Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton: Announcing Engagement Very Soon?!

Though Gwen Stefani admits she was too traumatized to marry Blake Shelton at first, things are looking better and better.

A new report says that this unlikely pair may announce their engagement any day now.

When they do marry, there’s one thing about their nuptials that we know for sure.

According to Us Weekly, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton could be coming forward with good news in the very near future.

The two of them “are going to be announcing their engagement very soon,” the insider reveals.

That is incredibly exciting news for the couple and for fans of the couple.

“Blake has always wanted to marry Gwen,â€� the source continues.

“But she’s always been extremely cautious,” the insider admits. “Because she has three kids to be mindful 

The children of whom she is mindful are sons Kingston, age 12, Zuma, age 10, and Apollo, age 4.

Us notes that, when the time finally comes for Gwen and Blake to walk down the aisle, Gwen’s kids will likely be involved.


Well, they are of course the center of Gwen’s world.

But also, they have reportedly grown incredibly close to Blake.

“Having them around is … I don’t even know how to describe it,” Blake previously said of the boys.

“It’s so much fun,” he concluded.

Blake is not the only one of the couple who has openly and giddily gushed about their relationship.

In April of 2018, Gwen admitted that she thinks about marrying Blake all of the time.

Ellen DeGeneres may occassionally experience unfortunate lapses in judgment, but she was great at needling Gwen for information.

Gwen refused to either confirm or deny that she and Blake were getting married.

It appears that she enjoys the uncertainty of it all, because she said that confirming things either way would make it official — for better or for worse.

Are she and Blake finally ready to crack?

Whether or not they tie the knot in the super near future, multiple reports say that she and Blake want to have a child together.

“Blake wants his own child,” an insider says.

According to the source: “They’re determined.”

They’re aware of Gwen’s age (she’s not old and she’s gorgeous, but by an obstetrician’s standards, she is way tf too old to be safely popping out babies).

But the two have looked into the idea of getting a surrogate. They could certainly afford one.

Whether it’s a traditional surrogate or a gestational carrier, that’s a very viable option if these two choose to go that route.

Obviously, whether to get married is their choice, and so is whether to have additional children.

The same is true of when they decide to do either.

It is 2019. Marriage can be profoundly meaningful to people, but not everyone wants a piece of paper and a loop of metal to signify their love.

Given how messy Gwen’s divorce from Gavin Rossdale was, and how young her son Apollo is, we can understand her hesitation.

She and Blake are happy together right now.

Why mess with perfection?

Gwen Stefani: I’m Too Traumatized to Marry Blake Shelton …

Gwen Stefani is on a mission to spread Christmas cheer … and to try to force her fans to like Blake Shelton.

In a new interview, the singer isaddressing rumors of secret Gwen and Blake weddings that so many fans have heard.

She says that one of the factors influencing their choices is trauma from past relationships.

Gwen stefani and blake shelton kiss on ig

Gwen Stefani is happy to announce that, despite rumors, there is “zero pressure” in their relationship.

The interviewer refers to Ellen DeGeneres joking that Blake had confirmed to her that he and Gwen are engaged.

In that interview, Gwen of course told Ellen and her audience: “No he — no, we’re not!”

Now, Gwen explains that “there is zero pressure.”

“I think that when there’s trauma the way that we had trauma back in the day,” Gwen says.

She refers to her contentious split from Gavin Rossdale and Blake’s even harder split from Miranda Lambert.

Blake with gwen

“Like,” Gwen continues. “Going through all these hard times to get to a place where you find somebody that’s your best friend.”

“That you know that you can depend on and trust and just go through life,” Gwen adds.

She’s been through a lot of emotional upheaval to get to where she is.

She’s in no hurry, she explains, to change things up.

“I think that we’ll just try and be in the moment as much as we can,” Gwen says.

As to whether Blake is her forever man, she says: “I hope so! I hope so.”

