Jazz Jennings: Waiting a Year Before Harvard Because She’s Depressed AF

This spring, advocate and reality star Jazz Jennings was accepted into Harvard. That is so exciting for her!

However, this week, Jazz revealed to her followers that she has deferred her admission and will be taking a year off before attending.

After spending her entire life in the spotlight, she needs a mental health break before her next great adventure.

18-year-old Jazz Jennings took to Instagram to share some complicated news.

“I wanted to share some news,” Jazz begins her post.

“After careful consideration,” she writes. “I have decided to take a break before starting at Harvard.”

Deferring admission for a year isn’t an option that everyone can take, but if you have the means to spend a year on self-care, it’s a good idea.

“It wasn’t an easy decision,” Jazz emphasizes. “But it is the right one for me.”

“These past few years have been so full and busy,” Jazz explains.

She’s an activist, a reality star, and also just a teenage girl who’s been going to school and living her life.

She writes that it all became so much “that I realized I could use some time to refocus and recenter.”

Jazz affirms that her goal is of course “to be the strongest version of myself.”

That’s what we went for her, too!

Jazz makes it clear that she is grateful for the opportunity to take this brief sabbatical.

“I am so grateful to have the support of my parents and Harvard in making this decision,” she writes.

“And,” Jazz contines. “Look forward to focusing on some self-care.”

She is dedicated to “getting prepared to start this exciting next chapter in my life.”

We are so excited for her, but definitely would not want her to burn out. And neither do her parents or her future school.

An insider explains a little more to RadarOnline about Jazz’s decision to give herself some breathing room.

The insider explains that Jazz has been “so stressed out” and “showing signs of depression.”

Mental health is important, and countless people grapple with depression and anxiety.

“Jazz hasn’t been herself for months now,” the source characterizes. 

“She was not in the right position to be starting school and living on her own,” the insider explains.

Of course. It’s good that she’ll have the unconditional support of her loving family as she readies herself for her next adventure.

This past June, Jazz admitted that she had found herself in a “constant state of being burned out.”

“It’s also a place where I can feel that anxiety and depression to an even greater degree than I do now,” she predicted of going to Harvard.

Jazz reasoned: “because there’s so much going on all the time.”

“You want to be involved in everything, but school’s stressful in and of itself,” she explained.

“I’ll be studying for tests and exams and trying to be the best I can be,” Jazz said.

“In high school, I always got straight As,” she noted. “Because I put that pressure on myself.”

“She doesn’t really have the time to just be Jazz,” the source adds.

After years of dedicated human rights activism as a trans teen, “she doesn’t know how to just be a teen and not be an advocate.”

Unfortunately, the usual demons (worse than trolls) are crawling out of the refuse piles where they live to comment on Jazz’s deferred admission.

They seem gleeful in misgendering her and saying abhorrent, unrepeatable things about her transition.

Being trans doesn’t make you depressed, folks. Living in a society that treats trans people the way that ours does, however, just might.

Jazz has put up with a world of harassment on top of her extremely busy life. She deserves to catch her breath before college.

Jazz Jennings: I Got Into Harvard!!

Despite a number of complications, Jazz Jennings’ gender confirmation surgery last year was a major milestone in her life.

But her story continues.

Jazz is now an adult, and she has just announced that she will be attending Harvard University!

On Tuesday, May 14, I Am Jazz star Jazz Jennings shared some powerfully exciting news on social media.

First and foremost, followers saw her photo in a Harvard hoodie.

“#Harvard2023,” her Instagram caption began.

“I am so stoked for this next chapter of my life,” Jazz gushed.

She expressed: “Feeling so blessed and grateful right now.”

Jazz Jennings harvard 2023 announcement

“Thank you so much to my incredible family,” Jazz wrote. “For your unconditional love and support.”

Her parents and brothers have been firm supporters of hers since she was a very small child.

She affirmed that “none of this would be possible without all of you.”

“I can’t wait for what’s to come!” Jazz concluded.

Her excitement is palpable, folks. This is so exciting!

