Kourtney Kardashian Blasts Kim on KUWTK: Candy is Poison TRASH!

In recent weeks, it’s looked more and more like Kourtney Kardashian will leave Keeping Up With The Kardashians to focus on her kids.

But in this sneak peek for Sunday’s episode, Kourtney seems less worried about her kids and more about her “brand.”

Just days before Penelope and North’s huge party, Kourt starts insisting that the candy-centric party be stripped of everything good and fun.

Kuwtk kandy debate 01

North West and Penelope Disick famously throw a joint party each year, and their moms go all out and collaborate on the young cousins’ festivities.

This year, however, Kourtney has decided to create unnecessary problems on purpose just eight days before the big bash.

“I’m trying to do it somewhat healthy,” Kourtney begins, before Kim cuts her off and states the obvious.

“It’s Candyland, Kourtney,” Kim reasonably points out. “it’s not going to be healthy.”

Kuwtk kandy debate 02

Kim then begins to explain: “Nobody wants …”

“It can be!” Kourtney exists. “It can be.”

“It’s not gonna be healthy no matter what,” Kourt then admits. “Sugar’s not healthy.”

“But I’m saying let’s do … not the nasty stuff with food coloring and all, like gross s–t.”

Kuwtk kandy debate 03

“Give me an example of candy you want,” Kim asks testily.

While it sounds like Kourtney wants to reduce a fun party to a bunch of colorless, flavorless sugar, she simply replies “I don’t know.”

“I’ll have to look into it,” Kourt adds, and then says something muffled about “cotton candy.”

“The party is in eight days,” an exhasperated Kim points out.

Kuwtk kandy debate 04

“Kourtney has this vision of no sugar, or no ‘disgusting chemicals’ in candy,” Kim laments to the confessional camera.

She characterizes: “It’s like a completely sugar-free, gluten-free, party-free, fun-free zone.”

Kim continues, noting that it’s “because Kourtney has decided that.”

“And it really wasn’t the theme of what North and Penelope wanted for their birthday,” she points out.

Kuwtk kandy debate 05

“There’s just better solutions to things,” Kourtney continues to argue in the car.

She adds: “Instead of your dated candy that’s like literally food coloring that gives people diseases.”

We would be fascinated to hear what sort of “diseases” Kourt images are given by food coloring.

“This is, like, not the right theme,” Kim calmly says. Kourtney’s plan would work if the party’s motif were orthorexia, but not Candyland.

Kuwtk kandy debate 06

“So switch the theme!” Kourtney suggests, imploring Kim to ignore the wishes of both of their daughters for their one big, shared party of the year.

“My brand is not …” Kourt continues, before being interrupted by her deeply annoyed sister.

“Your brand?!” Kim exclaims. “This is about a kids’ party. This is not about your brand!”

“Yeah, but I’m saying what I stand for,” Kourtney argues. “Not a… kids’ party.”

Kuwtk kandy debate 07

“Why does your car have leather seats?” Kim then asks very pointedly. “Why are you wearing plastic glasses?”

While leather is all-natural and might still fit Kourt’s vibe, plastic is a petroleum product and, as Kim points out, does not.

Clearly, her point is that Kourt’s absurd War On Childhood Fun is not consistent in her own lifestyle.

That is to say nothing of the fact that one candy-centric party is not the same thing as making candy a dietary staple.

Kuwtk kandy debate 08

“I can’t believe that Kim isn’t willing to compromise at all,” Kourtney complains to the confessional camera.

“And,” Kourt absurdly adds, “that she doesn’t feel guilty about giving not only her kids and my kids but all these kids that are coming to our party …”

“… So much junk and candy,” her deeply silly complaint continues.

“It’s like … such a dated vibe to be like that,” Kourt’s confessional concludes.

Kuwtk kandy debate 09

We then see Kim make her case: “I want a fun kids’ party with real candy.”

Kourtney dismissive replies: “Well, that’s your problem.”

Orthorexia is a condition in which people obsess over food and its ingredients and will be fixated on foods that make her feel “pure and healthy.”

We’re not saying that this is what Kourtney has, but … anyone who thinks that eating normal candy on one day is a health disaster has issues.

Disordered eating habits aside, Kourtney is actling like the villain of a children’s movie.

Kourtney kardashian blasts kim on kuwtk candy is poison trash

Kourtney Kardashian: Quitting Reality TV to Focus on Her Kids?

Kourtney Kardashian was the first of Kris’ kids to become a parent, and she loves being a mom to her three kids.

It’s been clear that she’s feeling so over her family’s show for a while now.

In a new episode, Kourtney discusses her decision-making process and priorities when it comes to quitting Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kourtney and kim and khloe for et november 2019

“Um,” Kourtney begins as she speaks to Keltie Knight from Entertainment Tonight. Clearly, this is a tricky subject.

