Porsha Williams Confesses: I Slept with the Stripper, Okay?!?

Yes, okay?!?

Porsha Williams has finally come out and said yes… she did it.

By which we mean the following:

Yes, Porsha Williams did him.

Over the past several days, the Internet has been buzzing about the events depicted at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party, which was the main focus of The Real Housewives of Atlanta this week.

How come?

Because the ladies got together after months of isolation and partied it up with a stripper named Bolo.

At one point, they even asked for the cameras to be turned off so they could so… God knows what.

But that’s exactly what has everyone buzzing.

Kenya Moore has claimed that Porsha Williams slept with Bolo the morning after this party, hilariously alleging on air:

“When I tell you it was a certified freak-hoe show, I heard someone saying, ‘F— me harder. F— this p—- harder.'”

Supposedly, Bolo obliged.

Porsha has since confessed she just wanted to see what the stripper was packing in his pants, acting all hot and bothered that Moore dared to assert she went to bed with Bolo.

Except, well… she totally went to bed with Bolo!

In a midseason trailer, first published by E! News, Kandi Burruss reads about this scandal in Page Six.

This prompts the topic to get brought up again, with Williams finally exploding at Moore during a dinner and shouting out the truth:

“I f–ked Bolo!” she yells mid-confrontation with Kenya. “I f–ked everybody!”

Is this really an admission, though? Or a mockery of all the speculation out there about her?

Because there’s been a lot.

From there, the drama and emotions only get heightened as we get various looks at Porsha quaring off against Marlo Hampton at that same dinner.

There’s also talk about Kandi’s pregnancy… Drew Sidora’s family troubles … and LaToya Ali getting accused of “f–king a pastor.”

The latter remark results in what is certaiin to be one of the most memorable Real Housewives quotes of all-time.

“You weren’t looking for God, you were looking for some dick.”

Well…. okay then!

On the more comedic side, there’s also Halloween fun and a cast trip to New Orleans that promises to be uproarious.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c. on Bravo.

Get a fresh glimpse at what’s on tap now!

Porsha williams confesses i slept with the stripper okay

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Stripper Denies RHOA Threesome, Does Not Want Mileage on D

Remember that report about how two Real Housewives shared a stripper at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party?

Well, one of the alleged threesome partners was Porsha Williams. And she’s keeping tabs on the hunky male stripper.

Cynthia Bailey was married on Saturday, October 10. 

Before her nuptials, she — like countless other brides before her — had a bachelorette party with a small group of close friends.

As sometimes happens as particularly good parties, things reportedly took a turn for the sexual.

In this case, a group of ladies allegedly began hooking up with each other in the living room of the Charleston house where the party took place.

Though some details remain scarce, things are said to have ranged from simply making out to oral sex.

While for many people that’s fairly par for the course at good, adults-only parties, that was not the end of the reported “festivities.”

By the wee hours of the morning, most everyone was tired and ready for bed.

Reports have claimed that two of the ladies — ladies later identified as allegedly being Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam — took a male stripper, who was hired for the party, to a private room.

It is said that loud, sexual noises continued for about an hour, according to the observations of those still awake in the house.

Now, though much of the story sounds very plausible, none of the goings-on have actually been confirmed.

Reports say that much of the living room action was filmed, though it is unclear if Bravo will air even censored versions of the footage captured that night.

That said, given that there was a discussion among the ladies the following evening about the hookups, it may end up being too relevant to the season to drop.

Interestingly, on Instagram, Porsha Williams is following the walking, talking thirst trap of a man who was hired to entertain the partiers that evening.

Michael Bolwaire, who goes by “B.O.L.O. The Entertainer,” is on Instagram, where has cultivated no shortage of admirers. He is also on OnlyFans.

But take a look at this one little detail in his profile: look who follows him.

Folks, that is Porsha Williams’ Instagram handle. She is following BOLO The Entertainer.

