Kelly Dodd Blasts Tamra Judge: Act Your Age and Shut the Eff UP!!

Kelly Dodd may think that she’s only feuding with Vicki and Tamra, but it looks like she has half of the cast in her crosshairs.

On this week’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly laid into Gina and Shannon over their hair, of all things.

At one point she crossed a line by giving Shannon’s hair a pull – once again touching her castmates without her consent.

But the 44-year-old’s biggest beef of all was with Tamra Judge, who felt betrayed after Kelly had offered her services …

… in a lawsuit against Tamra and Shannon.

The details are somewhat confusing, but what’s plain as day is that there’s no love lost between these two Bravolebrities.

And if you thought Kelly’s comments about Tamra acting her age were harsh, wait until you hear how the Judge responded.

1. Kelly had a bone to pick with everyone

Rhoc shannon kelly 01
On the Miami trip, Kelly laid into Gina Kirschenheiter over her blonde hair. We’re talking about a woman who had hooked up with her ex, but her HAIR was the bad choice that Kelly wanted to discuss.

2. She roasted her over it

Rhoc shannon kelly 02
To be fair, as Kelly has since pointed out, she did very much say these things to her face. Which is … better?

3. She also had words with Shannon

Rhoc shannon kelly 03
Kelly said that Shannon is “too old” to have long hair (that’s not how it works) and also that Shannon’s hair length was somehow making her look older.

4. Shannon was mad

Rhoc shannon kelly 04
In addition to yelling at Kelly to “stop it” at the time, Shannon couldn’t help but notice that Kelly once again made physical contact — pulling on her hair while telling her that it looked “like s–t.”

5. Here is that moment

Rhoc shannon kelly 05
As entertained as we are by this potential new meme format and Gina Kirschenheiter’s stance, this is definitely once again crossing a boundary. Kelly is again touching Shannon without consent, which shows that she learned nothing.

6. At least there’s no mallet this time?

Rhoc shannon kelly 06
Are we awarding people points for not using a weapon when they cross boundaries? I’m thinking no. Thankfully nobody went to the hospital this time, but don’t touch somebody’s hair without permission. (This goes one million times for people who want to touch a black woman’s hair, by the way)

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Kelly Dodd: Those Lying Tres Amigas Can Rot in HELL!

Kelly Dodd has felt so alienated by her The Real Housewives of Orange County castmates that she’s considering a move to New York.

(Of course, her engagement might also be a factor)

On this week’s new episode, Kelly fumes and lashes out over the rumors circulating about her.

Did she really shove her mom down the stairs? She says no. But she blames Tamra for that rumor leaking onto social media.

As both Shannon and Kelly try to do damage control, Kelly decides that she doesn’t want anything to do with ANY Tres Amigas.

On a more positive note, Braunwyn throws one hell of a party.

1. Last spring, a nasty rumor about Kelly made the rounds

Tamra judge screeches from the audience
Tamra Judge was secretly recorded, presumably by a fan, appearing to gossip to Shannon about Kelly Dodd. Specifically, Tamra was recordeds aying: “She threw her mother down the stairs, she got in a fight…” It made the rounds on social media.

2. Of course, it was out of context

Rhoc tamra expose 17 tres amigas
“Who said the threw the mother down the stairs?” Shannon asked, despite having been there at the time. “Vicki did!” Tamra replied. Whether she was attempting to stir things up or not, Tamra wasn’t claiming that it was true, just saying that Vicki was the one saying it.

3. Tamra wanted to discuss it

Vicki gunvalson shannon beador and tamra judge at andy cohens ba
She sat down with Vicki and Emily and was adamant that this out-of-context video was defaming her at a very bad time, and that it wasn’t her fault that the rumor was floating around. Of course, this is after Housewives had compared notes and realized that Tamra was central to a lot of drama despite trying to give herself plausible deniability. Maybe this was her chickens coming home to roost.

4. Meanwhile, Kelly was a wreck

Kelly dodd shares photo of mother and brother
On camera, she contacted her mother and brother. While video chatting, both of them confirmed that the “stairs” allegation was bogus and just intended to harm her reputation.

