Amber Portwood: I Almost Killed Myself After Having My Baby!

It’s no secret that Amber Portwood has had a rough life.

We’ve been seeing snippets of it for years on Teen Mom OG.

She’s dealt with drug addiction, mental illness, abusive relationships (from both sides).

She’s even gone to prison.

Yep, she’s definitely been through some things, you know?

Including, after giving birth to her second child earlier this year, postpartum depression so severe that she nearly committed suicide.

1. What a Ride

Amber portwood new selfie
Poor Amber, right? Well, sometimes.

2. What a Tragedy

Amber portwood winces
Amber sure has been through a lot, including the deaths of her little sister and her father. She also struggles with being bipolar and having borderline personality disorder.

3. Wow

Amber portwood deals with matt baier
She’s also assaulted her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley, at least once in front of their daughter, Leah.

4. Yikes

Amber portwood in rehab
That assault led her to be sentenced to five years in prison. Well, that and drugs.

5. Double Yikes

Matt baier and amber photo
After serving a portion of her sentence, she was released, and she really seemed to have changed a lot. Then Matt Baier creeped his way into her life, and things were bad for a couple of years again.

6. Thank God

Matt baier on set
She miraculously realized just how big a creep he was, and last year she kicked him to the curb after they filmed Marriage Boot Camp together.

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Bristol Palin: Getting Back With Dakota Meyer?!

Though some have said that Bristol Palin can’t handle being a Teen Mom OG star, she has certainly faced her share of drama.

But one element of her life seem to have stabilized in very recent weeks.

Lately, Bristol has been talking — no, gushing — to fans and followers about her ex, Dakota Meyer.

She says that the two of them have been doing a stellar job of co-parenting Sailor Grace, whom they share.

And Bristol isn’t the only one who’s happy with their arrangement or raving about the other online.

Dakota has had even more to say about Bristol.

Are these two getting back together?

1. Bristol and Dakota are in a good place

Bristol palin and dakota meyer on a good day
The pair of exes have had some difficult, trying times. That’s why they are exes. But from what they are both saying, it sounds like things are so much better these days.

2. Bristol gushed about Dakota

Bristol palin with dakota
During a recent Instagram Q&A, Bristol awarded her ex a glowing review.

3. Things are improving!

Dakota meyer and daughter
“We have made incredible strides the last several weeks,” Bristol announced to fans.

4. She sounds over the moon

Bristol and dakota
Bristol added that she is “super grateful” for how much easier co-parenting with Dakota has become.

5. This is a very glowing review of her ex

Dakota photograph
Bristol concluded that “it’s been amazing.”

6. Bristol wasn’t the only one who had something to say

Dakota meyer on teen mom
Dakota had his own words to share with fans

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Teen Mom: PROOF the Whole Show is Fake?!

Oh, Teen Mom … what a delightful show, huh?

It’s got everything you could want in a reality show.

There’s drama of all sorts — between family members, in romantic relationships, with exes.

We’ve seen arrests, fights, custody battles, hospitalizations, weddings, pregnancies, and so much more.

But could Teen Mom actually be fake?

Like 100% scripted nonsense?

1. Hmm …

Jenelle evans tongue
OK, so we know that the Teen Mom cast is fond of complaining about MTV’s editing, right?

2. Really?

Farrah abraham hears but does not listen
We’ve seen this a whole lot from some of the more dramatic cast members.

3. Right, Right

David eason and jenelle evans in love
Jenelle has said that she’s considered quitting the show because they portray her and David Eason like a “freak show in cages,” and she’s said many times that she feels it’s unhealthy for her to be shown in such a bad light.

4. A Deadbeat?

Jeremy calvert on insta
Jeremy Calvert has done more than his fair share of ranting about MTV — his big problem is that on the show, he seems like an ignorant, racist, deadbeat dad, and apparently that’s not his truth.

5. Ouch

Tyler baltierra and catelynn lowell at the vmas
And who could forget that time that Tyler Baltierra told Catelynn Lowell that he didn’t “want no heiffer for a wife”? It caused quite the stir, but according to Tyler, the network was just out to make him look like “the POS baby daddy this season” to “help the ratings.”

6. Hungry Kids or No?

Leah messer christmas photo
And when Leah Messer was going through her rough time, we saw one of her daughters scream and cry about being hungry. Several viewers were deeply concerned, but Leah let everyone know that the real issue was that her kid is “a drama queen.” Fair.