Now, I can’t speak for any Real Housewives, but in most cases, only a small proportion of any given person’s social media contacts has been in a threesome with them.

But some are thinking that, at the very least, if Porsha didn’t want people to think it, she wouldn’t be following him. Follows are public.

Porsha is seemingly fine with people thinking that she and Tanya took Mr. Bolwaire to pound town.

He, on the other hand, is not.

The Entertainer himself has posted an Instagram video in which he denies the rumors. We have included that video in this post.

“To whom this may concern,” Michael’s video begins. “I’m not just a stripper. I’m the stripper.”

He affirms: “I’ve built an entire brand off of professionalism.”

“And it don’t just stop here, y’all,” Michael notes. “I got fans, followers, and supporters that’s been around for years that can attest to that.”

“The rumors and allegations that’s goin’ around right now: straight bulls–t,” Michael asserts.

He acknowledges: “Although I’m flattered to be in the same conversations as those beautiful women…nothing happened.”

Though he is clearly not addressing the reports of the girl-on-girl living room fun, it sounds like his role at the party played within the lines.

“I don’t need any unnecessary mileage on my dick,” Michael says.

That is an absolutely amazing line.

“Again — nothing happened,” he declares in conclusion. “Y’all be cool.”

Porsha williams im staying in touch with the male stripper from

Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley: It’s Over But We’re Still Trying!

She was right to request prayers for her and her cheating fiance, because it would take a miracle to fix things for Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley.

Miracles seem to be in short supply … because things are truly over for these two.

HollywoodLife reports that Porsha Williams and Dennis have been keeping their split hush-hush … but have split nonetheless.

“Porsha and Dennis very quietly broke up awhile ago,” an insider reveals.

The source adds: “They’ve been off and on for quite some time now.”

The insider says that they saw that they were stuck in an off-and-on cycle “and are trying to work things out.”

“They have a baby together,” the source notes, “which is why they’re still trying.”

Sometimes, having a baby together just means that you have to learn how to co-parent. Reproduction is not the same as compatibility.

“Despite this, they’re great co-parents,” the insider stresses, in reference to their breakup.

“And,” the source adds, “they’re great partners when it comes to anything for PJ.”

“It wouldn’t be surprising if they did get back together in the future,” the insider threatens.

“But right now,” the source confirms, “they’re not together.”

The insider then insists: “But nothing happened that led to the split.”

“There’s currently no fighting or animosity between them,” the source stresses, “and PJ will always come first.”

Dennis admitted that he cheated on Porsha while she was pregnant with their daughter.

18-month-old Pilar Jhena, whose nickname is PJ, was born during the couple’s engagement.

But a lot has happened since March of 2019.

By June of that year, there were already rumors of Dennis cheating on Porsha, and whispers of a breakup.

(Not that ANYONE deserves to be cheated on, but … Porsha is so drop-dead gorgeous that it’s hard to imagine someone throwing that away)

It wasn’t until November of 2019 that the world finally got confirmation — aired on Bravo, no less — that yes, he had cheated.

Those of us who were following their story finally got to stop writing “allegedly” ad nauseum.

But since they shared precious baby Pilar, they went on lockdown together in March of this year to co-parent their one-year-old as the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

In that regard, things were going well. But co-parenting is not the same thing as reconciliation.

In August of this year, Porsha abruptly purged every single photo of Dennis from her social media.

She unfollowed him on Twitter. She unfollowed him on Instagram.

Even if you’re not a relationship expert, you have to know that this would be a bad sign even for friends — it’s much worse for any sort of couple, including exes.

This report comes on the heels of reports about what happened at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party.

According to reports, there were fewer than a dozen guests, yet several paired off for some girl-on-girl action in the living room of the Charleston house where the party took place.

The hookup, which is said to have included kissing, touching, and oral, was reportedly filmed by Bravo.

What Bravo’s cameras did not capture, however, was the alleged threesome with a male stripper.