Jazz is grateful to her family, and they are of course overjoyed about her acceptance.

Her older brother, Sander, was overjoyed, and took to Instagram to say so.

“I am the most proud brother on the planet,” Sander raved in a comment below Jazz’s post.

He gushed: “You continue to amaze me.”

Jazz is an activist, an advocate, a reality star, a civil rights icon, and now a Harvard student.

There is a lot for which to be proud.

Family weren’t the only ones who were thrilled on Jazz’s behalf.

Katie Couric shared her delight at the news.

“!!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Couric wrote. “So so happy for you!”

Several years ago, Katie Couric asked inappropriate questions of a trans woman during an interview.

Since then, she has gone out of her way to learn more about trans folks and how she can be a better ally.

Fellow trans celebrity Gia Gunn praised Jazz, writing: “Looking radiant honey.”

Jazz is about to start the next chapter of her life, and her fans are thrilled.

Since she was a young child, Jazz was vocal about her gender.

Because she spoke so eloquently and clearly, Jazz was interviewed numerous times from an early age.

This was part of what allowed her to launch a successful reality show, I Am Jazz, which allowed even more people to watch her grow up.

Jazz’s latest milestone on her personal journey was undergoing bottom surgery last year

Now, Jazz is 18 years old and destined for an Ivy League education.

Given the news that I Am Jazz was already renewed for Season 6 by TLC, we have to wonder about what is to come.

Is Jazz going to take time off from reality stardom, even though it helps her convey a powerful message of acceptance to viewers?

Or … is there any chance that the cameras are going to follow her as she attends Harvard?

Only Jazz (and perhaps some university staff) can make that call.

Jazz Jennings has unfortunately been the target of hate and harassment.

Trans women are barraged by vile messages every day. Unfortunately, this happens even more to famous trans women.

In the summer of 2017, Derick Dillard harassed Jazz Jennings and got fired by TLC over his bigoted tweets.

Though she is no stranger to targeted bullying, we hope that Jazz’s college experience will be a lot more positive.

She won’t be the first trans woman or the first celebrity to get an Ivy League education. We hope that she has a great time!

I Am Jazz Renewed for Season 6 by TLC!

For Jazz Jennings, the complications after her bottom surgery were worth it, because she can now live as her authentic self without dysphoria.

It also paid off for her show, I Am Jazz, whose ratings were through the roof.

Now, the GLAAD Award winning reality series has been renewed for yet another season.

The Wrap excitedly reports that I Am Jazz has been renewed by TLC.

The show’s sixth season, which has now been greenlit, will air in 2020.

Season 5 showcased some pivotal moments in Jazz’s life.

Jazz, who is now 18, underwent bottom surgery, fulfilling her lifelong dream of having a vagina.

Fans saw her grapple with complications — and get serious with a new boyfriend.

Howard Lee, president and general manager of TLC, spoke about how excited he is for I Am Jazz to continue.

“Jazz is the quintessential example of living authentically and embracing one’s true self,” Lee begins.

“And,” his statement continues. “That is what TLC seeks to celebrate in all of our programming.”

Some shows succeed more at that goal than others.

“Jazz’s story has inspired viewers across America,” Lee notes.

“And,” Lee says, Jazz’s show has “never more so than this past year.”

He notes that viewers tuned in and watched Jazz “during the most important moment of her life.”

That would be her gender confirmation surgery.

“We are proud that Jazz and her family have allowed TLC to follow along on her journey,” he expresses.

“And,” Lee concludes. “We look forward with great excitement to sharing the next chapter of her life with our devoted audience.”

I Am Jazz‘s eventful fifth season paid off where it counts — in viewership.

Season six was it’s highest-rated season among women in the 18-49 range and in the 25-54 range.

(Yes, there is some overlap there — but those are coveted demographics, especially since most television viewers are women)

Season 5 averaged about 1.4 million viewers per episode.

Overall, Season 5’s numbers were reportedly the highest in the show’s history.

Jazz’s success is especially notable because so many people have tried to tear down the show — and her, personally.

