Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2: The Complete Babies and Children Guide!

The girls from Teen Mom are good at many things.

They’re good at creating reality show magic, and they’re good at writing memoirs.

Some of them have even tried to start music careers, and while none of those were actually good … well, it was nice that they tried.

But we can probably all agree that the area where the Teen Moms really excel is the baby-making area.

Because they have so. Many. Babies.

1. Sophia (Farrah Abraham and Derek Underwood)

Farrah and sophia at the mtv movie awards
Oh, Soph. Unlike many of her Teen Mom tot counterparts, Sophia lives the life of luxury, thanks to her mother, non-porn star Farrah Abraham. Seriously, the younger Abraham has had her own clothing line, dabbles in child modeling, receives $900 when the tooth fairy pays a visit, and is even beginning her own music career. (Sophia’s father, Derek, died in a car accident while Farrah was still pregnant; Derek’s grave is the site of many memorable TM scenes, which some believe to be shamelessly orchestrated by Farrah). Sophia is going to be a handful when she grows up at this rate … the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as they say.

2. Leah (Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley)

Amber portwood with leah shirley
Amber Portwood shares darling little Leah Shirley with her ex, Gary. Gary has custody, and he’s had it since Amber went to prison a few years back for all that domestic violence and drug stuff. Leah seems like a really smart, sweet girl, which is all thanks to Gary and his wife, Kristina — from what we’ve seen, Amber doesn’t spend a whole lot of time with her.

3. James (Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon)

James glennon
Amber welcomed her second child, James, with Andrew Glennon in the spring of 2018. Their relationship survived about a year after that, because as it turned out, Amber still had a violent streak. She was convicted of assaulting Andrew in 2019, and now they share custody of James — and Amber isn’t allowed to show him off on the show.

4. Emilee (Gary and Kristina Shirley)

Gary shirley and family
Gary went on to have one child after leaving his disastrous relationship with Amber — he and his wife, Kristina, have a daughter named Emilee.

5. Carly (Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra)

Catelynn and tyler teen mom
When step-siblings turned lovers Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra made the decision to give their baby Carly up for adoption, it marked one of the most touching, bittersweet moments in reality TV history. What made it all the more incredible was that they stayed involved in her life – albeit with some bumps in the road – ever since.

6. Nova (Catelynn and Tyler)

Tyler baltierra catelynn lowell novalee hike pic
Tyler and Catelynn kept and are raising Novalee Reign Baltierra together, not that it’s been easy. Catelynn has struggled greatly with postpartum depression, leading to multiple inpatient stays at a psychiatric facility in Arizona.

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Teen Mom: The Definitive, Tragically Trashy Tattoo Guide, Back and Trashier Than Ever!

If you’re a fan of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, then you know that many of the people on the MTV reality shows have tattoos.

You also know that a lot of the tattoos …

… well, they aren’t that great.

Some are poorly done, some are  kind of strange, and some are nightmarish and horrifying and just so completely, unbelievably bad.

So steady yourself, perhaps grab some smelling salts and some pearls to clutch, and let’s rank all the Teen Mom ink we can get our eyes on!

1. Amber’s Tattoo of Leah

Ambers tattoo of leah
Here, let’s just start with the worst of the worst, all right? This is Amber Portwood’s portrait of her daughter, Leah. It’s right on her stomach, it also features a gigantic rose, and it’s not finished. Will she ever get it finished? It’s hard to say. We will ever be able to get this haunting image out of our heads? Unlikely.

2. Choices

Since we’re already talking about Amber’s tattoos, she also got this matching tattoo with Matt Baier, back when they first started dating. It reads “vero amore,” which is supposed to be Italian for “true love.” So that’s embarrassing.

3. Speaking of Embarrassing …

Speaking of embarrassing
Matt also has this huge tattoo of Amber’s name right on his forearm. Just right there on his arm where he has to look at it all day, every day.

4. Ugh

Matt baier book cover
Matt actually has several tattoos, many of which you can see on his nude book cover. We won’t waste more time on him here, so if you feel the need to look more closely at his naked greasy bod here, then you have our blessing. However, we will say that on his other arm, he has a couple of Chinese characters that he says mean “clean and sober,” but that Teen Mom detectives have actually determined mean “Lisa.”

