June Shannon Gets Family Stalked by Thugs Over Drug Debts!

June Shannon’s downward spiral was frightening to her loved ones, and not just because they feared that she would die.

In addition to selling off her family’s belongings to fuel her drug binges, June went into debt with the wrong people.

Family friend Big Mike sat down with Doe Doe, June’s sister, on the latest episode of Mama June: Family Crisis.

“I just heard through the grapevine that [June] owes the wrong people a lot of f–king money,” Big Mike warns.

“Back in the day,” he confides, “I ran with the wrong crowd and the wrong people.”

Mike shares that these are “the same people that, matter of fact, June and them mess with.”

‘I know some of these guys they’re f–king with and they’re gonna get them,” Mike fears.

‘I’m telling you,” he says to the camera, “you best pay up.”

Big Mike then recalls having been shot and stabbed multiple times and being beaten up with a baseball bat.

The implications are not good for June or for her family.

Assuming that neither Mike’s concerns nor the entire situation are cooked up for drama …

… Mike has a conspicuous swastika tattoo which is why his arms are always covered or blurred.

Was her previously affiliated with a gang of white neo-nazis? Such gangs are often a source of hard drugs in the rural South.

(By the way, there are charities that help people remove racist tattoos that Big Mike could go to … just saying)

Big Mike claims that he was concerned from the start of June’s romance with Geno that she might get into trouble.

Geno, he says, tends to act up and, when he does, it’s always a disaster.

Did he really warn June of that or is this just hindsight and reality TV drama talking?

Either way, he tells “June” (the camera) that he told her so.

They then talk about how June has lost everything but her life and her house itself.

(Fortunately, she is still alive, but the part about her home ownership has changed dramatically since this scene was filmed)

Mike predicts that these dangerous men will inevitably find a way to get to her — directly or indirectly.

Meanwhile, Doe Doe concludes that this is why June did not show up to court, out of fear that these men would follow her.

But June maintaining her own physical safety for the time being is not enough to free her family from the consequences of her actions.

They have barely had time to process the knowledge that June has sold some of their belongings.

Lauryn says that she has seen the same suspicious car outside of the driveway.

Coupled with the knowledge that June has gone into debt with the wrong people, they decide to play it safe.

Lauryn speaks to production and they determine that it may be safer for the time being to go to a hotel.

There seems to be a real fear of physical, violent retaliation in an effort to send a message to June.

Again, this storyline seems almost unbelievable to some of us, to the point where it seems like an invention of production to add drama.

But then … June’s life has been so different from most people’s. She grew up eating roadkill. This could be legit, right?

Vicious loan shark goons or not, if June misses her next court date, there will be a warrant out for her arrest.

Additionally, Alana enters Lauryn’s daughter into a child beauty pageant, because those are still unfortunately legal.

(It’s not Alana’s fault that she hasn’t fully processed how damaging that industry is on children. Most kids do not get rich and famous from it)

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lamb enters her own granddaughter into the pageant, with worse results. LOL.

June shannon goes into debt with dangerous people endangers fami

June Shannon Desperate to Rebuild Trust with Estranged Family: I’ll Be Good!

By all appearances, it looks like Mama June Shannon is fixing her whole life, piece by piece, starting with her teeth.

Now comes what may be the hardest part: convincing her family to trust her again after she shattered that trust again and again.

Dr. Ish Major spoke to The Sun about how the family is trying to reconnect with June without doing too much, too quickly, and getting burned.

He of course helped in the family’s failed intervention after June’s arrest.

He reveals that, slowly but surely, the entire family and June are working on “rebuilding trust.”

June, however, still remains in Florida, while her family lives in Georgia.

Mama June Family Crisis - intervention for Alana?

Dr. Ish also explains why they are taking these careful steps instead of immediately welcoming June back with open arms.

“Family gets burnt out,” he reasons.

“‘We tried and you never got it right,'” Dr. Ish notes that they may feel.

“‘We poured resources into you, time, attention and affection into you, and none of that worked,'” he quotes.

“Family is like, ‘Listen we’re done. We’re aggravated,'” Dr. Ish continues.

He explains: “It’s a very tricky way to reintroduce yourself to the family.”

Still, June is “in communication” with her loved ones.

“We love you,” Dr. Ish describes the family’s message to June, “but we’re going to love you from over here.”

“The last thing I did with Pumpkin was help her realize the boundaries,” Dr. Ish recalls.

“If you cannot behave in an appropriate fashion, if you cannot make decisions better for yourself and us,” he begins.

Dr. Ish continues his statement: “Then you don’t get to be part of our lives.”

That means no more crime, no more drugs, and not doing anything to exploit her family for money.

“The only way we’re going to tell that is time,” Dr. Ish says of Pumpkin evaluating her mother’s state of mind.

He explains: “This is June earning her spot back into the family.”

Between the pandemic and June’s family’s current understandable abundance of caution, none of their overtures are going over in person.

So, they are communicating via Skype calls … with a twist.