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Bristol Palin to MTV: Stop Turning Me Into Farrah Abraham!

Bristol Palin is not here to take any responsibility.

She’s not here to shoulder any blame.

And she certainly isn’t here to apologize.

Throughout her brief stint on Teen Mom OG, Palin has been at the center of more episodes than any other cast member.

Makes sense, right? You don’t hire the daughter of an ex-Vice Presidential candidate and then NOT feature her prominently.

But Bristol has taken to Instagram in order to blast producers for her portrayal, arguing that they are making her look bad on purpose because they need her to be a controversial figure — just like the woman she replaced, Farrah Abraham.

Is this accurate?

Scroll down to read Palin’s argument and to judge for yourself…

1. So Frustrated

So frustrated
Bristol Palin is annoyed by the way she’s been portrayed on Teen Mom OG. She blames producers for editing footage in ways that paint her in a negative light.

2. Really, Bristol?!?

Bristol palin as an og
The bulk of her time as a Teen Mom cast member has been spent arguing with ex-husband Dakota Meyer. Early in the season, she came across as not very understanding about his PTSD, which resulted from seeing many of his team members killed in Afghanistan.

3. What Prompted Palin’s Outburst?

Bristol palin with dakota
We can’t say for certain, but Meyer asked her on the latest episode of Teen Mom OG to call or text him when cameras were not around, accusing her of just wanting attention.

4. The Internet Has Also Turned Against Her

Chillin at home
Ratings for this season are way down and viewers don’t seem to care about Bristol’s exploits, perhaps because they dislike her mother so much.

5. What a Ditz!

Bristol comment
This is what someone wrote to MTV about Palin’s unwelcome presence on the franchise after Monday’s episode aired.

6. And This is What Bristol Wrote Back:

Bristol palin in glasses
“dumb.. if you’re going to criticize me, at least be grammatically correct.” She’s clearly very annoyed at the moment.

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Teen Mom OG Recap: Catelynn Cries, Bristol Begs

On Teen Mom OG this week…

… Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer went at it once again, arguing over their relationship and its affect on their kids.

… Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra inched closer to their unusual and controversial trial separation.

… Amber Portwood snapped at Andrew Glennon, just like old times.

… Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton stirred up even more drama as they grapple with their romantic future.

… Oh, and Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney were totally fine and normal.

Ready for a recap of the dramatic events? Scroll down and let’s do this!

1. The Ballad of Bristol and Dakota

The ballad of bristol and dakota
We’ll start with the most dysfunctional (former) couple of all, as Palin called her ex-husband this week because she hoped they could be “”adults about the situation,” considering three kids were at the center of it.

2. Can We Just Move On, Please?

Can we just move on please
“I know there’s been a lot of hurt and a lot of pettiness on both of our behalfs,” Bristol told Dakota over the phone. “I want to get off on a different foot so we can work together for our girls.”

3. Not Like This, We Can’t

Not like this we cant
Meyer, who did sign up to appear on a reality TV show, didn’t appreciate Brisol reaching out as part of an episode. “Pick up the phone, text me when there’s not cameras around,” he shot back. “Show me that you’re gonna have genuine intentions and it ain’t just for the show to start some drama.”

4. dakota v. bristol

Dakota v bristol
Bristol replied she wanted to do it on camera so they’d have “a level of accountability,” which is pretty lame and dumb and untrue, before Meyer agreed to meet up with her to talk about things further. (But not on this episode.)

5. How Was I Ever Married to Her?!?

Dakota photograph
After the call, Meyer vented to a producer as follows: “Bristol’s like a kid. She’s more worried about the court of public opinion than getting in there and let’s be parents to the kids. That’s what the show has done to her. She’s more focused on the show and her image than she is about the best interest of the kids. The kids are fine, this is the pettiness that I have to look forward to forever.”

6. Poor Catelynn

Poor catelynn
Catelynn and Tyler, meanwhile, were preparing to start their separation, as Tyler was getting ready to move out.

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Catelynn Lowell on Marriage: Yes, We’re Separated! No, We’re NOT Getting Divorced!

There’s a strange phenomenon taking place lately in which the Teen Moms reveal a detail of their personal life and then get angry when people repeat it.

