Farrah Abraham Terrorizes Wait Staff: SING to Me on My Birthday!!

Over the years, we have all seen any number of deranged outbursts at underpaid service workers, with each tantrum filmed by a bystander.

Farrah Abraham didn’t wait for an eyewitness to report on her restaurant meltdown.

After getting her booty fixed in the UK, Farrah went out to dinner and pitched a fit when the restaurant did not give her a birthday candle or sing to her.

Farrah being Farrah, she uploaded footage of her complaints herself.

There is a reason that Sophia Abraham once called Farrah the “ultimate Karen” while filming her berating a fast food worker.

Farrah recently went to dinner with “friends.”

While there are reasonable complaints to be made about British cuisine, a lack of birthday candle is not one of them.

“I did ask for a candle,” Farrah is heard reminding the waitress.

“Can I have a candle?” she demands. “Ma’am, can I have a candle please?”

Unsatisfied with her lack of candle, Farrah then goes — with her bereft-of-candles dessert in hand — to berate other servers at the restaurant.

“She goes behind us texting and talking to coworkers right behind us where we can see,” Farrah captioned the video. “Does not bring a candle.”

“Hi, you’re texting and talking, not getting a candle and singing happy birthday,” she accuses the wait staff.

Farrah continues mercilessly: “Give me a candle! I don’t work here.”

Farrah’s rampage does not end there, and of course — as is always the case with this kind of hellclown — she ends up speaking to the manager.

Because she is worked up into a frenzy, her words are even less intelligible than usual.

It sounds like Farrah announces: “So I can eat and get out!” which is, in fact, how restaurants are supposed to work.

Laughter can be heard in the background, but the wait staff just sound shocked.

Stereotypically, you expect these antics either from an adolescent who is struggling with hormones and maturity issue or with someone much older, who may be dealing with entitlement issues.

In Farrah’s case, however, it’s just Farrah being Farrah. This time, she wasn’t arrested. Sadly, her bullying paid off, and she got a camera and even a song.

First of all, it’s truly weird to think that Farrah wants a birthday candle, much less the birthday song that she demanded.

Who likes getting sung to by the wait staff? Over the age of 8, we mean.

When I go out to eat on my birthday, I’m sure to not order alcohol to avoid the chance that someone might notice that it’s my birthday on my ID and subject me to that disruptive ritual.

But Farrah seems like the sort of nightmarish being that might be spawned by a “disruptive ritual.”

There is a punchline to her chaotic hellclown behavior, however:

Her birthday is May 31. That is next week. It’s not her birthday, and this only makes her obnoxious demands more absurd.

All of this went down as an old clip of Farrah having a meltdown years ago at a producer resurfaced.

It’s good to remember that her vile behavior is nothing new, and that she has always treated people this way.

In many ways, Farrah is a product of her toxic upbringing, but at some point, being an awful person became a choice, and she has made it again and again.

Farrah abraham terrorizes wait staff sing to me on my birthday

Farrah Abraham Threatens to Adopt Ukrainian Orphans

Over the years, the world has heard a lot of ominous plans from Farrah Abraham.

Some would see her do irreparable harm to the world through politics. Others would mean ruin on a more personal level.

It has now been three months since Russia launched its brutal invasion of Ukraine, and not even Farrah is unmoved by the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

Unfortunately, Farrah is now threatening to try to adopt a Ukrainian child. Please stop.

The war crimes that have unfolded in Ukraine have extended beyond massacres and other cruelties of war.

“Genocide” is not hyperbole, it is a warning cry issued by numerous human rights groups and by Ukraine’s own president.

Among them has been sexual assault inflicted by Russian occupation forces, including mercenaries, upon Ukrainian civilians — including children.

Farrah Abraham IG Ukraine adoption 01 of 02

So Farrah was not wrong when she warned of “rapists” and Russian forces “sexually assaulting babies, youth, and elderly.”

While the Teen Mom OG villain is often mistaken or even confused about news reports, the physical evidence left in ransacked homes and piles of naked corpses speaks for itself.

Farrah affirmed that Ukraine is “stronger than all of Russia,” and that “no Ukrainian deserves to be tortured for being who they are or where they live.”