See, the Skype calls are also a type of test for June, because they are scheduled for specific times.

“They are rebuilding trust,” Dr. Ish details.

“This is what you said you are going to do, let’s see if you can do it,” he adds.

Dr. Ish acknowledges that “History says you won’t.”

“If you do,” Dr. Ish says of tuning in to the Skype conversations on time, “then we can take that next step.”

“This is how you work your way back into the family,” he reasons.

“And,” Dr. Ish concluds, “we can trust each other again.”

That will take a lot of work but, as we all know, it will be worth it if June can get her life back together.

Last year, June sold off her belongings, her furniture, and her conspicuously damaged house for well below its market value.

It was all in a bid for quick cash that she could spend on herself and Geno.

They lived out of hotels and casinos, first in Georgia and then in Florida.

As part of her downward spiral, June also sold off belongings of her family, from vehicle ownership to dolls belonging to her grandbaby.

June’s family has faced so many disappointments that it’s hard for them to set themselves up for another potential heartbreak.

But, they are trying it anyway. They want to give June another chance to be in their lives.

If June can really shape up her act, she could end up filming another season of reality television, possibly even this year — pandemic permitting.

If so, June’s money troubles could become a thing of the past. For now, she and Geno are relying upon Cameo and similar videos for cash.

June Shannon Posts Desperate, Fuzzy Video Asking Fans to Talk to Her

Even months after Mama June: Family Crisis was filmed, the titular June Shannon has been eager for cash after losing a small fortune last year.

Now, she’s found a new way to make money — by asking her international fans to pay to talk to her.

You can see for yourself that, to put it bluntly, Mama June clearly needs a new camera.

She was a millionaire as recently as a year or so ago, but the camera quality of her latest video looks like she bought her phone in 2006.

(This may mean that June pawned a more recent smartphone and swapped it for a cheaper model, but that is pure speculation)

As you can see in the accompanying video, June fixed her missing tooth but is still reassembling the pieces of the rest of her life.

So, yes, the video looks deeply grainy, a grim reminder of how terrible cameraphones were just 15 years ago.

But what about what June has to say?

Like all of her videos, June kicks things off with the same line, which seems ot be automatic at this point.

“Hey y’all what’s up? This is your girl Mama June,” she begins.

“This goes out to all my European and Brazilian fans,” June announces.

Brazil is, very conspicuously, an extremely vocal fandom on social media, whether it’s about K-pop or reality TV or anything, really.

She instructs those fans to “go download Payphone.io and let’s chat it up.”

In other words, she is suggesting that people download an app that will let them pay for short conversations with her.

June has already been doing Cameos in the US, both before and after her cosmetic dental work.

Clearly, she has found a way to make paid, one-sided videos for international fans as well.

“Let me make a video message for you and your loved ones,” June suggests.

“Love you,” she concludes the very short video, “and see y’all soon.”

The translation here is that June is trying to cast a wider net financially.

In a way, this is a good thing. If she gets more money, she can do more things to improve her life, albeit in a superficial manner.

She would have to sell a whole lot of videos and one-minute conversations with fans in order to buy a house like the one that she had.

Actually … how rich does she stand to get from this?

Cameo isn’t designed for the highest tiers of stardom, but rather for niche celebs like reality stars who have deeply loyal followings.

Some of these stars are extremely wealthy.

Of course, so are the customers, as we know that Chrissy Teigen has bought Cameos from 90 Day Fiance stars.

The stars can charge different amounts, but how long might it take June to rebuild her fortune?

Hypothetically, let’s say that she, after the company’s cut, gets $10 for every Cameo video or other short video or conversation that she has.

That may not be much, but we’re talking $10 a minute — more than millions of Americans make in an entire hour.

If a star is dedicated to answering their fans, desperate for cash, or both, they could be making $600 per hour.

It would still take months of constant, nonstop vidding with extremely high demand, but June could use that to one day buy back her house.

More realistically, services like Cameo can keep June afloat and let her tidy up her appearance and get back on track.

That alone might be enough to land her another season on WEtv where, notably, she was not an active, voluntary participant on this season.

If she can straighten up her act enough to convince production that she won’t immediately blow her paychecks on crack cocaine, she could be back in business.

If she plays her cards right, she might be able to talk the network into helping her secure a home. 

Hard to film someone without a house, right?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

She’s not going to sell many videos and conversations until she gets a working camera.

June shannon posts desperate fuzzy video asking fans to talk to

Lauryn Shannon Goes OFF on Alana Thompson for Pretending to Snort Cocaine

Late last summer, 14-year-old Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson pretended to snort cocaine while on Instagram Live.

On Mama June: Family Crisis, fans — and Alana — came face to face with the fallout and the real world consequences of that impulsive mistake.

Alana thompson says that it was just a joke

On Friday’s episode, we saw — and herard — Lauryn furiously scolding Alana after, on impulse, the high school freshman mimed snorting cocaine.

(We hope that this was dramatized for the cameras, as we’re sure that most of the episode was, because no one should yell … just about ever).

“Alana, seriously what the f–k possessed you to do that?” Lauryn demanded to know.

“All this stuff going on with Mama,” she lamented, “and you’re sitting here continuously f–king doing stuff!”

Alana thompson begs june shannon to come home

Lauryn did not buy into Alana’s protestatons that it was a joke, countering: “It’s not funny!”

But Alana was deeply distressed and felt cornered as people online and in real life gave her hell for it.

“It was a joke,” Alana protested. “Everyone is supposed to laugh about it. I mean, I wasn’t trying to make fun of Mama’s situation or anything.”

“It was just simply a joke, I mean it wasn’t even like that,” she continued. “Why can’t people just take a joke?”

Alana thompson makes a lot of sense

The reason was not just that it was a potential red flag in terms of how she was handling her mother’s arrest and downward spiral.

There were also some immediate, real-world downsides.

In a FaceTime chat with her management, Gina Rodriguez, Alana learned that she had done more than disappoint people.

Some of her business sponsorships, which have kept her financially stable despite her mother’s descent, were cutting ties with her.

Alana thompson feels ganged up upon

“This is ridiculous. What do you think you’re doing?” Gina admonished Alana.

“Why are you smiling?” she asked. “This is not funny!”

‘Some of your sponsorships have been calling us and emailing us trying to cancel with you,” Gina revealed.

She added: “We’ve been trying to put out fires all morning.”

Alana thompson and lauryn shannon see what joshua efird has to s

Josh Efird was the one to really drive the message home in an over-the-top, theatrical, made-for-TV kind of way.

He (and production) drove Alana out to a farm where she had to perform gross, manual labor on camera.

While we have no idea how this was not a violation of child labor laws, we do know that a lot of states have exceptions for farming (for no good reason).

However much or little Alana actually did, the point was to show her that her current reality gig is a sweetheart deal compared to other labor.

Alana thompson cries on the couch

Just in case that wasn’t enough to convince Alana to shape up, the family also staged an intervention of sorts, with Dr. Ish.

This was where Alana eventually broke down into tears as they gat to the heart of the issue.

That issue — her mother totally abandoning her for drugs and a man who reportedly threatened to kill her.

Eventually, Alana came to tearfully admit that she felt like a bit of a burden on her family, who assured her that this is not the case.

Alana thompson does not like what she is hearing

It is our sincere hope that Alana is also undergoing actual therapy, the kind that is not filmed.

We know that a healthy mental and emotional state is not always conducive to an entertaining reality star, but … she needs support.

It can be easy to forget that Alana is really going through this, on top of dealing with being a childhood star with a lot of early life trauma.

Seeing her storm away from her sit-down with a camera and producer should be enough to hammer home that some of the drama is very real.

Lauryn shannon goes off on alana thompson for pretending to snor

June Shannon Flaunts Weight Loss, New Teeth in Hot Swimsuit Pic

June Shannon has come a long way, from last year’s scary downward spiral to now taking real steps to fix her whole life.

She is also working on losing weight, and is flaunting her efforts in a red swimsuit!

June Shannon recently had her tooth fixed. Fans had been worried about the dramatic changes to her appearance.

Now, as you can see, June is not only showing her face (with, if you look closely, her fixed smile) but her body as well.

Wearing a form-fitting red one-piece, June is showing off her figure.

It’s clear that she’s not as small as she was right after her dramatic full-body makeover, but fans are overjoyed that she is focusing on fitness.

“Okay mama June I see you getting back on the wagon,” one fan comments.

Another follower raves: “I’m so proud of you on this weight loss and you look absolutely amazing!”

“So glad you look healthier!” a commenter gushes. “Just your overall look on your face anymore is so nice and true!!!,”

“You are better in that red bathing suit any given day than Jennifer!” another writes. “Happiness and inner peace radiates each time with you and jealously and hatred show on her.”

As we mentioned, June also visited a cosmetic dentist.

Her smile is whiter and brighter than it has been in some time.

Most conspicuously, he replaced the veneer that June apparently lost while biting into a Fat Cake, a marshmallow based dessert.

June’s smile had previously alarmed fans, who worried over how she had lost the tooth and what it meant about her health.

June previously hopped back onto Instagram after a lengthy hiatus, plugging weight loss products.

But fans cried out in alarm over how drastically her appearance had changed.

Understand that fans were not body-shaming her, tooth-shaming her, or anything else.

Instead, they feared that these were all indicators of June’s downward spiral following (and preceeding) her crack cocaine arrest last year.

There were also reports for some time about how June had been spotted with Geno appearing to ignore social distancing guidelines.

Living out of hotels and casinos, she and Geno were described by eyewitnesses as “wandering around” without an apparent care in the world.

June has since taken steps to show fans that she is taking the pandemic very seriously.

She even found a way to bring in some much-needed funds by advertising some merchandise.

Drug use can result in dramatic weight gain or loss in people, depending upon which drug and which person.