Though it is not confirmed, it’s reported that two of the Housewives went to a private room with the male stripper, where sounds of boning continued for at least an hour.

It is currently rumored that the two Housewives in question were Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam.

Well, if so, Dennis should have no complaints.

Not merely because he cheated, but because he and Porsha are not currently together.

It’s not like Porsha had Pilar along for the bachelorette party, so it sounds like that shouldn’t be an issue. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t, of course.

Porsha Williams’ Arrest, Heroic Activism to Be Featured on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Twice now, Porsha Williams has been arrested while peacefully protesting the murder of Breonna Taylor.

Her heroic activism will not be limited to headlines – and will be featured on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Celebrity news site TMZ heard from production sources about plans to incorporate Porsha’s vital and outspoken activism on the upcoming season.

Producers are determined to illuminate the 39-year-old reality star’s personal life during her quest for social justice.

They already know that viewers will find an inside look at that journey riveting — and they know how important the topic is.

Porsha was arrested back in July.

She was participating in the protest outside of the home of Kentucky’s Attorney General, Daniel Cameron.

Police dragged her away from the protest in zip ties.

Porsha was charged with a felony for that — a common intimidation tactic, threatening activists with losing their right to vote.

The charge was, however, dropped.

The official reasoning behind the charge or its dropping was not thoroughly explained.

This week, Porsha was arrested again.

She was at yet another Louisville protest at which she demanded justice for the murder of Breonna Taylor.

This arrest was on Wednesday, August 26. Porsha will not be intimidated by thugs hiding behind a badge.

The Black Lives Matter protests that began in late May have not stopped, but the mainstream media largely lost interest in covering them after the first few weeks.

It is important to note that the recent shooting of Jacob Blake has returned mainstream attention to how urgent the pleas for accountability still are.

Jacob Blake is an unarmed Black man who was shot seven times in the back by police in front of his kids. He has survived but will likely remain paralyzed.

TMZ reports that there were no The Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras present for Porsha’s arrest.

The realities of the COVID-19 pandemic mean that sending a camera crew is just not feasible.

Protesters can responsibly wear masks and protest because it is an essential activity. Filming reality TV is, well, not as essential, no matter how important the subject.

Additionally, Bravo’s cameras and producers could easily have become targets if they were on the ground.

In cities all across America, police have made it clear that they will not hesitate to deliberately target journalists with arrest, violence, and potentially lethal weapons.

There is no reason to believe that Bravo’s production crew would receive any special treatment that actual reports have not. Nobody wants to lose an eye. And that, of course, is the point of targeting them.

Instead of using their own footage, producers are going to rely upon raw cellphone footage in order to tell Porsha’s story.

As we have previously reported, the show is indeed filming again, albeit with numerous layers of precautions in place.

In order to minimize risks where possible, the protocol is just different this season, like everything else.

One thing is clear: Bravo’s Housewives themselves will use their platforms to discuss racism and other injustices plaguing America and how we must change to create a safer, more just country.

It remains unclear if NeNe Leakes will be one of those Housewives, as her continued presence on the show remains shrouded in mystery.

Even those in the Real Housewives world have heard and repeated rumors that NeNe is not coming back, but the reality remains unclear.

Regardless of who is and is not part of the cast, we are encouraged that this powerful platform will be used for such a good cause.

Porsha is courageous.

Porsha Williams Arrested Seeking Justice for Breonna Taylor: WATCH

Like millions of her fellow Americans, Porsha Williams and her cheating fiance participated in courageous Black Lives Matter protests.

In fact, Porsha was arrested while seeking justice for a murder victim. Now, arrest footage has been shared with fans.

Porsha Williams was among 87 dedicated protesters who were arrested while protesting the murder of Breonna Taylor.

She was not the only public figure among those who were cuffed and taken away, as a football player was also arrested.

The peaceful protest took place in Louisville, Kentucky.