Farrah also took things further than simply reporting upon the atrocities committed by Putin’s forces.

“I will adopt Ukrainian children,” Farrah wrote on Monday, May 23.

This is an ominous line, not only because of Farrah’s lack of qualifications, but also because she is not alone.

Farrah Abraham IG Ukraine adoption 02 of 02

First and foremost, Farrah is prone to unhinged ranting, unstable behavior, and racist outbursts.

Not “racially charged” comments, not “insensitive” statements, not any other euphemism to mask the rot of white supremacy — racist.

Farrah has done this on reality TV cameras. She has done this on social media, effectively tattling on herself. It’s who she is.

While some aspects of Farrah’s behavior may stem from cognitive impairment …

(We are of course referring to her pattern of speech and her difficulty in understanding certain topics, neither of which are her fault)

… Being hateful or racist is not a disability or an illness, it is a malicious choice.

Being raised by Farrah cannot have been easy on 13-year-old Sophia, who arguably has it worse than many children of narcissistic parents because she is also homeschooled.

The best that one can realistically say about Farrah’s parenting is that she’s not the worst mother from the Teen Mom franchise.

But as long as Jenelle Evans exists, that’s such a low bar that failing to pass over it should literally be a crime.

So no, Farrah should not raise a Ukrainian child, or any others. Some have speculated that she’s not really planning to, but is just trying to generate publicity.

Normally we would simply condemn someone for exploiting a crisis to make a few headlines for themselves.

But in this case, it would actually be best if this is an impulsive PR statement and not a declaration of her true intentions. Those kids have suffered enough.

Valeria Shashenok TikTok - the war in Ukraine 01 of 02

Even if we ignore who Farrah is, we must also acknowledge that there is an ugly history of human trafficking under the guise of humanitarian adoptions.

War zones can allow thousands of children to slip through the cracks and simply disappear, even if they still have living families.

In particular, American evangelicals have a grim reputation for doing this over the decades, leading to ruined lives and intense mistrust when the next crisis comes around.

Farrah Abraham Flaunts Freshly Fixed Booty: My Butt Fillers Were Botched!

There seem to be few things that Farrah Abraham enjoys more than showing off a fresh round of butt injections.

However, not everything turns out like you hope.

Just a few weeks after her first treatments, Farrah apparently had to fly to another continent for some urgent reconstruction work on her booty.

Now, Farrah is flaunting that colossal peach alongside a lengthy list of her newest procedures.

While we don’t know the full details, it’s sounding like something or another that Farrah recently received was botched.

Instead of going back to Beverly Hills for a touch-up, this time, the Teen Mom villain flew to the UK all the way from Texas.

At Miss Hudson’s Academy, “Farrah had a number of procedures done,” according to the official Twitter account.

The account lists one of these procedures as a “booty correction.”

According to the page, “Farrah originally had Buttock Fillers … with a Doctor in #BeverlyHills.”

The page continues: “Unhappy with the outcome, we reconstructed the booty, adding symmetry and projection bringing everything back into shape.”

Farrah Abraham IG booty repair in the UK

That remedy was not all, however.

“Finishing with the signature #Snatched package covering the following areas,” the post read.

The caption listed: “Jawline & cheek correction, rhinoplasty, lip correction, brow lift (using filler).”

Those are some bold claims by the Instagram account, but Farrah — and her butt — were right there.

Additionally, Farrah also read off a video announcing the winner of some sort of drawing, clearly as a favor to the “Academy.”

Celebrities essentially do cosmetic work in two ways: silently while spending a lot of money, or very publicly while spending little to nothing. For Farrah, it’s the latter.

Farrah is known for doing endorsements — like any number of reality stars.

Unlike most, however, she promotes cosmetic work and medical treatments (some of which are considered dubious or unnecessary) and has done so for years.

Whether it’s getting vaginal rejuvenation or another round of booty fillers, Farrah’s happy to take her followers along for the ride — kicking and screaming, if necessary.

So yes, this seems like another endorsement that may have been paid or simply compensated with the aforementioned cosmetic work.

