Christine Brown Trounces Troll Who Told Her to Get Botox

Since leaving Kody and beginning her next adventure, Christine Brown has delighted most fans.

But not everyone is happy with what she’s doing … or, apparently, what she looks like.

A cruel comment recently told Christine to get botox.

Christine shut down the face-shaming troll.

Like so many reality stars and other public figures before her, Christine Brown is advertising nutritional supplements on Instagram.

Unlike a lot of these ads, Christine is using a soft sell technique — no trying to push followers into anything.

“If its not for you, that’s okay. If it is, great!” her caption began.

Christine Brown IG caption on supplements

“I was in search for something to help with MY digestion, energy, & weight,” Christine explained.

As a testimonial, she wrote: “I found this and it works extremely well for ME.”

“I share it just like a friend would with another friend,” Christine explained.

“If you’re interested in learning more, let’s chat,” Christine suggested to her followers.

She concluded: “If your not, that’s totally okay too!”

You would think that such a nice message would not receive any hate on her own page … unfortunately, this was not the case.

“Couple shots of Botox would help a little,” a troll jabbed in the comments.

Christine replied: “Thank you so much, Karen.”

While that’s not necessarily keeping to the strictest definition of Karen, everyone got the message.

“What a gross, unnecessary comment,” one commenter accurately scolded.

Another assured Christine: “You are aging beautifully, just as you should!”

Another follower affirmed: “You are only getting more and more beautiful with age! You look phenomenal!”

“I’m so sorry that you got an unsolicited rude reply about your appearance,” an additional commenter wrote.

That same comment continued.”Some people have to knock someone down in order to feel better about themselves.”

The comment concluded: “Good for you for making a light reply and basically letting them know their attempt to drag you down isn’t gonna work!”

Christine had other critics, however.

These detractors were not as concerned about her looks (Christine is, after all, a beautiful woman).

Instead, they were hung up upon what she was selling, however gently, to her fanbase.

“The Botox comment certainly is rude and unnecessary but I also think it’s rude AF that Christine is peddling scams to her large and impressionable following,” wrote one.

Another accused: “Plenty of people will buy it just because they like her and it’s just complete garbage.”

A separate follower wrote: “Christine is scamming people with an expensive, potentially dangerous, ‘health drink.'”

“Christine is selling garbage to people,” another scathing comment reads. “Glad she left Kody but, like, get a real job.”

For the record, Christine has a very well-received cooking show.

But even the most successful reality stars in the world do Instagram ads sometimes.

There are many legitimate criticisms for certain social media ads, including dietary supplements.

But what Christine is discussing is something to aid her digestion, so it’s hard to see this as any different from a scaled-down Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt commercial.

When young influencers market weight loss tea to teens, yes, that’s bad. This? Maybe it really is a “scam,” but it sure seems harmless.

Kody Brown Pursues Fourth Wife, FIFTH Wife: I’m Rebuilding My Family!

For years, Kody Brown’s antics made a mockery of plural relationships.

Now, Christine Brown has left him, mocking her former marriage as she moves on and lives her best life.

Kody has faced adversity before, but never like this.

Despite it all, he’s currently in the process of adding two new wives.

On April 1, 2022, an inside source within TLC revealed new details about Kody’s recently troubled love life.

“Kody knows that no one can replace Christine,” the insider began diplomatically.

“But,” the source continued, “his commitment to showing plural marriages and his lifestyle on screen remains strong.”

“The show airs months after things are filmed, so Kody has had a long time to process Christine’s departure,” the insider acknowledged.

“I wouldn’t say he’s over it,” the source characterized, “but he’s found a way to cope.”

The insider shared: “While grieving his marriage to Christine, he ended up in a new ‘entanglement.'”

While the source quickly clarified that Kody has not been accused of cheating, the biggest twist wasn’t that he healed this wound through talking with a new woman.

“I don’t want to spoil the details,” the source admitted, “but in finding one new woman, he actually found two.”

The insider confirmed that “marriage is on the horizon” Kody and both women, teasing that “fans will have to see for themselves” when his new romances air.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell when these “leaks” are leaks from friendly producers or deliberate leaks approved by higher-ups.

News is sometimes slowly released as a rumor or (as in this case) an unconfirmed report to sort of test the waters … and to build up hype.

The next time that we see a Sister Wives trailer, could there be brand new faces next to Kody’s?

We have to wonder what circumstances could lead not one but two women to fall into Kody’s lap so quickly.

In the short time since this inside source spilled the beans, fans have speculated that they could be sister wives from another marriage or even sister widows, as it were.

That could certainly explain why Kody was speaking to them — to others who understand what it’s like to lose just one spouse in a plural marriage.

We’d love to be a fly on the wall in that kind of support group! These folks would face very unique challenges.

That, of course, is merely speculation.

At the same time, we also find ourselves wondering how Kody’s remaining wives must feel.

Meri has put up with so much.

It’s been, what, a decade since she and Kody were last intimate? Maybe longer.

What’s more is that she has signaled a willingness to put up with so much more.

Armchair psychologists watching at home have suggested that Meri has seen Christine’s departure as her big chance.

With one wife gone, many things in the family dynamic could change, including how Kody views and treats the “loyalists.”

Meri and Kody’s relationship is no longer romantic … but that could potentially change, right?

The odds of that seem to go down considerably when one imagines two new women entering the mix.

Knowing nothing about them except that they are willing to join a plural marriage with Kody, it’s hard to say how they would interact with Meri.

But it doesn’t look like Meri, Kody’s longest-suffering wife, is getting an instant promotion.

Then comes Janelle, on the opposite end of the spectrum.

She has admitted that things are “strained” with Kody and that it would be “easy” to walk away.

Janelle has also spoken out in support of Christine — even as Meri has shaded her on social media.

The addition of two new strangers to the mix could be the final straw that sends Janelle packing permanently.

It could also, let’s face it, renew Janelle’s ties to Kody.

Janelle is a complicated person, and there’s a reason that she hasn’t been quite as hasty to skip town as some fans would like.

And then of course we have Robyn Brown.

We don’t know what she thinks of this any more than we know what exactly the nanny does.

Robyn is Kody’s newest wife — until now. Could this mean that she becomes second fiddle … or even a basement wife?

That could depend upon numerous factors, including whether or not these new wives come with children of their own.

(If they both have kids, and Kody wishes to adopt them as he did Robyn’s, we don’t know how he could go about that without creating a huge mess)

Maybe Robyn will get along fabulously with Four and Five, but honestly … viewers get the sense that Robyn would not enjoy being an afterthought.

Christine Brown, at least, is free and clear of all of this.

She will always be tied to Kody through their shared children and their decades of history, but she is home free.

And she probably isn’t too concerned about tentative Wife Four and Wife Five, for one very good reason: