Farrah Abraham: Latest Nude Pics Have Fans Calling Her "Trans"

Farrah Abraham is not the kind of person we enjoy defending.

She’s often ignorant; she’s rude to the people in her life, and she exploits her daughter for financial gain.

But there’s this weird thing going on where Farrah is being bullied by transphobic morons on social media, and it’s simply not okay.

So yet again, we will defend Farrah … kind of.

She has the right to post racy pics of herself without being maligned by bigots.

But all the other stuff she does? Like, say, once again exploiting the memory of her dead baby daddy?

Yeah, go ahead and roast her ass for that.

Here’s a brief rundown of what Farrah’s been up to on the ‘Gram this week:

1. Farrah Fully Clothed

Farrah abraham and her boobs
It’s an increasingly rare sight these days, as the reality-star-turned cam girl continues to show a lot of skin on the internet.

2. Topless Again

Farrah is topless again
Farrah has been posting even more racy pics than usual in recent weeks. And some fans have a theory as to why.

3. Cleavage For Cash?

Farrah abraham cleavage for cash
It’s widely believed that Farrah is in dire financial straits. The nude and semi-nude photos she’s been posting lately could be a way of calling attention to her failing business ventures.

4. Haters Gonna Hate

Farrah from above
It’s perfectly fine for Ms. Abraham to post revealing photos for whatever reason she chooses. Unfortunately, her most recent posts have attracted the wrong kind of attention.

5. The Good With the Bad

Farrah abraham red carpet pose
All of Farrah’s recent pics have racked up six-figure likes — but she’s also been receiving a LOT of hate lately.

6. Extremely Harsh

Farrah abraham is cleavagey
“Omg…..I literally thought she was a man! She needs to stop already with all that work on her face!� wrote one commenter.

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Jenelle Evans: Do Teen Mom Fans Finally Hate Her More than Farrah Abraham?!

Jenelle Evans has always been a mess, and that’s always made for good reality TV.

The same goes for Farrah Abraham.

But there’s just something about Farrah that makes pretty much everyone who’s ever seen a single episode of Teen Mom hate her so much.

It’s honestly kind of impressive.

However, with everything going on with Jenelle this week, there seems to be a change in the air.

Is someone actually more hated than Farrah now?!

1. The Beginning

Jenelle evans is sad
While Jenelle and Farrah are definitely two of the most controversial figures in all the Teen Mom universe, they have very different stories.

2. What a Throwback

Farrah abraham before plastic surgery
When we first met Farrah on her episode of 16 and Pregnant, she was a cheerleader in high school, living with her mother and father and dealing with her on-again, off-again boyfriend who tragically passed away before she gave birth to Sophia.

3. Meanwhile …

As for Jenelle, she was a stoner with an older boyfriend who promised to always be there for her and their baby (spoiler: that was a lie) and a mother who became an icon (love you, Barbara!).

4. Similarities

Farrah photo
Both girls had bad attitudes and strained relationships with their parents and the fathers of their children, and they were both dramatic enough to secure spots on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, respectively.

5. Differences

Jenelle on insta
But the ways in which they were (and continue to be) terrible? They’re pretty different.

6. Our Girl Farrah

Farrah abraham red carpet pose
Farrah … you guys know Farrah. The usual issues fans have with her is that she’s so disrespectful to her parents and basically everyone she ever comes across, she got into porn and plastic surgery, and she’s always treated Sophia like a little adult.

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Teen Mom Cast: Their Most Naked, OMFG Photos of All Time! [UPDATED]

Stars of the MTV reality TV mainstays Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are obviously selected for a number of qualities.

They need to perform well on camera. They need to meet the bare minimum of what people will tolerate out of stars.

They need to honor their contracts. And, if it wasn’t obvious, they need to have given birth to a child as a teenager.

However, despite it not actually being a requirement, quite a few Teen Mom stars are known to show some skin.

There are some hot young moms on TV, folks.

Just because they’re in their 20s doesn’t mean that they aren’t MILFs. In fact, they might be the very definition of the term.

Certain stars are more likely to show skin than others, be it in sexy selfies or beach trips, but they all get in on the fun.

Take a look at some of the hottest photos below and relive the most naked moments of various Teen Mom stars.

Who looks the best out of clothes?

