Kristin Cavallari Reveals How She REALLY Feels About Lauren Conrad & Just HOW Fake Laguna Beach Was!

Kristin Cavallari is giving us ALL the tea!! Though the momma of three has been making headlines over the last few months because of her split from husband Jay Cutler, it’s actually her time on Laguna Beach putting her on our radar right now. As you’ll obviously recall, before she starred on Very Cavallari, K-Cav […]

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Yazan Abo Horira Kicked Out of Home, Loses Job Over Brittany Banks

On this week’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, we learned how much Yazan lost over his family’s disapproval with Brittany.

Watch in this clip as he discusses how he lost his home and job over his refusal to end the engagement.

Yazan abo horira to brittany banks yeah i miss you babe

“Since Tiffany went back to America, I’ve been going through some difficult times,” Yazan tells the camera.

He continues, admitting: “I don’t know what to do.”

For this reason, he goes to visit his friend, Mohammed, on Season 2, Episode 16 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Yazan abo horira maybe shes lying to me

“After Brittany left, I sat down with my father,” Yazan relates to his friend.

“We sat down,” he describes, “and he started talking about Brittany.”

Yazan continues, grimly revealing: “He said he is not accepting of the whole marriage.”

Yazan abo horira ive been going through some difficult times

“He doesn’t want it,” Yazan laments. “He started asking about social media.”

See, one of Yazan’s relatives scoured through Brittany’s social media history and found perfectly normal photos of her wearing things like bikinis and halter tops.

Though clothing like that exists in Jordan, too, it is clearly considered scandalous by Yazan’s deeply conservative family.

Yazan abo horira he is not accepting of the whole marriage

Instead of just asserting that it’s Brittany’s body to show off however she sees fit and that the photos are tame and not unusual, Yazan argues a different case.

“Those are old pictures, Mohammed,” Yazan notes.

“He started telling me that she’s playing with me,” he shares, “she doesn’t want to marry me.”

Yazan abo horira he started asking about social media

Of Yazan’s family, he adds: “They feel that she is just lying to me.”

While it’s true that Brittany is lying to Yazan, she wasn’t lying about her desire to marry him. 

It’s just that her living her life is unthinkable to Yazan’s conservative dad.

Mohammed to yazan abo horira if you see it that way leave her

But Yazan’s father told him that if he still wants to marry Brittany, he can no longer work for him at the fish market.

He also kicked Yazan out of the house.

Yazan lost his home and his job and Brittany has no idea that it even happened.

Yazan abo horira father threatens to literally murder him

“I spent the first night at my uncle’s,” Yazan reveals. “After that, I had to stay on the street for two days.”

“Then I rented an apartment and looked for work,” Yazan shares with his friend Mohammed.

“I don’t talk to anyone,” he adds. “I spend time alone. I swear, Mohammed, this has been the most difficult, truly the most difficult time I’ve been through.”

Yazan abo horira i have to be careful

Ultimately, Mohammed and Yazan agree that Yazan is the only one making sacrifices in their relationship.

This is not the case, of course, but it matches the story that Yazan shared.

Where they disagree is what to do about it. Mohammed suggests that Yazan dump Brittany. Yazan counters that he is madly in love with her.

Sometimes, love isn’t enough, and Yazan and Brittany have both deceived each other in ways that should be dealbreakers.

Additionally, the way that Yazan spoke to Brittany on the first night of her arrival, all by itself, should have been the end of this relationship. Unfortunately, it was not.

But we know that we can’t make relationship decisions for Brittany or for Yazan. Sadly, Yazan’s parents don’t seem to have gotten that memo.

Yazan abo horira kicked out of home loses job over brittany bank

90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Yazan Gave Up EVERYTHING for Brittany

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is not holding back when it comes to Season 2 drama.

On Episode 16, we see Ariela undergo her emergency C-section.

The friction between Ariela and Biniyam’s fundamental disagreements isn’t going away, however, even as she recovers from surgery.

Armando and Kenneth see how Armando’s family is reacting to their engagement news, especially little Hannah.

Tim and Melyza sleep together for the first time since he arrived. It was great … and then everything goes downhill.

Deavan and Jihoon are settling into their new apartment and looking to finally have a real wedding.

Brittany speaks to her family about the situation, omitting some key details so that they won’t worry. They’re worried anyway.