For example, Geno recently hinted to fans that his weight gain has been the result of going sober.

He also bared his arms for the first time in a while, which fans suggested means that he is no longer using syringe-based drugs.

June, who had been on a strict diet before her downward spiral, put on some weight during 2019.

The reason that June gained weight is because extreme weight loss techniques like gastric balloons and hardcore diets are effective in the short term.

Over time, the human body is amazingly adaptable and will do whatever it can to store more calories.

Remember, if you do a crash diet, from your body’s perspective, there must be some sort of famine and it needs to store energy to keep you alive.

So when June let herself enjoy just a few snacks like she used to, her body worked in overdrive to store all of it as fat.

Fans are thrilled, as the comments that we showed you above, to see that June is working on herself again.

Whether she actually needs to lose all of the weight that she regained is between her and her doctor.

But exercise is good for you on multiple levels — it is not just a weight loss tool.

And it’s a sign that June cares about her health and how she is perceived — which may mean that she’s coming back to being her old self.

June Shannon Sells Off Family’s Belongings in Shocking Sneak Peek!

On last week’s Mama June: Family Crisis, June Shannon ghosted on rehab, leaving her entire family devastated and disappointed.

In a sneak peek for this week, the entire family reacts with horror as June sells everything she owns — and a lot of what they own — for quick cash.

Late last summer, when these episode of Mama June: Family Crisis were filmed, Alana Thompson was dealing with a scandal.

See, the high school freshman had pretended to snort cocaine on Instagram Live.

Between being 14 years old, being a celebrity who grew up on television, and her mother’s downward spiral and crack arrest, this was serious.

And everyone was determined to get Alana to understand that.

Being 14, however, Alana does not initially understand why so many adults who love her are freaking out.

In this sneak peek, we see Lauryn beg her to take this seriously.

Alana’s manager, Gina Rodriguez, even video chats with her to talk about the seriousness of this scandal.

In reality, we know that Alana likely lost some business opportunities because of that. 14 year old stars are held to lofty standards.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lamb very dramatically shows Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson the video of Alana.

Now, Jennifer clearly loves being on reality TV, and not just because she got a full body makeover.

In this very staged-looking conversation, she assumes the role of the gleeful villain, encouraging Mike to seek custody of Alana.

We all know that Mike was a terrible father and shouldn’t have custody of a houseplant. But this storyline looks pretty serious.

Meanwhile, Lauryn is also taking this seriously, in her own way.

Because she and Gina were not able to get through to Alana, it appears that they are staging a mini-intervention for Alana.

Nobody thinks that Alana is actually doing lines of coke, but interventions can be for many things.

Alana is visibly stunned when she walks into, well, a very polite ambush.

(My word, look at those crocks just sitting on the floor)

The good news is that it appears that this intervention somehow got through to Alana.

Maybe they spelled out their concerns. Maybe they told her about the professional consequences of being “the girl who pretended to snort coke.”

Whatever it was, Alana ended up weeping. We hope that this was a sign that she got the message. Poor girl.

Obviously, Alana’s acting out — which was genuinely mild — was because of June’s own bad behavior.

And, as the family learns in this sneak peek, June’s behavior got a whole lot worse.

Last year, just days after Alana’s scandal broke, someone recorded the interior of June’s damaged, trashed house.

June was selling off her possessions in a desperate bid to keep Geno by her side, and a potential buyer shared what they had seen with the world.

Now, the sneak peek doesn’t show all of the details, like the discarded syringes laying around or almost all of the furniture being gone.

But it is Lauryn’s husband, Joshua Efird, who gets to break the news on-camera (while, let’s be real, Lauryn fakes a reaction to news she already knew).

Lauryn doesn’t have to fake her horror — at the state of June’s house.

Even more unnerving is that June isn’t limiting this fire sale to her own possessions.

The “crack addicts will steal your stereo” trope is so old that it dates back to when stereos were normal household equipment.

But in this case, it appears that June was selling things from Alana’s room, from Lauryn’s old room, and even things belonging to Ella.

As Lauryn and her husband discuss this horror show, Alana listens on.

Remember, June was supposed to go to rehab just recently, but ghosted. Alana is having to process how far her mother has fallen.

It gets worse than just the trashed house and then stolen and sold items.

(Yes, when you take something belonging to someone else and sell it, it is stealing, even if it’s in your house and even if you bought it)

Joshua notes that the potential buyer had also gotten a glimpse of June herself along with the syringe-littered garbage heap of a house.

And, well, Lauryn’s face really says it all.

Mama June: Family Crisis is certainly living up to the “family crisis” part of its name.

But fans expecting to see June clean up her act or even return to her starring role are in for a nasty shock — at least, this season.

Only very, very recently has June Shannon taken steps to fix her life. Fans hope for the best.

In the mean time, we can continue to watch the devastating fallout that one woman’s choices are having on her entire family.

June shannon sells off her familys belongings in shocking sneak

June Shannon Flaunts New Tooth: I’m Fixing My Whole Life!

