Modern-Day Jesus With "Strong Sperm" Travels Country Impregnating Women

A man is being praised as a “modern-day Jesus” for performing one service, free of charge, for those who want it.

He is donating his “strong sperm” to help women across the country get pregnant. And he wants to make his act international.

The man reveals that he has a special recipe to keep his sperm high-quality and 100% organic.

Kyle gordy video still

About five years ago, L.A. native Kyle Gordy advertised on Craigslist that he was willing to donate sperm to help someone become pregnant.

Within two weeks, a woman accepted, and became pregnant via in vitro fertilization.

“I was going to apply to a sperm bank, but the whole thing just felt so cold and clinical,” Kyle tells Caters News.

“My sperm is much better than what is in a sperm bank,” he claims.

Kyle explains: “as it’s strong and fresh during the donation, while I also do it all for free.”

He says that he asks those receiving his “donations” to cover his travel, but gives the actual sperm for free.

How does Kyle say that he keeps his sperm so healthy?

With organic food combined with 18 different herbs and supplements — each and every day.

“I need to keep myself healthy, so I have the best sperm,” Kyle shares.

“I have no idea why a woman would want to use a sperm bank when she could just use me,” he says.

“The specimens at a bank could be sitting there for years,” Kyle suggests. “You don’t really know what you’re getting.”

Kyle gordy

So, what’s this stuff about him being Jesus-like?

“People have called me a modern-day Jesus,” Kyle acknowledges. “And I have to agree with that.”

As he explains, he has precisely the qualifications of a Christ-like figure.

“I’m very generous and giving,” Kyle says. “And the fact that I’m Jewish while Jesus was also Jewish.”

That’s … actually a pretty good point.


Though 27-year-old Kyle has fathered 18 children and has another 5 on the way, he’s not interested in fatherhood.

“Kids are a huge responsibility, and I think that is too much for me to handle,” Kyle explains.

“So now,” he continues. “I can have kids and help women at the same time.”

He says that, more often than not, he just ends up donating fresh sperm which is then used for in vitro fertilization.

He does this for single women but also for couples.

However, he says that about 25% of the time, recipients opt for a different donation method.

Bepregnantnow website

Kyle Gordy even has a website where he gives people advice on how to be as fertile as possible.

“Some women don’t want to do artificial insemination as they don’t want to waste time,” Kyle says.

He continues: “and they feel it will be most effective if we do it the old-fashioned way.”

“They will ask if we can just have sex,” Kyle claims. “And I’ll tell them I’m up for it and we exchange STD tests.”

“Obviously, I’m a guy,” he notes. “So it is fun to do it that way if we both like each other.”


Modern day jesus travels the country doling out strong sperm

Karine Staehle: 90 Day Fiance Star’s Unborn Baby is Underweight

Earlier this month, 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Karine Staehle flaunted her massive baby bump.

In a new post, however, she warns fans to not be fooled by the size of her pregnant belly.

Her baby is actually underweight.

Karine shared a new photo of herself with a flower crown filter, putting her prodigious baby bump on display.

Her caption is in her native Portuguese, but we have translated the words for you.

“My belly is not as big as it appears in the photo,” Karine’s caption begins.

So this is one of those options-on-Instagram-may-be-smaller-than-they-appear situations. That happens on Tinder, too.

“The baby is underweight,” Karina informs her followers.

“And,” she admits. “It looks like I eat a lot.”

Here is the photo.

That looks like a huge pregnant belly … though we should of course remember the scale of things.

Karine is a tiny, tiny woman.

A “large” baby bump on her would look considerably smaller on a more statuesque woman.

She also notes that she is only 35 weeks into her pregnancy.

So her baby probably has over a month to grow to a healthy weight before she gives birth.

When those five weeks are up, Paul and Karine are expecting a baby boy.

They have already picked out a name for this little one: Pierre.

After the couple’s two miscarriages, Pierre will be their little rainbow baby.

Paul and Karine have come a long, long way since fans first saw them on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

Some of their biggest obstacles have been their own differences.

After a long-distance courtship, Kentucky native Paul came to meet Karine in Brazil.

Paul did not speak Portuguese. Karine did not speak English. They relied upon translator apps.

There were more than just communication issues.

Paul had some insecurities and displayed quirky behaviors, including that one time he slipped on a condom under his trunks before going for a swim.

