Meri Brown Cozies Up to Kody Brown Despite Crumbling Marriage

After that tense promo for Season 8 of Sister Wives, fans are questioning if Meri Brown will even stick around.

In real time, however, she just celebrated her birthday.

And Kody was right there to celebrate it with her. Take a look:

Meri Brown shared this cheerful photo of her with her husband, Kody.

In the captions of the Instagram picture, she provided the happy context.

“So Kody and I went out for my birthday the other night,” Meri begins.

“And,” she shares, the two of them “found this hidden gem in Flagstaff.”

“I mean, maybe it was hidden,” she admits.

Meri then presents an alternative: “maybe we’re just new to town lol!”

As you may recall, the Sister Wives officially moved to Arizona in September of 2018.

So, what was this possible hole-in-the-wall that Meri and Kody discovered?

“#BlackBartsSteakhouse and Musical Revue was so fun,” Meri raves.

“And,” she continues. “We got to experience the musical talents of students from #NAU.”

Live music hit or miss, so we’re glad that they enjoyed it.

“Definitely a win!!” Meri concluded.

Meri also included some curious hashtags after her caption.

“#LivingMyWhy,” Meri writes. “#BecauseICan.”

“#LoveWhatIDo,” Meri added. “#LifeFulfilled.”

It’s always nice to see people enjoying their lives — especially on their birthday.

Some Sister Wives fans may find her post reassuring after that uncomfortable promo.

During the Season 8 promo, Meri was crushed when Kody refused to give her a down payment for the bed and breakfast that she wants to open.

She and Kody were in conflict after that, and Meri seemed — once again — like she wanted to make a change.

“Part of me wants to just stand up and say, okay fine, I don’t need you guys,” Meri said.

Some interpreted that as Meri saying that she had one foot out the door already.

Others believed that she was simply resolving to open the bed and breakfast on her own.

There was more, however, as Meri spoke to her sister-wife, Christine Brown.

“You don’t feel comfortable around me,â€� Meri accused.

Christine was then shown speaking into the confessional.

“The sister wives relationship is super tricky,” Christine admitted.

Christine explained that this is “because you’re trying to be best friends with the woman who has a relationship with your husband.”

That makes sense.

Some polyamorous relationships feature everyone involved in a relationship with everyone else.

That is not the case for Mormon polygamy.

They are each married to Kody and Kody to them.

Jealousy and favoritism have been major thematic issues for the Sister Wives.

Part of that tension remains rooted in Meri’s six-month online relationship — one that turned out to be the result of Catfishing.

“I didn’t know how to get out of the situation without putting myself, family, and friends at greater risk,â€� Meri admitted.

“It was a very difficult time,” she confessed. “I had a lot of anxiety.”

“My family was very concerned for our safety,” she continued. “And angry that we had been targeted.”

Some fans have been rooting for Meri to get away from Kody, whom many consider to be a creep.

Sister Wives is an entertaining show, but it might not be the picture-perfect example of a healthy multiple marriage that Kody wishes it were.

Sister Wives Season 8 Promo: Will Meri Stick Around?

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now, reality TV viewers.

Sister Wives will be returning early next year to TLC.

There had been some doubts about whether the series would air another season, considering some of the internal strife that continues to exist between Kody and his wives.

But the cable network just dropped a trailer for Season 8 and confirmed that it will premiere on Sunday, January 20 at 8/7c.

As for what viewers can expect from upcoming installments?

It looks like Meri Brown will keep struggling with her place in this unusual family, as has been the case for nearly as long as we can remember.

Earlier this fall, we documented the various ways in which Meri has fallen out of favor in her unique marriage.

Early on in this preview, we see Meri ask Kody for money for a down payment on a bed and breakfast she wants to open… only to be rebuffed for her efforts.

This leads to an awkward sit-down with another Sister Wife.

The family also moves back to Utah from Las Vegas, which makes Kody very happy — yet doesn’t sit well with Janelle and a few others. 

Do you think Kody cares about their feelings at all, though? Come on. Of course not.

“Eventually, I’m going to lead to places they might not want to go,” he says in a confessional. “But I am going to lead.”

At one point, Gabriel actually steps up and says he’s “fuming inside” over the move, labeling it as “awful” because he’s in the middle of his junior year in high school.

Changes are clearly ahead for this group, and it’s unclear whether they will end up in a better place when all is said, argued about and done.

“I just feel like they’re running away from something, and I don’t know what they’re running away from,” daughter Aspyn admits in the sneak peek

The trailer concludes with a shot of the Brown family standing in a circle in an empty room, saying a prayer.

While they appear to be united, there are clearly a few tear-stained cheeks in the group, implying that Kody”s leadership could be taking everyone someplace that could fracture the clan in the long run.


Check out this teaser to see what we mean.

Sister wives season 8 promo will meri stick around

Meri Brown: Do I Need to Leave Kody Brown for the Sake of My Sister Wives?

Hey, so, remember Meri Brown’s catfishing scandal? The fallout from that continues to drive a wedge between various members of the Brown family.

In this clip from part two of the Sister Wives Tell All, her fellow sister-wives are asked if they wish that Meri and Kody would just go their separate ways.

And Meri is shocked by their answers.

Robyn brown tells all

Early in this clip from the Tell All special, each of Meri’s fellow sister-wives are speaking about how Meri’s catfishing scandal and the ensuing troubles with Kody have impacted them.