Fans who have been watching Mama June: Family Crisis recently saw June’s disappointed family after she did not go to rehab after all.

That footage was filmed last year.

In recent weeks, June has been more focused on fixing her broken tooth and getting her life back on track.

Putting your life back together after a “hiatus” can be extremely challenging, no matter the cause.

It’s that much harder when you are famous, when the low points of your life have been broadcast to the world.

But June is focused on her comeback, and her new, glistening white smile is just the beginning.

Take a look below for a look at the dramatic differences in June’s smile and her next step in reclaiming her life!

1. Good news from June!

June shannon says shes getting better
For over a year now, fans have been worried sick about Mama June. Her whole life came apart at the seams. Now, things are improving.

2. First, a brief recap

June shannon shots
June and her boyfriend, Geno, were arrested in March of 2019, just days after June had tried to preemptively stop her life from spiraling out of control. A lot of people face and lose this same battle every day.

3. Her family tried for an intervention

This is how june shannon saves everything
At the time, June was not in a place where she was truly prepared to accept the help.

4. Later, June reached out

Mama june family crisis alana preps on first day of high school
She wanted to go to rehab and get help, for herself and for her court case. Alana was so excited that she and her mom would be taking huge steps in their lives on the same day — because Alana had her first day as a high school freshman.

5. Production came to pick up June

Mama june family crisis production knocks
Unfortunately, she was a no-show. Many people know that debilitating fear that is so much more than “cold feet” and can keep people from doing what they both want and need to do for themselves.

6. Then, she all but ghosted

June kises geno
Dealing with multiple issues, she and Geno ended up living in hotels and casinos, in Georgia and in Florida alike. She sold her home and, for a while, it looked like she had given up on her family and her reality career in one fell swoop.

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June Shannon Ghosts on Rehab in Heartbreaking Family Crisis Episode

On Mama June: Family Crisis, June Shannon’s family struggles to cope with her drug use and downward spiral.

This latest episode featured June acknowledging that she wanted rehab and was ready … which made things so much more heartbreaking.

Part of the most recent episode of Family Crisis dealt with Alana Thompson’s schooling plans.

She had been homeschooled by her mother, and there were questions about whether she technically qualified to be in her age group.

(Can you imagine her humiliation if she had to enter the school system a year behind in order to catch up?)

Fortunately, the school decided that she qualified as a high school freshman, and she was thrilled.

Mama june family crisis alana preps on first day of high school

But Alana was not the only one preparing to enter an institution that will improve her life.

June and Geno were infamously filmed after Geno, presumably under the influence, plowed the SUV into the garage door of June’s house.

The reality star came out of the house wearing a see-through gown and nothing else to coax him out of the car, with great difficulty.

The damage to the house is infamous, and can be seen repeatedly in the episode clip that we have included in this post.

Mama june family crisis garage door damage

While a story of a disaster of a man hitting a house with his car may sound innocuous if no one was injured, this was part of a pattern.

By the time that she sold her house for well below its value, the once-nice home was essentially trashed.

There were boarded up windows, broken windows, and other pieces of unexplained damage that are not part of natural wear on a home.

Eyewitnesses described having seen piles of garbage and what appeared to be discarded syringes sitting around in random piles around the house.

Mama june shannon tries to drag geno doak into the house

It does not help that the entire incident must have been humiliating to whatever degree of rational thought June had left in her at the time.

June eventually put on a shirt over her see-through gown, but not until after she had already been spotted and filmed by neighbors.

She then had to attempt to drag Geno, who was not fully clothed himself, into the house. June is, please remember, a tiny woman.

We’ve heard of women having to shoulder the “useless dead weight” of their boyfriends, but Geno made that very literal.

Geno doak bares his arms

(The good news is that Geno is now baring his arms and gaining weight, which may mean that he and June are really getting sober)

However, on the show, June was still well into her downward spiral.

For the family to learn about this incident while away from home was bad.

Seeing Doe Doe drive down the street where it happened and see children playing was a reminder of how serious this incident could have been.

June shannon shots

But that story almost had a happy ending, because June contacted production after ages of silence, and expressed her desire to go to rehab.

From Not To Hot production even made arrangements for June, and was prepared to drive her there.

We even see the process as production drives 

Then, the production coordinator emerges from the vehicle, knocks on June’s door, and waits.

Mama june family crisis the crew arrives to pick up june

The camera repeatedly looks to the window of June’s bedroom.

The view alternates between the window, the front door, and the busted garage door.

There is no sign of movement from within the house.

If June and Geno are even there, they were clearly hiding until production left and June had missed her flight.

Mama june family crisis junes house

Everyone had been consciously making an effort to limit their expectations.

Last time that June had entered rehab, Geno had signed her out days later, and the two were arrested a short time after.

But this time, June had been the one to reach out, indicating that she truly wanted to get batter.

And besides, rehab could help with her drug charges.