5. Kelly then explained

Kelly dodd picture
“When my mother and I got in a big fight,” she summarized. “My mother kind of took Eric’s side. My mom never said, ‘She pushed me down the stairs.’ Eric said that. And it is believed that my brother was selling stories about me.”

6. Then came lunch with Shannon

Rhoc nov 19 12 kelly v shannon 1
Kelly and Shannon met up, and Shannon immediately tried to explain to Kelly that Tamra hadn’t been badmouthing her — instead, she had been “defending” her after Vicki brought it up.

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Tamra Judge: I’m Scared My Son Is Gonna Kill Himself!

On last week’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge was exposed as a two-faced manipulator and a “snake.”

She had some real fallout to deal with after the other Housewives compared notes and realized that Tamra had been starting drama left and right.

But before she and Shannon could get into it, Tamra had another issue much closer to home.

Her eldest son, Ryan Vieth, is a deeply troubled man.

Hearing him admit his devastatingly low self-esteem issue as he discusses his mental and emotional health was a blow to Tamra’s heart.

In fact, she confesses that it makes her want to die — and she fears that Ryan could take his own life.

1. Tamra has some real concerns

Rhoc mid 14 still 01
Her eldest child, Ryan Vieth, is a deeply troubled man. On top of behavioral, mental, and emotional issues, he’s a grown man in his thirties who is obsessed with the opportunities that he was denied due to his background.

2. Ryan’s issues are clear

Ryan vieth is obsessed
On top of things like leaked texts showing him making vicious threats against the mother of his child, his alarming social media posts, and his arrest for domestic violence, he clearly has self-esteem issues. So after Tamra got him to go see a therapist, Tamra was invited to a session to address Ryan’s childhood.

3. Tamra feels like she failed him

Rhoc emily vs tamra obese 02
“I carry guilt ’cause I feel like I let him down,” Tamra admits through tears. “I look at my kids now and the opportunities that they have. I got two kids in college now. Ryan never… He ran out of the house at 18 ’cause he couldn’t stand his stepdad. He doesn’t want to be controlled, he doesn’t want to be told what to do, so he fights life.”

4. Ryan says …

Rhoc mid 14 still 11
Obviously, Ryan envies his siblings — who were born into a wealthy household rather than going from a loosely supervised child of a young, working, single mom to one living in a structured and affluent home at 13. That was a jarring change. But Ryan also talks about how he resents that his biological father has missed so many of his and his young daughter’s milestones.

5. Speaking of Ryan’s daughter, Ava

Tamra judge screeches from the audience
“You are a good dad,” Tamra assures Ryan through tears, telling the therapist: “But I see that he’s putting all of his energy — all of it — into her. He is so troubled by his past that he doesn’t want her to have that life.” That is not uncommon for parents who had rough lives and want their children to have a better future.

6. Tamra tells the camera

Tamra judge on the couch
“I can look at my son’s eyes and see he’s just not himself,” she says during a confessional. “He just wants to protect this little girl so much, like just smother her, and he doesn’t let other people in. He isolates himself with Ava, and it’s starting to concern me.”

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RHOC Cast to Tamra Judge: You’re the One Causing All Our Problems!

Last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County saw a lot of accusations about Kelly Dodd.

Kelly being Kelly, she of course retaliated, putting her perceived enemies on blast.

But once the dust settled, the Housewives started to explain themselves and compare notes.

Most of the drama, they discovered, didn’t originate with Kelly, or Vicki, or Braunwyn.

They realized that Tamra Judge had been the Iago whispering manipulative messages into their ears the entire time.

Worst of all was watching Shannon Beador’s eyes tear up as she realized that she had been betrayed by a woman she loves like a sister.

1. Uh-oh, Tamra!

Rhoc tamra expose 01 tamra
Tamra Judge ended up getting called out by friends and frenemies alike on this week’s The Real Housewives of Orange County!

2. Let’s begin

Rhoc tamra expose 19 kelly phone
You may remember that last week, people discussed the “bar fight” rumor involving Kelly and another woman who was described as hanging all over Dr. Brian. Well, all of the ladies were discussing it, and Braunwyn tried to clear the air with what she’d heard directly from Kelly. Tamra then led Kelly to believe that Braunwyn had brought it up, leading Kelly to reduce Braunwyn to tears.

3. The feud didn’t last

Rhoc tamra expose 12 braunwyn
The ladies met up (with Emily to give Braunwyn some backup), which is where Braunwyn explained her position. Kelly felt bad for chewing her out.

4. Then, Kelly was shocked

Rhoc tamra expose 11 kelly
This is when Braunwyn felt that she should know that it was Tamra, not Vicki, who first spread the Train Rumor. (This is debatable, since Vicki kept hinting about knowing something about Vicki, but yes, it was Tamra who first brought up the T-word)

5. Kelly was NOT happy

Rhoc tamra expose 06 kelly
“Tamra always acts like she’s my best friend,” Kelly accuses. “She’s the biggest two face!”

6. Thinking back, she sees a pattern

Rhoc tamra expose 18 kelly
“I think this is part of Tamra’s pattern,” Kelly says. “She is somebody that likes to throw a little bomb and then walk away.”

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Shannon Beador Flips Out, Goes Full Momager on Teenage Daughter

Watch out, Kris Jenner!

Last month, the The Real Housewives of Orange County midseason trailer gave us a glimpse at Shannon Beador going full momager.

As this sneak peek clip makes clear, we didn’t know the half of it. Poor Adeline — you’re doing amazing, sweetie!

Rhoc shannon momagers adeline 01

The sneak peek clip starts with Braunwyn and her teen daughter, 17-year-old Rowan, who is clearly having a good time.

When we see Shannon with 15-year-old Adeline, however, there’s a very different energy afoot.

“Come one show me you can do it,” Shannon says in a pushy voice. “Foot forward. Attitude, attitude.”

This is such a ma’am, this is an Arby’s moment because they are just walking on a wooden ramp towards the boat. They’re not on a runway.

Adeline is both visibly and audibly embarassed by her mother at this point, and the clip has barely begun.

Rhoc shannon momagers adeline 03

Inside, Braunwyn is giving Rowan nothing but encouragement — and a warning that she’ll be taking a bazillion photos as she hits the runway.

17-year-old Sophie Beador is there to lend moral support to Adeline alongside friends Brooke and Lauren.

Full of pride, she gushes about her younger sister’s modeling strut: “What? She’s so good at it.”

Clearly, Shannon disagrees, as she calls out: “Sweetie, you’re going too fast. That’s not one, two, three, four.”

“Come on, let’s practice,” she adds. “Let’s get it down.”

Rhoc shannon momagers adeline 06

“Stop smiling!” Shannon demands of her daughter. This is so over-the-top.

Adeline is smiling because she is anxious. She’s preparing a modeling walk in front of her older sister’s cool friends and also millions of viewers.

Meanwhile, her mom is sending strong verbal signals that she doesn’t think that she’s doing well.

Under that kind of pressure, you either get busy nervously smiling or get busy crying.

Adeline is doing just fine, but that doesn’t stop Shannon from popping up to illustrate exactly how Adeline’s hips should “pop.”

Rhoc shannon momagers adeline 05

Whether Shannon is just going overboard or is hoping to be the next Mean Girls mom meme after Kris Jenner, we can’;t say for sure.

But Adeline isn’t the only one at her wit’s end with her mom’s commentary.

“I think that Adeline is killing it,” Sophie assesses while speaking to the confessional camera.

“And,” she continues. “I think my mom … literally, if she does not shut her mouth, I will shut it for her.”

Oh, Sophie is fitting right in on Real Housewives. And she’s such a good older sister!

Rhoc shannon momagers adeline 02

“Sweetie, you’re moving too fast,” Shannon semi-gently admonishes Adeline.

“That’s because you’re screaming at me,” Adeline protests.

“I’m sorry,” Shannon says unconvicingly. “I’m your momager.”

Adeline is sort of playful (again, visibly anxious) about her mom trying to be her director.

Sophie’s jaw is set with so much visible annoyance that you’d think that Shannon would be able to physically feal it.

