Kim Kardashian Is Trying To Adjust ‘To Her New Norm’ Without Kanye West Amid Ongoing Divorce

Kim Kardashian is trying to get used to her new life without Kanye West. A source recently told Entertainment Tonight the 40-year-old reality star “has been doing her best to surround herself with her family and good friends, be social, go out and, of course, take care of her children.” The insider added: “She is […]

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The KarJenner Fam Comes Up Big For True Thompson’s Terrific Third Birthday!

Happy birthday, True Thompson! The terrific toddler turned THREE YEARS OLD on Monday! Mom Khloé Kardashian and dad Tristan Thompson are no doubt thrilled for the big event, and their adorable little daughter’s continued growth, health, and development. The little girl is thriving, to put it mildly! Related: Just Like Us, True Has Been OVER All These Pandemic […]

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Andy Cohen Dishes On What To Expect From The KUWTK Reunion Special!

Andy Cohen updated fans about the highly-anticipated Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion special — and promised that “nothing is off-limits!” ICYMI, the Bravo host announced earlier this week that he would be chatting with the Kardashian-Jenner family for a special reunion episode that will cover all 20 seasons of the iconic reality show. As […]

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Kim Kardashian to Addison Rae: Are You Having Sex With Kourtney?!

There was a time when the friendship between Kourtney Kardashian and Addison Rae was the subject of some pretty heavy scrutiny.

Specifically, many outsiders assumed that Kourtney was palling around with the young influencer in order to send a message to her baby daddy, Scott Disick.

And that message was: You’re not the only one who can hookup with hot young models.

But was it all for show — or were Kourtney and Addison actually hooking up?

Or was it all much more innocent than it seemed, and this was just a case of two kindred spirits enjoying a connection?

These are the mysteries that Kourtney’s family wanted to get to the bottom of on Thursday night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“Me and Addison made a workout video together and we’ve been working out ever since. She just basically never left,” Kourtney said in a confessional segment.

“It’s just nice to have good, positive energy around. I think sometimes you just connect with certain people and we just love hanging out with each other.”

However, Kim and Khloe suspected that the situation was not quite that simple.

“Kourtney and Addison’s dynamic is just a little interesting,” Khloe told the cameras.

“Kourt’s not interested in what I’m saying but as soon as Addison would say something, she would like, listen.”

The Kard clan decided to confront the situation head-on by inviting Addison to lunch … without Kourtney.

“What the f— did you do to Kourtney to make her so happy?” Khloe asked.

“Honestly, at the beginning, we were like wait, are they…hooking up? If it was that kind of relationship,” she added, prompting Scott to chime in:

“I’m still thinking that. That was the elephant in the room…It’s OK if you are.”

“No, we’re not,” Addison replied, clearly a bit uncomfortable with the question (this is, after all, a 20-year-old woman being grilled by a family of celebrities).

“No, but it’s just very weird that that’s what the impression was.”

Later in the episode, Kourtney angrily confronted her sisters, demanding to know why they insisted on interrogating her friend.

“The people you choose, when you choose to hang out with someone, it’s like your energies align,” Kourtney explained.

“I feel like I have a young heart and old soul. I feel like we all have such a good circle of people around us, everyone is different ages, I don’t think it’s about the age, I think it’s about people’s energies and vibes.”

Kourtney elaborated in a second confessional segment:

“People seem to focus on the age gap between Addison and I but I don’t think every person needs to understand my relationships with each of my friends.”

She closed out the storyline with some kind words about the up-and-coming TikTok star:

“She’s honestly an incredible girl,” Kourtney added, “I really do like her and enjoy spending time with her.”

Well, that makes sense — but it remains to be seen if that explanation will be enough for Kourtney’s family!

Kim kardashian to addison rae are you having sex with kourtney

Kardashian Family Members’ Net Worth: Kim and Kylie Are SO RICH!

Were it not for the seminal (tee-hee, see what we did there?) cinematic masterpiece known as the Kim Kardashian sex tape, there would be no Kardashian media empire to speak of.