Meanwhile Yazan’s family has turned his life upside down. He has lost everything for Brittany, he reveals.

1. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela weinberg hears i cant wait to see him janice
Ariela went in for a normal ultrasound only to find out that she would have to undergo a C-section that very day. It is absolute nightmare fodder. With Biniyam there for emotional support, she also calls her family. Her mom, Janice, assures her that it will be okay, that the family will come out to see her, and that she cannot wait to meet her grandbaby.

2. But obviously, she’s still frightened

Ariela weinberg hears dont cry okay
Giving birth is frightening and painful enough on the due date. A C-section is major surgery, which always carries risks, and Ariela is understandably overwhelmed.

3. Biniyam gets weird

Biniyam shibre with vaginal birth the love for her child is stro
He shares that his family and community have taught him that a natural vaginal birth is somehow more pure or loving than a C-section and that it helps the mother and child bond. This is not an Ethiopia-only mindset; you can find plenty of people spewing insulting brainrotten nonsense in the US, too. Delivery methods have nothing to do with how much a mother loves her child.

4. Dude, no

Biniyam shibre thinks that surgery is less painful
Biniyam also thinks that having surgery is less painful??? Just because you’re asleep for it doesn’t mean that they are not cutting through the wall of your abdominal muscles and then slitting open your uterus to remove a whole baby. It’s giving birth — there’s no fun or easy option.

5. Ariela is having such a hard time

Ariela weinberg is uncomfortable and crying before surgery
She has to stop crying and shifting so that they can put her under. Oh this was so hard to watch. Like, you wish that her mom could just teleport there to hold her hand.

6. Finally, she was under

Ariela weinberg goes under for c section
Obviously, we didn’t see the gruesome details of the surgery. It might have done Biniyam good to see it, to be honest.

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The Bachelorette Alum Emily Maynard Gives Birth To Baby Number 5!

Emily Maynard‘s beautiful family just keeps getting bigger! Just one day after surprising fans with the news that she was pregnant with her fifth child, her fourth with husband Tyler Johnson, the 34-year-old reality TV star took to Instagram on Saturday and revealed that she already gave birth to a precious little baby girl. Whoa, […]

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Kris Jenner Puts Blame On Social Media For KUWTK‘s Demise!

For some of the most followed people on social media, did it also cause the end of what got them on the map in the first place?? As you’re likely aware, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is coming to an end, but it’s pretty easy to keep up with the famous family via Instagram and […]

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Armando Rubio’s Mom Doesn’t Want to Attend His Wedding to Kenneth Niedermeier

We watched Armando announce his engagement to his family on this week’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Now it’s time for him to talk about wedding plans with his mother … and it’s not going well.

Oh no. This looks awkward and painful.

In this sneak peek for Sunday’s new 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Armando Rubio has a seat with his mother to do as she asked.

She told him that she wanted him to talk to her first about things, so that’s what he’s doing about wedding plans with his fiance, Kenneth Niedermeier.

“Tell me the truth. Were you surprised when I told you we got engaged?” Armando asks his mother.

She admits: “I was surprised because I didn’t expect it.”

“You didn’t even hint about it,” she accused.

“I told you, I am your mother,” she reminded him. “You must always tell me things first.”

It is clear to Armando and to viewers that this has less to do with the surprise and more to do with the fact that it’s a surprise related to Armando’s sexuality.

This is a painful moment, but Armando’s not hiding how he feels about it.

“I can tell my mom’s not thrilled still about hearing that Kenny and I are engaged,” Armando sadly shares to the camera.

“Her telling me that she would have preferred I told her in private shows me that she’s still struggling with it,” he observes.

Heartbreakingly, Armando adds: “I think in some ways maybe she feels embarrassed that I’m gay.”

“She needs to learn how to accept me without worrying what anybody says, thinks, or who is around,” Armando correctly emphasizes to the camera.

Armando came out to his family early this season, but it was not the first time.

He had previously been outed to his family — by his late ex-wife, no less — but was then forced back into the closet. No one should have to live a lie.

When Armando begins to speak to his mother about his and Kenneth’s plans for a wedding, she reacts with astonishment.

Apparently, she imagined that if they were married, they would simply fill out paperwork and be done with it.

Translation: she had hoped that it would be something easy to hide and not something that she or others might have to either attend or decline attending.