Jenelle Evans was the first to practice this strange habit, changing her relationship status to “single” on Facebook, then getting upset when fans speculated that she might be getting divorced.

Now, Catelynn Lowell is following in Jenelle’s footsteps.

She’s revealed that she’s separated from Tyler Baltierra, but she gets extremely upset when anyone else talks about the situation.

Take a look:

1. The Happy Former Couple

Tyler baltierra and catelynn lowell at the vmas
On a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Tyler and Catelynn revealed that they’ve decided to live apart for a period of one month.

2. Hard Times

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra
The decision comes after a year that truly put the Baltierras marriage to the test.

3. Catelynn’s Struggles

Catelynn lowell made up
Catelynn suffered a miscarriage and the incident took a tremendous psychological toll.

4. Seeking Help

Catelynn lowell pregnant pic
In response to the situation, Catelynn checked into a rehab facility in Arizona on multiple occasions, a decision that’s been widely criticized.

5. The Backlash Begins

Catelynn at the salon
Many felt that Catelynn was abandoning her husband and young daughter by repeatedly running off to Arizona.

6. One Supportive Husband

Tyler baltierra and catelynn
Tyler stepped up and assumed single parent duties in Catelynn’s absence.

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Maci Bookout Braces Daughter For Frightening Medical Procedure

Back in October, Teen Mom OG fans learned that Maci Bookout’s daughter is struggling with health issues.

Maci generally prefers to keep her family life private (well, as private as one can while starring on a reality show), so we’ve received few updates on Jayde Carter’s condition.

On this week’s episode, however, Jayde will undergo a medical procedure that will hopefully correct her respiratory issues.

And fans are nearly as nervous about the situation as Maci is.

Take a look:

1. Baby Jayde

Maci in the hospital
Maci has said little about her daughter’s condition, but we now that Jayde has required a fair bit of medical attention in recent months.

2. Mystery Ailment

Jayde recovers
Little is known about Jayde’s ailment, but it’s clearly been a source of stress in Maci’s household for quite some time.

3. Maci’s Pain

Maci bookout cries
Bookout revealed back in October that Jayde had been hospitalized and was now “recovering.”

4. Questions Remain

Maci bookout nude and scared
However, she offered little in the way of detail, and it remains unclear if that incident is related to the latest update.

5. Playing Out on Camera

Jayde 1
The latest on Jayde’s condition comes to us courtesy of a preview for the upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG.

6. Dinner Table Drama

Jayde 3
In a scene that takes place at the family dinner table, Maci and her husband, Taylor McKinney, help to brace Jayde for what’s to come.

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Teen Mom: The Most Insane Feuds, Revisited!

From on-camera brawls to social media feuds and legal threats, the cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 sure know how to go hard.

Engagements. Breakups. Marriages. Babies. 

Moments that made you cringe because they were so painful, or smile ear-to-ear. Scenes that were fights, or made you fight back tears.

The franchise really does have it all, and as such, it’s become one of the most entertaining in the history of the reality TV genre.

Below, we look back at some of the MTV gang’s most explosive feuds, and however you might rank them, this much is undeniable:

There were no shortage of them.

NOTE: We’ve saved the best for last, so we advise you to take a deep breath, sit back, grab a hat and hold the f–k onto it …

33. Briana DeJesus vs. Leah Messer (and Others)

Briana dejesus vs leah messer and others
When Briana DeJesus joined the Teen Mom 2 cast in 2017, she was not welcomed with open arms. In fact, she quickly became persona non grata at her first get-together with the cast – with one exception. Jenelle Evans, Briana said, “is the only one who was acting like her s–t ain’t stink. Plus she was the only one who wasn’t acting fake and choosing sides.â€� Leah Messer’s response was to “pay no attention to those who try to bring you down … they’re just envious of where you are and how well you’re doing.â€� As we’ll get to in a bit, relations haven’t exactly gotten more amicable in the months since.

32. Maci Bookout vs. Taylor McKinney

Maci bookout taylor mckinney selfie
Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney’s relationship has produced three kids, and they seem very happily married … most of the time. Like, 85 percent of the time. Bookout alarmed fans with this confession earlier in the year that revealed some trouble in paradise: “Eighty-five percent of the time we’re good to go … Fifteen percent is hell. All of our stress and emotions, we take out on each other. When the cameras leave, we’ll drink and freak out. It’s always literally the smallest things. It’s such small stuff but it blows up. It’s not going to go away.â€� Yikes … but at least they are self-aware and working on things?

