Erika Jayne Scandal: Victims’ Attorneys Say They’ve Linked Her to Stolen Money

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, viewers heard a lot from Erika Jayne about her scandal and her ex.

Some attorneys who plan to face off against her in court have had a lot to say, too.

Just days ago, the law firm representing the families of the Lion Air crash victims leveled a new accusation against her.

However, it’s unclear right now if this claim has any real merit.

Edelson law firm accused Erika Jayne of being on the receiving end of misappropriated funds.

The money was intended for Lion Air crash victims’ families — the “widows and orphans” so frequently brought up amidst this scandal.

Erika’s attorney is arguing that, if there’s any evidence of this claim, he has yet to lay eyes on it — and he may be right.

This is part of Tom Girardi’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.

Edelson’s clients were supposed to receive money from a settlement that Tom won for them against Boeing after the 2018 crash.

Tom is accused of stringing the families along and pocketing the cash himself.

Tom Girardi in 2018 (RHOBH flashback)

Edelson alleges that they have seen financial records, obtianed from teh Girardi bankruptcy trustee.

These alleged documents show that “money that belonged to the surviving widows and orphans of the victims of that plane crash had, in fact, been used to make payments for Erika or her companies.”

That is serious and could be, if not a smoking gun, a key piece of evidence in the case against Erika … maybe.

Tom Girardi Sept 2020 deposition

Obviously, that kind of documentation is not the same thing as evidence that Erika had any idea of what was going on.

If someone buys me dinner and turns out to be a jewel thief who paid for it with ill-gotten gains, that’s really on them — unless I know about it.

But what Erika did or did not know about Tom is actually not the key question about this.

Apparently, the references in the documents have been redacted.

Because of this information blackout, it’s not actually possible for anyone to determine if Edelson really has what they say that they have.

Meanwhile, Erika’s attorney is stating that there’s no known evidence of these payments.

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi

“I’ve never seen any evidence to support the allegation that Lion Air settlement money received by Girardi Keese was sent by GK to my client,” Erika’s attorney stated.

Additionally, the statement noted that the bankruptcy trustee “never has alleged that Erika received Lion Air settlement money.”

Erika’s attorney admits: “I don’t know what Edelson is referring to, and he has conveniently redacted or blacked out his alleged references in his brief to supposed evidence.”

On the one hand, of course Erika’s attorney would say that.

It’s his job, and a public statement is very different than speaking before a judge as an officer of the court.

But the trustee’s special litigation counsel, Ronald Richards, is no friend of Erika’s, and has been thoroughly investigating Erika’s finances to determine any role in Tom’s alleged wrongdoings.

Richards doesn’t think that there’s anything to Edelson’s claims, either.

“They produced no evidence that showed any direct payments to Erika or her companies,” Richards commented.

The comment continued: “It’s all a big conjecture piled on maybes.”

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Erika Jayne Finally Spoke to Tom Girardi, Still Made it ALL About Her

On this week’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, Erika Jayne went off on Sutton Stracke.

But she also made another on air admission that could come back to haunt her.

Erika reached out and spoke to her estranged husband, Tom Girardi.

But even this risky admission to the cameras isn’t winning over outraged fans.

In an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that aired in August, Erika shared that she had not spoken to Tom.

Not just recently — she hadn’t spoken to him since their split in November of 2020.

She had revealed at the time that he called her regularly, seemingly unable to remember that they were divorced.

Obviously, that episode was filmed many months earlier.

The Reunion that aired this week was actually recorded in September.

That was when she confessed to host Andy Cohen that she ahd reached out to her 82-year-old ex.

The reason was because Tom was spotted looking frail, thin, and disoriented that month.

“I just wanted to make sure he was safe,” she explained as she began to tear up.

“Because after the pictures came out,” Erika detailed, “he looked so bad that I just wanted to make sure he was in the right place.”

Erika shared that Tom had not stopped calling her, even reaching out multiple times on the day of the Reunion filming.

She admitted that his declining health was “very sad.”

Erika also mentioned that she had asked him about the alleged financial crimes that he perpetrated against his own clients.

Her questions were to no avail.

“I’ve asked him how he could put me in this position,” Erika shared.

She continued: “[I asked], ‘Why would you leave me with millions of dollars of lawsuits pointed at me?’”

Erika Jayne leans in (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

Unfortunately, Erika told the host and her castmates, his cognitive decline means that he’s not fully capable of understanding the topic.

