The Real Housewives of New York City is Unrecognizable Without Tinsley Mortimer

This season, Tinsley Mortimer stunned fans by quitting The Real Housewives of New York City. Her own castmates could not believe it.

Bravo has just released a new promo, revealing unprecedented midseason changes in light of Tinsley’s departure.

Tinsley Mortimer walked off of the show, choosing her chance at love over her Apple and the Big Apple itself.

Her midseason departure for Chicago was quite the shake up.

Now, Bravo is giving viewers a glimpse at how different the rest of Season 12 will be, starting with the taglines — changed for the first time in franchise history.

Dorinda Medley announces her new tagline first.

“Like a mint in my mouth, I can be a bit fresh,” she teases.

That’s a fun play on the word fresh — and, given her behavior this season, appropriate.

We say that it is appropriate because Dorinda has gotten dark this season.

While we know that she has a lot going on in her personal life, she has seemed like a season villain.

Perhaps we’ll see her antagonistic streak come to an end … or maybe she has scarcely begun.

Up next is Sonja Morgan.

“I’m no one’s arm candy,” she quips, “I’m the whole bowl of sugar.”

That is a genuinely good line, actually.

It is also very fitting, because Sonja had a mini-meltdown earlier this season.

As viewers may recall, she was outraged at the suggestion that she was ever her former husband’s trophy wife.

Rather, she very loudly emphasized, they were partners.

Then comes Ramona Singer, who has had drama both on and off screen this season.

“So what if I’m self-involved, who else should I be involved with?” she asks.

That’s a little mouthy, but sure.

RHONY‘s most prominent herbo has seemingly had tunnel vision in recent months when it comes to nationwide protests.

This has led her into conflict with fans and also with one castmate in particular.

It has fallen on Leah’s youthful shoulders to set Ramona straight when it comes to the importance of Black Lives Matter.

Leah McSweeney is appropriately up next.

“I’ll say sorry for what I’ve done but never for who I am,” Leah declares.

That’s a great motto by which to live, actually.

It is a fitting saying for Leah, who had a troubled past but is now a wise, relatable woman.

She is a newcomer but has been widely praised by viewers as a fresh voice of reason on the show.

But she’s not so reasonable that she hasn’t stripped naked and yeeted some tiki torches like javelins.

Speaking of drunken mistakes, next up is the erstwhile Countess.

Luann de Lesseps announces: “I rise above the drama and won’t settle for the lower level.”

Another extra wordy one, but at least lower level is alliterative, Luann.

Luann has had her struggles with alcohol … struggles that she now says are behind her.

We mention this because we suspect that at some point in the not-so-distant future, she and Leah may have a “disagreement.”

Why? Because Leah just reached a milestone in her sobriety journey.

“It’s been a trippy 90 Days,” Leah captioned this photo as she shared it on Instagram this week.

No, she’s not part of 90 Day Fiance. Rather, she is revealing that she received her three month chip for remaining sober.

That is an exciting milestone for her — one that may clearly change her behavior when she (hopefully) films for Season 13.

Leah was not the only one having fun at the nude earlier this season.

But she was noticeably wild while under the influence.

She also recovered much better than some of her castmates did the next day, and repaid her host by cleaning the kitchen.

Housewives don’t have to be drunk to be entertaining.

Leah clearly chose the pandemic lockdown as a time to become sober — for many, it was difficult to safely continue drinking.

We applaud her efforts and wish her the best on whatever path she continues to choose for herself.

The real housewives of new york city will be so different withou

Dorinda Medley Explodes at Tinsley Mortimer: Are You SCARED of Me, Bish?!

As Leah McSweeney keeps dealing with the fallout from Ramona Singer’s wild party, another feud has been boiling over.

Dorinda Medley thinks that Tinsley Mortimer is scared s–tless of her. Is she right?

On this week’s The Real Housewives of New York City, Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer decided to talk things out.

They both know that they have their differences but they want to handle it with franchise-defying maturity.

Unfortunately, they hit a roadblock before the talk could even begin.

