Raiven Adams Shows Off 16 Week Baby Bump, Ultrasound!

Last month, Bear Brown’s pregnant lady love Raiven Adams resurfaced on social media to deliver an update on her pregnancy.

At the time, she offered details on her changing list of symptoms that are making this a less than easy time for her.

Now, Raiven is sharing a baby bump pic at 16 weeks, and Bear is showing off an ultrasound!

“Not too big yet,” Raiven Adams begins her latest post.

She continues: “But I’m sure I’ll miss the little belly when you take up all the Space and I end up looking like a watermelon.”

With a hashtag, she notes that she is now 16 weeks pregnant.

“My belly ring does not feel tight yet,” Raiven adds. “I have a replacement already that’s used for pregnancy.”

Raiven Adams baby bump at 16 weeks

“They say around 20 weeks to take it out or switch it,” Raiven says alongside the photo of her growing baby bump.

“But as of now,” she shares, “it feels fine not uncomfortable easily moved.”

“And if the Pregnancy one doesn’t work out,” Raiven says of the replacement piercing. “I’ll take it out all together depending on my body.”

“No medical research shows it’s bad for pregnancy,” she notes.

raiven adams 16 weeks pregnancy update

“Just watch your body and do what’s best for you,” Raiven advises her followers.

She assures anyone reading: “I research everything I do that could possibly hurt the baby.”

“I feel it’s safe,” she announces.

“So as long as I have no irritation or pain,” Raiven adds. “I’ll keep it in.”

She does caution followers: “This doesn’t apply if you recently had it pierced that has its own risks.”

“Mine has been pierced for years,” Raiven concludes.

One might ask why she went on that tangent about her navel piercing. Was it simply on her mind?

We suspect that she has been bombarded with unhelpful “advice” from followers and wanted to reassure them. That poor girl.

raiven adams bear brown share ultrasound

Bear Brown also gave his fans and followers an eyefull of their ultrasound.

“Hey everybody! Check it out!” Bear’s proud caption begins.

He gushes: “So amazing so awesome!”

“Raiven’s and my baby, is at 15 weeks!” he concludes. “I can’t wait to hold this little one in my arms!”

Gabe Brown, also excited to become a father, commented under his brother’s post.

“I’m so happy for y’all,” Gabe begins.

“I know how much this means for anyone especially you two,” he continues.

Gabe concludes: “No doubt in my mind y’all will be great parents”

As sweet as Gabe’s comment of course is, it’s clear that not all of the comments that Raiven and Bear have received have had the same tone.

Before they discovered that Raiven was pregnant, Bear and Raiven actually broke off their engagement.

Why? Because Raiven, unaccustomed to being a public figure, was bombarded with hate from nasty trolls.

Some were horny for Bear, or resented how Raiven had only recently reached the spotlight, or were just hateful.

Clearly, she continue to receives trolling, even some that is disguised as concern.

Concern trolls are famous for sending messages to pregnant celebrities and reality stars and trying to police their every move.

Rarely, it’s okay — no one should smoke while pregnant. Most of the time, it’s controlling nonsense about what brand of cereals they eat.

We hope that Raiven’s experiences with fans get easier. Certainly, her pregnancy is only going to get harder from here.

Raiven Adams Resurfaces to Deliver Bittersweet Pregnancy Update

Earlier in October, Raiven Adams shared the hardest parts of being pregnant and then departed from Instagram after a flurry of harassment.

Since that departure, Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has returned to social media. Now, it’s Raiven’s turn.

In addition to dipping her toes back into Instagram, Raiven has an update on her pregnancy.

“Doing SO much better!” Riaven Adams writes.

She is, by our estimation, about fourteen weeks pregnant with Bear Brown’s child.

“I had to take a small break,” she says, explaining her absence.

Raiven notes that she stepped away from Instagram “:to focus on my mental health.”

Raiven Adams IG story: doing so much better

Within that same Instagram Story, Raiven advises fans that “I might do that from time to time.”

But while that message, shared to her Stories on Monday, October 28 was promising, she had more to say.

“Update,” she writes. “Because you are all curious.”

This is when she informs fans and followers of the symptoms that she is experiencing at this stage of the pregnancy.

Raiven Adams IG story late october pregnancy update

“Heartburn is going like crazy,” Raiven laments.

But there is good news, she reveals: “No more morning sickness most of the time!”

“Still not sure on the gender,” Raiven notes. “But everyone votes it’s a boy.”

Well, it’s a little funny to hear people take votes on something that isn’t up for a vote.

Back in September, fans learned that Raiven and Bear were expecting their first child.

There was a twist, however.

The two of them had just broken up, after Raiven felt overwhelmed by the hate and trolling that she received from Bear’s “fans.”

Some were bigots who hated her for being pansexual. Others resented that she and Bear had kept their relationship quiet for six months.

Others felt “blindsided” by their engagement, as if they ahd a right to. And others were just plain thirsty fot Bear and hated anyone by his side.

Bear and Raiven immediately decided that they would be dedicated co-parents, even if they had ended their engagement.

