Anna and Josh Duggar: Why the Heck Did They Name Their Baby After a Cheating Website?

This was an awkward time for Josh and Anna Duggar to welcome their seventh child.

There’s no “good” time to be born into an abusive cult, but Madyson Lily Duggar was born just over a month before Josh goes to trial.

Speaking of awkardness … what is with her name?

Why did the guy who famously cheated using an adultery website go on to have a daughter seemingly named after it?

2015 was the year that Josh was revealed to be a confessed child-molester.

That same year, he was exposed in the massive and infamous hack of Ashley Madison, a dating site for married partners to cheat.

Cheating is bad in any relationship. In the Duggar world, it’s a little bit different.

In Josh’s twisted family, his 2015 scandal was less about wronging his wife or preying upon his sisters than it was about breaking strict rules about sex.

His family, church, and cult have no real concept of sexual consent as far as women are concerned.

But things like pornography are seen as fiendish horrors leading people astray. It’s all pretty backwards.

Tragically, reports indicate that sex crimes committed against young girls in the IBLP world are not all that uncommon.

They’re covered up and kept quiet, but they happen.

Josh’s Ashley Madison scandal, on the other hand, was entirely different.

For Duggar fans and critics alike, Ashley Madison is a name that they cannot forget.

The people who find it even more memorable are those whose spouses cheated on them using the site.

It is difficult to imagine a parent who has cheated or been cheated upon via that site naming their child Ashley or Madison.

And yet that is what Josh and Anna did with Madyson Lily.

Madyson isn’t quite the same as Madison, but … we’re talking one letter of difference and the exact same pronunciation.

Since Anna shared the name of their seventh child, the Duggar world has been abuzz with confusion.

“What in the self-flagellation, Anna?” asked one redditor, knowing that she would never see the question.

“I’d rather be mauled to death by a polar bear than name my baby after anything associated with an affair,” the commenter added.

It is difficult to fathom.

“Also, there are 14 billion people in their extended family,” a Reddit user quipped.

The commenter marveled: “no one looked at her and said ‘Girl, nuh uh, we cannot let you do something so ridiculously idiotic?'”

Others delved into the question of how the name was brought up, and by whom.

“Can you IMAGINE Josh being the one to bring up ‘Madyson?’ Can you f–king imagine?” another redditor mused.

“And if she did — after all he put her through with a site by the same name…” the commenter continued.

The Reddit user then theorized: “I think they’re just trying to sway the search results. Bumbling idiots.”

Let’s look at the possibilities, because there are only a few.

The first is that it’s a total coincidence, that neither Anna nor Josh even thought of Ashley Madison when naming Madyson.

Unlike Duggar offspring, that is difficult to conceive … and if true, would speak to the depths of their denial.

What if Josh really suggested the name?

Whether it was an effort to alter search results, a whim, or an effort to test Anna’s commitment, it would be downright cruel.

Perhaps he wanted to leave one more indelible mark on his family before he (one hopes) spends many years behind bars.

What if it was not Josh, but Anna, who suggested the name?

We all know that Duggar women make limited choices within the cult, but it’s possible.

It could have been a demonstration of her unwavering loyalty to Josh … perhaps even a giant F-you to anyone suggesting that they split.

We cannot know the rationale behind burdening Madyson with that name.

Honestly, trying to follow the “logic” of Josh, Anna, or other members of their twisted cult is enough to drive someone mad. Don’t try it.

Instead, we can just feel a lot of sympathy for Madyson and her siblings, for a lot of reasons.

Jim Bob Duggar Asks for Campaign Cash, Voices No Actual Policies or Ideas

Don’t call it a comeback.

No, seriously, please do not allow Jim Bob Duggar’s run for Senate be a success story.

He’s hoping that everyone will ignore that the son whose past crimes he covered up is headed to trial for the unspeakable.

Jim Bob is also clearly hoping for donations … without listing any actual policies or concrete platforms.

When a millionaire is asking for donations — not for a cause, but for his own political glorification — people are often uneasy.

With big, national races, people understand — tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars can go into those.