Dorinda wanted to have Leah McSweeney as a sort of mediator there, but Tinsley did not see the need.

Leah (who is such a good addition to the cast, you guys) told Dorinda that she didn’t see it that way.

As you can see in the clip that we have included, she explained to Dorinda — who had been drinking — that the lattter can be “intimidating.”

Dorinda initially protested and then, on impulse, shared Leah’s words with Tinsley … and some creative additions of her own.

She told Tinsley: “Leah said you’re intimidated by me.”

Suddenly, instead of mediating a frank discussion of their differences, Leah was a witness — and unintentional instigator.

At Luan de Lesseps’ comedy show (my goodness, that woman loves to be on stage), alcohol and feuding created a perfect storm.

Dorinda and Tinsley devolved into a screaming match over layers of nothing more than an alcohol-fueled misunderstanding.

It’s hard to say if this is really any one person’s fault. It was almost inevitable.

These two have been having issues all season.

Dorinda previously speculated that Tinsley has not been entirely truthful with the group.

Of particular interest to Dorinda was Tinsley’s claims about her dating life.

Right now, it seems like they’re just clashing at every opportunity, and using any excuse to go off on each other.

The funniest part of that incident, by far, was when Ramona Singer popped over to ask if she was intimidating.

She received a firm but amused “no.”

Speaking of Ramona and of interpersonal conflicts, Leah explained to her that she’s still having issues with her mother.

Ramona suggested that the best way to make up would be a bouquet of her mom’s favorite flowers accompanied by an in-person apology.

But we don’t mean to dance around Luann’s comedy show.

There, she had teamed up with her ex, Jacques.

This turned deeply awkward when it came to Luann telling a joke about sleeping (or not sleeping) with a pirate years earlier.

Luann insisted that she “never f–ked the pirate” while dating Jacques, but that’s not what Sonja Morgan heard from the pirate himself.

Speaking of easily avoidable mistakes, Luann took one sip of Ramona’s vodka and decided that she can totally start drinking again.

Dorinda actually thought that this was a good idea, that it would relieve the pressure that Luann is experiencing over not drinking.

There are, for the record, lines of thought that say that 12-step forever-quitting programs do more harm than good and don’t work for everyone.

While some people who have struggled with alcoholism can later drink in moderation, not everyone felt that Luann was one of those people.

Rhony 12 elyse slaine claim

Elyse Slaine, the friend of the group who continues to have one of the best names that we have ever seen, begged to disagree.

She viewed Luann’s situation as black and white. Either she’s in AA or she’s not.

And, if Luann is in AA, then no, she cannot drink, not at all.

Dorinda basically told Elyse to stuff it.

Rhony 12 sonja morgan speaks

Then, poor Sonja Morgan got news that her fashion line isn’t doing as well as she would have hoped.

(She has reportedly been losing money on that for years, unfortunately)

She’s trying to stay positive and hoping that it will pick up in time. And hey, it could happen.

But her fashion show didn’t bring in the new sales that she had hoped to see. Poor Sonja.

Dorinda medley explodes at tinsley mortimer are you scared of me

Ramona Singer’s House Trashed By Thirsty, Topless Real Housewives in Possibly the Drunkest Episode Ever

Last week, The Real Housewives of New York City went wild touring a mansion. That, it turns out, was nothing.

This week, the Housewives partied hard at Ramona’s house … and ended up totally trashing the place. That is not where vibrators go!

rhony hamptons party trashed 03

On this week’s RHONY, Ramona has some gripes about playing host … and her guests have some complaints of their own.

Ramona is eager to meet a man, which is a recurring issue in the episode.

Meanwhile, Luann is wildly thirsty.

She’s big horny for a couple of men in this episode, whether they’re playing tennis or grooming dogs … and her?

rhony hamptons party trashed 01

More importantly, Luann fesses up how difficult it was to resist drinking while at the mansion party with the girls.

Sonja, who drank enough for both of them, praises her for her honest and self-accountability.

“I’m so proud of where Luann is now, that she can be open and honest with us again,” Sonja remarks.

