Mackenzie Standifer: SLAMMED For Partying While Ryan Edwards Is In Jail!

It’s been one month since Ryan Edwards was arrested for heroin possession and skipping out on a bar tab.

The former Teen Mom OG star remains behind bars, and his future isn’t looking particularly bright.

In fact, it seems unlikely that Ryan will emerge from this situation without serving some sort of sentence for violating his probation in such an egregious fashion.

Despite her husband’s repeated relapses and brushes with the law, however, Mackenzie Standifer is standing by her man.

But according to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, she’s not letting him off the hook, and she knows exactly what kind of changes will need to be made whenever Ryan gets released.

Take a look:

1. One Long Rough Patch

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer selfie
It would be a massive understatement to say that Ryan and Mackenzie’s relationship has seen its share of difficulties.

2. Hard Times

Ryan edwards mug shot take 3
Ryan has been arrested three times in the past 18 months, and it looks as though his latest brush with the law will carry some serious consequences.

3. Doin’ Time

Ryan edwards jagger
Ryan is currently behind bars, and he’ll remain locked up at least until his April 15 court date.

4. Denied Bond

Ryan edwards on the teen mom reunion
“The case has been continued to April 15, 2019,� a Clerk of Court for Red Bank in Tennessee told Radar Online. “He’s going to serve time in county jail until then.�

5. Another Long Absence

Ryan edwards with family
His time behind bars comes on the heels of a 90-day stint in rehab that ended in late November.

6. Making It Through

Mackenzie standifer with baby
Mackenzie has described Ryan’s time in rehab as “the longest 90 days” of her life.

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Katheryn Golden: MTV Turned Ryan Edwards Into a Junkie!

These days, Ryan Edwards is in jail on heroin possession charges.

Prior to that, the father of two was struggling to adapt to a life of quiet domesticity with new wife Mackenzie Standifer.

Needless to say, the guy has a lot going on at the ripe old age of 30.

So it’s almost hard to imagine that Ryan could have squeezed in a whole relationship in between his time with Maci Bookout and Mackenzie Standifer, but believe it or not, he did exactly that.

And now, Edwards’ ex, Katheryn Golden, is opening up to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup about her time with the troubled reality star.

Take a look:

1. Island Girl

Katheryn g 1
These days, Katheryn is one of the stars of USA Network’s sexually-charged reality show, Temptation Island.

2. Divergent Paths

Ryan edwards mug shot take 3
Ryan, of course, is a resident of Hamilton County Correctional Facility.

3. Looking Back

Katheryn g 5
But while their lives may have led them in very different directions, Katheryn says she has mostly fond memories of her time with Ryan.

4. A Changed Man

Ryan edwards jagger
Katheryn tells The Ashley that in many ways, Ryan couldn’t be more different than the boy she knew growing up.

5. A Complete 180

Ryan edwards on the teen mom reunion
“We lived in the same city,” she tells the site. “I had the biggest crush on him in high school. He was the cutest thing I’d ever seen! He was very quiet and reserved, which is kind of interesting that he’s [now] on such a huge platform on reality shows.

6. Opposites Attract

Katheryn g 2
“I’m way more outgoing and say what’s on my mind. He’s very shy, timid and reserved,” Golden says.

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Maci Bookout & Mackenzie Standifer: Teaming Up to Deal With Ryan Edwards?!

Last month, former Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards was arrested on charges theft and heroin possession.

The good news is, the theft charge has since been dropped.

The bad news is … well, it’s plentiful:

The possession charge isn’t going anywhere, and since Ryan was on probation at the time of his arrest, he’ll remain behind bars at least until his court date on April 15.

Fortunately, Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie Standifer, is not without a support system on the outside.

And these days, she’s receiving help from some very unexpected sources.

Take a look:

1. Mack and Maci

Mack and maci
Maci Bookout recently surprised fans by posting a family photo in which she posed with Ryan Edwards’ wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

2. The Truce

Mackenzie standifer with baby
The mothers of Ryan’s two children haven’t always gotten along, but it seems they’ve decided to set their differences aside in favor of focusing on something more important.