“We want to celebrate it,” Armando says as he for some reason finds himself having to explain the concept of weddings, like his mother is new to the concept.

“Like any other couple when they love each other and they get married,” he continues.

Armando then states, again as if speaking to a preschooler instead of a grandmother who is familiar with the concept: “It’s a very important day.”

Armando then has to ask multiple times if she will attend her own son’s wedding.

“I want it to be a happy day,” Armando emphasizes..

“I want to have full support from you and from and the family,” he explains, “So I can feel complete.” In this sneak peek, she does not give a verbal answer.

Armando rubios mom doesnt want to attend his wedding to kenneth

Kendall Jenner EXPLODES at Corey Gamble on KUWTK: Don’t F–king Yell at Me!

The fallout from last week’s sisterly brawl between Kendall and Kylie continued on KUWTK.

But this time, Kendall was taking her mom’s boyfriend to task for his role in the fight.

Last week, Corey Gamble was caught between Scylla and Charybdis … that is, between Kendall and Kylie.

The absurd sisterly spat (They are both grown adults! One of them is a mom!) was as heated as it was juvenile, and Corey waded into the fray.

This week, Corey extended the olive branch … only to get an earful from Kendall

Kris was preoccupied by the brawl between her two youngest daughters.

To keep her mind off of things, Corey accompanied her to Karina Smirnoff’s dance studio, where she would learn the tango from DWTS pros Artem Chigvintsev and Cheryl Burke.

But as the lesson begin, Corey got a call back from Kendall, whom he had previously tried to contact.

Corey was calling to invote Kendall to attend a sports game with him, announcing that he has “the best seats.”

Kendall said that she has plans … but she did want to talk to him about what went down in Palm Springs.

“I’m definitely not cool with how everything went down,” Kendall expressed to Corey.

Kendall confronted him over the phone: “I feel like you were the adult in the situation and you handled it very badly.”

“I understand,” Corey replied, protesting “but that was you and Kylie doing that.”

“You wanted me out of the car,’ Kendall challenged him, referring to how she had to leave the vehicle and was not able to return home at that time.

“You guys were yelling at me,” Kendall reminded him.

Corey countered: “Kendall, y’all was goin’ on for five minutes before I even opened my mouth.”

“You had already called her names,” he accused, “and you had already…”

Kendall countered that she had not called anyone names, ading: “I just know what you were trying to do!”

“No, no, no, you thought,” Corey fired back.

He told her: “You was in your mind, like you always are!”

Corey insisted that neither he nor anyone else was against Kendall, which did not sit right with her.

“You said ”F–k you” to my face,” Kendall recalled.

She challenged him: “You can’t even say, ‘I’m sorry.'”

Speaking to the confessional camera, Kendall lamented that Corey was just trying to deflect to avoid conflict with Kris.

“I just don’t know how to feel about that,’ Kendall admitted.

She then expressed: “It doesn’t make me feel nice.”

“Let me tell you one thing,” Corey blurted out.

He told her: “Kendall, you’ve been a rude person for years, man.”

“You’re an a–hole when you feel like it,” Corey accused. “You get riled up for no reason.”

“What did you call me now?’ Kendall bristled.

“No, no, no, no, I’m about to tell you the truth about how you are,’ Corey insisted.

“You don’t apologize for nothing,” he spat. “You get into one thing, now you got something to run and harp on… yeah, you trippin.”

“Just because I don’t kiss your ass doesn’t mean I’m an a–hole,” Kendall countered. “It just means I don’t f–k with you.”

“‘Kiss my ass?’ Corey demanded. “I don’t need nobody kissing my ass. What the hell are you talking about?”

Kendall told him that he had behaved like “a f–king bystander” and allowed “this whole thing happen!”

‘I was just trying to make sure you were straight, man,’ Corey insisted.

“That was it,” he added. “You don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

“The way it was handled was really just wrong,” Kendall told him. So much for that olive branch.

Kendall jenner explodes at corey gamble on kuwtk dont f king yel

Kelly Dodd Boycott: Fans Shun Real Housewives of OC Premiere, Ratings Tank!

The Season 15 premiere of RHOC was actually pretty good, culminating in a tearful confession from Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

But a nosedive in ratings has Bravo scratching their heads. Do viewers miss Vicki and Tamra, or do they just hate Kelly Dodd?

