June Shannon Spends Thanksgiving Alone, Hits ATM For Possible Drug Money

This year, things have gone from bad to worse with Mama June. She’s no longer just freaking out her family.

The infamous and deeply troubled reality star has resurfaced just long enough to give fans even more reasons to worry.

June Shannon’s life once seemed to be heading to good places. She had a home, an income, and a total body transformation.

And then she met Geno Doak. Since then, her family has not known peace.

This year, June lost everything — including her partially wrecked home — and abandoned it all, including her family, for her garbage boyfriend.

After she dropped off of the proverbial radar, fans have feared the worst.

TMZ reports that June Shannon was spotted in a car driving up to a convenience store.

The vehicle stopped at the store in McDonough, Georgia.

June Shannon reportedly exited the vehicle, where she had been sitting in the middle.

Spotted in the back was Geno Doak, meaning that an unidentified third party was driving them.

June was reportedly looking haggard and generally worse for wear.

She is described as having kept her head low while looking disheveled.

Her purpose was clear — she was there to withdraw cash from an ATM.

While we obviously don’t know how much cash she withdrew (those are private financial records), it at least shows that she has some money left.

So, to summarize, June is alive but looking considerably worse for wear.

She appeared in a black SUV that someone else — not her or Geno — was driving.

June still has access to an unknown amount of money — or, at the very leash, she did a couple of days ago.

And she’s not too far from the rest of her family, even though she’s not exactly with them, either.

All things considered, this is reasonably good news.

No, it’s not June dumped Geno and joined her family for Thanksgiving good news, but it’s something.

She hasn’t vanished only to turn up halfway across the country, or to not turn up at all.

And she’s alive, which was in doubt given her crack cocaine arrest, reports of her former home being littered with syringes, and her downward spiral.

June Shannon went from humble beginnings to reality stardom, losing a dramatic amount of weight.

She even owned a nice, upper-middle-class home in a suburban neighborhood in Hampton, Georgia.

Months ago, June went onto social media to offer up almost all of her furniture for sale.

She invited strangers into her home to, well, empty it out. Eyewitnesses described seeing syringes and needles and filth strewn throughout the house.

And that’s just the story of the house’s ill-fated interior. The outside is no longer as picture-perfect as it once was.

There are a number of areas of unexplained damage, including windows that appear to be cracked, shattered, or boarded up.

Worse, one piece of damage can be explained — as it’s from where Geno clownishly drove an SUV into the house and had to be carried out of the car.

June gave up her home to live in hotels and perhaps an RV with Geno. Yikes.

The one silver lining is that at least her daughter, Alana Thompson, no longer has to witness her mother’s downward spiral in person.

She is living with her sister, Lauryn.

Attorneys very quickly filed the appropriate paperwork to ensure that June cannot access Alana’s money.

Alana begged her mother to go to rehab, but June refuses to leave Geno. There is real fear that this story will end in tragedy.

June Shannon: Family Begs Her to Quit Geno, Drugs Before It’s Too Late

Summer ended last week, but Mama June’s scandalous, trashy version of Hot Girl Summer rages on.

She’s been indicted on federal drug charges and has also abandoned her damaged house in favor of living in an RV with Geno.

The only piece of good news is that her family hasn’t given up on her. They’re still trying to save her life.

TMZ reports that Mama June’s family is still pushing for an intervention — even after the one that failed earlier this year.

According to various sources, June’s sister, Joanne, is leading the charge to try to talk some sense into June.

The troubled reality star desperately needs professional help to address her addiction issues.

She can’t get that when she’s traveling around with Geno.

In fact, as Joanne knows good and well, June doesn’t change a snowball’s chance in hell of recovery so long as Geno is in her life.

So, as we previously reported, June and Geno went to court on Wednesday of last week.

You may recall that Geno decided to hurl obscenities and homophobic slurs at photographers. Classy guy.

Well, TMZ was there, and noted that Joanne was, too.

She and Mama June hugged outside of the courthouse.

But what’s more significant is that Joanne tried, right then and there, to put some space between June and her garbage fire of a boyfriend.

June Shannon shots

Joanne followed June and Geno to their car.

She was apparently asking and then begging June to come and get lunch with her, just one-on-one.

June declined … and was then seen closing the door on her sister.

More like slamming it, actually.

This isn’t Joanne’s first time at the courthouse. She was there earlier in September, but June was a no-show.

Sources say that Joanne has also been desperately trying to reach June on her phone, to no avail.

Our sympathies go out to Joanne, but to be honest, we didn’t really expect for her to succeed where an organized intervention failed.

Earlier this year, June was surrounded by professionals, her family, and even a pastor.

Though Alana pleaded through tears for her mother to get help, June declined.

Specifically, she refused to take part in any sort of inpatient treatment — which ruled out going to rehab.

One thing in particular kept her from taking that life-saving route, and it’s the same thing that prevented her from grabbing lunch with Joanne.

Geno Doak has been a horrible influence, undoing years of work that June underwent to overcome her previously terrible life.

And June is clinging to him for dear life.

It was Lauryn who had to explain to From Not To Hot viewers that June refuses to leave Geno out of fear.

If she’s not with him to watch him every minute, she worries that he’ll cheat, leave her, or both.

To June, in her current state of mind, she’d rather keep an eye on Geno than save her life by addressing her addiction.

June has given up everything for Geno — not just her sobriety and reputation.

Her money has “mysteriously” seemed to vanish, after weeks or even months of living out of hotels, gambling, and additional alleged drug use.

Her once-beautiful house now has mysterious damage to its exterior, including some broken and missing windows.

It has some not-so-mysterious damage to the garage, where Geno plowed the SUV into it in an incident that was caught on video.

Worst of all, she lost her daughter. Alana will have nothing to do with her until she drops Geno.

The only person who can decide to make a life-saving change is June.

Mama June: Going to Prison for Drug Charges?!

Mama June done messed up.

Or, well, she’s been messing up basically for her whole entire life, but this time she messed up. Badly.

We’re talking really, really badly. Like so badly that the unlikely reality star could be going to prison.

And honestly? It would probably be for the best at this point, given the controversy surrounding her.

We’ll get into that – she’s been indicted on freakin’ federal charges – but to kick things off, just know that ol’ June Shannon has definitely seen better days … to say the absolute least.

1. Bad Times

June shannon looks odd
June … well, June isn’t exactly having a good time right now.

2. Well …

June shannon at the growing up hip hop atlanta premiere
And that’s because June is a drug addict who makes unbelievably terrible choices.

3. Memories

June shannon on anderson
The bad choices thing has been happening for a long time — remember when she dated that guy who had just gotten out of prison for molesting her own daughter?

4. This Guy

Geno doak at lunch
But the drugs seem to be a relatively new addition, all thanks to her gross boyfriend, Geno Doak.

5. Ugh

Geno doak with mama
Yep, Geno only came into the picture at the beginning of last year, and before that, June had been working on her new body and having a fun time with her daughters while doing it.

6. Sad

Alana thompson in pink
Now, her daughters want nothing to do with her — but more on that in a minute.

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June Shannon: I’m About to Be Homeless! But I’m Doing It All For Geno!

June Shannon has been selling everything she owns, inviting random buyers to her dilapidated, garbage-filled house.

Now, she has put that property on the market in a desperate bid for more cash to keep Geno happy and by her side.

Take a look at the details of June’s plans — and where she and her terrible boyfriend are now living.

E! News has a grim report about Mama June Shannon and her plans for the future.

According to their insider, the From Not to Hot star plans to “live in an RV” with Geno Doak.

She has now placed her Georgia home on the market.

(We’ll talk about why she may not get as much cash as she hoped to in a bit)

If June wants money for an RV … and potentially for drugs … she’ll have to get it herself.

It’s not just that Geno is a total bum who’s been mooching off of June since he first charmed his way into her bed.

“None of her daughters are talking to her at this point,” the source reveals.

They have effectedly ghosted their mom, the insider says, “including Alana.”

That makes sense — Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson vowed that she wouldn’t return to June’s house while Geno was there.

Of the girls, their bank accounts, and June, the source says: “They’ve cut her off.”

June’s daughters have a lot of reasons to feel like giving up on their disaster of a mother.

“She chose Geno over them,” the insider laments.

They really did try, even staging a desperate intervention to persuade June to seek help for her addiction issues.