That said, sometimes there is a genuine emergency — especially when, say, your butt starts to fall apart.

Farrah may have had to make the best of a bad situation and find someone who could remedy a botched booty ASAP.

We are admittedly curious about how those who worked on her just a few weeks ago, in Beverly Hills, feel about this.

It’s one thing to get something fixed or touched up. It’s another altogether to see someone advertise based upon fixing what you allegedly “botched.”

Then again, maybe Farrah has no intentions of ever working with those folks again and doesn’t mind burning that bridge.

As strange as it may sound to say out loud, Farrah does make part of her living on her butt … that is, by having a certain body type.

It’s not entirely clear what motivates companies to work with her after her lengthy history of misbehavior, paranoid ranting, and worse, but it happens.

Despite our morbid curiosity, we’re glad that her butt isn’t suffering from whatever caused her to fly out to the UK in the first place.

Farrah & Sophia Abraham Celebrate Mother’s Day With Trip To Derek Underwood’s Grave

We celebrate all kinds of moms on Mother’s Day — the good, the bad … and the Farrah Abraham.

Now, we probably don’t need to tell you that Farrah won’t be winning any Mother of the Year Awards anytime soon — in fact, it’s sort of amazing that she still has custody of daughter Sophia.

But occasionally, Farrah forgets to be a completely batsh-t narcissist and actually does some solid parenting. 

For example, Farrah and Sophia visited the grave of Derek Underwood on Mother’s Day.

Derek is Sophia’s father who died in a tragic car accident two months before she was born.

“#mothersday my Mother’s Day is always made visiting the man who made me a mom,” Farrah captioned the video.

“God is great! Love being in #midwest  love my family! #blessed  proud of @sophialabraham  #fyp.”

The use of hashtags and the exuberant tone might be a little inappropriate for a visit to the a teenager’s grave, but at least Farrah has continued to honor Derek’s memory.

She last paid tribute to Sophia’s late father in December, when she offered some words of support to others who had lost loved ones.

“I hope you know you are strong, it’s healthy to feel many emotions & even over many years, decades even with trauma therapy, anti-depressants it’s normal to be sad, especially around holidays, coldness, darkness possibly when the tragic event happened,” she wrote at the time.

“Wishing the loved one was there and new challenges unforeseen. Peace and positivity your way.”

Yeah, with Farrah you sometimes have to sift through the word salad to find the meaning, but her heart was in the right place.

Anyway, it’s been an eventful year in the life of the former reality star.

Back in January, Farrah was arrested for slapping a security guard at a nightclub where she had been partying.

She denied any wrongdoing, but video that was taken at the scene tells a very different story.

Farrah checked into rehab after the event but she left just a few weeks later.

She could still face jail time for the assault, but she’ll likely get off with a fine and community service.

Farrah often engages in this sort of behavior, but these days, it’s a little more troubling, as 13-year-old Sophia is old enough to know what’s going on.

On TikTok, fans were mostly supportive of Farrah’s latest video, though a few took issue with Sophia’s graveside fashion statement as well as Farrah’s upbeat choice of song — “AA” by Walker Hayes.

Humorous lyrics about keeping your drinking under control so that you don’t have to go to AA seem a little strange for a tribute to someone who died in a traffic accident.

“Happy Mother’s Day. It’s so nice that you’ve done that w/Sophie ever since she was a baby,” one commenter wrote.

“Ok but why this song choice,” another added.

“All I have to say is wow. Wow,” a third chimed in.

So yeah, the reaction was mixed, but the important thing is that Farrah, Sophia, and whoever that guy is (Derek’s dad, maybe?) were able to pay their respects in a way that they saw fit.

But maybe next time, Farrah will be inspired to choose a song that’s a bit more appropriate to the occasion.

Farrah and sophia abraham celebrate mothers day with trip to der

Farrah Abraham Threatens to Adopt a Kid AND Run for Office!

For some strange and unexpected reason, Farrah Abraham appeared in April 2022 on Howie Mandel‘s podcast, Howie Mandel Does Stuff.

And let’s just say the former Teen Mom OG alum didn’t disappoint.

At one point, she said she hasn’t had sex in three years.