Porsha williams arrested at blm protest

In the short video shared by Dennis McKinley, we can see Porsha’s arrest.

Countless protesters have been arrested from coast to coast as police object to the idea that they might be held accountable for their actions.

But countless more Americans continue to protest in cities and towns across the nation in the hope of a better, more just future.

“Whelp I had no change of clothes and no bags,” Porsha shared on Instagram after being released from lockup.

“We just came with out with our faith and strength from God for the task at hand!” she announced.

“So I present to you drugstore makeup Glamour lol,” Porsha wrote, joking: “*Bags sold separately “

“Hey, no really thank you all for all of Your love and support!” Porsha’s caption continued.

“If I haven’t gotten a chance to text you back,” she added, “charge it to it to me just being exhausted.”

“And to the cop who tried to tried to snatch out my nose ring have a stanky day,” Porsha concluded. “SAY HER NAME #BreonnaTaylor.”

Porsha has been outspoken about her activism.

Though she is not the only Real Housewife who has been taking part in these monumental protests over the past month and a half, she is particularly passionate.

In particular, like so many Americans, Porsha is using her voice and her platform to seek justice for Breonna Taylor.

Who was Breonna Taylor? An innocent Black woman who was yet another victim of escalating police violence.

Sometimes, the victims of these vicious killings are people who had committed minor infractions whom police, for whatever reason, decided to execute.

In this case, however, Breonna was not jaywalking, did not have a broken tail light.

Breonna Taylor was asleep in her own home when a group of armed, armored men burst into her home.

Hearing the home invaders, Breonna’s boyfriend exercised his rights by grabbing his gun and firing one single shot at the intruders.

The home invaders fired eight bullets into Breonna as she slept in her bed, having committed no crime whatsoever.

The home invaders, it turned out, where police, executing a “no-knock” warrant on the house on suspicion that there might somehow be drugs there.

Police found no drugs in their search.

Meanwhile, the initial report on Breonna’s death listeed her injuries as “none,” in and of itself a damning indictment of corrupt, self-protecting law enforcement.

Porsha is a Black woman. She is the mother of a Black daughter, Pilar. She is also an American and a human being.

For all of these reasons and more, the horrific killing of Breonna is a horror.

Only one of her killers has even been fired. The other two are still police officers. And none of them have been arrested.

This is why protests are still necessary.

Porsha williams arrested seeking justice for breonna taylor watc

Porsha Williams Asks Fans for Prayers Amidst NEW Dennis Cheating Rumors

Earlier this month, confessed cheater Dennis McKinley was spotted with four flirty women, none of whom were his fiancee, Porsha Williams.

For the first time, she’s speaking on the subject, and she’s asking fans to pray for her family.

Porsha williams in blue on watch what happens live

Porsha Williams sat down on Watch What Happens Live, where Andy Cohen asked her for a life update.

“You know, we’re working on our relationship,” Porsha says of her current relationship status with her cheating fiance.

Okay,” Andy replies, before asking: “Do you trust him?”

Porsha pauses and then says “huh.” Maybe she misheard … or maybe she is buying time to come up with an answer.

Porsha williams has a lot of feelings

“I think you ask that every time I come here,” Porsha accuses Andy, which is not the same as answering him.

“I think every relationship is a work in progress,” she opines, which is still not an answer.

“You know, we have a daughter together,” Porsha notes. Once again, not an answer.

We won’t hold you in suspense — she straight up refuses to give Andy a simple “yes” or “no.”

Porsha williams stands with dennis mckinley

Porsha then asks the audience: “Just pray for us. You know, you pray for yourself, just add us in there too, baby.”

As you can see in the clip that we included, there is then a bit of a transition, and Andy asks about the latest rumors.

We previously reported how Dennis was spotted dining with four flirty women at about 4AM. 

Eyewitnesses described the women as leaning on and flirting with him, and said that the fivesome left together in the same vehicle. Yikes.