Kourtney explains: “I’ve just decided to spend more time as a mom.”

“And,” she continues, “put more of my energy there.”

Prioritizing motherhood makes a lot of sense and is absolutely right, but countless viewers would be sorry to see Kourtney go.

Kourtney kardashian shimmers in pink

“But,” Kourtney clarifies. “I’m not saying ‘goodbye.'”

Wait … so what is she saying? Is she quitting or staying?

“I think you’ll have to see more of it on the new season, Season 18,” Kourtney teases.

She of course acknowledges that Season 18 “isn’t airing yet, but it’s being filmed — currently.”

Kourtney kardashian bares stretch marks

Keltie asks Khloe and Kim if they think that the show can realistically continue if a sister drops out of the cast.

“Yeah,” Khloe says a little too quickly.

“We definitely love Kourtney,” Khloe affirms. “And we’ll miss Kourtney … whatever she decides to do.”

“People come, people go, all of the time, in this family,” she jokes. “I feel like it’s a revolving door.”

Kourtney kardashian resting bish face

“So Kourtney might leave,” Khloe acknowledges.

“She’ll be back,” she predicts of her eldest sibling.

Khloe characterizes: “They all come back.”

Keltie then jokes that the family could come up with yet another spinoff.

Kim kardashian and khloe kardashian face off

“Just Kim and Khloe take …” Kim begins, joking about a potential spinoff in Kourtney’s absence.

Khloe chimes in, also joking: “Take Calabasas!”

“Take Calabasas would be amazing,” Kim laughs.

“It’s just Kim and [me] now,” Khloe adds, a nod to Kylie, Kendall, Kris, and other stars of the show.

Kim kardashian with north west saint west chicago west and psalm

“We could live in the condo with all of our kids,” Kim suggests with another laugh.

“Oh great,” Khloe replies.

Note that they have a combined total of five children.

Actually, that’s six children, if you judge by behavior and therefore include Kanye West.

Kourtney kardashian bathroom selfie

After that, they sort of break off and talk about collaborating about perfumes. If that’s your thing, great, it’s included in the video in this post.

But we have to wonder … what would Keeping Up With The Kardashians be like without Kourtney?

Even with all that she went through with Scott, she has less relationship drama than Khloe.

And Kim has a predatory intensity when it comes to her brand and businesses that Kourtney would never even try to match.

Kourtney kardashian has a beautiful laugh

But … Kourtney is at times more relatable than many of her relatives.

She’s a millionaire and she’s a mom and she would like to enjoy her life at times instead of filling every possible moment with scheduled events.

Being a reality star is serious work, folks.

Of course, we wonder if Kourtney will come to miss those hefty paychecks. Or maybe Poosh will really take off?

Kourtney kardashian quitting reality tv to focus on her kids

Khloe Kardashian Teams Up With Scott Disick to DESTROY Kris Jenner

Kim Kardashian may be the sister with a reputation for planning and revenge, but Khloe absolutely has a deeply devious side.

You know how Kris Jenner was caught in a lie? Well, now she’s avoiding Khloe like the plague.

Naturally, Khloe teams up with Scott Disick to hatch a plan to konfront her momager and get some answers.

Khloe and scott kuwtk foreground midground

We won’t know until this Sunday’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians what it was that Kris Jenner allegedly lied about.

Whatever it was, apparently Khloe learned about it when ex-husband Lamar Odom was writing his book.

“I’ve been looking for mom forever,” Khloe laments to Scott Disick in this new sneak peek. “She’s literally avoiding me.”

“Why would she be ignoring me?” she asks.

Scott explains: “She’s scared that you’re gonna confront her” about the alleged lie that Khloe uncovered.

Scott disick explains it all

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Khloe exclaims. “Literally, she’s dodging me.”

“Yeah,” Scott confirms. “She’s like ‘I don’t want to see Khloe because I don’t want to have the conversation.'”

Clearly, Khloe thinks that her mom is being absurd by avoiding her instead of facing this head-on.

“First of all,” Khloe says. “It’s 600 years ago.”

She claims: “I don’t give a s–t.”

Khloe kardashian has an expressive face

“Especially,” Khloe continues. “For you to ignore me. …”

“You care more about this!” Scott observes, pointing out that Khloe is clearly angrier about the avoidance game than about the lie.

“Yes, I’m more annoyed!” she agrees.

“Literally,” Khloe continues. “I would have just given her a hard time.”

Khloe refers to her mother as a somewhat shifty bish, while Scott observes that Kris is creating a worse situation for herself.

Scott disick and khloe kardashian plot together

This is where Khloe and Scott speak to the camera about their budding konspiracy to exact revenge upon Kris.