The time for the party arrives, and so does Jeff, whom Ramona fancies for his skills making lasagna and as a “… pianist.”

rhony hamptons party trashed 02

Once the sun has set, the ladies go wild.

Sonja and Leah helping each other to drink was quite a sight and, frankly, some serious meme-bait.

Leah, Tinsley, and Sonja hop into the pool, and one by one, they go topless — exclaiming praise when Tinsley bares har tatas.

They even try to wrangle Luann into the pool with them.

rhony hamptons party trashed 04

Wild that it’s only episode four and they’re already baring so many boobs, but good for them for having fun and showering each other with praise.

(Reminder, yelling praise at somebodies boobs is great at a party when they’re topless, but not appropriate for work)

While Luann passed on joining the pool party, that may have been for the best.

That way she could at least avoid blame for the tossed and damaged tiki torches, which would be important the next day.

rhony hamptons party trashed 05

Now, Leah’s top was a little see through, to the point where Dorinda (cowardly!) pressured her into putting on a corset.

Ramona actually up and leaves her own party for a while, which gets her dragged a little by her guests.

This quickly moves to Leah telling the ladies that they are more than their ex-husbands’ last names.

Leah also gets a little more wild, which Tinsley concludes may explain why there was a time when Leah did not drink at all.

rhony hamptons party trashed 06

Leah and Sonja really had some charming, if wildly drunken, bonding with each other.

It’s all very touchy-feely, in that drunk folks often touch and feel one another because their prefontal cortexes aren’t inhibiting them.

To everyone’s collective discomfort, we also saw Sonja on the toilet with the door open.

If you don’t close the door, the bathroom is not your sanctuary from the cameras — it’s your stage.

rhony hamptons party trashed 07

The next day, Ramona awoke to an absolute disaster zone.

She was particularly distressed about the tiki torches getting trashed.

Sure, they’re easy to replace, especially when you’re a wealthy Real Housewife.

But it’s so disrespectful, you know? Yes,e ven if you were drunk.

rhony hamptons party trashed 08

And then there was the kitchen, which was a full-on disaster zone of dishes and food.

It’s great that people had a good time, of course, but it looked like things got a little too wild.

Case in point: there was a vibrator sitting in a chicken dish.

That is, for the record, not where vibrators go.

rhony hamptons party trashed 09

Leah, perhaps feeling guilty for her role in the tiki torch tossing the night before, got up and gave the kitchen a speedy clean.

Ramona was onto her, but she appreciated it as a smart move.

To her credit, Ramona was pretty relaxed about the chaos.

The Real Housewives of NYC Trailer: You Guys are Hot F-ckin’ Messes!

The ladies are back, folks.

Or, to be more accurate, the ladies are about to be back.

And they’re bringing all the drama, all the emotions and all the outrage back with them.

Bravo has released the first extended trailer for The Real Housewives of New York City, which will not feature Bethenny Frankel on Season 12, following that veteran star’s shocking departure.

Fear not, however.

There will still be plenty of fighting, arguing, drinking and scandalous action, a great deal of which will emanate from new cast member Leah McSweeney.

In this trailer, we see the stars referred to as “hot f-ckin messes,” as the camera quickly cuts around to various scenes that prove just why they’re worthy of such a classification.

There’s Luann de Lesseps, for example, screaming “f-ck you!” to Sonja Morgan, while Dorinda Medley goes off on Ramona Singer, deLesseps and McSweeney.

Elsewhere, Tinsley Mortimer will find herself in the scalding hot seat when she reunites with Scott Kluth and decides to move to Chicago to be with him.

de Lesseps — who entered an alcohol treatment center after her 2017 arrest for battery, trespassing and disorderly intoxication — is also seen drinking again in the preview, after completing the terms of her probation.

She doesn’t seem too fazed by this arrest or too concerned with any attempt at staying sober.

“Oh, it tastes so good!” Luann explains after slurping down some vodka.

As for McSweeney?