(Yes, candiru asu are real, but no, you do not need to wear a condom under your swimming trunks to keep one from tunneling up your dong)

More seriously, he was found to have an alarming criminal record including arson.

But Paul and Karine tied the knot on the second season of the 90 Day Fiance spin-off.

Though they continued to fight, they settled into their relationship and marriage.

Two miscarriages, back-to-back, was difficult for them. That would put a strain on any couple.

Paul shared that the first miscarriage happened almost too quickly for them to notice. The second, however, put them in mourning.

But with this rainbow baby on the way, they’re verye xcited to make this journey into parenthood together.

Hopefully, Paul and Karine are prepared to be the best possible parents for baby Pierre.

We’re rooting for some final fetal development over the next five weeks.

Underweight babies can sometimes experience health complications.

We want Pierre to have the best start in life that his parents can give him.

But with five weeks to go, there’s probably no reason to worry. Different babies develop at different rates.

Karine Staehle: 90 Day Fiance Star Flaunts Massive Baby Bump!

Between Larissa and Colt’s divorce battle and Ashley and Jay quitting the franchise with a scandal, 90 Day Fiance can seem so negative.

It’s good to remember that the show is supposed to be about watching people come together and start their new lives.

After two miscarriages, Paul and Karine are expecting their first child, and Paul is showing off his wife’s massive baby bump.

Paul and karine staehle on instagram

A couple of years ago, we would have never expected to see anything positive or affirming from Paul Staehle or his relationship with Karine.

But times change, and he’s clearly come a long way since he was slipping a condom on under his trunks just to go swimming.

In the video that we have included, which Paul shared this week, Karina is wading in the ocean wearing a bikini.

Her baby bump is wildly impossible to miss.

“Karine is out here looking for seashells,” Paul narrates.”And she’s already removed quite a bit of trash.”

Rampant ocean pollution is only one of the massive environmental crises that threaten to destabilize the world as we know it.

“I haven’t seen any trash out here,” Paul admits. “But she’s been able to find a decent amount of garbage. Having fun?”

Karine ocean baby bump 01

It was in October of 2018 that Paul announced that he and Karine are expecting their first child — a rainbow baby.

“The first miscarriage was very early on,” Paul told Us Weekly at the time.

Very frankly, he admitted: “We weren’t really that attached.”

“Right after that second miscarriage went through, we got pregnant again,” he characterized. “It was like, boom, boom.”

“That was the one everyone saw on TV,” he noted.

Karine ocean baby bump 02

“The next pregnancy,” Paul continued. “She was actually prescribed birth control, and she was taking a supplement to feel better.”

“We were supposed to wait six months to a year,” he shared.

“We were gonna wait,” Paul said. “Give it time in regards to that.”

He added: “We’ve actually heard things where if we had the baby within six months. … I was like, ‘OK, whenever you’re ready.’”

But, Paul said: “She got pregnant within a few months.”

Miscarriages can be absolutely devastating for couples.

It is perfectly okay for one couple to go deep into mourning while another couple merely grimaces in disappointment and tries again.

Responding to loss in different ways is part of being different people.

But now, Paul and Karine are embracing every moment of this pregnancy.

Paul has been keeping followers updated on his Instagram page.

And, oh by the way, they shared that they are expecting a baby boy.

90 Day Fans were very unsure of Paul when they first saw him.

He’s a little weird — okay, a lot weird. And he was also the first to admit that things hadn’t worked with other women in America.

The common factor in those failed relationships was Paul, not geography.

Then, fans were alarmed when it was revealed that he had a crimnal history, including an arson conviction.

But he and Karine married in 2017 and they seem to be getting along okay.

We wish them, and their soon-to-be child, the best.

Karine staehle 90 day fiance star flaunts massive baby bump

Bekah Martinez Welcomes Baby Girl!!!

Late last summer, The Bachelor alum and fan-favorite Bekah Martinez revealed that she was pregnant.

About a week ago, Bekah’s due date came … and went.

Then, on Saturday, Bekah gave birth to her first child! See the pics:

Though we have photos of Bekah’s baby to show you, the best photos of mother and daughter are a little NSFW.

Bekah gave birth in a water birth, which is … the most Bekah Martinez thing we’ve ever heard.

And though she endeavored to apply a dollop of censorship over her forbidden nips, the photo is still a lot. You’ve been warned.

In the pair of black-and-white photos, Bekah is still in the tub of water, and she is cradling her newborn on her chest.