31. Matt Baier vs. Amber Portwood … The Eruption

Matt vs amber
Things neared a boiling point between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier after he vowed that would never marry her … because she wouldn’t marry him on the spot in Las Vegas, obviously. “I will not marry her,â€� he said. “I will not marry her now, ever! I’m not gonna let her [brother] dictate my life. That f—king f—got. She wants to marry her brother. That’s who she wants to marry. F—k her. She just humiliated me on TV. I’m done!â€� Matt, who was livid at Amber’s reasoning for not eloping in Vegas – her brother Shawn not being present – went on to tell a producer, “I don’t care who you have to give oral pleasure to, keep the Amber and Matt wedding thing off [the air]. She just embarrassed me in front of 12 million people.â€� We’re pretty sure you did that to yourself, Matt …

30. Jeremy Calvert vs. Brooke Wehr

Jeremy calvert with brooke wehr
Brooke Wehr was never a Teen Mom 2 cast member, but due to her mercurial relationship with Jeremy Calvert, her impact was felt just the same. Earlier this year, the couple’s engagement ended after Brooke accused Jeremy of cheating on her with multiple women, one being a Teen Mom 2 producer, another being her best friend, and a third possibly being his ex-wife Leah Messer. Oh yes. Brooke even shared a screen shot of a text message conversation between Jeremy and the best friend as proof, while Calvert responded in a drunken stupor that yes, maybe he did sleep with Brooke’s best friend, but … only because Wehr slept with some other guy first. Or, as he put it, Brooke was “f-cking his brains out, every day,” and he was single, so “my dick was happy to do whatever the f-ck it wanted to do, and it did.” Shocking that these two didn’t work out … but neither party was completely off base with their allegations. Just saying. Jeremy and Leah did hook up.

29. Jenelle Evans vs. David Eason

Jenelle evans david eason fight on teen mom 2
From the get-go, it’s been Jenelle Evans and husband David Eason against the world, but at times, they’ve been at each other’s throats as well. Arguments between the two were commonplace throughout recent seasons of Teen Mom 2, and one particularly heated argument resulted in them calling off their wedding … the night before the wedding. (They ultimately got married as planned.) Bad tempers are one thing, but the most troubling aspect is that David has been accused of mistreating/abusing Jenelle’s son Kaiser because he reminds him of Kaiser’s dad, Nathan Griffith. He also doesn’t get along with her mom, at all, further driving a wedge between the Evans women.

28. Jenelle Evans vs. David Eason, Part Two

Jenelle evans 911 call
Things got much, much worse in October of 2018 when Jenelle called 911, and through hysterical sobs, she told the operator that David had physically assaulted her, and that he’d knocked her to the ground so hard she thought she heard her collarbone snap. But once the call was released, she was quick to tell everyone that her marriage is actually amazing and he definitely never hurt her.

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Mackenzie Standifer to MTV: Stay Away From My Baby!

Mackenzie Standifer may be relatively new to the world of Teen Mom OG, but she’s already biting the hand that feeds her like a seasoned pro.

Standifer took to Instagram to gripe about the show’s producers this week, and the response from fans has been — mixed.

After all, this is the show that fired Mackenzie and Ryan at their lowest point.

Then again, where would Mackenzie be right now if the show hadn’t taken her back?

Here’s what we know about the situation thus far:

1. Mack and Jagger

Mackenzie standifer with baby
Mackenzie welcomed son Jagger back in October. Her husband, Ryan Edwards, was not present at the birth, as he was undergoing in-patient treatment for his addiction to heroin.

2. Dad’s Home

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer
These days, Ryan is home from treatment, but Mackenzie is still being very protective of her family’s privacy.

3. Mystery Baby

Mackenzie standifer baby pic sort of
For example, she has yet to post a single photo in which Jagger’s face can be seen. She continues to use emojis to protect his identity.

4. Mixed Response

Mackenzie standifer returns
Some fans have applauded Mackenzie for this move, while others find it unnecessary.

5. Not Messing Around

Mackenzie standifer is pregnant on instagram
But like it or not, Mackenzie is not playing games when it comes to protecting her child’s privacy.