She’s friends with Mortimer, is the mother of a 12-year old, is a native New Yorker and a successful businesswoman… who often speaks her mind.

“We have a new girlfriend, who’s lovely,” Sonja remarks in the video. “I think she’s a classy girl… kinda rough on the edges.”

Ramona, for her part, will be experiencing some pretty major growing pains.

After selling the apartment she once shared with her ex-husband, Mario, this long-time cast member heads to counseling to work through letting go of her old life.

She’s also still “dating and skating,” as she notes.

What about Sonja, whose lifestyle brand is taking off? She smashes a mirror, falls out of a chair and relieves herself inside a corn maze… all in a matter of seconds in this promo.

Dorinda is still trying to figure out things with her longtime boyfriend, John Mahdessian, and is also still clashing with, basically, everyone.

When Ramona and Sonja try to help Dorinda deal with what they perceive to be anger issues at one point, group tensions escalate to an all-time high.

We’re not exaggerating, either.

The Real Housewives of New York City’s new season premieres Thursday, April 2, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Check out the wild first trailer now!

The real housewives of new york city trailer you guys are hot f

Luann de Lesseps GRILLED by Costars in RHONY Season 11 Reunion Trailer!

The Real Housewives of New York City fans know the yearly reunion special is our last chance to see the cast get dressed to the nines and totally flip out on each other. 

Bethenny Frankel’s brush with death stole the show during the Real Housewives of New York City season 11 finale.

But it looks like it’ll be Luann versus everybody in the reunion.

The teaser trailer for the three-part RHONY season 11 reunion special was just released, and it looks like it’ll be as full of drama as we could hope.

This teaser plays it by the book with a dizzying array of rapid cuts, never showing us more than a couple seconds of footage at a time.

But we’ve definitely seen plenty of juicy moments to look forward to.

Most of these moments involve pretty much every other housewife airing their beef with Luann de Lesseps.

“You’ll all attack me later,” Luann says, already prepared for the coming onslaught.

“Get on your boxing gloves, it’s fine,” she adds.

One of the main gripes the girls have with Luann concerns her very public stuggle with sobriety.

Luann was arrested in 2017 for disorderly intoxication (among other crimes), and almost went back to jail when she failed an alcohol test in May.

“As you know, I slipped,” Luann admits in the trailer.  And the housewives are here to call her out for it. 

“You failed yourself,” says Ramona Singer, pointing an accusatory finger at the countess.

“Give me a break,” Luann protests.

“I’m not gonna give you a f—ing break!” Ramona snaps back at her.

At one point Barbara Kavovit dismisses Luann’s vocal talents.

“I mean you’re not Adele, Luann,” Barbara points out.

It’s a low blow for Luann, who is passionate about her work as a cabaret singer. 

“Take that and shove it up your ass,” Luann claps back.

We can expect to see Dorinda Medley check Luann on her notorious fish room freakout.

“How dare you put me in the fish room?!” Dorinda wails mockingly.

Bethenny sure got a kick out of that one. 

The accompanying press release also mentions an argument between Bethenny and Luann over whether she was being followed by paparazzi.

Clearly Luann had a particularly messy year, but fans can expect the other housewives to get their moments in the spotlight as well.

Bethenny will address the recent death of erstwhile boyfriend Dennis Shields.

Dennis died of an apparent drug overdose in August, and Bethenny has understandably been struggling with the loss.

During the reunion, Bethenny will tearfully confront Ramona for her insensitive comments about Dennis’ death.

“Oh gosh, that’s terrible,” Ramona admits in the trailer.

We will also see Bethenny come for Tinsley Mortimer because she doesn’t actually live in New York!

“You don’t live in New York,” Bethenny reminds Tinsley pointedly, “let’s just not get it twisted.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Tinsley argues.

“It does matter!” Bethenny retorts.

The drama level is high for all the girls, but it looks like fans can expect some lighthearted moments too.

At one point, we’ll get to see Luann literally kiss Bethenny’s ass as she shakes it in the countess’ face.

And we know at some point Ramona will abruptly flee the set, saying she has to pee.

