Robert Pattinson: Totally Smokin’ on Set of Remember Me!

Once again, Robert Pattinson has been spotted on the set of Remember Me in New York City.

While the actor is always hot, this time he was smoking… literally!

The star was seen with a cigarette is his lips, exhaling puffs of smoke between takes. We don’t know whether or not Pattinson’s character sucks down cancer sticks in the film, but Robert is a role model.

Must he practice this gross habit in public?

Smokin Star

Meanwhile, the following photos also showcase Pattinson sharing a few tender moments with Remember Me co-star Emile de Ravin.

The Internet is still buzzing over the chemistry, both on-screen and off-screen, these two reportedly share with one another. Can you spot any of it in the shots below?

Totally SmokingRobert Pattinson and Emile de Ravin PhotoRemember Me Stars

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner: Who Would You Rather …

Team Edward or Team Jacob? It’s question fans of the Twilight franchise have debated for years.

But forget the characters they play for a moment. Let’s focus on the men behind the roles, the gorgeous young actors that portray vampires and werewolves on-screen, but make females scream off-screen for very different reasons.

Indeed, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner have gone from obscure stars to worldwide sensations.

In the upcoming installment of the Twilight Saga, Pattinson and Lautner’s characters battle for Bella’s love. So why not start the competition early?!?

Drool over each handsome actor below and then answer the only question that matters below…

IrresistablePicture of Taylor Lautner

When it comes to Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, who would you rather …

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Robert Pattinson
Taylor Lautner

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Robert Pattinson, Remember Me Set: On Lock Down!

Robert Pattinson can’t do anything about the false rumors that spring up about him and Kristen Stewart, such as the latter’s ridiculous pregnancy or the couple’s supposed break-up.

But producers on the set of Remember Me, Pattinson’s latest movie, are trying everything possible to keep their star unburdened by fans.

First, they actually constructed a seven-foot high box around the actor. Now, crew members are being advised on how to talk to the media.

“They were told not to talk to the press at all,” an insider told OK! magazine. “And when they talk on their phones about the shoot, they need to make sure no one else is around.”

Headed Home


Meanwhile, to ward off overeager Pattinson fans, anyone involved with the shoot is encouraged to lie about what’s going on, as the common reply is to tell onlookers that the equipment is for a commercial or an episode of Law & Order.

A security firm has also been hired.

“It’s ridiculous,” a crewmember told the tabloid. “I worked on a film with Jennifer Aniston and it wasn’t nearly this bad…  It’s all the teenagers that literally scream when they see him who make shooting impossible. They’ve had to hire security, it’s actually the same company Aniston used.”

Will the madness over Robert Pattinson ever end? Let’s hope not. In this difficult economy, he’s helping bodyguards keep their jobs.

Emma Watson: Just Friends with Robert Pattinson

At the Ziegfeld Theatre premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the New York Daily News asked star Emma Watson about Robert Pattinson.

Specifically, they wanted to know if there was an Emma Watson underwear malfunction (if you know what we mean!) in the presence of her co-star.

“He’s just a good friend!” Watson replied. “He’s a super-nice guy, and the girls love him. We’re just friends – but he sure was great to work with.”

Guess vampires and witches don’t mix.

Emma Watson, Robert Pattinson

Somewhere, Kristen Stewart is breathing easy now that there’s one less gal competing for Robert Pattinson’s affections. Even though it’s over between them.

Should Emma Watson date Robert Pattinson?

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OMG yes, that would be so hot.
STFU, that’s the worst idea ever.

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Daniel Radcliffe Praises Robert Pattinson as a “Sex Symbol”

They’re both British.

They both appeared in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

And they both have wildly-anticipated films coming out.

However, Daniel Radcliffe says he and Robert Pattinson differ in one significant way: one is far more attractive than the other.

“Rob Pattinson is a sex symbol. Rob Pattinson is a genuine sexy guy. He’s got the height,” Radcliffe told Us Weekly at this week’s NYC premiere of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. “If girls like short and nerdy, then I’m a sex symbol!”

Harry Potter StarR. Patt in NYC

Be thankful you aren’t a sex symbol, Daniel Radcliffe. Reportedly, the crazies come out for those that are. [Photos: Splash News, Fame Pictures]

Radcliffe added that he hasn’t spoken much to Pattinson since the pair co-starred in the aforementioned 2005 Harry Potter movie. As pictured above, though, each was spotted this week in New York City.

“I’ve said probably three words to him in the last three years and that was before Twilight all kicked off,” Radcliffe said. “But I wish him well. Hopefully, I’ll see him at some point. He’s bound to turn up at one of these [premieres] at some point.”

Who do YOU think is sexier?

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Daniel Radcliffe
Robert Pattinson

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Robert Pattinson Brings Out the Crazies

Robert Pattinson may have dumped Kristen Stewart for Emile de Ravin, but this controversy hasn’t made the British actor any less popular.

New reports from the set of Remember Me place into context just what the star deals with everyday in New York City, a place described by a source as “crazytown,” due to Pattinson’s presence.

“There are all these girls with a lot of hormones and a lot of time on their hands,” an insider told OK! magazine, adding that many leave phone numbers on Robert’s trailer, such as one that read: “I think we’re meant to be together. Call me.”


Laying LowPopular Star


Pattinson tries to deal with these enthusiastic fans as well as he can.

“Rob’s a nice guy — he doesn’t want to disappoint people,” said a security detailer on the set of Remember Me. “He stops to say hello when he can, but he just can’t do it a lot. People bring him gifts, but we can’t take them; we don’t know where they’ve come from.”

