Joe Giudice: I Lost My Final Deportation Appeal [Exclusive]

In the midst of a pandemic, as they grieve the loss of their grandfather, Joe Giudice’s daughters need him for emotional support.

Unfortunately, right now, they cannot even visit him as they had planned to.

Joe was deported to Italy last year, as avid fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and readers of celebrity gossip know.

He chose to return to his native country, pending appeal, rather than remain in an ICE detention facility under awful conditions.

The estranged husband of Teresa Giudice continued to fight his case from Italy, with a glimmer of hope that he might prevail.

Unfortunately, we must now be the bearers of some truly grim news:

Joe has lost his final appeal and will not return to America.

Speaking exlusively to The Hollywood Gossip, Joe reflects upon this devastating news and why he now fears for his family’s future.

1. This is heartbreaking

Joe giudice in all black
Joe Giudice has lost his final deportation appeal. Below, you can read his statement to THG about this devastating blow.

2. Joe and Teresa served their time

Teresa giudice hold hands
The court agreed to allow Teresa to serve her shorter sentence before Joe served a jarring 41 months behind bars on charges of wire and bankruptcy fraud.

3. 41 months …

Joe giudice sees his girls again
That is a tremendous amount of time to be away from your four daughters who are growing, experiencing milestones, and developing as young human beings while you are away.

4. That should have been the end of it

Joe giudice in shades
Instead, there was a devastating twist. America is the only country that Joe has ever known, but he was technically born in Italy and brought to the US as a baby.

5. Make no mistake

Joe giudice lost weight
Joe is an American, in that he has lived his entire life in the United States and raised his family here. But he was not a legally recognized citizen, which left him vulnerable. …

6. He fought and fought

Joe giudice from italy
But ultimately, Joe was deported from the US to Italy, a country that has never been his home.

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Joe Giudice: Teresa and Our Daughters Need Me!!

This month, the Giudices finally bit the bullet. Teresa filed to divorce Joe after two decades of marriage.

Now, Joe is worried about his family, including his soon-to-be ex, for one very sweet reason.

From Italy, Joe loves and misses his family and wishes that they could be together for multiple reasons.

“Joe Giudice always worries about Teresa and his daughters,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.

According to the source, Joe worries “because he isn’t there.”

“But,” the insider continues, “he knows Joe Gorga is there if Teresa needs anything.”

“Her brother is really her rock in a lot of ways,” the source acknowledges.

“With their dad now gone and Joe [Giudice] not being around,” the insider says, “it’s kind of brought them closer together.”

A lot of people bond during times of crisis.

Whether it’s the pandemic or grief at the sudden loss of a loved one, even close family can grow closer.

“The Gorgas have been with Melissa Gorga‘s family,” the source notes.

“Including her sisters and mother,” the insider adds, “and their kids and spouses.”

The source explains that this was “while Teresa and the girls were at their home.”

Hopefully, none of them were unwitting carriers of COVID-19 and therefore did not pass it to anyone else.

“Joe Gorga is back with wife Melissa and her family now,” the insider notes.

Again, hopefully, even after the small and beautiful memorial for Teresa’s late father, everyone will remain healthy.

It’s almost impossible to bury people in traditional manners right now in major population centers.

And any gathering carries a risk of exposure and passing on the coronavirus.

There was a time last month with Joe, despite being in Italy, appeared to not be taking the pandemic — or lockdown orders — seriously.

After some backlash, he quickly changed his tune, emphasizing that he understood the danger to the community.

Italy has been one of hte hardest hit countries on the planet during this pandemic.

As much as Joe wants to see his girls again soon, it may have to wait a while before it is safe to travel.

Giancinto Gorga passed away after a lengthy period of failing health.

He was beloved as Nonno by Teresa’s daughters, by Joe and Melissa’s children, and by the entire Real Housewives community.

The beloved patriarch was always there to emotionally support his family, even if he sometimes gave advice that they did not want to hear.

Nonno was a man who believed in people living their lives and being happy, and he will be remembered as such.

Teresa of course could not have the large memorial that she would have wanted.