3. Traumatic Times

Ryan bentley
Ryan’s absence has been hardest on his two sons — 9-year-old Bentley, from his relationship with Maci, and Jagger, who was welcomed by Mackenzie while Ryan was in rehab last year.

4. Enough Pain to Go Around

Maci bookout on teen mom og
That’s not to say of course, that his addiction and legal entanglements haven’t been difficult on Maci and Mackenzie, as well.

5. A Hard Road to Travel

Maci bookout cries
Obviously, Maci moved on from Ryan quite some time ago, but watching her eldest child cope with the pain of having an imprisoned heroin addict for a father cannot be easy.

6. Joining Forces

Mackenzie standifer returns
And so, it seems Maci and Mackenzie have decided to focus on their children’s happiness and lend their support to one another, as well.

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Ryan Edwards Beats Theft Charge; Why is Teen Mom Star Still in Jail?

Last month, oft-troubled Teen Mom OG star and derelict Ryan Edwards was arrested for theft and heroin possession.

The reality star’s latest arrest (of many) came after he skipped out on a $36 bar tab near his hometown in Tennessee.

(The heroin charge was from an earlier incident, for which police had issued an outstanding warrant.)

Edwards was on probation at the time of the arrest, so it seems unlikely that he’ll be able to avoid jail time for the latest charges against him.

Against all odds, though, Ryan actually received some good legal news this week as one criminal case against him was dropped.

He’s not out of the woods yet, though. From the sounds of this, doesn’t look like he’ll be getting out of the slammer anytime soon.

Here’s the rundown.

1. Hard Times

Ryan edwards mug shot take 3
Ryan was apprehended in January after drinking six whiskeys and then skipping out on his tab.

2. A New Start

Ryan edwards jagger
The arrest comes just two months after Edwards completed 90 days in rehab for his heroin addiction.

3. Dashed Hopes

Ryan edwards on the teen mom reunion
It wasn’t Ryan’s first time in treatment, but it was his longest stay — and his family and friends were hopeful that this time, Ryan would finally be able to turn things around.

4. Renewed Hope

Ryan edwards on teen mom reunion
After all, this time Edwards had a lot more to lose.

5. Moves Like Jagger

Mackenzie standifer with baby
During his time in treatment, Ryan missed the birth of baby Jagger, his second child and his first with wife Mackenzie Standifer.

6. Painful Disappointment

Ryan edwards pic
Sadly, the 30-year-old remained sober for less than a week after completing his latest stint in rehab.

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Maci Bookout Reacts to Ryan Edwards Arrest: D’uh!

Upon learning that her ex-husband had been arrested for theft and drug possession, Maci Bookout reportedly had the same reaction as most members of The Hollywood Gossip staff.

She was basically the human version of the shrug emoji.

It’s not that Maci doesn’t want to see Ryan Edwards straighten his life out…

… she has simply been down this road before.

Her expectations are unfortunately very low.

Scroll down to see how Bookout reportedly reacted to the arrest and to also learn who many people are pointing the finger at for enabling Edwards…

1. The Ballad of Maci and Ryan

The ballad of maci and ryan
Bookout and Edwards have been broken up for many years, but they share a son named Bentley. So they remain at least somewhat a part of each other’s lives.

2. Edwards Just Got Arrested Again, Though

Ryan edwards mug shot take 3
He bailed on a bar tab of $36 after ordering six whiskey drinks in a Tennessee restaurant earlier this month.

3. The Server Contacted the Police

Ryan edwards mug shot new
And then the cops tracked down Edwards and arrested him on a charge of theft, they also noted he had an outstanding warrant for heroin possession.

4. So He Was Placed Behind Bars

Ryan edwards mug shot
Edwards has been denied bail and will remain in county jail until April.

5. Crazy, Right?!?

Maci and ryan
Eh, sort of. Sources say Maci isn’t exactly stunned by this development.

6. Color Her Not Shocked

Maci bookout on teen mom og
“Maci’s not surprised,” an insider explains to Radar Online. “She’s more relieved because at least he’s not out acting like a fool. This will give him more time to detox.”