“I didn’t want a s–t-show!” exclaims a frustrated Ramona in the teaser.

Well, we did, Ramona. And looks like we’re going to get it!

The Real Housewives of New York City season 11 reunion special airs July 11th on Bravo.

Luann de lesseps grilled by costars in rhony season 11 reunion t

The Real Housewives of New York Finale Recap: Bethenny Frankel Has a Brush With Death

Thursday’s season finale of The Real Housewives of New York was a horrifying one for Bethenny Frankel. 

If you keep up with all things Bethenny Frankel, then you probably know about her near-death experience back in December. 

The Skinnygirl founder revealed back then she was minutes from dying after suffering a severe allergic reaction to a soup that contained fish. 

She said at the time that she immediately began to feel itchy and even went unconscious. 

Simply put, it was a scary time for her and everyone who loved her. The season finale went into a lot of detail when it caught up with December’s events. 

“I got back from being in Boston with my boyfriend yesterday, and the two prior days, I spent in ICU in Boston because I had an anaphylactic shock incident,” Bethenny admitted.

“Paul brought me a hot miso soup. Miso itself doesn’t have fish in it, [but] this particular miso soup had bonito in it, which is this type of fish flakes.”

“I have had a severe fish allergy my entire life,” she explained.

“Paul left to get the Benadryl, and he came back three minutes later, and I was unconscious. He managed to get Benadryl and water down my throat and call 9-1-1.”

“Paul saved my life,” Bethenny revealed with tears in her eyes.

“He was trying to act like everything was okay, but his face, his eyes, he looked so worried. But he was keeping it together. He was totally calm.”

Bethenny called Sonja Morgan, and she struggled to keep it together. 

“I’m home. It was brutal,” Bethenny told her pal.

“I just drank a cup of hot soup, and it’s happened before where I feel a little itchy or bumpy, and then I felt my hands get really swollen. Like, they just got super tight. And Paul was like, ‘Do you want me to get you a Benadryl?'”

“Paul was like seeing if I was breathing, and I was drooling,” she continued of the incident.

“I was in the ambulance, and they jammed like this rocket pen in my leg. I got to the ER, and then I heard the guy say if it had been five more minutes that I would’ve passed away.”

“It was just like not real. And then they were like, ‘You’re going to the ICU.’ And if no one was with me, I would’ve been dead. That’s what’s freaking me out — if I was alone. I don’t wanna be alone now.”

Later, Bethenny told her driver that she felt the presence of Dennis Shields while she was going through the harrowing ordeal. 

“Do you wanna hear the craziest thing ever?” she said.

“So when I was going to the emergency room, like in the middle of all the craziness, I felt Dennis pulling at me. I didn’t think it; I felt it. I felt that he was pulling me.”

“But now, I’m done with him,” she added, confirming that she is ready to move on. 

“I talk about him too much. I bring him up, I bring up his sayings, I bring up everything. I’m done. It’s over. That is over. Let me be. You go be where you are, and I’m gonna stay here.”

She added in a confessional:

“I’ll always love Dennis. I talk about him, I think about him every single day, but he always wanted me to be happy, ultimately. He would always say to me, ‘You will find someone who will love you and treat you the way that you deserve to be treated.’ It was some sort of closure with Dennis. ‘I’m not going with you.'”

Elsewhere, the rest of the installment focused on Luann’s cabaret show, and how she invited the ladies to her show, only to whisk them away. 

But the drama did not actually stem from that. Dorinda started to wonder where the eff Tinsley was getting her money. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York online, you know that Tinsley and Scott broke up a while ago. 

Dorinda thought there was more to the story than Tinsley was letting on, so she cornered her to ask where she was getting her money. 

As expected, Tinsley was livid but did not tell the ladies anything aside from that she and Scott were definitely over. 

That’s a storyline that will likely continue next season. 

What did you think of the finale?

Hit the comments below. 

Luann de Lesseps BLASTS Bethenny Frankel: I Don’t Owe You My Life!!

It looks like things still haven’t improved much since Bethenny lashed out at Luann.