But she and her brother gathered their respective children for the memorial, where they released doves into the air.

An emotional Italian ballad played in the background while they remembered their grandfather fondly.

We are sure that Joe Giudice wishes that he could have been there for his daughters and even for his soon to be sex-wife, but he could not.

Joe Gorga: I KNEW Joe Giudice Was Cheating on Teresa!

As we’ve all seen, Joe Giudice has been pretty defensive of his role as a husband to Teresa, even with so many people calling him out.

Now, his brother-in-law Joe Gorga is taking him to task in absentia at the Reunion, saying that he’s known Joe was cheating on Tre for ages.

As you can see in this clip from the Reunion special, everybody but Teresa seems to have it out for Joe Giudice.

Andy asks Joe Gorga if he was familiar with the myriad “cheating accusations against” his brother-in-law.

Gorga pauses for an excruciating amount of time before answering: “Yes.”

After another pause, he adds: “I did, but she didn’t believe it, [so I kept quiet].”

It sounds like he was right to not try to bring it up with his sister.

“Everyone believed it because from seeing the tabloids, and blah blah blah,” Teresa says dismissively.

“Well, this is your brother,” Andy reasons, “so this is more than the tabloids.”

“Yeah,” Teresa acknowledges, “but he never told me.”

“I never told you,” Joe Gorga admits.

Andy’s next question is, very sensible, to ask him if he ever confronted his brother-in-law, man-to-man, to talk about the allegations.

“No,” Gorga replies, “and I’ll tell you why. Because it wouldn’t be nice.”

“It wouldn’t be nice,” he reiterates.

“So if my sister was happy and she believed it, I stayed away,” he reasons.

“But,” Joe Gorga vows, “if my sister called me and said, ‘Joe, I need your help,’ then it would have been game over.”

Obviously, he’s not explicitly saying that he would have inflicted violence upon his brother-in-law.

What we think that he’s saying is that a very serious, heated Joe-to-Joe conversation would have taken place.

Andy then comments that he finds it “interesting” that Joe Gorga was the one who seemed to be trying to level with Teresa and her girls.

He’s the one who was counseling her all season to prepare to let her husband go, to emotionally brace herself.

Andy phrases this as shaking them “loose,” as in snapping them back to reality.

Joe Gorga says that he did this because “I still feel bad for him.”

“I knew this man all my life,” Gorga notes. “I might not like him.”

“I’m going to be honest with you, I might not like him — you think I like what he did?” he asks. “And what he put my family through?”

“I’m very upset but I still feel bad for him,” Gorga explains.

That is an understandable way to feel about a family member or even a friend.

“I didn’t want that to happen to him,” Gorga emphasizes of the deportation.

“And I didn’t want him suffering,” he says, “because I have a heart and I feel for him.”

“I might not like you,” Gorga explains, “but I love you in a way.”

Again, that makes a whole world of sense.

Speaking of the ruins of Teresa’s marriage, she and Joe are currently separated but she has not initiated any divorce paperwork.

Her castmates warn her that this is a mistake, telling her to file now while Joe isn’t asking her for any spousal support.

The fear is that he will change his tune once he sees photos of her dating someone.

We’ve all seen divorces start with an amicable split and nosedive into a legal war.

Joe gorga i totally knew joe giudice was cheating on teresa

Joe Giudice Shades Melissa Gorga: I’m a Good Spouse! You’re NOT!

During the The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion special, Teresa Giudice admitted that she’s over Joe and ready to move on.

But Melissa Gorga insists that Joe was never a good husband to Tre anyway. Now, Joe is clapping back. …

“People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” the graphic shared by Joe Giudice on Instagram reads.

“Like,” it continues, “don’t criticize something if you do the same or worse.”

“In this case,” Joe’s Instagram post reads, “worse.”

The message concludes: “It’s not as cool when you don’t get it.”

joe giudice shades melissa gorga deleted IG post

“It’s okay if you don’t like me,” Joe captions the Instagram post.

He concludes: “Not everyone has good taste.”