At another point, she talked about her recent arrest… at another point, she talked about the possibility of adoption… and, at another point, she talked about maybe running for governor of some state someday.

She also delved into her plans to become a stand-up comedian.

There’s a lot to unpack here, people.

So sit down. Settle in. And let’s go through it all, shall we?

1. Is She Talking to Her Mom These Days?

Farrah abraham and howie mandel
No. “[My mom says] I attacked my mother on the yacht on my birthday [last year]… she called CPS on me while I was in the trauma center… for now, my mom is in my heart, always will be, but it’s not a good thing.”

2. Does She Still Want to Adopt a Kid Someday?

Farrah abraham video selfie
Yes… if her mom ever stops calling Child Protective Services on her. “I think I would just have to keep that, like, secretive just so my child that I do adopt could just really live their best life and not be targeted.”

3. Did She Really Assault That Nightclub Security Guard?

Farrah abraham on a podcast
“I stopped touching people in high school,” Farrah replied. “I’ve learned that I got more to lose than probably anyone else…I do not touch people.”

4. Why Did She Check Into the Makena Path Treatment Center?

Farrah abraham gets angry
“[I went because] in this past year I’ve been attacked like four times and they were horrific— from a sexual assault to some guy randomly handcuffing me to myself…. Work recommended this trauma center and a lot of talented people do go there and I was like, ‘Yes, I really need that. I’m not even going to fight it.'”

5. Did It Work?

Farrah abraham confessional pic
Yes, Abraham explains. “I don’t even know if I’m scared anymore of being attacked because I’ve got the 12 steps! Twelve step that!”

6. What the Heck is This Stand-Up Comedy Thing About?!?

Farrah abraham flips out
“I had a comic bring me to something secretive, unannounced, just to see what the crowd would do,” she said, declining to name this so-called comic. “I did [comedy] for five minutes, and he wanted to see the reaction and basically, he recorded it and he saw it was women standing up cheering me on and men laughing. So, I was like, ‘Even if I fail at comedy, I could be really good at TED Talks!’ So, either way I’m going for it!”

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Debra Danielsen Slams Farrah Abraham: My Depraved Daughter is Selling Her Own Fecal Waste and Ruining People’s Lives!

A few months ago, Farrah Abraham began offering jars of her own excrement to paying customers.

Farrah has many disgusting qualities and behaviors, but few are more horrified by who she has chosen to be than her own mother.

Debra Danielsen is currently on the outs with Farrah, but is calling out her daughter’s “depravity.”

She also claims that Farrah’s horrendous reputation has cost her multiple jobs by association.

We wish that Farrah’s declaration to her OnlyFans followers that she would sell them jars of her feces were just a rumor, as she later claimed.

Maybe Farrah was just vying for attention and never planned to follow through on filming herself “fulfilling” any such orders.

But we all have to live with the thought that someone, somewhere may really want this.

Farrah's poop jar

Debra Danielsen spoke to The Ashley about Farrah’s unorthodox way of diversifying her revenue streams.

“I worked with some of the most prominent people on the planet when I was an executive,” she said.

Debra added: “I advocated higher education to my daughters.”

“Do you think there was any time I would ever suggest she get to that level of human depravity?” Debra asked rhetorically.

“Why would you sell your soul?” she demanded.

Debra continued: “Why would you be so depraved that you would do that?”

She detailed that it was Dr. David Merz, her husband, who told her about Farrah’s dirty business.

“David told me about it. I had no idea,” she admitted.

Debra recalled: “I’m sitting there and he’s telling me this and I’m like, ‘What?!’”

“He came to me and told me about it, trying to protect me,” Debra commented.

She explained: “So that when I go into a room and someone throws this [topic] at me, I’m not blown out of the water.”

“It hurts me deeply because I know my daughter deep down inside is better than that,” Debra expressed.

“I have no idea how to pull her back,” Debra lamented.

“Somebody who is [her] enemy got on OnlyFans and said ‘I’ll give you 1000 bucks if you s–t in a vial,” she theorized.

“She thinks it’s a great idea and a great way to earn money,” Debra speculated, “not realizing she was set up.”