This week, the Skinnygirl founder went on Watch What Happens Live, and the former Countess’ ongoing sobriety battle definitely came up.

Luann watched … and was so furious that she took to Twitter to share her outrage in a series of blistering tweets.

Speaking with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Bethenny Frankel spoke about Luann de Lesseps’ battle for sobriety.

“I went all in,” Bethenny says of her erstwhile role in Luann’s health strugle. “I got her rehab paid for.”

Which made what went down between the two of them in Miami so shocking for her.

“So,” Bethenny explained. “I just felt like, ‘What the hell are you doing? Like, who are you? How are you so not self-aware?’”

“Even right after that moment,” Bethenny recalled. “She was like, ‘Well I’ve been going through a lot.’”

“I don’t want to be like, ‘I’ve been going through a lot, but I’ve been through a little bit this year.’”

Bethenny played a major role in Luann’s intervention in the summer of 2018, after her brief but serious relapse.

But when Luann started drinking again in May of this year, Bethenny says that she was not in the loop.

On Watch What Happens Live, she told Andy Cohen that she doesn’t know “what’s going on.”

“I think she’s doing the best that she can. …” Bethenny speculated.

“She’s shooting videos and doing her cabaret,” she added. “So she seems fine.”

Seems fine … but she doesn’t actually know.

“I’m out, you know what I mean?” Bethenny shared.

That said, it’s not like she no longer cares.

She adds: “But I would do it again if something really bad happened.”

“I like the distance from the situation,” Bethenny explains.

Luann saw that interview … and was positively fuming on social media.

“I don’t owe Bethenny Frankel my life,” Luann tweeted furiously.

The former countess added that “friends are there help each other out.:

In case there was any doubt, Luann then added the hashtag: “#WWHL”

That’s not a subtweet — because Bethenny’s name is right there in plain letters. See for yourself:

Luann doesn't owe Bethenny Frankel her life

Luann had even more to say after this callout.

“Friends don’t keep tabs,” Luann expressed in a subsequent tweet, also including the tag “#WWHL.”

She was clearly peeved with what she interpreted as Bethenny’s feeling that she owed her a debt.

“You don’t help someone and throw it in their face,” Luann tweeted.

This time, she used the tag: “#RHONY.” She wanted to reach a wide audience with her words.

Bethenny Frankel certainly had a hard time over the past year or so.

Remember, she lost her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Dennis Shields.

While that was certainly what drove her blow-up at Luann and the meltdown that followed on the show, that’s not the only factor.

Bethenny is also fighting a painful, intense custody battle with her awful ex-husband, Jason Hoppy.

She has a lot of stress on her.

We don’t think that she feels that Luann owes her a debt for helping her.

But she clearly wishes that Luann were a little more aware of other people.

The Real Housewives of New York Recap: Sonja Morgan Faceplants at Dinner!

Sonja Morgan’s drunken adventure in Miami continued on Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York. 

We picked up in the immediate aftermath of Sonja falling to the ground after telling Bethenny she would “knock her out.”

In her trip to the floor, she hit her head on the dining room table, leaving Bethenny Frankel, Dorinda Medley, Barbara Kavovit, and Tinsley Mortimer worried that she hurt herself. 

The ladies rushed over, and Sonja was still mumbling obscenities, but she did kiss Bethenny on the cheek. But the Skinnygirl founder kept asking if Sonja hurt herself. 

When Barbara confirmed Sonja hit her head, the paramedics were called by Bethenny. 

“You just hear horror stories: ‘Oh, someone fell and then died in the middle of the night,'” Bethenny explained.

“So I want the paramedics here because I need to know with 100 percent absolute certainty that Sonja is okay.”

“I just wanna kiss Bethenny!” Sonja said as she awaited the ambulance. 

“I know, I know, I know,” Bethenny said back. “Big night. It’s a big night.”

Sonja then took aim at Bethenny for ruining her good time, or something. 

Bethenny was shocked when Sonja started checking out her ass. 