“We have got to find a way to expose mom,” Khloe says.

Scott translates, explaining that he means drag her out of hiding: “You just want to get her face-to-face.”

“Yeah!” Khloe agrees. 

“I could say I’m sick,” Scott suggests. “She’ll always come over if I say I’m sick.”

Scott and khloe kuwtk konfessional face off

The plotting continues.

“We lure her in,” Scott schemes. “And then you get to come out of another door and say: ‘Hey Ma, guess who’s here motherf–ker!'”

Laughing, Khloe says: “Yeah, I’m not gonna jump her.”

“If you’re gonna jump her,” Scott interjects. “I’ll, like, set up a camera.”

“Yeah, no,” Khloe says, nixing that plan.

Khloe kardashian smiles kuwtk konfessional

Back in the kitchen scene, Scott is explaining to Khloe the degree of trepidation that Kris feels about seeing Khloe next.

“She literally thinks you’re gonna, like, ‘come for her’ is her wording,” Scott reveals.

“Guess what?” Khloe asks, answering: “I am.”

“She is going to get so annoyed,” Scott predicts.

Khloe smiles: “I can’t wait.”

Khloe kardashian guess what i am

Obviously, ambushing or otherwise surprising Kris Jenner is a bad idea. She’s too powerful.

But it is entertaining to see a grown momager acting  like this.

You know, like a 10-year-old afraid to show their report card because it has a bunch of Bs and their parents are gonna be passive aggressive for the next few weeks even though it’s summer vacation.

Whatever is up with Kris and Khloe and possibly Scott, we’ll see it play out on Sunday night’s episode.

Khloe kardashian teams up with scott disick to destroy kris jenn

Khloe Kardashian to Kris Jenner: Bish, You Been Lying to Me?!

This short but dramatic Keeping Up WIth The Kardashians teaser sends a clear warning: Khloe has beef with Kris.

Kris Jenner’s fears of family feuds usually relate to her daughters fighting each other, not her.

But it looks like Khloe has caught her momager dearest in a lie, and that there will be hell to pay.

Kuwtk klip still khloe v kris 01

We’d like to start off by saying that we here at THG understand that Kris Jenner has done nothing wrong, ever, in her life.

In this very brief KUWTK klip, however, it becomes clear that Khloe feels differently.

“Lamar is writing a book,” Khloe beings, speaking to her sisters.

“In the book,” Khloe continues, followed by a change in voice pitch that means that the sentence was edited together.

She then accuses: “I found out that mom was lying to me.”

Kuwtk klip still khloe v kris 04

Kris Jenner speaks to the camera, saying: “I’m trying to do damage control.”:

It appears that she means that she is doing damage control about whatever Khloe has learned.

However, it is possible that she is explaining the context of the alleged lie, and narrating in the present progressive tense how she told it.

Scott Disick tells Khloe: “She literally thinks you’re, like, coming for her.”

“Guess what?” Khloe warns. “I am.”

Kuwtk klip still khloe v kris 05

So … even having covered Lamar’s book, we can honestly say that we have no idea what this is about.

Lamar admits to cheating on Khloe in the book.

Lamar also admits to his drug use in the tell-all.

So … what could Kris possibly have to hide that he opened up about?

And is it possible that this is something so explosive that Lamar cut it out of the final draft?

Kuwtk klip still khloe v kris 06

We don’t know, of course, but we can speculate wildly and irresponsibly.

Did Kris Jenner somehow know about Lamar’s infidelities and hide it from Khloe?

It has of course been whispered that perhaps Kris knew about Tristan’s infidelities before they went public.

(Of course, some people think that she learned of them and told Khloe before the public knew)

But given that none of that is confirmed, let’s avoid assuming that the momager also manages a massive spy network.

Kuwtk klip still khloe v kris 03

If Khloe is coming after Kris, she’s going to lose.

We don’t just mean because Kris radiates the exact same energy as a Sith Lord and seems utterly invincible, though … that, too.

We mean that Kris’ emphasis upon family solidarity is for her own benefit as well as that of her daughters.

She is always, always going to want to hash things out so that they can move past it rather than be engaged in a silent, painful feud.

Plus, Kris can and will cry on cue. Maybe Khloe has built up a resistance to it, but we the viewers sure haven’t.

Kuwtk klip still khloe v kris 02

We should keep in mind that this clip lasts about 9 seconds and does not give us many clues.

Neither Scott nor Khloe use anything beyond the “her” pronoun to identify the target of her wrath.

And as we mentioned, even Khloe’s accusation that Kris is lying to her is at least somewhat edited.

Do we believe that Khloe will be Big Mad at Kris over something in Lamar’s book? Sure. At least, she’ll act like it.

But we don’t think that this feud is going to fracture the Kardashians as a family. Especially since this was filmed months and months ago.