5. Why Though?

Why though
As hard as it may be to believe, Matt isn’t the only guy to get Amber Portwood’s name tattooed on his body — Gary Shirley made the exact same mistake. Thankfully he was smart enough (???) to get the tattoo on his shoulder instead of on his forearm though, and he’s since covered up.

6. It’s Gary Time

Its gary time
Gary also has a … what is that, a sun? A blob with tentacles? Whatever it is, he’s also got some tattoo right in the middle of his chest, peeking out through all his body hair.

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Leah Messer Claps Back at Trolls Who Bullied Disabled Daughter: You Make Me Sick!

Perhaps the worst thing about social media is the fact that it gives anonymous trolls a platform with which to say vile things that they would never dare utter “in real life.”

Unfortunately, the effects of those comments are very “real” for the people who are targeted by bullying or harassment.

And this week, Leah Messer was reminded that there’s no depth to which the lowliest trolls on Instagram are unwilling to sink

Leah posted a photo in which she’s seen posing with her 10-year-old daughter Aliannah Faith, or Ali for short.

Ali suffers from muscular dystrophy and has been bravely battling the illness in the public eye for her entire life.

For the most part, Teen Mom 2 fans have been supportive, and millions have offered kind words during her struggle.

Bottom-feeding degenerates are rare. But sadly, their voices can be the loudest, and some truly vile remarks were posted on the latest photo of Ali.

So bad that Leah felt she had no choice but to address them.

“Some of the comments on a photo of me with Ali are despicable. I’m sickened,” she wrote in a tweet posted on Monday.

“What world are we living and raising our children in?”

“Let’s teach all of our kids that we are each born with unique differences that make us the beautiful individuals we are!!!” 

“We are all different and that is BEAUTIFUL!” she concluded.

The comments in question were deleted prior to Leah’s tweets.

We don’t know the nature of the vile nonsense spewed by these hateful basement-dwellers. And that’s a good thing, because we wouldn’t want to relay that sort of thing anyway.

The fact of the matter is that Leah has been a public figure for literally her entire adult life.

During that life, she’s been on the receiving end of many thousands of revolting comments.

So if she felt the need to address this matter publicly, it’s safe to assume it was bad.

Earlier this month, Leah published her debut memoir, and the book contained a number of shocking revelations about her life.

Fans appreciated Leah’s willingness to discuss her abortion and her struggles with addiction.

Unfortunately, all that truth has left Leah more vulnerable than ever to attacks from strangers.

And it seems that the 28-year-old pride of West Virginia draws the line at comments directed at her three children.

That seems like an appropriate place to draw it.

Fortunately, most of the followers who commented on the photo offered nothing but praise for both Leah and Ali.

“Such a precious girl. (Opinion formed from watching the show.) All the prayers of health & happiness as she gets older,” one fan remarked.

“She’s so beautiful and has such pretty curls!” another wrote.

“Both of you look beautiful!” a third chimed in.

Sadly, both Leah and Ali will likely be forced to keep dealing with trolls, as this is the life she leads, for better or worse.

Hopefully, they’ll always receive more than enough praise to counterbalance the negativity. Or better yet:

Maybe her fans (term used loosely here) can at least stick to more constructive criticism of her life choices.

Instead of bullying kids. Just an idea.

Leah Messer: My Mom Made Me Lie About My Abortion!

Leah Messer’s debut memoir doesn’t hit stores until next week, but already, the revelations contained within its pages are making tabloid headlines.

In the book, Leah opens up about her addiction to opioids, as well as the many other challenges she’s faced in her young life.

One of the most controversial excerpts addresses the topic of Leah’s abortion, which she claimed at the time was a miscarriage,

Now, in a new interview with People magazine, Leah discusses exactly why she chose to lie to fans about this painful chapter in her life.

Take a look:

1. Sharing Her Story

Leah messer on teen mom two
In a new interview, Leah Messer reveals new information about her controversial decision to get an abortion.

2. Speaking Her Truth

Leah messer hope grace and faith
Leah now says she felt pressured by members of her inner circle to lie to the public and claim she suffered a miscarriage.

3. A Low Point

Leah messer speaks on teen mom 2
“I had very low self-esteem at that point in my life and I 100 percent allowed others to control my decision making,” Leah tells the magazine.