Notably, her daughter appears to be very camera-shy. In every single photo.

Bekah gave birth over the weekend, and we’ll let her caption tell the rest.

Bekah’s boyfriend and baby-daddy, Grayston Leonard, attempted to take a few color photos of their daughter.

The black and white pics, snapped by photographer Lauren Guilford, were a bit more successful.

“On the morning of February 2nd, our little girl joined us earth-side,” Bekah writes in the caption.

“And,” she continues. “We will never be the same.”

“We are all as healthy and happy as can be,” Bekah assures her fans and followers.

She and her baby girl really do appear to be so peaceful despite the mutual trauma of childbirth.

Maybe there’s something to this water birth thing (but I’d still prefer an epidural, wouldn’t you?).

Notably, Bekah and Grayston continue to refer to their daughter without a name.

Why are they being mum about their baby’s name?

Because they have yet to decide upon a name for their sweet little girl.

It’s easy to make fun of parents for being indecisive about this, but nine months isn’t always enough time.

This is the name by which people will know them. It’s part of the first impression they’ll give.

Whatever Bekah decides will be on her daughter’s job applications. It’ll be the name that her classmates turn against her to tease her.

That’s a lot of responsibility. You want to make the right choice.

Bekah Martinez firstborn baby photo blurry mittens

Last week, in late January, Bekah shared a photo of her whale of a baby bump.

“Today is my official due date,” Bekah wrote.

“My, what a journey it has been,” she reflected.

“Thank you all for the love you’ve showered upon me,” she gushed.

Bekah was a fan favorite among the Bachelor Nation because she’s an absolute delight.

She continued: “There is so much from these past 9 months to be grateful for.”

Just days earlier, Bekah had shared another pic, this time featuring her very bare baby bump.

Honestly, that pregnant belly looks huge on a woman so small.

“39 weeks + 5 days,” she wrote of her pregnancy.I actually have super-human patience right now.”

“I know my due date is Tuesday,” she shared. “But I am perfectly at peace with going a couple weeks more.”

Fortunately, her child was born about a week after she wrote this.

“I trust my baby and I trust my body,” Bekah affirmed. “He or she will come when they’re fully ready for the journey earth-side.”

The join me earth-side thing is … well, we of course do not want to make fun of anyone’s spiritual beliefs.

But it is an unusual phrase. 

Bekah will no doubt prove to be a fun and open-minded mother because that’s the sort of person she is.

These days, she must be thanking her lucky stars that she jodged a bullet with Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Actually, she’s been happy about that for a long time, now.

Paola Mayfield Admits to Feeling "Baby Blues" After Son’s Birth

Just 22 minutes into 2019, Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield welcomed their first child.

It’s now a few weeks later, however, and Pao is opening up about the downside of giving birth and early motherhood.

In a raw post, she opens up about experiencing the “baby blues.” Take a look:

Paola shared this sweet photo of her pushing baby Axel in the stroller, though that glorious sunset is a bit of a scene-stealer.

“It feels so good to be out,” Paola’s caption begins. “I just walked almost 3 miles today.”

Remember, she is a fitness model. She is accustomed to a greater degree of exercise.

“And of course,” she assures her followers. “I paced my self moving slowly as I’m still recovering.”

“I’ve been having a tough week,” Pao admits. “I’m not going to lie.”

Paola confesses: “I think I’m experiencing the baby blues after giving birth.”

“My only motivation is seeing my baby growing strong and healthy,” she expresses.

“I normally don’t like to open up this much on social media,” Paola notes.

“But at the same time,” she writes. “It’s good to open up and talk about it knowing this will pass soon!”

“Are there any Moms out there who have ever experienced something like this,” Pao begins her question.

“And if so,” she concludes. “How did you overcome these emotions?”

Baby Blues are mood swings, and they are the least severe form of postpartum depression.

This was certainly not Paola’s only post-baby post, however.

On January 13, she shared this photo of her cradling her not-quite-two-week-old son.

“I didn’t know the meaning of true love until I met you,” she begins.

“How can you love someone so much?” she gushes.

Paola admits: “These past few days have been a learning process.”

“I try not to listen unsolicited advice from people unless I ask for it,” she notes.

“I will be the best mother I can be for my son,” Paola affirms. “But I’m doing it my way.”

Being a parent on social media means having hordes of people trying to micromanage what kind of cereal you eat. Yes, really.

“The day my baby was born,” she writes. “I too was born a new mother.”