1. Let’s start with Jenelle Evans

Jenelle evans lounges in a bikini
The Carolina Hurricane may not be the best mom … or even a good one … but she has a killer body, even after multiple childbirths. Some might say that plastic surgery helps, but clearly she doesn’t lack for male interest (she has a child with different guys and ended a pregnancy with a fourth), or self-confidence. Wowza.

2. Beachin’

Jenelle evans hot bikini body
Jenelle Evans looking relaxed AF on the beach while her kids play in the surf. Her husband Dave Eason took this photo. We’re guessing he enjoyed the view.

3. Jenelle knows how to do an endorsement

Jenelle evans in a bikini and shades
If you’re being paid to sell sunglasses, you might as well grab the attention of your followers. Her body in a bikini sure does the job. That’s product placement at its finest if you know what we mean. We mean her body is the actual product and it’s placed in front of the camera to boost commercial sales of an unrelated item.

4. Her hot body is no stranger to tattoos

Jenelle evans body tattoos
Jenelle’s tattoos are some of the most extensive in a franchise full of them. Evans isn’t quite as inked up as Maci Bookout or Kailyn Lowry, but she’s no stranger to the process. Side note: That intriguing bikini bottom kind of has a “face-hugger” vibe. Like from the Alien movies.

5. Sun’s out …

Suns out
Jenelle has a pool at home now, so start expecting lots and lots of photos like this, OK?

6. She enjoys being on the water

Jenelle evans bikini selfie
Jenelle Evans loves being on the water near her Oak Island, N.C. home and showing off her hot body to boot. Hurricanes, of course, are strengthened by their time spent at sea, so it makes sense that the Carolina Hurricane is no exception.

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Farrah Abraham: I’d Totally Return to Teen Mom!

Farrah Abraham apparently thinks she is just like Beyonce.

No, she doesn’t have any singing or dancing talent — and she definitely is not admired by millions around the globe.

But Abraham has said in a new interview that she views herself as being irreplaceable.

(Okay, granted, in Beyonce’s song “Irreplaceable,” she’s talking about a cheating boyfriend being under the misguided impression that he’s irreplaceable. But still.)

The polarizing reality star has something to say about Bristol Palin leaving Teen Mom OG and even more to say about who she thinks ought to come on board for the new season.

You likely won’t be shocked by her answer.

Scroll down to read it for yourself, however…

1. What is Farrah Abraham’s History with MTV?

Farrah bares all
She was cast on 16 and Pregnant way back in 2008. She then starred on Teen Mom from 2009 all the way up through 2017.

2. And She Was Then Fired Because…

Farrah abraham and her boobs
… she appeared in a number of amateur pornography videos online. As one does.

3. But the Network Can’t Really Say Goodbye

Farrah abraham with the blow
In late 2018, Farrah joined the cast of Ex on the Beach because, let’s face it, she’s a ratings draw. Viewers love to hate her.

4. And Now Farrah Wants to Save MTV From Itself…

Farrah nude in a bathroom
You see, Bristol Palin was brought in to replace Farrah — but ratings for her one season on the show tanked. Fans did not care for Bristol’s divorce storyline, or maybe they just didn’t care about Bristol herself at all.

5. See Ya, Losers!

Bristol palin as one of the ogs
Dissatisfied herself with her role on the series, Bristol quit after just this one season, jumping up high on her pedestal and writing online: “Teen mom OG wasn’t a fit for me, it took away my peace.. and honestly – my peace has a price tag that no one but God can afford.”

6. She Added at the Time:

Bristol palin red carpet pose
“$ doesn’t impress me, I don’t entertain bs, and walking away from this show allows God to rebuild me (and my little fam) in the right direction.�

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Teen Mom: The Definitive Trashy Tattoo Guide!

If you’re a fan of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, then you know that many of the people on the MTV reality shows have tattoos.

You also know that a lot of the tattoos …

… well, they aren’t that great.

Some are poorly done, some are  kind of strange, and some are nightmarish and horrifying and just so completely, unbelievably bad.

So steady yourself, perhaps grab some smelling salts and some pearls to clutch, and let’s rank all the Teen Mom ink we can get our eyes on!

1. Amber’s Tattoo of Leah

Ambers tattoo of leah
Here, let’s just start with the worst of the worst, all right? This is Amber Portwood’s portrait of her daughter, Leah. It’s right on her stomach, it also features a gigantic rose, and it’s not finished. Will she ever get it finished? It’s hard to say. We will ever be able to get this haunting image out of our heads? Unlikely.

