Teen Mom & Teen Mom 2: The Complete Babies, Kids & Stepkids Guide!

The girls from Teen Mom are good at many things.

They’re good at creating reality show magic, whether it’s through their family or romantic trials and tribulations. 

Some of them have written books, or even tried to start music careers, or Cam Girl careers, and while none of those were actually good … well, it was nice that Farrah tried.

But we can probably all agree that the area where the Teen Moms really, truly excel is the baby-making area.

Because they have so. Many. Babies.

So many you may have forgotten about some of them, impossible as that seems. Can you name them all?

Here’s the full rundown! Find out!

1. Sophia (Farrah Abraham and Derek Underwood)

Farrah and sophia at the mtv movie awards
Oh, Soph. Unlike many of her Teen Mom tot counterparts, Sophia lives the life of luxury, thanks to her mother, non-porn star Farrah Abraham. Seriously, the younger Abraham has had her own clothing line, dabbles in child modeling, receives $900 when the tooth fairy pays a visit, and is even beginning her own music career. (Sophia’s father, Derek, died in a car accident while Farrah was still pregnant; Derek’s grave is the site of many memorable TM scenes, which some believe to be shamelessly orchestrated by Farrah). Sophia is going to be a handful when she grows up at this rate … the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as they say.

2. Leah (Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley)

Amber portwood with leah shirley
Amber Portwood shares darling little Leah Shirley with her ex, Gary. Gary has custody, and he’s had it since Amber went to prison a few years back for all that domestic violence and drug stuff. Leah seems like a really smart, sweet girl, which is all thanks to Gary and his wife, Kristina — from what we’ve seen, Amber doesn’t spend a whole lot of time with her.

3. James (Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon)

James glennon
Amber welcomed her second child, James, with Andrew Glennon in the spring of 2018. Their relationship survived about a year after that, because as it turned out, Amber still had a violent streak. She was convicted of assaulting Andrew in 2019, and after that, Andrew was given primary physical custody of James. Since then, he’s claimed that she’s been pretty flaky about the visits, but we don’t know too much more about it, since they’ve agreed not to put little James on the show.

4. Emilee (Gary and Kristina Shirley)

Gary shirley and family
Gary went on to have one child after leaving his disastrous relationship with Amber — he and his wife, Kristina, have a daughter named Emilee.

5. Carly (Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra)

Catelynn and tyler teen mom
When middle school sweethearts (and briefly step-siblings) Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra made the decision to give their baby Carly up for adoption, it marked one of the most touching, bittersweet moments in reality TV history. What made it all the more incredible was that they stayed involved in her life – albeit with some bumps in the road – ever since.

6. Nova (Catelynn and Tyler)

Cute nova gets to visit sister carly
Tyler and Catelynn kept and are raising Novalee Reign Baltierra together, not that it’s been easy. Catelynn has struggled greatly with postpartum depression, leading to multiple inpatient stays at a psychiatric facility in Arizona.

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Farrah Abraham: Happy Black History Month! I Love Myself and I Love Trump!

So, you know how Farrah Abraham has unhinged political opinions that are not rooted in reality?

She apparently doesn’t understand the electoral process, which is no surprise to anyone whatsoever.

In her own, incoherent way, Farrah has revealed that she thinks that Congress ignored the election resuls somehow by certifying them.

We know this from her message “celebrating” Black History Month … and also Self-Love Month. Oh, Farrah.

“IT’S SELF LOVE MONTH & Black History month,” Farrah Abraham announced on Instagram.

“Always growing up I enjoyed of hearing, reading, watching & learning about our historical African American injustices,” she claimed.

Farrah continued: “through the #StopThePower #FuckThaPolice & now #BlackLivesMatter movements.”

As is so often the case when Farrah attempts to write down her thoughts, the message became rapidly less coherent.

“I still to this day notice the acts of kindness, love, togetherness, inclusion, equality limits intimidation, misunderstanding, stops abuse, breaking laws, and ends segregation and injustices of all sorts,” she wrote.

“#HISTORY101 @netflix is a great reminder to our kids today that even though #America claims to be democratic,” Farrah noted, explaining why she’s posting this — it’s a Netflix promo.

Farrah incorrectly explained both democracy and communism: “(peoples voices are prioritized over “state” as communism is “state” lead only).”

