Farrah Abraham Threatens Revenge on Harvard: I Might Go to Yale, Bishes!

Farrah Abraham is accusing Harvard University of “abusing” her in her latest bizarre, one-sided feud.

In typical Farrah fashion, she has even threatened legal action against the university.

At the same time, Farrah has set her sights on the future.

Specifically? She’s contemplating “revenge” against her former school and threatening to attend Yale.

According to Farrah Abraham, there are recruiters from other law schools actively trying to recruit her.

While she isn’t ready to settle on an answer just yet, Yale has her eye.

Because Farrah has a Bachelor’s degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, she is eligible to apply.

Speaking to TMZ, Farrah confirmed that she has been able to secure her transcripts from her time taking online classes at Harvard.

Calling it an “exciting time,” the reality TV villain claimed that Yale “has reached out.”

“I’m just so pumped,” Farrah said, “because I have all of these choices for Law School.”

“I don’t know if I’m gonna stay here on the West Coast or go to the East Coast,” Farrah acknowledged.

She insists that the “Harvard debacle” has given her the impression that “the West Coast is more divorce.”

We’re not sure what we means by that or how that alleged diversity would impact her, a white woman, but Harvard is notoriously white.

Farrah also makes the outlandish claim that the West Coast has “better weather.”

According to a study conducted by me and all of my various visits to Southern California during my life, I’m unclear on where she’s getting that.

If you like excessive and relentless sunlight in a desert, just say so.

At first, Farrah appeared almost bewildered when TMZ asked what kind of law she intends to pursue.

Often, people have specific dreams — corporate law, environmental law, defense, prosecution, a political career, etc.

Keep in mind that Farrah has threatened to run for office in the past.

“Man, do I love criminals, or criminals love me,” Farrah quipped awkwardly in response.

“I think I’m more interested in entertainment law,” she replied. “IP law. I’m really good with that stuff.”

Farrah also mentioned “abortion laws” and “civil lawsuits” among other possibilities.

When speaking of her future law career, Farrah shared: “I like to join. I might even do stuff with the city on their law team.”

She claims that others, including her former Teen Mom castmates, keep asking if she would “represent them.”


Farrah Abraham IG burning Harvard sweatshirt

Farrah had previously spoken with fans about the idea of auctioning off the Harvard sweater that she burned.

Some had suggested that she do a charity auction for those who wanted a piece of memorabilia.

For now, she is holding onto the physical embodiment of her maturity level and ability to accept criticism.

Honestly, in part because of Farrah’s struggles to speak or write in coherent sentences, the exact details of her beef with Harvard remain unclear.

It looks like a professor attempted to very gently suggest that she drop a course after receiving her work.

Farrah has since accused this professor of lying about her work and had some sort of conflict with the university over money spent on the course.

Harvard itself cannot explain, due to very sensible student privacy laws.

However, it sounds like Farrah’s claim that she was “kicked out” of class without explanation or reason is … typical Farrahspeak.

Having read her writing on Instagram and listened to her videos for years, one can only imagine what her classwork might look like.

But Farrah’s obvious difficulties with communication pale beside her actual negative qualities.

It seems likely that she blew up at a professor who suggested that she was not a good fit for the coursework.

We might suggest that Farrah enroll in remedial writing classes before she takes another stab at law school — on either coast.

Farrah Abraham is Once Again Unrecognizable After Latest Dramatic Makeover

Recently, Teen Mom OG villain turned general internet malefactor Farrah Abraham showcased her daughter’s makeover.

While many question Farrah’s parenting choices, Sophia is not the only one sporting a new look.

Farrah, ever the fan of altering her body and style, has undergone yet another transformation.

And she looks positively unrecognizable.

Farrah Abraham TikTok hair journey 01 of 07

The 30-year-old mother and nightmare of a human being is an avid user of TikTok.

The video-based social media app particularly popular with teens is the venue that she selected to flaunt her new hair.

Farrah didn’t just show off the results. She also shared her “journey” to get there.

Farrah Abraham TikTok hair journey 02 of 07

Farrah began by showcasing the bleaching process.

She followed that up with a wash.

Only then did viewers get a look at the process of adding in the extensions.

Farrah Abraham TikTok hair journey 03 of 07

Finally, she showed off the look at the end of the process.

Notably, she did not do this herself, but underwent it at a salon.