Clearly, Joe ended up rethinking his own taste in social media activity.

That post has since been deleted. That was probably wise of him.

In case you missed the segment to which Joe is indirectly referring, we have included the video with tis post.

Basically, the topic of the way that Joe spoke to and negged Teresa while he was still incarcerated came up.

Teresa has insisted that viewers saw Joe at his worst, always, because of the effect of the cameras.

Observer effect is no joke and, apparently, it turned Joe into a bit of an ogre.

Teresa explained on stage that Joe was “trying to act like this macho guy” when cameras were rolling.

She claimed that “behind the scenes, he was good to me.”

To hear her tell it, her two decades of marriage to Joe were mostly happy.

Melissa Gorga straight up told Andy Cohen that “no,” this was not an accurate representation of Teresa’s marriage.

“He hated the cameras, he did,” Melissa did acknowledge.

She continued: “He would get so frustrated so you would see it more.”

But according to her, even without the cameras, he was still a bad husband who would never “baby” Teresa as a loving husband would.

“He wasn’t passionate, he wasn’t kissy-huggy,” Melissa accused. “He was never praising Teresa.”

This is not the first time by any measure that Joe’s lack of displayed affection towards Teresa has come up.

Joe Gorga has also spoken about it, speaking about how husbands should be expressive of their love for their wives.

Affection matters in relationships. It even matters in friendships.

Unfortunately, pernicious cultural forces such as toxic masculinity can prevent men from expressing the love that they feel.

It’s not clear why Joe believes that Melissa is a worse spouse than he is.

The only clue that he left was a vague hint that some of Teresa’s castmates had “changed” over the years.

That may be so, but the Gorga marriage is really not the topic at hand.

Quite frankly, this looks like a clumsy deflection. Maybe that’s why he deleted it.

Perhaps Joe Giudice will take these lessons of affection and kindness to heart in his next marriage.

For now, Teresa says that she is ready to move on — and quite frankly, eager to get laid again.

However, they may end up remaining legally married for some time.

When the political winds change and the federal government is no longer focused upon minimizing immigration, Joe may one day get a second chance.

Still being married to his legally American wife could help improve his odds considerably.

Joe Giudice Wanders Deserted Streets of Italy, Calls Coronavirus Lockdown "Stupid"

For some time now, Joe Giudice has been swearing that he’s a changed man. But in some ways, he’s still the Joe we’ve always known.

And by that we mean that while all of Italy is on lockdown during this Coronavirus pandemic, Joe is wandering the streets — and filming it.

“I can’t believe that there’s literally nobody out in these streets,” Joe expresses in the video that we have included.

“Look at this,” he marvels, calling the area a “ghost town.”

“Literally,” Joe laments, “nobody out because of this stupid coronavirus.”

“It’s, like, ridiculous,” he opines.

Joe giudice video grab

“People are so scared,” Joe characterizes, going on to say that this is “Unbelievable.”

“Grow a set of cojones,” he demands for some reason.

“Jesus,” Joe says, again stating that it is “Ridiculous.”

“Alright,” he says, “I guess I’m gonna be the only one walking around working today.”

His Instagram captions seem almost like a PSA against common sense precautions.

“More people die from Viagra (heart attacks and drug overdose) [every day] than this Corona virus,” Joe writes.

“People here are frantic,” he complains, “because government is ridiculous with [lock] down!!!”

“Sorry Lock down not for me Never again!!!!!” Joe writes.

“Stay safe,” Joe advises his fans and followers.

He writes that people can do so if they “eat healthy, exercise, and no shaking, and [wash your hands].”

“#coronavirus #staysafeoutthere #lockdownnotcool #awarenessiskey #washhands,” he tags his post.

Clearly, Joe is missing the point a little.

To be clear, this particular Coronavirus is primarily spread through droplets that are coughed or sneezed from an infected person.

These microscopic droplets are then inhaled by a healthy person, or touched by a healthy person who then touches their face or food.

It is currently believed that the Coronavirus can only survive on surfaces for a few hours, or for a day at the most.

