Audrey Roloff Shares Gender Reveal Pics: It’s a Boy!

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff aren’t just expecting a baby in January.

We now know they are expecting a baby boy, following the couple’s exciting gender reveal a few days ago.

“Still can’t believe we are having a baby boy,” wrote Audrey after the major news was broken, adding:

“Ember is very excited to meet “baby brah” (brother) and of course so are we. But now…. what to name him….”

LOL, hold on, Auds. We’ll deal with that issue shortly.

For now, we just wanna click through the multitude of gender reveal photos you just shared on Instagram, okay?

Great! Thanks! Let’s do this…

1. Singing the… Blues

Singing the blues
We’re feeling blue! For the most amazing and special of reasons, you guys!

2. In Gleeful Shock

In gleeful shock
“Still can’t believe we are having a baby boy,” wrote Audrey to open her caption to this collage of images.

3. Such Family Excitement

Such family excitement
And she added: “Ember is very excited to meet “baby brah” (brother) and of course so are we. But now…. what to name him….”

4. The Scientific Evidence

The scientific evidence
And here’s the proof! We’re not doctors, but we presume this sonogram proves Audrey and Jeremy are having a boy.

5. Yummy Paint

Yummy paint
HA! Look at little Ember in this photo. We sure hope that blue paint is edible.

6. It’s a Boy, Guys

Its a boy guys
Audrey and Jeremy kept things a little more serious with this simple snapshot of their sonogram.

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Audrey Roloff: How Much Do You Know About My Marriage?

Audrey Roloff is putting her fans to a test.

Don’t worry, though, she says, it’s going to be a fun test.

And there’s actually a way to cheat and get the answers, too: Just read a copy of her and her husband’s new memoir!

For her latest Instagram post, the former Little People, Big World star has shared FIVE tidbits about her and Jeremy.

But only FOUR of them are true.

Which is the falsehood? That’s the game, folks! You must analyze, think and decide.

Scroll down if you’re prepared to  play…

1. Audrey Shared This Gorgeous Image on Her Page…

A loving pair of gazes
… and she wrote as a caption: “Let’s play a game… 4 of these things are true, one is a lie. Can you guess which one is a lie?”

2. Think You Can Ace This Test?

Adorable roloff family
Ready? Get set? Let’s do it!

3. #1

Audrey and jeremy roloff hello
We met because we were set up on a blind date by our friends who where dating at the time. We bonded over Stand By Me and I ordered a glass of milk with dinner.

4. #2

Audrey roloff and jeremy roloff in utah
Before we started dating, Jeremy ran a half-marathon in vibrant 5 finger shoes, having not trained one single day, just at the hope of seeing me during or after the race.

5. #3

We adore these two
I said “I love you” first, one year before Jeremy said it back…

6. #4

Jeremy was there of course
Every year we write each other letters on our anniversary that we read the following year.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣

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Jeremy Roloff: I Have Big Ideas for Buying Roloff Farms, But …

Earlier this month, Jeremy Roloff announced an exciting new venture. But he and Audrey have a lot of plans for their future.

They’re authors, they’re podcasters, they’re parents, and now they’re prepared to run a farm.

Does this mean that Jeremy Roloff is prepared to own and operate Roloff Farms?

In a recent post on Instagram, Jer shared a series of photos along with his enthusiam.

“I’m totally re-inspired to eat healthier, consistently exercise, and to buy a farm,” Jeremy gushed in the caption.

“We spent this last week at the @youngliving convention in Salt Lake City,” he revealed. “And it was awesome.”

Jeremy added: “We got to meet more of Audreys @morethanoils team and other folks actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle.”

“We truly are what we eat,” he remarked. Sure.

Jeremy Roloff farm photo

“I’m super thankful Audrey has such a good group of women who all want to help each other,” Jeremy wrote.

“Highlight for me,” he admitted. “Was visiting the YL Mona farm.”

“It was an absolutely beautiful property,” Jeremy shared.