June declined despite fears that she might die.

Lauryn explained that June couldn’t bear to leave Geno alone, for fear that he would cheat or leave. And she doesn’t want to lose Geno.

“Good or bad,” the source characterizes. “She likes the attention.”

“She really only cares about herself,” the insider accuses, explaining how her loved ones now feel.

They can no longer ignore that June’s world revolves entirely around June and her desires at the moment.

After everything that’s happend, the source says, “That’s crystal clear to her family.”

Well, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was canceled after June was caught in bed with a convicted child-molester who had preyed upon her own daughter.

So her innate selfishness … and outrageously terrible judgment … and abysmal taste in men … have all been apparent for a while, now.

June can’t lean on any family, so she’s raising cash herself — having apparently spent an unbelievable amount keeping Geno happy.

Weeks ago, she was selling off everything — from furniture to personal belongings.

She listed some items, including the house’s last remaining bed, in an online marketplace to attract buyers.

Buyers came to the house and saw a pigsty that was mostly emptied already.

They observed June and Geno behaving erratically. They also observed what looked like syringes scattered about. Yikes.

Now, June purchased her Georgia home in 2015.

She obtained the 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom dwelling for just $149,000.

(That’s stunningly low — but then, location matters; where I live, that sum probably wouldn’t be enough for a one-bedroom house)

But June is likely to get even less, given that the house is damaged.

The garage door won’t even close properly after Geno ran June’s SUV into it. And there are unexplained broken windows.

Add the giant dumpster sitting on the lawn and killing grass for over a week, and it looks like a condemned building, not prime real estate.

At this point, June may not have the budget to fix up her house to sell. She also may be past caring.

TMZ reports that she and Geno have already departed for their RV lifestyle.

While her daughters have reportedly cut her off, apparently they did discuss her hairbrained plans for the future at some point.

June has provided a lot of entertainment, if often unwittingly, for millions of people.

Ultimately, her story is — and has always been — profoundly sad, and reminders that some people right here in America grow up in a different world.

We would love to believe that she’ll soon have a wakeup call and will ditch Geno and seek help. But … it may be too late.

June Shannon: Neighbors Fume Over Damaged House, Garbage in Yard

Even though June Shannon is selling off all her belongings to keep enough cash flow to please her awful boyfriend, she still lives at her house.

But the inside is a mostly empty pigsty, with her remaining possessions scattered throughout the house.

A new report takes a look at the outside of her house, full of explained and unexplained damage. Neighbors are fuming over the mess.

The more expensive the neighborhood, the higher the standards for upkeep and the angrier that neighbors get about anything unsightly.

Mama June is learning that the hard way — but at this point, she doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks.

Anyone but Geno Doak, her terrible boyfriend, that is.

After the incident where she went outside in a see-through robe to try to wrangle Geno out of the car after he crashed it into the house …

Well, that was a clear sign that she was a little bit past worrying about what the neighbors think of a big ol’ mess.

June may not care, but TMZ reports that June’s house looks like some sort of disaster zone.

The tabloid got a good look at the exterior of June’s home, and first and foremost, there is a bigass dumpster just sitting on the front lawn.

Sometimes people rent these temporarily and place them at the back of the driveway while getting work done on the house.

But for June, it’s just plopped onto the grass and as unsightly as you can imagine.

This is not something that her neighbors want to see day in and day out … and it’s just the beginning.

So, from that time when Geno plowed the SUV into the house, there’s still a conspicuous dent in the garage door, which can no longer fully close.

That makes sense — if June is so broke that she’s selling the last bed in her house, of course she can’t afford a repair service.

Something is up with a number of the windows in the house, in the front and the back.

You can see window screens leaning against the house rather than being in the window frames.

Other windows appear to be open — something that should never happen in August.

This has caused some to wonder if June can no longer pay her electric bill — or had to turn off her air conditioning in order to do so.

Speaking of the windows, one window is broken and boarded up, like what you’d see at a condemned hovel.

Then there are simply trash cans that, despite the presence of the dumpster, are loaded with trash and even overflowing.

Additional garbage is strewn about everywhere.

This is an upper middle class neighborhood that generally expects a certain standard of upkeep that June is not meeting.