Shelton and stefani

Gwen admits that there were times when she couldn’t imagine the happiness and stability that she currently has in her life.

“I never thought I would get this moment,” Gwen confesses.

“So it’s just really special,” she explains.

After all of the rumors of secret engagements and multiple secret weddings, it’s good for fans to hear an explanation.

Some expected that she and Blake would remarry right away.

It is great to see her taking her time.

Gwen stefani and blake shelton well wishes

Gwen also spoke further about their relationship as she discussed filming a music video with Blake.

Apparently, despite being a music star in his own way within the Country Music community, Blake hates filming music videos.

Some musicians feel awkward or inauthentic filming them, even though they can help push songs and become works of art.

The fact that Blake was part of Gwen’s video is very sweet and shows how willing he is to indulge her.

That said, a sizable portion of Gwen’s fans have seen more than enough of Blake for their liking.

Seeing him in a music video is not what they want.

But he’s part of Gwen’s life. They will need to accept that.

Gwen stefani in black with blake shelton

Gwen’s interview made reference to her interview with Ellen.

A source close to Blake told HollywoodLife that Blake was very amused by it.

Blake thought Gwen’s interview with Ellen [DeGeneres] was absolutely adorable,” the insider shared.

“She looked gorgeous and was so smart and funny,” the source noted.

The insider revealed: “He’s watched the video at least ten times now, and it still makes him smile.”

That is, admittedly, very cute.

Gwen stefani im too traumatized to marry blake shelton

Gwen Stefani: I Think About Marrying Blake Shelton All the Time!

Gwen Stefani is opening up and speaking directly about her relationship with Blake Shelton.

On Tuesday, she spoke to Ellen DeGeneres and confessed that she thinks about marrying the Country crooner “all of the time.”

You can see her say that and more in the video below.

We hear a lot of reports about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. We’ll hear that Blake dumped Gwen after a fight, or that the two are married or expecting.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to parse what is true and what is a rumor.

What is very clear, however, is that Gwen and Blake’s relationship is still the subject of a lot of speculation. And a lot of fans want to see them stay together.

Blake Shelton gushed about Gwen on social media recently, and now Gwen’s sitting down with Ellen DeGeneres to speak up about how she feels.

And the results, as you’ll see, are very cute.

Gwen Stefani was visibly anxious when discussing her relationship.

When the subject of marriage comes up, she asks Ellen for advice.

“Well, how do you feel about it? I mean, you’re married. What do you think I should do about it?”

Ellen, who is married to Portia De Rossi and has been for many years, answered her bluntly:

“I love being married. I think you should get married.”

“Really?” Gwen asks.

Ellen presses her, asking: “Don’t you?”

WHAT are you doing?!” Gwen exclaims.

Ellen points out that Gwen came to her for advice.

As a general rule, don’t ask for advice if you don’t want it.

That goes for television interviews, too.

Gwen clarifies that she loves Ellen — who doesn’t? — and, speaking of love, she talks about how Blake gets along with her children.

“The kids love him,” she reports.

“We love him,” Gwen continues. “Everybody loves him. He’s lovable.”

That last may not be quite as accurate as the lovestruck pop singer may want to believe.

Apparently the Country singer has ruffled some feathers at The Voice.

Some reports even claim that Blake is high on fame and money. But if that’s true, it doesn’t sound like she and her family see that side of him.

Ellen tells Gwen to “think about” marrying Blake, but emphasizes that there is no rush.

And this is when Gwen confesses, saying: “I do. I think about it all of the time.”

That sure makes it sounds like wedding bells could be in the air.

Watching this, one is reminded that it wasn’t so long ago that anti-marriage equality activists were arguing that same-sex marriage would ruin straight marriage.

But here we see Ellen DeGeneres talking about how her marriage is so wonderful that she wants that for Gwen Stefani. It’s beautiful.


Gwen stefani i think about marrying blake shelton all of the tim