Rhoc shannon momagers adeline 04

We of course have to acknowledge the role of the camera in all of this.

Shannon is trying to make herself seem like a helpful mother playing a vital role in her daughter’s success.

Adeline is trying to seem like a cool teen — which to be fair, she definitely is.

The result is that Adeline looks more nervous than she is.

And then Shannon’s wildly unhelpful micromanagements make her anxiety spiral, which only adds to her and Shannon’s discomfort.

Shannon beador flips out goes full momager on teenage daughter

Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson Announce Tres Amigas Spinoff!

Even with Vicki Gunvalson’s demotion, the OG “friend of the housewives” has been front and center in this season’s drama.

Thanks in no small part to friends Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge.

It has been rumored that the three have a “secret project” in the works, and fans have wondering if they’re getting their own spinoff.

The answer, Shannon reveals, is a little complicated – but plenty of reason for excitement for fans of the longtime Bravo hit.

Shannon Beador was in New York to promote a device that treats stress urinary incontinence, which … we hope earned her a hefty paycheck.

While there, she spoke to Reality Blurb about her plans to make sure that she, Tamra, and Vicki keep fans entertained no matter what.

Now, it’s not quite a reality TV spinoff as some earlier rumors had suggested. It sounds more like going on tour.

“We’re talking about putting a tour together,” Shannon revealed.

A tour?

This is the sort of event, the 55-year-old mother of three describes, “where we go out and kind of put on a show.”

“Like, a really fun show,” Shannon emphasizes.

We had assumed as much. 

“Like, a little skit, maybe a little singing, a little dancing,” she details … we’d have to imagine some booze as well.

Shannon went on to tell the celebrity gossip site that there will soon be “a few audience interaction things and then a Q&A.”

Even if those first three items sound like hell on earth to a few, lots of fans would be interested in those last bits.

Shannon, whose drama with Kelly was a major plot point so far on this season, is also defending Vicki’s importance to Housewives.

RHOC mid 14 still 04

Shannon describes Vicki as an “integral part of this season,” in part because of the intensity of her feud with Kelly Dodd.

“It wouldn’t be the season… The main drama of the show wouldn’t be in existence if she weren’t on this show,” Shannon expresses.

She adds that she is “hopeful” that Vicki will recover her Orange, regaining her full time status as a Housewife.

Whether you like Vicki or loathe her, you have to agree that her role on the show is larger than that of a mere “Friend.”

Shannon has also opened up about her surprisingly fast friendship with her newest castmate, Braunwyn.

“We instantly connected,” Shannon admits. “And I see her all the time off-camera.”

As you may recall, last year, she had trouble bonding with Gina and Emily as she felt that they had little in common.

She has since forged a friendship with Gina as they bond over the nightmare that is divorce.

But what it is about Braunwyn that allowed Shannon to skip that probationary period and jump right to friendship?

RHOC mid 14 still 09

“She’s very open and she’s authentic and she’s fun,” Shannon praises of Braunwyn.

After Braunwyn’s threesome talk, we gathered as much.

“Sometimes you just feel a connection with the person,” Shannon says. “And I did right away.”

But their common ground is not infinite, the mother of three admits.

“One thing I don’t have in common with her is patience,” Shannon says. “Because I could not [parent seven children]. No way!”

That’s a whole mood.

Kelly Dodd SMACKS Gina Kirchenheiter, Continues to Terrorize Fellow Housewives!

Last week, viewers of The Real Housewives of Orange County saw Kelly Dodd whack Shannon Beador on the head with a MALLET.

She meant it as a funny prank, but folks, that’s assault. Hospital staff told Shannon that she can press charges.

This week, we see what the tests tell Shannon — and it turns out that she wasn’t just making up her terrible headache.

A friendship suffers a falling out while new social bonds form.

Vicki Gunvalson arrives just in time to comfort Shannon and confront Kelly.

But worst of all is that Kelly clearly hasn’t learned her lesson — because she strikes again. Take a look below:

1. They’re still dealing with the fallout from last week

Shannon beador gets whacked on the head
Part of a cleansing ritual that Shannon underwent involved standing in a large metal bowl while wearing a smaller metal bowl. Not part of the ritual? Kelly Dodd whacking her on the head with a mallet.