She continued: “America claims to give more rights then anyone nation and other nations do not recognize such segregation or injustice.”

That’s demonstrably untrue, but don’t worry — her already off-the-wall post gets even worse as she seems to defend disgraced former president Donald Trump’s attempted coup.

“Note when I saw our congress over rule all of our voices and choose to not change history by only going with ‘state’ or college votes,” she said, leaving us to wonder what on earth is going on in her brain.

Farrah expressed: “my heart broke for all who spent their day voting, who believed in change, believed in are history finally to stop repeating injustices.”

“I hope one day people stop acting out of Hate, Spite, & Immaturity and realize it’s not a highest Ideal to deliver on real democracy, voices being truly an equal,” she rambled without meaning.

“In our history presidents have tried to remove college electoral votes so that state does not over ride the publics votes,” Farrah continued to incoherently rant.

“To this day 2021 it failed again on national television, news, and history,” she said, inaccurate on every conceivable level.

“I hope one day we all stop and think what allowing corruption in votes does, and allowing state to over rule your votes does,” Farrah’s confused blabbering expressed.

“It’s not just one type of people it effects are world from ever truly living in real Democracy- freedom,” Farrah declared.

“Systemically I can’t blame more groups segregating with their own schools, careers, networks,” she wrote alarmingly.

Farrah then added: “The 2 smallest things in our system every 4 years needs change so #blacklivesmatter truly and are heard with equality, so racists can no longer corrupt with hate & spite.”

“So mental illness and depression is cared for from the abuse, injustices & [our] education systems don’t only show you one side of history but all sides,” Farrah chattered.

She wrote: “Plant a seed of love, hope, & focus to stop going in circles and hitting your head on a wall.”

Farrah’s nonsense concluded with: “Open your hearts & minds no matter how you type cast yourself”

Sophia Abraham IG reply to Farrah (obviously by Farrah)

Perhaps the funniest part of this alarmingly unhinged rant was that it included a comment from “Sophia,” one that fans noted was transparently written by Farrah herself.

Sophia’s alleged comment praised both her mother and Netflix … there’s nothing that kids love more than a likely paid promotion.

While no amount of education will stop Farrah from being a horrible person, many of us would pay cash money to see someone sit down and explain to her how wrong all of that drivel was.

Farrah Abraham Gets Dragged For Latest Plastic Surgery: Where Did Her Nose Go?!

Farrah Abraham just keeps going under the knife to “improve” her appearance, which is baffling for two reasons:

1. We can’t figure out where she gets the money for all of these procedures, and 

2. It seems like she’s already had every inch of her body nipped and tucked.

But as washed-up pseudo-celebs have learned time and again, plastic surgery addiction is a real thing.

And it looks like Farrah has a very extreme case.

Ms. Abraham rarely disappears from social media for very long, and when she does, it’s a safe bet that she’ll come looking different from the last time we saw her.

Farrah went more than a week between her last post and her most recent one, so it came as no surprise that she reappeared with a brand-new nose.

The mother of one recently posted a video in which she lip syncs to a song about being rich, but while Farrah’s inability to keep up with the lyrics was pretty funny, it’s not what captured fans’ attention.

“Well #inaguration2021 has me #manifesting my #2021affirmations on #repeat so #repeatafterme #dailyaffirmations #health #wealth #success #presidentialinauguration #farrahabraham #woman #womanownedbusiness,” Abraham captioned the pic.

It’s a little weird that she’s so happy about the inauguration, considering Farrah is a Trump supporter, but hey — wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to use a trending hashtag, right?

(Also, is using your own name as a hashtag really a thing now? Please don’t let that be a thing.)

Despite her promise to do so, Farrah has not quit Twitter or Instagram, but she did go longer without posting than anyone expected.

At first, her followers thought she was making good on her promise to protest “big tech censorship.”

But now we know she was just giving her new nose time to heal.

As usual, Farrah’s followers were quick to point out the latest change in her appearance.

“Erm..wtf has happened to your nose?!?..stop messing with your face you didn’t need to!!” one follower commented.

“Oh Farrah, half of your mouth doesn’t work right any longer and half of your nostril is straight up missing. Such a tragedy because you were naturally so beautiful before…” another wrote.

“Nice Botched nose job… she’s missing a nostril,” a third chimed in.