Khloe kardashian lamar wrote in his book that kris has been lyin

Kris Jenner: Kim and Kourtney Feuding Might Tear Apart My Family!

This week’s new Keeping Up With The Kardashians trailer showed, among other things, some intense feuding.

Kim and Kourtney sound like they are once again at each other’s throats.

A report says that Kris worries that, even if their fights are good for ratings, one day it could tear apart their close-knit family.

kuwtk kourtney thief? 06

An inside source opened up to HollywoodLife about the rising and ebbing tensions between Kim and Kourtney.

“The girls do fight very dirty,” the insider acknowledges of the sisters.

The source adds: “They don’t hold back and often say very hurtful things.”

Yeah, they’ve more or less made a whole career out of that.

And even after all of these seasons of filming, as we saw in the recent trailer, they’re still fully capable of putting each other on blast.

KUWTK Kim Kardashian lupus screening 2/6

The only good thing about their fights is that, when the sisters have differences, they aren’t allowed to fester for long.

“But, they also don’t shy away from talking about it,” the insider observes.

“When things get ugly,” the source adds. “Kris forces them to talk it out.”

“She works very hard to play peacemaker when her girls fight,” the insider notes.

The source explains: “because she knows how important it is that they stick together.”

KUWTK Kourt thief drama 01

Kris is sure to emphasize to her children that solidarity is a source of strength. She drives home that message again and again.

“If they don’t have each other they have nothing,” the insider characterizes.

According to the source: “One of Kris’ biggest fears is that they’ll get into some sort of ugly family feud.”

“She knows it could tear them apart,” the insider acknowledges.

Second perhaps only to already being rich and beautiful, the way that the Kardashian family works together has been a key to their success.


So, what about that nasty feuding that we saw in the Season 17 trailer?

“Kourtney and Kim are getting along as of today,” the source announces.

“They’ve always been the ones in the family that fight the most,” the insider notes.

We been knew, as they say.

“It’s been that way since they were very young,” the source reminds the world. “They love hard and fight just as hard.”


In the Keeping Up With The Kardashians trailer that aired just days ago, Kris’ concern was palpable.

“I feel like the really funny side of you guys outweighed the mean side,” the momager expressed to her daughters.

Kris added: “And I feel like it’s gotten a little Mean Girls.”

Nice nod to Kris’ role in Ariana Grande’s “Thank U Next” music video.

Kourtney can be heard vocally complaining about her younger sibling.

“Kim can be the biggest f–king evil person on the planet,” Kourt gripes.

This is when we hear a furious Kim announces that she’s icing out Kourtney.

“We’re firing Kourtney, she’s out,” she declares angrily.

Kris clearly tries to calm Kim.

“As much as I love you,” she tells her daughter. “You fight a lot dirtier than you used to fight.”

“I feel like we just need to press a reset button,” Kris expresses.

She adds: “You guys have got to get back to the fact that we’re just family.”

Kourtney Kardashian: I’m DONE With Worthless Men Forever!

Kourtney Kardashian may be so over Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but she’s still on it.

Appearing alongside bestie Larsa Pippen, Kourt gets real about where she feels, both personally and emotionally.

And she’s reached the opinion that she no longer needs anyone in her life, especially “meaningless” guys.

Kuwtk kourtney larsa 03 of 06

“So anyways,” Kourtney says. “I just feel like I’m in a different place where I just don’t feel like I need that”

“Like,” she continues. “I’m content with, like, hanging out with my friends.”

“You’re such a liar,” Larsa teases.

“I just feel like I’m on a different vibe,” Kourtney protests.

“Like, I feel so content,” she expresses. “With just myself. Like, I don’t feel like I need … anybody.”

Kuwtk kourtney larsa 01 of 06

“And I’m saying, because you’re in a different place than that,” Kourtney acknowledges.

“And if that’s what you’re into,” she continues. “I don’t want to be judgmental of you, for being, like …”

“Like you were a month ago,” Larsa finishes for her.

“Yeah,” Kourtney agrees. “Exactly.”

“And I might want to be like you in a week,” Larsa suggests.

Kuwtk kourtney larsa 02 of 06

“Look,” Kourtney says. “I’d rather hang out at the house and be silly and dance and whatever.”

“Instead of, like,” she explains. “I just don’t really feel like I need anyone else to hang out with.”

“Well, sure,” Larsa agrees.

“Texting random guys that are meaningless,” Kourtney adds to her list of things that she does not feel the need to do.

“That’s way better for you,” Larsa praises.

Kuwtk kourtney larsa 05 of 06

Kourtney then has an side as she speaks about how good it feels to make herself clear to someone she cares about.

“It feels good to open up to Larsa,” Kourtney tells the konfessional kamera.

