Meghan King Reveals She Had A 3-Day Lesbian Sex Romp To ‘Explore’ Her Sexuality — But It Didn’t Work Out!

Meghan King had herself a sexy 72-hour fling!! The Real Housewives of Orange County alum first revealed her super-sexy tryst with another woman on an episode of her podcast Intimate Knowledge. But Meghan has been in the news for a LOT of other s**t recently, so now she’s forgiving outlets for overlooking her hookup admission! So […]

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Harry Hamlin Spills REAL Reason Lisa Rinna Left Real Housewives!

Lisa Rinna’s husband just revealed why she left the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… While in attendance of the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Harry Hamlin was overheard speaking on his wife’s departure from the Bravo reality series after eight seasons. Apparently, it had to do with co-star Sutton Stracke… According to Page Six […]

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Lisa Rinna BLASTS RHOBH Co-Stars After Leaving Show!

Lisa Rinna is going out with a bang! ICYMI, the 59-year-old reality star revealed earlier this month that she was leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after eight seasons. As Lisa moves on from the Bravo show, she is not doing so without spilling some major tea first! She sat down for a conversation […]

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Andy Cohen & Sutton Stracke Address Lisa Rinna’s Dramatic RHOBH Exit!

More Bravolebrities are giving their two cents. By now you’ve definitely heard that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Lisa Rinna announced her departure from the hit Bravo show after eight seasons. In a statement last Thursday, the 59-year-old called it: “The longest job I have held in my 35 year career.” Related: Was The […]

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Erika Jayne Details Kathy Hilton Allegedly Calling DJ An ‘Old F**king F**’ On RHOBH Reunion Finale!

More details have emerged about Kathy Hilton allegedly using a homophobic slur. If you’ve been keeping up with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you’ll know that it’s pretty much been an all out war between some of the ladies — Kathy’s alleged Aspen meltdown, then later calling Lisa Rinna the “biggest bully in Hollywood,” […]

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Kathy Hilton Reveals She’ll Only Return To Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills If ‘Bullies’ Lisa Rinna & Erika Jayne Are Gone

Kathy Hilton is not too keen on returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — not if castmates Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne are there, that is. As has been made crystal clear over the past few weeks, Kathy and Lisa are not major fans of one another. As we’ve previously reported, Lisa claimed […]

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Kathy Hilton Says She Has No Regrets About Calling Lisa Rinna A ‘Bully’ During RHOBH Reunion!

Kathy Hilton won’t apologize for calling out Lisa Rinna for being a “bully!” As fans may recall, tensions between Lisa and Kathy came to a head during a trip to Aspen in the latest season. According to the 59-year-old reality star, Kathy had an off-camera meltdown about how she wanted to “destroy” her sister Kyle […]

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Lisa Rinna Reacts To Kathy Hilton Calling Her The ‘Biggest Bully In Hollywood’

Lisa Rinna isn’t bothered by what Kathy Hilton thinks of her… As you know, there’s been some drama going on between the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars — and it seems like it’s far from over! On an episode of the ever-popular Bravo show from last month, Lisa revealed what her co-star allegedly said […]

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Lisa Rinna Reveals What Kathy Hilton Said About RHOBH Co-Stars During Aspen Meltdown!

Lisa Rinna is keeping it real! The longtime Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is revealing what co-star Kathy Hilton said about her cast mates during a particularly brutal meltdown up in Aspen. And it ain’t good!! Related: Lisa Explains Why She Wiped ‘RHOBH’ Posts From Instagram Amid Cyber Bullying Attacks! During Wednesday’s brand new episode of RHOBH on Bravo, […]

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Crystal Kung Minkoff Claims Sutton Stracke Said Something Awful: What Was It?

Last month, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members and fans were weirded out by Sutton Stracke.

As was quipped on social media, Sluttons (Sutton fans) are in a rough place this season, as they watch her get on almost everyone’s bad side.

More recently, Crystal Kung Minkoff hinted at something “dark” that Sutton had said, but refused to specify.

Is Crystal trying to protect Sutton by not revealing it … or doing more damage by holding it back? What’s it all about, anyway?

According to Crystal, Sutton said something very “dark” when they first met.

Garcelle had brought up the possibility (albeit indirectly) that Crystal may have deliberately set up Sutton for their first on-camera interaction.

But Crystal brought up this alleged statement from Sutton as a form of self-defense.

“When you and Sutton had your thing, I felt like no matter what she said — she could’ve said the sky is blue — you were going to say, ‘Are you that girl?’” Garcelle theorized.

She continued: ’cause I just felt like it was a setup,”

This is when Crystal revealed: “There was a lot more said, prior to that, that was very dark.”

The ladies were taken aback, with Erika looking particularly shocked.

Interestingly, Kyle was there during whatever Sutton allegedly said, but seemingly didn’t remember.

Crystal said that this may be because Kyle was drunk at the time. However, she didn’t want to get into the specifics.