2. Choices

Since we’re already talking about Amber’s tattoos, she also got this matching tattoo with Matt Baier, back when they first started dating. It reads “vero amore,” which is supposed to be Italian for “true love.” So that’s embarrassing.

3. Speaking of Embarrassing …

Speaking of embarrassing
Matt also has this huge tattoo of Amber’s name right on his forearm. Just right there on his arm where he has to look at it all day, every day.

4. Ugh

Matt baier book cover
Matt actually has several tattoos, many of which you can see on his nude book cover. We won’t waste more time on him here, so if you feel the need to look more closely at his naked greasy bod here, then you have our blessing. However, we will say that on his other arm, he has a couple of Chinese characters that he says mean “clean and sober,” but that Teen Mom detectives have actually determined mean “Lisa.”

5. Why Though?

Why though
As hard as it may be to believe, Matt isn’t the only guy to get Amber Portwood’s name tattooed on his body — Gary Shirley made the exact same mistake. Thankfully he was smart enough (???) to get the tattoo on his shoulder instead of on his forearm though, and he’s since covered up.

6. It’s Gary Time

Its gary time
Gary also has a … what is that, a sun? A blob with tentacles? Whatever it is, he’s also got some tattoo right in the middle of his chest, peeking out through all his body hair.

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Farrah Abraham Accused of Being a Prostitute, Showing Off Botched Butt Injections

Another day, another reminder that Farrah Abraham is one of the most ridiculous human beings on the planet.

As you may have heard, Farrah appears to be broke these days.

That hasn’t stopped her from taking lavish vacations or spending all her time on social media, but it has led to some wild rumors about how she’s paying the bills (and affording all her cosmetic procedures).

Of course, this is Farrah we’re talking about — which means no theory should be counted out as too bonkers to be true.

Take a look at the latest:

1. Farrah Being Farrah

Farrah abraham and her boobs
Farrah has been a trainwreck from the time she first entered the spotlight. But to be fair, she usually keeps it fresh.

2. A True Artist

Farrah abraham with the blow
There’s really no predicting what sort of batsh-t behavior she’ll engage in next. It’s almost impressive. Almost.

3. On Her Grind

Farrah abraham exit interview
As usual, Farrah is doing all kinds of desperate things in her never-ending quest for money — but even fans who have been observing her behavior for years couldn’t have predicted that Farrah would get THIS hard-up.

4. The Master Is In

Farrah ig 2
For one thing, Farrah is offering online lessons in business management as part of the formerly-reputable Master Class series.

5. Child Management — Not the Best Idea

Sophia abraham childrens boutique
She landed the gig despite the fact that at least three of businesses ventures have failed in the past 18 months, including the children’s boutique that was managed by Farrah’s daughter, Sophia.

6. Too Much Irony

Farrah abraham at froco
Hilariously, it looks as though several class “modules” were filmed at FroCo, Farrah’s now-defunct frozen yogurt chain.

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Farrah Abraham: Half-Naked and Begging For Money on Instagram!

Farrah Abraham has been ridiculous pretty much from the time she first entered the national spotlight with her role on 16 and Pregnant.

But to her credit, the reality/porn star keeps finding new ways to top herself.

These days, Farrah is still fired from Teen Mom OG — despite rumors that she would be rehired to replace the departing Bristol Palin — but she’s still managed to remain in the public consciousness.

Of course, she’s been forced to resort to increasingly desperate measures in order to do so — and it looks as though all that attention is no longer translating to big bucks.

Take a look at Farrah’s increasingly desperate cash grabs:

1. Take a Look at Your Future, Jenelle!

Farrah abraham at 2018 vmas
Lots of Teen Moms like to trash-talk their producers and threaten to quit the show. We suggest they all take a good hard look at Farrah Abraham for a terrifying glimpse at life post-MTV.

2. Hard Times

Farrah selfie
Every time we see Farrah these days, she’s got a massive grin on her face, but it’s not because she’s so happy — it’s because she’s constantly selling.