She continues: “And really have her understand that I’m just in a different place.”

“And,” Kourt explains. “My energy isn’t going towards partying or guys.”

This is important to her “because even if we’re at different places in our lives, she’ll still always be one of my best friends.”

Kuwtk kourtney larsa 06 of 06

It sounds like Kourtney’s current independent attitude may not last forever.

“Trust me,” Larsa predicts. “You’ll go through 10 more phases in the next, like, three months.”

“Yeah,” Kourtney agrees. “We’re just going to keep going through different eras.”

“We’re gonna be … 90,” she says to Larsa with a smile.

“Are we gonna be here at 90, riding jet skis?” Kourtney asks. 

Larsa responds in the affirmative.

Kuwtk kourtney larsa 04 of 06

Honestly, throughout this whole scene, it’s hard to take your eyes off of Larsa’s hair. Like Khloe, she’s opted to wear a mini hate crime for some reason.

But it sounds like Kourtney is feeling emotionally self-sufficient, which is a good thing.

Of course, it may be that she’s also just not feeling especially horny at the moment, which would explain her dismissal of men.

A lot of booty calls sound nonsensical unless your sex drive is through the roof.

But here’s to Kourtney for admitting that she may go through different periods in her life when she has very different needs.

Kourtney kardashian im done with worthless men forever

Kourtney Kardashian: I Hope Keeping Up With The Kardashians Gets Canceled!

We already reported about Khloe receiving a ring from Tristan, and about how Kim decreed that Kourtney was fired.

Right now, we want to talk about Kourtney’s own hopes and dreams.

Because it sounds like, when Keeping Up With The Kardashians finally ends, she’ll be the first to dance on the show’s grave. WTF?

In the new Season 17 trailer for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe confronts Kourtney’s apparent apathy.

“You would be happy if the show ended?” Khloe both asks and accuses.

Both women are viewed through a rose gold filter for this scene.

“Yeah,” Kourt replies nonchalantly. “Who cares?”

Aside from millions of fans? Well, usually the reality stars themselves care a great deal. Usually.

Kourtney Kardashian yeah who cares

On the one hand, this is more than a little stunning.

Like all fo the Kardashians, Kourtney’s brand was largely built by and remains tied to the show that made her famous.

Is it her only source of income? No. She has her lifestyle brand, and she has her fingers in a couple of different projects and partnerships.

But look at Kim, who is worth a third of a billion, and look at Kylie, who is a full billionaire.

Kourt’s net worth is about a tenth of Kim’s. Is she extremely wealthy? Yes.

But unlike her sisters, Kourtney might have to change her lifestyle if her income stream suddenly reduced to a trickle. She has kids to think about.

But on the other hand, this is no surprise at all.

From the start, when the idea for the show was first pitched, Kris and Kim were the ones who were onboard.

Kourtney and Khloe were not exactly gung ho about it.

Khloe, at the time, had some insecurities about her appearance — insecurities that would later be magnified by hateful jokes at her expense.

It’s clear why she was shy about fame. But why was Kourtney?

One of the things that makes Kourtney so likeable, aside from being the hottest of Kris’ first crop of children, is that she’s pretty chill.

Sure, she goes on vacations and she was the first of her siblings to dip her toes into the world of parenting.

But she doesn’t have this bonkers, Type-A drive to constantly do things.

That makes her different from Kim, for example. Kim is like a shark who can’t stop swimming.

And by Khloe’s own admission, Khloe’s days are often dominated by her carefully planned exercise and dietary routines.

Have you ever gone on vacation with one of those absolute monsters who wants to schedule nonstop activities for every minute of every day?

That may be how Kourtney is feeling, these days.

Appearing as an occasional guest on her baby daddy’s show is one thing. It’s just a gig.

But after over a decade of relentless filming, she has to want to focus more on living her life.

Kim might be driven to madness if she just enjoys existing for a week without activities, but Kourtney clearly craves some peace.

On the other hand … maybe Kourtney is just saying this to stir up drama. Because her literal job is to be dramatic.

Kanye West Slut-Shames Kim Kardashian: Stop Dressing Like a Thot!

Last month, we learned that Kanye West had banned North West from wearing makeup, even though her family’s brand is built on beauty products.

It turns out that his sudden new priorities extend to his wife, too.

As you can see in this video, Kanye tried to ban Kim from wearing her planned outfit to the Met Gala because it was “too sexy.” Ugh.

Kim vs kanye met gala kuwtk 01

On this week’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kanye tells Kim at the last minute that her Met Gala outfit is hurting his Man Feelings(TM).

“A corset is like a form of underwear,” Kanye asserts while speaking to Kim about his misgivings.

Yes and no. Bras were first invented by a woman to replace the corset, but these days, corsets are often worn on their own.