Mama june family crisis production knocks

So why in the world didn’t June, who wanted to go to rehab, go through with it?

Doe Doe, her sister, spells it out.

In her opinion, Geno was worried that a sober June would no longer fund his lifestyle — including drugs.

Worried about losing his meal ticket, Doe Doe theorizes, he must have talked her out of rehab.

Family crisis doe doe shannon opinion

June’s fear of losing Geno was also what stopped her from accepting rehab during her previous intervention.

This time, Lauryn reacts with frustration, scolding herself for getting her hopes up.

She is afraid to tell Alana because she will be crushed, but her husband, Joshua Effird, encourages her to tell the truth.

At the end, the family grappled with the scandal after Alana pretended to snort cocaine, with Lauryn fearing that she could lose custody.

June shannon ghosts on rehab promise in heartbreaking family cri

June Shannon: I Fixed My Missing Tooth, Y’all!

Fans have been alarmed and shocked by June Shannon’s missing tooth, and it has been hampering her desperate efforts to repair her public image.

Now, the star has reportedly taken measures to fix her smile, and even treated Geno to a few dental procedures in the process.

The Sun reports that June Shannon’s most conspicuous recent change in appearance has been remedied.

Apparently, she visited Florida-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Matthew Yantorni.

There, he did extensive work to repair the conspicuously missing tooth.

Her claim about how she lost the tooth (or, more exactly, the veneer that had taken the tooth’s place) is … not what fans expected.

After all of the reported fights that June and Geno were said to have had over the past year, including a trashed and blood-stained hotel room …

… Well, fans had truly feared the worst.

Instead, June claims that she lost the veneer while chomping down on “fat cakes” last year.

(I looked them up, and Fat Cakes are small snacks of chocolate cake, coated in marshmallow and then covered in colorful coconut shavings)

Months had passed since June lost the tooth, so Dr. Yantorni had his work cut out for him.

“Because the veneer was gone for so long, the tissue had become overgrown,” he explained.

Dr. Yantorni detailed that the tissue had encroached upon the tooth “and [was] no longer symmetric to the tooth next door.”

To remedy that situation, he had to remove some of the gum tissue using a dental laser.

“I am happy to finally have gotten my tooth fixed,” June expressed to The Sun.

“Now,” she noted, with what we imagine was a somber tone, “I have to watch the fat cakes so it doesn’t break again.”

Anyone who has had dental work knows that certain foods can be a danger to a cap or crown on a tooth.

In June’s case, she lost her whole veneer. If she really lost it while eating, that is a little surprising, but stranger things have happened.

Though June posted this two-year-old photo of herself earlier this year in a desperate bid to make fans think that she is okay, she hasn’t posted new photos.

We imagine that, some time soon, she will be eager to show off her new and restored smile to her fans and followers.

A bright smile is a superficial detail, but when someone’s dental hygiene takes a dramatic plunge, it’s usually a sign that something else is wrong.

June isn’t the only one whose mouth received a much-needed tune-up, however.

Geno Doak has been gaining weight and baring his arms — and hinting that both are signs that he is working on his sobriety.

During his visit to the cosmetic dentist’s office, he underwent a number of procedures.

Geno had a root canal, had multiple cavities filled, and had a missing tooth replaced.

As alarming as June and Geno’s behavior was last year and early this year, it is good to see that they are working on themselves in this way.

June Shannon Exploits Coronavirus Pandemic to Make Quick Cash!

The infamous Mama June Shannon recently wished fans a “happy coronavirus,” which was not as encouraging as she had apparently hoped.

Now, she’s hawking products in bizarre beach videos and trying to avoid criticism by posing in a mask.

June shannon teases a surprise

“I decided to make something very special for my fans,” June announced in a teaser video just days ago.

“So look,” she said, “be on the lookout for my sepcial gift I’m making for y’all.”

We can only assume that by “gift,” she meant these shirts that she is now trying to sell to fans.

Typically, this kind of brand merchandise is known as a product.

June shannon is masked at the beach

“I’m so excited to share my new Limited Edition #Bootimous T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, & Hoodies with you!” June has captioned multiple posts.

“Only available until Sunday!!” she teased.

“$1 from every sale goes to the #covid19 First Responders Relief Fund for all their hard work,” June claimed.

In the photo, she is wearing a mask that matches the shirt. In the video, she foregoes the mask and shows off her missing tooth.

June shannon speaks at the beach

“Hi, y’all, what’s up?” June says in a rushed voice. “This is your girl, Mama June.”

“And look,” she continues, “the media’s been bashing the s–t out of me lately for putting on a few extra pounds.”

Is that really what people have been giving her a hard time for? 

“But look,” June insists. “I’m wearing it proud, and I’m bootimous.”

June shannon shares a recent pic

This is, very transparently, an effort for Mama June to cash in the tattered remnants of her brand and on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The shirts are available in an array of sizes … and the price is $29.99.

We don’t know what kind of cut June herself stands to get out of the sales, as most likely goes to whichever business is making them.