Robyn is fairly staightforward with her answer.

“It sucks. The whole thing sucks.”

Robyn continues.

“It’s not fun and it’s hard to know what to do with it.”

That said, she makes it clear that 

“We love Meri, we love Kody, we have to be Switzerland constantly and we hate to see them in this place and it’s stressful for our family.”

By Switzerland, she of course means neutral.

Meri brown and christine brown

Christine Brown, who has the best hair of the family, speaks next.

She is, perhaps, the gentlest.

“It’s sad to see two broken hearts and we don’t know what to do to fix it.”

Sometimes, there’s little that an outsider can do.

But Christine explains what they are all doing.

“Just support and be there but there’s broken hearts involved on both sides and its super hard.”

Robyn brown kody brown and janelle brown

Janelle chimes in.

“You know, in our family you don’t just live in a vacuum, like one relationship affects the other 100 percent.”

That is true in any polyamorous relationship, and things are still hugely interconnected in the Browm family’s polygamy. Which, Janelle says, means that what impacts one of them impacts them all.

“You feel it when things are out of joint.”

It is at this point when Meri is clearly crying.

(Poor Meri!)

Meri brown cries

Speaking of poor Meri, Andrea does — and you can feel the hesitation in her voice as she says it — pose the question.

Do any of Meri’s fellow sister-wives think that Meri and Kody need to call it quits?

She phrased it more delicately, but she’s clearly asking if they think that everything would be better if Kody just kicked Meri out of the family.

“No one thinks that,” Christine reassures Meri.

“None of us think that it’s not supposed to happen or get better.”

Even as she comforts Meri, she admits that she doesn’t know what the future holds.

“We don’t know what it looks like in the end but none of us think that.”

Sister wives stars celebrate hard rock cafe las vegas 25th anniv

Honestly, many Sister Wives fans are hoping that Meri can find a better, happier life away from Kody.

It’s not that polygamy is inherently bad, but just that fans really, really do not like Kody. His man-bun, while a great style on some others, isn’t doing him any favors in this Tell-All.

(It’s a combination of his age and his facial hair. Long hair can be great, but Kody isn’t giving off the kind of look at he hopes to)

But what matters is what Meri wants. And she was clearly relieved to hear Christine’s kind words.

See the video below for a preview of the next Tell All special:

Meri brown do i need to leave kody brown for the sake of my sist

Kody Brown: I Don’t Want to Have Sex with Meri Anymore!

Let’s be honest: the Sister Wives crew has been kind of a mess for a long, long time now.

And we’re not even talking their usual polygamy drama mess — for a good few years now, Meri has had and has introduced some serious problems in the Brown family.

Even though Meri’s been friendly with Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn, it does seem like she’s dealt with some jealousy issues, and those only got worse when Kody legally divorced her to marry Robyn.

The divorce made sense — the family did it that way so that Kody could have rights over the three children Robyn had with her ex-husband — but Meri still took it very personally.

Around the same time as the divorce, Meri began talking to a man online, and they quickly became very close.

One could even say she had an emotional affair with him, and she may have gone even further if the man hadn’t turned out to be a catfish.

Yep, the man she’d been falling for was actually a woman, and the whole thing really and truly broke her.

That’s all happened a few years ago at this point, but as we’ve been seeing on the current season of Sister Wives, it’s still causing plenty of issues in the family.

One of those issues is that Kody is pretty much over Meri entirely.

In this sneak peek for their upcoming tell-all episode, the Sister Wives crew sit down to go over some issues they’ve had, and one particular comment Kody made is brought up.

Andrea Canning, the woman interviewing the family, asks about the scene in which he tells a reporter that Meri says she’s his wife, but they don’t “co-habitate.”

Kody and his man-bun explain that they made that comment because they were feeling “a little snarky — not towards Meri, but towards this law.”

Feelings about laws aside, Meri says that she was “mixed” by his statement because “part of me was like ‘wait, we don’t need to share every little bit of information about our lives,’ but at the same time, it’s time to start being real and honest.”

Robyn, dear sweet Robyn, cuts in with “Kody sometimes says stuff he shouldn’t say.”

Truer words, right?

Andrea says that it was difficult to hear Kody and Meri talk about feeling like a divorced couple, but Meri laughs and says “Well technically, we are!”

And she’s right, of course, but the bitterness in her voice is a bit extreme.

Andrea soldiers on and adds that Kody also said he didn’t want to be intimate with Meri, and he admits that he still feels that way, even today.

Meri asks if she feels the same way or if she does want to be intimate, and she replies that she simply wants “more of a relationship with him than we’re having right now.”

Kody begins to say that they don’t know how to fix things, but Meri cuts him off pointedly by saying that the solution is to have “two parties wanting to work toward it.”

So … yikes.

At this point, it’s really hard to understand why they’re even still together.

Meri has obviously been unhappy for a very long time, enough to start talking to who she thought was another man, and now that Kody is understandably upset about that, she’s desperate to make things work.

It doesn’t make sense, it’s silly for both of them to waste their time like this — even in the very first season, they were having problems.

If Kody doesn’t even want to be intimate with her anymore … it really sounds like this Sister Wives ship has already sailed.

Fly free, Meri.

Kody brown i dont want to have sex with meri anymore