4. Misleading the Public

Leah messer on mtv picture
Leah is referring to the season four premiere of Teen Mom 2 in which she stated on camera that she had suffered a miscarriage, when in reality, she had undergone an abortion.

5. Dawn’s Early Lie

Dawn spears
Leah says she accepts full responsibility for the decision, but adds that several members of her inner circle — including her mother, Dawn — pressured her into lying.

6. A Difficult Time

Leah and corey simms
This was back in 2012. Leah became pregnant by future husband Jeremy Calvert, but the situation was complicated by her feelings toward her first husband, Corey Simms.

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Leah Messer: My Mom Did Some Twisted Stuff, But I Still Love Her!

Yeah, so about Leah Messer’s new book …

What a mess, right?

She’s come a long way in the past few years, just from what we’ve seen on Teen Mom 2, but now that she’s revealing all these things we never knew about her past, we can see that she’s really turned her whole entire life around.

The book comes out on May 5th, but in the past couple of weeks she’s been releasing bits and pieces, little snippets of stories to get people interested.

And boy, did it work.

It actually worked a little too well, because after some stories she’s told about her mother, a lot of people are pretty outraged.

But Leah has a statement to make on that!

1. Oh, Leah

Leah messer and her mom
Leah apparently has lots of stories to tell in her upcoming memoir, but today, let’s just focus on the ones involving her mother, Dawn.

2. Whoa

Leah dawn messer calvert photo
Because those sure are some crazy, crazy stories.

3. Ew

Leah gets real
In one excerpt that was released earlier this week, Leah recounted a story of how Dawn once pressured her into having sex with a random boy when she was a young teenager.

4. Yikes

Leah messer on teen mom two
She said that her mom used to hang out whenever she had friends over, “I think because she never went to high school, or even got to be a normal teenager, there was a part of her that felt like she had missed out on something.”

5. Oh OK

Leah messer drives
“She wasn’t even allowed to talk to boys before she met my dad and got pregnant with me, so she liked hanging out with our friends and being around that energy,” she explained.

6. Uh Oh

Leah messer speaks on teen mom 2
During this same time period, Leah said that Dawn had started going to therapy and that while she’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she wouldn’t take her meds, “so she was totally unpredictable. One second she’d be flying high and the next she’d spiral into a dark place.”

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Leah Messer Reveals Violent Streak: I Once Put a Girl in the Hospital!

You know what they say — another day, another really shocking and generally horrific excerpt from Leah Messer’s memoir.

The Teen Mom 2 star has been revealing a whole lot of stuff leading up to her book release next month, and honestly, it’s all been absolutely insane.

But The Ashley’s Reality Roundup just got a brand new excerpt, and it’s …

Well, it’s certainly not something we would have expected, that’s for sure!

1. Goodness Gracious

Leah messer on teen mom two
Right, so Leah is releasing her memoir on May 5th. It’s called Hope, Grace & Faith, which are three things that are important to her as well as the middle names of her three children.

2. But Really

Leah gets real
And if you’ve been reading all the excerpts that have been coming out leading up to the release, you know that it’s going to be just the wildest book ever.

3. Standing Out

Leah messer hope grace and faith
A lot of the Teen Mom memoirs have been kind of tame, or they’ve just gone over information we all already knew, but not Leah’s!

4. Wow

Leah and jeremy calvert selfie
So far, Leah has revealed that the miscarriage she had with her first pregnancy with Jeremy Calvert was actually an abortion that she got because she thought she might want to get back with Corey Simms.

5. Double Wow

Leah messer on phone
She’s admitted that her drug addiction was so bad that she basically blacked out for a couple of years, and that she once was on the brink of suicide.

6. Triple Wow

Leah messer drives
And then there was that awful little story about how her mom once pressured her to have sex with a boy when she was a young teenager.

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Leah Messer: I’ll Never Regret My Abortion!

If you’re a Teen Mom 2 fan, then by now you’ve probably heard the reports about Leah Messer’s controviersial memoir.

The book won’t be released until May 5, but it’s already making tabloid headlines thanks to the many bombshell revelations contained within its pages.

One of the most scandalous excerpts released ahead of publication details Leah’s decision to get an abortion upon learning that she was pregnant with Jeremy Calvert’s baby.

Leah and Jeremy went on to get married and have a child together, but at the time of the procedure, Leah says she was so upset she became suicidal.