3. Ex(ercise) on the Beach

Farrah abraham ex ercise on the beach
Farrah has been posting a lot of videos like this one lately. And what exactly is going on here? Well, a lot …

4. Always Grinding

Farrah abraham bikini image
For one thing, Farrah is trying to sell you some new workout program of hers that apparently involves putting her friend’s feet on her boobs.

5. Video Drone

Farrah abraham and her boobs
On top of that, Farrah is still shilling some new service called Postd, which is YouTube where you pay to watch individual videos.

6. Here We Go Again …

Farrah abraham exit interview
“Exclusively on post.io // Watch the full video!” Farrah captioned the clip. “Find out how to achieve the perfect travel work out Postd is a media network where creators, artists, and writers can reach their audience without ads that target them based on personal information.”

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Farrah Abraham FINALLY Addresses Rumors She’s Returning to Teen Mom OG!

Ever since Bristol Palin quit Teen Mom OG there have been nonstop rumors regarding her possible replacement.

The show still has four main cast members, so producers don’t really need to hire a replacement at all.

But TMOG has also been struggling in the ratings department for quite some time, and it’s widely agreed that execs will likely seize this opportunity to revive interest by tapping a known drama magnet like Farrah Abraham.

Yes, Farrah was fired from the show way back in 2017, but her name has been bandied about as the number one option to replace Bristol.

Now, Abraham is addressing those rumors for the first time, and fans might be surprised by what she has to say:

1. Addressing the Masses

Farrah ig 1
Clad in a shirt that reads, “MORE CEOS, LESS INSTA HOES” (classy), Farrah made a video through a service called Postd and, well … posted it to her Instagram page.

2. A Different Strategy

Farrah ig 2
After over a year of hating on the show and even going so far as to sue MTV for wrongful termination, Farrah is now praising Teen Mom OG.

3. Um … Where Is This Coming From?

Farrah abraham and her boobs
“I was reached out to by E! this week because I guess someone has left Teen Mom OG, the show that I started — 16 and Pregnant — way back when,� says the new ultra-positive Farrah, adding of the show, “We all LOVE it!�

4. Paid By Postd

Farrah abraham with the blow
“So, I wanted to just respond from all the E! News and everybody else, and put it here on postd.io for you,” Ms. Abraham continued.

5. Definitely Probably

Farrah abraham exit interview
“I am definitely not ever probably coming back to Teen Mom,” Farrah says. “I have so moved on, and I think it was such a great way to move on.â€�

6. Well, This Unexpected

Farrah abraham offers apology
From there, Farrah goes on to claim that she was NOT fired from the show, despite 18 months of evidence to the contrary, including that wrongful termination suit.

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Farrah Abraham: Check Out My Brand New Butt!

Look, we all know Farrah Abraham is super into plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery, all kinds of injections and lasers, it’s all good for Farrah.

Some might even say that she seems a little bit obsessed with changing her appearance, and from what we’ve seen, that would be a fair assumption to make.

Especially since this girl has gone and messed with her backside yet again …

1. Now …

Farrah abraham with the blow
This is what Farrah looks like now.

2. … And Then

This is what Farrah looked like when she first became a reality star.

3. Dang

Farrah abraham and her boobs
As you can see, many changes have been made.

4. Getting Started

Farrah abraham young
She kicked off her ongoing transformation with a boob job she got in the early days of Teen Mom — it was actually a pretty subtle change, at least when you think about where she’s gone since then.

5. More and More

Farrah abraham and her boobs
Next was a nose job, a chin implant, and some dental work.

6. Rethinking Things

Farrah abraham exit interview
The chin implant didn’t hang around too long, but she certainly wasn’t done making changes.

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Farrah Abraham to Replace Bristol Palin on Teen Mom OG?!

Well, it’s official — Bristol Palin is quitting Teen Mom OG after just one season on the struggling series.

We suppose it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

After all, quitting high-profile gigs seems to run in Bristol’s family.

Still, it seems the move caught producers off-guard, and the showrunners seem unsure of how to proceed.

TMOG has been struggling in the ratings department for years, so it’s clear that they need to replace Bristol with someone will attract viewers.

And they might play it safe by re-hiring someone who they know is sure to deliver the drama.

Take a look:

1. Gone Girl

Bristol palin as one of the ogs
Bristol never proved to be the ratings magnet that producers had hoped, but still, many were surprised when she left the show after a single season.