Porsha williams looks gorgeous

Andy recounts the rumor, glossing over some of the details — notably, there was video of the incident.

He asks Porsha if it was a “blip” in her relationship with Dennis when she found out about that.

“Um … I don’t know,” Porsha says hesitantly.

Her baffling response prompts Andy Cohen to make this very relatable expression.

Andy cohen wwhl facial expression to porsha williams

“I don’t know!” Porsha explains. “It’s blogs … he was out … I don’t know.”

“Can y’all just continue to comment and speculate and let me just figure out my life?” she asks.

“I’m figuring out my life,” Porsha affirms. “Yeah! Yeah.”

That is … far from claiming that there’s an innocuous explanation or that the story is somehow untrue, huh?

Porsha williams on thanksgiving

No part of that includes a defense of Dennis or (unbeliavable) claims that he’s innocent of cheating this time.

It almost sounds like Porsha is deciding whether or not to look the other way as her baby daddy (and fiance!) cheats again.

Is Porsha just giving him a blank check to lay pipe wherever he likes so long as he comes home ot her … eventually?

Open relationships can work, but not if they’re one way, and not if they are built upon a foundation of dishonesty.

Porsha williams talks happiness

You don’t get to cheat and then retroactively pressure your fiancee into giving it her blessing.

Of course, we don’t know if that’s what happened. We can only guess as to what’s going on between them.

We can also only guess why Porsha is apparently so determined to not trebuchet her cheating fiance into the sun. Or, you know, dump him.

It may be that she thinks that it’s super important to stay with Dennis since they have a kid. That’s nonsense. Don’t do that clownery.

Porsha is a beautiful woman, a millionaire, and a successful reality star. She doesn’t need Dennis, and neither does Pilar.

Porsha williams asks fans for prayers amidst new dennis cheating

Dennis McKinley to Porsha Williams’ Family: Sorry I Cheated on Her!

Last month, viewers saw Dennis McKinley’s bizarre excuses for cheating when he and Porsha Williams sat down for couples therapy.

In this week’s episode, after re-proposing, Dennis had to face Porsha’s family to explain why he had betrayed and humiliated her.

One week after re-proposing to Porsha, Dennis went face to face with her family.

Dennis was prepared to sit down with Porsha’s mom, Diane, and her sister, Lauren. 

Weirdly, he surprised Porsha by announcing that he had invited his mother, too, which didn’t seem appropriate. Porsha was visibly surprised.

“Alright, so, I could’ve did this individually; I’ve had a conversation with my mom already;” Dennis began.

He continued: “But we really couldn’t get to this point without your help with PJ, so I really appreciate that.”

“Secondly, me and Porsha have been through some rough times in the last two months–” Dennis says before being interrupted.

“Felt like a year,” Lauren commented.

“–dealing with my infidelity, and I just want to apologize to everybody,” Dennis soldiered on.

“We got a lot more work to do, but we family,” he affirmed. (He’s using an awful lot of “we” language; “we” didn’t cheat)

Dennis then expressed: “So I think that at the end of the day, I think it’s very important to make a commitment to stick by each other during the downs.”

He continued: “And root for each other on the upside, ’cause the ups are easy. I’m taking accountability for my own stuff.”

“But it’s tough, man,” Dennis had the audacity to complain.

He griped: “When you in a situation where Mama Diane or Lauren may be watching PJ and I can’t even call PJ ’cause I’m blocked.”

At this point, Porsha pointed out that he could call the iPad, but he dismissed that as “ridiculous.” Ahh, the sound of male entitlement.

“Because the elephant in the room is you. You had done something to the family,” Porsha explained to him. 

“You had done something to me,” Porsha reasons. “Let’s forget family. You had done something to me. Period.”

“The line was drawn naturally because, at a point in time, we didn’t even think that you and I were gonna get back together,” she said.

“So why would my family be still reaching out to you at a point in time they really having to hold me up?” she asked.