“It’s hot,” Kanye acknowledges, but proceeds to frame this as some sort of bad thing.

He complains: “It’s, like, it’s hot for who though?”

It’s for whom, though avoiding speaking like Cookie Monster is the least of Kanye’s problems.

Kim vs kanye met gala kuwtk 03

See, Kim has been working on her Thierry Mugler corset for about a year.

Kanye and his “dragon energy” could huff and puff all they liked, but she’s not changing her outfit. And she’s mad that he even asked.

“So the night before the Met,” Kim lays out. “You are going to come in here and say you are not into a corset vibe?”

“You give me really bad anxiety,” she accuses him. “What are you talking about?”

As with most normal thoughts and feelings, Kanye just didn’t seem to understand.

Kim vs kanye met gala kuwtk 02

“Why is that giving you anxiety to say that?” Kanye asks.

“Because you knew last night I was having really bad anxiety,” Kim replies, her annoyance palpable.

“And I don’t need any more negative energy,” she continues. “For you to now say that you aren’t into me wearing a tight dress.”

Kanye then tries to complain about how sexy his wife is.

We’re pretty sure that he knew who she was when he married her.

Kim vs kanye met gala kuwtk 04

“You are my wife,” Kanye states pointlessly. “And it affects me when pictures are too sexy.”

That sounds like his problem. We can’t imagine whine it should change Kim’s behavior.

“You built me up to be this like sexy person, and confidence, and all this stuff,” Kim points out.

“And just because you are on a journey and you’re on your transformation,” she continues. “Doesn’t mean that I am in the same spot with you.”

Very well said.

Hello there wife

See, Kanye has decided that he’s now in a place, spiritually, where his wife’s family’s brand of being hot and tantalizing isn’t for him.

He says that, during his time as a rapper, he delighted in all of these unclothed women.

Now, he’s decided that these aren’t for him — and even claims that seeing these women was impacting his soul, somehow.

It’s fine for him to believe that or to avoid looking at porn or whatever.

But banning North from wearing makeup and trying to discourage his wife from living her fashion dreams is not fine. That’s not about him anymore.

Don’t make your spiritual journey somebody’s else’s business, dude.

Kanye west slut shames kim kardashian stop dressing like a thot

Kourtney Kardashian Just Got Fired on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Keeping Up with the Kardashians is about to bring the drama on Season 17.

More than ever, it seems.

E! has released an extended look at upcoming episodes of this long-running reality show, revealing various scenes and spoilers that have left viewers stunned and confused.


According to Khloe, she has continually received lavish gifts from her awful ex-boyfriend and baby daddy.

Specifically, the NBA star has given Kardashian a “pink diamond,” as teased in this intriguing video.

“It looks fully like an engagement ring,” Scott Disick says while observing the piece of bling.

“No! No,” the Revenge Body star yells in response.

Now, to be clear, we never see Tristan giving Khloe any of these items… so it’s very possible this is all just concocted nonsense.

But it’s also possible Tristan thinks he can win Khloe back.

Elsewhere, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian clash hard over a “Candyland”-themed party. We wish we were making that up, but it’s true.

After the Poosh.com founder calls her sister “the biggest f-cking evil person on the planet,” Kim replied by “firing” the oldest Kardashian, and claiming  that she means it.

“We’re firing Kourtney! She’s out,” Mrs. Kanye West declares.

Kim is referring just to the planning of this party, of course, but Kourtney later makes it clear that she’d be fine if the entire show simply ended right now.

“I don’t know why we can’t all just respect each other,” Kourtney notes in a voice over at one point.

And it seems that Kris Jenner agrees.

She expressed some disappointment and even disdain in the preview, castigating her kids for their behavior.

“I feel like the really funny side of you guys outweighed the mean side. And I feel like it’s gotten a little Mean Girls,” Kris warns in this footage, adding:

“As much as I love you, you fight a lot dirtier than you used to.”

After all these years on the air, it seems like something is missing.

Either that, or the scripts are just pretty terrible at this point in the program’s very long run.

“You guys gotta get back to the fact that we’re just family,” Jenner concludes.

Check out the revealing promo now!

Tristan thompson gives khloe a diamond ring in wild keeping up w

Kourtney Kardashian: This Bish Stole $5,200 and Hacked Me!!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians has revealed that someone has been stealing from Kourtney to the tune of over $5,000 and an iPad.

She also discovered that this person whom she had trusted had accessed her electronics, including her texts.

On Sunday, we saw the dramatic moment when Kourtney went to confront this thief in her own home.

Kuwtk kourt thief drama 01

“This lady stole $700 out of my wallet,” Kourtney complained on Sunday night’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“Then,” Kourtney describes. “She stole $4,500 out of Scott’s.”

