Little People, Big World: What Can Fans Expect This Season?

They’re coming back, folks.

The Roloffs — Tori, Zach, Matt, Amy and company — are coming back this spring with new episodes and, according to an official network press release, many “big changes.”

What will these changes include?

What sort of drama is on tap?

And who will be prominently involved for the first time this season on Little People, Big World?

Scroll down for an in-depth look ahead at what’s to come on this popular reality show…

1. When Does It Return?

When does it return
Pretty important opening question, right? New episodes kick off on TLC on March 31, 2020.

2. Who Will Be Missing?

Jeremy and audrey roloff say cheeese
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are no longer full-time cast members, as they walked away from the show in the summer of 2018. But viewers CAN expect to see Jeremy, at least, in a few scenes here and there.

3. Any New Cast Members?

Caryn chandler and her man
Sort of. Caryn Chandler has appeared often on the series, of course, but boyfriend Matt Roloff has made it sound like she’ll be a regular cast member in 2020, writing on Instagram: “Well! it’s official!! The waiting is almost over.. All the new episodes of #lpbw that we’ve been working on the past 6 months will now Air in just over a month March 31st 2020 is the date little people big world will return. Catch up on everything that’s been happening in the roloff clan! On #TLC with @carynchandler1 on the show …You’re in for some good tv!!”

4. What Changes are on Tap?

Amy roloff on air
So many! “We thought we’d grow old together on this farm, but plans changed,” Amy says in a sneak peek at the episodes to come.

5. Can She Elaborate Please?

Amy roloff in season 13
Yes, Amy can. “Right now, Matt and I are doing the best we can when it comes to family things,” explained the mother of four in this same preview. “It’s not easy, but I know both Matt and I are determined to make it work well post-divorce because this is family.”

6. Will Tears Flow?

Will tears flow
Yup. At one point in this trailer, Amy opens up to Chris Marek, telling him how her farm house means a lot to her and how moving away will be tough.

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The Roloffs Take Disney: Inside Their Fun Family Vacation!

The Roloffs are generally known for being a happy family.

They’ve risen to popularity mostly because they seem genuine and loving, not due to any in-fighting or any scandals that have afflicted the family over the years.

So it’s only appropriate that a bunch of them just went to the Happiest Place on Earth, right?

“Creating some magic at the happiest place on earth!!” wrote Tori as a caption to some of the photos below, which also include Zach, their two young kids, Matt Roloff and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Added Matt:

“That feeling of celebration you get when you get the random draw ticket to get on the newest ride at Disneyland!”

We’ve collected a number of photos from the fun vacation below. 

Click through them now!

1. We’re All Ears!

Were all ears
Mickey Mouse Club, Mickey Mouse Club… these Roloffs (and Caryn) are clearly proud members of this beloved club.

2. Just. So. Precious.

Just so precious
Be still, our hearts! Jackson would be adorable enough just in these sunglasses, but he’s holding Lilah as well!

3. In His Element

In his element
Jackson is just chillin, enjoying some sun and also the Happiest Place on Earth.

4. Yup, Caryn Chandler Was There

Yup caryn chandler was there
Caryn Chandler joined the trip, which makes sense to us because she’s basically a member of the family. But some critics out there have taken issue.

5. To Infinity… and Then Beyond!

To infinity and then beyond
Pretty clear who Jackson’s favorite Pixar character is, right? No one tell Woody.

6. Nice to Meet You, Buzz

Nice to meet you buzz
Buzz, Jackson. Jackson, Buzz. How very nice for you two to finally meet!

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Amy Roloff and Chris Marek: Wedding Abruptly Postponed!

Back in September, Amy Roloff became engaged to Chris Marek. Fans had been waiting for this happy news, and everyone has celebrated.

But the wedding date, Amy has now revealed, has been pushed back. Why? And when will they get married?

“What changed my life in 2019?” Amy asked rhetorically in a New Year’s Eve Instagram post. “When Chris asked me to marry him.”

“I couldn’t be happier in my second act!” she exclaimed.

She gushed that she was “looking forward to what 2020 may bring.”

However, Amy has now revealed that one thing that she won’t be doing this year is tying the knot with Chris.

Looking forward to 2020 doesn’t mean that her wedding date is set for this year — much to the surprise of those closest to her.

Recently, Amy went on Instagram Live with her friend, Lisa Dixon.

There, she revealed that her plans to marry Chris have been pushed back to 2021.

Lisa was shocked, saying: “I thought you had a date picked out for next year?”

“Oh no, that wasn’t going to work, no way,” Amy explained.

She then told Lisa and the wole world: “so 2021 is when it’s going to happen.”

Was there some sort of personal or family drama that is preventing them from marrying this year?

