Keep Your 2019 Resolutions With These Celebrity Wellness & Diet Tips!

Ever wondered how Cindy Crawford seems to look better and better with time? Or how Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce and Vanessa Hudgens appear to stay ridiculously good-looking and camera-ready no matter the angle, lighting, or frame?! Related: Kim Kardashian Asks For Help As Psoriasis Has ‘Taken Over’ Her Body These ladies […]

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Nicki Minaj Fans Are The Worst! Becky G Is Selena! AND… | Perez Hilton

Nicki Minaj fans defend her relationship with her new boyfriend. You know, the MURDERER! Cardi B is not done with Offset yet! Netflix is doing a scripted show about Selena Quintanilla – produced by her family!! Kathie Lee Gifford’s Today show replacement! Sophia Bush claims she was assaulted by colleague […]

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Megan Fox On Being ‘Rejected’ By The Public & Why She Never Spoke Out On #MeToo!

Megan Fox knows the public only wants to see her play a certain type of character — and Sympathetic #MeToo Victim definitely isn’t one of them. In an interview with the New York Times to promote her new Travel Channel show Legends of the Lost, the actress was asked if […]

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Megan Fox is a Really Naughty School Girl

In the trailer for Jennifer’s Body, Megan Fox is topless and holding a lighter against her tongue.

Both hot images, no doubt.

Each pales in comparison with the poster below, though. On it, the actress fulfills the fantasies of pretty much every man on the planet: she poses like a naughty school girl.

Considering the movie focuses on Fox’s character as a possessed killer of high school boys, we should probably emphasis the naughty.

But, be honest, you’d let a demonic Megan Fox into your bedroom if she was dressed like this, wouldn’t you?


Jennifer’s Body opens on September 18. We’ll see you there.

Celebrity Hair Affair: Megan Fox

We know what most men are thinking:

Can we just see photos of Megan Fox nude?!?

Clearly, it doesn’t get any hotter than this actress without her clothes on. But that’s a look only Brian Austin Green is fortunate to see up close.

Therefore, we’re left with the various fashion choices that Fox throws our way. For example, while promoting Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in Germany, the star slicked back her hair into a ponytail.

A few days later, at an Armani Privé show in Paris, she famed fer face with a series of flowing, soft curls.

Slicked Back and BeautifulSoft and Curly

Which look do you prefer?

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Slicked back = sexy!
Soft and flowing = fantasic!

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Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body: Possessed by Demon, Hotness

In Jennifer’s Body, Megan Fox portrays a high school cheerleader that gets possessed, goes on a male killing spree and often gets topless.

The movie, which was written by Diablo Cody, also stars Amanda Seyfried and Adam Brody and his theaters on September 18.

While women may see it for the murdering-of-horny-men aspect, here are two reasons why guys will be lining up for tickets, as well:

Megan Fox, Jennifer


The images above are taken from the Jennifer’s Body movie trailer, released today. In it, the Transformers actress swims naked in a lake and refers to boys as “agents of Satan with really awesome haircuts.”

You’ve gotta check out the preview. Follow this article’s jump to do so!

Jennifer’s Body Movie Trailer

Spotted Dining: Megan Fox and Zac Efron!

Megan Fox is either playing games with the paparazzi, or with the hearts of a few leading men.

The Transformers star has been involved in a roller coaster relationship with Brian Austin Green; during one of their rumored breaks, she was spotted getting cozy with co-star Shia LaBeouf.

Then, just as rumors of her reconciliation with Green surfaced, the Internet has been hit with a bombshell: Fox had dinner with Zac Efron this week!

A StunnerZac

The pair dined Tuesday night at Pace, an upscale restaurant in Los Angeles. According to a witness:

“They were very friendly and their faces were close when they talked.”

Fox has been open about her affection for the 21-year-old High School Musical beefcake. The two reportedly flirted at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards, which was followed by Megan’s odd quote:

“What you don’t know is that Zac and I are the same person. It’s like Janet and Michael [Jackson], we are the same person.”

While Fox may or may not be single, everyone knows the status of Efron: he’s been dating Vanessa Hudgens for years. What would she have to say about this news?

What do you have to say about it? Leave a comment. Let us know!