“All I know is that I’m really sad and disappointed that I heard about all of this and these movies,” Debra expressed.

“And it affects me and [Farrah’s daughter] Sophia negatively,” she added.

Debra claimed: “People come after us and say horrible things.”

Farrah Abraham arrest video still

She also touched upon Farrah’s belligerence during her arrest video and the alleged assault from that night.

“Here she is lying out on the sidewalk drunk and slurring her words and acting so depraved,” Debra described.

“She’s a victim? No,” she declared. “Grow up, say ‘I have a problem and I need to fix myself.’”

“People came to me and said ‘you need to make it clear that you don’t support this kind of behavior,’” Debra alleged.

“I don’t want to speak against my own family,” she said, despite the entire contents of this interview.

“But if somebody is not talking to somebody and you can’t get through to somebody, you have to say something publicly,” Debra claimed.

“This behavior is not anything I ever taught my child,” Debra insisted.

She added: “God is sitting up there going, ‘Oh this isn’t good.'”

“Mental health and wellbeing are really important to protect yourself from all of these evil things that come across your path,” Debra opined.

“Obviously, I don’t think she understands what people are trying to hurt her,” Debra speculated.

“And,” she suggested, “she doesn’t believe in herself.”

Though she has not had contact with Farrah since May of 2021, she claims that these antics still impact her life in a very real way.

“People think I’m like Farrah,” Debra lamented. “No, I’m not anything like that.”

“I’ve gone to school and achieved so many things, made history,” she described.

“And,” Debra added, “it’s all destroyed when you have one person running around doing weird s–t.”

“Farrah’s gets in an altercation on Celebrity Big Brother and now it’s like, ‘We don’t want to bring Farrah’s mom in here because she would be like that, too,'” Debra claimed.

“People look at the world as the way MTV framed it up [on ‘Teen Mom’] and take it as the truth,” she complained, “and it really isn’t.”

While Farrah is undoubtedly her own person in the worst of ways, not everyone agrees that it’s not Debra’s fault.

Police Suspend Investigation of Farrah Abraham Sexual Assault Claims Against Former Mayor

Earlier this month, Farrah Abraham checked into rehab following a troubled start to her year.

Though it was not widely known at the time, the controversial reality star also had a difficult time — for very different reasons — about one year ago.

A police report dating back to March of 2021 accused disgraced former mayor Dominic Foppoli of sexual assault.

Despite redactions to the records, Farrah clearly describes suffering unexplained memory loss after the incident, echoing reports from other accusers.

The Press Democrat got a look at heavily redacted reports that include Farrah Abraham’s account to police.

She spoke to authorities to describe the events of March 28 and March 29 of last year.

This, she said, was when Dominic Foppoli — who was mayor of Windsor at the time — allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Most of the names in the report were redacted, but Farrah’s attorney confirmed that she had spoken to the police.

On January 26, the Palm Beach Police Department suspended the investigation due to “insufficient evidence.”

According to the report, Farrah lacking “a recollection of the event” played a part in that … rather than serving as further evidence.

Foppoli has denied these allegations of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and rape.

He has made similar denials when accused by others.

Including Farrah, Foppoli has 13 public accusers. Those aren’t Bill Cosby numbers, but they are staggeringly high.

Last year, Farrah told police that she had gone to a Palm Beach residence for a wine tasting, which began at about 7 in the evening.

In addition to sampling several wines, she drank part of an “old fashioned” cocktail — a whiskey-based drink supplied by Foppoli.

Farrah described feeling sober at the time, but cannot remember much beyond when Foppoli asked if she wanted to see the guest house.

Farrah’s next memory is of the next morning, of waking up naked in bed with Foppoli.

She then found broken pieces of her jewelry in the bathroom.

The report indicated that she suspected that she had been raped.

When she asked Foppoli about what had happened the night before, he allegedly told her “we’re both adults.”

There was a toxicology report among the documents, but this report was redacted beyond usability.

Meanwhile, Foppoli has chosen to to use Farrah’s recent trip to rehab to attempt to cast doubts upon the allegations against him.

“I’m glad to hear this week that the person who falsely accused me there is getting the mental health support she needs,” Foppoli stated.