Furious neighbors are banding together to attempt to force June to clean up her act — well, her house, anyway.

Homeowner’s Associations are every suburbanite’s bane — but in this case, June’s neighbors are hoping that it will be their salvation.

TMZ reports that a number of them are banding together to petition the HOA to force June to fix her house and yard.

That fugly dumpster has been on the front lawn for at least a week.

The general level of disrepair is a violation of just about any HOA agreement. It’s turning the neighborhood into a joke.

Real talk, though: June ignored her own family when they tried to stage an intervention to save her actual life.

We somehow doubt that she cares about what the HOA says or about anything else, for that matter. This is actually really sad.

June Shannon: Selling Everything She Owns to Keep Geno From Leaving!

It doesn’t get much worse than choosing Geno Doak over her own daughters, but June Shannon continues to worry us all.

She and Geno are hosting an everything-must-go sale, and this isn’t some sort of endorsement deal.

She’s selling off her own furniture. Is June going broke trying to appease Geno?

We knew that June and Geno’s home was a house of horrors. We just didn’t know that it was this bad.

Apparently, June is holding a sort of garage sale inside of her home.

This means that she’s inviting strangers in so that she can sell off her miscellaneous belongings for quick cash.

This is a woman who was previously worth about $1 million. She’s been a reality star for years.

Now she’s selling off her own furniture just to make a quick buck. That is so profoundly worrisome.

TMZ got an eyewitness account of June’s home.

Parts of the house were vast, empty spaces where clearly June had already parted with whatever was stored there.

Other parts of her home were looking much less bare … and downright messy.

Visitors witnessed piles of junk mixed in with everyday tools like TV remotes and other electronics mixed in with a haunted-looking doll.

June listed items for sale using tools like the Facebook marketplace … where she offered up the home’s only remaining bed.

She must have been successful at pawning off her possessions, because June was seen holding a fat stack of cash.

All the while, she and Geno rambled almost incomprehensibly on a number of topics, including a massage chair.

And then it gets even worse.

Apparently some eyewitnesses who entered the home saw needles and syringes strewn about the place.

As you may recall, June and Geno were arrested for crack cocaine in March of this year. Since then, June’s behavior has worsened considerably.

It certainly appears that Mama June has gone broke.

That would mean that she has blown through hundreds of thousands of dollars in a relatively short amount of time.

Remember — she’s actively a reality star. New episodes of her show aired this year.

What exactly is the money for?

The best answer might be for June to enter rehab or fix her broken veneers.

The worst-case scenario, which also seems more likely to many fans, is that the cash is for drugs to keep Geno happy.

June has shown, time and time again, that she is devoid of all reason when it comes to Geno.

When her family and loved ones staged an intervention, she insisted that she would not do any in-patient treatments or stay anywhere overnight.

Audiences were scratching their heads and wondering why she’d rather risk her life than do that.

It was Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon who explained: June was afraid that if she couldn’t keep an eye on Geno, he’d cheat or straight up leave her.

No man is worth dying over — Geno least of all.

There is one silver lining to June’s apparent desperation to sell all that she owns to keep her alleged druggie boyfriend happy.

June will not be able to steal Alana’s money to fund her habit or her boyfriend. 

Thankfully, June is legally prevented from accessing those funds.

Alana is safely staying with her older sister, Pumpkin, who can access her money only to pay for her — and must provide receipts.

June’s downward spiral is hurting her family more than anyone else. We hope that she gets help soon.

Geno Doak: WeTV is Plotting to Make June Shannon Dump Me!

From his crack cocaine arrest to being spotted crashing his car into Mama June’s house, Geno Doak does not seem to be at his best.

But for months, he has been silent on social media despite a string of scandals.

Now, Geno is finally speaking up and telling his side of the story — and he’s alleging a conspiracy to make him look bad.

Geno Doak came out with a sixteen-minute rant against the forces he claims are railroading him.

“WeTV, ThinkFactory …. a lot of the people don’t want the truth out there,” Geno claims to his fans and followers.

“So,” he alleges. “They’ve had me blocked on everything.”

That, Geno says, is why he has been absent from social media.

People had mostly just assumed that he was too busy on various binges to update his fans, but okay.