A couple of days later, Kyle asked Sutton very directly how things are with her and Crystal.

Sutton thought that things were going fine, so Kyle opened up about Crystal’s hints about a “dark” interaction.

“Well, I wouldn’t say anything horrible,” Sutton insisted. Garcelle told her that, according to Crystal, hearing it might change their dynamic.

Eventually, Crystal was basically forced to address it.

This time, she would only say that Sutton’s comment had been “problematic.”

Kyle, meanwhile, claimed that she remembers the conversation, but didn’t remember anything bad … while Crystal countered that maybe Kyle hadn’t noticed in the way that Garcelle might.

Garcelle wanted to know what it was, but Crystal was unwilling to delve into it.

The one thing that she would specify was that it is “forgivable,” which admittedly does narrow things down slightly.

Kyle worried that they can’t move on until it’s addressed, but Sutton is fine with them moving on without saying anything out loud.

Kyle correctly noted that Crystal’s vagueness is making people assume the worst … though, again, even Sutton doesn’t want specifics.

Meanwhile, Erika suggested that if it’s as bad as Crystal is implying, maybe it shouldn’t be brought up at all.

That is, all things considered, an understandable perspective from Erika at this point in her life.

We don’t know what Crystal is talking about.

It’s still up in the air whether or not Kyle actually remembers it, or if she simply “blanked it out” due to drinking — or privilege — as Crystal claims.

This seems messy and like the sort of thing that will blow up on several people. But, at the same time, we’d rather know the truth.

Kyle Richards STUNNED as Sutton Stracke Brushes Off Dorit Kemsley Home Invasion

Last year, Dorit Kemsley survived a harrowing home invasion while her children slept just rooms away.

We all knew that the shocking aftermath would be covered on Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

What the world did not know is that Sutton Stracke was shockingly unsympathetic.

In this sneak peek clip ahead of the premiere, Sutton compares Dorit’s waking nightmare with … an attempt to import a French designer for her business.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres Season 12 on Wednesday, May 11.

In a new sneak peek clip, viewers see Kyle Richards looking emotional and weepy as she processes her friend’s ordeal.

Dorit Kemsley could have been beaten or killed. Her children could have been hurt or traumatized. It was an extremely close call.

Sutton Stracke pops by, seemingly to lift Kyle’s spirits, in the wake of Dorit being robbed at gunpoint by home invaders.

Standing at Kyle’s door, Sutton quips: “Aw, it’s going to make me cry!”

Sutton adds: “My allergies are so bad, so I look like I’ve been crying.”

Keeping her cheerful tone, Sutton announces that she found cookies in her car.

At first, it seems like she is trying to project a positive, hopeful, even bubbly mood simply to bring Kyle some cheer.

It is only after the two of them begin talking, however, that Sutton’s stunning dismissal of Dorit’s trauma becomes apparent.

As fascinating as Sutton’s cookies and alleged allergies are, Kyle wants to focus upon the topic weighing on her soul.

She describes Dorit’s terrifying night, noting that their friend was “begging for her life.”

Kyle shares that she had just spoken with Dorit’s husband: “I was on the phone with PK, who was bawling.”

To hear Sutton tell it, she ahs been “putting out fires all day” as well … puzzling Kyle.

Unless there was a literal fire at her home, or something worse, that feels like an odd thing to bring up.

A morbidly curious Kyle warily asks Sutton what she means.

Sutton explains that she has been trying to get some sort of immigration paperwork done so that she can bring over a designer from France.

This is an important thing for her business but is turning out to be a bit of a headache to make happen.

While we’re sure that this is an issue … it’s a baffling topic to address when such a serious subject is already under discussion.

A visibly stunned Kyle manages to say that “that doesn’t seem like a fire.”

“Well, it is for me and my business,” Sutton counters, “and what I’m trying to do.”

Yeah, but like … ma’am, this is simply not the time.

Kyle admits that she “was expecting” to hear something a little more pressing than red tape from Sutton.

Helping a refugee family escape a war and find emergency housing? Sure. Trying to bring over a designer? Not life-or-death.

But Sutton doubles down, saying that “it’s all relative.”

Sutton then says “I mean, i wasn’t held at gunpoint. I’m sorry.”

As if realizing that she’s gone way too far, Sutton notes that it’s been a “weird day,” equating it to something out of a movie.

Yes, Sutton. Now imagine if James Bond paused in the middle of an action movie to hear his friend’s complaints about customs inspections for his furniture store or whatever.

“What is wrong with you?” Kyle asks to the confessional camera.

“Are you that wrapped up in yourself that you are not grasping what just happened to our friend?” she demands.

Kyle then mocks Sutton’s oddly self-centered expectations: “Oh yeah, ‘let me hear about your problems.'”

Kyle richards stunned as sutton stracke brushes off dorit kemsle

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Spoilers: Who’s Fighting Whom on Season 12?

If the trailer is any indication, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 will be much more eventful than Season 11.

In Season 11, Erika Jayne was at the center of it all. Season 12 is shaking things up a bit.