These day, however, she has no regrets, and she hopes she can serve as a role model to other women who might feel conflicted about reproductive decisions they’ve made in the past.

“I don’t regret any decision that I’ve made because it has made me the person that I am today,” Leah tells Entertainment Tonight in a new interview.

“Had I been who I am today, maybe I wouldn’t have made that decision. I don’t choose to dwell in that period of my life,” she adds.

“Where I didn’t own my story. Where I didn’t own my truth. Where I felt unworthy of love.”

Leah initially claimed that she suffered a miscarriage, and she has a message for any fans who may have “felt disappointed” that they’d been misled.

“That’s the last thing I would want anyone to feel that supports me and my journey,” she tells ET.

Leah also addresses her struggles with addiction in the book, revealing that there are times she was so high on prescription painkillers that she did not realize she was on camera.

“I look back at that footage, and I draw blanks,” she says of the episodes shot during that time period.

“I draw blanks to the period of my life, because it doesn’t seem like that was… it doesn’t even… I look at it and I’m like, was that really me?  Was I really nodding off?” she adds.

“Like, was I really under that much medication? It didn’t even dawn on me until I was finally like, I don’t even want to live anymore. I’m not worth, like, my life is not worth living. And then it was like, my management and MTV stepped in.”

At the urging of her MTV bosses, Leah checked into rehab, and she’s now been sober for nearly five years.

Leah says she’s happier and healthier than ever these days, and she’s finally reached the point where she’s in a good place with both of her baby daddies:

“I’ve definitely learned, as far as codependent relationships, being OK with just me,” she says.

“And loving myself. And being alone. You know, that’s OK. And being that role model for my girls,” Leah adds.

“I always said if there’s one thing, I wanted to give my kids the life I didn’t have. And I’m doing that.”

It may have been a rocky road, but it sounds like Leah is currently in the midst of a very happy ending.

Her memoir, Hope, Grace & Faith, hits stores May 5.

Leah messer ill never regret my abortion

Leah Messer Opens Up About Traumatic Childhood: My Mother Pressured Me to Have Sex With an Older Boy

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has a new memoir on the way, and excerpts that have already been made public have revealed that Leah’s past is even more painful than fans of the show ever realized.

In the book, Leah opens up about her addictions, stating that there were times when she was so high she didn’t even realize she was on camera.

She reveals for the first time that she aborted Jeremy Calvert’s baby and nearly took her own life afterward.

And now, in an excerpt published this week by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Leah reveals that as a young teen, she was forced by her mother to perform sex acts with an older boy.

Please be warned that the following article contains graphic descriptions of childhood sexual trauma.

1. A Painful Past

Leah messer on teen mom two
Leah Messer has always had a complicated relationship with her mother, Dawn Spears.

2. Worse Than We Thought

Dawn spears
Now, Leah is opening up for the first time about the abuse she endured during her harrowing upbringing.

3. Sharing Her Pain

Leah messer hope grace and faith
Leah’s book won’t be published until May 5, but The Ashley has obtained an advance copy and is the first to report on a traumatic childhood incident Leah describes in her debut memoir.

4. A Tumultuous Home Life

Dawn 3
Leah sets the stage by revealing that she had already lost her virginity at age 13, and her mother was going through a rough patch in her marriage with her husband Lee.

5. A Lack of Boundaries

Dawn 2
Messer says that on the nights when Lee would go out drinking, her mother would stay behind and hang out with Leah and her friends.

6. A Painful Memory

Leah messer on phone
Leah says she was often embarrassed by Dawn’s behavior, particularly on the night that she suggested the group of teens engage in a game of spin the bottle.

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Jeremy Calvert on Leah Messer’s Secret Abortion: I Don’t Really Care!

So hey, how about that big abortion bombshell Leah Messer is dropping in her new book?

We talked about it earlier this month — in an excerpt from her upcoming memoir, she revealed that when she and Jeremy Calvert were dating, she had an abortion.

We saw it on the show, but the thing then was that she called it a miscarriage.

It’s a lot of information to take in, and Leah did share several details just in that excerpt.

But how did Jeremy feel about the whole thing?

Did he know? If not, when did he find out?

Well, that’s what we’re about to figure out today, friends!