That is a twisted thing for someone to say.

Even if Farrah were his only accuser, it would be a screwed up thing to say. As it is, it comes across as something worse.

There are various drugs that are sometimes added to drinks to poison an intended victim so that a rapist can target them.

GHB is arguably the most famous example, as it is known to cause anterograde amnesia — causing the victim to lose memories following ingestion.

If Farrah did ingest GHB that night, it could explain the lack of evidence, and we do not just mean memory loss.

GHB is detectable through saliva within minutes of ingestion, but not long after.

Similarly, urine tests might stop testing positive within 12 hours after ingesting GBH (despite some anomalous reports from Quantico about refrigerated urine samples that don’t really apply here).

Even blood tests can fail to conclusively show that GBH was ingested at 72 hours after the fact. Hair follicle tests cannot reliably test for GHB at all.

Without knowing more (including redacted contents of the reports), it is difficult to say why investigators have suspended the investigation … reportedly without even speaking to witnesses.

However, it would be shocking (not surprising, more like upsetting to the point of scandal) for a prosecutor to fail to move against a disgraced former mayor accused of assault by 13 women.

It may be that Farrah’s case is less likely to convince a jury than others. We wish all survivors of sexual violence both peace and justice.

Debra Danielsen Horrified by Farrah Abraham: It’s Not My Fault She’s Like This!

Right now, Farrah Abraham is in rehab, claiming that she checked in due to the “trauma” of her most recent arrest.

Aside from the videos of Farrah humiliating herself outside of a nightclub, viewers have also recently seen her on MTV.

Though Farrah has blasted Teen Mom: Family Reunion, the show didn’t make her say racist things or clash with everyone she meets.

Farrah’s estranged mother, Debra Danielsen, says that she was horrified by her daughter’s antics … but that they’re not her fault.

Months before the crossover special aired, we all know how the rest of the cast had reacted to Farrah’s arrival.

Poorly. Understandably poorly.

Farrah got called out, called Cory Wharton “ghetto,” and reacted to Amber and Maci’s kindness by lashing out.

Debra spoke to The Ashley about how she felt seeing her widely reviled daughter’s bad behavior on screen.

“When I watched the commercial [for the ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ episode with Farrah in it]I was horrified,” she shared.

“And I can’t even watch the full episode,” Debra confessed.

“I saw Amber Portwood trying to calm Farrah down,” Debra detailed.

“I was proud of Amber,” she expressed.

Debra added: “I wanted to reach out and hug Amber and tell her thank you.”

According to Debra, Farrah behaves likes she does because she lacks self-love.

“If people can’t love themselves, it’s very scary,” she speculated.

Debra added: “On the inside, that’s causing so much uncertainty. She doesn’t have peace.”

Unlike many viewers, Debra says that she was not surprised to see Amber extend that olive branch to Farrah.

“Amber understands that it’s pure hell on the inside when you feel like you don’t have any love or support,” Debra stated.

“And there’s no peace in there,” she added. “Amber gets it.”

Farrah Abraham and Debra Danielsen on Face The Truth

“And Maci, who I respect so much,” Debra continued.

“I sent her some text messages and apologized,” she revealed.

“And,” Debra revealed, she “said Farrah is not herself right now.”

Like the rest of us, Debra watched as the dynamic on screen changed when Farrah arrived.

“I was really proud of the girls [on ‘Family Reunion’] for getting this therapist and making progress,” she expressed.

“I’m proud of those women for working on making themselves better,” Deb added.

“But then here comes Farrah into the room,” Debra described.

“And,” she characterized, “the whole thing changes.”

Farrah has a number of what we will generously call personality quirks that can disrupt any social environment, and not in a good way.

Debra acknowledged that she is often accused of “causing” Farrah to be the unhinged nightmare that she is now.

As usual, she is not taking responsibility for her role in raising Farrah into this.

“What happened on [‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’] is a good example of this,” Debra claimed.

“The people who think I’m crazy and I caused all of this, well, I wasn’t there [on ‘Family Reunion] I wasn’t in the room,” Debra argued.

