Lisa Barlow Says Jennie Nguyen Shouldn’t Be Fired: Even Racists Deserve Second Chances!

With all of the Reunion talk about Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow, one could almost forget that Jennie Nguyen was fired for racism.

Despite initially fumbling her scandal, Bravo made the announcement in January.

Initially, the other RHOSLC stars condemned Jennie’s racism, expressind disgust.

But now, Lisa Barlow says that she thinks that Jennie deserves a second chance. Why?

Sometimes, people who are suddenly famous find that bad jokes from a decade prior come back to haunt them.

It’s difficult to “explain” the edgy humor for the late aughts, and sometimes bad faith actors weaponize that against a famous person who mildly annoys them.

Jennie Nguyen’s racism scandal was not that.

Jennie’s alarmingly long list of vicious, racist posts were extremely recent, and it’s hard to argue that she was just “joking.”

In an endless string of posts in 2020, she posted anti-Black memes, blamed Black Americans for being murdered by police, and spread provable lies about George Floyd’s murder.

Try as she might, Jennie speaking her “truth” did not really win people over.

TMZ spoke to Lisa Barlow at LAX, asking her about how she feels about Jennie these days.

Lisa shared that she has not heard very much from Jennie in recent weeks.

She does, however, wish her well.

Additionally, Lisa claimed that Jennie’s firing has been “hard” on her and her castmates.

She took things even further, saying that she supports giving people second chances.

While that is often a good philosphy, Lisa is taking it to the extreme where she would apply it even to Jennie, even so soon.

The first major issue with this is that, usually, accepting that someone has changed requires a genuine belief that change has taken place (obviously).

Jennie’s posts aren’t old LiveJournal posts from 2005 or bad tweets from 2010 or even 2015. They’re from 2020.

Hatred and vitriol take time and dedication to unlearn. Jennie filmed last season just about a year after her racist posts.

The second major issue is more about Lisa, in that she is … not the person to be lending Jennie any “grace” right now.

When the Black community is targeted with anti-Black racism and vitriol, it is not anyone else’s place to say who is forgiven or accepted.

For that matter, no one person can speak for an entire race or ethnicity. Lisa’s not the one to offer Jennie a second chance.

Of course, as TMZ‘s initial report noted, there may be a reason for which Lisa is feeling the urge to forgive and forget.

We all very vividly remember her intense, off-the-walls rant about Meredith Marks and Meredith’s entire family.

It was one of the wildest hot mic moments in the history of the franchise.

Lisa Barlow throws the mic back to a producer

Lisa confirmed to TMZ that she knows that she has a long road ahead before she can mend fences with Meredith.

It does sound like this is her goal, which is at least a good sign.

Lisa also vowed that she will not repeat this particular mistake again.

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Jennie Nguyen Insists She’s ‘Not Racist,’ Deflects Blame To Social Media ‘Team’ After RHOSLC Firing

Jennie Nguyen’s Housewives career may be over, but she’s not done defending herself. As we’ve been reporting, Jennie was fired from the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast after resurfaced posts concerning the 2020 protests of the death of George Floyd surfaced. The uploads — deemed “disgusting” by Bravo boss Andy Cohen — were […]

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Jennie Nguyen Vows to Speak Her "Truth" After RHOSLC Firing, Racism Scandal

Jennie Nguyen went from a The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City last minute addition to public enemy #1 this month.

Horrific not-so-old posts left Jennie embroiled in a racism scandal that disgusted viewers and castmates.

After initially holding off on making a move, Bravo was shamed into firing Jennie from RHOSLC.

Jennie has vowed to speak her “truth” now that she’s no longer a Housewife. Oh dear.

Late on Tuesday, Jennie Nguyen took to her Instagram Story to share an ominous message.

“I will be finally speaking my truth tomorrow,” she threatened.

Jennie added that she will be doing so “now that I am allowed to.”

“I will be taking questions after!” Jennie added in her message.

She then wrote: “Thank you to all who supports [sic] me.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, her apology post was still up … but the tone of this Story is alarming.

Jennie Nguyen IG threatens to "finally" speak her truth

See, Jennie’s latest Story isn’t exactly apologetic.

Planning to speak “my truth” can be a run up to an apology or a flagrant and defiant non-apology.

Thanking supporters is … not really setting an apologetic tone, is it?

We will delve into a couple of possibilities for how Jennie’s upcoming and future statements could go.

First, however, let’s quickly backtrack.

What was the hateful anti-Black racism that got Jennie fired in the first place?

bad Jennie Nguyen message

Just a year and a half ago, in 2020, historic civil rights protests took place from coast to coast.

In the wake of consequence-free police violence and murder against Black Americans, millions took to the streets to demand change.

While police violence escalated against protesters, costing people their freedom, eyes, and lives, Jennie was more focused upon the original victims.

Jennie Nguyen is an idiot

Jennie shared unthinkably bigoted posts targeting not only Black Lives Matter protesters but the people murdered by police.

If blaming murder victims for their own deaths weren’t enough, Jennie used classic anti-Black dogwhistles repeatedly.