This means that unnecessary human contact, such as interacting with people in crowds, is the primary means of transmission.

Italy has initiated a country-wide lockdown.

While most of those who become infected by COVID-19 will experience only mild, flu-like symptoms, this is not universal.

The elderly and those with compromised immune systems may have serious symptoms or die, and the death toll will be higher than that of the flu.

This is why even healthy people, who could carry and transmit the illness, need to follow precautions to protect those who are most vulnerable.

Clearly, Joe received some major backlash, because his bizarre and irresponsible video was followed up with another.

“Don’t be afraid, alright?” Joe says in the extremely brief video. 

We have tacked it onto the end of his earlier video for your viewing convenience.

Notably, he appears to be wearing a respiratory mask, which is not advised for healthy people unless they are medical professionals.

“I am not moving around the country,” Joe writes in the caption of this second, more cautious video.

He emphasizes: “I am obeying the law.”

Joe writes that he is “going to work, shopping for family, and NO cafes, gym, and places like that.”

Well, that at least is a relief. Perhaps he now understands that the video mocking the lockdown was ill advised.

Joe giudice wanders deserted streets of italy calls coronavirus

Joe Giudice Shows Off Huge New Tattoo, Is SO Horny for Teresa

Joe Giudice’s life is at a crossroads, but he’s certain of two things.

One, he adores his four daughters. Two, he still really wants to bone Teresa.

Joe giudice selfie

Joe Giudice knows that he screwed up.

The moment that Teresa declined to share a bed with him in Italy, he knew that his marriage was over.

But just because the couple separated late last year doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have two functioning eyes.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if his horny comments towards Teresa are meant as praise … or shade.

Teresa giudice a close up

Teresa posted (or rather, re-posted) this photo of herself all glammed up, reminding followers to tune in to the Reunion special.

She looks beautiful here, and Joe doesn’t necessarily disagree.

“Nice new boobs,” he writes, following that with a thumbs up emoji as if he were making lunch plans with coworkers on Slack.

Is he being shady or is he just thirsty?

Teresa giudice discusses joe

To be clear, Teresa’s boob job is no secret. She’s been open about it.

She revealed in late January that she’d had her breasts re-done 10 years after her last augmentation.

But even if Joe is not being shady, he’s clearly lusting after something that he can’t have.

Not only are they separated, but he hasn’t seen Teresa in many months.

Joe giudice ig to teresa nice new boobs

Joe hasn’t limited his social media activity to being horny on main towards a woman who doesn’t see any future with him.

He also showed off his new chest tattoo.

Folks, this thing is absolutely massive.

It takes up the entire left side of his his chest, from collarbone to just above his nipple.

Joe giudice bird tattoo

In the clip that we have included in this post, Joe shows off his fresh ink while doing the worst job of singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” that we’ve ever heard.

The tattoo depicts  birds. A larger, less literal bird swirling around a smaller bird in flight.

In his caption, he explains that this is all a tribute to his beloved daughters.

He singles out his eldest with his message. Clearly, she had asked to see it.

Joe giudice ig explains tattoo tribute gia replies

“This is it Gia hope you like it,” Joe begins his caption.

“I got this to symbolize that I will always be my girls [eagle] because it flies higher other [birds],” he curiously writes.

“I want to give them strength to mount up with wings as eagles,” Joe expresses, “they shall always run and not be spent.”

“My girls will always be powerful and courageous women,” he praises. “I promise to look over you as strength and shield them from.”

Joe giudice stands in the cold with gia giudice

For the record, eagles are known to eat other birds, but … it’s not that deep, folks.

“Love you dad,” Gia replies. She then writes: “Hope you liked mine too!”

It is unclear if she’s just pranking him or if she actually has an unrevealed tattoo. Either way, it’s very sweet.

Joe may be losing his entire mind being so far away from his loved ones, but maybe this very large tattoo will help him to stay grounded.

Joe giudice shows off huge new tattoo is so horny for teresa

Joe Giudice Put Teresa Through HELL, Joe Gorga Declares

Just last week, The Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers watched the exact moment that Joe Giudice knew that his marriage was over.