“Thank you for all the love,” Pao expresses. “You guys are amazing and I’m so happy that I’m able to share this new chapter of my life with all of you.”

“I won’t be posting a lot of pictures of my baby,” she explains. “As I don’t want to drive you all crazy with so much cuteness.”

Hey, that’s her choice.

On January 7, Paola posted her first big update since the pregnancy news broke, along with this pic of her recovery.

“In a couple of hours,” Paola captions. “It will be officially one week postpartum.”

“And,” she notes. “My body is healing great with no crazy diet and resting when I am able.”

“Sleepless nights and a lot of work,” Paola admits, have been a huge part of her life since giving birth.

“But to be honest,” she says. “It’s totally worth it!”

Paola gushes: “We are so in love and we can’t take our eyes off of our baby Axel.”

“I want to thank each one of you who took the time and sent us beautiful messages,” Pao writes. “We are forever thankful for all your support.”

“I’m sorry we haven’t answered your comments,” she says.

“But,” she explains. “We have been focused only on our baby while learning all about parenthood.”

She and Russ have the right priorities.

“And of course,” Paola concludes. “We don’t want to miss anything, he is so perfect!”

Kim Kardashian Confirms Gender of Baby #4, Teases Due Date

At the dawn of 2019, we reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting baby #4.

Kim appeared alongside her sisters to tease a few details, including a timeframe for the due date.

She also lets slip — to the surprise of everyone, even her sisters — whether they’re expecting a boy or a girl.

Khloe kardashian kim kardashian and kourtney kardashian on wwhl

Like a trio of witches arriving to delivery a prophesy to a cursed king, Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney spoke to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

“Are you working on another child?” Andy asked Kim.

“We are,” she confirms. Kim and Kanye are of course using another gestational carrier, as they did with Chicago.

“That’s great!” Andy exclaims, though he is, of course, no more surprised than the rest of us. “Wow.”

“Do you have a due date?” he asks.

“We do,” Kim replies, which is a direct answer but not quite the big reveal that he was hoping to hear.

Kim kardashian on watch what happens live

Kim does, however, tease that Baby #4 is coming: “Some time soon.”

“You know if it’s a boy or a girl?” Andy asks.

“We do,” Kim replies.

She is no stranger to interviews and to prying questions, but suddenly Kim is overtaken by an impulse, and shares more.

“It’s a boy,” Kim announces — confirming reports that the couple are expecting another son.

Khloe kim and kourtney kardashian on watch what happens live

“I mean, I think every–” Kim begins, before she is interrupted by her eldest sister.

“What?!” Kourtney exclaims — she almost screeches.

“I mean,” Kourtney clarifies. “Obviously I knew that.”

Kourtney explains that she had simply not realized that Kim was going to blurt it out to everyone.

Kim really surprised everyone with that bombshell.

“Well,” Kim explains. “It’s out there, I mean.”

“I know,” Andy agrees. “But you haven’t confirmed it.”

“Well, I know,” Kim says. “But I got drunk at a Christmas Eve party and I told some people.”

Remember Kim Kardashian’s epic Christmas Eve bash?

“And,” Kim admits. “I can’t remember who I told.”

The reason for which she cannot recall, she admits, is because she is not accustomed to drinking.

“Because I never get drunk, and,” Kim says, shrugging her shoulders.

Inexperienced drinkers who also happen to lack a natural high alcohol tolerance are more likely to have unclear memories if they do drink.

This is because their liver has had less practice processing alcohol.

Kim drinks sparingly and, just as significantly, is almost unimaginably tiny — at five-foot-three.

It’s no wonder that she can’t remember any suspected leakers.

“Well,” Andy says. “Kalabasas won the poll, in case you want to name him that.”

Andy clarifies: “Calabasas with a K.”

“Okay,” Kim replies enthusiastically. (Don’t interpret that as commitment to name him that, folks)

“That’s exciting, congrats,” Andy says of her soon-to-be fourth child.

Kim has already taken the suggested name and conjured up a nickname, and blurts out: “Kallie.”

Andy cohen has an announcement

“Congrats too,” Kim tells Andy.

As we previously reported, Andy Cohen is expecting his first child, which is incredibly exciting for him.

“Thank you!” Andy says. “Maybe our boys can have a playdate.”

That sounds absolutely adorable.

Congratulations to Kim — and, more grudgingly, to Kanye — on this happy news.