“And got my brain firing on all cylinders,” he concluded. “With ideas and dreams for (hopefully) Roloff farms. “

That is some extremely exciting news!

Jeremy Roloff on buying Roloff Farms (1 of 2)

But … why does Jeremy seem to be talking about buying a farm.

His parents have Roloff Farms. It’s where he grew up. Surely he wouldn’t have far to look for his own farm, right?

Fans and followers asked as much, and Jer explained the harsh realities to them.

Jeremy told one that it “costs money to buy Roloff Farm.”

To another, he remarked that his parents’ farm is “very expensive.”

Jeremy Roloff on buying Roloff Farms (2 of 2)

It sounds like what Jeremy and Audrey have in mind isn’t quite the same thing as what Matt and Amy created before them.

Roloff Farms isn’t just a farm — it’s a massive territory designed to give multiple children plenty of room in which to play.

The family raises pumpkins to sell. Other pumpkins are turned into products, like Roloff Salsa.

Most significantly, Roloff Farms is a tourist destination, particularly for fans of the show.

It doesn’t sound like this is what Auj and Jer have in mind for their future.

Maybe things would be different if Jeremy felt that he could buy and maintain his parents’ massive farm.

But without those resources, he and Auj are looking at a much smaller farm.

It sounds like they have an interest in largely living off of food that they grow themselves, for health reasons.

It may be that Audrey has an interest in growing herbs that might be used in essential oils, though that is just a guess.

They’re talking about growing food for themselves. That’s on a much smaller scale than the land where Jeremy grew up.

Not everyone has the physical ability, the resources, the space, the inclination, or the need to grow their own food.

Specialization is a wonderful feature of civilization. Without it, brain surgeons wouldn’t really exist.

But if this is what Auj and Jer want for themselves, more power to them.

We do wonder how soon in the future they intend to buy a farm.

After all, just because they want that life doesn’t necessarily mean that Ember Jean or Baby #2 will enjoy growing up that way.

Just look at Jacob Roloff and remember that not everybody is content living the same life.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff: Hear Little Ember Jean Talking!

Fans are begging and pleading to see Jeremy and Audrey Roloff return to Little People, Big World.

That would be amazing. For now, followers can listen to their podcast and, of course, see their updates on social media.

Jeremy has revealed that little Ember Jean is now talking, and shared the cutest video imaginable of her doing so. 

Ember jean speaks to jeremy roloff

“‘Dhankoo dada’ haha,” Jeremy begins his caption of this precious video.

“Ember is starting to attempt every world we say,” he reveals.

“But,” the proud father confesses. “This one is my favorite.”

Well, it’s both adorable and it mentions him.

Of course it’s his favorite.

Audrey and jeremy roloff and ember

As you can imagine, Jeremy also used the opportunity to plug a new episode of his and Auj’s podcast, Behind The Scenes.

He writes: “P.s. new podcast dropped today and you don’t want to miss it.”

We’re sure that a lot of their fans are excited for a new episode; they’ve certainly done some interesting interviews.

But most people’s attention was fixated on the sweet little girl.

(Ember Jean really isn’t a baby anymore — at atlmost 20 months, she’s a toddler)

Jeremy roloff walks ember jean to his haircut

“Say: ‘thank you, dada,'” Jeremy prompts his precious daughter in the video.

He is holding her with one arm — something he won’t be able to do so easily in a few short years.

As he captioned, Ember replies with her best imitation: “Dhankoo dada.”

Jeremy repeats her words, and then plants a kiss on one of her irresistible little cheeks.

(Cuteness overload, folks)

Jeremy roloff gives ember jean a kiss

Up next, she babbles something that isn’t super intelligible.

Jeremy asks if she’s requesting milk from her sippy cup.

But it sounded to us like she was saying “cup” or “top.”

We’re sure that Jeremy knows his daughter better than we do, of course.

But any of those words would be salient to the conversation, as Jeremy pops on the lid to her cup.

Such a proud grandma

Child development is a funny thing.