Fortunately, no. The obstacle is much more practical.

“There’s like no money left in my bank account,” Amy explains, though she is hopefully exaggerating.

Continuing to be less than literal, she adds: “The money is literally flying out the doors!”

What cost her so much money? Why, shopping for the holidays.

Amy and her family celebrate Christmas, and it looks like she spent a lot on her kids, grandkids, and more.

Fans don’t actually need to worry about their favorite star’s finances.

We recently reported on Amy Roloff’s net worth and she is doing just fine for herself.

Of course, net worth isn’t the same thing as having money in the bank, but Amy made it clear that she was exaggerating.

All of us — whether we’re millionaire reality stars or living paycheck to paycheck or in between — put off big expenses out of an abundance of caution.

In addition to becoming engaged to Chris, Amy also recently moved off of Roloff Farms and into her new house.

“It’s been an adventure so far, definitely another BIG change in my life,” Amy wrote.

She reflected: “After 30 years living on 33+ acres, and really not sure how to feel about it all.”

“It might all hit me later but what I do know, this change was necessary, ” Amy acknowledged. 

“It’ll take time getting use to- living in a neighborhood,” she confessed, “being in a new house and making it a home.”

“I’m ready though and I like my new house,” Amy emphasized.

“In the meantime I’m fortunate, after 30 years living on the farm,” she added, noting that she has “til end of January, to purge and completely move out my things.”

“And Keep what I really want and / or need from the farmhouse and take to the new house,” Amy noted. “Whew!”

“Purging is the tough part and a good thing at the same time,” Amy wrote.

She priased: “Chris has been wonderful helping me do projects at the new house too.”

“Couldn’t have done it without him,” Amy expressed.

2020 has just begun, but 2021 will be here before we know it. We’re so happy for Amy and Chris.

Tori and Zach Roloff Confirm Baby Lilah is a Little Person

About one month ago, Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed baby Lilah Roloff, a welcome and precious addition to the family.

In a special new video, Tori and Zach gush over their daughter, and confirm that she, like Zach, is a little person.

Baby lilah

“Hey guys,” Zach begins in a recent video, which we have included for your convenience.

He announces: “We’re here to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Lilah Ray Roloff.”

Tori explains the (beautiful!) naming choice, saying: “I think I just always loved the name Lilah.”

Zach chimes in, saying that “Tori had to sell me on the name Lilah.”

Tori with kids

“Ray,” Tori continues, “is my dad’s middle name. And also, my grandfather’s name was Raymond.”

Adding further details about the birth, Tori says that Lilah “came two days before our scheduled C-section, technically a week and a half early.”

The two talk about the “rush” and excitement of giving birth, including the labor, which is not quite how everyone would describe it.

Then, they get into confirming that Lilah is also a little person like Zach and Jackson, and also confirming details of her dwarfism.

Lilah roloff

“Lilah has achondroplasia,” Zach announces on camera. 

“So,” he continues, “we’re two-for-two on that front.”

Tori chimes in: “Batting a thousand.”

Both adoring parents note how strongly baby Lilah resembles Jackson when he was a newborn.

Meeting little lilah

Lilah, Jackson, and Zach Roloff each have achondroplasia, just like Zach’s mother, Amy Roloff.

Very simply, achondroplasia results in shorter bone growth and sometimes a smaller-than-average face because of limited skull growth.

It is a hereditary condition. Amy has suffered very few complications over her achondroplasia.

In contrast, Matt Roloff has the degenerative diastrophic dysplasia. Complications caused him to have 15 surgical operations as a child.

Lilah roloff picture

This news was actually leaked before the doting parents got to make the announcement.

In early November, two weeks before Lilah was born, Amy Roloff accidentally revealed the news.

She mentioned that the couple’s still unborn daughter would have achondroplasia like she, Zach, and Jackson have.

We’re sure that there are no hard feelings over the leak. Amy just let her grandmaternal pride get the best of her. That’s so sweet.


Accommodating a child with physical disabilities can be a challenge for parents. 

Fortunately, the entire Roloff family is well versed in the needs and obstacles surrounding a little person of any age.

From grandpa Matt to little Lilah to cute little Jackson, they’ve made sure that everyone is safe and that things are accessible.

And Zach has made it clear that his height isn’t an obstacle to doing what he wants in life, including sports.

Baby roloff is here see the pics read the reactions

In the video, you can see how deeply enamored Tori and Zach have already become with their newborn.

Tori marvels at how “easy” Lilah is as a baby, as she had been warned that the second baby was sometimes of a less agreeable disposition.

Zach of course begins teasing a third child, causing Tori to remark that he would have to be the one to carry and birth baby #3.

You know what? That sounds fair to us.

Tori and zach roloff confirm baby lilah is a little person