But $1 per shirt makes it clear that this is not about coronavirus relief so much as it is about June trying to get herself an income.

June shannon returns to instagram

As fans will recall, June had an income, an upper middle class home, and about $1 million to her name.

Practically overnight, she lost it all, selling her damaged home for signficantly less than it was worth to go live in hotels with Geno Doak.

The entire time, she was hemorrhaging money and, fans believe, purchasing drugs for herself, for Geno, and for a gaggle of alleged “friends.”

These days, she is believed to be in Florida, though given that she no longer seems to have any roots anywhere, she could be anywhere with a beach.

Shannon mama june

Earlier this year, June was seen pawning off a ring for significantly below its likely value in a desperate bid for quick cash.

She left behind her reality TV career to chase drugs and Geno, and it is nothing short of tragic to see June in her current state.

Hopefully, her claims about working on herself are true and she can use any money that she squeezes out of this tee shirt sale.

But many fans will likely fear that she and Geno will take one look at any revenue and splurge.

June shannon exploits coronavirus pandemic to make quick cash

June Shannon ROASTED by Honey Boo Boo: Keep Your CHINS Up, Bish!

While some in the family want straight-up slap Mama June for abandoning her children, others have found a healthier way to vent.

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson took to the stage in the latest Mama June: Family Crisis, her mother was the butt of most of her jokes.

Alana thompson does stand up

On Friday’s new episode, Alana took to the stand-up stage for the first time.

Some of her jokes were exactly what one might expect, like “I live in a double-wide with a bunch of triple-wide people.”

But the 14-year-old reality star’s series of jokes zeroed in on her mother.

Maybe this was just her way of making headlines … but cracking jokes at June’s expense must have been a little cathartic for the teen.

Not all of her jokes made it to the stage, however.

“My mama’s had a lot of surgeries,” Alana pitched before taking the stage. “She had to get real skinny, real slim.”

She then quipped: “She’s been under the knife more times than Michael Jackson.”

Her coach then advised her to steer clear of MJ. That’s good advice — he remains a deeply polarizing figure.

“Mama is having a tough time right now,” Alana acknowledged. “That’s okay, she’ll push through.”

“We just keep telling her to keep her chins up, all three of them,” she jokes.

Alana continued: “Couple of them [chins] have hairs, it’s okay though.”

We can’t say that body-shaming is our favorite form of humor, but Alana’s talking about herself and her mom.

“A lot of people ask, ‘what does your mom see in Geno?’” Alana’s jokes continue.

Pretty much everyone has been asking that for a long time now.

“And the answer is nothing,” Alana reveals.

She correctly points out that “she’s legally blind! She can’t see.” That’s a genuinely good joke.

“My dad Sugar Bear wasn’t good for her,” Alana acknowledges on stage.

Her father, a real piece of work himself, was in the audience.

“Geno wasn’t good for her,” she adds.

“Really,” Alana jokes, “the only man in her life that has been good to her is Ben and Jerry.”

“My sister’s name is Pumpkin,” Alana begins another joke.

Obviously, she is referring to her older sister, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, who is acting as her caretaker at the moment.

Of her sister’s nickname, Alana continues “which is the closest we ever got to a fruit or vegetable.”

Pumpkins are gourds, and since gourds grow on vines and are filled with seeds, they are fruits.

“People do stand-up comedy, right?” Alana asks while on stage, doing stand-up comedy.

She then jokes: “But stand-up in my house is, like, trying to get off the couch!”

We hope to see Alana one day grow beyond jokes at her own expense, particularly when it comes to the size of people’s flesh prisons.

But she had a very successful start — and any help that she had preparing for the show was smart, considering that she is just 14.

As we suggested, Alana probably found the jokes to be a little cathartic, given that her mom chose drugs and a man over her own family.

Meanwhile, it looks like this Friday’s episode is going to have a lot of false hope … followed by a nasty twist.

We all know that June isn’t going ot magically recover during this season — she still hasn’t.

But watching the family’s heartbreak over June’s antics is an experience all on its own.

June shannon roasted by daughter alana in stand up debut

Lauryn Shannon: Mama June Is a Still Crackhead & I Just Want to SLAP Her!!

Fans don’t know what to think after June Shannon wished them a “happy coronavirus.” Seriously, that was weird.

But in this week’s upcoming Family Crisis episode, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon knows exactly what she thinks of her estranged Mama.

Family crisis lauryn shannon bad hair

In this week’s sneak peek of Mama June: Family Crisis, Lauryn and Alana are in California.

They are also seemingly in 1989, since they are at an arcade (made more humorous by Lauryn’s choice in nails, as you will see).

“Oh my God,” Alana exclaims while looking at her phone in a moment that, we’re sure, was totally genuine.

(Real talk; reality stars often pretend to get texts or see things while on camera that they actually first saw, like, while in the bathroom)

Alana thompson look what mama did

“What?” Lauryn asks in a reasonably convincing tone of curiosity.