And of course, several commenters pointed out that Farrah appears to have gone full Michael Jackson.

“MJ is that you?” one person asked.

As usual, Farrah didn’t respond to any of the criticism, which is a shame, because some of it was constructive.

“And u keep spelling inauguration WRONG!” reads the top comment on the post.

Look, Farrah, we know there’s nothing you can do to get your old nose back.

But next time you’re healing after a procedure, you can at least work on your spelling.

Farrah abraham gets dragged for latest plastic surgery where did

Farrah Abraham to Sophia: Time for Mother-Daughter Christmas Twerking!

Farrah Abraham keeps baiting critics with inappropriate content of daughter Sophia.

And no, she didn’t take a break for the holidays.

The 29-year-old Teen Mom alum took to social media to once again torment her followers with her parenting style.

This time, she and Sophia were dancing side-by-side in a heavily filtered Instagram Story.

While some sort of Perry The Platypus (don’t ask me why; I’m too old to understand) rap song played, the two of them tap danced.

Farrah Abraham IG dances with Sophia holidays 2020

Tap dancing can only go so far, however.

For whatever reason, Farrah opted to switch to twerking on camera beside her 11-year-old daughter.

Twerking is, of course, a dance style that involves the shaking of the butt, allowing the natural (or, in this case, not so natural) tissues of the body to jiggle and bounce.

Farrah Abraham IG twerks with Sophia holidays 2020

The point of twerking, at its core, is that the butt’s movements mirror those seen in numerous sexual positions. The goal is to tantalize.

Sophia can be seen briefly trying to emulate her mother.

No one could fault Sophia for dancing like her mom or for having a fun time as an 11-year-old. Plenty, however, can fault Farrah.

It’s not necessarily age-inappropriate for Sophia to try various dances, including twerking.

(Twerking hasn’t been the “hot new thing” in many years, though Farrah may not be aware of that)

It’s perfectly normal for an 11-year-old to try out all sorts of dances, even the kind that make older folks cringe. No, especially that kind. It’s part of growing up.

For that matter, it’s even normal for moms to try out these dances with their daughters.

It’s usually harmless fun — the daughter pretends to be older and maybe the mom imagines being a little bit younger than she technically is.

But Farrah’s decisions with Sophia have two big issues.

One, she did this in a public forum, on social media, as a celebrity — or close enough.

Farrah is infamous but she is also famous, and there are all sorts of weirdos who follow her content, including everything that she posts about Sophia.

Exposing your child’s silly dance moves to all of your followers stops being “silly” when you think about what sorts of sick people live in this world.

The second big issue with Farrah’s choice to share this is that it’s part of a larger pattern with her.

Farrah posts photo and video after photo and video of her crossing or outright ignoring boundaries.

Whether she’s dancing in lingerie mere feet away from Sophia or flaunting her new vibrator in the car with Sophia or something else, Farrah has no desire to stop herself.

There is, unfortunately, a method to her madness … but if anything, it makes the situation worse.

Farrah is actively monetizing her weird behavior with Sophia.

Her social media activity, no matter how horrific or self-destructive, is always aimed at perpetuating and even growing her personal brand.

Farrah has also more directly tried to monetize Sophia by demanding that people make 5-digit payments for the privilege of being followed by Sophia.

Hard to imagine what sort of person would choose to get a social media follow from an 11-year-old girl whose mom manages her social media when the same price would get them a new car.

As long as Farrah can use Sophia to get attention, make headlines, and sell products, she’s going to keep putting her daughter in weirder and weirder videos.

Farrah Abraham Freaks Fans The Eff Out: I’m Grooming Sophia to Look Just Like ME!

Farrah Abraham knows that fans hate it when she smothers Sophia in a ton of makeup.

Now, she’s straight-up baiting her haters, recoloring her 11-year-old’s hair while she sits in a salon wearing lacy shorts.

Most of us have foregone normal hair appointments for most of 2020 except when it’s urgent or safety is assured.

We can only hope that Farrah and Sophia were being safe when this photo was taken.

Sophia is wearing a mask, at least, which puts her several steps ahead of an alarming number of people during this pandemic.

Sophia Abraham IG black lace shorts, hair like Farrah's

But Sophia is also wearing black lacy shorts.

Look, she’s 11, and we understand that middle school is a time for children to experiment with different fashion styles, even those designed for teens and young adults.