Notably, time after time, former Counting On star Derick Dillard has verbally attacked Jazz simply for existing as herself.

He is not alone, unfortunately.

Trans folks have always been among us, but never before have they been as visible to the public eye as during the past several years.

Unfortunately, that makes them an easy target for bigots — and for any politician or entertainer who wishes to cater to bigots.

Jazz hopes that sharing her story, with all of its ups and downs, will help to change hearts and minds.

As you probably noticed if your social media feeds look anything like mine, Thursday night was the annual GLAAD Awards.

Jazz Jennings was in attendance … but had to bow out.

“I didn’t survive the red carpet tonight,” Jazz admitted in an Instagram post.

“My social anxiety got the best of me,” she explained. “And I had to remove myself from that situation.”

“I’m feeling better now,” Jazz noted. “But no one talks about how stressful it can be for 10 cameras to be flashing in your face with paparazzi screaming your name.”

“It’s not for everyone,” Jazz concluded. “Especially not someone with crippling anxiety.”

Jazz Jennings Explains Post-Op Complications: My Vagina FELL APART!

Jazz Jennings was so excited to undergo her bottom surgery that her mother threw a “farewell to penis” party.

But, as she revealed last year, Jazz’s gender confirmation surgery had complications

On last night’s harrowing episode, we learned exactly how serious those post-op complications were. Buckle up, folks.

Jazz jennings undergoes second surgery

Jazz underwent bottom surgery over the summer, something for which she had longed all her life.

A quick disclaimer: we know that not all trans folks experience the same types of bodiy dysmorphia or any at all.

But Jazz has wanted to have a vagina since she was a little girl, and this surgery has always been planned as part of her journey.

Unfortunately, she suffered a rare and serious complication after her operation.

“I heard something go ‘pop’ and when I looked, the whole thing had just split open,” the doctor explains.


Jazz jennings gets surgery

In a behind-the-scenes chat with TLC, Jazz explained exactly what the doctors uncovered.

“They took off the bandages and the packaging,” Jazz shares. “And we found out that only 50 percent of the skin graft took.”

That is … dramatically not good.

“So, basically I had no skin,” Jazz summarizes.

Most of us prefer to have skin on our genitals, and Jazz is no exception.

Jazz jennings post op selfie

Jazz is okay now. This was all filmed last summer.

In fact, Jazz was tweeting along with the episode and shared some new information with her followers.

“Fun fact: The camera crew left NYC thinking that I was on a steady path to recovery,” Jazz wrote on Tuesday night.

“When the complication occurred,” she revealed. “The two producers who stayed behind documented the second procedure.”

They did so “using my camera and their phones!”

Jazz jennings goes into surgery

Despite the horror of having her fondest dream turn into a three-week nightmare, Jazz is glad that it happened.

“I’m glad that this rare complication happened to me rather than to another trans individual,” Jazz expressed on Twitter.

That makes sense. A lot of trans folks get denied insurance and lack both familial and financial support. Jazz is very fortunate.

“With the love & support of my family, it makes it easier for me to conquer a challenge like this,” Jazz shared.

She wrote: “I can’t imagine how devasting it would be for someone without that support system.”

Jazz jennings celebrates

Jazz explained that no one was willing to even let her see the scary complication.

“My vagina looked SO bad that my mom, sister, and the surgeons wouldn’t even let me look at it,” Jazz tweeted.

“Eventually, I used a compact mirror to get a peak,” she shares.

That’s resourceful … and also very brave.

“And all I could do was laugh,” Jazz writes of what she saw. “If only you guys knew.”

Surgeries transform lives and often save them, but it’s not pretty to look at.

Jazz jennings is thoughtful

“In life, everything is about attitude & perspective,” Jazz reflects on Twitter.

“Even though my vagina falling apart was the hardest thing I ever experienced,” she writes. “I knew that one day I would be fully healed & recovered.”

“I had to adopt the mindset of my future self & know in my heart that everything would be ok,” she says.