Then, not too long later, the pair reconciled, discovering that they still had real feelings for each other.

What had driven them apart was Raiven being suddenly thrust into the spotlight, becoming a target for trolls.

It was those same trolls who temporarily drove her from Instagram for about half of October.

Raiven is absolutely right to take a step back when she needs to in order to preserve her mental and emotional health.

Bear is, also. Bear was bombarded by envious conspiracy theorists claiming that Raiven was a fame skank, or was pregnant by another man. Absurd.

In the mean time, they know each other and they love each other. Jealous haters can’t change that.

We’re glad that Raiven’s morning sickness has abated for the time being.

As for the heartburn, our best suggestions are to avoid acidic foods even if she loves them, and to avoid eating for hours before bedtime.

She may even want to look into a pillow that can keep her partially propped up during her pregnancy.

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik: Pregnant With Their First Child!

While 90 Day Fiance is filled with drama, big personalities, and ugly divorces, some couples stand out positively in people’s minds.

Loren and Alexei have been fan favorites for years for a host of reasons.

Now, the couple has a major announcement that they know that viewers will be excited to hear.

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik spoke to Us Weekly to announce that they are expecting their very first child!

“It’s a surreal moment in our lives,” Loren begins, gushing.

“For me, I see a lot of people I know (personally) announcing their own exciting news,” she acknowledges.

“And now,” Loren declares. “It’s my turn.”

“I’m excited, terrified, over the moon, nervous, and so much more!” Loren raves.

And she has more to be happy about than just her pregnancy.

Loren reports that “Alex is hands down the best partner I could have ever asked for during this time.”

It’s their gushing affection for each other that helped these two become fan favorites for years and years.

Loren and Alexei for Pillow Talk

As you can imagine, Alexei is so hyped to become a father.

“I’m very excited and happy,” Alexei expresses.

“But,” he admits, he is “nervous and scared at the same time.”

That is very reasonable. In fact, we might worry about anyone not nervous to become a first-time parent.

Loren has also spoken about how the pregnancy has treated her so far.

“The first trimester wasn’t easy for me,” she admits.

To Alexei’s credit, she adds: “And he was and is an amazing support system.”

Having your partner or partners be supportive emotionally while you grapple with the physical realities of  pregnancy can make a huge difference.

“We are just overjoyed and cannot wait to meet our baby this spring!” Loren shares, teasing the due date.

She adds: “The fact that it happened in Israel just makes it that much more special for us.”

As fans will of course recall, Alexei is Israeli, and Israel is where they met.

“We have been through a lot,” Loren affirms. “And we’re just so excited for this next journey together!”

Loren and Alexei met years ago, when Loren was on her Birthright trip to Israel.

There, she met Alexei. Both being young and total hotties, they fell in love.

The couple had two weddings: one in Israel and one in the United States.

That way, they ensured that both families would be able to attend one ceremony or the other.

Alexei and Loren for Pillow Talk

On the show, Loren expressed disappointment with some of her 90 Day Fiance castmates.

In her eyes, people hoping for reality TV fame, or a convenient path to citizenship, or convenient cash made a mockery of the K-1 visa process.

Loren made it clear that she felt that marriage and the show were and should remain about love, like what she feels for Alexei and he for her.

We are so, so excited that this wonderful and beautiful couple is expecting their first child.

Major congratulations to them both!

In addition to making their official announcement through a noted tabloid, the couple also shared the news on social media.

Alexei could not contain his impending paternal excitement for one more moment.

“Yes it’s tru we are pregnant couldn’t be more excited,” he raved in the captions on Instagram.

Alexei gushed: “I AM GOING TO BE A DADDY !!!”

Loren also shared a message on Instagram to confirm the happy news to her fans and followers.

“We’re so excited to finally say, BabyBrov is on its way!” Loren rhymed.

“For those of you saying I’m pregnant, well, ding ding ding,”: she announced.

Clearly, some eagle-eyed (but boundary-lacking) fans had been commenting that she appeared to be pregnant.

They may have been right on the money this time, but … please do not do that.

While it’s clear that they don’t know what sorts of bits that the wee baby Brovarnik will be sporting, she made the rough due date clear.

Loren’s caption concluded: “We cannot wait to welcome our baby boy or girl this Spring!”

Countless fans cannot wait either, Loren.

This couple has so much love to offer to their soon-to-be baby, and fans are overjoyed that they’ve shared that they’re on this journey.

It’ll be spring before we all know it!

Raiven Adams Shares the Hardest Part of Being Pregnant

Raiven Adams is pregnant with Bear Brown’s baby and has been flaunting her baby bump for fans to admire.

Not everything has been easy. Being pregnant and being famous are hard enough without suddenly doing both at once.

Before leaving Instagram for a while to avoid hateful trolls, Raiven opened up about the hardest part of her pregnancy.

Raiven Adams is about 12 weeks pregnant with Bear Brown’s child.

On social media, she opened up about the most difficult thing about her pregnancy.