2. Shannon was pissed … and also in pain

Rhoc shannon head bump 02
After hearing a horror story from Tamra about an ex’s minor head bump resulting in leaking spinal fluid, Shannon was even more worried.

3. Shannon went to urgent care

Rhoc shannon head bump 04
Shannon went (with Tamra by her side) out of an abundance of caution. This week, the CT scan revealed that Shannon had a mild concussion.

4. Gina understood why Shannon was pissed

An unimpressed gina kirschenheiter
To an astonished Kelly, she said: “Do I think she’s being over-dramatic for the situation? Yes. Do I think you shouldn’t have hit her on the head? Yes.”

5. Kelly has strong feelings about this

Rhoc recap pics 5 slash 6
“I knocked some sense into that bitch!” Kelly declared. Unfortunately, her next act was to reenact the blow … on Gina.

6. Gina was NOT amused

Gina kirschenheiter cries
“Don’t f–king touch me, Kelly. Don’t f–king touch me. Now I’m f–king pissed. Don’t do that,” she admonished Kelly. “Now I’m f–king out. Don’t f–king do that because I already have a f–king court case right now. F–king bitch.” She returned to her room to pack her bags.

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Vicki Gunvalson & Shannon Beador Gang Up on Kelly Dodd: You’re Cruel AND Crazy!

Don’t threaten us with a good time, Bravo.

The Real Housewives of Orange County has released their midseason trailer for Season 14.

Sometimes, demotions aren’t as bad as they seem.

Folks, Vicki Gunvalson shows up more in this trailer than she did in the entire first half of the season.

She could be well on her way to regaining her orange.

In the mean time, the other ladies are filling in with more drama than anyone ever asked for or needed.

Take a look at our breakdown and scroll to the bottom to watch the trailer for yourself!

1. Let the drama begin

Rhoc mid 14 still 01
The trailer gets off to a rocky start, and not just because the ever-dramatic Tamra Judge is there.

2. She falls

Rhoc mid 14 still 02
Some Housewife falls are a big deal — most of the Housewives aren’t exactly young and spry. Hopefully, fitness fanatic Tamra is fine after such a short fall.

3. Looks okay to us

Rhoc mid 14 still 03
Despite the beverages on the table, it’s unclear what caused her to fall out of her chair. But … the drinks on the table are a good hint.

4. And I … Oop!

Rhoc mid 14 still 04
Forgive our meme reference, but honestly, how else do you describe this image? Poor Shannon has been through so much, and now her hair is very much on fire.

5. Okay, wow

Rhoc mid 14 still 05
We mentioned that Vicki shows up more in this trailer than she did in the entire first half of the season, and we weren’t kidding. Fortunately, she doesn’t spend most of it dressed like this. She’s going for a cinderella fairy godmother look but, in different lighting, she could be the big bad in a new horror franchise.

6. Kelly “comes out”

Rhoc mid 14 still 06
Kelly jokes that she is “buy-sexual,”: saying: “Buy me something, then I’ll be sexual.” Tamra … please sit down.

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Vicki Gunvalson: Kelly Dodd Has Always Been a Dangerous MANIAC!

We’ve now all seen the episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County in which Kelly Dodd assaults Shannon Beador.

After she whacks her castmate in the head during an ill-conceived “prank,” Shannon complains of head pain and goes to urgent care.

An off-screen medical professional even asks if she wants to press charges for assault.

Vicki Gunvalson may not have been there for the incident, but as one of the Tres Amigas, she was kept up to speed.

The OG in the OC spoke to RadarOnline about the dramatic incident.

She says that it confirmed her long-held suspicions about Kelly’s troubled and troublesome behavior.

And she confirms that Shannon’s complaints of head pain were no act. She was suffering.

1. Kelly effed up, and it’s Vicki’s time to pounce

Kelly dodd and vicki gunvalson
Now that the episode has aired in which Kelly bonks Shannon’s metal bowl-covered head with a mallett and Shannon races to urgent care to get checked out, Vicki is telling the world exactly what she thinks of Kelly and her behavior.