“Physically hold me up,” Porsha emphasized. “Physically remind me, ‘You have a daughter in the next room.'”

Lauren pointed out how personal this is to her — being that she’s a single mom who was cheated on while she was pregnant.

Diane gaveDennis a well-deserved hard time for making her daughter another “statistic.”

There are cultural forces at play and, to put it bluntly, she’s saying that Dennis’ behavior embarrassed not only Porsha but the larger African American community.

They also spoke to Gina, who apologized for how she initially seemed solely on Dennis’ side. She and Porsha seemed to make peace.

Of course, this was filmed months before Dennis McKinley was spotted with four flirty gals eating dinner together at 4am.

In the mean time, Kenya was exposed for allegedly wearing wigs despite years of insistence that she only wears her natural hair.

Semi-related, it looks like Kenya believes that Tanya has been cheated on by Paul. At least, that’s the working theory.

On a more touching note, Eva had a tearful conversation about her daughter considering Mike to be her real father.

That’s wholesome, particularly since Eva describes her ex (her daughter’s biological father) as abusive and was fearful of him for a long time.

Porsha Williams: I Can NEVER Forgive Dennis McKinley for Cheating!

Of all of the wild rumors circulating about Dennis McKinley, the only one confirmed is that he cheated on Porsha Williams.

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we saw Porsha explain exactly how she found out about this betrayal.

She declared that this was not something that she could forgive.

Porsha William and fiance Dennis McKinley had been fighting for months before she found out that he had cheated.

It had already gotten so back that Dennis had moved out and even demanded his ring back after all of their fighting.

Things only go worse when, in therapy, he confessed to having been unfaithful.

“After I heard what I needed to hear, I got up and stormed out,” Porsha shared on Sunday night’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“At that point, I didn’t want to hear anymore,” Porsha expressed.

She explained: “Because for me, I had just heard my fiance say that he actually had sex with someone while I was carrying our child.”

“I didn’t want to hear anything else,” Porsha emphasized.

“There was nothing else I needed to hear,” she added. “Nothing I needed to say.”

“I didn’t need to know the reasons,” Porsha stated. “I didn’t need to know anything else.”

“To be disrespected at the most sacred time in life is like, I just can’t forgive that,” she expressed tearfully.

Porsha narrated: “I’m looking at my daughter, telling her, ‘I’m going to work it out, I’m going to work it out.’”

“But some stuff is not forgivable,” she correctly observed.

Porsha continued: “And I don’t think she would want me to have to deal with certain things. I don’t think she’s want that.”

“I’m done,” she emphasized. “This isn’t anything I’m even capable of forgiving.”

Still, Porsha added: “I literally wish I could wake up and somebody could be like, ‘It was a dream, it didn’t happen.'”

That is a normal thing for someone to wish. Much healthier than simply being in denial.

“The movie keeps playing in my head,” Porsha described. “I keep playing all of these moments.”

“We’re like creating a real family and just to think it wasn’t real, is really hurtful,” she expressed.

“I’m beyond hurt,” Porsha reiterated. “When I think about my pregnancy, I think about how he was right there by my side.”

She continued: “And it makes me think, ‘So you were by my side doing what? Planning to go somewhere else?’”

Porsha did not mince words when she called Dennis’ behavior “very unforgivable.”

“I am not going to sit up here and take that.” she declared.

Porsha correctly stated: “I don’t deserve that.”

“The love I had for him. The love that we were building?” she said. “I would have never betrayed him.”

“He could have gotten sick and penis could have not even been working no more,” Porsha colorfully suggests.

She continues: “And I would have never betrayed him.”

“I loved him and no one will understand it,” Porsha laments.

“As closed up as I was when we I met him,” she concluded. “For me to blossom and open completely up to him is how hurt I am.”

Of course, months after this was filmed, Porsha and Dennis seemed to reconcile. Oh well; maybe the next time he cheats will be different.