“Your ass is amazing!” Sonja yelled as she kissed Bethenny’s butt. “Oh, my God. It’s an amazing ass!” she continued. 

Yes, really!

While all of this was going down, Tinsley and Ramona left the house to hit the town. 

That’s what you do when Bravo is footing the bill for drinks, it seems. 

“Get in, bitch!” Sonja shouted at Bethenny, telling her to get under the covers with her. 

“How many fingers am I holding up?” Bethenny asked as she held up three fingers. 

“Three!” Sonja replied.

“Who is the president?” Bethenny asked. “Uh, Clinton?” Sonja said, adding:

“Oh! That f–king Trump guy!”

When the paramedics arrived, Sonja’s drunken antics were kicked up a notch. 

“These guys are hot!” Sonja said loudly to Bethenny, who agreed. “Can you check her, too?!” Sonja asked one of them. 

“That is not appropriate,” Bethenny replied, clearly embarrassed by what was going on. 

“Do you take any medications on a daily basis?” one of the guys asked Sonja.

“No, but I am allergic to dust mites,” she replied.

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York online, you know that Luann de Lesseps previously claimed that Sonja was taking drugs. 

Bethenny admitted in a confessional that she was “very relieved to hear that Sonja’s pupils don’t appear to look like she’s taking anything” and that she was excited to “shove that straight up Luann’s ass because it’s a really horrible accusation.”

Luann knew all about the incident but was still mad at the way Sonja spoke to her at dinner. 

“Barbara came, and she told me the paramedics were there, and after everything that she said to me, I just can’t look at Sonja right now. It was so hurtful, I just can’t move,” Luann admitted to the Bravo cameras. 

“After Sonja said some devastating things to me last night, nobody’s checking on me to see how I’m doing. Is anybody checking on me? ‘Are you okay, Lu?’ Did I bring a bottle of vodka back to my room? Which God knows I wanted to.”

But why did Luann think that Sonja was pestering her?

“I think they have a problem with my success, is the problem,” Luann told a stunned Ramona the next morning. 

“Ohhh, I don’t think so,” Ramona replied as she tried to refrain from laughing in her friend’s face.

“I think that they feel that your attitude to the group is that you have this aloof, condescending [attitude].”

Luann maintained her stance, however, even though Ramona said on multiple occasions that it was not correct. 

The countess added that she felt like Sonja was “spiraling into darkness” and that she would benefit from an AA meeting. 

“I’m worried about you,” Luann later told Sonja.

“It’s not normal that you faceplant at a dinner table. Do you understand?”

But Sonja was not about to accept defeat. Instead, she went on the offensive. 

“Oh, really? You who fall in the bushes?” Sonja shot back.

“Yes, but at least I own it! I know I have an issue with drinking,” Luann replied.

Sonja said that she recognized she drank a bit too much and that she needs to “reign it in,” but she did not think Luann was genuine about her concerns. 

“I don’t think you’re worried about me at all!” she said.

“Why did you complain to the girls? Why didn’t you just say to me, ‘You know what, Sonja? I think you’re a little manic and you’re taking pills.’ I don’t need you saying that to people! If I went around saying that about you, you’d be in jail!”

Luann ultimately said that she would go to Sonja with her concerns in the future. 

This will not last!

What did you think of the episode?

Hit the comments below. 

RHONY continues Wednesday on Bravo. 

Luann de Lesseps: Ordered Back to Prison After Drinking Again

Earlier this year, there were eports that Luann de Lesseps was ditching probation requirements to pursue her own interests.

That was alarming all by itself.

On Thursday morning, a Florida judge ordered that Luann be taken into custody for violating the terms of her probation.

This time, there was more to it than falling behind on some of the paperwork included in the terms of her freedom.

This time, she fell off the wagon — again — without setting foot in a rehab facility.

We’d love to crack a “Money Can’t Buy You Class” joke here, folks, but this sounds serious.