That is very mature of her! Especially since she had to endure a three-week post-op.

“I was depressed for about 2 days before I snapped out of it and accepted the situation for what it was,” Jazz writes.

She concludes: “I knew everything would be amazing in the end (and it is!!)”

Jazz jennings and mom jeanette

“My mom is the most incredible, compassionate, and nurturing person in the entire world,” Jazz praises.

“She is my role model, my rock, my everything,” she gushes. “I love her so much and couldn’t have gotten through this without her support.”

Jazz also had a profound personal experience during the healing process.

“While I was in the hospital for 3 weeks, I had plenty of time to meditate & self-reflect,” Jazz shares.

“During one of those meditations, I had a powerful spiritual experience that completely transformed my life,” she reveals.

“This newfound faith has shifted my thinking,” she adds. “And brought me power & purpose.”

That is wonderful to hear!

Jazz jennings listens

Notably, ratings for recent episodes of I Am Jazz have been going up.

Her transition is a big deal and a lot of fans and viewers are invested.

Unfortunately, we’re sure that we don’t have to tell you that some truly vile people have bombarded Jazz with horrific comments.

Trans women in particular face hatred and vitriol on a daily basis.

But Jazz is putting herself out there to make the world a better place.

And next week, it looks like we’re going to learn more about Jazz’s new boyfriend.

Jazz jennings explains post op complications my vagina fell apar

Jazz Jennings Hosts "Farewell to Penis" Party Before Surgery

We already reported that Jazz Jenning’s difficult gender confirmation surgery was, ultimately, a success.

But in the build-up, everyone was a little nervous about this major operation. Fortunately, there was a way to cut the tension.

On the latest episode of I Am Jazz, Jazz’s mom threw a “farewell to penis” party for her daughter. Yes, there was a penis cake.

Jazz jennings turns 18

Tuesday night was Season 5, Episode 3 of I Am Jazz, an episode titled: “Caterpillar to Butterfly.”

We hope that we do not have the spell out the symbolism of either caterpillars or butterflies when it comes to human genitalia.

In the episode, Jazz is hyped for her bottom surgery — the term used in the trans community for surgery on one’s genitals.

(it contrasts with top surgery, where breast tissue is either removed or implants are added, and doesn’t make everyone endure the word “genitals”)

Any major surgery is a big deal, and Jazz’s surgery has its own unique challenges.

So Jazz’s parents have a conversation about how to celebrate their daughter’s upcoming surgery.

Parents of jazz jennings

Her mom’s idea is a “farewell to penis” party, as she explains to Jazz’s dad.

That is an accurate description. Jazz is and always has been a girl, so a spoof on a gender reveal party wouldn’t make much sense.

(Remember, genitals are not gender)

“I wanna do this party, because I want to have fun with the idea that Jazz is having surgery,” Jeanette explained.

“This is not fun,” Jeanette said of her daughter’s upcoming operation. “There’s nothing fun about this, but laughter is the best medicine.”

Jazz jennings and mom jeanette

Jazz’s dad like things a little more “low-key” than his wife or daughter, so he’s not so sure that a “farewell to penis” party is in good taste.

But when Jazz hears that her dad is a little embarrassed by the idea of the party, she is totally onboard.

As Jazz explains, “I love making my dad uncomfortable.”

What teen doesn’t? Especially when her dad is, as she says, “more reserved and modest.”

“And,” she continues. “If this penis party is going to do just that, then we’ve gotta have a penis party.”

And that was that.

Jazz jennings penis cake

Jazz actually helped to make the cake, which has a penis on it — made of rolled fondant — that has a pair of eyes on it.

The cake-dong was not photorealistic, but it was close enough to the real thing that TLC saw fit to blur it in several shots.

The phallic cake went on top of a generic store-bought cake, which is a good choice. Fondant is … not as tasty as actual frosting.

(Jazz and Jeanette actually had a bit of an argument, because Jazz wanted flesh-toned frosting but her mom insisted on the fondant)

Her mom also discussed the idea of a penis pinata, which is certainly a symbolic gesture in its own right.

