Scott Disick Apparently Is Amelia Gray Hamlin’s ‘First Serious Boyfriend’!

While Scott Disick is staying away from Kourtney Kardashian, it seems like things have become more serious between Amelia Gray Hamlin and him! On Friday, a source reported to Entertainment Tonight that the couple has been going strong and aren’t too concerned about the (cringy) 18-year age gap between them, saying: “Amelia and Scott are […]

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Kendall Jenner: I’m Engaged! Oh, and Pregnant Too!!

By Kardashian-Jenner family standards, at least, Kendall Jenner has actually always been a pretty private person.

Sure, she’s a reality TV star, a globally renowned supermodel, and a jet-setter with an NBA star boyfriend.

Not to mention 161 million (!) social media followers.

But when it comes to her personal life, Kendall likes to keep a tight lid on things.

When it comes to new information about what’s going on when the cameras are off, we’re not gonna hear about it until she’s ready to share it with the world.

So when Kendall gets pregnant and her baby daddy pops the question, she’s not the type to post a cheesy Instagram pic.

You know the type. Where she’s cradling her bump with an engagement-ringed finger. Not gonna happen.

Instead, she calls Kris Jenner and casually shares the news mid-conversation!

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

How often do celebrity gossip fans hear about Kendall, except when it’s something she deliberately wants you to hear about?

Exactly. The 25-year-old clearly enjoys being fully in control of her cooch and the narrative surrounding her personal life.

So when it came to her recent pregnancy and engagement news, even her Momager found out the same way we did.

“So, I have a scenario,” Kendall tells her mom on the phone.

“I have not gotten my period in a little while and I was supposed to get it last week so I was kind of nervous and randomly took a test.”

All the while, Kourtney Kardashian giggles nearby.

“And it came back positive so I took another one and that one also came back positive and I am literally about to cry.”

Holy ish, right? Did anyone see it coming?

Kris predictably gobbles up the bait, even revealing that she had just had a dream that Kendall was expecting. So exciting!!

So who’s Kendall’s lucky partner?

Well …

That would be all of us.

Yes, we all get to be Kendall’s partner-in-crime as she pranks Kris by claiming to be pregnant and engaged in a new YouTube video.

Is it a cruel prank? Maybe. A little. Definitely. But that’s also what makes it do so damn funny.

“Really? I’m kind of freaking out. I just don’t know what to do,” Kendall says to her mom.

“Well, I’ll put on my clothes and get over there. I’ll tell you, Kendall, you know, you have to do whatever your heart tells you to do,” says and excited Kris.

“I think it’s great news, but I’m your mom.”

At that point, Kendall couldn’t take it anymore and felt the need to come clean.

“Oh brother, OK, I’ll go put the champagne back on ice,” Kris quips. 

Kourtney then suggests that Kendall tell the rest of the family that she’s actually engaged to boyfriend Devin Booker.

“It’s believable, so I will do it,” Kendall says.

Using a photo of a producer’s engagement ring she group texts the entire Kard clan with the exciting “news.”

Unfortunately, they’re much lass gullible than Kris, and they call Kendall out immediately.

Okay, so the second prank wasn’t quite as successful, but it’s interesting in other ways.

Rumors of Kendall and Devin getting engaged have been circulating for months, so there’s no question it is viable.

It’s interesting that Kendall described news of a possible marriage as “believable.” Things have gotten serious.

Of course, Kendall is so damn private that we probably won’t find out about the engagement until after the wedding.

“Kendall is usually super private, much more so than her sisters, but she’s really happy with her relationship with Devin and doesn’t care who knows,” a source close to the situation recently told E!

But now, Kendall has officially cried wolf to her entire family.

Which begs the question:

Will Devin need to propose in front of the entire Kard crew if he wants them to believe that the situation is legit, and not just part of another prank?

Kendall jenner im engaged oh and pregnant too

Kendall Jenner Hilariously Tricks Family Into Thinking She Is Engaged — WATCH!