But Sophia isn’t really in middle school. Farrah “homeschools” her while dragging her all over the world. Does Sophia really have any peers to impress?

Speaking of worries that Sophia is being forced to grow up too quickly by her deranged mother, there’s also the reason for the visit.

Her hair looks like she’s an adult woman.

Is it normal for kids to experiment with different hairstyles? Sure. But this isn’t an experiment; she’s full on twinning with her mom, a fate that we wouldn’t wish on anyone.

The Instagram Story has made the rounds on the internet, and Teen Mom fans are frankly horrified.

“All I see is a child that has never had a childhood,” one social media denizon comments.

“…It’s so inappropriate, I really don’t think she wants to be wearing black Lacey dresses,” another opines. “She was never allowed to just be a kid.”

“She is too young for all this. She is 11 years old, let her be a kid,” writes another.

That same commenter continues: “She has the whole of her 20s to be an adult and deal with all the s–t that comes with it, let her enjoy her childhood ffs.”

“This is so creepy,” chimes in another.

Again, we know that Sophia is a tween. Experimenting with makeup and hair and outfits is normal.

It is also normal for adults to be “shocked” by 11 and 12 year olds dressing like the mature adults that they feel like they are becoming and not like the babies that we see them as.

But … fans have real concerns that Farrah’s motives in dressing up Sophia are more than just baiting her haters.

See, when Farrah makes headlines for doing “weird stuff” — to put it politely — to and with Sophia, she gets attention.

And it’s not like attention doesn’t come with other perks, either.

Farrah can and has monetized Sophia on social media.

Just recently, Farrah demanded that anyone who wants Sophia to follow them on social media has to cough up an unbelievable $25,000.

That’s on any social media platform, folks. It makes us imagine a scenario where someone goes “I was going to buy a brand new car, but instead I’ll get a Twitter follow from an 11-year-old whose mom runs her account.”

Just because you’d have to be a fool to go for it doesn’t mean that Farrah’s other ventures will fizzle out. It’s sad to see a tweet put on display as bait for mommy’s haters just so that she can make a headline.

Farrah Abraham Celebrates Christmas By Breaking Instagram’s No-Nipple Rule!

Well, we’re in the midst of a national pandemic; Christmas is a week away, and Farrah Abraham is a single mom with an 11-year-old daughter at home.

And yet, the former Teen Mom star is currently in Alaska posting thirst trap content.

Why, you ask?

Well, that’s a good question, but unfortunately, there’s no good answer, as Farrah’s life stopped making sense years ago.

Okay, to be fair, Sophia is in Alaska with her, but it’s still not entirely clear why mother and daughter decided to set out for the Last Frontier just ahead of the holidays.

But naturally, Farrah is occupying her time the same way she does on the mainland — by posting thirst traps that test the limits of Instagram’s adult content ban.

Technically, her bolt-on boobs are covered by some sort of sheer, flesh-colored swimsuit fabric in her latest video.

But you can definitely tell it was very cold in Alaska that day, if you know what we mean.

Anyway, Farrah didn’t post the video for the sole purpose of finding out if Instagram still enforces its no-nipple policy.

No, it seems the risque clip was part of a sponsored content deal!

Yes, Farrah is promoting something called the Anti-Drama face mask from Frank Body.

The irony of Farrah promoting something that bills itself as “anti-drama” is almost too much to bear.

And then on top of that, she decided to sell a face mask by drawing attention to her body.

Clearly, marketing is not her strong suit, which is weird, because Farrah taught a “master class” on business and charged people like a hundred bucks a pop!

Not surprisingly, most of the comments on the pic had to do with Farrah’s plastic surgery obsession.

But we guess that’s the sort of thing you have to expect when you transform into a completely different person.

“Is This is a WHOLE other person?” one commenter asked.

“Girl! Please leave ur face alone,” another implored.

“What happened to her!! Ugh,” a third chimed in.

Obviously, there are many ways to answer that question, but we’re guessing the commenter was specifically referring to Farrah’s apperance.

“You were better natural,” a fourth critic observed.

Again, that could definitey be argued, and it depends very much on what aspect of Farrah’s life the person is referring to.

If they’re referring to her character then we’d have to point out that it’s always been pretty crappy.

Farrah abraham celebrates christmas by breaking instagrams no ni