Jazz jennings cuts the cake

Also during the episode, Jazz and her parents disagreed about cybersecurity issues.

Jazz is a vlogger who updates her fans and followers on her life and very frankly discusses trans issues.

During one video, she happened to mention the date of her surgery.

Her parents were concerned, and pointed out that of the countless transphobes out there, some are certainly violent.

It would only take one hateful lunatic to barge into the hospital to kill her or her doctors.

Thankfully, that did not happen, but it’s a good reminder that public figures who are also minorities are at higher risk of violence from bigots.

We’re glad that Jazz was safe and pulled through her surgery okay despite some complications.

Jazz jennings hosts farewell to penis party before surgery

I Am Jazz Trailer Reveals Surgical Challenges, Introduces New Boyfriend

In earlier teasers, we knew that Jazz Jennings’ gender confirmation surgery had a complication.

As this trailer makes clear, viewers will see the drama before, during, and after her surgery.

On top of that, we’ll see Jazz tackle a difficult interview … and the new man in her life.

Jazz jennings is thoughtful

This new season of I Am Jazz is going to be full of major life milestones.

Notably, Jazz undergoes a challenging genital surgery.

“I’ve been waiting for this my whole life,” Jazz gushes about her upcoming procedure. “And now it’s time.”

While we know that Jazz is doing great after the operation, there were a number of problems for surgeons.

“The surgical team haven’t figured out what approach they’re going to take to building my vagina,” Jazz admits in the trailer.

Jazz jennings goes into surgery

Not every transgender person gets bottom surgery — the term for gender confirmation surgery performed upon genitals.

It’s expensive, there are risks, it can be imperfect, and most importantly, gender and genitals are not synonymous.

But it’s not a new procedure, and there have been great strides towards protecting the process during recent decades.

Still, one of Jazz’s surgeons admits that giving Jazz a vagina will be “the most difficult case that I have encountered.”

Why? It’s complicated.

Jazz jennings at breakfast

Jazz was lucky enough to have a supportive family as a child, so she was able to go on puberty blockers and then the right hormones.

This spared her the indignity of going through the wrong kind of puberty and meant that she was able to grow her own breasts.

However, that meant that her genitals never grew, which means that doctors have less tissue with which to work.

Resourceful surgeons ultimately decided to use part of the lining of her peritoneum, which is located in her abdominal cavity.

This was a source of extra tissue and is also regenerative.

Jazz jennings listens

But there’s more to Jazz’s journey this season than her bottom surgery.

She turned 18 this past year, and while fans have seen her dip her toes in the dating world before, it looks like things are more serious now.

“I feel like I’ve been ready to fall in love for so long,” she tells her brother in one scene.

Jazz describes love: “It’s like the ultimate connection.”


I am jazz jennings amir kiss

She has a specific boy on her life — and his name is Amir.

“There’s a boy in the picture now,” Jennings reveals. “Amir just gets me, and I get him.”

“Have you kissed him yet?” one of Jazz’s friends asks during the trailer.

Jazz is almost surprised by the question, and says: “I’ve kissed him a lot.”

That is an extremely age-appropriate answer.

Jazz jennings turns 18

The new season of I Am Jazz premieres on Tuesday, January 1, at 10pm.

Other elements of this season teased by the new trailer include a difficult interview that she gave in 2018.

Additionally, she has a spiritual consultation that seems to urge her to put off her surgery by just a short while.

Jazz had to wait her entire life, so we’ll understand if she didn’t heed that advice.

I am jazz trailer reveals surgical challenges introduces new boy

I Am Jazz Trailer: Jazz Jennings Tackles Dating, Weight Gain, and Haters!

Despite Derick Dillard’s worst effortsI Am Jazz returns next month, continuing to document the life of well-spoken trans teen, Jazz Jennings.

We’ve seen a lot about her, her family, and her activism. It looks like this season is going to focus on some personal decisions and struggles: getting a tattoo, dating a girl for the first time, her weight, activism, and being in the path of Hurricane Irma.