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Mackenzie Edwards: Will She Leave Ryan After Latest Arrest?

So… will THIS be the final straw?

That’s what many Teen Mom fans are wondering about Ryan Edwards got arrested for the umpteenth time last week, taken into custody after he bailed on paying a bar tab.

With an outstanding warrant also floating around, police took Edwards into custody on charges of both theft AND drug possession, adding to a permanent legal record that is chock full of mug shots and court hearings.

What will happen next to the former MTV personality?

We can’t say, from a legal point of view.

From a personal one, however? Scroll down to get an idea of what wife Mackenzie is thinking at the moment…

1. Let’s Be Clear…

Ryan edwards with family
… Ryan as a serious problem. That can’t really be debated at this point and we sincerely hope he gets help.

2. Why Did He Get Arrested Again?

Ry and mack
According to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, Edwards drank six whiskey-based drinks at a bar in Tennessee — and then left the establishment without paying.

3. What Did He Owe?

Ryan edwards and family
He owed $36 on his tab and was at the restaurant for about four hours.

4. The Server Calls the Cops

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer selfie
And the father of two was arrested on January 23, charged him with theft of services and held him on $500 bond. Edwards was also charged with possession of heroin from a Red Bank warrant.

5. Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards Picture

Mackenzie and ryan edwards picture
Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards shared this photo on their Instagram accounts just two days before quitting Teen Mom OG.

6. We’ve Been Here Before with Ryan

Kiss for mackenzie
He’s been arrested on at least three occasions for drug-related charges. He had only just completed a 90-day stint in rehab two months before this latest run-in with the law.

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Ryan Edwards Arrest Details: He Drank, He Dashed, He Got Caught

It’s very easy to make Ryan Edwards jokes right now.

The former Teen Mom star just got arrested for the umpteenth time for drug possession and may be headed back to prison.

But Maci Bookout’s ex-husband and Mackenzie Standifer’s current husband clearly has a legitimate problem. He has an addiction.

He also has a newborn son at home. The poor little guy.

So we aren’t gonna blast Ryan here, we’re just gonna relay the latest from his arrest.

Courtesy of a Chattanooga Police Department report obtained by Radar Online, here is what we now know…

1. This is What Prompted the Arrest:

Ryan edwards with family
A Bud’s Sports Bar server contacted the authorities after Edwards drank and dashed on December 19, 2018.

2. What Does That Mean?

Ryan edwards jagger
It means Edwards skipped out on his restaurant tab. He tried not to pay it.

3. How Much Did He Owe?

Ryan edwards mug shot take 3
“Edwards had ordered six Jack Daniels Whiskey drinks, totaling $36, and left without paying for themâ€� the report reads. (That’s a pretty good deal for whiskey drinks, we agree.)

4. For How Long Was He at the Bar?

Ry and mack
From noon to 4 p.m., police say.

5. From There…

Ryan edwards and family
An officer tracked down Ryan through the Criminal Justice Portal and the server confirmed his identity through this photo. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

6. Cue the Arrest

Ryans back
The father of two was arrested on January 23, 2019. Hamilton County charged him with theft of services and held him on $500 bond. Ryan was also charged with possession of heroin from a Red Bank warrant. He’s being held on no bond for the second charge.

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Ryan Edwards: Arrested (Yes, Again) For Heroin Possession!

It’s happened again, Teen Mom fans.

And it’s long past the point of being funny.

Officials from Hamilton County Jail in Tennessee have confirmed to Radar Online and other outlets that Ryan Edwards was arrested on Wednesday, January 23 at 12:45 a.m.

He’s been charged with heroin possession and theft of services under $1,000.

We’ve lost track at how many times now Maci Bookout’s ex has fun afoul of the law, but it’s unclear what his future holds at this point.

Another jail stint? More time in rehab?

Scroll down for the latest on Edwards and join us in just feeling awful for Ryan’s two sons, Jagger and Bentley…

1. Jesus, Ryan

Ryan edwards on teen mom reunion
We know, right? The ex-MTV star clearly has a major problem here, which we pretty much knew long before his latest arrest.