She also shared patently untrue claims from fringe-right conspiracy theorists meant to reinforce a white supremacist power structure.

Jennie Nguyen blames george floyd

Sometimes, people on social media share something by mistake.

For example, someone retweets what they think is a piece of news or a simple question, not knowing that the story is untrue or the person asking the question is bad news.

When someone shares a whole lot of bad posts that all say the same inexcusably hateful things in the same way … is that an accident?

We have also noted, since Jennie’s scandal broke, that many people have said or even believed things that they wish that they had not.

People change and grow over time — hopefully, for the better.

But Jennie wasn’t reposting bad “edgy” jokes, and these aren’t really old posts. They’re from a year and a half ago.

Jennie Nguyen message

As we reported, Jennie did apologize.

At the time when she posted the apology to her Instagram page, she was still employed by Bravo.

It is only as the backlash has continued that the network realized that Jennie’s overt anti-Black racism made her unemployable.

If Jennie is saying things as a former Housewife that she couldn’t as a member of the cast, that may be ominous.

Generally speaking, you offer your fullest and most complete apology when you’re still employed and beholden to a contract.

If someone is only able to speak out afterwards, their words often have an “f-you” vibe.

One possibility is that Jennie is going to, in the coming weeks and months, walk back her apology in whole or in part.

She might claim that “cancel culture” (a meaningless buzzword favored by the worst people alive) has come after her.

Jennie could potentially angle for a guest spot on the favored platform for white supremacy in America, Fox News.

At the same time, we should also consider that Jennie simply intends to speak at length about how she feels.

Her former castmates no longer wish to film with her. Most of her former fans have turned on her. She is being (deservedly) shamed in public.

Perhaps Jennie is planning to post something very raw and emotional, and not a defiant tantrum against accountability. We’ll see.

Some have questioned the wisdom of firing Jennie, noting that viewers could watch her learn why her despicable anti-Black posts were wrong.

We, too, would like for Jennie to become a better person, more educated and less malicious.

But there is no reason for her to do so on reality TV, while enjoying all of the financial and social benefits that come with it.

Real Housewives Star Jennie Nguyen FIRED Over ‘Disgusting’ Anti-BLM Posts!

It’s over for Jennie Nguyen! The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member has officially been fired from the Bravo show after racist social media posts from her Facebook account surfaced over the last few weeks. In the 2020 posts, which were written during the Black Lives Matter movement following the murder of George […]

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Jennie Nguyen Admits Domestic Violence: I Broke My Husband’s Rib!

We would honestly not have predicted that that these particular Housewives would be the ones with racism scandals.

Mary Cosby has said alarmingly racist things, including some twisted comments to her castmate, Jennie Nguyen.

Meanwhile, Jennie has her own racism scandal … and apparently wasn’t satisfied with one bad deed.

On camera, she confessed to having abused her husband while in a violent rage, resulting in breaking one of his ribs.

On The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, the ladies were still on their girls trip.

While there was a lot of Jen Shah and a lot of Meredith Marks drama, we did not miss Jennie’s startling admission.

It all happened because she and Mary were at odds … over Mary’s appalling racist comments.

Later, the women tried to make peace during the episode, which is when Jennie dropped a bombshell.

“I have anger issues,” shared with the camera.

“For a whole year, I went to anger management,” Jennie revealed, “because I can’t control my temper.”

“One night, I keep throwing s–t at my husband,” Jennie recalled.

“And,” she confessed, “I actually broke his ribs.”

Abusive spouses commonly throw things, directly at their victim or simply to break them to instill terror.

Jennie is describing a serious case of abuse.

Most domestic violence doesn’t even leave lasting marks.

In this case, Jennie’s husband, Duy Tran, suffered a broken rib — which likely took over a month to heal.

Jennie for some reason decided to share this horrifying glimpse into who she really is while discussing her beef with Mary.

She was explaining why she wanted to avoid letting that rage present itself in front of Mary.

Jennie said that her anger management class had taught her to “let things go,” so she did so with Mary.

Jennie’s anger with Mary was largely rooted in Mary’s “compliments” about Jennie’s looks.

Bafflingly, Mary praised Jennie for her “slanted eyes” and yellow skin.

These are microaggressions that any tween would know are wrong, but Mary blurted it out like she had other racist comments.

Jennie of course has her own racism scandal.

Just a year and a half ago, she shared vicious post expressing bigotry and vitriol towards the Black community during 2020’s historic civil rights protests.

Yes, people can change and grow over time, but that level of hate, that recently? Many feel that this goes to the core of who Jennie is.

Admittedly, we’re starting to wonder if there’s something in the water over in Bravo, because Jennie’s not the first Real Housewife to admit to abusing her husband on camera.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke lost countless fans when she described abusing her husband, Sean Burke, by hitting him in the face.

In a twisted way, it’s almost refreshing to hear domestic abusers confess on camera instead of lie when accused … but it speaks to a major underlying cultural problem.

Under our culture’s patriarchal worldview, power is seen as so inherently masculine that domestic abuse by women against their partners is too often dismissed or ridiculed.