Geno doak lengthy livestream rant

“It’s not about the drug use, it’s about money to you,” Geno accuses the producers of From Not to Hot.

“Well, why was the drug use overlooked daily when I would go to the bathroom 100 times, come out pouring sweat,” he recalls.

“And the production company would say, ‘was that using the restroom?’” Geno continues.

He insists: They knew I was in there getting high. They didn’t care!”

“I was still profitable at that time,” Geno explains. “So nothing was said.”

“I’ve been blasted on every f–king media outlet there is,” Geno complains. “Made everything to be my fault, which it’s not.”

“I’m not saying anybody made me do drugs; nobody made me do drugs. It was my choice,” he at least admits.

“But it was overlooked,” he argues. “It was never an issue. Nobody gave a f–k until it was public.”

Yeah, that’s usually how substance abuse works in the entertainment industry.

“You guys knew I had dope on me,” Geno claims. “And that I wouldn’t come in without bringing my cocaine in, so you escorted me around security check points.” 

“Why?” he asks. “So I could get my drugs in.”

“When we were at the events and there were drugs being used blatantly by everybody,” Geno recalls.

“It wasn’t an issue then, why is it now?” he asks.

“Production at one time bought three 30-packs of beers,” Geno claims.. “That’s 90 beers. It just so happened to be my [beer] brand of choice.”

“[My] drinking wasn’t an issue then,” he argues. “Go back and look at the footage; every Solo cup you see me drinking out of? There’s beer in there!”

“And who bought it? Production!” Geno points out.

We have to acknowledge that it is not unusual for production companies to provide food and drinks, but that 90 is a lot of beers.

Geno doak with mama

“What about sitting at the bars, with production, drinking?” Geno asks.

Again, we have to assume that no one minded because he had not made it a problem for him or for June — yet.

“Wasn’t an issue then!” he accuses. “It’s only an issue when it affects you financially.”

“You guys have found drugs repeatedly,” Geno claims. “And nothing was ever said because it would have cost you too much.”

He then accuses various entertainment news outlets, including The Blast, of writing fake texts as if they were his.

He then goes on to claim that there is some sort of diabolical conspiracy between producers and entertainment news writers.

To hear Geno tell it, it sounds like all blogs — including THG, we suppose — have been recruited to run a smear campaign against Geno.

“[They feel that] if they can get Geno and June apart, they can get her back on the show and make more money,” Geno opines.

But he says: “It’s not about money for me.”

“To this day, production has not said a word about why they left,” Geno complains. “I was available for every call time. They simply vanished.”

“I quit getting messages that said, ‘Be here at this time.’ To this day, I have never had one explanation as to why I haven’t been paid,” he says.

Geno then claims: “It seems to me you guys are the ones in breach of contract.”

“If they want to sit there and make me look like I’m horrible,” Geno gripes. “Like they’re perfect and they’ve tried to get us help or whatever, screw off man,” 

“I’m human,” he points out. “I’ve had one drug charge my entire life,”

“That night at the casino got out of hand drinking and [we] ended up doing drugs and got caught,” Geno explains. “That’s it. Simple.”

We think that we all know that Geno’s troubles run a little deeper than that, as evidenced by his own words in this video.

Geno also took a real issue with the intervention that June’s actual loved ones staged to try to help her.

“All this stuff’s make believe,” Geno says dismissively. “Ultimatums? How about this, Dr. Ish, I’m gonna call you out, too.”

“What about your statement to the facility that June went to, saying June was on drugs and all that. You’ve never seen her!” he accuses.

Geno asks: “How can you provide a statement to a facility about an individual you did not see?”

“You did not examine her,” he complains. “You spoke to her in a crowd of other people.”

What a piece of work.

Geno doak wetv is plotting to make june shannon dump me

June Shannon: Stealing Money from Alana Thompson for Gambling, Drugs?

From Not To Hot star June Shannon is so adamant about staying with Geno Doak that daughter Alana Thompson refuses to come home.

But while Alana is physically safe with her sister, is her reality TV fortune safe?

Alana’s family is afraid that June will dip into Alana’s funds to pay for gambling, drugs, or her terrible boyfriend. The family has a plan to stop it.

TMZ has learned that Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s rep is taking no chances.

