Teen Mom 2 Recap: Kailyn Lowry & Chris Lopez Are Still a Mess!

From the moment the world first learned that Kailyn Lowry was pregnant with her third child, there’s been a great deal of curiosity about her latest baby daddy, Chris Lopez.

At first, it was reported that Lopez wanted nothing to do with Lowry’s baby.

In fact, he seemed to have little interest in Lowry herself or the show that made her famous.

He refused to film scenes for Teen Mom 2, and it looked as though his involvement in Lux’s life would be limited to writing a monthly check.  

But a lot has changed since those days.

Now, Chris plays an active role in his son’s life, and he occasionally appears on camera — which is great news for fans of petty drama, not such great news for Kail.

Take a look:

1. Happier Times

Kailyn and her family
The relationship between Kail and Chris is often tense, but the parents are occasionally able to set aside their differences for the sake of baby Lux.

2. Making It Work?

Kailyn with chris
Kail kicked off her segment on Monday night’s Teen Mom 2 by revealing that she Chris are “trying to work things out.”

3. Better Luck Next Time?

Kailyn lowry argues with javi
Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be going well, and Kail admitted that “things are going downhill.”

4. Birthday Drama

Kail ep 2
The episode finds Kail preparing for Lincoln’s birthday, and as she explains to her friend, she expects Chris to bail on the shindig.

5. Sext Fail

Kail ep 3
It seems Lopez had recently sent Kail a romantic text … that was intended for his ex-girlfriend.

6. Keepin’ It Moving

Kail ep 4
Despite the betrayal, Kail says she will NOT uninvite Chris, and will instead “keep it moving” for her son.

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Kailyn Lowry Poses Nude For Birthday, Gets Body-Shamed By Haters

Kailyn Lowry turned 27 this week.

And obviously, with all she’s accomplished in her career and on the family front, it’s hard to believe that Kail is still several years shy of the big 3-0.

In addition to her role on Teen Mom 2, Kail has launched a successful podcast, released a popular hair care line, and written multiple bestsellers.

And she did it all while raising three children.

It makes sense that someone who has accomplished that much and built a massive audience while somehow maintaining an impressive figure might be eager to show that figure off to said evidence.

Kail did exactly that with a racy photo shoot on Thursday, but because this is the internet in 2019, the haters just had to hate.

Take a look:

1. Kail on Her Birthday

Kail on her birthday
Kail posed for some unexpectedly racy pics for her birthday. Most fans were blown away by the results.

2. Kailyn Lowry: Fully Nude

Kailyn lowry fully nude
Kail gave the phrase “birthday suit” new meaning when she completely stripped down for her big day.

3. Topless on Twitter

Kailyn lowry topless on twitter
Needless to say, Kail is looking great in all of the pics. She captioned the photo set simply, “27 & feelin’ myself.”

4. Attack of the Trolls

Kailyn lowry via twitter
Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the trolls came out of the woodwork to offer a dissenting opinion.

5. Two-Pronged Approach

Kail lowry on instagram
The responses to Kail’s initial tweet featured an unusual combination of mom-shaming and body-shaming.

6. Future Problems

Kail pic 1
Like this tweet, in which the critic apparently believes Kail’s kids will one be traumatized by these tasteful photos.

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Kailyn Lowry: Sorry for Acting Like a "Piece of Sh-t" This Week!

Oops, everyone.

Kailyn Lowry’s bad!

On the latest episode of Teen Mom 2, this veteran cast member was not exactly on her best behavior, as Kailyn found herself embroiled in a child support battle with Jo Rivera.

(The exes share a son named Isaac.)

How did Lowry react to this situation? And why did she feel a need to jump on Twitter after the episode to apologize?

Scroll down for a full rundown!

1. Kailyn vs. Jo

Kailyn lowry jo rivera image
Here’s a refresher on where things have stood between the exes: Isaac is nine years old. Since he was a mere eight months old, Jo has been making child support payments of $475 per month.

2. But Rivera is Ready for a Change

Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo
Not only does he want to stop paying Lowry, he thinks Lowry should pay HIM $1,000 per month in child support because she’s now making more income than he is.

3. Jo’s Justification

Jo rivera and vee torres photo
“For the past 8 years, she’s had her hand around my throat, pushing me under the f-cking water and just holding me there,” Rivera told his wife of Kailyn. “At this point, I’m entitled to something for this past year of me paying and I’m entitled to the help. I feel like I do need some help.”