In the first trailer, which we have for you below, you’ll see that and more as Jazz 

Jazz jennings at 17

Jazz Jennings’ hit reality series is continuing to succeed where Caitlyn Jenner’s failed. Why?

Well, probably because Jazz is a better representative of the LGBT+ community. I Am Cait lost a lot of viewers, and you can’t help but wonder how much her affection for people like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump had to do with that.

Also, Jazz is in many ways more relatable to viewers, whether they’re trans or cis. Most of us can’t relate to being a millionaire Olympian. But a teenager with a teenager’s struggles?

We’ve all been there.

So, the first thing that we really get to see in the trailer is Jazz getting a tattoo.

Jazz only turned 17 last October, so we imagine that for at least most of this upcoming season of I Am Jazz, she’ll be 16.

For those of you concerned about a 16-year-old getting a tattoo, Florida law is fine with a 16- or 17-year-old getting a tattoo so long as it is with the permission of a present.

Here’s the tat!

Jazz jennings tattoo

Jazz shared that photo in November, so she may have only gotten it when she was 17 — we’re not sure.

It’s of a mermaid (and it’s beautifully colorful!), and we should note that mermaids — in addition to being, you know, neat in general — are sometimes symbolic for members of the LGBT+ community (particularly for trans folks).

In fact, when Hans Christian Andersen wrote The Little Mermaid, it was apparently symbolic of his desire to transform himself to be with the man whom he loved but did not love him back (Edvard Collin).

So a mermaid is an appropriate symbol for her.

And speaking of romantic feelings, the next item covered in the trailer is Jazz Jennings’ love life.

In the video below, you’ll see her get set up with another girl and even go on what looks like a double-date.

Though Jazz came out as pansexual in 2014, revealing that she’s attracted to people regardless of their gender, she’s previously dated boys. This will be a big, exciting step for her!

Jazz jennings for tlc

The next topic is a little tricky, because it’s Jazz’s weight.

It looks like she’s put on a few pounds (really just a few!); you’ll have to see for yourself in the video below if you agree with some of the voices describing Jazz as ‘fat.”

While weight fluctuation is normal, especially for teens, it’s not a bad time to start getting into the habit of a daily exercise routine (we know that it’s hard at first and it’s never fun, but life is full of suffering anyway so you might at least be healthy while you suffer).

The line about Jazz’s unhealthy relationship with food is going to be almost painfully relatable to some viewers.

It looks like the brief montage of exercises that we see in the trailer are going to pay off, because recent photos of her show her having shed weight.

Jazz jennings 00

Her exercise isn’t just for the sake of a trim figure, however.

We see her nervously discussing gender confirmation surgery with her doctor. And apparently she needed to lose a few pounds in preparation for that.

It sounds like the doctors are discussing top surgery — what Jazz does or does not do to her genitals is absolutely none of our business (even if she weren’t a minor!).

After the surgery talk, we get to a much less comfortable subject: transphobes.

Facing bigots who think that you shouldn’t exist cannot be an easy task, but we’re glad that Jazz has a support system in place of family and medical experts.

Also, we should remember that Jazz first became famous at an extremely young age for being so well-spoken about her gender in an interview with Barbara Walters.

At 16 and 17, she’s been answering questions — some of them hateful — for almost all of her life. She shouldn’t have to face this kind of hate, but she’s totally got this.

Jazz jennings with caitlyn jenner candis cayne

The final portion of the trailer deals with Jazz dealing with her entire family being in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Jazz lives in Florida, folks. (Shall we joke and say that it’s her one big shortcoming, or is Florida too easy of a target?)

With all of the devastation in Puerto Rico — from which they are still recovering — and with fires raging in and around L.A. right at this very moment, you might almost forget about the damage and destruction wrought by hurricanes like Irma and Harvey.

It looks like we’re going to see the toll that Irma took, up close and personally.

At least we know that Jazz herself is okay.

I am jazz season 4 trailer released jazz jennings tackles dating