“Andy, he doesn’t even acknowledge anything,” she shared.

“None of it,” Erika said. “It doesn’t even matter what he says because he’s incompetent.”

Tom Girardi Sept 2020 deposition

“So I’m left holding the f–king bag,” Erika characterized.

This did not go over very well with viewers and fans of the show.

It was perceived that she continues to be fixated on her own losses — substantial though they may be — and not the much less fortunate victims.

Erika Jayne vs the world (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

Erika emphasized that she did not know what was going on.

It’s not just that she lacks the financial expertise to participate in a scheme like that, either.

Erika shared that if she had known about this, she would have avoided reality stardom altogether.

Tom Girardi in 2018 (RHOBH flashback)

“You can’t hide s–t like this,” Erika stated.

“That’s what I’m saying,” she explained. “This is not some master plan.”

Erika characterized: “This is not, you know, Erika being some financial f–king mastermind.”

Erika Jayne vs Sutton Stracke (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

Erika explained: “This is a tragic sequence of events that are completely terrible.”

“This is not pretty, it is ugly,” she acknowledged. “I am well aware.”

“And I have been pressed for however many months now,” Erika noted, “and stories have run wild and people have filled in the blanks.”

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi

“I hope today that you all leave knowing a little bit more of my side,” Erika expressed.

“And,” she added, “understand this will not be wrapped up easily.”

“It is a long arduous process,” Erika told everyone. “And all I can do is put one foot in front of the other.”

Erika Jayne HAUNTED by On-Air Admissions, Too Broke to Quit RHOBH

On this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne has said a lot about her case and about her life.

Considering how badly she needs those hefty Bravo paychecks just to keep the lights on, that’s not going to change.

The new season is already filming and Erika is expected to continue to share and overshare for the cameras.

But anything that she says could be used against her in court. That knowledge haunts her even now.

An inside source spoke to Us Weekly about how the embattled reality star is feeling.

“Erika is nervous,” the insider shared.

The source explained that she fears “that her own words will be used against her in court.”

There are two major subjects that Erika fears could blow up in her face.

The first, the insider illuminated, is “her talking about anything related to money.”

“And,” the source continued, “how much she knew about Tom’s [alleged] shady dealings.”

Having legal counsel to advise her through this wasn’t as helpful as someone might imagine.

“Erika’s lawyers instructed her to say as little as possible,” the insider of course confirmed.

“But,” the source explained, “that wasn’t realistic for Erika.”

The insider detailed that Erika could not realistically keep quiet “because she’s filming a reality show.”

Because the show is “about her life,” there was no chance that she could pretend that it wasn’t happening.

The source added: “She knew she had to open up.”

Reality stars who hide parts of their lives from the cameras do not get invited back for another season.

In some cases, they could even be found to be violating their contracts.

Erika needs the money that Bravo pays her … but there’s more to it than that.

It wasn’t so long ago that Denise Richards’ world was rocked by a storyline that she did not want to see on camera.

She tried to sabotage filming and raised a stink, but to no avail.

All of her protests just saw her castmates talk about it more, and saw Bravo bend the rules to make sure that Denise’s story was told.

That would have been the last thing that Erika wanted.

Her talking about it on screen is painful and risky.

Having her castmates digging into it and talking about it behind her back — more than they already were — would be worse.

At least, worse when it comes to public opinion.

But whatever her castmates think about her can’t be used against her in court — not if it’s speculation and hearsay.

In contrast, Erika’s own statements could be used. Depending upon a judge’s rulings, they could be played for a jury one day.

In fact, Erika’s on-screen behavior from long, long before this scandal broke could haunt her in court.

Her glam squad, her lifestyle, everything that she shared during her marriage to Tom Girardi could be used against her.

Erika even has a song, “It’s Expensive To Be Me.”

Unlike Erika, none of this has aged well in the court of public opinion.

Still, it’s all worth it.

She reportedly makes $600,000 a season for doing this show. She can’t turn her nose at that now.

“Erika is worried about her finances,” the insider shared.

“She doesn’t have access to large sums of money anymore,” the source added.

“And,” the insider detailed, “her main income is RHOBH, which is far less than she’s used to having.”

“Erika is worried about her words coming back to haunt her,” the source confirmed.

“But,” the insider emphasized, “she has no choice.”

The source explained that her hands are tied “since she needs the income from the show.”