Some children are fully conversant by almost 20 months.

Others have yet to say their first word.

Ember is somewhere in between, which is completely normal.

Children reach different milestones at different ages because they are different people with different experiences.

Ember is lucky to be surrounded by parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who provide her with stimulation and enrichment.

Precious roloffs

Of course, viewers don’t get to watch Ember Jean grow and learn on Little People, Big World like they once could.

Auj and Jer have offered up a number of explanations for why they quit the reality series.

At one point, they suggested that God had called them to do something else — podcasting, apparently.

Jeremy has also said that, since ha and his siblings never actually had a choice about doing the show, he felt it was time that he just … stop.

All ready for a ride

He wouldn’t be the first to make that choice.

Molly doesn’t even live especially close to Roloff Farms.

And Jacob famously stormed off of the farm as a young adult, angry that he had been forced to do the show for as long as he was.

Audrey and jeremy roloff hear little ember jean talking

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff: Roasted by Fans for Giving Bad Advice

In the past, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have faced off with trolls.

But this time, the critics are going after their book as much as after them.

Even Auj and Jer’s fans are putting them on blast for offering advice that they’re not qualified to give.

Jeremy roloff and audrey roloff on access live

Jeremy explained why, despite having starred on Little People, Big World with his family for ages, he stepped away from the show.

“I just reached a point where it was never really something I said ‘yes’ to,” Jeremy reasons. “I just grew up doing it.”

““And it’s been amazing,” he admits. “If you asked me if I’d do it all over again, I would say yes. …”

“But, it’s just a long time,” Jeremy characterizes. “It’s time to do something else.”

In other words, Jeremy just reached a slightly more amicable version of why Jacob stormed off the family farm years ago.

It is extremely fair for children who grow up as involuntary reality stars to realize that they dislike or even resent it.

We’ll get to why that line was significant in a moment.

But a lot of fans are incensed about Audrey and Jeremy’s book on marriage, A Love Letter Life.

Why? Because they’ve only been married since September of 2014.

“They haven’t even been married long enough to give advice,” observes one commenter.

“They know NOTHING,” asserts another.

That same critic accuses: “The book is popular because of the show.”

Look at our book

Another, much more experienced commenter points out the inherent futility in sharing “marriage secrets.”

“I’ve been married 31 years,” the commenter begins.

“And as far as I see,” the critic continues. “Not everything works for everyone.”

That is absolutely right.

The commenter concludes: “They certainly haven’t put in the time or years to give advice.”

But we mentioned Auj and Jer’s explanation for why they left the show because some of the backlash was over that.

“They’ll be back,” predicted one commenter.

“Yep,” agreed another. “When the money runs out!”

In fact, some of these fans have given voice to a conspiracy theory that, we have to say, sounds very credible.

Auj and Jer may be angling to one day have their very own reality series, totally independent of the rest of Jeremy’s family.

Now that we’re done with the controversial elements of this interview, can we just talk about how is starts?

They lament the tragic loss of Jeremy Roloff’s amazing hair but then try to claim that he is a “lookalike” with Matt Damon.

First of all, Matt Damon is pushing 50. And while they have moderately similar chins, they mostly are just both men who have faces.

Second of all, if they really wanted to compare him, we suppose that from certain angles he could do a decent Kit Harington impersonation.

That said, since Auj and Jer consider looking at Instagram thirst traps to be “pornography,” we doubt that they watch Game of Thrones.

Real talk: do Audrey and Jeremy want their very own reality series?

They’ve walked away from Little People, Big World because they felt a religious calling that apparently involved writing a book and doing a lazily named podcast.

They’ve also said that The Bachelor is inconsistent with their Christian values, so they must be a lot of fun at parties.

(You can have any faith you like, but if your biggest problem with that series isn’t about the overwhelmingly white casting … rethink your priorities)

What would be their special hook to convince viewers (and networks) that they’re worth tuning in to watch?

Jeremy and audrey roloff roasted by fans over marriage advice bo