2. This is His Newest Mug Shot

Ryan edwards mug shot take 3
Let’s just say it isn’t the first one of Edwards we’ve put up on our website as we’ve reported on his continual downfall.

3. From July 2018:

Ryan edwards mug shot new
This one was snapped after another arrest in Tennessee on possession of heroin.

4. From March 2018:

Ryan edwards mug shot
And this one was from a probation violation… from a previous heroin possession arrest.

5. So, What Happened This Time?

Ry and mack
Few specific details are available at this time, but basically what happened many other times to Ryan: Per Radar, a clerk from Hamilton County Jail says Edwards was taken into custody for theft and possession of heroin and held initially on $500 bond.

6. He May Not Have Been in Possession of Drugs at the Time He Was Caught…

Ryan edwards and family
The heroin possession charge stemmed from an outstanding warrant in Red Bank, Tennessee and a court date has been set for Wednesday, February 6.

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Teen Mom OG Renewed For Another Season: Who Almost Got Fired?

Well, it’s official.

Despite a ratings free fall that really became worrisome after Farrah Abraham got fired from the show, Teen Mom OG will be returning to MTV for an eighth season.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirms that the network reached a deal with the show’s stars after an unusually lengthy round of negotiations.

Perhaps Amber Portwood and company are unaware of the desperate ratings situation.

Someone may want to inform them that if the opportunity to re-sign again next year should arise, they probably don’t want to push their luck.

Check out all the details on the surprise renewal and the tense negotiations below:

1. The OGs Are Back!

Teen mom og cast photograph
While the addition of Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd didn’t prove to be the ratings boon producers had hoped (and served to make the “OG” title wildly inappropriate) the controversial series will be returning to MTV later this year.

2. Finally!

The teen mom ogs
“Everyone has finally signed their contracts, and things are up and running,� a source close to the situation tells The Ashley.

3. Tense Negotiations

Teen mom og cast
Yes, the entire cast is returning, which is surprising for a number of reasons.

4. Cutting Costs

Bristol palin red carpet pose
For one thing, as we mentioned, Bristol and Cheyenne failed to boost ratings, so many assumed they would be cut from the cast if the show returned for another season.

5. Expensive Talent

Bristol palin as a teen mom
Bristol, in particular, was rumored to be on the chopping block, as she got paid more than any of the other moms in her first season.

6. Another Go

Cheyenne on teen mom og
But both she and Cheyenne will get at least one more season on the once-wildly popular series. And they’re not the only ones whose returns were in doubt.

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Mackenzie Standifer: Ryan Edwards & I Are Still Together and Stronger Than Ever!

Well, it’s only two days into the new year, but Ryan Edwards and Makenzie Standifer have already hit us with a 2019 shocker!

Despite Ryan’s recent cheating scandal and reports that he’s struggled in his sobriety since leaving rehab, Mackenzie has apparently decided to stick by her husband’s side.

It’s a surprising development, particularly after Mack informed Ryan that he would be packing his belongings and moving to a nearby homeless community if he slipped up again.

Perhaps her New Year’s resolution was to be more forgiving.

Take a look:

1. Ry and Mack

Ry and mack
Believe it or not, Ryan and Mackenzie are still going strong. Standifer posted this photo of the couple on New Year’s Eve.

2. All the Bests

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer
“Best New Years. Best lover. Best friend,” Standifer captioned the pic.

3. Good News?

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer photo
It’s great that Ryan and Mackenzie are going strong, especially considering the couple recently welcomed a child together.

4. Surprising Turnaround

Ryan and mackenzie edwards pic
But given recent developments in their lives, it’s somewhat surprising that Mackenzie is so willing to stand by Ryan’s side.

5. Messing Up in Record Time

Ryan and mackenzie edwards photo
Ryan has only been out of rehab a few weeks, but he’s wasted no time in falling back into his old ways.

6. There’s Still Hope …

Ryan edwards and family
Granted, Ryan hasn’t lapsed back into using heroin, which is the main thing. But there’s still ample cause for concern.

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