Season 15 of The Real Housewives of Orange County premiered this week, and the ratings were, to put it bluntly, bad.

Since Season 6, only one episode of the show has had lower viewership … and it was Part 1 of the Reunion for Season 14.

Ratings and how they are compared are complicated, so we’ll lay it all out for you, with all of Season 14’s ratings for context.

RHOC Season 14 ratings

For comparison’s sake, here are the numbers:

The Season 14 premiere had 1.42 million viewers.

The (pre-reunion) Season 14 finale episode had 1.24 million.

The very last episode of that season, Part 3 of the Reunion, had 1.03 million viewers.

RHOC Season 15 season premiere ratings

With the obligatory caveat that the TV landscape is different these days, and all ratings decline over time:

The premiere of RHOC Season 15 brought in 1.05 million viewers.

If you look at the dropoff from 1.24 million to 1.05, it doesn’t look like that hefty of a loss, especially in 2020.

As we said, it’s a weird time for television.

And if you compare Part 3 of Season 14’s Reunion special to the Season 15 premiere, viewership actually goes up a little – 1.03 to 1.05.

But we don’t look at season premieres and season finales through the same lens.

With rare exceptions, you expect more people to tune in for a season premiere, conventional wisdom saying that they either lost interest or have resolved to “catch up” later.

Most of the time, when measuring the health of an ongoing series, you compare season premieres to season premiere.

Doing that with Season 14 and Season 15, you witness a drop of 370,000 viewers.

Basically, like the population of a large American city, vanishing from one season to the next.

There is always a chance that some of these viewers will return as the season goes on, catching up or remembering that it’s on.

But at the moment, it looks like a solid percentage of people have just … lost interest in viewing one of Bravo’s flagship series.

Why? Where do we begin …

The most obvious difference between Season 14 and Season 15 is that, for the very first time, Vicki Gunvalson is not part of the cast.

She is the OG of the OC. She has been part of this franchise since its inception.

And she’s not the only one who’s gone. Tamra Judge, after 12 years on the show, also took her leave after turning down Bravo’s insulting “Friend” offer.

A lot of people have grown to actively hate Vicki and Tamra over the years, and were on social media (and even in their mentions) celebrating their departure from the show.

But it may be that even more fans are sad to see them go and aren’t invested in watching what the show is like without them.

Whether we’re talking about politics or TV ratings, it’s so important to remember that social media does not reflect how the broader world feels.

Vicki has been a mainstay on the series, and it may turn out that dropping an OG from the show was a mistake.

Few of us can imagine RHONY without Kyle Richards. And we have no idea what RHOA will look like without NeNe Leakes.

However, though there is much to be said about Vicki and Tamra, maybe this ratings slump has less to do with what’s missing … and more to do with who’s still there.

Kelly Dodd has spent 2020 lashing out at fans, followers, and countless others, signaling her malice again and again on social media.

She said that the COVID-19 pandemic was “God’s way of thinning the herd” as Americans died in hospital hallways.

She mocked the death toll, told outright lies about the virus, made false comparisons to the flu, and spread dangerous misinformation about COVID and masks that got her posts censored on Twitter.

The long and short of it is that on top of being a divisive personality, Kelly simply flauted safety guidelines again and again.

She also condemned heroic Black Lives Matter protests as “terrorism in America” when her Fox News fiance (now husband) showed her his network’s propaganda.

For some fans, it’s all been too much.

Viewers and fans expect Housewives to be over-the-top or even toxic people. They expect to see personality disorders that make people entertaining to watch.

But as calls to fire Kelly and to boycott the show while she’s on it have grown, it’s clear that fans draw the line at a genuinely evil person.

Maybe we’re seeing that boycott in action with these numbers.

June Shannon: I Can Smoke a Little Crack and Still Be on TV!!!

Some fans are worried about whether June Shannon can stay sober on her family’s show. Others wonder if it’s even coming back.

June is offering some reassurances that both she and her show are coming back … but not as soon as fans hope.

This week, Mama June Shannon took to Instagram to address questions posted by some of her curious fans.

She also wanted to give people a little update on how she is doing — with her life and with her sobriety.

When June allowed fans to pose questions, one follower of course inquired if her family’s show is returning for another season on WEtv.

“Yes,” June confirmed on Instagram, “the show is coming back.”

