Kathryn Dennis: Thomas Ravenel is a Drunk and Ashley Jacobs’ Texts Prove It!

Disgraced former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel scored a small courtroom victory against Kathryn Dennis.

But now she’s getting a victory of her own — a sworn affidavit about Thomas and Ashley’s continued, secret relationship.

She got her hands on text messages, plus testimony about Thomas’ reliance upon nannies, Ashley, and alcohol.

The Blast reports that Kathryn Dennis has scored a small victory in her custody battle with Thomas Ravenel.

Court documents reveal that a woman named Lara Dawson was roommates with Ashley Jacobs.

The duration of their roommate status lasted from September 2018 until January 2019.

(Notably, this was not during a time in which Ashley or Thomas were very open about being in each other’s orbits)

Lara encountered Thomas on numerous occassions during this time period.

According to Lara’s affidavit, she accused Thomas of having a drinking problem.

She also says that Ashley “corroborated” her suspicion.

“Whenever she [Ashley] and Thomas would break up,” Lara recalls. “She’d always tell me the truth about what had been occurring over at his house.”

“She always talked about his alcoholism,” Lara says. “And the fact that she was tired of taking care of his children.”

And yes, there was more about Thomas’ kids.

Lara says that she learned that Thomas had once had once become so drunk that he couldn’t even read his children a book.

From what she gleaned through Ashley, he was also heavily reliant upon the nanny to care for Kensie and Saint.

Apparently, Ashley would speak very directly about her experiences with Thomas whenever they would temporarily break up.

Lara is very direct about not being a neutral observer.

She describes Ashley as having a terrible temper and being “extremely vindictive.”

To back up her statements, Lara submitted to the court text conversations that she had exchanged with Ashley.

In the mean time, we already reported on Thomas Ravenel’s small win.

Citing Kathryn’s decision to speak about the custody battle on Southern Charm, the judge unsealed the case.

Now we know more: that Thomas was outraged that Kathryn had spoken about him.

From what The Blast reports, it doesn’t sound like he was worried about the privacy of their children.

Instead, he was apparently just unhappy that Kathryn was making him look bad.

Thomas’ unhappiness has led him to drag even Andy Cohen into this battle.

Notably, he had already accused Bravo of pushing Kathryn to seek sole custody for reality TV drama.

But he’s taken specific issue with Kathryn’s latest appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

While there, she said something to the effect that Thomas wouldn’t leave her alone.

Andy responded with encouragement, telling Kathryn “everyone is rooting for you.”

In Thomas’ eyes, this interview constituted Andy actively disparaging him and telling the world that Thomas was a liar.

That’s … quite a take.

And he continues to express his unhappiness at Bravo for not mentioning in court that they intended to address the custody battle on the show.

Some may argue that it’s common sense that a reality star would discuss important life events on the reality show on which she stars.

But it’s not clear how that would go over as a legal argument.

We suppose that we’ll all find out.

Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel Reunite For This Sweet Reason

Southern Charm has just returned for its sixth season, minus one disgraced former star. 

Thomas Ravenel is engaged in a heated custody battle over his two children with Kathryn Dennis, who wants full custody before it’s too late. 

But they both managed to grin and bear it to pose as a family for their daughter Kensie’s latest milestone.  

On Thursday evening Kathryn Dennis uploaded this striking family reunion photo to her Instagram.

The gang was all smiles as they posed together to comemorate daughter Kensie’s preschool graduation.

Kensie is growing up so fast, right before our eyes. And she looks so precious holding her little bouquet.   

She and her younger brother Saint both appear happy, blissfully unaware of the animousity we’ve seen from their parents’ custody war.

Even Kathryn and Thomas seem to be forcing a grin as they pose together for the first time in nearly a year.

In the same post, Kathryn shared another picture of Kensie sporting her over-the-top graduation regalia.

In this photo, there’s nothing fake or forced about Kathryn’s proud smile. You can see the love and admiration she holds for Kensie.

It’s clear that the mother and daughter share a special bond, and that the day will be a treasured memory for both girls.

Kensie looks proud of herself too. At just five years old, this ceremony is a huge deal for her.

Kathryn included a sweet caption to go along with the cute family moments

“Our little graduate! Can’t believe she is going to be a kindergartner,” Kathryn captioned.

She also included a crying face emoji, to illustrate what an emotional day this was for her.

She concluded with “#adulting,” displaying a bit of her humor, and reminding us that parenting as a milennial is a surreal experience.

But make no mistake, the 27-year-old is deeply committed to her role as a mother.

Kathryn’s intense maternal love for her children is why she’s deicded to fight so hard for their best interest in this custody battle.

Their contentious court battle explains why full family photo ops like these are so rare for this modern family these days.

In fact, the last time Kathryn shared anything about Thomas on Instagram, they were both neck deep in Ashley Jacobs drama.

Last Autumn, Kathryn filed to amend their custody agreement. Katherine wants full physical and legal custody of both her young children.

As you can imagine, Thomas is hardly satisfied with this development, and he’s fighting back. But it may be an uphill battle. 

Last year multiple women came forward with sexual assault allegations against Ravenel.

One of those allegations, cast by former nanny Dawn Ledwell, led to Thomas’s arrest by Charleston police.

The court has also heard sworn testimony from Ledwell about Thomas’ alarming behavior toward Kathryn, including toppling bookshelves in a a fit of rage.

At one point he reportedly threw cigarette butts and ashes onto Kathryn while she was sleeping.

Katherine had to know that this was her best to chance to push for family court to see things her way. 

Both parents have accused the other of being unfit for custody, and both have asserted that the other suffers from a substance abuse problem.

But all of this ugliness has played out in legal filings and coutroom arguments.

In front of Kensie and Saint, however, the two have stuck to playing nice. That’s how you get heartwarming family photos like the ones Kathryn shared Thursday.