Remember, even though that may seem like an absurd amount of cash to have on hand, it’s not his fault for it being stolen.

She continues: “Then, my security who’s here today, just said he’s seen her two times with her flashlight on in the office.”

Our question at this point is … did he tell Kourtney both of those times? I don’t want to tell a guy how to do his job, but …

Kuwtk kourt thief drama 02

Like so many of us, Kourt is not enthusiastic about the idea of confronting a thief over something so serious.

“She’s never coming here again,” Kourtney vows.

“No s–t, Sherlock!” Khloe exclaims.

Kourtney then reveals that she has been told that this thief “also hacked everything.”

She expresses her feeling of violation upon this news, saying: “She’s looking at my texts?”

Kuwtk kourt thief drama 05

“Stand your ground!” Khloe demands. “This is your home, with your kids!”

She then instructs: “Go downstairs, Kourtney!”

“Go talk to your security!” Khloe forcefully advises. “Why are you texting if somebody’s telling you that?”

Probably because, like most people, she’s a little rattled and reluctant when it comes to tackling an issue like this.

As Kourtney heads down, Khloe admits: “Wait, I can’t wait to hear this! This is so good! This is better than Real Housewives!”

Kuwtk kourt thief drama 03

Naturally, by the time that Kourtney makes it down, a car is speeding away on the street.

(Shoutout to the sound editors who almost certainly had to add that sound effect; it really sold the scene)

“Oh my god,” Kourtney says, marveling at the drama of it all, including this last-minute escape.

She contacts Kris. Honestly, calling Kris when you’re in a crisis is probably always a good idea.

Then, Kourtney goes upstairs with a laundry list of tasks for Megan on what needs to be done for her security.

Kuwtk kourt thief drama 04

“We need to debug the house,” Kourtney notes as Megan takes notes.

“And I want to take every device and unconnect it from my phone,” she adds.

“And next time,” Kourt says. “We’ve learned a huge lesson.”

“They cannot step foot in here for an interview without us having their social [security number], name, and address,” she affirms.

That is very smart. People are less likely to steal from you when you know exactly who they are.

Kuwtk kourt thief drama 06

Honestly, shoutout to Megan, who — as far as the show has shown us — was the one who discovered the missing cash.

It is also believed that the thief stole Kourtney’s iPad, which is how she would have accessed everything else.

Some people are deeply suspicious of cleaning ladies and nannies to the point where they “test” these people.

While it’s great to hear that Kourtney does not fixate on suspecting her employees at all times, it’s good that she’s now being careful.

Money is one thing (to her and Scott, anyway). Her kids and her electronic privacy are another.

Kourtney kardashian this bish stole 5200 dollars and hacked me

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Sneak Peek: Who is STEALING from Kourtney??

In the aftermath of Sofia Richie’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians debut, Kourtney Kardashian is dealing with something much more serious.

Someone has been robbing her blind. We’re talking about someone physically in her house, stealing cash and an iPad.

In this preview clip, you can see her concerns as she wonders which person has betrayed her trust.

Kuwtk kourtney thief 03

This Keeping Up With The Kardashians sneak peek starts off almost unimaginably boring.

Khloe is talking about wanting to retire her cookie jars, lamenting that “everyone has them now.”

(Refusing to do something because it’s popular is not morally superior to doing something because it is not. Both are dumb)

That’s when Megan, Kourtney’s dutiful assistant, saves the day and the scene when she reports some bad news.

Some of Kourtney’s money — specifically, her cash — is missing.

Kuwtk kourtney thief 02

“Kourt?” Megan begins tentatively.

She reveals: “So, we discovered that there was cash missing from your wallet.”

While that’s better than money being siphoned from one of Kourtney’s massive bank accounts, that’s still very alarming.

“So,” Megan continues. “I don’t know if you spent it out the other night?”

That suggested answer would be so much simpler. Money spent is much less scary than money stolen.

Kuwtk kourtney thief 04

“Umm, I specifically handed $20 to the valet,” Kourtney recalls.

She continues: “And I had hundreds, and I threw them back into my bag,”

Megan then delivers the very bad news.

“There’s no hundreds there right now,” she grimly announces.

Kuwtk kourtney thief 05

“Is there any chance you could’ve lost the money?” Khloe asks, hoping for the simpler explanation.

She suggests to her eldest sister: “Like, do you think it fell, or…”

“It was definitely there,” Kourtney confirms.

There’s a brief transition, and Kourtney says: “You know when you just know? Like, I know for a fact.”

“That’s crazy!” Khloe exclaims. “I don’t know.”

Kuwtk kourtney thief 06

Kourtney then speaks on this very serious matter to the konfessional kamera.

“The fact that money is missing from my wallet definitely doesn’t feel like a coincidence,” she admits.