In fact, this isn’t hypothetical — as the show has begun to film.

“Production did start last week,” she detailed.

Given what time of year it is, however, fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a season premiere any time too soon.

June confirms that the show is in production “but we’re not coming back until 2021.”

“So,” the grandmother expresses, “it is what it is.”

Obviously, last season, June was not a cooperative participant for most of the season, only showing up a couple of times.

This time, it seems, things will be different.

“And will I be back?” June asks before answering the very popular question: “Yes, I will.”

Last season, June let down her family, and not for the first time.

Instead of going to rehab as she had planned, she ghosted.

Refusing to return her family’s messages, June seemed more interested in her boyfriend and drugs than in getting her family back.

Her downward spiral with Geno Doak continued for months.

Sadly, there were times in late 2019 and very early 2020 when many feared that the next piece of news about June would be the last.

Geno confessed that he and June managed to spend $150,000 in just six months … every cent of it going to crack cocaine.

But downward spirals eventually have to end, one way or the other.

Fortunately, June’s ended with the realization that she had lost all control over her life — and lost her family and career in the process.

She set about fixing up her life, working on her sobriety and repairing a missing tooth.

Part of the key to her new sobriety journey was having a traveling companion, so to speak.

Just as Geno had been part of June’s extended drug binge, he was part of her recovery.

In fact, new photos of Geno that circulated in the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic gave fans reasons to hope.

Fans asked if suddenly seeing photos of him in short sleeves and putting on weight meant that he was no longer covered in fresh track marks and was taking better care of himself.

In response, Geno hinted that they were right.

Needle marks are conspicuous, but less so when someone stops shooting up. And weight gain can be a very promising sign that someone’s life no longer revolves around a needle.

June has recently revealed that she is now nine months sober.

Her return to reality TV may end up testing her, however, because with a return to TV comes a renewed flow of income.

Hopefully, June will stick to her sobriety journey. Besides, she’s going to need that income in order to buy a new house.

True Thompson Is Having Separation Anxiety As Khloé Kardashian Returns To Work After Months Of Lockdown!

As summer turns to fall, parents all over the country are facing another “new normal” with the coronavirus pandemic as schools and offices start to open up again, for better or worse. That struggle within hasn’t been any less challenging for celeb parents, either, as Khloé Kardashian has found out over the last few weeks. […]

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Beloved Bachelorette Couple Ashley Herbert & J.P. Rosenbaum Announce Shocking Split After 8 Years Of Marriage

It’s over for one of Bachelor Nation‘s tried and true pairs, Ashley Herbert and J.P. Rosenbaum. The duo took to their respective Instagram accounts on Wednesday to announce they have shockingly decided to call it quits after eight years of marriage and two kids together — Fordham Rhys, 6, and Essex Reese, 3. Ugh, 2020 […]

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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Admits to Alcoholism on The Real Housewives of Orange County Premiere

We knew from the trailer that Season 15 of RHOC was going to be busy and dramatic and a little scary at times.

But nothing prepared viewers for the raw confession that Braunwyn made of just how serious her drinking problem had become.

In Season 14, even though a lot of the ladies had a good time, Emily Simpson was worried about her friend Braunwyn.

Braunwyn’s drinking alarmed her — and you know that when a Real Housewife thinks that you’re drinking too much, it’s time to take it seriously. But Braunwyn did not.

Now it’s Season 15, and as you can see in the short video clip that we have included, Braunwyn went to Emily to apologize … and to tell her that she was right.

In a somber, painful scene at the climax of the season premiere, Braunwyn reflected upon her hard-partying trip to Miami.

“I am very nervous right now,” she confessed to Emily. “Some things have happened. First of all, I need to say that I am sorry.”

Either Emily truly had no idea what the talk was about or she did a phenomenal acting job, because she asked: “About what?”

“You called me out on my drinking last year,” Braunwyn reminded her. “Instead of taking it to heart, I really pushed you away.”

“Basically, I think I just got angry with you,” she confessed, “and I came up with reasons to be mad.”

Braunwyn then described how “bad” her trip to celebrate Kelly Dodd’s then-fiance’s birthday had been, admitting: “I didn’t stop drinking for four days.”

“Every hour I would keep doing a shot,” Braunwyn described.