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Erika Jayne is Dating Again: Time to Find a NEW Old Rich Husband!

A couple of weeks ago, viewers heard Erika Jayne complain that she’s almost broke and in desperate need of some dong.

There’s a shortage of sympathy for Erika these days, and a lot of people question her definition of “broke.”

But being ready to date is not quite the same thing as dating, as anyone could tell you.

Erika has made the jump, however — and is actively dating for the first time since the ’90s.

TMZ reports that Erika Jayne began dating again about a month ago.

In that time, she has gone on a handful of dates.

It doesn’t sound like she is dating anyone specific, as the outings have been with different men.

Erika Jayne vs Sutton Stracke (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

This has been a huge change for Erika.

She filed to divorce Tom Girardi nearly one year ago, in November of 2020.

That filing came after 21 years of marriage. That’s not an easy thing to forget.

Obviously, the dating world is very different than it was when Erika was last on the market.

It’s not the 1990s anymore, but that doesn’t mean that Erika has to act like it.

Instead of taking advantage of the plethora of dating apps, including those that cater to the famous, Erika’s methods are more old school.

Apparently, Erika’s friends have been setting her up with these guys.

Once paired with an eligible bachelor, Erika heads out on a date.

According to the report, the men have all been fellow Los Angeles locals — which is smart.

Andy Cohen challenges Erika Jayne (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

Erika is looking for something specific in her suitors, and it might not be what you think.

According to the report, she is hoping to see if there’s a spark — if one guy stands out among the others.

Some of Erika’s dates work in the entertainment field, but not all of them, so she is not limiting her options too strictly.

Erika has more on her plate than just dating, and we’re not just talking about her various legal and financial woes.

Filming is already underway for the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Erika and her castmates are filming, which is good news for her.

RHOBH 14 July 2021 promo - Erika Jayne explains the rumors

After all, Erika needs the money.

By all accounts, her income from Bravo is her most secure financial lifeline right now.

It’s not a permanent financial safety net and it’s never going to match her former lifestyle, but it can keep her housed and fed.

Some fans may wonder who would date Erika amidst this scandal.

First, we have to remember that not everyone assumes that she was involved in or even knew about Tom’s alleged crimes.

Second, we should also remember that Tom Girardi is being investigated but has not confessed to or been convicted of anything.

RHOBH 14 July 2021 promo - Erika Jayne at home

It’s also worth noting that Erika is probably dating age-appropriate or even older men.

Very few of them are likely very invested in Bravolebrity drama in the way that those of us who follow the show are.

The real test may end up being whether a man with the “spark” is also willing to film with her for Bravo’s cameras. Not everyone is down for that.

Erika Jayne’s Lifestyle Hasn’t Changed at ALL, Attorney Claims

As her scandal continues, Erika Jayne has insisted that she is broke and that her life has been ruined.

In many ways, that is true. She was once a beloved Housewife, and now many viewers have turned on her.

But a prominent attorney involved in the case thinks that, in many ways, Erika hasn’t fallen as far as she suggests.

As far as he is concerned, Erika has made a lot of PR blunders, and her lifestyle is exactly as it was before.

Erika Jayne leans in (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

Jay Edelson spoke on the Reality Life With Kasey podcast this week.

“I mean there are reports that she’s making as much as $600,000 for the [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] season,” Jay noted.

Yeah, Erika Jayne’s Bravo paychecks are not too shabby, to say the least.

“And she’s got her glam squad and, you know, we all have to cry along with her,” Jay mocked.

“The idea that you’re slumming in a $10,000 a month place is really offensive,” the attorney commented.

“She’s got a lot of fans, but I doubt many of them are spending $10,000 a month to live,” Jay observed.

Jay Edelson continued: “I doubt many of them have glam squads.”

“This whole thing [she said of], ‘Oh, I’ve got these homes I’ve never even heard of. Let me Google where they are,'” Jay continued.

The attorney expressed: “All of it is just so tone deaf.”

“Her character, the one that she’s portraying is this, ‘I’ve got tons of money and I don’t give an F,'” Jay characterized.

“That’s totally fine. That’s great. It makes great reality TV,” the attorney continued.

Jay stated: “But it stops the second you stole money from widows and orphans.”

Jay Edelson suggested that the legal scandal should have been a game changer for Erika and how she presents herself.

First of all, she should have “changed tacks” when it came to her public image.