Oh man, the Kardashian family probably did not appreciate this joke! On Saturday, Kendall Jenner jumped into a hilarious and Tequila-filled game of truth or dare with Kourtney Kardashian for the end of the Poosh Your Wellness virtual festival. While they started easy, the 25-year-old was soon challenged to tell the famous crew that she […]

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Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker At It AGAIN — Check Out Their Hottest PDA Yet!

These two are like a couple of young high school kids or something! Every time you turn around, they’ve got their hands on each other and they’re making out and doing inappropriate s**t! LOLz!!! Related: Scott Disick Is Distancing Himself From Kourtney Because Of Her Thing With Travis! On Monday morning, we marveled at how […]

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Scott Disick: I Can’t Even LOOK at Kourtney While She’s Dating Travis Barker

On some level, Scott Disick always assumed that he and Kourtney Kardashian were endgame.

But now that Kourt is boning Travis Barker, it has been a long-needed wakeup call for the father of three.

A report says that he is struggling to process what has changed.

And frankly, he’s having trouble looking at or even thinking about Kourtney or her romance right now.

An inside source spoke to E! News about how Kourtney’s relationship bliss has impacted her ex.

“Scott has really distanced himself from Kourtney recently,” the insider shared.

In part, that seems to include his chance of scenery as he and Amelia Hamlin set their sights on Miami.

“Of course they are still cordial when it comes to the kids,” the source emphasized.

“But,” the insider explained, “they aren’t hanging out as much.”

The source continued: “or doing things as a family.”

According to the insider: “The communication has become strictly about the kids.”

“It’s uncomfortable for Scott to see Kourtney in a serious relationship,” the source reported.

The insider noted that this is the case “although he knew this day would come.”

“He is glad she is happy,” the source affirmed.

“But,” the insider acknowledged, “it’s definitely been hard on him.”

“He doesn’t like to bring it up,” the source revealed.

“And,” the insider continued, “it’s a weird convo for him.”

The source noted: “At one point, the family was really encouraging Scott and Kourtney to try the relationship again.”

The insider explained “and it’s a bit of an eye opener for him.”

According to the source, it’s only this relationship that made it clear to Scott “that it’s truly never going to happen.”

“He is trying to adjust and be a grown up about it,” the insider stated.

“But,” the source went on, “seeing Kourtney get so serious with someone so quickly is not easy.”

The insider emphasized that this was further complicated by “especially someone they have known for so long.”

“Scott has never been comfortable seeing Kourtney with guys,” the source added.

“But,” the insider expressed, “this feels different.”

“Kourtney is all in with Travis,” the source said.

“And,” the insider detailed, “the kids like him too.”

“It feels to Scott like they are merging their families,” the source described, “and going full steam ahead.”

“That has made him very uncomfortable,” the insider shared.

“And,” the source continued, “he’s trying to figure out where he fits in.”

Presumably, as the cordial co-parent and as Kourtney’s ex.

Travis and Kourtney have been longtime neighbors.

Travis has also been a frequent guest at Kardashian get-togethers.

Now, Scott is viewing him in a different light.

“Before Travis, Kourtney and Scott were together a lot,” the insider observed.

“And of course,” the source then acknowledged, “now that has changed.”

That is only natural, as they have both moved on romantically.

“Scott has always held out hope that he and Kourtney will end up together,” the insider reported.

“And,” the source continued, “this is the first time he feels like someone else might prevent that.”

“He doesn’t want to see or hear about it,” the insider stated, “but he’s trying to deal with it as best as he can.”

Meanwhile, while Scott’s going through a mini-crisis, Kourtney casually shrugged off Caitlyn Jenner’s gubernatorial run with her own post.

“I don’t know what’s going on, so I’m just appreciating my bread,” she captioned this gorgeous pic.

Honestly, considering how deservedly controversial Cait’s politics are, that’s for the best.

Scott Disick Is Distancing Himself From Kourtney Kardashian Due To Her Relationship With Travis Barker!