Luann is in a lot of trouble. See for yourself:

UPDATE: Against all odds, Luann’s case took a turn for the better. See the details below:

1. Luann de Lesseps Season 10 Pic

Luann de lesseps season 10 pic
Luann de Lesseps talks to the camera here during Season 10 of The Real Housewives of New York City.

2. Luann is still on probation

Luann de lesseps mug shot
On Christmas Eve of 2017, she was determined to be drunk and disorderly while trespassing, and allegedly kicked a police officer. She was extremely lucky to get probation.

3. But it looks like her freedom has been curtailed

Luann de lesseps in cowboy hat
On the morning of Thursday, May 23, a judge ordered that Luann de Lesseps return to custody.

4. Apparently, she screwed up

Luann de lesseps a selfie
The court found that she had allegedly violated the terms of her probation.

5. Had she just stopped caring?

Luann de lesseps is looking good
The judge was of the opinion that Luann was not taking the conditions of her freedom seriously. You see this with probation cases sometimes, where someone slowly slips back into living their old life because the fear of prison becomes a memory.

6. The court was alarmed by two things

Luann de lesseps premiere pic
One, she tested positive for alcohol.

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The Real Housewives of New York Recap: Bethenny Frankel Lashes Out at LuAnn de Lesseps!

Bethenny Frankel has had enough. 

Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City found her confronting someone she helped save not too long ago. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online, you know that Bethenny was instrumental in helping co-star Luann de Lesseps realize she needed to seek help for alcohol abuse. 

Bethenny revealed during the new installment that she thought Luann was being obnoxious, and not caring about any of the other ladies. She also took aim at her cabaret show. 

Bethenny was not impressed to learn that Luann was bashing her for leaving her cabaret show early. The show in question went ahead hours late, and Luann did not tell her co-stars about it being late. 

To everyone, Bethenny showed up for as long as she could. Luann, on the other hand, could not say a nice word about Bethenny. 

Luann said that she wished Bethenny would have stayed for the show. 

“I mean, I love you, but I was there for three hours. I had to let my babysitter go,” Frankel replied said, before going for the jugular.

“[Dorinda] told me you said, ‘Why is she leaving to go home and watch Bryn sleep?'”

“Well, because I imagine a child at 8 years old by 11:30 is sleeping,” Luann shot back.

“Right, but then guess what? Tomorrow’s school,” Bethenny added.

“So I would like to watch her wake up. And also, I don’t have a nanny. I have a housekeeper that I have babysit, so I don’t like to keep her there until 1 o’clock in the morning if she has to be there the next day.”

Luann went on to say that Bethenny was there for her when she needed it, in her sad times, but she also wanted her to be there during the happy times. 

“Luann, I’m a mother of an 8-year-old in third grade. It’s Halloween. I was trick-or-treating after school,” Bethenny said.  “Really, hear me. I need you to actually receive this. I’m a mom, I come home…”

“I know that. I’m a mom, too. Don’t talk to me like I’m not a mom! I know what it is,” Luann yelled. 

Bethenny wanted Luann to understand that her kids were not 8, but Luann said they once were. 

“You told me when we were in Miami for Art Basel that I should just get somebody to take care of my kid at night when I don’t wanna do that,” Bethenny fired back.

“Well, yeah,” Luann complained. “When you wanna go out, sure.”

“But I don’t wanna go out at 11:30 at night!” Bethenny said, completely shocked at the way Luann was acting. “I wouldn’t go see Madonna at 11:30 at night!”

“You always say you have to get home for Bryn. At 11 o’clock at night, the child is sleeping!” Lu continued.

“But I have to wake up with her to make her breakfast and take her to school!” B shouted.

“This is my life. You’re doing your cabaret and your life, and I respect that. I was there supporting that. I’m living my life, and you’re not supporting it by saying to somebody, ‘She left to watch her daughter sleep.’ This is my life the way that I’m living it right now.”

“Who do you think you are?!” Bethenny screamed in a confessional. “This is how I’m choosing to do this as a single mom, and I don’t like to be f–ked with on it — at all!”

Ugh. That was wild. 

What are your thoughts on the argument?

RHONY continues Wednesdays on Bravo.