Ah. So that’s why Pattinson never replied to our muffin basket!

In an attempt to shield their leading man from the cameras, crew members have actually constructed a seven-foot high box, where the actor often retreats between takes. But once the day’s filming is complete, there’s nowhere to hide.

“I worked on Gossip Girl with guys like Penn Badgely,” said the on-set source. “We’d go out after work and play beer pong. Nobody would bother them. There’s no way Rob can do that. He’d be mobbed.”

Released: The Sexiest Robert Pattinson Photos… Ever!

People often remember where they were on milestone occasions. There was Neil Armstrong’s moon landing. JFK’s assassination. Michael Jackson’s death.

Now, there’s the release of the following Robert Pattinson pictures. Us Weekly bills them as:

The sexiest Robert Pattinson photos ever.

Is that a proper assessment? You tell us.

For now, a bit of background on the pics: they were taken in NYC by photographer Theo Wenner, and were inspired by River Phoenix and James Dean.

According to a source on set, Pattinson was the model of hotness and cooperation: “They threw a bucket of water on him! He was willing to do anything. Didn’t complain at all.”

Similarly, we have a feeling millions of women around the world would be willing to do anything with the actor; and, no, they wouldn’t complain about it at all, either.

Sexy RobertWet and Hot

So, are these truly the sexiest Robert Pattinson images ever caught on camera?

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OMFG, yes!
Eh, I’ve seen better.

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: It’s Over!

From a total obsession to a complete break-up in less than a month.

Following weeks of rumors about whether or not Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a couple, the latest issue of Life & Style claims to have the answer: they were, but they are no longer.

Sadly, according to this tabloid, Pattinson has broken up with his New Moon co-star… for new leading lady Emilie de Ravin!

Life & Style Feature

In fact, sources say Robert was crushing on de Ravin before she was even cast opposite him in Remember Me.

“Robert met Emilie a while ago and has always liked her,” said an insider. “He’s the one who suggested to the producers at Summit that she’d be perfect for Remember Me. In the original screenplay, her part was written for an actress of Mexican descent.”

While the close interaction between Pattinson and de Ravin on set has been well chronicled, witnesses say the pair has also met up after hours.

On June 14, the co-stars hung out in a secluded garden area of the Bowery Hotel and “the connection between them was electric,” said an employee.

If this story is true, we feel terrible for Stewart. Who will help the actress raise her and Robert’s baby?!?

Robert Pattinson On: True Blood Audition, Zac Efron and More!

Last month, True Blood star Stephen Moyer caused an uproar when he referred to Robert Pattinson as the “Diet Coke of vampires,” among other, even less flattering descriptions.

It turns out, based on a new interview, that Moyer was insulting an actor that came oh-so-close to being his co-star.

What do we mean? Read through the following Pattinson excerpts to find out…

On prior attempts to act like a vampire: “I did an audition for True Blood, but that didn’t work out. I didn’t think I would get the role of Edward Cullen, either, because the character is very enigmatic. I didn’t want to play the biggest vampire stereotype, so I tried to humanize him.”

On Zac Efron: “We met at an awards show. He’s the new face of success. But he’s all the opposite of what I thought he would be. He’s so honest and down to earth. You’d think he’s so prepared for the press, but he’s not.”

Bruised and Battered

Robert Pattinson is bruised, battered – and hot! – on the set of Remember Me.

On his fans: “They are increadibly opinionated. They have very clear ideas as to how I should live my life. Who knew 15-year olds could be so moralistic?”

On meeting Kristen Stewart: “In the beginning I thought: ‘She’s so serious, so I have to be very serious too.’ And I went on without talking to her for like two weeks. She must have thought I was stuck up. I only spoke to her about the movie, other movies, books, serious stuff. But I felt like an idiot. I dropped the act and we got along great.”

That would be an underestimate, according to numerous reports!

Report: Kristen Stewart is Cheating on Robert Pattinson, Hated On By Fans

It’s been a tough week for Kristen Stewart – and it’s only Tuesday!

First, ridiculous reports surfaced that the actress was pregnant with Robert Pattinson’s baby. While we can’t offically confirm or deny this rumor, we can certainly laugh at it.

Now, The National Enquirer quotes numerous sources as saying that Stewart is receiving a great deal of hate mail these days. The reason? Her treatment of Pattinson.

“Kristen has had letters from girls who don’t think she’s treating Rob fairly because she’s dating Michael Angarano,” an insider told the tabloid. “The fans love Rob, and they love the idea of Kristen and Rob romancing off-screen. But they don’t like the idea that she might be hurting their favorite young actor by stringing him along while she is still dating Michael.”

New Moon Beauty

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

To Stewart’s credit – or perhaps due to orders sent in by the studio marketing New Moon – the actress has remained quiet amidst numerous stories involving her supposedly shady love life.

But she may need to speak out soon if she continues to be accused of two-timing Hollywood’s most popular stud muffin.

“The letters, which are being sent to the studio, accuse Kristen of being heartless by dating both guys,” a source said. “Kristen cares very much for Michael, but she also has a crush on Rob.”

Where does Angarano, a little-known actor that has appeared in episodes of 24 and Will & Grace, fit into this?

“Michael knows that Kristen and Rob still have two more Twilight movies to do together, so anything can happen between them,” the insider said. “And while he hopes he ends up with her, he knows he might lose her to his rival.”

Sounds like Stewart might be playing a dangerous game, using two men’s hearts as her ball. We hope she’s careful.

Angarano, MichaelAll Black

Does Michael Angarano stand a chance against Robert Pattinson? Who should Kristen Stewart date?