Now, Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, is praising the split — saying that Teresa went through hell during her 20 years of marriage.

Joe Gorga has opened up to In Touch Weekly about his take on both Teresa and Joe in the wake of their separation.

He reveals that he not only unfollowed his brother-in-law, but has actively blocked him on Instagram.

“I keep myself away from toxic people,” Joe explains.

As Joe continues, it’s clear that he feels that the other Joe is more than just toxic where Teresa was concerned.

Joe Gorga reflects upon his sister’s two decades of marriage and it’s clear that he’s wanted it to end for a while.

“The way he spoke to her,” he begins, clearly fuming.

“And,” Joe continues, “the way he treated her…”

He characterizes his brother-in-law by saying: “he put her through hell.”

Teresa announced the split — after months or even years of hype — last November.

Since then, Joe says, Teresa has been managing to cope with their separation despite a rollercoaster of emotions.

“There are days I speak to her and she’s happy,” Joe says of his sister.

“And others,” he shares, “where she’s depressed and sad. It’s tough.”

Joe Gorga IG on bad attitudes

Whatever you feel about Joe Giudice, even if you feel sorry for him, it’s easy to see where Joe Gorga is coming from.

We all heard the nasty way that Teresa’s then-incarcerated husband spoke to her on the phone from behind bars.

He even seemed to manipulate their daughters to take his side.

Coupled with his struggles to convey affection like a human being, it would have hurt Teresa and aggravated her loved ones.

The latest physical issue of Life & Style says that the divorce may be getting worse, not better, for the Giudices.

“They’re trying to be civil for the sake of their four daughters,” an insider characterizes.

The source then claims that “Things are starting to get nasty, though.” 

Apparently, this comes down to Teresa feeling irate about Joe’s new podcast ideas and his alleged plot to reveal “explicit details about [his] cheating.”

Additionally, reports claim that Teresa is concerned that an amicable separation could devolve into a scramble to protect her assets.

Teresa currently has a reported net worth of $11 million. Online estimates can be off, but regardless, she doesn’t want her fiinances to plummet.

“Joe needs money,” the insider points out.

The source says: “She thinks he may try to take her to the cleaners!”

It is, of course, difficult to say how this awkward separation will change over time.

We would of course hope that Joe will keep a filter on what he releases to the public, in part for the sake of his daughters if not Teresa.

They can shelter their girls all that they like, but they’ll still learn things — from classmates if not from anyone else.

If Joe and Teresa are very, very lucky, a massive administrative change in the US could lead to deportations being overturned. If they stay married.

Teresa Giudice Ends Friendship with Danielle and Marriage with Joe

As we showed you in a previous sneak peek, Teresa Giudice threw her drink and a tantrum when her bad behavior was brought to light.

On this week’s RHONJ, she ended her friendship with Danielle Staub and tells her husband Joe that their marriage is effectively over.

“She said that?” Teresa asked after a too-long pause after Melissa Gorge tells the group that Danielle said that Teresa told her to pull Margaret’s hair.

After a while, and only after pressure from Melissa, Teresa stammered: “I don’t even… I remember her saying something to me… I don’t know…”

“I was drinking,” she eventually said in her defense. “And everything happened so fast.”

The faces of shock and horror at Teresa’s reluctant admission … well, we just had to turn that into a gif.

“I’m a little freaked out. I’m not gonna lie,” Margaret Josephs admitted. “Why would you ever tell her to pull my hair?”

“How sick is that?” she asked Teresa. “You f–king love this girl so much that you’re gonna f–king just let her hurt me?”

“For what? For what? You’re a real f–king asshole,” Margaret accused. “I’m like f–king freaked out.”

Her freakout is understandable, especially because it came just moments after she told Teresa that she knew that she’d never tell Danielle to hurt her.

“This is your f–king friend? This is who you wanna associate with?” Margaret demanded to know.

“She just threw you under the bus in front of the f–king world to save her own f–king ass,” she pointed out. “How sick is that?”