4. Kailyn Was PISSED

Kailyn lowry tats
Speaking to her friend Becky about Rivera’s demands, she went off on her ex as follows: “Just because I make more and you can get it, doesn’t mean that that makes it right. I want to see what the expenses truly are. Maybe he thinks that I’m making millions, but I sure as f-ck wouldn’t be living in the house I live in, driving a Suburban if I made millions!”

5. Things Get Ugly

Kailyn lowry for good american
We ended last week’s episode with Kailyn learning Jo wants back pay and that would have to shell out $2,300 per month if his request for approved, prompting her to lash out once again: “For me, that’s greedy and that’s selfish and I don’t really have anything to say to you, so go f-ck yourself and all I can do is hope that the judge sees that.”

6. So… Things Brings Us to the Latest Episode

Kailyn lowry and jo rivera at mtv movie awards
Kailyn and Jo attended Isaac’s basketball practice this week, but refused to speak to each other at the event.

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Kailyn Lowry SLAMS Jo Rivera Over Child Support: I Don’t Owe You Sh-t!

Millions of single moms receive child support from their former partners.

Of course, most of those moms aren’t famous and independently wealthy.

Thus, the situation is complicated in the case of reality stars like Kailyn Lowry, who out-earns the average American single mom by about a bajillion percent.

Even so, until recently, Kail was receiving child support from her first baby daddy, Jo Rivera.

Now, the tables have turned, and Jo thinks Kail should be writing him a check every month.

Needless to say, Kail’s not having that sh-t at all.

Take a look:

1. Not Seeing Eye-to-Eye

Kailyn lowry jo rivera image
It’s a complex situation, as both Kail and Jo are decently well-off, but here’s how it played out on Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2:

2. The Arrangement

Kail and isaac
Kail and Jo’s son Isaac is now 9 years old. Since he was 8 months old, Jo has been making child support payments of $475 per month.

3. Crushed Kail

Kail lowry on teen mom 2
On Monday night’s episode, Kail learned that Jo not only wants to put a stop to all future payments — he also believes he’s owed something in return.

4. The Bad News

Kailyn lowry tats
“I should let you know Mr. Rivera thinks you’re a payday for him now that you have shared placement and thinks that he can get over $1,000 a month from you,” read a text Kail received from her lawyer during the episode.

5. Neglected Money

Kail and son
To be clear, Kail doesn’t need the money she’s been receiving from Jo, and she’s the first to admit that.

6. Big Whoops

Kail on teen mom 2
She says she meant to put a stop to his payments, but simply never got around to it.

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Kailyn Lowry on Jenelle Evans: She’ll Always Be the Worst!

For years now, the Kailyn Lowry-Jenelle Evans feud has alternately amused and infuriated Teen Mom 2 fans,

Basically, it’s infuriating when Jenelle sees fit to talk trash about Kail and amusing when Kail claps back.

But as frustrating as the whole thing can be at times, feuds are pretty much what makes the Teen Mom world turn these days.

So both fans and producers are probably pleased by Lowry’s revelation that this beef will never expire.

Take a look:

1. Former Friends

Jenelle evans and kailyn lowry
Sometimes, the closest friendships give rise to the most bitter feuds.

2. But Not In This Case …

Jenelle evans and kailyn lowry photo
Okay, so maybe Kail and Jenelle were never the closest of friends, but there was a time when they got along pretty well.

3. Those Days Are Done

Kailyn lowry tats
These days, Jenelle and Kail find it impossible to even be civil toward one another.

4. In Fairness …

Jenelle evans in glasses
Although, to be fair, just about everyone finds it impossible to be civil toward Jenelle.

5. Always Stirring the Pot

Jenelle evans her selfie
It’s impossible to list the many ways in which Jenelle has done Kail dirty over the years.

6. We’ll Keep It Recent

Jenelle and barbara selfie
The latest example, of course, is when Jenelle and her mother laughed about Barbara Evans’ desire to “kill Kail” during an Instagram Live session.

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Kailyn Lowry Thinks Jenelle Evans Needs to "Clean Up Her Act"

This NOT exactly just in:

Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans do not get along.

The Teen Mom OG stars actually were kind of close at one point, but then Jenelle went behind Kailyn’s back to tell the world Lowry was pregnant with her third child…

… and then Jenelle’s mom threatened to murder Lowry

… and, well, the relationship has been colder than Buffalo in January ever since.

Where do things stand at the moment? When was the last time Kailyn tried to speak with Evans?

Lowry talked with Hollywood Life this week about the (non) relationship, bringings fans up to speed on the vicious feud and revealing a few surprising tidbits.

Scroll down for an update:

1. Wait, These Two Were Actually Friends?

Jenelle and kailyn
Yes. This photo was snapped in 2013, so we need to go back many years if we’re talking about a real friendship.