We may not know an exact due date for Kim’s child, but People reports that we can expect to meet this bundle of joy in the spring.

Kim kardashian confirms gender of baby number 4 teases due date

Meghan Markle Due Date: Revealed! For Real!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are going to have a baby!

Oh? You knew that already?

Okay, how about this in that case: we now know when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are going to have a baby!

Following what amounted to be pure speculation on the part of the Internet over Meghan Markle’s due date, the Duchess of Sussex herself has now gone ahead and given fans a clear time table.

While walking around in Hamilton Square on Sunday, Markle was reportedly all smiles and rather talkative with supporters who gathered around her.

Multiple witnesses have since told such reliable outlets as E! and Us Weekly that Meghan told folks there that she was:

1. About six months along in her pregnancy.

2. Due at the end of April.

This new piece of information actually dovetails perfectly with the aforementionde rumored due date, which had been circulating around social media as May 2.

This is the first time Markle has gone on record about her pregnancy since Christmas Day.

Back then, Mrs. Prince Harry hinted addressed the topic with at least one person outside Sandringham.

“She said, ‘We are excited. We’re nearly there.’ I said, ‘Enjoy every moment. Being a mother is a wonderful thing,'” Karen Anvil told E! News, adding about a month ago:

“She was so genuine. She was doing her duty as a royal with the crowds, shaking hands, etc.

“But when I asked her about the baby, she changed totally. She was glowing and instinctively went for her stomach. It was lovely.”

This does seem to be a common theme with the Duchess.

Even as those close to her aim to trash her name and bring her down, Markle has responded with nothing but grace and excitement over her impending child while in public.

(We can’t speak to how she is in private, of course.)

Said one young mother to People Magazine, wishing to remain anonymous:

“She said her pregnancy had gone so quickly. I asked her how she was coping on those high heels. She said, ‘One day at a time!’”

Elsewhere, meanwhile, those who spoke to Markle yesterday say she confirmed that her and Harry do NOT plan on findiing out their baby’s gender before he or she is born.

Markle, who continues to be embroiled in an alleged feud with Kate Middleton, is reportedly considering Frimley Park hospital in Surrey for her delivery.

This would stand in contrast to St. Mary’s Hospital in London, where her sister-in-law Middleton and the late mother-in-law Princess Diana gave birth.

But it also makes a lot of sense, logistically:

The hospital is about a 15-minute drive from Harry and Meghan’s new home.

As for the Royal baby name? We hear it will either be Amy or Stephen.

We’re just kidding. Markle has remained very mum on that pressing topic.

Jessa Duggar: Pregnant with Baby #3!!!!!

The stork has scheduled another appointment at the home of Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald.

In a interviews with People Magazine and Us Weekly, the long-time TLC stars confirmed that they’re getting set to add to their adorable family, which already includes a three-year old son named Spurgeon and a nearly-two-year old son named Henry.

How exciting, right?!?

As we try to figure out just how many Duggar kids this will make across the seemingly-always-expecting board, you can scroll down for quotes from Jessa and Ben on the former’s pregnancy and the latter’s excitement…

1. It’s Really Happening!

Jessa duggar and co
“We are overjoyed that God has blessed us with a baby, due late this Spring!� Duggar told the magazines mentioned above. “From the day we found out we were expecting, we both guessed boy, and if our predictions are right then we already have a ton the clothing and accessories ready to pass down!�

2. Indeed, the Couple Has These Two Precious Sons Already

Henry and spurge
Say hello to Spurgeon Elliot, 3; and Henry Wilberforce, 23 months.

3. But What If It’s a Girl?

Jessa duggar on tlc
“At the same time, we would absolutely love it if we found out we were having a girl — though we’ve joked that we’d be starting from square one and might have to learn a few things,” Jessa added.

4. Will They Find Out the Gender?

Jessa photo
We doubt it. This is not usually the Duggar Family style.

5. Are the Kids Excited?

Seewald family
One of them sure is! “Henry doesn’t have a clue what’s coming, but Spurgeon understands and he talks about the baby quite a bit,� Seewald says. “Seeing our boys meet their new sibling for the first time is something we are really looking forward to!�

6. The Transition Won’t Be Easy, Of Course

Kiss from ben
“We realize that, in going from two to three kids, we’re about to switch from man-to-man to zone coverage, so we’ve definitely been taking advice from friends who are already in this stage!” Ben added. “We love being parents and are really looking forward to this new arrival!”

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