2. This is what went down

Shannon beador gets whacked on the head
In the aftermath, Shannon complained of a headache and blurry vision in one eye (after removing her contact lenses). Always conscious of unlikely worst-case scenarios, she and Tamra headed to urgent care to get checked out.

3. Vicki Gunvalson has a lot to say about it

Vicki gunvalson is in shock
“Kelly thinking she was funny by hitting Shannon on the head is not ok,” Vicki expresses to RadarOnline.

4. She says that this fits Kelly’s pattern

Vicki gunvalson bashes kelly dodd
“Kelly always takes everything too far,” Vicki opines.

5. But this was too much

Kelly dodd for season 13
Vicki adds: “How she thought by doing that to her head was ok is beyond me.”

6. She wants Kelly held accountable

Vicki gunvalson at home
“I don’t think anyone should get away with assault and battery,” Vicki openly wonders.

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Shannon Beador: Did Kelly Dodd Give Her a CONCUSSION?!

A lot of the drama on The Real Housewives of Orange County lately has been about Vicki’s habit of spreading lies and how it’s landed her in hot water.

But in this sneak peek clip, we see that it’s Kelly Dodd’s turn to get herself into trouble.

Take a look as the aftermath of her “joke” leaves Shannon complaining of a head injury and blurry vision.

Rhoc shannon head bump 01

A classic part of each Real Housewives season is that travel.

It wasn’t so long ago that seeing the ladies from Orange County travel meant seeing Shannon have a full-on meltdown.

(Which, of course, was followed by Tamra screaming at her)

Hey, it was hot — the AC was out in their villa. Anyone would lose their minds. (I’d be finding a kitchen and sleeping in a walk-in freezer)

This time, as you can see on the video, Shannon’s at the center of drama again, but she’s not blaming the heat.

Rhoc shannon head bump 02

The set-up is: Villa 7 houses Kelly Dodd, Emily Simpson, and Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

Meanwhile, Villa 14 accommodates Shannon Storms Beador, Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson, and Gina Kirschenheiter.

The ladies were supposed to do a meditation retreat.

Unfortunately, Kelly’s idea of a “joke” meant whacking Shannon on the head.

Call us old-fashioned, but meditation is usually supposed to be a non-violent activity.

Rhoc shannon head bump 03

“How’s your head?” Tamra asks her friend as the ladies make their way through the dark back to their lodging.

(That’s a great set-up for a joke, because you’re supposed to answer well I haven’t had any complaints, but Shannon’s in no mood)

“It hurts,” Shannon laments grimly.

She then responds to the “how’s your chakra” question with an honest “I don’t know.”

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head, according to religious and spiritual practices that acknowledge the chakras.

Rhoc shannon head bump 04

“I can take a joke any day,” Shannon assures viewers while speaking to the confessional camera.

“But there’s a certain line that you cross with jokes,” she points out.

“And,” Shannon continues. “Getting physical with anyone isn’t funny.”

At this point, the ladies have entered the villa where they are being treated to a tasteful candlelit ambiance.

But that doesn’t mean that they drop the subject of Shannon’s head.

Rhoc shannon head bump 05

“It hurts so bad right here right now,” Shannon complains, holding the back right part of her upper cranium.

“I don’t want to scare you,” Tamra says before scaring the daylights out of her.

“But,” the fitness fanatic continues. “My ex-husband got hit in the top of the head.”

(She is not referring to Simon Barney, but to her terrible son Ryan’s father)

“And then,” Tamra narrates. “His spinal fluid started leaking.”

Rhoc shannon head bump 06

“Are you being serious right now?” Shannon asks, incredulous.

It’s not clear whether she’s shocked that such a thing could go wrong, or that Tamra would bring it up when she’s already worried.

Tamra explains to the camera that her ex’s mild bump (he hit his head on the roof of the company truck while going over a bump) was serious.

Having dismissed that and the ensuing headache until her ex went to the hospital, she’s genuinely worried about her friend.

Then, Shannon reports: “My left eye is blurry.”

Shannon beador worries over a headache

Shannon does admit that she only discovered this after removing her contact lenses.