But is Arkansas District 7 so hotly contested that a millionaire and his fundamentalist church full of fellow cultists needs to crowdsource campaign funds?

Jim Bob's Billboard

Jim Bob apparently thinks so.

Or perhaps he is so focused on continuing to use his wealth to control his children that he can’t be bothered to foot the bill.

Either way, his campaign site is an all-too-real thing that exists, and he has a lot to say.

Jim Bob Duggar campaign statement

“I’m running for State Senate because these are unprecedented times in our nation,” Jim Bob declares.

He whines: “Out-of-control bureaucrats have put politics over common-sense policy.”

Jim Bob says that they’ve done this “with government mandates that force people to choose between earning a paycheck and violating their personal rights and beliefs.”

In other words, he thinks that people have a fundamental right to spread whatever plagues upon their neighbors that they wish to.

“The foundational principles that have made our nation great are under threat like never before,” Jim Bob claims.

“Now more than ever, we need a bold voice that is pro-family, pro-business, pro-gun and pro-life,” he writes.

“It’s time for conservatives to demand courageous leadership that puts Arkansas families, jobs, and our constitutional liberties first,” Jim Bob declares.

Prematurely, he added: “I look forward to being your voice in the Arkansas State Senate.”

Well, that’s all very gross.

Years ago, internet trolls who wanted to silence and shame good, decent people came up with a term.

That term is “virtue signaling,” as if people would only do and say good things for attention.

Something that seems much realer is what I like to call malice signaling — loudly letting the world know how bad you are.

That is precisely what Jim Bob is doing here.

Just look at the term “pro family.” What does it mean? Who is “anti-family” exactly?

The term doesn’t really mean anything … and yet it always serves to signal that the speaker has malevolent intentions.

As for the rest — Jim Bob is against vaccine mandates, he’s a gun nut, and he thinks that anyone who gets pregnant should be forced to give birth.

Is any of that surprising? No.

All of that is very consistent with the Jim Bob that the world has come to know and detest over the years.

But … is he listing any actual policies or actual platforms?

Nowhere that we, or any others looking into his loathsome candidacy, can find.

What laws or policies is he proposing to proliferate firearms or criminalize reproductive healthcare or whatever sinister things “pro-family” means?


It’s not just that Jim Bob’s ideas are unpopular and well outside of mainstream views, let alone what’s actually right and wrong.

It’s also that he’s not proposing any “solutions” to these non-problems. He just wants cash.

Jim Bob Duggar campaign donation form

Like other con men before him, Jim Bob is probably going to get that cash, too.

In fact, he could be looking at a win-win scenario.

Even if Jim Bob (hopefully) loses his political run, we all know that there are ways to funnel political donations into one’s own businesses and turn a profit.

But perhaps the most unnerving part of all of this isn’t Jim Bob’s sinister views.

As we noted, they are not surprising, and unfortunately, the political arena has no shortage of malevolence, bigotry, greed, or dishonesty.

The most twisted part might be that Jim Bob is trying to make this comeback as Josh’s trial looms.

There will be a hearing on November 18. The trial begins in earnest on November 30.

Josh is on trial for receiving and possessing photos and video of the sexual abuse of children.

Little girls’ lives were ruined by adult men, and authorities traced one of the downloads of that content to Josh’s computer.

Jim Bob’s candidacy at such an awkward time could mean that he believes Josh’s claims.

He would have to believe two absurd things: that Josh is innocent, and that the justice system works flawlessly.

If Jim Bob believed both of those things, he would fully expect Josh to be acquitted and publicly vindicated.

More realistically, Jim Bob could be planning to either ignore Josh’s trial or use it to his advantage.

The first would mean saying that Josh is a “grown man” and he can’t control what his son does.

The second could mean claiming that his family is being attacked by “leftists” or “antifa” or “the devil.”

Jim Bob is not a good person or a good father. He has not been and would not be a good politician.

But with his family’s reality career once again sabotaged by yet another Josh scandal, he’s obviously looking for a new way to make the world worse.

And clearly, lining his own pockets seems to be a bigger priority than convincing people that he has even one actual good idea.