And specifically, she could ahve taken some very public, very positive action with regard to the victims.

“Maybe, you want to do something to actually make sure those people are made whole,” Jay suggested.

“She could do that,” he went on.

“She could do a fundraiser in a second,” Jay noted, “and pay off the $2 million in the judgment that are owed to these people.”

Additionally, he said that the case against her and Tom has been helped a lot … but this season of the show.

“This season of Real Housewives, as painful as it has been to watch — just because I’m watching through the eyes of the victims,” Jay said.

He added that “it’s given us a lot of evidence.”

That doesn’t mean that it’s the exact same thing as testimony, however.

“On TV, you can say whatever you want,” Jay admitted.

He added: “Under oath, you got to tell the truth.”

It’s certainly true that Erika’s on-screen behavior has not helped her.

At least, it cannot have helped her case.

Many have suggested that any responsible attorney would tell her to not discuss the case.

However, attorneys need to be paid. And without her fortune, Erika certainly needs the show to pay those bills.

Everyone is watching her on screen, and her source of income could also end up getting her into more trouble.

At the same time … it has been a ratings goldmine all season long. Bravo might be the only winner in this story.

Erika Jayne Fires Back At Fans Asking For Her To Be Fired From RHOBH, Claims It’s Her Main Source Of Income

Much of season 11 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills focused on Erika Jayne’s divorce from Tom Girardi and their subsequent legal troubles — and the reunion was obviously no different, as Andy Cohen put her in the hot seat to chat about her sticky situation. During the first part of the reunion on […]

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Erika Jayne Slammed For Comparing Herself To Jesus Amid Legal Troubles!

Erika Jayne landed herself in hot water yet again after comparing herself to Jesus Christ. The 50-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently shared a post from a fan on Instagram who called one of the attorneys in the bankruptcy case against her estranged husband Tom Girardi’s former law firm, Girardi Keese, Ronald Richards. […]

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Erika Jayne Compares Legal Situation to Jesus, Gets Slammed by EVERYONE

Even after filming Erika Jayne getting skewered by Andy Cohen on the Reunion, producers want more of Erika.

From a reality television perspective, that makes a lot of sense — film the drama.

But a lot of fans are enraged, not only by Erika’s scandal, but by her public reaction to the scandal.

Erika is acting like she’s being persecuted … even comparing herself to Jesus.

Erika Jayne leans in (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

Jesus, Erika.

As always, we want to convey the full context of this.

It all starts with one of the attorneys who is looking into Erika, into Tom Girardi, and a lot of missing money.

Ronald Richards is an attorney who is overseeing the liquidation of Tom’s firm.

He has made the rounds, doing interviews and podcasts and releasting statements.

More than once, Richards has shared suspicions about how Erika might allegedly have been involved, directly or indirectly, in Tom’s case.

Erika Jayne vs Sutton Stracke (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

So a superfan of Erika’s took to Instagram to call out Ronald Richards … and to call for him to be disbarred.

The fan accused that Richards has “undermined the judicial system.”

Allegedly this was done “by making accusations & insinuations in hopes it will inspire public opinion to override the courts.”

“This behavior is dangerous & reckless for our society!” the superfan exclaimed.

The post added that “Everyone should take notice.”

“This is exactly how CHRIST died,” the superfan’s Instagram Story post concluded.

jayne, jesus

What does this have to do with Erika beyond being literally about her?

Well … because she chose to share that post to her own Instagram Stories.

Sharing a post is almost always an endorsement, unless it’s a mistake.

In this case, it looks like Erika did both — because endorsing this post by sharing it was a mistake.

There are plenty of pro-Erika stances floating around social media that are not this inflammatory.

Calling for the opposing attorney to be disbarred is a lot. The Jesus comparison is … well, a lot more.

Andy Cohen challenges Erika Jayne (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

“Erika Jayne comparing herself to Christ is … absolutely insane,” tweeted on horror-struck critic.

The fan’s tweet continued: “This woman has lost her damn mind.”

The comparison did draw to mind a former Real Housewives OG, however.

Vicki Gunvalson - I'm being nailed to the cross like jesus was

“Erika Jayne is pulling a Vicki Gunvalson comparing her own (self imposed) drama to the crucifixion of Christ…..” another marveled.

That social media user added: “Girl PUHLEASEEEEEEE!”