2. It’s True

Jenelle evans a car selfie
Kailyn has said that back in the early days of the show, she and Jenelle were very close, probably because they shared similar backgrounds — absent fathers, problems with their mothers, just generally turbulent home lives.

3. Not Cool

Kailyn lowry on set
But after one of Jenelle’s many arrests, Kailyn bailed her out of jail, and that’s when their friendship fell apart.

4. Well, Fair

Kailyn lowry looks happy
Back then, the moms weren’t getting paid anything near what they’re making now, so Kail was working normal jobs, trying to make ends meet. She was even on public assistance for a bit — the money she used for Jenelle’s bail definitely would have been a lot for her to spend.

5. What Did You Expect?

Jenelle pic
Unfortunately, Jenelle is Jenelle, so she never paid Kailyn back for helping her out. And thus, the feud was born.

6. Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Jenelle evans and kailyn lowry
The feud slowly but surely escalated. Eventually, Evans told the world that Kailyn was pregnant with child number-three before Lowry was ready for the world to know — and then things really spiraled.

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Kailyn Lowry: Surprise! I’m Having a Baby Girl!

Even the most casual Teen Mom fans know that Kailyn Lowry has three sons, right?

She’s kind of made into a thing — “mom of boys,” you know.

In the past, she’s made it clear that even though she already has three children, she does want to have more.

But goodness gracious, we didn’t think it would be like this …

1. The Family

Kailyn lowry on social media
OK, so Kailyn has three sons: Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux.

2. First

Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo
She had Isaac with high school boyfriend Jo Rivera, and although they had a messy breakup all those years ago, they’re on relatively good terms these days.

3. Second

Kail and javi wedding
Then she met and married Javi Marroquin. They had Lincoln, but then everything sort of fell apart, and they got divorced. They go back and forth, but as far as we know, they’re not each other’s biggest fans at the moment.

4. Third

Kailyn with chris
And then, sometime around the finalization of her divorce with Javi, she hooked up with college friend Chris Lopez. They had Lux, and … well, their relationship has pretty much always been a huge mess.

5. Too Much

Kailyn lowry for good american
So it sounds like she’s definitely got her hands full, right?

6. Going It Alone(ish)

Kailyn lowry of teen mom 2
She’s not close with her family at all, so there’s no help there, and she’s got different custody schedules for each kid.

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Kailyn Lowry Vows to Keep Endangering Her Kids

Kailyn Lowry has said a lot of crazy stuff over the years.

But it’s mostly been in good, harmless fun.

It’s mostly had to do with annoying ex-boyfriends or various storylines on Teen Mom 2 or the latest stupid thing that Jenelle Evans has said.

Lowry recently entered new territory, however.

To many people, what she recently said what truly crazy; as in, these people are now questioning not only Kailyn’s mental capacity, but her fitness as a mother.

To what could we possibly be referring?

Scroll down to get caught up on the latest, pretty serious scandal top engulf Kailyn Lowry…

1. How Did Lowry Just Create an Uproar?

Kailyn lowry is ripped
On her podcast, Coffee Convos, Lowry revealed in a discussion with co-host Lindsie Chrisley that does not believe kids should be vaccinated.

2. Oh God. What Did She Say Exactly?

Kailyn lowry on a set
“I definitely think this is a controversial topic and I don’t want to lose listeners because of my opinions, but I did vaccinate Isaac because — to me — I didn’t know any better and I let them vaccinate him with whatever they basically said that he needed,” Kailyn said to open this segment. “I feel like I was ignorant and didn’t do research and didn’t know any better.”

3. Wait, She Now Thinks She Was “Ignorant” Because She DID Vaccinate Her First Child?

Kailyn lowry on season 8
Yes. Hence the controversy.

4. Kailyn Continued with Her Philosophy:

Kailyn lowry and 2 sons
She told Lindsey on this podcast, referring to child number-two: “With Lincoln, I knew a little bit more and I started to research more and that’s when — I think — the conversation about vaccination started to really go on with me and my friends who became moms, and there were documentaries on Netflix and all kinds of news that I would try to look into.”

5. Did She Say “Netflix Documentaries?”

Kails kids
Yes, she did. Again: hence the controversy here. Some folks think Lowry should heed the advice of doctors, not filmmakers.

6. So, What Has Lincoln Received?

With lincoln
“Lincoln did not get all of his vaccines,” Lowry said. “I definitely picked and chose which ones I felt like were necessary, and he did not get them all at once. He did one or two vaccines at a time, and again those were the ones I felt that he needed.”

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