2. Peace Out

Bristol palin pre plastic surgery
“Teen Mom OG wasn’t a fit for me, it took away my peace… and honestly – my peace has a price tag that no one but God can afford,â€� she wrote on Instagram this week.

3. Entertaining BS

Bristol palin and tripp
“$ doesn’t impress me, I don’t entertain bs, and walking away from this show allows God to rebuild me (and my little fam) in the right direction,” Bristol continued.

4. Noting But Love!

Bristol palin as an ex wife
“I have love for all the girls on the show, and wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors!â€� she concluded.

5. Predictable Move

Bristol palin with baby
The announcement did not come as much of a shock for those who had been paying attention to Bristol’s social media activity.

6. Over and Out

Bristol palin book signing
Asked during a recent Instagram Q&A if she was planning to return to Teen Mom OG, Bristol replied that the show is “over for our story.�

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Farrah Abraham: My Daughter Is Smarter Than Me and I Hate Her For It!

Folks, we hope you’re hungry.

Because Farrah Abraham is serving up a generous helping of word salad.

This probably won’t be your first encounter with Farrah-speak — the strange, nonsensical manner in which Ms. Abraham tries to communicate with the world — but the former Teen Mom star’s latest interview might be her most ridiculous to date.

Not only does Farrah admit that fourth-grade math is beyond her capabilities, she also explains why you should pay her to teach you how to run a business.

If it were anyone other than Farrah, it would be too good to be true.

Take a look:

1. On Display

Farrah abraham and her boobs
Farrah sat down for an interview on a new web series entitled Ciao Bella By Valentina.

2. Shout Out to Valentina

Farrah abraham with the blow
We know, it sounds like a snooty YouTube show for people who go to fashion week, but the host deserves at least mild props for coaxing some mind-blowingly bonkers quotes out of our girl.

3. Bold Move

Farrah abraham exit interview
Obviously, choosing Farrah as the first guest on your web show is a seriously questionable move, but in this case, it worked out.

4. Win-Win-Win

Farrah abraham offers apology
Valentina gets to drum up some press for her new show, we get to chuckle at some grade-A nonsense, and Farrah gets to promote her new project.

5. Business Transactions

Farrah abraham in white shirt
And what is that new project? Well, Farrah wants to teach you to run a business, of course!

6. Making Her Case

Farrah abraham master class
Check out the ad for Farrah’s Master Class. We hope her first lesson in sensible business management is “don’t give money to people like Farrah Abraham.”

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Farrah Abraham: My Totally Real Stalker Keeps Watching Me!

Farrah Abraham typically encourages people to watch her.

How else to describe her occasional job as an amateur porn star, right?

However, there’s a difference in wanting strangers to shell out some cash in order to see you get railed on camera…

… versus a total stranger going out of his way to stare at you against your wishes, in your everyday, non-naked life.

And this latter situation is what Abraham claims have been happening to her of late. 

What the heck is she talking about? It’s sort of unclear.

But you can scroll down to read excerpts from Farrah’s recent interview with TMZ to try and figure it out for yourself…

1. Farrah is a Backdoor Teen Mom

Farrah abraham and her boobs
This is just a fact. She starred in an adult film by this same name and it led her to getting fired as a Teen Mom by MTV.


Farrah abraham with the blow
… as mentioned above, it’s far different to fork over some money in order to watch Farrah get plowed from behind than it is to ogle Abraham from various angles out in public, without lining her pockets in any way while you do so.

3. Is This What’s Happening?

Farrah abraham exit interview
Yes, Farrah randomly said in an extended interview with TMZ outside the Los Angeles airport a couple days ago.

4. What was the Basis of This Interview?

Farrah nude in a bathroom
Well… Farrah recently shared the picture featured here, in which she’s naked and sitting in front of her computer in her bathroom. It looks an awful lot like a similar nude photo posted online two weeks prior by Kourtney Kardashian.

5. Here is That Image

Kourtney kardashian teases poosh
Kardashian used this snapshot as a way to promote her new lifestyle brand, Poosh.

6. Did Farrah Totally Copy Kourtney?

Farrah abraham naked on the gram
This was the question initially posed to her by TMZ, which prompted quite the rambling reply from Abraham, starting with: “I say we should just stop comparing women. I super support all female mamas who are working, and pushing their own… Whatever she’s trying to push.”

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