(The same goes for other horrors, including sexual assault committed by women against men)

Perhaps this is why monsters like Jennie and Braunwyn don’t bat an eye at telling the world how they have treated the partners whom they claim to love.

Domestic abuse is one of the most evil acts imaginable, even if those who commit it sometimes imagine it to be a “personal” problem.

Fortunately, there is some good news in this case, as Bravo shared on Tuesday that Jennie Nguyen has been fired over her racism scandal.

Our hearts go out to all victims and survivors of domestic violence — and to those targeted by racism.

Jennie nguyen admits domestic violence i broke my husbands rib

Jennie Nguyen Racism Scandal: Will Bravo Fire Her from RHOSLC?

Jennie Nguyen was not originally supposed to be a Full Housewife, but just a “Friend” role.

Only because of Jen Shah’s extensive legal problems did Jennie end up getting promoted.

It may be short lived.

Jennie has apologized for her vile racist posts, but viewers are calling for Bravo to fire her.

It is sadly not uncommon for people to have said or done shameful things that they wish that they could take back.

Tasteless jokes were once in vogue. Some people grow up in toxic families and have to unlearn the hate taught at home.

But Jennie Nguyen’s shameful posts weren’t “edgy humor” and they were only from a year and a half ago.

What Jennie shared to a now-deleted social media account included some posts that were simply controversial.

She is not the only Real Housewife to have expressed a fondness for disgraced former president Donald Trump, for example.

What sets her apart is overt and vicious anti-Black racism shared during 2020’s historic civil rights protests.

Jennie Nguyen blames george floyd

Watching a man be murdered on camera was not enough for some people, including Jennie, to condemn his killer.

She and others like her circulated outright, provable lies attempting to blame George Floyd for his own murder.

For the record, his actual killer, Derek Chauvin, was sentenced to decades in prison.

bad Jennie Nguyen message

Jennie did not necessarily write the bigoted posts that her account shared, she just shared them.

The meaning of the posts, some of which attacked civil rights protesters or encouraged motorists to kill them, is the same.

Some of her posts also suggested that people extrajudicially executed by police deserve this merely for being accused of petty crimes.

Jennie Nguyen is an idiot

Millions of Americans and countless more around the globe publicly marched to oppose out-of-control police violence in the summer of 2020.

Protesters were fired upon, gassed, beaten, and killed. Journalists lost their eyes to police bullets while covering the watershed moment.

At that time, Jennie was on social media raging against fellow Americans — and, very specifically, against the Black community most targeted by the violence.

As these horrific old posts have been dredged up by alarmed RHOSLC fans, Jennie has had to respond.

She issued a public apology, admitting that the account was hers but saying that, at the time, she thought that it was the right thing to say.

It’s genuinely difficult to imagine how anyone could conceivably confuse overtly racist posts against victims of violence with posting against violence.

Jennie Nguyen message

“Can’t wait to get the announcement jennie nguyen is fired from rhoslc,” one viewer tweeted.

“So Jennie Nguyen is ignorant, racist, trifling, a MAGAt…and apparently too stupid to scrub her social media before landing on a TV show?” another noted.

“Wow…just wow. Guess she’s lucky the reunion already filmed,” a Twitter user commented.

RHOSLC ladies discuss rumors (Nov 2021)

There is also a widely circulated petition calling for Jennie to be fired from the show.

While the petition is for a good cause, it be be totally unnecessary.

The odds are pretty good that Jennie will never return to the show.

RHOSLC pho lunch chatter

Some Housewives post controversial things but manage to cling to the show.

Things were pretty up in the air for a while about Kelly Dodd because she was actually pretty entertaining on camera.

But while Kelly’s posts and comments in 2020 were vile, about the pandemic and about the historic civil rights protests, Jennie’s are even worse.

Jennie is also just … not that big of a fixture on the show, if we’re being honest.

Her promotion to Full Housewife was, as we mentioned, reportedly something of an accident.

Jen is busy with her legal troubles, but nobody’s busy enough for Bravo to justify keeping her on.

Again, these posts are from the summer of 2020. That is a year and a half ago. Sometimes, it feels like just a few months.

This isn’t from someone hating her and digging up old, forgotten tweets from 2013.

It’s also not a collection of casually ignorant posts or tone deaf jokes. These are recent posts full of conscious malice.

Honestly, it’s a shame that Jennie will never be grilled on camera about these hateful posts.

Without exaggeration, this is some of the worst stuff that we’ve seen from a reality star since Garrett Yrigoyen was on The Bachelorette.

Most of all, though, it’s just a huge shame that there are people who really think this way, let alone think that it’s okay to express.

RHOSLC Star Jennie Nguyen Addresses Harmful Social Media Posts After Getting Called Out By Fans!

Fans are (rightfully) calling out Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jennie Nguyen after a series of old controversial social media posts resurfaced this week. According to multiple media reports, throughout much of 2020, Nguyen appears to have posted and re-shared multiple controversial memes, photos, and cartoons on a Facebook page she has since deactivated. Somebody took […]

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