Because she suspects that this thief has also made off with more than just currency.

Kourt recalls: “We had an iPad missing in the house too,”

We then see a flashback to her looking for her iPad and being unable to find it.

Kuwtk kourtney thief 07

“You know, I have people in and out of my house all day,” Kourtney points out.

Some are family, some are friends, some are employees, and others are camera crew and producers for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kourt says that these are all “People that I trust.”

“Something just isn’t right,” she expresses.

A thief nabbing physical cash may not be able to rob her of as much as someone getting into her accounts would.

But the actual, physical presence of a thief in Kourtney’s own home would make anyone understandably nervous.

Kuwtk kourtney thief 01

So who is it? Well, this sneak peek does not reveal the culprit’s identity.

Honestly? Even with what most people would consider a very nice salary, it’s possible that a PA or other employee was desperate enough to steal.

But in a normal household, a young child would usually be the most likely suspect.

Not because Kourtney’s wonderful children are prone to crime, but because young kids recognize the value of money, but generally lack impulse-control.

And an iPad going missing is even easier to explain if a child wants to stream shows after bedtime. But we’re obviously not accusing her kids.

But given that this is Keeping Up With The Kardashians and they’ve chosen to air the footage, the answer may be something no one expects.

Keeping up with the kardashians sneak peek who is stealing from

Sofia Richie: See Her Keeping Up With The Kardashians Debut!

It’s not enough that Sofia Richie is trying to save Scott Disick’s reality show. She wants a real reality career, and she’s getting it.

On this Keeping Up With The Kardashians preview teaser, Sofia makes her debut on the long-running series.

We see her with Scott and Kourtney and, well, things admittedly get awkward.

Kuwtk sofia richie debut teaser 01

In the teaser trailer for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott gets pretty blunt about spending time with Sofia and Kourtney together.

“It is a really awkward situation,” the self-described Lord confesses.

He is not the only one who feels that way.

Speaking to the Konfessional Kamera, Kourtney admits: “It gets … bizarre.”

“I want you and Sofia to be comfortable,” Scott is shown telling Kourtney.

Kuwtk sofia richie debut teaser 004

We then see Sofia eating beside Scott, pointing out that his behavior changes when it’s not just the two of them.

“You’re a lot more sophisticated with me when Kourtney’s around,” Sofia observes.

Yes, we’re absolutely going to unpack that momentarily.

“But it does take, like, a toll on me,” Scott admits to Kourtney, speaking of his girlfriend and his ex spending time with him simultaneously.

With a definite shift in tone, we hear a voiceover of Scott saying: “This trip has so much pressure!”

Kuwtk sofia richie debut teaser 03

Much of the teaser features Scott, Kourtney, and Sofia’s faces while they are indoors.

It’s a very short trailer, so we’re not surprised that there isn’t a lot of visual context provided.

Given that they’re clearly at multiple locations in various outfits, fans can definitely look forward to more than one scene (obviously).

And the end of the teaser gets a bit spicier.

It appears that Scott, Kourtney, and Sofia all share a hot tub at one point. That’s a little steamy … pun semi-intended.

Kuwtk sofia richie debut teaser 06

We promised to unpack Sofia’s comment about Scott’s behavior changing around Kourtney, and we intend to keep that.

Notice that she didn’t say that he changes his demeanor while they’re around other people. Plehty of coulples do that.

Sofia specifically accuses: “You’re a lot more sophisticated with me when Kourtney’s around.”

That means that, of all of the people the two of them have spent time with, he does this specifically around Kourtney.

And we think that we can explain why.

Kuwtk sofia richie debut teaser 02

One, everybody wants tos how off to their ex. They want to show that they’ve matured and are doing well for themselves.

Two is probably that Scott is simply nervous about this girlfriend-meets-ex situation.

Anxiety alters your behavior, even subconsciously. (That’s why some of us are so polite!)

But there’s also the huge, mostly unspoken factor of the age gap.

Kourtney turned 40 last April. At the time, Sofia was only 20 (she turned 21 in August). And Scott has been inside of them both.

it is natural to speak differently to different people, but Scott may be defaulting to suit Kourtney rather than his much younger girlfriend.

Kuwtk sofia richie debut teaser 05

(Also, why is Scott giving off such weird Michael Scott from The Office energy in this still? Experts are baffled)

Honestly, we already know that Sofia and Kourtney get along reasonably well — well enough to successfully vacation together with Scott.

While this tragically is unlikely to turn into a polyamorously ever after situation with the three of them, we’ll settle for amicable co-parenting.

Kourt isn’t just happy for Scott — she’s glad that Sofia is a stabilizing influence in Scott’s life.

When Scott is a better person, he’s a better parent.

Sofia richie see her keeping up with the kardashians debut