Kristen Stewart’s SHOCKED Face When Guy Fieri Answers Her Wedding Request Is PRICELESS!

Kristen Stewart might just have the wedding of her dreams! As we reported, the Twilight alum revealed that she wanted Guy Fieri to officiate her wedding to fiancée Dylan Meyer, telling Howard Stern earlier this week that the idea makes her “laugh so much.” Well, be careful what you wish for, Perezcious readers — especially […]

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What Katie Couric Really Knew About Matt Lauer’s ‘Disturbing’ Behavior Toward Women

Katie Couric is spilling all the tea in her new memoir, Going There — including where she stands with her disgraced former co-host, Matt Lauer! As you likely know, Lauer got the boot from NBC News in November 2017 after a complaint was filed alleging inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by him, followed by […]

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Watch TODAY Show Hosts Freak Out When A NAKED Man Runs Past Studio Window!

There’s nothing like live TV, is there?? The Today show hosts got a shocking surprise Monday morning while on air when a naked man ran past the studio! The unknown runner, whose lower body was mostly covered by crowd control barriers with the show’s logo on them was seen jogging outside the set’s iconic Studio […]

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Monica Lewinksy Explains Why Bill Clinton Should ‘Want’ To Apologize To Her

Monica Lewinsky is reclaiming her story. We’ve come a long way from the ‘90s narrative about the White House’s most infamous intern. This week marks the premiere of a more sympathetic portrayal of a young woman caught in an incredibly complicated situation in Impeachment: American Crime Story. One of the biggest changes is that Monica […]

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Ellen DeGeneres Says She Still Doesn’t ‘Understand’ Toxic Workplace Allegations, Calls Them ‘Too Orchestrated’

Ellen DeGeneres is wading back into the negative press she got last year. It was inevitable that talk surrounding the toxic workplace at The Ellen DeGeneres Show would resurface once she announced the end of her long-running chat hour. Her ratings have reportedly been declining since the controversy, so people might understandably connect the dots […]

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Donald Trump Says He Doesn’t Know Anything About QAnon & Won’t Denounce Them…

Donald Trump is a walking, talking, conspiracy theory-loving, Kool-Aid drinkin’ clown, and if you didn’t already know that (how could you not?!), perhaps never was it more apparent than during his appearance on Thursday’s town hall on NBC. Opposite journalist Savannah Guthrie, Trump had a bizarre and contentious night all around, but no moment was more telling […]

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Megyn Kelly Gets Roasted by NBC Colleagues for Racist Comments

Megyn Kelly just reminded the world that she doesn’t know how to google the answers to simple questions. Instead, she asks them on live television.

After a massive backlash, Megyn is super sorry about defending blackface and seems to actually understand the topic.

But despite her apology, it looks like she’s still not off the hook — even with her own colleagues at NBC.

Today panel discusses megyn kelly

News anchors are supposed to report and discuss the news. In general, they really should not be making the news.

But that’s what Megyn did, in the worst way, when she defended blackface Halloween costumes in a discussion with an all-white panel.

She has apologized and explained how the backlash opened her eyes, and NBC’s Today had a group of her own collegues discuss the controersy.

Morgan Radford participated in the discussion along with Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Craig Melvin.

Al Roker says that her internal email is not a sufficient way of saying that she’s sorry.

“The fact is,” Roker says. “While she apologized to the staff, she owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country.”

Al roker discusses megyn kelly blackface remarks

Roker explains how, as a black man, this is very personal to him.

“This is history going back to the 1830s minstrel shows to demean and to denigrate a race,” Roker says. “It was not right.”

“I am old enough to have lived through Amos ‘n’ Andy, where you had people in blackface playing two black characters, magnifying the worst stereotypes about black men.”

He refers to nightmarish caricatures of black men, performed by white men, that were used as weapons to ridicule real black people.

“And that,” he explains. “Is what the problem is. That is what the issue is.”

Craig melvin discusses megyn kelly apology

Craig Melvin doesn’t mince words when he talks about Megyn’s segment.

He calls her defense of blackface both “stupid” and “indenfensible.”

There are people in this world who might understandably not realize the historical implications of blackface.

A millionaire television anchor who can and should read up on any controversial topics that she plans to address on television has no such excuse.

Melvin also points out the fact that Jim Crow laws are named for a blackface minstrel character, a fact we mentioned recently when discussing whiteface.

Megyn kelly pro blackface

Despite reports of an alleged feud, Savannah Guthrie clearly felt uneasy about throwing a colleague under the bus.