With a voice of resignation, Alana holds up her phone and says “look what Mama did.”

Given Mama June’s downward spiral in 2019, that could have been about almost anything.

As it happens, it’s about a social media comment that she left — a very hurtful one.

Family crisis june comments on alanas pic misses tink

“Aww, Tink,” Alana reads June’s Instagram comment aloud. “I miss her so bad.”

Lauryn’s daughter, Ella, then says some gibberish that the production for some reason keeps “translating” into complete sentences.

“Of course she does,” Lauryn says.

She quickly adds: “But she can’t respond to anybody’s text messages, of course, you know.”

Family crisis translated gibberish

Then, speaking directly to the camera, Lauryn shares what’s really on her mind.

“What really irritates me is it’s kid of hard for Alana to express her emotions,” Lauryn laments.

“And Mama saying that she misses [daughter Tink] and not Alana really hurt her,” she explains.

“It really makes me mad,” Lauryn expresses, “to know that Mama would make her feel that way.”

Lauryn shannon is expressive

“I love her to death, I really do, and I would do anything for her,” Lauryn affirms back at the arcade.

“But at this point,” she expresses, “I want to slap her in the face too.”

While Lauryn is venting her frustrations with her absent, spiraling mother, Alana mostly just misses her mom.

“I miss the mama that used to go grocery shopping with us,” she says.

Alana thompson makes a lot of sense

“Or the one that used to go to the arcade with us,” Lauryn chimes in.

“I hope that she sees us doing better for ourselves,” she expresses.

“And,” Lauryn hopes, “that maybe she’ll want better for herself too.”

Lauryn has suggested before that it was her hope that June seeing the family doing well would make her feel a need to return.

Pumpkin shannon explains her moms madness

“Maybe that will kind of like inspire her or make her be like, ‘the girls are doing good, maybe I should be there,'” Lauryn suggests.

“And,” she continues, perhaps June will “try and be back in our lives and be there for the important stuff like this.”

But, as we all know, Mama June did not return to the family.

By all accounts, she is still living in Florida — and this was filmed many months ago.

Lauryn shannon fumes over mama june i want to slap her face

Anna Cardwell: June Shannon’s Daughter Details Triumphant Post-Op Return to Work at Walmart

It has been more than a month since Mama June’s eldest daughters went from not to hot with their own plastic surgery makeovers.

Now, Anna Cardwell is talking about her recovery, how it felt to go back to work, and the benefits of her breast augmentation.

Anna Cardwell opened up to Hollywood Life about getting back to her real life after her breast augmentation, breast lift, and getting veneers.

“I’m a stocker at Walmart,” she notes.

“I basically lift up heavy stuff and put it on shelf, and reaching from the top shelf,” Anna describes.

She then reveals: “I went to work probably a week after being at home.”

jessica shannon and anna cardwell header zoom pic

“I slept most of the time I was home,” Anna shares, “because I was off for a little while.”

Painkillers and recovery will do that to you.

“Then, I went back to work,” she recalls. “It was weird going back to work.”

“I was scared to go to work, with the scarring,” Anna admits, “because I still had my tape on and I still had stitches.”

“I was scared about that,” Anna confesses. “Also, I was scared that something’s going to pop out, but nothing did.”

“I finally took my tape off, probably about a couple of weeks after being home,” she reveals.

“My work knew about it,” Anna confirms. “I told them exactly what was going on,”

“They put me on small stuff,” she says, “like cleaning the shelves off, binning everything,”

The recovery was a delicate, complicated time.

“But now,” Anna shares, “after almost a month of having the surgery, now, I’ll go out wearing no bra.”

“That’s the best part about having this thing,” she says, referring to her breast lift.

Anna brags: “You can’t tell that I have a bra on.”

anna cardwell: before and after

“I can go to work with no bra on, no problem,” Anna dishes.

We kind of suspect that she may get a dress code reminder if her supervisor sees this.

She adds that she will “go around town with no bra on, no problem.”

We’re happy for her, though notably, going braless can accellerate the body’s natural tendency to sag over time.

jessica shannon and anna cardwell interview still

“With the healing process now, with going to work, everything is fine,” Anna shares.

“My incisions are completely gone,” she states. “My scarring is slowly starting to go away.”

“There is a little bit of redness around the scarring,” Anna notes, “but that’s normal.”

Yep, that tracks.

“They said it will probably be almost completely gone around summertime, which is great,” Anna predicts.

“Which means,” she explains, “I’m not going to show them off like that.”

“Nobody’s going to see them but my boyfriend,” Anna notes.

She then shares: “He loves them.”

anna cardwell, plastic surgery pricetag

Some may wonder how in the world a Walmart stocker can afford nearly $50,000 worth of cosmetic procedures.

The reality is that, as we previously speculated, this was probably a deal with the surgeons and with those who initially reported on it.

With Mama June in the news regarding her downward spiral, it was a great time to get one’s name out there, right?

That said … we hope that Anna is remaining safe as an essential worker during this pandemic.