Thirteen years after the film’s release, however, the infamous Ray J-produced romp has essentially spawned America’s most famous family of fame-obsessed egomaniacs.

Yes, proving again that the Kard clan has far more staying power than its harshest critics feared, it’s hard to keep up with their wealth.

In addition to the OGs, the younger sisters of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe are raking in bank, and showing zero signs of slowing down.

And even with Keeping Up With the Kardashians coming to an end this year, the Kard clan empire shows no signs of slowing down.

How much cash are we talking about here?

Here’s the net worth for each family member, which may surprise you, at least as far as who’s on top of the Kardashian money pile.

But we begin with this underachiever

1. Rob Kardashian: Estimated Net Worth, $10 Million

Rob kardashian says sorry
Look, don’t get us wrong. Most people on this planet would kill for a net worth of $10,00,000. In this family, though, that’s pretty embarrassing. Aside from that line of socks that Kris made him slap his name on, Rob’s business ventures are non-existent. His short-lived TV return with Blac Chyna flamed out faster than their combustible relationship. That net worth may be on the decline, too, as Chyna takes him for all she can for the next 17 years. Might want to start sending out resumes, Rob!

2. Scott Disick: Estimated Net Worth, $40 Million

Scott disick money pic
The Lord’s bank account may not hold a candle to the mother of his kids and her siblings, but an eight-figure net worth for partying and fornicating your life away? Not bad for a talentless, 37-year-old hanger-on. Well played? Maybe. Anyway, Amelia Hamlin made a smart move in hitching her wagon to this star.

3. Kendall Jenner: Estimated Net Worth, $45 Million (and Rising)

Kendall jenner attends 74th annual golden globes after party
Walking the runway doesn’t pay what it used to, but Kendall has supplemented her income with some very lucrative business partnerships — including a cosmetics collab with her billionaire sister Kylie. A modest $45 million net worth for Kendall might be the beginning of the family’s third billion-dollar net worth. Keep grinding, girl!

4. A Financial Plan of Attack

Kendall jenner as a model
Yes, even though she’s currently the lowest-earning among her sisters, those who analyze this sort of thing closely say Kendall might be the most financially savvy. How so?

5. Branching Out

Kendall jenner miss vogue australia cover
The biggest money may be in reality TV and social media influencing, but Kendall is looking at the big picture and refusing to put all her eggs in one basket, focusing on a modeling career that — by and large — depends on her own work, not her family’s endeavors. Will it pay off? Most likely, Whatever happens, she’s not dependent on the E! Network and Instagram for her cash flow, and she also lives more under the radar than most.

6. Kourtney Kardashian: Estimated Net Worth, $50 Million

Kourtney kardashians bikini photo
Yes, the mother of three and former partner of Scott Disick might have taken some flak from Kim for her lack of work ethic, but it seems to us that she’s doing just fine!

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Travis Barker Joins The Kardashian-Jenner Family For A Sweet Easter Celebration!

It’s no shocker the Kardashian-Jenner family went all out for Easter. However, the holiday seemed a little extra special as Travis Barker joined in on the fun! On Sunday, Kris Jenner presented the whole family with personalized golf clubs — something Corey Gamble, Tristan Thompson, Travis Scott, and Barker took full advantage of already on […]

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Bridgerton Breakout Regé-Jean Page LEFT THE SHOW! Find Out Why The Duke Isn’t Coming Back!

Holy s**t, thou art saying WHAT to us?? In a shocking announcement to fans, Bridgerton broke the news on Friday that Regé-Jean Page, one of the two breakout stars from the Netflix megahit, would not be returning for Season 2. In the form of a fancy note from Lady Whistledown, Shondaland wrote to viewers: “Dear Readers, while all […]

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Kim Kardashian Finally Talks About Those Infamous Kanye West Tweets & Acknowledges ‘Issues’ In Their Marriage

Thursday night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians made one thing very clear: Kim Kardashian has been extremely concerned with and frustrated by Kanye West‘s behavior for a long time now, no matter how much of a poker face she kept publicly. The 40-year-old reality TV star’s battle of tug-and-war with her Twitter-inclined (and now estranged) husband […]

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