“It is uncomfortable, obviously,” Guthrie says. “Because Megyn is a colleague at NBC News.”

But it is that working relationship that made it so vital for NBC to have a panel discuss Megyn’s controversial remarks.

For the public, it’s about education and illumination of an important topic.

For NBC, and we don’t mean to sound cynical, it’s about making it clear that the organization as a whole does not defend blackface.

Morgan radford speaks on megyn kelly

Roker and Melvin both made excellent points, which you can see and hear in the video that we’ve attached.

But it was Morgan Radford who arguably put the best spin on this situation.

She acknowledged the historical weight of blackface while also presenting Megyn’s words as a “learning moment.”

Megyn, Radford says, “really gifted us the opportunity to have this conversation and a public discourse.”

“We now have the courage and we have the platform to have conversations like this,” Radford notes.

She says that these talks are important “even when they’re uncomfortable because we can see they’re still necessary.”

Megyn kelly comments about santa revisited

It probably does not help that Megyn Kelly has a history of making wildly controversial remarks about race.

She made these comments primarily while working at Fox News, where white nationalists like Tucker Carlson thrive.

Megyn may be best known for having claimed that Santa Claus, a fictional character based upon a Turkish man, is white. As if she had met him.

She also claimed that Jesus, a Middle Eastern Jewish man, was a white man.

Her suggestion that blackface was acceptable when she was growing up — in the 1970s — dredged all of that back up.

Megyn kelly as today anchor

But, as we said, Megyn did apologize, first in an email to colleagues and then to her viewers.

“The history of blackface in our culture is abhorrent; the wounds too deep,” Megyn acknowledges.

“I’ve never been a ‘pc’ kind of person,” she says. “But I understand that we do need to be more sensitive in this day and age.”

In general, labels like politically correct are useless, and hurled around by people who want to dismiss any struggles that are not their own.

It appears that Megyn is learning a little more about the world.

We wish that she, as the highest paid television anchor on the planet despite her ratings, would actively educate herself before getting backlash.

Megyn kelly roasted for racist comments by nbc colleagues

Omarosa Snaps on Today, Teases Donald Trump N-Word Tapes

Omarosa Manigault Newman continued her irritating, self-serving and borderline vomit-inducing media blitz on Monday morning.

The former Apprentice contestant, who managed to land a role as a White House advisor simply because she was… well… she was a former Apprentice contestant, stopped by Meet the Press this weekend and dropped a rather huge bombshell.

It turns out Omarosa recorded Chief of Staff John Kelly’s firing of her in the Situation Room, releasing the tape to the public in order to save her reputation.

(Note to Omerosa: It’s WAY too late for that.)

And while the public continues to digest this stunning breach of national security, Omarosa appeared as a guest on The Today Show on Monday in order to promote her book about her time in the administration.

Asked by Savannah Guthrie when she thinks the President “lies often,” Omarosa replied “Oh absolutely, in fact …”

“How long have you known that?” Guthrie jumped in to inquire, to which Omarosa replied:

 “There was a report that said that he lied almost 4,000 lies in the last…”

And then Guthrie pressed again: “Have you known that he is a liar as you say?”

Manigault Newman answered, “Well, absolutely.”

“Why did you work for him?” Guthrie fired back, barely giving Omarosa time to respond.

“Savannah, slow down. I’m gonna your question,” Omarosa said. “Don’t worry, I’m here. I’ve got all the time you need. You don’t have to ask 10 questions in one second. It’s okay.”

Gurthie was trying to pin Omarosa down in order to basically expose her at no better than Trump, as someone happy to lie and manipulate and backstab…

… until she became the person who was (allegedly) lied to, manipulated and stabbed in the back.

Omarosa goes on to say in the video featured here that she never expected Trump to “lie to the country” as he has so often done, prior to teasing the eventual release of more tapes.

These tapes, she says, feature Trump using racial epithets during his time on The Apprentice.

“He was talking about some African Americans in the production during the course of The Apprentice, which is unacceptable,” she said on Today, adding:

“Here’s the thing. Why don’t we ask Donald Trump a simple question – ‘Donald J. Trump, have you ever used the N-word?’ = and allow him to respond?

“Because the people who have this tape intend to release this tape.”

As you might expect, President Trump had a few things to say in response to Omarosa’s accusations:


You know people say certain situations are win-win?

This would be a prime example of something that is lose-lose.

Elsewhere in this interview, Omarosa plays a recording of her first phone call with Trump after her firing.

Click PLAY to give it a listen.

Omarosa snaps at savannah guthrie teases donald trump n word tap