That agent has recently had an attorney step in to secure the 13-year-old reality star’s finances.

Despite bein a middle schooler, online sources say that Alana’s estimated net worth is a whopping $800,000.

But now Alana’s money has been moved to a new account.

June will not be able to touch the account — not for gambling, not for drugs, and not to appease her cheating nightmare boyfriend, Geno Doak.

Now, you might read this and think “okay, she has a new bank account, but the rest is just speculation.”

We are sad to report that it’s not.

According to the family sources who spoke to TMZ, the family has real fears about what June might do in her current state of mind.

That absolutely includes concern that she might tap into any funds available — even her own daughter’s.

Drug addiction and gambling addiction are both afflictions that prey upon the brain’s reward systems — all other priorities go out the window.

And, as fans have already seen, Geno has her wrapped around his finger. Alana’s rep wasn’t taking any chances.

If Alana’s money is locked away, how are her needs being met?

Alana may be very accomplished for her age, but she is 13 years old. She can’t just drive to the bank herself.

Instead, TMZ reports that Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, her older sister, can access small amounts of Alana’s money.

She has to provide documentation each time that it happens to prove that she’s using the money for Alana.

This makes a lot of sense. Lauryn is trustworthy, and Alana is already staying with her.

Why is Alana staying with her sister instead of at her home home with her mother?

It’s simple — she’s not staying any place where Geno is.

Alana has been adamant about this — she loves her mother, but is afraid for her mother’s life.

She tried to force June to choose between her beloved daughter and her good-for-nothing cheating husband.

June, it seems, has accepted Alana’s departure and chosen Geno and, allegedly, crack cocaine.

Geno hasn’t exactly been a prince.

In addition to getting arrested alongside June and allegedly cheating on her, he appears to have … crashed a car into her house.

A neighbor recorded a video that appeared to show a disoriented Geno struggle to get out of the car.

In the mean time, June arrived in a see-through gown and tried to wrangle Geno inside the house.

We cannot speak to whatever may or may not have been in Geno’s bloodstream influencing him.

But he did not appear to be in any state to drive.

As viewers of From Not To Hot have now seen to their chagrin, June’s family and loved ones tried to have an intervention for her.

The intervention was not a success.

June was adamant about not doing any in-patient, overnight treatment.

That sounded like madness, and it was, as Lauryn explained to viewers.

As it turns out, June is so afraid of losing Geno that she won’t go to rehab despite the tearful pleas of her family.

If she goes to rehab, she’s afraid that she won’t be able to keep an eye on Geno.

She’s so far gone that she can’t see that he’s not worth keeping. This is heartbreaking.

Alana Thompson: I Won’t Live With Mama June Until Geno Doak is GONE

June Shannon and her gross boyfriend Geno Doak had been living in hotels and even a casino during this latest crisis.

But now, Mama June has returned home — to an otherwise empty nest.

Her famous daughter, Alana, is refusing to come home. She says she won’t return to the house while Geno is there.

In August of 2018, Honey Boo Boo turned 13. Wild that she’s a teenager, now.

She fled the house after June and Geno’s crack cocaine arrests, but she’s not old enough to live on her own.

Instead, she’s been living with Pumpkin, her sister.

That was for the best, because June spent time living in various rented rooms with Geno.

But now that she’s come home, Alana isn’t budging.

TMZ reports that Alana Thompson will not return to her mother’s home under present circumstances.

She’d like to return home, and she loves her mother a lot.

But there’s a roadblock preventing that sweet reunion, and his name is Geno Doak.

Sources tell TMZ that as long as Geno is still hanging around the Shannon residence, Alana wouldn’t feel safe being there.

What Alana would like is for her troubled mother to give her useless cheating boyfriend the boot — and then take herself to rehab.

There’s more than just Geno’s arrest for crack cocaine and domestic violence that has Alana justifiably concerned.

Just days ago, we all saw that harrowing video in which Geno crashed his car into June’s house and emerged mostly naked.

The aftermath was filmed by a neighbor, who observed June as she tried and failed to usher Geno into the house.

“Honey Boo Boo’s mama [has] got on a damn see-through gown,” the neighbor’s voice can be heard observing.

Eventually, June had to get help to move her useless lump of a boyfriend into the house.