Scott Disick has some feelings about Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s relationship. A source told E! News that the 37-year-old reality star has had a hard time with how serious things are between the hot couple — so much so he actually plans to keep his distance and keep communication solely about their three kids! […]

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Lamar Odom Shuts Down The Kardashian Family ‘Curse’ Rumor!

Lamar Odom has no time to entertain conspiracy theories about the Kardashian family “curse.” In case you have no clue what the supposed hex is, here is a quick rundown for your amusement: As we all know, the Kardashian women have not had the best luck in the love department, and the misfortune has recently […]

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Scott Disick to Kourtney Kardashian: I Hate That You’re Dating Someone New!

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have been broken up for several years.

They’ve each had multiple partners since going their separate ways, and they’re both currently in relationships that appear to be serious.

But despite all of that, much has been made about what appears to be a lingering sexual tension between the exes.

Scott and Kourtney have three kids together, of course, so it makes sense that they would still be in regular contact.

But as a new preview clip of this week’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians reminds us, Disick and Kardashian’s conversations are not the kind one typically hears among co-parents.

It’s important to note that the scene was filmed before Kourtney started dating Travis Barker.

And at that point, Scott had not yet entered a relationship with Amelia Hamlin.

So when this conversation occurred, there was a chance that the former couple might attempt a reconciliation.

That never happened, of course, but the scene is all the more interesting because of the fact that we know how the future unfolded.

It’s almost as if Scott can’t bring himself to say what he really wants from Kourtney, because he knows how another go-round will end.

“It’s my insecurity, I feel like, I don’t like seeing you with another guy or a guy,” he explains.

“It hurt me when you were with somebody else and waking up to like looking at pictures of you with this guy you were dating. It was unhealthy and it made me upset and sad.”

Disick goes on to explain that his mind is only at ease during the times when Kourtney is not in a relationship.

“Now I wake up with no real problems, I’m carefree in the sense that I don’t have that, which used to take up a lot of space in my mind all day,” he continues.

“The big fear is, if you start dating again, it goes back to that, I have to feel a different way again and it’s just hard. It sucks.”

“It’s difficult,” Scott continued in a confessional segment.

“Kourtney and I basically spend 90% of our lives together, travel together, do everything together, see each other every day and the only difference is at the end of the night we part ways and go sleep in separate houses,” he goes on.

Clearly, Scott is not happy with the present state of affairs, but he seems uncertain of what he can do about them.

“This whole limbo state isn’t that cool anymore,” he admits.

And I surely don’t want us both to wake up at 50 years old and doing the same thing.”

Well, on the bright side, it seems there’s very little risk of Scott and Kourtney re-entering the holding pattern that has defined so much of their lives in recent years.

But on the down side, if Scott was secretly hoping for a reconciliation, that seems more unlikely than ever these days.

Insiders say Kourtney is head over heels for Travis, a partner who possesses the maturity that Scott always lacked.

And if Kourt ever doubts that she made the right call, we’re sure Scott’s constant pursuit of teenage girls serves as a sufficient reminder that he’s still not husband material.

Scott disick to kourtney kardashian i hate that youre dating som

Travis Barker Shares A NSFW Birthday Tribute For Kourtney Kardashian — LOOK!

Travis Barker went above and beyond for Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday! As we previously reported, the Blink-182 drummer first impressed the reality star with a stunning floral arrangement, which included strings of individual flowers hanging from the ceiling. The couple also enjoyed a romantic dinner date fit for a queen ahead of Kourt’s big day. Take […]

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Kim Kardashian Is Trying To Adjust ‘To Her New Norm’ Without Kanye West Amid Ongoing Divorce

Kim Kardashian is trying to get used to her new life without Kanye West. A source recently told Entertainment Tonight the 40-year-old reality star “has been doing her best to surround herself with her family and good friends, be social, go out and, of course, take care of her children.” The insider added: “She is […]

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