Memorably, Vicki once said that she was being “nailed to the cross like Jesus was.” Ma’am, no.

Erika Jayne IG defends jesus comparison

“This is not a post comparing @theprettymess to Christ,” Erika insisted in a follow-up post.

“It’s comparing an unethical lawyer who is trying to undermine this judicial system,” she claimed.

Erika said that this was done “by persuading the courts to ACT based on public opinion and not by the law.”

“Just like the pharisees did to Christ,” Erika seemingly could not help but add.

According to Christian religious tradition, high-ranking officials at the Jewish Temple were responsible for Jesus’ execution.

It is also a core of Christian theology that Jesus’ death was his choice, and the means by which all of humanity could be redeemed.

Historically speaking, Jesus was executed by the state, and specifically by means of crucifixion. 

The means of death indicates that Jesus may have been viewed as a threat to continued Roman rule.

While higher-ranking residents of Judea would have been obligated to report any signs of rebellion or insurrection, it’s unclear what role they would have played.

Erika Jayne vs Sutton Stracke (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

We mention all of this to say that, simply put, no version of history or theological accounts of Jesus mesh with the comparison.

It’s a bad analogy. And you know, people make bad analogies all of the time.

But when you’re backed into a corner and have lost almost all shreds of your popularity, it’s arguably the worst time make a reach like this.

Erika Jayne SKEWERED by Andy Cohen in RHOBH Reunion Trailer: Who Believes Erika?

We had already heard that Erika Jayne got into a screaming match with Andy Cohen at the Season 11 Reunion.

Now, the trailer has dropped — on Erika’s Instagram, of all places.

We’re getting a little taste of what it looks like with Erika in the hotseat.

Andy has a lot of questions, and it doesn’t look like any of the cast are in Erika’s corner.

On Wednesday, October 6, Erika Jayne took to Instagram to drop the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion trailer.

Her storyline has been a flashpoint for audience members and fellow cast members alike throughout Season 11.

Erika’s eyebrow-raising caption reads: “The champ is here. Me.” Oh, dear.

The Reunion will be in four parts, which explains why the trailer is so darn long.

We included a clip here that highlights just how intense the grilling of Erika is.

Erika has some bones to pick, too, feeling stabbed in the back by her castmates.

“You and your husband,” Erika accuses Dorit Kemsley, “and you and your husband,” she points to Kyle Richards.

She accuses them both of “laughing at my f–ked up life.”

Erika reminds them: “I can’t control what Tom Girardi did.” Ouch.

“The way that you spoke to me,” Sutton Stracke challenges Erika, “was not okay.”

“You were being a bitchy f–king c–t,” Erika fires back.

We see Kyle, mouth agape in shock, at the exchange.

“We’re gonna put you on a skewer, and I’m gonna fire up the barbecue,” Andy warns Erika in the preview.

He starts off hot, asking: “Why didn’t you leave Tom sooner?”

“Where was I going?” Erika replies, resulting in Andy challenging her: “I know what you make on this show.”

In other words, there are many people who financially are not able to divorce their husbands.

Erika’s net worth gave her more options than many, no matter how the divorce went.

At least, before all of this came out last year.

Andy points out that it was reported that Tom deposited as much as $20 million into Erika’s business account.

He then asks the cast who among them actually believes Erika’s version of events.

A distraught Erika asks: “Can someone please back me the f–k up on what I’m saying?”

Erika’s timeline of Tom’s diminishing mental capacity also comes into question.

More to the point, Andy says, Erika just isn’t as sympathetic or playing this as expected.

He tells her that her fiery persona “lands differently when there are air crash victims.”

Of course, Erika is not the sole focus of the Reunion, not even in the full trailer.

Crystal Kung Minkoff also addresses the vicious racist backlash that she has received for appearing on the show.

The cruelty that has been aimed at her over social media is unspeakable. Some people are simply evil.

Kathy Hilton also participates in at least part of the Reunion and has an emotional time during it.

Garcelle and Dorit seem to clash, and Garcelle also comes into conflict with Lisa Rinna.

For that matter, Garcelle seems to openly ask what exactly her castmates want from her, since nothing seems to please them.

No matter what, this four-part Reunion is going to be a mess.

The first part premieres on October 13 — one week from today.

Will it be a chaotic nightmare? Yes. Would we miss it for anything? Absolutely not.

Erika jayne skewered by andy cohen in rhobh reunion trailer who