“Otherwise,” she claimed, “it would have been a whole different outcome.”

Debra continued: “Just as she disrupted the whole episode, you can have a family member who walks in and disrupts the whole family. It’s the same thing.”

Teen Mom Alum Farrah Abraham Checks Into Rehab After ‘Trauma’ Following Recent Hollywood Arrest

Farrah Abraham is checking into a rehabilitation center and treatment facility to get past recent trauma. The Teen Mom alum opened up about the situation in an Instagram post published on Tuesday afternoon from Austin, Texas, where she is checking into a “trauma treatment center” for a 28-day stay in order to “help her family,” in her […]

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Farrah Abraham Defends Daughter’s Septum Piercing: I Don’t Like It Either!

On Wednesday, February 23, Sophia Abraham crossed a major milestone: she is now a teenager.

Farrah Abraham’s daughter marked the occasion by getting a septum piercing, which was showcased on social media.

Her mom (and even Sophia herself, unfortunately) received some backlash on social media, with people feeling that it was way over the line.

In a new interview, Farrah is adamantly defending her decision … even as she admits that she’s not a fan of the idea.

Sophia Abraham IG turns 13

Farrah Abraham spoke to TMZ about Sophia’s new piercing and the tidal wave of opinions and mom-shaming that followed.

She adamantly defended this from a parenting point of view, despite her own feelings about the piercing.

It sounds like she and Sophia won’t be “twinning” in this regard any time soon … but Farrah may surprise us.

Farrah Abraham with Sophia Abraham "it's Facebook official" 13th birthday

“I’m a mom of a teenager now,” Farrah marveled to the camera.

She suggested that Sophia’s generation is very different at 13 than Farrah’s was, which is true in some ways.

That said … as someone slightly older than Farrah, I had a friend with a septum piercing at 14, so it’s not so different.

Sophia Abraham, Farrah Abraham header 3 February 2022

Farrah noted that Sophia seems to be the first in her family with a septum piercing at any age, let alone at 13.

While suggesting that she’s a “cool mom,” Farrah explained her reasoning behind letting Sophia get her wish.

The possibility that Sophia might one day get a less safe version of the same piercing seemed worse than just letting a professional pierce Sophia here and now.

Farrah Abraham Hogs Spotlight on Sophia's birthday

We don’t always say this (we almost never say this, in fact), but Farrah isn’t wrong.

Sophia is a teenager, now. That comes with an increased desire for autonomy and self-expression.

Even if she doesn’t find herself idly piercing herself with a safety pin while bored at school, she might just go to a less stellar piercer in college.

Farrah Abraham dons "emo look" on TikTok with Sophia Abraham

Farrah also noted that she is putting Sophia’s happiness above her own.

After all, Farrah doesn’t want the same piercing … but this isn’t really about her nose.

That is unusually solid reasoning for Farrah, who is not known for showing a lot of empathy or for rational thought. Is this growth?

Sophia Abraham IG gets septum piercing

“I got my septum piercing for for my birthday!!” Sophia’s Instagram account wrote.

“I am so happy with how it turned out!” the caption continued.

“I am the first person in my family to get a septum piercing at 13!!” Sophia’s account declared. “Birthday wish came true!!”

Sophia Abraham 13th birthday cake

You will of course notice that we refer to this as Sophia’s account, in that it is an Instagram account in her name.

It has long been suspected that she does not run it herself, and not simply because of her age or the obvious safety concerns. (Growing up “famous” can attract creeps)

The posts just … reek of Farrah. That caption? No 13 year old on the planet writes like that.

Farrah isn’t always known for good decision-making.

She goes on unhinged rants about wild conspiracy theories and misinformation, she also says alarmingly racist things sometimes.

Also Farrah sometimes (allegedly) attacks people for just doing thier jobs … as she did in January.

Farrah allegedly slapped and kicked at security guards at a club, and was filmed being belligerent during her detention and arrest.

Farrah has threatened to sue the club, claiming to have experienced suicidal thoughts in the wake of the arrest.

She says that she is focusing on “recovering” by spending 28 days at a trauma treatment center in Texas. We hope that the security guard whom she allegedly attacked is not traumatized.