This is when Dolores chimed in: “You have been going to bat for [Danielle] since day one, and look what the f–k she just did to you.”

A distressed and betrayed Margaret stormed off.

“I mean, I feel bad,” Teresa meekly expressed. The whole time, she looked like a deer in headlights.

Noticing the cameras, she added: “I hope they don’t use this.”

Melissa pointed out the obvious: “They are gonna use it.” It’s literally why the cameras are there, Tre.

At this, Teresa freaked out, flipped off the camera, threw her drink, knocked over other drinks, and stormed away, furious with the producers.

“You guys are f–king a–holes,” she declared at the camera operators. “I’m going home!”

“Leave me the f–k alone!” Teresa demanded as the cameras and producers followed her. “I’m so f–king mad right now.”

She then shared that she was “calling an Uber and going home” in the hopes that she would be able to “calm down.”

Sort of odd to say that you’re the one who needs to calm down when you’re the bad guy in the situation.

Margaret had to ask the obvious question.

She wondered if Teresa was upset “because she looks like an a–hole to everybody, or because she really hurt me?”

Melissa offered that Teresa was “embarrassed.”

Well, that much is true.

Teresa initially refused to appear on camera, leaving her friends to plead with her through the door.

Dolores advised her to make this right by apologizing to Margaret.

She also wisely suggested that Teresa cut ties with Danielle.

Melissa acknowledged that Teresa has a lot of stress at home and within her family, but echoed the sentiment that she should stop associating with Danielle.

“Alright, maybe you did me a favor for going to meet with her,” Teresa admitted to Melissa as she opened the door.

“I guess you guys were all f–king right,” she acknowledged. “Believe me, I was happy that Danielle stuck up for herself.”

“She never stuck up for herself,” Teresa pointed out.

“I’m just really upset right now ’cause of Margaret,” she explained. “I feel like I let her down. I just wanna leave.”

Teresa told the camera the same thing that she had told her friends, that she had been “drinking a lot” and that it all happened so quickly.

“I’m not gonna lie,” she added in the confessional, “I was angry at Margaret.”

“I never thought anybody would get hurt,” Teresa emphasized.

She acknowledged: “I wasn’t even thinking.”

“I’m really upset, Danielle,” Teresa said after calling her. “Melissa just told me what you did.”

“Honey, don’t be mad about this, please,” pleaded Danielle. 

Teresa countered: “I am! Don’t be mad? ‘Cause now Margaret’s gonna think that I told you to hurt her.”

“But you agreed with it,” Danielle argued. 

Teresa hit back: “I didn’t agree with attacking someone. That was your f–king decision, and then afterwards, what did I tell you afterwards?”

“You said I shouldn’t have done it,” Danielle admitted. “You wish I hadn’t done it.”

Teresa expressed: “I’m so mad at myself. I don’t ever wanna hurt anybody again. It’s f–ked up. I’m not like that.”

“Don’t be mad at me, Tre. Don’t let this come between us,” Danielle begged her, 

“I wish you all the best, I just don’t wanna be friends anymore,” Teresa told her. “I had enough. Alright, bye.” 

She then hung up the phone just as Danielle was telling her that she loves her.

Oh no this actually made me sad. Like, it’s good that Teresa then apologized to Margaret, but still.

Meanwhile, we then see Teresa on her family trip to Italy to see Joe, where Joe finds out that his sleeping arrangements are not as expected.

“Well, I mean, were you expecting to sleep with me?” an incredulous Teresa asks him, followed by an uncomfortable silence.

Joe eventually breaks the silence with: “I mean, we got what 20 years in our marriage?”

“Alright, Joe, listen,” Teresa reasons. “We haven’t been together in almost four years, so it’s kinda weird, right?”

Joe senses what’s happening, and says: “I don’t know, I mean, it’s been a long time, you know?”

She advises him: “You need to, like, slow it down.”

“Alright, listen,” Joe replies, “by the end of this trip, things could change. Who the hell knows?”

“I think Joe wants to be a couple again, but I haven’t been happy with Joe for a long time,” Teresa explains to the camera.