Behind-the-scenes reports during filming told us about some conflicts long before the trailer aired.

Now, we know even more spoilers about what’s to come on RHOBH.

This week, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Crystal Kung Minkoff spoke to E! NewsDaily Pop about what’s to come.

“It’s crazy because it just happened, it feels so far away, and then it also feels like it was yesterday,” Crystal commented about Season 12.

When she watches the premiere on May 11, some things will be almost as new to her as they are to viewers.

RHOBH Season 12 Title Card - Beverly Hills

“It’s also interesting to see the parts that you were not there for,” Crystal observed.

“I mean, you don’t get to see what happens, it’s all hearsay,” she admits of hearing about some events secondhand.

“You talk about it,” Crystal acknowledged, “but to watch those moments that you discuss in real life, it’s wild.”

For example, Crystal revealed, she was not there for the moment when Kathy Hilton was locked out of a store — but she certainly heard about it.

During Season 12, she teased, numerous friendships will be “broken, shifted, weakned, strengthened.”

Additionally, last year’s must-watch yet singleminded Erika arc won’t be repeated.

“I feel like what happened last year, it was very heavy about Erika,” Crystal understated.

“And this past few months have very much been everybody gets into it,” she noted in contrast.

“Dynamics shift in friendships,” Crystal described, “and I think people see people differently this year.”

Crystal admits that she finds it impossible to ignore viewer commentary, even when it’s unflattering.

“I always want the truth, painful or not,” she explained.

Crystal reasoned: “If I know if my truth is out there, then I can deal with that.”

“What’s hard is listening to the podcasts, which I know I shouldn’t,” Crystal expressed.

She confessed: “When they get it wrong, I wanna call them, like, ‘No, you got the scene wrong. You got that moment wrong.'”

Crystal also knows that some things are always taken out of context, but as to which things, she has to “wait for it to be revealed” like everyone else.

“It all also doesn’t matter ‘cause it’s in the past, you experienced it,” Crystal said, as if reminding herself.

“And it’s a show and it’s designed to be entertaining,” she acknowledged.

“But sometimes, it’s at the cost of, you know,” Crystal added, referring to how sometimes authenticity gives way to entertainment.

Crystal is not the only one who has been sharing previews beyond what we saw in Season 12, as Bravo also offered some teases.

Kyle Richards’ storyline will involve her eldest daughter finally getting engaged — and Kyle’s hope for grandchildren.

Not everything is perfect, however, as she is swept up in tearful family drama.

Meanwhile, Garcelle Beauvais has purchased a beach house, celebrating her success.

But while all of her hard work is paying off, these long hours — spent on her talk show and writing her memoir — come at a cost.

She’s a mother first, and Garcelle worries that her relationship with her teenage sons has become strained.

Erika Jayne’s legal woes are all too familiar, with pressure mounting and rumors circulating.

She wants a fresh start, but even her friends worry that she’s jumping the gun when it comes to moving forward.

Erika could make her own public image worse by powering forward before the dust has settled.

Lisa Rinna is in mourning over the tragic loss of her mother.

She’s still a seasoned Housewife and trying to live her life and career as always.

But her emotions are getting away from her. Pretending that you’re okay when you’re not can sometimes backfire.

Crystal Kung Minkoff is opening up more around her castmates.

She was guarded on Season 11, but she was also a newcomer.

Crystal’s new policy of directness and honesty does mean receiving some blowback, and even weakening existing friendships.

To everyone’s horror, Dorit Kemsley was the victim of a home invasion, and while she is alive, that kind of trauma does not leave anyone “unscathed.”

Dorit is leaning upon friends (and has praised production for being so supportive) as she copes with the terror of that night.

But one of her castmates is conspicuously less than sympathetic, which becomes a major source of conflict within the cast.

Sutton is now situated in her dream home and delighted to embrace the role of hostess, but there’s something missing.

She is delving into the world of dating to find her perfect match.

But she’s not getting along with everyone on the cast. It’s hard to play hostess when you don’t feel like inviting certain people.

Diana Jenkins is a businesswoman, a Bosnian war refugee, and has a formidable personality.

She is also friends with Crystal.

Diana’s focus is on having a rainbow baby as she recovers from a traumatic miscarriage.

Kathy Hilton is still walking on air after her famous daughter’s highly publicized wedding, but she’s about to come crashing down to earth.

Her goal of reconnecting with her castmates after living in Wedding Mode doesn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped.

From whatever when down in Aspen to family drama with Kyle, Kathy is in for a rough ride.

Sheree Zampino is a newcomer to the show but not to Hollywood. She’s one of Garcelle’s besties and, of course, she’s WIll Smith’s ex-wife.

Decades of experience means that she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

This can make fast friends and faster enemies, and Sheree earns her share of both in her debut season.

Season 12 premieres on Wednesday, May 11.

We’re sure that there are plenty of surprises yet to come.

But that is absolutely everything that we know for sure. We can’t wait!