That’s the correct way to do things — it is so easy to damage hair. With long hair, it can last for years.

Farrah Abraham TikTok hair journey 04 of 07

During the video, Farrah lip synced to a scene from Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse.

We have to wonder about the logistics of a compilation video like this one involving lipsyncing and another person.

Did she just remember what to mouth and when … or did she make this poor stylist listen to the same clip over and over while recording?

Farrah Abraham TikTok hair journey 05 of 07

For the stylist’s sake, we would love to assume that Farrah did the courteous thing and just mouthed silently into her phone camera.

(To imagine this, we need only ignore all past evidence about her behavior and how she treats other people)

Apparently, Farrah’s new hair was at least in part preparation for a new photo shoot that took place in Morocco.

Farrah Abraham TikTok hair journey 06 of 07

Yes, for whatever reason, Farrah’s status as a public figure continues to secure her work.

Say what you will about her (and we will), she certainly is famous.

(I mean, hey, we’re talking about her, and we wouldn’t be if a whole bunch of other people weren’t, too)

Farrah Abraham TikTok hair journey 07 of 07

Some fans were immediately reminded of Farrah’s daughter, Sophia.

Obviously, 12-year-olds are not the masters of their own lives or destinies.

Only after Sophia asked did Farrah agree to allow her to go to actual school again … eventually.

Sophia Abraham iwith red velvet hair

But what made fans and critics alike think of Sophia is that Sophia was recently sporting different hair.

Yes, that’s a perfectly age-appropriate thing to do on its own. Tweens try out different looks.

And as weirded out as we fuddy-duddies might feel at the sight of her in a crop top, that’s not that unusual of an outfit at 12.

Sophia Abraham in a crop top with red velvet hair

At least, not to try on around the house. It’d be a little odd to wear to go out to eat.

But what made followers concerned is how much Farrah seems to be grooming Sophia to follow in her footsteps.

After all, Farrah does and reveals these transformations all of the time. Now she’s showcasing her daughter doing it.

Sophia Abraham IG face filters self esteem worries

More alarming was when Farrah was exposed filtering Sophia’s photos.

Using social media filters can be devastating to vulnerable self esteems, like those of basically any middle schooler.

For Sophia’s own mother to filter her look … that’s just weird. So much of what Farrah does is just plain weird.

Farrah Abraham Threatens Legal Action After Alleging Harvard University Was ‘Educationally Abusive’ Towards Her?!

Farrah Abraham is NOT happy with her experience at Harvard University! The former Teen Mom star revealed in a huff late last week that she’s considering taking legal action against the world-renowned Ivy League school after encountering what she called “educationally abusive” behavior from its professors. Farrah had apparently been completing a Master’s program in creative writing through the […]

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Farrah Abraham to Daughter: Time to Look and Dress Like Me! Show Some SKIN!

Until that day, far in the future, when Farrah Abraham finally lets Sophia go to school, she’s her daughter’s whole world.

We’re sure that Sophia has a carefully curated group of friends, but Farrah is clearly her number one influence.

Unfortunately, Farrah is the last person who should be influencing any children.

Sophia’s latest look is sporting vibrant red hair and a crop top. Is that a bit much for 12?

Sophia Abraham iwith red velvet hair

Farrah Abraham shared a recent glimpse of her tween daughter.

Sophia can be seen with her hair a dazzling red velvet.

She is also wearing a stylish dark ensemble that includes a midriff that shows a bit of tummy.

Sophia Abraham in a crop top with red velvet hair

No one hates Sophia or begrudges a 12-year-old girl for enjoying trying out new looks.

But fans and critics alike are unsure of Farrah’s parenting choices and worry that she’s doing more than just “letting” Sophia play dress-up.

Is Farrah actively pushing Sophia to transform into a Mini-Me?

“I can’t help but think Farrah is encouraging her to act/dress much older than she is,” a redditor wrote.

“She is 12 years old,” that same commenter added.

Different people have different ideas about what is age-appropriate, but we all know that Farrah has some unorthodox views of … everything.

“Sophia is such a beautiful young lady,” wrote another concerned social media user.

The redditor expressed: “I hope she gets far away from the toxicity that is Farrah and her family.”

It’s true that Farrah did not hatch from an egg. In at least some ways, she was made this way by family.

“Well, I was the same when I was 12,” another redditor offered as a nuanced take.

