh, in 1988. Needless to say, they didn’t stop there.

3. Fame Comes Calling

Duggar family picture
The family first rose to national prominence with a series of Discovery Health and TLC documentaries that mostly focused on Michelle’s last five deliveries.

4. A Bunch of Stars Are Born

Michelle duggar and jim bob duggar in silver dollar city
Viewers couldn’t get enough of the wholesome Arkansas clan, and it wasn’t long before the Duggars had their own show.

5. On the Grow

The duggar family photo
Initially titled 17 Kids and Counting, the series documented the adventures and unorthodox customs of the still-expanding Duggar clan.

6. Overlapping Generations

Josie duggar image
That expansion occurred in more ways than one, as Jim Bob and Michelle welcomed their youngest child (Josie Duggar, now 9) AFTER welcoming their first grandchild.

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The Duggar Family: Here’s Why 2019 Was Our Wildest Year Yet!

If you follow the them on social media, then we probably don’t need to tell you that 2019 was a very big year for the Duggars.

For one thing, it was the year of the great Duggar baby boom, which resulted in five new Duggars entering the world (with more to come)!

Next to attending church services, nothing gets the Duggars as excited as procreation, so Jim Bob and Michelle basically spent the past 12 months in a constant state of giddy joy.

Of course, the year was not an entirely joyous one, as the family suffered its fair share of loss, as well.

From miscarriages to tragic deaths, 2019 presented the Duggars with seemingly endless challenges, and some were siblings better were able to bear the burden than others.

All-in-all it was a year that none of them will soon forget.

So join as we recap the dizzying highs and devastating lows of the family’s most memorable year to date:

1. Bumps Abound

So many baby bumps
2019 was a banner year for the Duggar clan. No fewer than seven Duggar women became pregnant over the past 12 months, marking the family’s biggest period of growth to date.

2. Three For Jessa

Jessa seewald on her gram
First up was Jessa, who welcomed her third child — a daughter named Ivy — back in March.

3. A Painful Experience

Jessa 14
On a recent episode of Counting On, Jessa gave birth at home and the whole ordeal was documented in graphic detail. The scenes received a … mixed response from fans.

4. Mission Accomplished

Jessa duggar confesses
Jessa completed her home birth as planned, but she was later rushed to the hospital to be treated for excessive bleeding. These days, both mom and daughter are happy and healthy.

5. Amy Joins the Club

Amy duggar gives birth
Next up was rebellious cousin Amy Duggar, who became a mother in October.

6. Lil Dax

Amy and daxton
Amy and husband Dillon King welcomed a baby boy named Daxton into the world. Maybe NOW she can finally earn the approval of baby-obsessed Uncle Jim Bob!

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