1. So Much

Leah and jeremy yet again
There’s a lot to talk about here, so let’s just cover things chronologically then we’ll break it all down, OK?

2. A Look Back

Leah and corey simms
Leah started hanging out with Corey Simms back in 2009, and at the end of that year, they welcomed their twin daughters, Ali and Gracie. They broke up for a little while after the girls were born because Leah wanted to be with her ex, but they quickly got back together, and they even got engaged!

3. Ouch

Corey simms leah messer pic
Six months after the wedding, Leah admitted to Corey that she’d slept with that same ex right before they got married, and soon after that, they got divorced, even though it was pretty clear they still had feelings for each other.

4. Ding Dang

Leah messer cries
She dated the ex for a little while again, and she dated some other dude for a few weeks, and in August of 2011, two months after her divorce was finalized, she started dating Jeremy Calvert.

5. Oh No

Leah messer and jeremy calvert picture
That December, she got pregnant, and in January of 2012, she had a miscarriage — or what she referred to as a miscarriage on Teen Mom 2.

6. Sad

Leah gets real
On the show, we saw her go to the hospital after she started cramping and bleeding. She said that she was told she was having a miscarriage, and she called Jeremy, who left work to rush home so he could be with her.

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Leah Messer: Is She Still Involved With That Creepy Cult?!

Back in October of 2019, a rumor that Leah Messer had joined a cult began to make it’s way across the social media landscape.

At first, it seemed too ridiculous to be true, but eventually, the reports were confirmed by a reliable source — Leah herself.

First, she took to Twitter and started trying to convince A-list celebrities to join Mastery in Transformational Training.

Next, Leah started trying to recruit regular folks — Teen Mom 2 fans, many of them single moms, who expressed fear about writing huge checks to an organization they’d never heard of before.

That’s when Kailyn Lowry stepped in and prevented her friend from doing any further damage.

Now we have new information on Leah’s level of involvement with MITT.

And it seems there’s some good news and some bad news …

1. Hot Messer

Leah messer calls herself a hot mess
Last year, Leah Messer joined the Mastery in Transformational Training, an organization that’s been described by many as a cult.

2. Member For Life?

Leah messer on phone
Is she still involved with the shady organization? Well, yes and no …

3. Going Hard

Leah messer drives
Leah joined the organization in October of 2019, and right from the get-go, she was a VERY enthusiastic participant.

4. Aiming High

Leah cult 2
She started off by trying to recruit A-listers like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Madonna. Needless to say, that didn’t quite pan out for her.

5. Changing Strategies

Leah messer in la
Leah eventually came to terms with the fact that no celebs would be taking the bait … and that’s when things really took a dark turn.

6. The Hard Sell

Leah cult 11
A woman named Rachel Chitwood came forward with screenshots of a conversation in which Leah encouraged her to set aside her misgivings and write a check to the MITT.

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Leah Messer: I Aborted Jeremy Calvert’s Baby and Lied About It!

Leah Messer is all set to publish her memoir next month …

… and boy, is it going to be a tough read.

She’s been promoting the book, Hope, Grace & Faith, for some time, and we’ve known from the start that it’s going to be heavy.

Now that its release is drawing near, more and more excerpts have been coming out about the Teen Mom 2 star’s past.

We’re going to talk about a few of those excerpts today, but be warned – this is seriously some pretty weighty stuff here

All of it.

1. Let’s Get Started

Leah messer on insta
There’s a lot to go over today, so let’s just get right into it, OK?

2. Hope, Grace & Faith

Leah messer speaks on teen mom 2
Leah Messer has written a book all about her life so far, and it’s being released on May 5th. It’s titled Hope, Grace & Faith — all important concepts to her, and also the middle names of her three daughters.

3. So Many Memories

Leah messer on phone
Since Leah’s been on reality TV for several years now, there’s a lot we know about her life, and we know that much of it hasn’t been easy.

4. So Much Sadness

Leah messer cries
We know that she got pregnant in high school with a guy she didn’t know that well, that they got married too soon and were too immature for it all, and that she dealt with a drug addiction a few years ago.

5. Sharing More

Leah messer on mtv picture
But the book is going to cover a lot more — there are some things we never knew about, and some things we thought we knew but turned out not to be real.

6. Honestly Though

Leah messer calls herself a hot mess
And guys … Leah’s life has been really, really hard.

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