Jana Duggar Courtship Report: What’s Going On With the Loneliest Duggar?

Jana Duggar is 30 and still single.

But that doesn’t mean she’s completely inexperienced in the ways of romance.

But don’t worry, the reasons for that are completely sexist, in keeping with the Duggars’ reputation.

You see, Jana is still single.

This is almost unheard of for a family in which girls are taught from a young age that procreation is their sole reason for being.

So with every birthday, the moaning and hand-wringing from the Duggar faithful becomes more intense, as does the need to believe that Jana is in a secret courtship that will soon bear fruit … and by “fruit,” of course, we mean children.

Here’s a complete list of all the men Jana has been erroneously linked to over the years.

1. Single Cinderella

Jana duggar is single
Dubbed the “Cinderella Duggar” due to the number of household chores she performs, Jana stayed at home to help care for her siblings as her brothers and sisters flew the coop to start families of their own.

2. Pushed Out of the Nest?

Jana duggar photo
Sources close to the family say that from the time she was of child-bearing age, Jana’s family has been attempting to marry her off to any available man who crosses her path. So we guess she’s endured 12 years (at least) of being creepily objectified by her own parents!

3. Or Shackled to the Compound?

Jana duggar photograph
Of course, there are those who claim the opposite–that Jana has been forced to remain at home to help care for her siblings. Frankly, we’d believe either terrible rumor!

4. Either Way…

Jana duggar on counting on
…the rumors keep flying, and they probably won’t let up until Jana either gets married or releases a statement proclaiming that she plans to remain single for the rest of her life.

5. The Pressure Increases

Joy anna duggar and two kids
The public pressure on Jana to hurry up and start breeding has only gotten more intense as her sisters have married and started families of their own. At this point, seven of Jana’s younger siblings have married and welcomed children.

6. Who Are the Suitors?

Jana duggar baby
The list of Jana’s potential suitors runs the gamut from longtime family friends to famously pious NFL stars. And curiously, she’s mostly kept mum about the rumors…

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Duggar Family Rules: How Are These Still a Thing in 2020??

The Duggar family’s unusual dating (sorry, courting) rules were well documented long before they were embroiled in scandal.

Ever since Josh Duggar’s child molestation history – and brazen adultery – was exposed, they’ve all been under a microscope.

Yet, despite his hypocrisy, and the fact that their every move is under heavier scrutiny than ever, they weather every storm.

TLC axed 19 Kids & Counting, only to quickly come back with Counting On, featuring the same Duggars and their beliefs.

Well, sans the radioactive Josh. And now Derick.

Josh was a bridge too far for even the hard core believers to stomach seeing on TV any longer, but the fan base remains.

The Duggars themselves are similarly loyal to their beliefs. When it comes to the Arkansas family’s values, they stand firm.

Their belief system certainly requires conviction in order to practice, since the list of policies for love and life is not short.

Despite Joy bailing, Jinger’s new life in L.A., Derick’s sex on the brain and Jana’s girlfriend (supposedly), the rules remain.

Here are the most bizarre things they don’t allow …

1. Girl-on-Girl Romance

Laura demasie jana duggar photo
Needless to say, the Duggars believe in traditional “family values” a.k.a. that homophobia is a sin. Rumors of Jana Duggar’s sexuality have circulated for years, with an insider telling The Hollywood Gossip that she was in love with her best friend Laura DeMasie. There’s been no official confirmation of this, but Jim Bob was reportedly so upset by how close they were that he arranged for her to get a job and move to Atlanta, far from the compound where Jana remains single at age 30. In a family where 20 is the usual courting age, her lack of courtships stands out even more.

2. Dates Without Chaperones

Duggar daughters
The Duggar parents don’t just stand by their beliefs on relationships … they’ll stand literally next to their kids during their relationships. The parents will often accompany the kids on dates in order to maintain “accountability” and “keep things from going in the wrong direction,” per Jim Bob. The girls are fine with this, as being alone with men puts them in grave “moral danger.” When the parents aren’t available, their older siblings will often tag along, making every date a group date and a family affair.

3. Non-Group Texts

Jessa duggar and ben seewald engagement
Even in the kids’ late teens and early 20s, mom and dad are creeping on their text messages. When Ben Seewald jokingly wrote to fiancee Jessa, “Give me a ring,” Jim Bob actually jumped in on the group text, writing “No ring yet.” With a smiley face emoticon. Seriously, he did that. Whatever you think of him, Jim Bob needs his own Instagram so he can start posting screen shots of this stuff.

4. Hugs on the Chest

Derick and jill dillard pregnant
This moment you see here between Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard would not have been permitted until the couple was married. Side hugs are the preferred method of PDA in order to prevent any further temptation or “hanky panky,” as has been well documented on 19 Kids and Counting. The Duggars love their side hugs so hard … though not too too hard, lest they lead to full-frontal hugging and the raging hormones that accompany such rampant chest-on-chest action. We’re getting riled up just thinking about it. And any touching beyond that? Save it for your wedding night.

