Embattled Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Lawyers Up Amid The Show’s Ongoing Racism Controversy

Chris Harrison is covering all of his bases, so at least it appears as though he can be prepared regardless of where the future goes within the longstanding Bachelor franchise. And in this case, as of Friday, this means the embattled (former?) host has hired a lawyer to represent him in the wake of his major […]

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The Bachelor Spoilers: Do Matt and Rachael Get Back Together??

Well, folks, Matt James has already made history.

But to whom will he make love on The Bachelor – and to whom will be bequeath that coveted final rose?

This is the question viewers around the nation have, as they head into a brand new year, and season of this beloved TV franchise.

Well, we now answers. More of them each day.

Based on a number of sources and reports, we’ve got The Bachelor spoilers for you for the still-unfolding 2021 campaign.

Gotta love it. Bachelor spoilers make things more fun, after all, especially as the episodes fly by and pieces fall into place.

There are still gaps to fill in, but the top three are set – and the top two and winner herself have been named by Reality Steve.

The man is just plain good at what he does.

He’s been on top of this all along, though even the Oracle of Bachelor Spoilers could not have seen some of this coming.

Questions remain after a tumultuous few months: Will Matt’s journey end in a proposal? And perhaps more significantly:

Will his season be salvaged after the Rachael Kirkconnell racism scandal that has rocked the franchise to the core?

Chris Harrison has stepped away from the franchise following his tone deaf defense of Rachael, and it’s unclear if he’ll return.

Or what will be left of the show when/if he does.

Time will tell re: some of those historical topics, but as far as the spoilers go, we’ve got you. Scroll down to find out who wins — and what sort of drama has transpired in the weeks since Matt handed out his final rose!

[Spoiler alert, obviously.]

1. James is Making History

Matt james shirtless
On the Season 25 premiere, Matt James – not only the first Black lead, but the first franchise newcomer to hand out the roses in years – admits to Chris Harrison that he’s never been in love. Not ever. Not once in his life. “It’s my job to change that,” the host tells The Bachelor. Whether we look back on this historic season as a turning point in a good sense remains to be seen.

2. Keystone State of Mind

Matt james poster
James’ journey kicked off January 4 at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania. The set was reportedly isolated and all COVID-19 protocols were being followed. If you recognize the surroundings, your eyes are not deceiving you. The latest Bachelorette actually filmed her After the Final Rose ceremony at this same place – and the newly-engaged Tayshia set a high bar for Matt.

3. Was There a Need to Shut Down at Any Point?

Matt james as the bachelor
No. Just like The Bachelorette (and the NBA), Covid protocols were followed and no surprises cases created any hiccups. “It’s the blueprint and the formula we used to shoot Clare’s season, and is working out perfectly,” Chris Harrison, who ironically was the only person from the show to break quarantine when he took his kid to college, and was required to sit out for two weeks, told Entertainment Tonight. “I can tell you it’s working, it’s successful and — knock on wood — it’ll continue to be successful.”

4. The First Impression Rose Was Everything

Matt james with a rose
The woman who earned the first impression rose made quite an impression on Matt and viewers alike.

5. Say Hello to Abigail Heringer!

Matt james and abigail
Abigail got Matt’s first rose. Originally from Salem, Oreon, Abigail was reportedly born partially deaf and given cochlear implants as a child.

6. Bow Down to the Queen

Victoria larson and matt
Not everyone was as well received. Victoria Larson, a.k.a Queen Victoria, quickly made her presence felt on the 2021 season, both by captivating Matt and establishing herself as the villain to end all villains.

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