Painfully, she confessed: “I was drinking so much I thought I was going to die.”

A sympathetic Emily observed: “To me, there was obviously a problem because I felt like you were masking something and doing it with alcohol.”

Braunwyn described to the confessional camera how her drinking started when she was only 14.

At the time, she was living with her grandfather and grappling with abandonment issues.

 “Someone handed me a warm beer,” Braunwyn recalled, “and it was a peacefulness that I’ve never felt before.”

She drank until she vomited that night, and that set the pattern for her using alcohol to self-medicate.

To hear Braunwyn describe it, her only times not drinking as an adult have been her many pregnancies … and now that she is done having children, she worries that she has lost control.

Confessing that she is afraid to go through life without alcohol to keep bad feelings at bay, she told Emily: “The vulnerability is hard for me.”

Emily assured her: “I want you to know that I am your friend and that I will do whatever I can to support you.”

“Is your goal to never drink again?” Emily asked. Some cult-like sobriety programs insist on this. Other, more evidence-based programs sometimes do not.

“I don’t think I can never drink again,” Braunwyn’s answer began, “but yeah, it has to be forever.”

“I don’t know if it’s divine intervention,” Braunwyn expressed in the confessional.

“But,” she continued, “for the first time in my life I can say, ‘My name is Braunwyn and I’m an alcoholic.”

This was clearly a powerful, transformative moment in her life.

Before that, Braunwyn invited Kelly and Shannon over in the hopes of successfully playing mediator between the feuding castmates.

Kelly, gleefully embracing her villain role, had been way too friendly and helpful to Jim Bellino, who was suing both Shannon and Tamra over alleged disparaging comments that the ladies may have made on a podcast.

Kelly extended an “olive branch” to Shannon, gifting her with a case of UNO cards as a nod to Shannon’s former role within the “Tres Amigas.” These days, Shannon is the Una Amiga.

“Kelly, I have to say what I was upset about was just that the step was taken to reach out to the opposing side,” Shannon said of Kelly’s apparent eagerness to help Jim destroy Shannon and Tamra in court.

“You and I had multiple conversations about how devastating the [lawsuit] was,” she reminded her.

Kelly’s defense was that Shannon was mere collateral in her war with Tamra, admitting: “I felt gained up on by the three of you.”

“You were upset with Tamra and you didn’t think it was going to affect me,” Shannon acknowledged.

Kelly then confirmed: “My intensions were to get back at Tamra. She was relentless. Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

The two ladies then apologized to each other.

“I think it’s really nice that the three of us are sitting down here,” Shannon commented.

“You and I did have a special friendship that I was really disappointed fell apart,” she expressed.

Shannon added: “I’m so imperfect, but I really don’t attack people’s characters, so I apologize if you think that.”

“My intentions were not to hurt you,” Kelly said in return, “and if you feel I was, I apologize. I want to move on.”

Shannon, happily dating John Janssen, confessed to the camera that she is in such a “positive, happy state” at this point in her life that she doesn’t have room for drama.

“I don’t want to fight with people, I hate fighting,” she explained. “I’m willing to move forward.”

“We’re all [now] living in the same neighborhood,” Kelly noted of the three of them.

However, as we previously reported, the preview for the rest of Season 15 suggests that things are not going to remain as peaceful as this moment.

Emily recoverws from surgery, Shannon screams at Braunwyn, Gina has her romance with Travis Mullen, and newcomer Elizabeth Lyn Vargas joins the fray. Oh, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Braunwyn windham burke admits to alcoholism on the real housewiv

RHOA Star Porsha Williams Ends Engagement Amid MESSY Real Housewives Stripper Threesome Rumors!

Porsha Williams has ended her engagement with fiancé Dennis McKinley… yes, again! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star confirmed she and the restaurateur had called it quits by commenting on a social media post saying she has “been single,” as reported by Page Six. Dennis, for his part, endorsed his now-ex’s claims by writing he […]

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Why Scheana Shay Will NEVER Be Friends With Lala Kent Or Stassi Schroeder Again!

Scheana Shay is officially putting the nail in the coffin of her tattered relationship with Lala Kent and Stassi Schroeder. As we reported, the 35-year-old recently unfollowed her old Vanderpump Rules co-stars on social media after a summer full of drama that left her feeling ditched when she needed support amid a painful miscarriage.  Still […]

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