“But when I first got married to Joe, everything was great,” she affirms.

“And I truly do not want to hurt him,” Teresa adds, “but sometimes, you can’t get over what happened, and you just need to move on.”

Joe suggests that they could keep the marriage alive somehow.

He says that they could “get on a plane and we meet places, that’s all. And we have fun. And that’s what we do. We make things work.”

“I don’t want that,” Teresa tells him. “I want somebody with me every single day.”

Joe notes that his deportation case is still technically open, and wants to wait it out, saying: “Maybe it’ll make our relationship stronger,”

“The past five years have been really dark,” Teresa tells him. “You’ve said a lot of hurtful things to me.”

She recalls: “you wish you would’ve never married me and all this other stuff. It just makes me think about a lot of things.”

“You know, you marry somebody, and they’re supposed to protect you,” Teresa argues. “I don’t know. I trusted you, and you made s–t happen.”

Joe then asks her if she just wants to “end it now.”

“Do you want me to lie to you?” she asks. When he says “no,” she states: “I guess that’s it.”

“It’s so infuriating to me,” Teresa tells the camera. “After four years of both of us doing time, he still does not take responsibility for what he’s done. He hasn’t changed.”

That said, neither of them seem to know how they’ll tell their four daughters about this development.

Teresa giudice ends friendship with danielle and marriage with j

Joe Giudice: I Knew My Marriage Was Over When Teresa Wouldn’t Bang Me

In December of last year, Teresa Giudice and Joe announced their separation. Given the circumstances, it did not come as a surprise.

Now, Joe is sharing the painful moment when he realized that the marriage was really, truly over.

Taking to Instagram, Joe Giudice shares a video — seemingly recorded off of a screen with his phone.

In it, Teresa is visiting him with their girls in Italy. This was, of course, filmed last year.

Joe propositions Teresa, who declines to share a bed with Joe during the trip — even though he had been incarcerated until very recently.

You can see that Joe is visibly devastated in the The Real Housewives of New Jersey footage. But there was more to it than that.

“That was my moment of insight,” Joe captions the video on Instagram.

Notably, in place of actual dialogue, his fans and followers only hear melodramatic music.

He expresses: “I felt rejected.”

“This is the first time while filming a scene,” Joe admits, “I had severe anxiety and grief.”

“I was [locked] up for four years,” Joe notes.

Prison is a miserable and dehumanizing experience that generally makes people worse, not better citizens.

He notes that “any human would have a psychological impact of prison life.”

There was more to Joe’s feelings of rejection than just four years of pent of horniness, folks.

“This was the moment,” Joe shares.

He explains: “I knew deep in my heart she was being difficult with me for a reason.”

“My wife has never said no to sleeping with me,” Joe reveals.

Never? That is a rarity in marriages.

“I had to walk away,” Joe explains.

Even though he was emotionally devastated and perhaps a little humiliated given that his rejection was filmed, he’s not mad.

He emphasizes: “I don’t have resentment against her.”

That’s good. It’s her body, and their relationship had more than its share of complications.

Joe openly acknowledges: “(her emotions are justified).”

“It was off guard,” Joe characterizes, by which he means that he caught her off guard with his proposition.

He admits that the question “should have been private.”

That’s a tough decision to make when it comes to reality television. Unwillingness to film your life can get you fired from Real Housewives.

“I realized I must be responsible for only my kids,” Joe writes.

He very correctly emphasizes that “that’s what matters.”

“I want to provide, encourage, embrace them with my love in [our] limited time together,” Joe concludes.

Just because your marriage is over doesn’t mean that it impacts your role as a parent. Until your kid breaks off contact with you, that role is for life.

It looks like Joe is undergoing some personal and emotional growth as a human being these days.

Of course, it may be that he’s just putting a positive spin on his humiliation to “get ahead of the story,” so to speak.

But it sounds like he has a realistic understanding of how his marriage fell apart.

It’s good that he’s putting his kids first. As a parent, that’s always the first priority.

Joe giudice i knew my marriage was over when teresa wouldnt bang