6. Mack Attack

Mackenzie standifer pic
Standifer recently took to Instagram to complain about the way she was being treated by MTV producers.

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Dakota Meyer Dismisses Teen Mom as Total "Trailer Trash"

Dakota Meyer apparently did not know what he was signing up for.

The veteran service member and father of two little girls has been featured prominently on the latest season of Teen Mom OG — but not in a very positive light.

He and ex-wife Bristol Palin have fought over his PTSD, their floundering romance and lots more, as vicious words have been uttered and ugly arguments have been depicted.

We’ve seen the relationship fall apart more and more each week.

What did Meyer Tweet about the long-running series and why?

Scroll down for a look at his chief complaint and see if you agree…

1. A Reluctant Reality Star

A reluctant reality star
Dakota Meyer has spent more of his Teen Mom OG stint fighting with Bristol Palin. Viewers have watched their marriage fall apart in front of the camera.

2. It’s Been Very Awkward at Times

Bristol and dakota
On the Teen Mom OG season premiere, Palin said that Meyer’s PTSD (which is the result of many in his platoon getting killed in Afghanistan) has been “hard” on the then-couple’s marriage.

3. The Guy is Dealing with Serious Sh-t

Dakota meyer on teen mom
“My anxiety has been going nuts, it’s been crushing me, I’ve been having nightmares,” Meyer explained to his wife on the premiere. “I’ve tried to tell you over and over and asked you for help a thousand times. All you want to do is tell me all the things that are wrong with me and all the things I do wrong when I have anxiety.”

4. And Palin Lacked Compassion

And palin lacked compassion
“It’s hard for me to have compassion in these situations because you keep pulling the rug from underneath me,” she responded to Meyer’s vulnerable admission. She even questioned whether “this is his service” to blame “or this is just him being a dick.” Yikes, right???

5. This Comment Set Meyer Off

This comment set meyer off
For good reason, right? “End of the day, I watched my whole f-cking team die on September 8, 2009,” he shot back. “There’s not one day I don’t wake up and I don’t see those guys, listening to them screaming on the radios. I gotta sit here and listen to her saying its a f-cking excuse? I don’t know what’s PTSD or what’s not?”

6. This Show Sucks!

This show sucks
Seemingly unaware that Teen Mom is all about drama between cast members or between cast members and their significant others, Meyer snapped on December 4 and Tweeted: “What’s sad is that @Viacom has turned @TeenMom into a trailer trash Real Housewives instead of showing what the true struggles of parenting are. I’ll bring my VLOG back and show you what single parenting looks like since they can’t seem to figure it out.”

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Ryan Edwards: Out of Rehab and Loving Life! (According to Mackenzie Standifer)

It’s been about a week since Ryan Edwards got out of rehab, and the former Teen Mom OG star has been keeping a low profile during that time.

That’s a very good thing, as the last time he checked out of a treatment facility, Edwards immediately started bashing Maci Bookout on Instagram.

This time around, he’s keeping his nose clean, focusing on his sobriety, and spending time with his newborn son.

But that doesn’t mean we’re totally in the dark about how Ryan is doing these days.

Both Maci and Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie Standifer, have offered updates recently, and so far, fans like what they’re seeing.

Take a look:

1. Triumphant Ryan

Ryan edwards wedding photo
We don’t want to jinx him, but it looks like Ryan may have finally turned things around.

2. Sticking It Out

Ryan edwards pic
Despite initial reports that he left rehab early again, Ryan reportedly lasted for the entire 90-day course of treatment.

3. Moves Like Jagger

Mackenzie standifer with baby
Ryan even missed the birth of his second son, Jagger, in order to complete treatment.

4. The Return

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer
But now that he’s back, it seems Ryan is making up for lost time.

5. Q&A

Mackenzie standifer is pregnant on instagram
Mackenzie recently took to Instagram to answer fans’ questions about what life’s been like since welcoming Jagger into the world.

6. Point-Blank

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer selfie
The question that got the most attention, of course, had to do with Mackenzie’s relationship with Ryan.

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Teen Mom OG Recap: The (Bizarre) Name Game

Teen Mom OG focused less on the (former) Teen Moms this week and more on their crop of children.