Alana is still a minor, and some fans worry that her boycott will backfire — and that June will just try to force her to come home.

But TMZ‘s sources tell them that Pumpkin is prepared to fight to keep her sister safe from the chaos, the drugs, the drama, and worse.

Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon is reportedly willing to take her mom to court to keep Alana out of that maelstrom.

She’ll do it even if it means obtaining legal custody of her own sister.

The bittersweet news is that June, as of yet, hasn’t expressed any real interest in bringing Alana back home.

Maybe that’s good news — that on some level, June knows that Alana is better off with Pumpkin than being around Geno (or her, at the moment).

Maybe it’s bad news, because June is just too wrapped up in Geno’s apparently irresistible charms to care about her actual family.

After all, that bizarre obsession is what made June refuse to listen at her own intervention.

Her own daughter begged her to get help out of fear that she might die, but June adamantly refused any inpatient treatment.

Pumpkin had to explain to viewers what was stopping June: fear.

June worried that if she couldn’t watch Geno for every minute, he would cheat on her (some more), or maybe even leave her.

Obviously, no man who would cheat in the first place is worth risking your life just to supervise, but that’s what June is doing.

And it may cost her months or even years with her daughter.

This is an all-around pitiful situation.

Jennifer Lamb Asks Fans to Pray for June Shannon After Failed Intervention

From Not to Hot fans and her own family were hopeful, but June Shannon’s intervention was a dramatic failure.

As fans brace themselves to see the next ugly turns in Mama June’s life, she’s receiving vocal support from an unlikely source.

Jennifer Lamb took to social media to plead with fans to keep June in their prayers.

Jennifer took to Instagram and shared a photo of her, producer Gina Rodriguez, and June, who was sticking out her tongue.

“This photo shows June’s fun personality,” Jennifer’s caption begins.

“When we took this photo,” she says, providing context. “It was earlier in the season.”

“And,” Jennifer recalls. “Everything was good.”

She quickly admits that something may have already been wrong in June’s life, adding: “or at least we thought.”

This is such a sweet photo, and Jennifer’s right about how well it illustrates June’s personality.

Sometimes, between the clownish moments and the drama, it can be too easy to forget that reality stars are real people.

“June and I may have had our differences in the past,” Jennifer readily admits.

“But,” she emphasizes. “I truly care about this woman and her family.”

Part of June’s family is now, through Sugar Bear, part of Jennifer’s family, too.

Jennifer then issues a plea for her followers to provide emotional and even spiritual support for June.

‘This has been a difficult time,” Jennifer points out.

That is an understatement. A crack cocaine arrest and a failed intervention are just the tip of the iceberg.

“And,” she continues. “I ask that you keep Miss June in your prayers.”

She adds several instances of the prayer emoji.

Jennifer, at the time of her posting, reminded her followers to watch the show.

She then asked a special favor of them, imploring fans to “(please be kind in the comments).”

Many fans abided by Jennifer’s heartfelt request.

“This was heartbreaking to watch,” wrote one follower. “The silver lining being how amazing you look and how hard you worked.”

Jennifer’s storyline was much more positive than June’s.

June Shannon is not going to a mental hospital

“Glad to see such a nice, fun photo of you 3 together & your kind words regarding June,” praised another fan.

The comment continued: “Hoped you two were friends off screen – oh and Jennifer you looked absolutely fabulous last week with your shorter curly hair!”

“Jennifer you are kind hearted person,” wrote another commenter.

That follower continued: “Set your difference asides and you didn’t judge her for what she is going through. Prayers for Mama June.”

It sounds like June could use all of the good vibes that she can get.

See, it’s not just that she was arrested for crack cocaine, or that Geno was arrested under suspicion of domestic violence.

June adamantly refused to go to any in-patient treatment, despite the pleas of her children who are afraid that she will literally die.

The reason, as Pumpkin Shannon explained, is actually very simple.

June is afraid that she can’t watch Geno Doak, her good-for-nothing boyfriend, if she’s in in-patient treatment.

She’s afraid that he’ll cheat on her, as he has allegedly been doing already. She’s afraid that she’ll lose him.

No man is worth dying over.

And a man whom you have to watch constantly to keep him in line? He’s not worth keeping.