“But,” that user added, “my dad would never let me the leave the house with showing skin lol.”

While the wisdom of policing your children’s clothing to that extent is debatable, we understand that person’s perspective.

First of all, we all know that some percentage of adult men in this world are, well, sexual predators.

While that number is much smaller than the proportion of women who are harassed and assaulted during the course of their lives, it’s still no joke.

With enough creepy men (and creepy older teenagers who are budding predators), people worry about how tweens and young teens dress.

It is, however, so important to emphasize that how a woman dresses or styles herself is not responsible for whether she is targeted.

Remember, girls are targeted by sexual predators in religious communes, in fundamentalist cults.

It is never about how they are dressed or how they act. Sexual predation is always, always because of the predator.

The second big issue, however, is simply concern over Farrah’s qualifications as a parent.

There are no tests or (required) classes to become a parent if you have functioning reproductive organs.

Farrah, who has exhibited numerous behavioral problems for over a decade, became pregnant and had Sophia as a high school student.

Farrah’s ideas about appropriate attire, age-appropriate behavior, and childhood milestones are likely very skewed by her own life.

While we are more concerned about Farrah’s racist rantings and conspiracy theories and her insistence upon homeschooling Sophia, this could also be an issue.

Hopefully, she does not expect Sophia to become pregnant as a teenager, and will make responsible parenting choices … however unlikely that may seem.

It is always possible that Sophia picked this hair and this outfit and is just, as we said, playing dress-up.

12 is a fantastic age to experiment with different looks and settle on which look you prefer.

There is nothing inappropriate about Sophia’s attire … when she’s hanging out at home where she is presumably safe.

The other side to this is that, deservedly or not, Farrah is famous and has a fairly substantial social media platform.

That means that anything that she or Sophia does is amplified to many people.

Sometimes, things that are entirely appropriate to do are not appropriate or safe to broadcast on social media. Especially when kids are involved.

Farrah Abraham: I’m Gonna Flaunt My New Booty All Day & All Night!!

To call Farrah Abraham’s parenting “questionable” is a colossal understatement.

This grim reality continues to alarm those thinking about Sophia’s social, educational, and emotional development.

Farrah recently had some (more) work done, sharing her butt injections with the world.

Now she’s talking about baring that booty at all times.

Farrah getting injections

Farrah Abraham took to her Instagram Stories to share a “quote of the day.”

Most of the time, QOTDs are quotes by philosophers, historical figures, authors, poets, and religious thinkers.

Farrah’s is by the person whose opinion she values most: herself.

Farrah Abraham IG QOTD "I can spend all day naked"

“I can spend all day naked,” Farrah’s Instagram Story’s quote reads.

While she is almost dangerously relatable in that moment, there are a couple of concerns.

The first is that her daughter, Sophia, is 12 years old and has to live with this clownery.

Sophia can’t go to a real school — she hasn’t since she was eight.

But Farrah recently shared that Sophia will one day be able to attend school and try to catch up on her social development.

Which will be worse: Sophia being wrapped up in Farrah’s world, or Sophia having to face her peers after her mom’s latest butt video?

Farrah gets more injections

See, Farrah recently showcased her (at the time only half-naked) butt as she received a series of butt injections.

This cosmetic procedure was receiving butt filler “for the dimpling.”

Stripped down to her thong, Farrah’s butt was jabbed full of the artificial filler to even out her butt cheeks.

Farrah's final (for now) results

Farrah has never been shy about sharing the procedures that she has undergone.

In many ways, that is to her credit, sharing lip injections, breast augmentation, a nose job, and a chin implant.

When Farrah discusses this work, it’s often in the form of an incoherent word salad about empowerment, but at least she’s honest. Mostly.

However, many are concerned about what Farrah considers appropriate for Sophia.

Tween years are especially hard, and even more so for young girls, whom society bombards with unfair body images.

Think Instagram influencers with perfect filters and lighting are bad for self-esteem? Imagine your mom fretting over her butt.

Sophia’s self-esteem is only part of the worry, however.

Farrah seems to drag Sophia into inappropriate situations, from unmasked indoor gatherings to alcohol-fueled yacht parties.

No one is accusing Farrah of supplying her 12-year-old with alcohol, but … is Sophia even safe on some dude’s yacht while her mom parties?

One voice is in Farrah’s corner: allegedly the voice of Sophia herself.