When she shines a light in her eyes, Tamra complains “well, they’re dilating because you’re shining a light in them.”

That’s actually a good thing, folks.

And while we’re no doctors, our guess is that Shannon doesn’t have a concussion — just a bump.

But it doesn’t hurt to be careful, folks. We’ll see what Shannon does next on the actual episode.

Shannon beador did kelly dodd giver her a concussion

Vicki Gunvalson BEGGED by Tamra and Shannon: Stop Spreading Nasty Lies!

That absurd Kelly Dodd group sex rumor is only the latest unsubstantiated scuttlebutt to turn The Real Housewives of Orange County upside down.

At the center of these rumors is always Vicki Gunvalson, who claims to have “heard” these rumors.

In this clip, Tamra and Shannon try to stage an intervention and beg Vicki to stop spreading rumors and hurtful nicknames and to just be nicer.

Rhoc vicki rumor intervention 01

As The Tres Amigas discuss the guest list for the big Arizona retreat, Vicki reveals her nickname for Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

“Someone said that her name is Boring-wyn,” Vicki says when Tamra asks what she just called their castmate.

“No,” Tamra counters. “You just said it.”

This is when Vicki gets defensive, saying: “No, I repeated something.”

Vicki loves to “repeat” rumors, unkind nicknames, and unflattering stories. It’s a huge part of her brand.

Rhoc vicki rumor intervention 02

“Vicki can’t help herself,” Tamra laments to the camera during a confessional.

“Like, she loves to talk s–t,” she correctly observes.

“And then,” Tamra continues. “She’s like ‘What?! That’s what I heard.'”

Viewers are then treated to a montage of exactly what Tamra describes from over the years.

She declares: “This behavior’s gotta stop!”

Rhoc vicki rumor intervention 03

Back in the present, Shannon expressed to Vicki her desire that both the OG of the OC and Kelly will mend fences to some degree.

“I’m not saying that you guys will emerge the way that you were,” Shannon clarifies.

“But,” she continues. “I want the low blow nastiness to stop.”

“I do, too,” Vicki says solemnly, causing both of her friends to realize that she’s not hearing what they’re saying.

Shannon tries to explain: “But part of that nastiness, Vicki, is putting seeds into the universe.”

In other words, planting rumors and causing trouble by “repeating” things that she has “heard,” whether they’re true or not.

Rhoc vicki rumor intervention 04

“Listen,” Vicki insists. “I don’t want conflict with anybody.”

She claims: “I’m at the same place where you are, where I want peace.”

“But,” Vicki vows. “I’m not going to be her punching bag or her pincushion anymore.”

“I don’t deserve that,” she affirms.”

Vicki explains: “I’m not the type of girl who sits back! You aren’t either, and neither are you.”

Rhoc vicki rumor intervention 05

Shannon, who has been on the receiving end of nasty rumors from her friend, has t disagree.

“Yeah I am, Vicki,” Shannon asserts. “It just happened to me last week.”

We then see a throwback to Shannon’s conflict with Emily Simpson.

At the time, Shannon was unnerved that Emily had seemingly dismissed or mocked her accomplishments.

Emily, on the other hand, was just very tired of hearing about them all. Both women could probably have been nicer about it.

Rhoc vicki rumor intervention 06

“I think a good thing that you can do, moving forward,” Tamra begins to advise.

She continues: “If she does throw a bomb or a nuke or whatever it is she throws, not to react.”

“Don’t do anything,” Tamra instructs.

This is when Vicki asks that her friends defend her by telling Kelly to cut it out.

Shannon says that she will call down anyone who starts attacking another, which is … not exactly what Vicki was asking for.

Rhoc vicki rumor intervention 07

The general vibe from Shannon and Tamra here is that they’re trying to give Vicki an intervention.

They want her to kick her habit of claiming to have “heard” unkind things about her castmates or their loved ones.

(Both have been on the receiving end of this)

Whether she has heard it or not, Vicki needs to keep these things to herself instead of lording htem over her castmates or “dropping hints.”

That will make her a nicer person. It might not make her a more successful reality star, however.

Vicki gunvalson begged by tamra and shannon stop spreading nasty