“I’m probably very extra about it,” she admitted.

Raiven continued: “But I research everything I eat to make sure it’s safe.”

“It’s overwhelming sometimes,” she acknowledged.

Raiven Adams baby bump at 11 weeks

That’s very smart. Some foods that seem harmless or even healthy can be hamrful while pregnant (or breastfeeding).

Raiven also spoke about the difficulties in general of her pregnancy so far.

“Right now it’s hard because I’m always sick,” she revealed.

“But,” she was sure to emphasize. “I am blessed to have a baby on the way.”

That’s great! Unfortunately, her pregnancy is not the only source of trouble in her life.

As we mentioned, some “fans” of Alaskan Bush People and of Bear Brown in particular have been dogpiling on Raiven.

They didn’t like that she an Bear were quietly dating for six months before going public. It looks like some envied her.

They didn’t like that she was pansexual — which is straight-up bigotry.

They didn’t like when they got engaged, when they broke up, when they found out that they were expecting, or when they got back together.

And they certainly didn’t like that those things happened in that order.

Last time, when the barrage of hate and trolls became too much, Raiven ended things with Bear, resolving to remain friends.

This time, she knew that she didn’t want to let these same monsters get to her again.

Instead, she made the wise choice of simply stepping back from social media — from Instagram, specifically.

It’s a shame, but it’s the right move.

Trolls have no power to upset her in her condition if she doesn’t see the vitriol tha they hurl in her direction.

Raiven is not the only one to take a huge step back from Instagram.

This week, Bear Brown took to the same social media site to share an announcement of his own.

“Gonna be off Instagram for a little while!” he revealed.

Thank you everybody!” Bear expressed. “God bless!”

Even when haters are nipping at his heels, the self-described King of Extreme remains so friendly, open, and chill.

Contrary to what weird conspiracy theorists masquerading as fans might say, Raiven was not interested in fame. She’s made that clear.

She and Bear were friends first, only later becoming a couple.

And no, she did not become pregnant in order to “trap” him. She only discovered that she was pregnant after they had broken up.

Alaskan Bush People fans should be overjoyed that the Brown family is getting yet another grandchild.

Most fans are happy about it, of course. But it takes only a few loud negative voices to ruin a good time.

We hope that they both return to Instagram when they’re feeling better about it.

Raiven Adams Flaunts Baby Bump at 11 Weeks!

It was only after breaking up that Bear Brown and Raiven Adams realized that they were expecting a child together.

Bear and Raiven got back together after realizing that they still had feelings for each other.

Now, Raiven is showing off her baby bump — and telling fans her plans for her baby’s reality career.

Raiven and Bear’s relationship went public and immediately got a little rocky thanks to the “opinions” of so-called fans.

But for now, they’re focused on the positive.

Late on Tuesday night, Raiven took to Instagram to share a photo of her barely-there baby bump.

Here is her bare tummy at 11 weeks pregnant.

It may be a subtle bump, but you can see it. Awww!

Raiven Adams baby bump at 11 weeks

Raiven also opened up this week in an Instagram Q&A.

A follower had asked if she planned on letting her little bun in the oven appearing on Alaskan Bush People like his father.

“I would be very sad for my little to not be filmed,” Raiven’s response begins.

She added: “[They will be] in the biggest parts of our life.”

“So yes,” Raiven answered.

Raiven also spoke about what makes her so sure that reality television would be a good place for her child to grow up.

She writes: “and [the] film crew is so wonderful!”

That is certainly heartwarming to hear.

“I know they will treat our baby as their own,” Raiven predicts.

This is so sweet! It’s wonderful that she’s having such a positive experience with all of Bear’s family and with their reality star lifestyle.

Fans asked about more than just reality stardom, however.

One followers asked Raiven if she is “excited to watch [her] little one grow up with Noah’s little one.”

Noah Brown and his wife, Rhain Alisha, already welcomed their first child.

Raiven indicated in the affirmative, writing: “Noah and Gabe’s.”

That’s right — Gabe Brown and Raquell Rose are expecting their first child, as we learned this summer.

That will mean three cousins close in age, all growing up close to each other!

If you didn’t catch Raiven’s not-so-subtle hints, it seems very clear that she’s appeared on Alaskan Bush People.

Talking about the camera crew with such familiarity sounds like the words of someone who has been filmed — a lot.

It’s not really a surprise that the show is expanding to film Bear’s partner.

One, there’s only so many times that they can film him running in the woods and howling. They need some fresh material for him.

Two, Bear and Raiven are part of a new element of the show: grandbabies!

As Raiven was sure to mention, Gabe and Raquell are expecting their first child.

And Noah and Rhain have already welcomed their precious baby.

As Rain Brown approaches adulthood (faster than anyone would believe), she’s already becoming an aunt – soon, an aunt of three.

Thta also means three grandbabies for Billy and Ami.

Of course fans are interested and invested in the latest additions to the Brown family.

We look forward to seeing this side of the Brown family in season 11! We’re excited to see that — and to see Matt’s return.