5. Riding in Cars Together

Kendra caldwell joseph duggar
It’s no secret that the Duggars have strict dating rules. We’ve talked about some already and there are plenty more to come on this list. But one of the most bizarre was revealed only recently in an episode in which Joseph and Kendra Caldwell officially started courting. They were seen in a car, driving together … with one of the younger Duggar sitting in between them in the front seat of a pickup truck. Shortly after the courtship “proposal,” she was allowed to slide almost all the way over to Joseph. Not close enough for any inappropriate touching, obviously, but without another dude in between, which is mandatory during the “just friends” phase. Wow.

6. Co-Ed Hide and Seek

In the wake of the Josh Duggar molestation scandal going public years later, Jim Bob and Michelle gave in interview in which they talked about all of the things they did in its aftermath. In between blaming Josh’s indiscretions on being a curious pubescent boy, they discussed family rules that resulted from this, such as the children no longer being allowed to play co-ed hide and seek. That’s right, no two children regardless of age are allowed to go off alone, even in the context of this childhood pastime. How much that really helps the situation they were responding to remains to be seen.

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Duggar Wedding Photos: So Many Bridesmaids & Nervous Virgins!

The Duggar family does just about everything a little differently from the rest of us.

Most of us know about the courtship rules, but weddings are also no exception.

When a fellow fundie marries into the Duggar clan, the occasion is marked by a massive celebration. A booze-free celebration, to be sure, but a celebration just the same.

On these wedding days, two (very) young people nervously await the departure of the last guest, at which time, they’ll be free (and encouraged) to start making babies.

The Duggar courtship rules do not allow a lot of things.

They especially prohibit premarital sex, but once the vows are exchanged, it is on like you wouldn’t believe. Women in the family often get pregnant on their honeymoons.

So not only are the ceremonies high-pressure affairs, they’re even more intense by the fact that they’re often attended by HUNDREDS of Duggar friends and well-wishers.

Needless to say, this combination of factors makes for some very interesting photo opportunities. Take a look at some of the most memorable pics through the years:

1. Matriarch Weds Patriarch

Jim bob and michelle duggar wedding photo
Duggar weddings are unlike any wedding you’ve ever experienced. As a result, the most memorable Duggar wedding photos must be seen to be believed!

2. An Unholy Union

Josh duggar wedding photo
Obviously, not all Duggar marriages are created equal. Remember Josh and Anna’s wedding? Yeah, we blocked it out, too. Probably for the best.

3. A Very Public First Kiss

Jill duggar wedding pic first kiss
Next up were Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar. They strictly adhered to the rules of courtship. In fact, this was their first kiss EVER!!!!

4. Lookin’ Good

Jill duggar wedding photo
The Dillards have a sense of style, and they delivered some gorgeous wedding photos!

5. Anniversary Throwback

Jill duggar wedding pic
Here, Jill Duggar plants a kiss here on the face of Derick Dillard on their wedding day. She shared the snapshot in honor of a wedding anniversary.

6. Jill’s Wedding Party

Jill duggar wedding party
Jill Duggar shared this photo of her wedding party on her six month anniversary. So cute.

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Duggar Daughters’ Raciest Outfits: What Dress Code, Jim Bob?! [UPDATED]

The ladies of the Duggar family are known for subservience and commitment to their parents’ strict set of moral guidelines.

But they’re also young, famous women.

Women branching out on their own in a world where female independence is valued much more than it was in the day.

And the daughters of Jim Bob and Michelle seem to take pleasure in expressing their newfound freedom through fashion.

The acts of sartorial rebellion began when Jinger Duggar started wearing pants, and it’s been escalating from there.

Granted, we have a very long ways to go still.

Rebellion is modest in Duggars’ world. Still, progress is progress. See some of J-squad’s most defiant outfits below:

UPDATE: We’ve added some of the latest risqué pics from the sisters’ social media pages … and wow. Just wow.

Looks like im Bob’s rules are a thing of the past!

1. The Swimsuit Issue

Jessa duggar swimsuit photo
Of course, Jinger’s not the only one who’s capable of flouting her family’s rules in extremely mild fashion. Here, Jessa Duggar rocks the fundamentalist version of swimwear.

2. Workout Skirt

Jessa duggar pumps iron
And there was a time when Jessa stuck to her family’s “modest” dress code even while working out. It’s worth noting, however, that she’s actually baring some calf here, which makes this quite a racy get-up by Duggar standards.

3. The Pants Dance

Jinger duggar and her gun
Think Duggar fans were upset to see Jinger carrying a gun? Ha! It was her PANTS that caught them off-guard, as Duggar women typically favor floor-length skirts no matter what sort of activity they’re engaged in.

4. Liberated Jill

Jill duggar wearing pants in a school
These days, the Duggar gals are allowed a bit more leeway, as evidenced by Jill’s decision to rock pants in public — while addressing a group of young women, no less!

5. Short Stuff

Jinger duggar shorts
Much of that freedom is due to the 2017 Jinger Rebellion, which culminated in the new mom publicly sporting shorts.

6. Jinger in Tights, Jill in Jeans

Jinger in tights jill in jeans
Recently, Jill and Jinger posed for a pic together, and fans were quick to notice that the sisters were defying their parents by wearing jeans and tights, respectively.

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