On TikTok, Sophia’s account appeared to defend Farrah.

“I got a bed, I got a roof, and I’m fine,” Sophia told fans, apparently of her own free will.

Farrah Instagram IG defended by Sophia Abraham (allegedly)

Of course, some of the messages from “Sophia” seem like they are exactly what Farrah would say and how she would say it.

This could mean that Farrah is writing on Sophia’s account while claiming to be Sophia.

It could also mean that Farrah’s jumbled thoughts and inability to write coherently has been passed on to Sophia.

Frankly, we’re not sure which of those possibilities is worse.

Farrah’s fondness for going without clothing is relatable to many of us … but should she say it?

Being a parent doesn’t mean that you’re not a person, but you do need to keep your kid in mind when you post whatever’s on your mind, you know?

Farrah Abraham: One Day I’ll Let Sophia Go to School! Not Yet Though LOL

So many parents are agonizing over whether their young children risk exposure to a lethal virus as they return to school.

But Farrah Abraham’s decision to pull Sophia out of school many years ago had nothing to do with any pandemic.

She has kept her daughter by her side so that mother and daughter can travel together for Farrah’s “career.”

Now, Farrah is finally talking about letting Sophia have vital socialization and educational opportunities … some time in the future.

Farrah Abraham recently shared her incoherent thoughts on the Just The Sip podcast.

If given the power to alter the past, what would she do differently?

If you expected Farrah to say be less racist or be a better mom, you know her history but not how she views herself.

“I think I would get rid of all Teen Mom, with people asking me, ‘Do you have regrets?’” Farrah stated.

“That’s what it would be,” she said, “because I think I learned so much in my therapy and all of the stuff that I continue to do.”

Farrah rambled: “Like, stop looking at your life negatively.”

“Stop saying like, ‘That’s bad,'” Farrah said of her new view on life.

“Like, if I didn’t go through it,” she said, “I wouldn’t stop and that’s what I see.”

We’re not entirely sure what that is supposed to mean, but we can kind of guess.

In her mind, she has lived an enviable life.

“I see some of my friends from maybe in their fifties, and they want to do stuff that I was doing in my twenties,” Farrah said.

Hey, you’re never too old to get fired by MTV, get arrested, or do porn. Live your truths, unnamed middle-aged friends of Farrah.

“ … Everyone should write a book, especially through their twenties,” Farrah insisted during the interview.

She explained that she feels this way “’cause we’re so judged through our twenties.”

“And we care … but not in our thirties,” Farrah continued. (Okay, I hate to admit it, but I feel that)

Farrah immediately pivoted away from talking sense and gushed about how fortunate Sophia is to be her daughter.

Oh no.

She thinks that other “celebrity moms” like her “should learn now” how to parent more like Farrah does.

“Sophia’s got an awesome mom,” Farrah announced, unfortunately referring to herself.

“And,” she declared, “I’m ready for her crazy years.”

Farrah’s “crazy years” obviously never stopped, but she should realize that not everyone actually has those.

Infamously, Farrah ended Sophia’s time in public school and what might have been her best chance at normal socialization when she was 8.

At the time, the mother-of-one hoped that Sophia could travel with her more and accompany her to more events.

She has been “homeschooling” Sophia ever since, a controversial practice that is especially worrisome when Farrah does it.

However, Sophia might have another shot at meeting regular human beings and developing social skills.

“Get this … Sophia was just like, ‘So mom, I can’t keep homeschooling,'” Farrah revealed.

Sophia explained that this is “‘because freshman year of high school is a very big year.'”

“And I was like, ‘Sophia, I was already planning on you going back to public school for freshman year if it’s so important,’” Farrah described.

“But those are kind of the things that we do talk about,” she added.

“Like, we don’t want to sacrifice some of these beautiful moments … like prom,” Farrah noted.

“ … I don’t want to hold any child back from those experiences,” said Farrah, who has held Sophia back from many irreplaceable experiences.

“But I was happy when COVID happened,” she bizarrely added.

“And,” Farrah continued, “it was like a chastity belt for people at prom.”

Before we unpack that, Farrah said more.

She said that she doesn’t know that Sophia won’t repeat some of Farrah’s choices.

However, she is “there to support Sophia and get her through.”

We do have to unpack what she said, though.