Bristol Palin had a talk with her son about Dakota Meyer… Amber helped her daughter achieve a major female milestone… and Catelynn and Tyler revealed their impending child’s name.

It’s an unusual one, we can say that much.

Let’s begin our recap with this revelation and then go from there, shall we?

Scroll down now, Teen Mom OG fans!


1. Catelynn and Tyler are Expecting!

Catelynn lowell maternity photo
If you’re any sort of dedicated viewer, you already knew this. The announcement was made in September, as the stars admitted this pregnancy was not planned.

2. But Was It Welcome?

Tyler and catelynn baltierra
Yes. Both Tyler and Catelynn soound excited about the child. They just have their own issues to also work though, as depicted on last week’s episode of the show.

3. Where Were They at This Week?

Readying for delivery
They went to Catelynn’s 4-D ultrasound appointment together and got a close look at their baby.

4. There She Is!

There she is
Wow, huh? Technology is pretty amazing, isn’t it? And so is the human body.

5. Get to the Name, Please!

Get to the name please
“What name are you thinking?â€� Catelynn’s doctor asked the couple. “Tezlee,â€� Tyler replied. “Tezlee it is.â€� Yep, that’s what it will be: Tezlee.

6. Guess What, Dad?!?

Guess what dad
Tyler then went home and FaceTimed his dad, passing along the blessed baby news.

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Ryan Edwards Has Left Rehab, Claims to Have Completed 90 Days

Well, folks, what should be some fairly straightforward good news has been complicated by a tangle of rumors, rebuttals, and mistruths, but we’re gonna go ahead and focus on the positive for a moment:

Ryan Edwards has checked out of rehab and is now back at home with his long-suffering wife and infant son.

As for when Ryan left treatment and whether or not he completed the entire 90-day program … well, none of that is entirely clear at the moment.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. Back With Mack!

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer selfie
Ryan’s home! After a series of legal issues and drug-related mishaps, Ryan finally recognized the imporance of getting sober and decided to seek treatment.

2. Timeline Trouble

Ryan edwards pic
When exactly he reached that decision is a matter of debate, but we’ll get to that later.

3. Conflicting Reports

Ryan edwards on teen mom reunion
Radar Online initially reported that Ryan quietly left treatment on Thanksgiving Day and was escorted home by his wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

4. Jen Clears the Air

Jen and larry edwards
However, speaking with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Ryan’s mother, Jen Edwards, claimed that the report was bogus, and Ryan was still in treatment.

5. Stating Her Case

Ryan edwards teen mom og picture
“Ryan is not currently home,â€� she told the site. “Ryan will be leaving the exact day he is supposed to which is set by the facility.”

6. Jen Ain’t Playin’

Jen and larry photo
“He is not leaving treatment early,” Jen added for emphasis.

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Gary Shirley Gets Vasectomy, Tells Wife: I Did This For You!

Of all the Teen Mom success stories, perhaps no happy ending is more unlikely than that of Gary Shirley.

Gary’s relationship with Amber Portwood was notoriously tumultuous, but these days, he’s found domestic contentment with wife Kristina, with whom he shares 2-year-old daughter Emilee.

But Gary’s life is not without complications, and on this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Gary went under the knife for a procedure that he hoped would protect his wife’s health.

Gary’s heart may have been in the right place, but some fans have taken issue with his reasoning.

Take a look:

1. Gary the Great

Gary shirley of teen mom
After a rocky start, Gary has become an unexpected fan favorite in recent years.

2. Doing It For Her

Kristina anderson and gary shirley
Gary’s marriage to Kristina Anderson is among the more stable ever portrayed on the show, and on Monday night’s episode, Gary engaged in what he viewed as a supreme act of sacrifice on his wife’s behalf.

3. Kristina’s Procedure

Gary shirley with kristina anderson
Kristina underwent a tubal ligation (read: had her tubes tied), but still became pregnant last year, eventually suffering a miscarriage.

4. Sacrifice

Gary shirley and family
And so, Gary underwent a vasectomy in order to ensure that didn’t happen again.

5. Good For Him?

Gary on teen mom og
While it’s admirable that Gary was willing to go under the knife in order to protect his wife’s life, some fans felt he expected too much praise for the act.

6. Necessary Reminder?

Gary shirley at 2017 vmas
“I did this for you. So you didn’t have to get pregnant no more, hopefully,â€� he told her.

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