First, because she is “happy” that a deadly viral pandemic that has killed 4.34 million worldwide — a toll that continues to rise — stopped teens from boning.

Second, that Farrah is so preoccupied with teen sex.

For the first, we get it, because Farrah doesn’t think about what she says and she’s also not a good person.

However, Farrah doesn’t seem to realize how atypical her experience was.

Not all teens have sex in high school. Those who do often use birth control, if the kinds of sex that they’re having can even lead to pregnancy.

We can understand why suddenly becoming a mother when you are still a child yourself can skew your perspective.

But Farrah obviously has a view of the world and of adolescence that is as warped as her grasp of the English language.

However, she does get, like, half-credit for possibly letting Sophia one day exercise her human right to go to school and be a person.

Farrah Abraham BUSTED Using Fake Sophia Account to Praise Herself!

Never one to spare her fans, Farrah Abraham recently menaced fans with her brand new booty

Apparently, her tween daughter is no stranger to her mother’s cosmetic work.

In a recent word salad comment, Sophia’s account blasted Farrah’s haters and called her new butt “body goals.”

The only source of comfort for fans is the belief that Farrah probably wrote the praise herself.

Farrah Abraham receives a lot of criticism on social media.

Some of it is because she’s famous. Some of it is because she’s a woman.

Most of the critiques of her actions, words, and behavior stem from the fact that she deserves it.

Farrah gets more injections

Farrah’s rants, whether spoken or written, are often alarmingly nonsensical.

Her apparent struggles to form coherent sentences, particularly when agitated, are not immoral.

The things that she says — from paranoid conspiracy theories to wild accusations to straight-up racism — absolutely are.

On some level, Farrah might be aware that this deluge of criticism helps to keep her relevant-ish.

Or maybe not.

Often, she claps back on her own, in her very special “Farrah dialect.” This time … another allegedly came to her defense.

Farrah Instagram IG defended by Sophia Abraham (allegedly)

Sophia Abraham’s Instagram account commented in defense of her mother.

“I have the best woman as a Mom,” the comment began.

Sophia described Farrah as someone “who is everything and more.”

Farrah's final (for now) results

“And,” Sophia’s comment gushed, “I totally think my mom’s body is goals.”

“Health and happiness is #1 for moms who work so hard,” she wrote oddly.

“For all who act like you can speak for me,” Sophia allegedly wrote, “go get mental help.”

“You’re not her child but you wish you were,” Sophia’s comment bizarrely accused.

“Sorry you’re damaged by your parents but I’m not,” the comment added.

Sophia’s comment concluded: “SAVE THIS IN YOUR PHONE SO YOU DON’T FORGET.”

Farrah replied to the deeply weird comment.

“You best daughter ever,” she wrote.

Is Farrah talking to herself here?

That is what a lot of fans are thinking after looking at the comment, based upon two major clues.

The first is that it praises Farrah while attacking her haters, just as Farrah would.

The second clue is that the sentences are bizarre, jumping from thought to thought, and following Farrah’s unhinged speech patterns.

So yes, people think that Farrah used Sophia’s account to praise and defend herself, and then thanked “Sophia” as herself.

That is not the behavior of a well-balanced mind.

In other words, it fits perfectly with Farrah’s patterns, and seems like something that she would find reasonable.

Fans (well “fans”) have long suspected that Farrah runs Sophia’s public account.

Frankly, it’s a relief, given how creepy grown men try to slide into Sophia’s DMs.

It’s also yet another example of Farrah using her daughter as a prop to promote her brand.

Like we said, people are pretty sure that Sophia didn’t write the comment.

But part of that is hope.

It would be much worse if Sophia did really write that.

First, it would mean that Sophia’s a sycophant, her mind totally absorbed in Farrah’s warped narrative.

While that wouldn’t be impossible, it would be gross.

Children aren’t mini-me clones, and they should be exposed to other people and be allowed to form their own ideas.

Second, it would mean that Sophia has absolutely no idea how to write or string together her thoughts.

This could also be possible, given that Farrah has homeschooled her for years.

That said … a total inability to form sentences has to be cognitive, not just educational, right? That’s what people assume.

We sincerely hope that Sophia did not write the comment.

If and when Sophia learns about this, how will she feel about Farrah sullying her daughter’s name to defend her own?

Sophia may end up having a lot to say when she gets older — and can actually speak for herself.